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Episode # 10646 ~ Billy & Victoria think about the past; Chelsea & Adam's sexual tension explodes.

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Dylan: Hey. You doing okay? Are you ready for the arraignment?

Hey, no talking.

Sharon: David Sherman never returned my calls, and the public defender they assigned me, he was useless. I had to fire him. I have no attorney, Dylan.

No talking.

Sharon: Help me. Find me a lawyer.

Avery: Hi.

Joe: Hi.

Avery: Do you need anything?

Joe: No, just for you to go home and get some rest.

Avery: I did rest. I may have snored.

Joe: No, a true gentleman never says.

Avery: That means yes.

Joe: You didn't have to stay.

Avery: I wanted to. Just in case.

Joe: Yeah, still no feeling in my legs. That hasn't changed. But everything else has.

Lauren: So, what do you think if we get away from all of this for a few days and we get fen and Scotty to meet us and we celebrate the end of your radiation treatment? Now, that's one option. So, I have another one. It's kind of one I'm pushing for. That I don't care if it's warm or cold or city or rural. It's just the two of us alone and away from all of this for a couple of days.

Michael: Well, my radiation is done, but I'm still on hormone therapy. I don't think that just the two of us will be quite as enthralling as you might think.

Lauren: I love you. I adore you. But I can spend three days away with you without having to spend it in bed.

Michael: I appreciate your candor. [Sighs] Honestly, Lauren, I just don't think this is the right time to get away.

Lauren: And why is that? You don't have any pressing cases. I mean, at least none that you've talked to me about.

Michael: No, it's not my job. It's your job. You've been so focused on me, you must have a backlog up to the ceiling. You delayed the boutique expansion. Something's got to give.

Cane: And this is where I remind you that I am here to provide your wife with whatever she needs.

Stitch: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Get the hell off each other!

Billy: Come on! Come on! Let's go, you son of a --

Stitch: Break it up! Break it up!

Adam: You're all class!

Billy: Oh, me? Yeah. Yeah, bring it.

Stitch: Hey. What the hell is wrong with you?! Huh?! You -- you and your brother didn't kick my sister around enough when she was alive? Now you got to do it when she's dead?!

Billy: Stitch, I didn't -- I didn't --

Victoria: You didn't know. You had no way of knowing. Ben, he didn't know.

Abby: Are you okay?

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Billy: Ben, I am sorry, man. I-I lost my head. I know it's no excuse.

Stitch: Oh, save it, man, okay?! I don't give a damn about what you thought or how sorry you are!

Abby: Why were you two beating each other up?

Billy: Bingham here may be new in town, but knows being compared to Adam Newman is never a good thing.

Abby: That's what you said to him? "Hi, you remind me of a guy who's universally loathed?" Since we all work together, can you two stop acting like idiots?

Adam: Sure. No, the family business is much more important than your fiancée or her son, right?

Victoria: You don't know any of us well enough to be throwing accusations.

Billy: But he does. He knows Chelsea better than any of us. And he's had a great time stalking her.

Adam: What the hell do you care, huh? The more time I spend with her, the more time you can spend with your ex-wife, chasing her around. Who, by the way, doesn't seem to mind.

Billy: Ask me again why I hate that guy. Excuse me.

Abby: You're a mess.

Billy: Yes, I am.

Abby: That guy is a tool.

Billy: Yes, he is.

Abby: But if you're chasing Victoria...

Billy: I'm not -- I'm not chasing Vic-- look, Bingham wants me to be with Victoria so that he can have a shot with Chelsea, or so he thinks.

Abby: That guy is bizarre, but it doesn't mean he's wrong about everything.

Billy: I'm not chasing Victoria. Or are you saying that you think he's got a shot with Chelsea?

Abby: No one would blame you if you're not over Victoria.

Billy: Do you remember when you said that you were gonna stop trying to put me and Victoria back together? That was a good thing.

Abby: I'm not trying to push you guys together. I tried, and I realized it was ineffective. But if you're saying that's what you want deep down in your secret soul...

Billy: Abby, I don't have a secret soul. I wear everything on my sleeve out in the open. You know that.

