Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/29/15


Episode # 10655 ~ Adam fights for Chelsea; Kyle woos Summer; Billy makes an unexpected discovery.

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Summer: Hi, Grandpa.

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart.

Summer: Hi.

Victor: Oh. I'm sure it's some comfort to you that your husband's killer has been found.

Summer: I want Sharon to be punished. I do, but at the same time, I know how hard this is for Noah and faith.

Victor: Don't even want to think about that. But I got to tell you that you handled this whole thing with enormous grace, faith, and strength. I'm proud you.

Summer: Thank you. I've had a lot of support. Hi.

Victor: Hello, Kyle.

Kyle: Victor. Wow. You look amazing.

Summer: [Laughs]

Kyle: You ready to go?

Summer: Yeah, I'm not really sure what I'm ready for, but, yeah. [Laughs]

Kyle: That is what it's called a "surprise."

Summer: [Chuckles] Okay. Bye, Grandpa. Thank you.

Victor: You have a nice evening, okay?

Summer: Thank you.

Victor: Okay. Bye now.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: I told you not to call me here.

Kelly: Your delivery arrived.

Victor: Well, I hope it's sufficient for you to control the situation.

Kelly: Jack is stronger than you give him credit for. But this ought to do the trick.

Jack: [Grunts] Billy.

Billy: My God, Jack.

Jack: How did you find me here?

Billy: What the hell? Who did this to you?

Jack: Kelly did with Victor's help. Just get me free.

Billy: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jack: Get me out of here before she gets back.

Kelly: I'm back!

Jack: Billy?

Kelly: Billy? Billy's not here. You must be dreaming.

Jack: [Breathing heavily] It is not all a dream. Billy is looking for me. Everyone is looking for me. Phyllis has told them all. They will come.

Kelly: No one is going to come looking for you, honey. Ever.

Jack: Why are you saying that?

Kelly: Because, Jack, you're dead.

Adam: And we both want the same thing, and I got to tell you, I'm not gonna give up until I get it. If I have to do it without you, I'll do it on my own. I'm not gonna stop until Victor's brought to his knees.

Jack: Listen to you ranting and raving like the rest of them. You're not even an Abbott.

Adam: No, I'm not an Abbott, and you know damn well I'm not a Bingham, either.

Jack: What did you say?

Adam: Oh, that's good. That's good. Thanks. You're right. I shouldn't be carrying on about that with other people in the house. Making a deal with Victor? Jack, that was never part of the plan.

Jack: The plan, right.

Adam: Yeah, the plan. It's one the things that's kept me going, you know, the idea of ruining him.

Chelsea: How does one shoe disappear?

Billy: Wear another pair. Or I could buy you new ones.

Chelsea: No, this -- this pair's perfect.

Billy: Hey, sorry for the short notice.

Anita: Oh, a night in with my grandson is not an inconvenience. So, what's the big emergency?

Chelsea: We're getting married.

Anita: Oh, well, I knew that weeks ago.

Chelsea: We're getting married tonight.

Jack: It feels like I'm in hell, but I'm pretty sure I'm not dead yet.

Kelly: Well, the rest of the world thinks you are. They all heard about how you and Phyllis went on a midnight sail on your wedding night.

Jack: I didn't go sailing.

Kelly: So foolish, Jack. Really, I mean, I know you wanted to be alone, but you could have taken a guide. I mean, you all of people know that storms are not uncommon in this part of the world. Well, it turns out the boat capsized because a storm came along, and you, my dear, were lost at sea.

Jack: No one is going to believe this. They will start asking questions when no bodies are found.

Kelly: I only said you were lost at sea.

Jack: That doesn't make any sense. Phyllis will tell them everything, if she hasn't already.

Kelly: No, she won't. She can't.

Jack: What are you talking about?

Kelly: Phyllis' body was recovered.

Jack: I'm not gonna listen to this.

Kelly: She's dead.

Jack: She is not dead! She is not dead. You are playing games with me. You're trying to get inside my head. It is not gonna work. You said Phyllis was fine!

Kelly: I lied.

Jack: [Grunts] [Breathing heavily]

Billy: I found a justice of the peace in Riverton, over the county line. He's going to marry us tonight.

Anita: What about that beautiful wedding that my baby wants? Huh, what about that? What -- what about the beautiful dress and all the guests? You can't afford it.

