Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/23/15


Episode # 10651 ~ Victoria & Chelsea butt heads; Billy contacts Phyllis; Abby mixes business with pleasure.

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Stitch: Did you bolt on me?

Abby: I was just contemplating our rash behavior of yesterday. And last night and on and off all morning.

Stitch: Yeah? So, what did you decide?

Abby: I don't have enough information to make the call yet.

Stitch: On whether it was good or not?

Abby: Oh, it -- it was good. It was amazing. But...was it right?

Stitch: It was very right. Come here.

Ashley: Abby, it's your mother. We need to talk about how to handle this merger, so please get to the lab A.S.A.P. Well, hey, there. New look?

Jack: Why not? Listen, I came by to give you a heads up that Victor and Victoria are going to stop by for a visit today.

Ashley: Really? They too busy having to run Newman?

Jack: Well, you know, the lab and hex have been a real boon to our mutual bottom line, and they know a good thing when they see it.

Ashley: Well, Victoria certainly saw a lot when she used Stitch as an excuse to prowl around the lab.

Jack: Well, we're one big, happy family now. No snooping necessary.

Ashley: I'm kind of hoping you're gonna tell me what this is all about, because the only other alternative is that you've lost touch with reality, Jack.

Jack: Actually, you know I love and respect you. Either you're with me or you're against me. If you're against me, maybe you ought to go with Billy.

[Door opens]

Jack: And by that, I mean quit, just to be clear.

Victor: You know that Ashley is the best in the business. You don't want to lose her any more than I do.

Chelsea: Well?

Billy: Well, it's still there. Jack made a deal with Victor on purpose. Here they are smiling, shaking hands. You know, there's got to be only one explanation for this. Pod people. Alien impostors have come down to take over the world.

Chelsea: Or this is Jack's choice and we have to deal with it.

Billy: Or someone needs to smack the hell out of him and make him see sense.

Chelsea: Let me guess. You are that guy.

Billy: In fact, I am.

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Billy: But you know what, Chelsea? It's...it's not about the Abbotts losing Jabot. It's about my brother losing his soul.

Kyle: Weird, right?

Phyllis: I can't look away. It's mesmerizing. It's like looking at bigfoot or the loch Ness monster.

Kyle: Do you think aunt Ashley and uncle Billy were right? Dad's gone over the edge?

Phyllis: I can't decide. Maybe I set this all into motion. "Jack, be grateful that Victor brought me out of a coma. Jack, I need you and Victor to help me expose Kelly," and we just became this bizarre, little team that made absolutely no sense, but... now Victor is not trying to steal Jabot, and Jack is not trying to steal Newman. And... well, I don't know. Maybe this is how all wars should end -- with a handshake and a smile.

Kyle: You don't sound completely convinced there.

Phyllis: Smelling booze on your father's breath really didn't make me feel warm and fuzzy about everything.

Kyle: Are you sure that it wasn't spilled on him or something?

Phyllis: He admitted to taking a drink. And then he calmly played it off.

Kyle: He would never do that, all right? That's not dad.

Chelsea: Okay, give me that. I am cutting you off.

Billy: All right. But it doesn't change anything, though. My entire life, it's been drilled into my head. You know, "you protect the family name, you protect Jabot at all costs." You know, and half the time, I sucked at it -- hell, three-quarters. But I can't turn my back on it now.

Chelsea: Maybe you should trust Ashley to protect Jabot from the inside.

Billy: Against Victor? She can't do that by herself. We need a team. We need allies. What the hell happened to your superfan, Gabriel, huh? I mean, he was always fired up to be by Jack's side, and he loved playing hero in front of you. So this is his shot. Where is he? I mean, he claims he hates Victor, but he's AWOL. Nowhere to be found. So what the hell's up with that? I mean, what? Did you reject him one too many times?

Kyle: If dad's acting like a drink is no big deal, then he's not in a good place.