Abby: Do you want Victoria back? Because I can help you.

Billy: You can help? You want me to get back together with Vick, huh? And why would that be? Might it be so that Stitch is available to move on with somebody else?

Stitch: Not quite the welcome home I was expecting.

Victoria: I know. That Gabriel's turned out to be kind of a loose cannon. He's nothing like what Nick described him to be in boarding school. He's just...picking fights and throwing around these ridiculous accusations.

Stitch: Maybe -- maybe he's right.

Victoria: About what part?

Stitch: Billy's been gone and Chelsea's alone, maybe even lonely, and meanwhile, I was out of town.

Victoria: Yeah, you had to go for Kelly's sake.

Stitch: Yeah, and before that, I was at the club instead of home with you.

Victoria: You did that for Abby's sake and for my sake because she's my sister. You did the right thing both times.

Stitch: Right for me or right for us? Are we fine, Victoria, you and me?

Victoria: I think we're both pretty sure that we're not fine right now, but we will be. Sharon's been arrested. It means Abby's safe now. So you can come home.

Stitch: Problem is, I'm not sure that's true.

Victoria: Not sure that Abby's safe or not sure that you want to come home?

Cane: So, whatever your wife needs, I am at her service.

Lauren: So, let's -- let's just say I need a few days off.

Cane: Mm-hmm.

Lauren: Like, three.

Cane: Done.

Lauren: Done. Did you hear? He said done.

Cane: I said done.

Michael: Okay, I appreciate your confidence, but Fenmore's is not chancellor. There's a lot to get to know.

Lauren: The man has twins. He has dealt with Jill.

Cane: And don't forget Colin. Please don't forget my father.

Lauren: As much as we'd like to.

Cane: There you go. So, Fenmore's will be safe.

Lauren: Right, and if there's any emergencies, honestly, you can call me.

Cane: Which I will not do, so go. Go. Be happy. Go be together. Go.

Michael: All right. It's agreed.

Lauren: Good! When do we go?

Michael: As soon as I check with Avery.

Lauren: All right.

Michael: Just to be sure, all right? I'll keep you posted.

Joe: As I was just telling my chaperone, now I can't still feel my legs, so the sooner we get me into therapy, the sooner I think we can get them back in working order.

We'll get the tests back, Mr. Clark, and we'll take it from there. One step at a time.

Avery: Thank you.

Joe: Did you hear that? One step at a time. News flash, doc -- that's the problem! I can't take a step!

Avery: I think he's being aspirational, thinking taking actual steps. Look, I understand your eagerness in all this, but you have to do what the doctor says and wait.

Joe: Wait for what? I know I can walk. It's not a matter of if. It's a matter of when. And it needs to be now! I'm not paralyzed, Avery!

Avery: Nobody is saying you are, Joe. I'm not saying that. The doctors aren't saying that. We just need time.

Joe: No, I don't have time!

Avery: What are you doing? Stop it! Joe! Look at me! Look at me. Stop it. You need to stay in this bed.

Chelsea: Hey, Gabe.

Adam: Hey.

Chelsea: What happened to your lip?

Adam: Oh, this? No, this is -- this is nothing. Just your fiancé.

Chelsea: Billy hit you? Why?

Adam: Well, that's the tricky part. He was actually defending the honor of a lady. His ex-wife.

Chelsea: Why do you always do that? Why do you always try to make me worry about Billy and Victoria?

Adam: You're worried?

Chelsea: Why are you bleeding? Let's start there.

Adam: Well, I'm bleeding because your fiancé decided it would be a good idea to hold hands with Victoria instead of being there for you and Connor.

Chelsea: Hold hands figuratively, as in consoling her, or as in...

Adam: Physical contact. The way people hold hands. They were holding hands, Chelsea.

Chelsea: We're all adults here -- most of us. So, if Billy was holding Victoria's hand, I'm sure there was a reason for it.

Adam: Maybe he just liked the way it felt.

Chelsea: They share children. They have a history together.

Adam: A history of holding hands?

Chelsea: Okay, no, you know what? No, this is a bad idea because you, my friend, are way too invested.

Adam: And you don't seem to care enough. Where the hell was he when you needed him, huh? When Connor was at the hospital, where was he?