Billy: Money is not a problem, Anita.

Chelsea: And I have a portfolio of my own, thank you very much.

Billy: Look, Chelsea and I have made a commitment to each other and to our kids. And when we exchange rings -- and, yes, I have a ring -- they will symbols of our love. And of the future that we're choosing to share together.

Chelsea: Yeah, the future we want to start today.

Billy: Yeah. So, I'm -- I'm gonna go pack.

[Toy clatters]

Chelsea: Oh. [Gasps, sighs]

Billy: Here you go, Cinderella.

Chelsea: Yes!

Anita: He may be a prince, but are you sure about this eloping stuff?

Chelsea: What are you talking about? You were happy earlier when I told you we were moving things along.

Anita: Yeah, I was, but it just seems like you're running away from something or someone, like Gabriel Bingham.

Chelsea: I told you.

Anita: No. I saw what I saw when I left the room. I saw the way you two looked at each other.

Chelsea: Nothing happened! Okay, look, eloping may have been Billy's idea, but I love the idea, and I love him, and I can't wait to become his wife.

Anita: I guess there are worse things than becoming an Abbott.

Adam: I was still a little surprised to hear about the merger when I heard that you fired your brother, Billy. Now that Chelsea's resigned, you're not even gonna go to the office, right? Hell with it. So, please just tell me this is some kind of a-a long game that you're playing here.

Jack: I'm afraid I can't do that, Gabe.

Adam: You can trust me, all right, with anything. I trusted you with the truth.

Jack: Well, this is different.

Adam: Is it? 'Cause it seems like you're pretending to be someone you're not, Jack.

Jack: I'm not pretending anything. There is no long game. There is no plan. Regardless what you or Billy or Ashley think. Being trapped in that falling building with Victor, almost losing my life, changed me. It made me realize we can work together. And if the three of you can't understand that, that's your problem.

Adam: Okay, except that it's your problem, Jack. Now, you may have had some -- some great epiphany, and I'm happy for you. That's wonderful. But Victor will always be Victor. He's gonna use all of this and take everything that you hold dear. He's gonna take everything.

[Door opens]

[Door closes]

Victor: I'm in no mood for bad news.

Jack: Well, your day's about to improve.

Summer: I can't believe that you did all of this.

Kyle: Yeah, I thought you deserved a break from the rest of the world.

With no words, our hearts exchange

Summer: You know, you didn't have to go through all this just to kiss me.

Kyle: I'm just respecting the boundaries.

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: I agreed to take it slow, which isn't easy when I can't stop thinking about you.

Summer: I know. I...I feel the same way.

Kyle: You know, it's taken us two years to get here. I'll be as patient as you need me to be.

Summer: I was thinking that maybe you could spend the night tonight.

Kyle: Really?

Summer: Mm-hmm. [Laughs]

Kyle: You know... [Inhales sharply] You know, I had this whole evening planned, but I'm starting to think that we should just ditch that.

Summer: [Laughs] No, no, not when you rented this entire deck for our date.

Kyle: Yeah. [Chuckles]

Summer: And the music. I mean, that guy is amazing.

Kyle: Yeah, you know, I met him when I was living in new York.

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: So, I flew him out.

Summer: Wait, for -- for this?

Kyle: Yeah.

Summer: [Chuckles] Ky-Kyle.

Kyle: [Chuckles]

Summer: Oh, my gosh. What?

Kyle: Nothing I -- it's... just the way you say my name. I missed it. I missed you.

Summer: Mm, yeah, sure, when you're living in the most exciting city in the world.

[Both laugh]

Kyle: No, I thought about you all the time, actually.

Summer: Really? [Laughs] I mean, seriously, you know, so much happened in those two years. I mean, for me, a-a modeling career came and went, a marriage.

Kyle: Yeah. You know what? I'd hoped that you'd met someone who...made you happy, treated you right.

Summer: What about you?

Kyle: Me?

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: Well, I did a lot of growing up -- learned about how the world works, learned about who I am, where I came from, what the Abbott family name can do.

Summer: When you left, you weren't sure what you wanted to do.

Kyle: I wanted to be my own man.

Summer: Me too.

Kyle: Yeah?

Summer: Yeah, I want to be my own woman.

Kyle: Your own woman?