Phyllis: Look, I was there when Jack detoxed. I reminded him of that. I pointed out that booze can be a gateway to pills.

Kyle: Oh, and he what? Had another shot?

Phyllis: No. It wasn't like that. It wasn't an addict rationalizing away a slip. He was Jack. My husband. Your father. Explaining that it was a one-time thing in honor of the merger.

Kyle: The merge. Great. That's two things that make absolutely no sense at all.

Phyllis: I'm not gonna argue with you on that.

Kyle: I don't know. Well, what is dad going after with this merger, then? Like, does he have an endgame in mind?

Phyllis: It's a possibility.

Kyle: You asked him.

Phyllis: He implied it. He asked me to trust him, so I am. Now it's your turn. Can you trust your father for his sake?

Jack: No one knows any better than I do my sister's value to this company, but I have more than one priority. Helping a smooth transition is one. Keeping my sister happy is another. And I don't want her to be miserable working with us.

Ashley: I'm so happy right now, Jack. I'm incredibly happy.

Victor: Ashley, you're oozing sarcasm, but I truly hope that you come to believe that, you know? Meanwhile, Jack, you and I shall do everything in our power to make Ashley feel very comfortable.

Jack: Of course.

Victor: All right. Shall we adjourn? Victoria, my darling, let me see that logo.

Victoria: Okay.

Victor: Show it to Ashley. Let's see what you think of the new logo.

Ashley: That was fast, wasn't it? Boom, boom, boom. Newman-Abbott?

Victor: Well, you didn't expect that to be Abbott-Newman, now, did you?

Ashley: Actually, I didn't expect to see Abbott at all.

Victoria: Well, it carries weight in the business community.

Ashley: Does it really, Victoria? Thank you so much for sharing that information. I thought maybe it would be Jabot, that's all. Or were you thinking if that was the case, that if our father was here to see it, he would be horrified?

Jack: I'm sorry? Oh, I had a text.

Victor: Anyway, there's a lot of history and baggage between our families. I thought that we could move beyond that.

Ashley: If you' referring to the history that Victoria and I share, both distant and more recent, I assure you that I can put it aside because that's what adults do when they have to work together.

Victor: Well, I'm very happy to hear that, Ashley. But let me just correct your assumption. It is t that you will be working with Victoria. You'll be working for Victoria.

Kyle: Dad would never let Victor swallow Jabot whole. No matter what he aged to, he would never willingly let it go. Now, if he's self-medicating because he's stressed or --

Phyllis: He swore that drink was a one-time thing. He's in a good place. Trust him. And me, okay?

Kyle: Okay. I'm with you and dad. No matter how uncomfortable this whole thing makes me.

Phyllis: You know what? That's what faith is about -- trusting your gut. I just wish the rest of the family would get onboard. Because no matter how centered Jack is right now, he will be so pissed off if the rest of the family cannot trust his vision.

Chelsea: I have no idea why Gabe took off. Um, maybe -- maybe it was getting the divorce papers from Sage.

Billy: Yeah, that's it, because she was his priority.

Chelsea: Jack going rogue -- I mean, why -- why are you making this about Gabriel?

Billy: You're right. It's not about him. With any luck, he's gone for good and we'll have new neighbors by next week. In the meantime, I got to figure out how to keep the Abbott family from being completely waylaid by snidely. Time to circle the wagons.

Chelsea: I didn't know you had a wagon.

Billy: Oh, we have wagons. A whole fleet of them. I'll keep you posted.

Chelsea: Okay. Love you.

Billy: Love you.

Chelsea: [Sighs] You're still not answering. Gabe, it's me again. Um... I'm -- I'm sorry. I know you were expecting more after we... but I -- it's my fault, and I'm sorry, and I'm with Billy now.

[Door opens]

Chelsea: But if you care at all about the company, if you care about your friendship with Jack, you will come home. We need you. Professionally -- professionally speaking. Jabot -- Jabot needs you. So... just, uh... just come home.

