Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/15/15


Episode # 10645 ~ Ashley pushes Victor into a corner; Adam gets divorce papers from Sage.

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Phyllis: Jack? Jack, are you out here?

Jack: Right here -- with breakfast.

Phyllis: Oh. Thank goodness. I'm starving.

Jack: Yeah. I had a feeling that after last night, you might be famished.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Jack: And I wanted to make sure you had everything your heart desired.

Phyllis: Well, you have succeeded. But, honey, please don't -- don't do that again, all right? I just -- I...opened my eyes and you weren't there, and I felt like I was waking up out of a coma again... and everything -- the experience of the last few months -- was just a dream.

Jack: This is not a dream. This is real.

Jack: Help! Somebody help me! Help!

Kelly: Good morning! Hello! Did you get some sleep? Hope so. All that yelling last night must have exhausted you.

Jack: I am not gonna stop yelling till somebody hears me.

Kelly: Jack, do you think I would have removed that gag if anybody could hear you?

Jack: Where am I? How did I get here?! The last thing I knew, I was in a room with Phyllis -- in a hotel room.

Kelly: You know, I'm hurt. All this time and not one word about how happy you are I'm alive.

Jack: Yeah. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that.

Kelly: It's a miracle, isn't it?

Jack: What are you doing?! What is it you want?!

Kelly: Jack, you know what I want. I want you.

Nick: I said, "no comment," damn it.

[Knock on door]

Nick: What?!

Victoria: Hi.

Nick: Oh. Hey, Vick. Sorry. I thought you were a reporter.

Victoria: I guess I don't have to guess how you're doing.

Nick: You heard about Sharon's arrest?

Victoria: Is there anything I can do?

Nick: Well, you could explain how I could have been so wrong about someone I've known and loved for most of my life. I mean, to think that Sharon would be capable of killing summer's husband and Noah's fiancée -- maybe I never knew her at all.

Victoria: I can relate.

Nick: Stitch?

Victoria: No. Billy. [Chuckles] I just thought that, you know, things were going really good between us, and it turns out that he was just using me to try to help Jack get the upper hand on dad.

Nick: I thought they were done with that Hatfield-McCoy stuff.

Victoria: Apparently not. I just hate to think that all of the goodwill that Billy and I built up between us is gone, especially when I thought that -- you know, that we might...

Nick: That you might what?

Billy: Jack, give me a call as soon as you get this message. That business that Ashley and I have been trying to contact you about is still urgent. Well, that makes it an even dozen.

Ashley: I've left at least that many myself, and several for Phyllis.

Jack: What the hell is going on with those two?

Ashley: I don't know. It's driving me crazy, though.

Adam: Hey. Jack checked in yet?

Ashley: No.

Jack: No.

Adam: All right. What are we gonna do about this?

Billy: "We"?

Adam: Yeah. Well, Ashley told me about the surveillance video that you found of Jack breaking in to Jabot's server room. That, along with what Victor already knows about him hacking into Newman's computers -- it's not good.

Billy: I still don't see what this has to do with you.

Adam: Well, if your brother's in trouble, Billy, I want to help him out. Still, I can't believe he'd do something so obviously stupid.

Billy: Which is all the more reason why you shouldn't be involved. You don't know how deep the hatred runs between Jack and Victor.

Sage: Hi. I'm so glad I found you. Hi, Ashley. Hi, Billy.

Adam: Sage, what do you need?

Sage: This is for you.

Adam: What do we have here?

Sage: Um [Clears throat] Those are divorce papers. If you could just sign them, then we can both get on with our lives.

Nick: You and Billy thinking about getting back together?

Victoria: No. We've just been -- we've been spending a lot of time together -- with the kids. And with each other. You know, we've had a few close moments, I guess.

Nick: How close?

[Knock on door]

Victor: Well! There you are, my boy. Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Hi, dad.

Victor: I didn't know you were here.

Nick: Yeah, probably for the same reason you are.