Chelsea: Billy felt awful that he wasn't here for Connor's scare.

Adam: I'm sure he felt terrible about it. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's probably what they were talking about, he and Victoria, when he was whispering in her ear and gazing into her eyes.

Chelsea: Oh, you are so annoying! You cause trouble and create all this drama and play games, but then you go and do something decent, like drive Connor and me to the hospital. So -- so what is it, Gabe? Are you a jerk or not?

Adam: Jerk.

Chelsea: [Scoffs]

Adam: 100%. That's not debatable. I'm a jerk. But I care about you and I care about Connor, and I was at the hospital. When you needed somebody, I was there. And I saw how worried you were for your son, how scared you were, and I was scared for both of you. But you know what? I was honored to be there. Billy doesn't know how lucky he is. I'm a jerk. But there's nowhere that I'd rather be than with you.

Abby: Wait, are you saying I want Stitch for myself?

Billy: I didn't say it.

Abby: You didn't say it, but you said it, uncle Billy. I would never chase after my sister's boyfriend.

Billy: Hmm.

Abby: Summer wasn't my sister. And it's not like I didn't learn my lesson, okay? Stitch is off limits, and it doesn't matter because I'm not interested. We're friends, and barely that.

Stitch: This isn't about me being home or not. Do you really think Sharon killed Austin and Courtney? You think she's that deranged, that violent?

Victoria: I think the police do.

Stitch: [Chuckles] Yeah. And they're -- they're never wrong. The fact is, the killer's probably still out there. He or she knows that the cover-up on Austin's death is blown. That makes two victims the police know about, not just Courtney. The real killer could be feeling boxed in. Abby could still be a target now more than ever.

Victoria: I feel like you're saying all of this to avoid the issue.

Stitch: I thought the issue was me being out of the house.

Victoria: The reason behind it. Look, we both know that I screwed up, the way that I reacted to Kelly's death. And then you needed some space, so I gave you some space, and maybe this is just all churning up, you know, you going to collect your sister's remains and...

Stitch: With Abby, which you insisted on. Right after you insisted I guard her at the club.

Victoria: Because I couldn't properly comfort you, and I couldn't properly look after her. So it made sense that you two would just look out for each other, that's all.

Stitch: Maybe it made sense because you're the one who wants distance from me.

Victoria: Why would I want that?

Billy: Look, Stitch, you were right. I didn't make life easy for Kelly, and I'm not going to try to apologize again, but... I really am sorry.

Abby: You know what? I am gonna go get a front-row seat at Sharon's arraignment. Um, who's with me? And I don't mean you because you are off duty.

Billy: I'll pass.

Stitch: I may not be on duty, but I want to hear what Sharon's lawyer has to say.

Abby: Okay. But, uh, for the record, I didn't ask you to come with me.

Billy: I may have just taken a punch, but you look like you got knocked out.

Joe: Dylan, I was just telling Avery here that she should go home and get some rest. Her staying here overnight babysitting me is a little over the top.

Avery: I am not babysitting. And I told you I did get some rest.

Joe: Yeah, we both did. Now that Paul knows that what happened on the balcony was nothing more than an accident, not Avery's fault at all.

Dylan: Great. Could I see you in the hallway?

Avery: Yeah, of course. I'll be right back.

Dylan: I have a huge favor to ask. It's time sensitive. Sharon has no attorney, and her arraignment is right now.

Avery: And you want me to take the case? Dylan, you know that's not realistic. I have no preparation.

Dylan: You're a great attorney. You can wing it.

Avery: You don't just wing a defense on a murder case.

Dylan: Avery, it's just a bail hearing.

Avery: I know, but still.

Dylan: "Still" what? You said you would consider representing Sharon.

Avery: Yes, I understand that, but it's not a good time.

Dylan: Because of Joe.

Avery: Dylan, Joe may never walk again because of me.

Dylan: Sharon may lose her freedom and her kid.

Avery: And I may lose my license for covering with Paul about that tire iron. You know, I could still be called to testify, and I don't know what I would say then. The best thing I can do is stay away from that case as long as possible.