Gloria: Who was that?

Abby: Don't you feel bad now?

Stitch: I don't know. Bad is not what I'm feeling right now. [Chuckles]

Abby: That you hated me at first.

Stitch: Hated you? I hated you? Me?

Abby: Yes. Yes, it was obvious.

Stitch: Okay, I think you're projecting, because you were a total brat to me nonstop, first about the Billy and Victoria thing and then lying about my past.

Abby: Okay, I can admit it. I was. But you can admit that you hated me.

Stitch: You were annoying but kind of appealing.

Abby: Appealing?

Stitch: Yeah. It's a polite way of saying sexy.

Abby: You did not think I was sexy back then.

Stitch: I did. I mean, I definitely do now. Sweet and sexy and sweet.

Abby: Wait, wait. Um... are we just gonna ignore the mention of Billy and Victoria? I mean, mainly Victoria and.? We haven't really had a chance to talk about you two.

Stitch: There isn't much to say. You know, we parted ways. It -- it was mutual. It took us awhile to figure out, but, you know, we saw it coming. It took us a little while to figure things out, so...

Abby: And now you have?

Stitch: Now we have.

Abby: Hmm. Wait. H-mnh. No, no, no, no, no.

Stitch: No, no, no, no, no?

Abby: No. No, no. We have jobs that we have to get to, at least for right now. And we have to see what fresh hell awaits us at work.

Stitch: Yeah, we do.

Abby: Yeah. Mm-hmm. We do.

Stitch: [Sighs]

Abby: Oh, gosh. Mom is freaking out, and uncle Jack wants us there.

Stitch: Yeah, we're late. Okay.

Victor: This merger obviously calls for restructuring, so from now on, Victoria will be chief operating officer.

Ashley: Congratulations. I assume I'll still be reporting to you?

Victoria: Actually, you'll be reporting to me, given my experience in cosmetics.

Ashley: [Laughs] Like we don't have any experience? Jack doesn't have decades of experience in cosmetics?

Victoria: Granted, but I do have a personal investment in all of the brands.

Ashley: Did y hear what she said?

She has a personal investment. Not that any Abbott would. Please tell me you didn't agree to this. Tell me.

Jack: Jabot is now part of a larger Newman-Abbott Enterprises. Your answering to the chief operating officer simply means this is a lateral move.

Ashley: Answering to a Newman about anything to do with Jabot is not a lateral move, Jack, and you know it. You told me you were gonna make me co-CEO before you went to get married.

Jack: The merger wasn't an issue at that time.

Ashley: So hex is a huge success and I'm still not co-CEO and now this? You know, this kind of reminds me of when Adam's office was moved to the men's room 'cause you were trying to show him who's boss.

Victor: It's not quite like that. This move is an attempt to create a framework so that we can make the most efficient version of our company.

Victoria: A version that will provide hex and you a much larger platform than what you had before. But if you don't see the benefits of us working together, then maybe it makes sense at you stay in the lab. Your skills as a chemist are excellent, and if you're gonna let your emotion cloud your judgment, then clearly you a not the leadership that this company is calling for.

Ashley: So, this is how you keep me happy, huh?

Jack: Welcome to our brave, new world.

Chelsea: I was leaving a message for Billy. And you could have knocked and not eavesdropped.

Gloria: Wasn't locked. You know me. Can't resist the opportunity to listen in. Tidbits come in handy sometimes.

Chelsea: You are starting to sound as shifty as my father.

Gloria: I don't know about that. Jeffrey's spending all of his time at the yacht club since we got back to town. Decided to take up racing. Wants to race in the America's cu between you and me, the only cup he's interested in is a double-D.

Chelsea: I'm sorry that we have to do it here today. Connor's nanny quit. She got into medical school.

Gloria: The nerve of some people!

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Actually, it's better. I don't really love the idea of being at the office these days. Too many people jockeying for position.