Victoria: Well, um, I have to get to a meeting anyway with lily to settle the final accounting of brash & sassy.

Victor: See you at the office, okay?

Victoria: Hey, just call me if you need anything, all right?

Nick: You're speed-dial 1.

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Victor: So, you guessed right. I'd like to talk to you about Sharon's murder.

Nick: A Newman getting arrested for murder is pretty big news.

Victor: I'm sure that every reporter in town would like to hear a statement from --

Nick: I can handle the press.

Victor: I don't give a damn about those vultures, son. I'm concerned about you. How are you handling this?

Nick: Thanks for your concern, Dad, but I don't need your advice on how to deal with the situation.

Victor: Mm-hmm. If you intend to run to Sharon's defense, as you always do in these cases, then I think you're in dire need of counsel.

Nick: I'm saying this as politely as I can. Butt out.

Victor: We are this close for her to be out of our lives.

Nick: It's not that black and white. Sharon is faith's mother. What do you think it will do to faith if she loses her mom?

Victor: I know it sounds terrible, but in the long run, I think she'll be better off.

Nick: And how do I explain the sudden disappearance?

Victor: You tell her that her mother will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Nick: You would say that to a 7-year-old girl?

Victor: Come to your senses. Don't you think it's better to come from you than from other schoolchildren?

Nick: She's been arrested, Dad. She's not convicted.

Victor: Son, open your eyes.

Nick: I'm not gonna debate this with you.

Victor: Son, I know she's a beautiful, alluring woman, but I think it's time for you to take your head out of the sand, okay? You've got to start seeing people for who they are, not for who they pretend to be.

Adam: Sage...

Sage: Yes?

Adam: ...What was that? Was that an attempt to embarrass me in front of my colleagues? Don't forget who you're dealing with here.

Sage: Oh, I know who I'm dealing with here. If you don't sign these divorce papers, so will everybody else.

Adam: I'm in the middle of a business meeting, Sage.

Sage: Okay, but you're not gonna have a business meeting to be in the middle of -- or any chance of getting Chelsea back -- if you don't sign these papers.

Adam: Don't threaten me.

Sage: Sign them.

Ashley: You seem more upset by Gabriel's divorce than he does.

Billy: Well, Bingham has been sniffing around Chelsea for weeks. If he's single, then there's nothing to stop him from going after Chelsea.

Ashley: May I make an observation?

Billy: Can I stop you?

Ashley: No. I saw the look on your face when Victoria accused you of stealing her password from her cell phone.

Billy: Hmm. I was going for "pissed." Did it look like I was pissed?

Ashley: No. You looked like you were hurt, actually, that she would actually think you were capable of doing something like that.

Billy: Well, I can't blame her. I mean, I've done some things in my past that might make her doubt me.

Ashley: But I thought you told me that you guys were in a good place.

Billy: I thought we were, but if she's that quick to see the worst in me, then maybe we just need some space from each other. I don't know. I don't know.

Ashley: Maybe.

Billy: Okay. What does that mean?

Ashley: Just that I've noticed lately that Ben's been spending a lot less time with Victoria and a lot more time with Abby.

Billy: Well, I don't know if you've heard, but Abby has boundary issues when it comes to other women's men. Stitch, on the other hand --

Ashley: He's not as true blue as you think he is.

Billy: Okay. What makes you say that?

Ashley: It's just a feeling I have. And... he told me that he does care for Abby.

Billy: Like, cares cares, or...?

Ashley: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. It's just a feeling I have, okay, Billy? And I'm just saying if you want to get back to that good place with Victoria that Ben might not be the roadblock you think he is.

Jack: What do you mean, you want me?

Kelly: Well, I love you, Jack. I never stopped loving you.

Jack: Enough to fake your own death?! Why?! How does this all work out in your mind?

Kelly: Well, it's not in my mind -- it's in reality. See, what's gonna happen is you're gonna remember everything -- how we met, how I made you feel, what it was like when we were together. And then you're gonna realize that you love me, that you never stopped loving me.