Summer: Mm-hmm. [Laughs]

Kyle: Why don't we toast to that? Yeah? Grande reserve 2003.

Summer: Mmm. Yeah, no, uh, still not legal yet. Yeah.

Kyle: My bad.

Summer: [Laughs] I know.

Kyle: Well...

Summer: Well, I hope you didn't go through the trouble of flying this in from France. [Laughs]

Kyle: [Clears throat] [Laughs]

Summer: No!

Kyle: Look, how about we say that we'll save it until your next birthday?

Summer: Okay. [Laughs]

Kyle: Okay?

Summer: Okay.

Kyle: I spent way too much money on that to let it go to waste. [Chuckles] [Sighs] Who says you can't buy happiness?

Chelsea: Well, you're supposed to carry me over the threshold after the wedding.

Billy: Well, what can I say? I'm a fool in love.

Chelsea: Oh, don't call yourself a fool. That's my future husband you're talking about. Just one hour until we see the justice of the peace.

Billy: Feels like a lifetime.

Chelsea: Are you feeling anxious?

Billy: Anxious-excited. You? Hmm?

Chelsea: Excited.

Billy: So, a whole hour, huh?

Chelsea: A whole hour -- what are you gonna do? Should we -- should we write down our goals for the marriage?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Or not. [Laughs]

Adam: Listen, I, uh, came by to talk to Chelsea. Is she around, by chance?

Anita: She's out. You know, there comes a time in a man or woman's life where it's either gonna happen or it's not.

Adam: Help me out here.

Anita: And you were a real contender until you threw away the Bingham family fortune.

Adam: I'm not worried about the money, okay? It's your daughter's happiness --

Anita: Those are not words that warm the cockles of a mother's heart.

Adam: Your daughter has been confused, okay? She's trying to fill this -- this void left in her life and in her heart.

Anita: She is still not hung up on Adam. You're wrong about that, and Billy is over Victoria.

Adam: Okay, well, none of that's true, and, um, you know, Chelsea and Billy --

Anita: Are totally in love and committed to each other, and I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but they're making it legal today, right now.

Adam: Where did they go?

Anita: [Laughs] That would be none of your business.

Adam: Uh, I-it's not what you think. No, listen, I need to talk to her about her job, okay? I just -- I don't think it was a good idea for her to let Billy convince her to -- to quit.

Anita: Billy convinced her?

Adam: Yeah, he had some -- come crazy-romantic idea that they'd both be better off striking out on their own.

Anita: But it doesn't matter because she's still got Adam's estates.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I know. She's still got that, but she also still has a contract, right, that she would be breaking if she quits. This merger -- it couldn't have come at worse time. I think Jack and Victor -- they're gonna sue her for everything that she's worth if she quits, you know that, right?

Anita: Come on. No, they wouldn't.

Adam: They would, including this place. Jack just fired his brother, Anita. They mean business. Tell me where she is.

Victor: Gabriel Bingham, yeah.

Jack: Fascinating fellow. What do you know about the guy?

Victor: As much as I need to know. Pretty good at his job but seems arrogant and expendable. Why?

Jack: I wouldn't get rid of him just yet.

Victor: Why do you say that?

Jack: Jack knows something you don't, which explains the real Jack's personal interest in Gabriel. Mr. Bingham is not what he appears to be.

Kyle: It's possible that my dad has had a change of heart, but it's also possible that he and Victor still have it in for each other. But either way, the name on the building is Newman-Abbott, and you don't have to have a Harvard business degree to see the possibilities for that.

Summer: For what?

Kyle: Well, just the price of Jabot stock alone. Through the roof on the announcement. [Sighs] Hey, are you okay?

Summer: Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine.

Kyle: It's, uh -- it's just that you all of a sudden have gone very quiet. You barely touched your dinner. Was there something that you didn't like? Because the chef can make you whatever you want. You just name it.

Summer: Great. It was all...amazing.

Kyle: Yeah?

Summer: I don't want to even think about what it took for you to pull this off or what it must have cost you.

Kyle: No, look, it's... it's all for you. And, actually, there's more. [Clears throat] I can't wait to see that put a smile on your beautiful face.

Victor: Well, I am aware that Gabriel Bingham harbors a resentment towards me.

Jack: You're referring, then, to the father.