Gloria: No, no, no, no, no. That's where you should be -- jockeying yourself.

Chelsea: Oh, no, that -- my -- my job is safe.

Gloria: Really? And my dear John thought his family company would last for generations. God rest his soul, but he must be rolling in his grave.

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. I forget you two were married.

Gloria: Not a day goes by I don't think about that wonderful man. Unfortunately, Jackie boy didn't inherit his father's qualities. Selling out to that devil?

Chelsea: It was a merger, not a sale.

Gloria: Oh, come on, Chelsea. I wasn't born yesterday, and neither were you. Jabot is as good as kaput. And you will be, too, if you're not careful. And where does that leave me?

Chelsea: You?

Gloria: Yes, me. Oh, come on. My God-given talent wasted. I have ideas that will put your line in the stratosphere.

Chelsea: Oh, my line's already huge.

Gloria: Really? Not by Victor Newman's standards. Or his daughter's, for that matter. And if memory serves, you and Victoria have a little bit of a history and not all of it good. And then there's that little matter of you sleeping with her ex -- again. Come on. You don't think she's going to prove who's calling the shots? You be careful, Chelsea, or you're gonna be on the street.

Ashley: Just to be clear, I'm not going to quit this job, no matter how insulting it is. I'm gonna fight for my father's legacy because somebody has to.

Victor: I'm so glad to hear that, Ashley. We think very highly of you. We need you to succeed. And, uh, we'll give you all the assistance you need.

Jack: Wonderful! So, shall we continue the tour? I have some other things I'd like to show you.

Victor: You lead the way. Leave you two alone.

Jack: Really? You couldn't just let her quit? That woman is hot, but she is a pain in my ass.

Victor: You listen to me. She is your sister. We need her to succeed.

Jack: She doesn't like me.

Victor: She doesn't think that you are quite right in the head. You're a little cuckoo, do you understand?

Jack: People change.

Victor: They don't change that much. You do not make her question your behavior again. Is that clear?

Jack: I don't think she thinks anything but who I am. Same thing with my wife. Incidentally, Phyllis is a tiger!

Victor: Will you start acting like an adult?

Victoria: Ashley, I actually think I'm gonna need a home base here in the lab. This office seems to be the most logical solution.

Ashley: My office?

Victoria: It would be great if you could clear away some of these things as soon as possible. Oh, and you know what? You can base your office right out there in the lab. Be perfect. You know, just clear away some of your things and then you can be there right on top of everything. Is that a problem?

Ashley: Oh, no. I think I can make that work.

Victoria: Great. I hope that all of the other employees are as resourceful as you are.

Victor: Don't you get cocky. You have a face like Jack Abbott. That's why they think you are Jack Abbott. But your behavior is becoming a little cuckoo. Do you understand? That tie, for example.

Jack: A little color in the old guy's life.

Victor: That is not what he would wear. I'm telling you.

Jack: He wouldn't merge his company with yours, either. Come on. I'm having lunch with the missus.

Victor: You are doing no such thing. You're not going to have lunch with her by yourself.

Jack: No, I can handle Phyllis.

Victor: There is too much at stake. You will not have lunch with her by yourself. You got it? I call the shots here.

Abby: Hi! Hi, got your messages. Lots of them. [Laughs]

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Abby: Hi.

Victor: You've heard of the wonderful merger?

Abby: Yes, yes. And the company is just like me -- a Newman-Abbott production. Wow. [Laughs] And -- and you're okay with this?

Jack: Couldn't be better. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have some place we have to be.

Victor: We'll be right back.

Abby: Okay.

Victor: Yep.

Abby: "We." He just said "we," talking about him and my dad, and it wasn't about killing each other.

Stitch: What can I say? Lot of things changed yesterday.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. Look who's here. Finally.

Abby: I'm sorry.

Ashley: Don't tell it to me. Tell it to the boss.

Billy: So, did you see it? Titans of industry smiling, shaking hands for the camera in our lab?