Dylan: Or stay by Joe's bedside. Avery, you're an attorney. You're not a nurse.

Avery: What's wrong?

Michael: Is everything okay?

Need a nurse in here!

Avery: Joe! Oh, my God. Joe, stop it! Stop! Stop! Joe.

Chelsea: That's sweet. It's crossing the line, but it's sweet.

Adam: How is telling you the truth crossing the line? Chelsea, I told you how I felt about you.

Chelsea: I-I know. I do know. But so does Billy. [Chuckles] And that's probably why he punched you in the face, okay? So, whatever you think you saw between Billy and Victoria, it's probably all in your imagination. So I'm gonna go.

Adam: You're gonna go?

Chelsea: Yep.

Adam: I make it hard for you to be around me, right?

Chelsea: You certainly don't make it easy.

Adam: Because I tell you the truth.

Chelsea: Because you don't respect the fact that I'm engaged.

Adam: I don't think your fiancé respects the fact that he's engaged to you.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. It's like your brain has one track, one track only.

Adam: Think about Connor. You really gonna do this to Connor?

Chelsea: Do what to Connor?

Adam: You gonna have him grow up with a stepfather that thinks he's the spawn of Satan?

Chelsea: Watch it. Billy adores my son.

Adam: Yeah, for now he does. What happens when Connor starts to look like Adam? My God, act like him, walk like him, talk like him? It's bound to happen, right? It's his son. Billy hates Adam. Everywhere he turns, he's gonna see Adam. Just earlier today, you know what he did? He accused me of acting just like him. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think he meant it kindly.

Chelsea: They're just words.

Adam: They're just words. They're just words. Until I punched him.

Chelsea: Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, what? You -- you said Billy punched you.

Adam: He did. In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably add that he punched me after I punched him.

Chelsea: Oh, for God sakes, Gabe! What is wrong with you?! Why didn't you tell me that when you -- ugh, of course you didn't. [Sighs] Did you hurt him?

Adam: I think I did a little bit. It was more of a draw than anything. I wouldn't really worry about him. You know, he's at the club. He's with Victoria. They're probably holding hands or something.

Chelsea: Oh, my God.

Adam: Chelsea.

Chelsea: See you. You're hilarious. You really are. [Sighs]

[Door slams]

Billy: Ow.

Victoria: Too bad.

Billy: Hmm. Nice bedside manner.

Victoria: I can't seem to do anything right today, evidently.

Billy: I was kidding.

Victoria: Ben wasn't.

Billy: New dance partner, new dance steps, remember?

Victoria: Yeah, but I just always seem to be one beat behind or one beat ahead or have the whole dance entirely wrong.

Billy: I, uh, wish I knew the right thing to say to you. But I believe in you, for whatever that's worth.

Victoria: That was the right thing to say.

Billy: What do you know? I don't suck at everything.

Victoria: It's a gift being able to say the right thing, and you -- you're just that way. We can even talk about our new relationships and we don't want to kill each other. It's kind of like we're speaking the same language.

Billy: So we've moved from dancing to language. Hang on. Let me make sure I don't mix up my metaphors here.

Victoria: [Chuckles] I don't want to laugh.

Billy: Sorry. Sorry. You can go back to saying nice things about me now.

Victoria: It's just like you always know what to say to me. It's like you know what I'm thinking, so you know what I want to hear.

Billy: Trick's in the eyes. You know it's all there. You just... have to know how to translate.

Victoria: So, what are my eyes saying?

Billy: [Sighs]

Joe: Look, I'm fine. I just --

Avery: You shouldn't have been getting out of bed. I didn't know he'd gotten up. Thank goodness you came.

I heard the alarm at the nurses' station. Don't get up again, Mr. Clark.

Avery: Joe, if that was an experiment, it's too soon. You need to give your body time to heal. Did you get hurt when you fell?

Joe: I'm just tired.

Avery: Okay. Then rest.

Joe: Go home.

Avery: No.

Joe: Avery, please.

Avery: Joe, you are in pain. Why didn't you tell the doctor?

Joe: [Voice breaking] It's not pain that I feel. It's fear. [Sighs] I'm not that guy, Avery. I'm not that strong.