Victor: Harrison Bingham, right. Rather lousy business man, weak-willed, bought his company and then dismantled it.

Jack: Yeah, I did a little search on the old guy.

Victor: Yeah?

Jack: Apparently, he handled a loss very poorly. Died of a heart attack as a result.

Victor: So the story goes, yeah. Although I feel no responsibility, to be honest with you. But it does explain -- doesn't it? -- Why Jack Abbott is so interested in Gabriel Bingham. I think he's hoping that Gabriel will want to avenge his father's death.

Jack: Well, that's the curious part. See, Gabriel isn't a real Bingham.

Victor: What are you talking about?

Jack: His words to me -- "I'm not a real Bingham, and you know it, Jack." And I don't think he was speaking metaphorically.

Victor: What else did he say?

Jack: I didn't need to hear much else.

Victor: So, then it's speculation.

Jack: No, it's instinct. You didn't risk putting me in Jack Abbott's life on looks alone. My ability to read people, to react, is what convinced you. Gabriel thought he was having an intimate conversation with his old buddy Jack. Gabriel Bingham is not who he says he is.

Victor: Then who the hell is he?

[Door opens]

Billy: Hey. Everything okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. I was just thinking about all of the obstacles we've overcome to get here.

Billy: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: All of the people in our past.

Billy: Yeah. "Past" being the operative word. Adam and Victoria -- they belong to the experiences from before. The here and now -- it's only us.

Chelsea: I like the sound of that.

Billy: And I-I-I can't promise that I'm gonna be perfect.

Chelsea: Perfect doesn't interest me.

Billy: And I promise that I'll be open and honest with you as much as I possibly can. I respect you that much. And, uh, you know, hearts, flowers.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Billy: I promise all that stuff, too.

Chelsea: Hearts and flowers are great, but takes a lot more than that for the long haul. It takes loving someone unconditionally -- their flaws and everything -- and I promise to do that. And I also promise to be as open and honest as I possibly can be, and I... I-I promise to respect you that much.

Billy: Works for me. [Chuckles] What do you say we make it official?

Chelsea: Oh, well, not so fast. I don't want you to see what I'm wearing for the ceremony.

Billy: I don't think luck had anything to do with why we're here.

Chelsea: It's not just superstition, if that's what you're thinking.

Billy: I think I'm looking at my future, and I think I'm a very lucky, very happy guy.

Jack: These are the desperate actions of a desperate woman. You would do anything, say anything.

Kelly: Oh, come on. I lied to spare you.

Jack: You're lying now!

Kelly: But --

Jack: You would never have torn up that picture of Phyllis if she was dead. You never would have drugged me. You never would have tried to break me down. You would have told me the moment I-I pledged that I would find my way back to Phyllis, back to the woman I love.

Kelly: Do you think that I wanted to go to these extremes?! I did this for you, Jack. I did all of this to help you, to remind you of what we had together, because I want our life back. Our beautiful life.

Jack: Kelly.

Kelly: Listen, I understand. I knew -- I knew that this would be stressful on you. That's why I waited. That's why let you think that Phyllis was alive.

Jack: You're desperate. That's why you're saying this.

Kelly: No.

Jack: You know I was telling the truth, that I meant what I said. I will not stop fighting to get back to Phyllis until I die!

Kelly: You're just gonna have to accept it, Jack.

Jack: The woman I love --

Kelly: Is dead! Okay, she's dead. She's gone. And I can prove it.

Summer: Do you miss playing hockey?

Kyle: Hockey? [Laughs]

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Kyle: Why on earth did you ask that?

Summer: It was such a big part of your life.

Kyle: [Sighs] Yeah, another life. I'm a completely different person now. It's...

Summer: Yeah, but, I mean, it was your passion.

Kyle: Well, in this life, I get to keep my teeth, and I make a lot more money than most pros ever do.

Summer: Is that why you want to work for your dad and my grandpa?

Kyle: I have a different passion now. Different goals. Like my goal at the moment is to get you to open this box. I can't wait to see the look on your face.

Summer: Kyle. Oh, my...

Kyle: [Chuckles] You see, the -- the stones between the diamonds -- I wanted them to match the color of your eyes.

Summer: I -- this must have cost you a fortune.

Kyle: All that matters is that you like it. You...you deserve to be treated like this.