Phyllis: You mean this wonderful moment of glory?

Billy: Yeah, that would be it. So, how does this not have you climbing the walls?

Kyle: Well, Phyllis and I have been talking about it. Dad must have a plan.

Billy: Right, right. And if he doesn't?

Phyllis: Can you support your brother maybe?

Billy: I will do my brotherly duty by making sure that Jack sees partnering with Victor is a colossal mistake. And you are gonna help me.

Victoria: Good morning. It's good to see you both. Finally.

Abby: You, too? Wow. [Chuckles] This is so cool. All of us working at the same place together. [Chuckles]

Ashley: Are you okay, Ben? You look a little peaked.

Stitch: Oh. [Scoffs] I'm fine. Just, uh, just a little overwhelmed at the thought of us all, uh, working together. You know, uh... so, where should we start today?

Ashley: Well, Victoria's the new COO. Yeah, so I'll be reporting to her. Everything to do with hex and everything else in this department.

Stitch: Congratulations on the title. This is a -- you know, we have a great department here. Incredible, actual.

Victoria: I'm a big fan of Jabot. So, today I will just be meeting with you individually, you know, for status reports, where things are at.

Abby: Of course. Yeah, yeah. That -- that makes sense.

Victoria: Great. So, I'm going to go into my office a do some catch-up, and I'll call you in.

Abby: Her office? This isn't happening.

Stitch: Victor did this?

Ashley: Yeah, with Jack's express agreement.

Abby: Okay, I work for Victoria? You work for Victoria? We -- we all work --

Ashley: Yes, we have to stick together. Although, actually, that shouldn't be much of a problem for the two of you, right?

Stitch: [Sighs]

Abby: Mom --

Ashley: I think what we need to do is just assume that big brother is watching everything and Victor knows everything, okay?

Abby: You mean big sister. Literally. How -- how can you be so calm?

Ashley: Because if I'm not calm, I'm gonna break all the glass in this room!

Stitch: Yeah, that'd be messy.

Ashley: This whole thing is messy. And it's gonna get a lot worse.

Victoria: Ben, can I see you in here?

Stitch: Of course.

Abby: Oh, my God. She's gonna devour all of us. Like jaws. Some people let power go to their head. She lets it go to her teeth.

Ashley: Would you please just stop talking? Stop chomping.

Stitch: Victoria...

Victoria: I can't tell you how much don't want to hear it at all. This is your job. This is where you work. [Sighs] But that doesn't mean that you can show up here all moon-eyed whenever it suits you.

Stitch: Oh, okay. This is all business? Nothing personal? Which is why you're speaking to me like a little kid who just got sent to detention? I am sorry. No one wanted to hurt you.

Victoria: It hasn't even been one day since we broke up. Not one day.

Stitch: I know. And if I had known you were gonna be in the lab...

Victoria: You would have asked Abby to follow you in here10 minutes later? That wouldn't change the way that you're looking at her, and that would not change the way that she's looking at you. So now we focus on business. That's all that's left.

Abby: As in you share an office with...

Ashley: Your sister.

Abby: [Sighs]

Ashley: Yeah, so why don't you tell me, what do you share with your sister? What the hell were you thinking waltzing in here like that with him?

Abby: Okay, before you freak out --

Ashley: Oh, it's too late for that.

Abby: Victoria and Stitch broke up last night.

Ashley: Was that before or after she found out about the two of you?

Abby: There was nothing to find out. Their breakup was very painful, but they knew it had to happen. And I never expected her to plant herself here in the lab.

Ashley: You know, honestly, I don't think her location is really the problem here. I'm trying to keep our family and our family's business from falling apart.

Abby: And Ben and I are here to support you. I swear.

Ashley: I am so terrified. I am just so incredibly furious.

Abby: Mom, I am here. I am loyal to you d Jabot no matter who else is or isn't.