Avery: Listen to me. There is no prognosis yet. This is one day. One hour, one moment. You can hang on for one moment.

Joe: And if I can't?

Avery: Then I hang on for you.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Michael: You want to go in there?

Dylan: No, once was enough. Listening to Joe Clark dodge the fact that he put himself in that bed by making a move on Avery.

Michael: Well, at least Avery's not facing charges.

Dylan: No, but Sharon is. And it's bad. She's really up against it.

Michael: Oh, that's right. Her arraignment's today, isn't it?

Dylan: No, actually, it's right now. She's got no attorney. She's got nobody representing her. So...I got to ask. Will you take Sharon on?

Sharon: Your honor, my attorney should be here any minute.

Judge: Does this attorney have a name? I'll call for a brief recess. [Bangs gavel] Very brief.

Bailiff: That's as far as you go.

Abby: Hmm. Waiting for me so you can take another crack at my head?

Sharon: Abby, I'm really sorry that happened to you.

Abby: Yeah, I bet.

Sharon: I'm not the person who attacked you. I swear. The idea that I would put Noah through this, it's absurd!

Abby: Well, the police don't agree.

Sharon: The police see what the killer wants them to see. I am being framed.

Abby: That is a fascinating story, but complete garbage. I've seen two corpses. I've -- I've been stalked and threatened, and I will finally get a good night's sleep when you are off the streets and in a cell.

Sharon: There is no direct evidence linking me to Austin or Courtney's death. And whoever my attorney is --

Abby: "Whoever"? You don't know?

Sharon: I had to fire my public defender because he was incompetent!

Abby: Uh, no, because he knew you were guilty.

Sharon: Even he was sure that my bail would be set at a reasonable amount.

Abby: You said he was incompetent. But the assistant district attorney better not be. I'm gonna go claim my seat. I wish there was a popcorn stand. And don't stand too close to her. She could pull a weapon out of anywhere.

Stitch: How you holding up?

Sharon: Stitch, I'm innocent. Dylan believes me. And you know his instincts are excellent.

Stitch: Yeah.

Bailiff: Court's back in session.

Judge: So, where is your attorney?

Sharon: I don't know, your honor.

Judge: Then we'll have to move it along. Once your attorney gets around to you, he or she can try to get a bail adjustment in a few days. How do you plead regarding the charges?

Sharon: Not guilty, your honor.

Judge: Counselor?

Ms. Sandborne: Your honor, based on the accused's history, the state requests bail be denied and the accused remanded into custody.

Avery: Just in case.

Joe: Look, if Dylan's outside waiting for u, you guys should just go home.

Avery: Uh, no, he actually stepped out. Um, he had something important to deal with.

Joe: He's not happy you're in re with me.

Avery: It's not an issue.

Joe: Look, if you two are fighting over me, I -- trust me, I don't consider this a win.

Avery: I know that. And we're not fighting, and it's not about you. It was a discussion. He wants me to represent a friend of his in court, and I declined.

Joe: Look, if you're not taking cases so that you can bring me ice chips --

Avery: I am not taking this case for reasons of integrity. Dylan is so sure that Sharon is innocent, and I'm not convinced that she didn't murder my niece's husband.

Ms. Sandborne: The prosecution has been reminded that Mrs. Newman is a flight risk. She once avoided prosecution by allowing her family to believe she was dead while hiding out in New Mexico.

Sharon: I was found innocent of that.

Ms. Sandborne: But you were found not guilty of the charges. But you're definitely not innocent of leaving town.

Judge: Ms. Sandborne is right. I see no reason to allow bail in this case.

Michael: Your honor, Michael Baldwin. My apologies for the delay. Uh... may it please the court, I would like to speak on behalf of my client, Sharon Newman.

Cane: And with local businesses being hacked and credit information being stolen nationwide, we have to run a system check to bolster your cyber security.

Lauren: Uh-huh.

Cane: Because once the system is broken...

Lauren: Right. Then the trust is broken and it's impossible to get back.

Cane: Okay. Why do I get the feeling that we are not talking about computers?