Jack: Look, I got all kinds of questions, but if that's what you're after, if that's what this is about, I can't give you what you want.

Kelly: Yes, you can, Jack. And you will. Or...

Jack: Or what? Or -- or what?

Kelly: Nothing. It's not gonna happen, so we don't have to worry about it.

Jack: This isn't going to work. People are going to realize that I am gone. Phyllis has probably already called the police by now. She's got to be worried sick!

Kelly: You don't have to worry about Phyllis. She's being well taken care of.

Jack: [Grunting]

Phyllis: [Laughs] Oh, you're too good to me.

Jack: I try.

Phyllis: Well, I think you're doing a very good job. You've fulfilled my every desire.

Jack: You sure?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm. Well, you know what? There is... one more thing you could give me.

Jack: Ooh. Animal, vegetable, or mineral?

Phyllis: Definitely animal.

Jack: What have you done to Phyllis?!

Kelly: Oh, don't worry about Phyllis. She's fine.

Jack: Where is she?! What have you done to her?!

Kelly: She is getting exactly what she deserves.

Jack: If you've done anything to hurt her, I swear to god --

Kelly: You know what, Jack? All of this concern about Phyllis is really starting to irritate me, and I don't want to be irritated. After what she did to me --

Jack: What she did to you?!

Kelly: We were happy, Jack, until she came back and ruined everything.

Jack: Phyllis is not responsible for our breakup!

Kelly: If she hadn't have come back, we would have been married yesterday!

Jack: Wait. You know about the wedding? Of course you do. You followed us! You confessed to the crimes, you jumped bail, you faked your own death. But how? I saw -- I saw proof. No. I saw pictures of you at the morgue that Victor gave to Phyllis. He's behind this, isn't he?! Isn't he?! What is his game?! Tell me, what is his game?! Tell me, damn it!

Kelly: You need to calm down, Jack.

Jack: No! I need to get out of here! Let me go!

Kelly: You might want to have something to drink. I bet you're dehydrated. Here we go. Jack.

Jack: I don't need a drink. I need you to let me out of these restraints.

Kelly: I will once we get back on track. And that'll happen, in time. Right now you need to keep up your strength. Drink!

Victor: Son, if you don't mind my saying so, I think it would be a good idea to keep faith as far away from Sharon as possible. And you should keep your distance from her, as well. Have a good day.

Nick: You, too, dad.

Sage: Hello, Victor. Nice to see you again.

Victor: Nice to see you. And your name is?

Sage: Uh, Sage.

Victor: Okay. Nice to see you.

Sage: Nice to see you.

Victor: Bye-bye.

Sage: Hello. Hey, what was your dad doing here?

Nick: Oh, he was trying convince me Sharon's a homicidal maniac and the whole world would be a lot better off if she was locked up.

Sage: Oh. That's good. I mean, he's exaggerating, clearly.

Nick: You'd think he was, but that is his position, more or less. What are you doing here?

Sage: Well, I have some good news.

Nick: Really? 'Cause I could use some good news right about now.

Sage: I served Gabe with divorce papers.

Nick: What?

Sage: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Wow. How'd he take it?

Sage: Uh, you know, not well. He wasn't happy about losing his inheritance, but then he realized that our marriage was keeping him from what he really wanted.

Nick: And what's that?

Sage: Well, what we all want... real love.

Ashley: Did you hear what I said, Billy? Hello.

Billy: No. Sorry. What, now?

Ashley: I want to find out how serious Victor is about going after Jack for hacking in to his computer server.

Billy: Okay. And how do you plan to do that?

Ashley: I'm gonna try the direct approach. I'm just gonna ask him.

Billy: That's a bad idea.

Adam: Why? Why is that a bad idea?

Billy: Because it could provoke Victor into doing something he wasn't even considering, and if that happens, Jack could be facing very serious charges.

Ashley: All we have to do is persuade Victor to hold off on going to the authorities until Jack is back here and can explain himself.