Phyllis: If you have some big plans to undermine your brother, then you are on your own. My husband has asked me to trust him, so here I am trusting him.

Billy: Okay. All right. What about you? You're not a newlywed who's drunk on love. Please tell me that you know better.

Kyle: So now you're being nice to me? Yesterday you called me an idiot.

Billy: Heat of the moment, Kyle.

Kyle: Look, dad does things his own way. Always has. This is no different.

Billy: You guys are both kidding me.

Phyllis: Shame.

Billy: But you and me, we've tussled once before.

Phyllis: More than once, and it was more than a tussle.

Billy: But we both love Jack.

Phyllis: Very much.

Billy: Jack has always had his priorities clear. Okay, his family, his business, and you. And he has just handed one of the things over to Victor Newman.

Phyllis: And he very might well have a plan to topple Victor.

Billy: Oh, that's fantastic! Really? I would love to hear about that. Maybe he could fill us in, because this is legal, Phyllis! It's binding! He can't just turn around one day and say, "Psych! Just kidding!"

Phyllis: I don't know. Maybe he meant it when he said he just want peace for once in his life.

Billy: Peace will come from crushing Victor, not bowing to him.

Kyle: Hey, my dad is not bowing to Victor. He's his own man, and he makes his own decisions.

Billy: Correct. He was his own man. He used to make his own decisions. Guys, something is going on here.

Kyle: You know, you don't know what you're talking about, Billy.

Billy: Okay, all that stuff that I said about heat of the moment, I take that back you are an idiot. Look, we have got to figure this out. If Victor is blackmailing Jack for the whole computer-hacking thing --

Phyllis: Billy, what do you want me to say? That all of this is true? Maybe it is. But this is what Jack wants.

Billy: Then it's a huge mistake! Okay, look, just say that I'm right, okay, and that Jack has, for whatever reason, lowered his guard. If Victor has a plan to pummel Jack -- and come on, Victor always has a plan to pummel Jack -- then we have got to let him know. This is way too big a risk.

Jack: Sorry we're late. Did you miss me?

Phyllis: Yes.

Victor: Our meeting ran a little long.

Billy: This is adorable. Did -- did the two of you walk in here together, side by side?

Jack: You could always leave, Billy. This is a private lunch.

Kyle: Dad, really?

Victor: No, Billy, you're more than welcome to stay. I want you to hear and witness how smoothly the transition is running.

Billy: No, no, "thrilled." "Thrilled" would be the word.

Victor: I'm so happy that you're thrilled. It's thrilling, indeed, you know. Victoria and Ashley are working towards the same goal. So are Jack and I. Too bad you aren't mature enough to understand that change is inevitable.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Excuse me. I need to take this. Sorry.

Billy: Yeah, this is all good. Obviously.

Kyle: Yeah, I've got to head off. Dad, um, could I talk to you for a second?

Jack: Uh, sure. Yeah. You okay, son?

Kyle: I am. Are you?

Jack: Never better. Like a new man.

Kyle: Great. And this merger -- I don't need details, but is this to keep the peace or do you have some plan to take down Victor when all is said and done?

Jack: You know your old man better than that. There's more to this merger than even Victor knows.

Chelsea: Victoria is dealing with a major merger. I'm not even on her radar right now. Besides, she has Stitch. She's not gonna punish me for being with Billy.

Gloria: She's a Newman. She will multi-task. And then there's Victor, who's always had it in for Billy. And then there's Jack who fired his own brother, Billy. And then there's that thing called guilt by association. Chelsea, you're my family. I'm telling you this for your own good.

Chelsea: And yours, apparently.

Gloria: Damn right. Listen, sweetie. You're a woman after my own heart. Like me, no one ever handed you anything. You've had to scratch and claw to make something of yourself. And look what you've done. But if I've learned anything in this life, it's you don't let your guard down. You can never rest. Because when you do, somebody will be there to swoop in and take it all away from you. Believe me. I know. So go. Go on. I'll stay with Connor. You get back in that ring and you fight for everything that's yours.