Lauren: Let's go back to talking about computers, okay? Uh, this is your baby. You run with it.

Cane: What's the matter? What's on your mind?

Lauren: Nothing.

Cane: You know, you are a very bad liar.

Lauren: [Chuckles]

Cane: What's wrong?

Lauren: Michael.

Cane: Is he still in pain?

Lauren: Would he tell me if he is? I mean, you saw him. The thought of spending three days away with me is like hell on earth to him.

Cane: I don't believe that.

Lauren: It's true. I know my husband. And he's pulling away from me.

Chelsea: Hey. I'm, uh, looking for Billy. Have you seen...?

Lauren: This is not why you came, right, to hear my troubles and woes?

Cane: You are sitting at a table with a veteran of the cancer wars, do you know that? Okay? It's not about all about whether you love Michael more or whether he loves you more. It's not about that.

Lauren: We just -- we've been through so much. I...[Sniffles] I really thought we had healed.

Cane: I know. I know. But when you're with someone who has this disease, it's -- it's hard 'cause you sit here and you have all these feelings and you have all these fears and you want to say something, but you don't. And when you do, you suck it up. I understand. I really do.

Lauren: I know. It's because what they're going through is so much more than just, you know, me being scared.

Cane: This is not a competition about your fear versus his fear.

Lauren: I know he can beat this cancer. You know, his doctors are good. He's so strong. [Voice breaking] But this shutting me out is really hard.

Cane: Hey, it does happen. It happened to me and it happened to lily. I mean, at one point, she went off to paris, and -- and I'm here. I'm dealing with my deportation issues. And we decided that we would just...fight.

Lauren: That's wonderful, but, um, it's not always that easy.

Cane: I know. It's like other parts of being married, isn't it?

Lauren: [Chuckles]

Cane: Michael is gonna push through this. He'll get through this treatment. He'll come out of this fog. And he's gonna be there for you just as you want to be there for him. In the meantime, what you have to do is just be patient. And just 'cause he's drawing back and he's pulling away, don't you pull back, all right?

Lauren: Yeah. [Chuckles] [Sniffles] Yeah. Thank you. That I can do. [Sniffles] I can do that.

Michael: Your honor, I hope some allowances can be made given my tardiness. It was my fault, and my client should not be punished.

Ms. Sandborne: Your client is a proven flight risk. Couple that with the severity of the charges and her history of mental instability, the best place for your client is a jail cell.

Dylan: Are you serious? Mental instability means put her in a jail cell? Michael --

Michael: Thank you! Thank you for that passionate outburst. Now sit down and let me do my job. My client is treating her bipolar disorder, and regardless of the ADA's medieval take on mental illness, locking someone up could conceivably exacerbate their condition.

Ms. Sandborne: She's been charged with murder, and she's a runner. I won't have the people of Genoa City at risk.

Michael: Charging someone is not the same as being guilty. That's the point of a trial. Your evidence is circumstantial, and I can guarantee that my client will not run.

Judge: A promise won't do it, Counselor.

Michael: Your honor, may I recommend house arrest with a guardian?

Judge: The state isn't providing one, so you better have someone who has reason to supervise Ms. Newman and not let her run.

Michael: I know just the person who should be with Ms. Newman during her house arrest, your honor. Me.

Avery: I've got it. I've got exactly what you need.

Joe: What? The cure?

Avery: No, I have this.

Joe: What? Are you gonna sketch me?

Avery: I am going to beat you. A distraction to kill the time -- a game of cunning and cleverness.

Joe: No.

Avery: Yes.

Joe: You're no good at this.

Avery: I am amazing.

Joe: You think so?

Avery: I know so. These kids with their phones and computers these days, they would be amazed to know that you and I once survived a six-and-a-half-hour layover in Seattle airport playing hangman.

Joe: It was only entertaining because the words got racier and more seductive over those six hours.

Avery: Yeah, well, we're not doing that. Strictly pg.

Joe: Fine. Let's do this.

Avery: Oh, who says you get to go first?

Joe: I'm the one in the hospital bed.

Avery: Fine.

Joe: Guess.

Avery: "S

Joe: No.

Avery: "T."