Summer: Um, you know, Kyle, I-I can't. I can't.

Kyle: Look, Summer, I-I don't want anything in return from you. I'm not Austin. Just seeing you wearing this will be enough. And once you see how perfect it looks on you, I'm sure you'll fall in love. I know you so well.

Summer: N-no. Kyle. [Sighs] You really don't know me at all.

Kyle: [Scoffs]

Jack: She can't be dead. She can't be.

Kelly: Yes, she can be, and she is. See? Just as I told you. "Jack Abbott missing in Caribbean." "Early this morning, a rescue team was finally able to locate the boat and recover the body of a woman identified as Mrs. Phyllis Abbott."

Jack: "The search for Mr. Abbot is continuing, though hopes are dimming as nightfall approach--" [Laughs] No points for originality.

Kelly: Why are you laughing?

Jack: That's the same proof I got that you were dead -- a picture of your dead body on a slab in a morgue.

Kelly: Well, are you sa-- you think that I would use the same deception?

Jack: I don't know. You're here now.

Kelly: Denial, Jack -- it's the first stage of grief.

Jack: You can't really expect me to believe this, can you?

Kelly: Look. Hang on then. I've been collecting these. Hmm, hmm. They're from all over the world. Oh, you know what? It's this one. I really like this picture of Phyllis. So poignant, isn't it? Like she's looking out a future that she's never gonna see. It's quite touching. "The former Phyllis Newman is Mrs. Jack Abbott for mere hours before the fatal accident. Compounding the tragedy, the bride only recently recovered from a year-long --"

Jack: Enough! I don't want to hear any more.

Kelly: Anger, Jack -- that's good. That's the next stage of grief.

Jack: Leave me the hell alone.

Kelly: Oh, no, don't do it. Come on. Get mad, get mad. 'Cause you know what that's bringing you to? That's bringing you to the final stage.

Jack: Leave me in peace, please.

Kelly: The final stage -- that's it. It's acceptance -- acceptance that Phyllis is dead. It's just me now. There's nothing standing in the way of our love.

Victor: Jack knows the truth about what the real Bingham is hiding.

Jack: I take it your friend Jack is of very little use anymore.

Victor: Jack Abbott is of no concern to you, okay?

Jack: No, if Jack Abbott returns to find that I am in his shoes, it is very much my concern.

Victor: Let me make something very clear to you. I sprang you from a Peruvian prison. You're on my payroll. I pay you. If you can no longer perform the job, you have no use to me.

Jack: I didn't want to tip my hand by asking too many questions. What do you want me to do, boss?

Victor: I want you to stay away from Bingham as fast as you can. Because you might just be careless enough to ask questions to which you do not know the answers.

Jack: Then you're not going to fire him.

Victor: I keep my enemies close, and some enemies very close.

[Knock on door]

Chelsea: What are you doing? How did you -- you can't be here, Gabe.

Adam: No, listen to me.

Chelsea: Billy's waiting for me downstairs.

Adam: I came here to stop you, okay? You can't do this. This is ridiculous. It's crazy.

Chelsea: No, the only crazy thing was me doubting Billy. I love him, and he loves me.

Adam: Well, then, look me in the eyes. You look me in the eyes, and you tell me that. And you look at me and you tell what we had, what we did, didn't mean anything to you. Look at me.

Chelsea: I am marrying Billy. You have to accept that.

Adam: I'll never accept that, and you don't have to either. Okay, listen to me, you don't have to settle for anything -- okay. What if I told you --

Chelsea: I don't want to hear it -- would you stop? I don't want to hear anything you have to say. You can't change my mind. You shouldn't have come here, Gabriel. You need to pretend that nothing happened between us, okay? You need to forget.

Adam: I can't forget.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Adam: I can't forget, and you can't, either.

Chelsea: It -- [Sighs] It was -- it was just sex.

Adam: Don't say that. Don't say that. You know that was much more than sex, Chelsea.

Chelsea: You need to leave, please. Please. Gabriel, please go.

Kelly: No, it's not how I wanted it, Jack, but it is the way it is. It is the reality. Phyllis is gone, and now we can be together. [Laughs] I mean, you always said that things happen for a reason.

Jack: If Phyllis is dead, if you're not lying, if this isn't some sick ploy --

Kelly: It's not.

Jack: ...Then we will be together.