[Knock on door]

Victoria: Yes?

Abby: Hi. Is this a bad time?

Victoria: Do you mean this minute or the last 24 hours?

Abby: Oh. [Chuckles] I love you. And you have been my best friend for ages now, and now we work together, and some other things have changed.

Victoria: If you mean you and Ben coming in here together, sharing an ecstatic glow. Is that what you mean by changes?

Abby: I know it's awkward.

Victoria: Yeah, you think so?

Abby: But I love you.

Victoria: Oh, you said that.

Abby: Because I really mean it, and I would never want to do anything to hurt you.

Victoria: We're adults. We make decisions. And you're my sister, and nothing's ever gonna change that. Not my job title, not your romantic life.

Abby: Really? 'Cause I was so scared that you were --

Victoria: But I need you to do something for me, please.

Abby: Yes. Anything.

Victoria: Be on time. It sets a good example for the other employees. Be present. Be invested. Be your best. And that means focusing on the work, not your personal life.

Abby: Right. Of course.

Victoria: Good. You and I are gonna have such a good time working together.

Abby: [Chuckles] Yeah, yeah, totally.

Stitch: This seems off. I-I don't know what's going on.

Ashley: Well, you ran the test. Maybe you're off. I mean, your game. Probably have a lot on your mind, right?

Stitch: [Scoffs] Ash, come on.

Ashley: I can't believe this. I mean, look at you, working in this environment with two sisters. What did you do? Break it off with one just minutes before you hopped in the sack with the other one?

Stitch: Not to mention there was a long, hot shower with one of their mothers.

Ashley: Oh, I don't think you have to go there 'cause I'm not gonna be the problem in the scenario. Unless, of course, you hurt my daughter, and then I'm gonna be a problem. I'm gonna be a very big problem. You do realize that Victoria is gonna make your life so miserable. I mean, incredibly miserable.

Stitch: I can handle it.

Ashley: Do you think so?

Stitch: Yeah.

Ashley: You don't know much about the Abbotts and the Newmans, then. This is war.

Stitch: Victor and Jack called the truce.

Ashley: [Laughs] Yeah. That's not gonna last. No, it's gonna be vicious. Actually, you know, both sides, I think, are gonna feel entitled to claim you as their own. But you did say that you would stay through the launch of hex. And it's been launched, so, you know, if you wanted to resign, I think everybody would totally understand that under the circumstances. They would.

Stitch: You didn't walk, and neither will I.

Ashley: I have a stake in this, Ben. You don't.

Stitch: I am an asset as a chemist and an ally. But, you know, if my being here makes you uncomfortable...

Ashley: Oh, no. Not at all. Hey, you know what? Maybe you would be useful. Stay. Absolutely.

Victor: Well, Kyle, my boy.

Kyle: Victor.

Victor: I'm so glad to know that you're on board with the merger.

Kyle: Yes, I trust my father's business instinct.

Victor: Yes, I remember how loyal you are to your dad. That's a good thing. Fortunately, we're all working under the same side now.

Kyle: Well, it's a relief to know that everything will work out exactly as it's supposed to.

Victor: I couldn't agree more. You have a nice day.

Kyle: You, too.

Jack: So, you like my tie?

Phyllis: I think it's dashing. I approve. And I love that you're stepping outside of your color comfort zone.

Jack: Broadening my horizons.

Phyllis: That's right.

Billy: Okay, yeah, while this is all fascinating, I'm gonna take off and let you guys eat.

Victor: Billy, you're more than welcome to stay.

Billy: Well, as much as I would love to call your bluff, sit down with you, and share a meal -- because I know how much that would drive you crazy -- I'm gonna go ahead and take off.

Victor: All right.

Bly: Jack, um, if we could find some time to do this one-on-one. And, uh, I'll be in touch, Phyllis.

Victor: Well, now, why don't we adjourn to the tae and celebrate?