Joe: Told you. You're terrible at this. I'll give you a hint. They walk among us.

Avery: "A." Ah.

Joe: You're getting it. And sometimes they even pull up right beside us.

Avery: "L."

Joe: And if you're lucky, they look exactly like you want them to.

Avery: "N." "G." "E." "Angel." I win.

Joe: And sometimes they don't even have to have wings.

Sharon: Michael, I don't know how to thank you. Before you got here, I had no attorney, I had no chance at bail, and now I get to go to my own home. I-I just owe you and Dylan so much. But for you to sacrifice your freedom like that --

Michael: That's an exaggeration.

Sharon: You're gonna be away from your home and your wife. Do you understand what you've just agreed to?

Michael: Yes. Indeed, I do.

Sharon: But why?

Michael: I'm your attorney. That's the only answer that matters.

Abby: "News flash -- killer still free. Justice is a joke."

Stitch: Well, that was some heroic 11th-hour stuff there.

Dylan: I'm just glad I made it in time.

Stitch: You sure Sharon's innocent?

Dylan: Yeah, somebody's setting her up. And I'm gonna prove it.

Stitch: And that means the killer's still out there.

Dylan: Absolutely.

Michael: It was the only option.

Lauren: When on earth did you agree to represent Sharon? I just saw you.

Michael: Dylan ca to me because Avery wasn't an option.

Lauren: But moving into her home? How is that an option? You're still undergoing treatment.

Michael: Injections, pills, no radiation.

Lauren: But who is gonna take care of you?

Michael: [Offs] I am. Look, I'm just sorry that we have to postpone our trip. But this isn't forever.

Lauren: How long?

Michael: Oh, I-I have to go. I'm sorry. Uh, but we will talk more. Promise.

Lauren: I love you -- [Sighs] Well, I was right. Michael not only found a way out of our vacation. He's found a way out of our home. [Sighs]

Abby: Michael, at least let her go ahead of you, so she doesn't clock you from behind. It's cry. Two people are dead, and she just walks out?

Stitch: It's still house arrest.

Abby: No, it's ridiculous. But at least now I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder and we can move out of the club and go our separate ways.

Stitch: No.

Abby: No?

Stitch: Look, I-I don't think it's safe. Dylan's convinced Sharon's innocent, and I've already had my doubts.

Abby: No, you're both wrong.

Stitch: Look, maybe we are. But if we're not, that means the killer's still out there.

Abby: No, no, that -- that would mean -- no, no.

Stitch: Abby.

Abby: No, it has to be Sharon.

Stitch: We can't take that risk. I won't let you.

Abby: So what now? We just stay at the club?

Stitch: Yeah, for now. Just in case.

Abby: Well, do you have to?

Stitch: There's no other choice.

Abby: So, I guess we're stuck with each other.

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Victoria: [Clears throat]

Billy: I'm sorry.

Victoria: What? No. It's not --

Billy: It -- it shouldn't have happened. I mean, I... I should have known after last time, the infamous almost-kiss, that I needed to be more careful.

Victoria: Come on.

Billy: Between our nostalgia and all our chemistry --

Victoria: It's no one's fault, all right? It's no one's fault.

Billy: Actually, it is. I mean, you just fought with Stitch. I just punched a weasel. And...feeling something good with you felt... really good.

Victoria: Yeah, it did.

Billy: Yeah. I, um, I need to make a promise to you that I won't let that happen again because it's not right.

Victoria: But, I mean, I'm not upset. I'm not offended.

Billy: I know, and I appreciate that. I do. I just... um... man, I got to get it together. I, uh... I can't lose Chelsea.

Adam: Come by to defend the honor of your man?

Chelsea: Kiss me. Kiss me! What? I thought this is what you wanted.

Adam: You have no idea.

Chelsea: I think I do.

Adam: What happened?

Chelsea: Do you really want to stop and talk, or do you want to kiss me again?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Adam: I gave you the divorce! Why don't you just go play house with Nick and just get the hell out of my life, please?

Noah: That's Courtney's necklace. She had it on when she died. What are you doing with it?

Chelsea: We, um, uh, we -- we do need to talk.

Billy: I kissed Victoria.

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