Kelly: Yes, Jack, that's what I have been saying. We are finally free to be together.

Jack: I will see her face in my dreams. I will hear her laughter. I will see her smile. I will cherish every moment I ever had with Phyllis.

Kelly: And move on.

Jack: And mourn her for the rest of my life.

Kelly: No.

Jack: My thoughts and my prayers are with Summer and Daniel and Lucy and Avery, all of us bound by our love for her, all of us bound by our memory of her.

Kelly: Which will pass, and you will move on, and you will think about all the things that you have to live for.

Jack: I don't want to live a life without Phyllis.

Kelly: No.

Jack: I don't want to live a life without my family.

Kelly: You don't mean that, Jack.

Jack: You made it very clear -- you're not gonna let me out of here. Okay, fine. You say everybody thinks I'm dead. Then why not -- why not just go ahead and kill me? Go ahead. Because I will never love you! I will never be with you!

Kyle: Okay, not the response I was looking for.

Summer: Kyle, the necklace is beautiful, and Mr. TV Chef -- he made an amazing dinner, and the -- the musician that you flew in from new York, uh -- it was incredible.

Kyle: What's the problem? Wh-what am I missing here?

Summer: I didn't need any of this. Okay, you should have known that. I mean, you would have if you really knew me.

Kyle: I do know you.

Summer: I-I -- look, I... I made the same mistakes with Austin. Okay, I-I bought him expensive gifts, and he didn't see the point, and it made him feel really uncomfortable. Yeah, maybe if I didn't make those mistakes, then I wouldn't have pushed him away.

Kyle: Summer, I-I-I can't believe you're blaming yourself after what he did to you.

Summer: But we both made mistakes.

Kyle: No. No. You gave and gave, and he took. Summer, he lied to you. He cheated on you. He used you to get dirt on your family. And if he wasn't impressed by your money, it's because he didn't have any, but he wanted it, and he was gonna destroy your family to get it.

Summer: Austin wasn't a saint. I will give you that. And I didn't -- I didn't know him. Not really, but I thought that I knew you. You know, the guy that I fell in love with before you moved to new York.

Kyle: We've both done some growing up, Summer. We've both changed.

Summer: I know. You keep saying that. I'm just not sure I like the person that you've turned into.

Victor: Can I buy you a drink?

Adam: [Scoffs] No, I don't want anything from you.

Victor: [Sighs] I realize you and I have not been on the best of terms. I was rather rude with you earlier on in the office when you walked smack into a very volatile situation with Chelsea.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, no, I, um -- I don't want to talk about it.

Victor: Uh-huh. Well... let me have a double tequila, please. You don't know me very well.

Adam: I know you better than you think.

Victor: Really?

Adam: Yep.

Victor: You know, I'm man enough to admit that I made a mistake earlier on, and I also made a mistake letting Chelsea take off.

Adam: Yeah, I think you're right. It's not my problem, though, is it?

Victor: Why don't you ask her to come back? I'm sure she would.

Adam: I feel like -- I feel like you're not understanding what I'm saying, like you're not hearing me. I don't want to talk to you, okay? I don't want to talk about it. I don't want to talk about Chelsea.

Victor: You're just in a lousy mood, aren't you? Well, maybe another drink will help.

Adam: We're gonna test that theory.

Chelsea: Billy. Hey. I'm -- I'm sorry I'm taking so long.

Billy: Yeah, I... [Chuckles] ...Wondered what happened to you.

Chelsea: I-I-I just want everything to be perfect. But, um, I'm glad you came to get me.

Billy: But the damage is done.

Chelsea: What?

Billy: The dress, the tradition. I mean, I can't unsee what I've already seen.

Chelsea: Oh, you know what? I don't care about that. It's -- you know, it's like you said. Luck -- luck is -- that's silly. It hasn't gotten us to this amazing place that we are, you know. So, are you ready to get married?

Billy: Actually, I'm not. I've been rethinking the wedding.

Kelly: That's very noble and quixotic of you, Jack, and I certainly admire your passion. You know I do, but you're responding to the emotion of the moment.

Jack: I know exactly what I'm saying.

Kelly: Really? You really want to die? No, of course you don't. Why would you when you can have everything that you've ever wanted? I mean, everything that we talked about and planned and hoped and dreamed for, a life together of love.