Jack: Shall we?

Phyllis: We shall.

Ashley: Victoria, do you have a problem with me going to lunch?

Victoria: No, that sounds fine.

Ashley: Thank you.

Victoria: Oh, Ashley.

Ashley: Yes?

Victoria: I'd like to rethink the artwork in here. It just feels sort of off. I'm thinking of bringing in some of my own things.

Ashley: Well, it's your office now. Do whatever you want.

[Door closes]

Ashley: Have you come to kiss the ring?

Chelsea: Excuse me?

Ashley: If you're looking for Victoria, she's in her office. The one with my name on the door.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Victoria?

Victoria: Chelsea, hello. I guess you heard about the changes from Billy.

Chelsea: I did. And saw in the newspaper. I heard on the radio. I saw online. I just want to make sure you know how profitable Chelsea by Jabot has been. We have made a real impact on the market. As a matter of fact, I brought these spreadsheets to show all of our growth.

Victoria: Oh, that's very helpful. Thank you.

Chelsea: My point is that Jack fired Billy. Victor hates Billy. I'm a part of Billy's life now. However, that does not mean that I will allow you to use my business as some sort of a whip to get Billy to fall into line.

Victoria: What?

Chelsea: I won't let you threaten my company so that Billy will do your bidding. Even he wanted to, I won't allow it. I won't. So, he's taking a stand. I'm taking mine. I ha been approached by several other companies. I would be glad to take my sketches and go elsewhere.

Victoria: Are you finished?

Ashley: Jack, if you have some kind of a plan in place that explains this merger, then I need to know what it is because corporate machinations aside, Jack, this is a family business, and what you're doing to our family, it's just... it's unacceptable. I mean, honestly, Jack, if you're John Abbott's son, then you wouldn't do this.

Chelsea: Yes, I am done.

Victoria: Did you practice that on the car over? I'm just asking because that's what I do, and it works. That was good. As for your file, I know how much value your line brings to the company. That's the point of being COO. Is recognizing value. And yes, my father hates Billy. That's not news. But I would have to be stupid to cut your line, and I'm not stupid.

Chelsea: I guess I was just afraid that --

Victoria: That I would turn this into something personal, but I won't. And I assume that you won't, either.

Chelsea: We both just want to make great products.

Victoria: And lots of money. I'll be in touch.

Chelsea: Okay.

Abby: Victoria is mad. She can say that she's not, but she is. She's angry and hurt, and we did that to her when we... last night.

Stitch: Yeah, I know what we did.

Abby: Maybe we should have waited. You know, like they say, wait an hour after you eat to go swimming.

Stitch: I didn't know there were rules for these sort of things.

Abby: Yes, lots of rules. A whole book of etiquette.

Stitch: Yeah, well, does that mean you regret what we did?

Abby: I want to regret it, but I can't.

Phyllis: Please excuse me. I need to powder my nose.

Victor: All right.

Phyllis: Just be sure not to intimidate the other guests with your combined wealth and power.

Jack: Sometimes we just can't help ourselves.

Victor: Eyes on me. Eyes on me! What did I tell you about sticking to the damn script?

Jack: Come on. It's a tie. She liked the tie.

Victor: It's not about the damn tie. You are beginning to become very un-Abbott-like.

Jack: I'll handle it.

Victor: You don't even know what it is that I want you to handle.

Jack: Lighten up. What are you drinking, anyway?

Victor: No drinking.

Jack: Aye, aye, Captain.

Victor: Do you think this is a game? This is very serious business, my friend. I know you love playing with Jack Abbott's toys. I'll put you back into that miserable Peruvian prison. I got you out of it. I'll put you back into it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Hilary: I've been thinking about the way that we left things, and I won't let it end like that.

Colin: Lauren is nothing if not an alluring woman. You might keep a close eye on your husband.

Dylan: I realize why you're panicked, why you believe Michael can't win! Because you're guilty!

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