Jack: How can you possibly believe that?

Kelly: Because you did it before, Jack. When you went to the hospital on your pilgrimage to see Phyllis to tell her that you didn't -- didn't want her anymore because you -- you chose me.

Jack: I don't even know who you are.

Kelly: I'm the same woman that you fell in love with. [Voice breaking] I'm the same woman that you wanted to marry.

Jack: Love?! Love?! That's what you call this? This is a sick, twisted fantasy. I can't live this way. Neither can you.

Kelly: Don't you tell me what I can and cannot do! I am in charge of this relationship now, Mr. Man!

Jack: Relationship?

Kelly: Yes! I don't like the way you're behaving. You so sure you want to die? Hmm? Why don't you see how you feel when I leave you here to starve?

Jack: [Crying] [Screams] [Sighs]

Kyle: I care about you a lot. And I do know you. We grew up in the same world, a-a world that Austin despised.

Summer: Okay, well, this isn't about Austin.

Kyle: No, no, it's not. It's about us. I just -- I just wanted to make this a special night for you.

Summer: And it used to be special when we would just sit and -- and talk with one another, you know, and not about the -- the Newman name or the Abbott name and what doors they can open. Look, I get we're both from money, but I-I -- I didn't think that we were about the money.

Kyle: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I just... this is really not how I saw this night going.

Summer: I'm glad it did. It helped me to see things really clearly.

Kyle: I don't even know what to say to that.

Summer: [Sighs]

Kyle: Maybe I'll just take you home.

Summer: No, Kyle, you know, I'm... I'm gonna get a cab. You should probably find somewhere else to spend the night.

Kyle: Summer, come --

Summer: Please. Kyle, just -- just go.

Kyle: What just happened? Why are you doing this?

Summer: I-I don't -- just I really want to be alone right now. Please.

Kyle: [Scoffs]

Summer: Kyle, wait. There's lots of other girls that would be impressed by this.

Kyle: [Scoffs]

Summer: [Sighs] [Sighs]

Jack: Hey. Well, you look like hell.

Kyle: [Scoffs] Yeah. That kind of night.

Jack: Well, have a drink with your old man. I'm having club soda. You can have something a little stronger.

Kyle: Yeah, thanks, but no.

Jack: Wait, wait. What happened?

Kyle: [Sighs] You know, I had this whole amazing night planned for Summer, and it totally backfired. So I just -- I'm going home.

Jack: That is no way to deal with a bad date. You need a distraction, something to take your mind off of things.

Kyle: [Chuckles]

Jack: And there's probably no better distraction than driving a $400,000 car.

Kyle: Are you serious?

Jack: Do I look like I'm kidding? Take it.

Kyle: Thanks, Dad.

Victor: Well, it seems I touched a nerve.

Adam: Yeah, you did.

Victor: Hmm.

Adam: It's -- you know, I put a lot of time and effort into this Chelsea Lawson by Jabot line, and I feel like it...went out the door with her, and she's -- she's making a mistake.

Victor: Why didn't you ask her to come back?

Adam: I did, of course. Yeah, she's... she's independent. She's impulsive. When she gets her mind set on something, she just -- forget it.

Victor: You seem to know her rather well.

Chelsea: What changed? Why wouldn't you want to get married now?

Billy: Well, you see, when I was downstairs, I-I started thinking that I forced this whole elopement on you.

Chelsea: No. No, I-I don't feel that way at all.

Billy: I realize that your mother was right. This -- this isn't the wedding that you want. You wanted family and friends there, and then I realized so do I. I mean, all that stuff that's going on with me and Jack -- I-I still want him there. In fact, I want all of my family and friends there when I tell you, before God.

Chelsea: Okay, well, I mean, I'm happy to go through with the wedding now, as planned.

Billy: No, no. I mean, I still want to get -- get married right away. I just want to do it right, you know. The way it's supposed to be.

Chelsea: Of course. I love you.

Billy: Yeah. Well, then it's settled. I'll take you home, and I will give you exactly what you deserve.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: Dylan, this is my kid, and I'll deal with it the way I want -- I don't need your opinion.

Dylan: You were wrong not telling Sharon, and you know it.

Victoria: You should stop being so defensive and accept your new role -- working for me.

Ashley: Or what? You'll show me the door?

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