Billy: You know, that sounds plausible. In fact, that is bound to work, considering what a reasonable guy your ex is.

Ashley: I've got to do something.

Adam: You know what? I can go with you.

Billy: You know what?

I'll go with you.

Ashley: Well, that would be a very bad idea. You only incite him, and we don't want to do that. Okay. Well, maybe that would be a good idea because you don't have any history with Victor, and, therefore, maybe you can be a calming influence because he has no agenda against him.

Adam: It's smart.

Billy: Fine. I'll stand aside for Gabe this once.

Ashley: Okay. I'll let you know how it goes.

Billy: Okay.

Adam: You got the check?

Billy: Yeah. Thanks.

Ashley: Thank you.

Billy: Have fun.

Ashley: Hello.

Victoria: Hi.

Billy: Hey. Can I talk to you?

Victoria: [Sighs] Look, if you're gonna tell me that Jack's innocent, in spite of the --

Billy: I'm not going to try and defend Jack -- not when I have my own proof that he's guilty.

Jack: I have to go. I...have to get out of here.

Kelly: Shh. Sleep, Jack. You have to sleep. Dream of how you pursued me.

Kelly: Have you been stood up?

Jack: I don't like to think of it as "stood up." No. My lunch date was rescheduled.

Kelly: Well, I guess you could take it home -- prosciutto to go -- or... you could find a new lunch date.

Jack: And where would I find one of those?

Kelly: You wanted me, Jack -- only me.

Jack: I know I hurt you, and I'm sorry. It's just summer has been through so much.

Kelly: Yes, she has, and Phyllis has been through even more. And if she wakes up from the coma, I mean, you're gonna want to be with her. You said so yourself. And you should be. I heard the way that you talked about her -- all her fire and her passion and how much you miss that, how much you miss her.

Jack: I just wanted to be honest with you.

Kelly: Good guys always are.

Jack: But I hurt you, and that is not what I wanted at all.

Kelly: Look, it's not all your fault.

Jack: I miss her. I-I miss you.

Kelly: Aww. You miss me? Aww. Well, I'm right here, sweetheart, and I won't leave you. I won't, I promise -- not this time. I think we can make it this time.

Phyllis: I really think we made it this time.

Jack: I know we have.

Phyllis: [Breathes deeply]

Jack: Come on.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] Well?

Jack: Wow. Fantastic.

Phyllis: You're not so bad yourself, mister.

Jack: Well, I've got a white-sand beach...

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Jack: ...Private beach. Minister's already there, ready to do the honors. What do you say?

Phyllis: Let's go get married.

Jack: T-till death do us part.

Kelly: That's right, Jack. Till death do us part.

Jack: Oh, you're killing me.

Phyllis: [Laughs] Is there a better way to go?

Jack: I can't think of one.

Phyllis: Ohh.

Jack: [Exhales sharply]

Phyllis: I still can't help but feel guilty.

Jack: Yeah, I know what you mean. This should be criminal.

Phyllis: No. I mean about leaving summer.

Jack: If she needed you, she would have called.

Phyllis: In that case, maybe I should check my messages.

Jack: Okay. Okay. You do that. I'll get the shower warm.

Phyllis: I'll be right there. [Chuckles] Ohh. Okay. What the...? Jack?!

Jack: Shower's ready to go.

Phyllis: Billy and Ashley have sent me a ton of voicemails and text messages. "Have Jack call A.S.A.P. Emergency at Jabot."

Jack: Anything from summer?

Phyllis: No. Hey, what are you doing, honey?

Jack: Turning it off.

Phyllis: Billy and Ashley are trying to reach you. They probably left you a ton of messages, too.

Jack: Yeah, probably. We agreed -- no interruptions.

Phyllis: There's something important, obviously, going on at Jabot. It's not like you to ignore something like that.

Billy: I went to our B.P.O. Center in Chicago, and I found surveillance video of Jack in the server room at the exact same time our computers were hacked.

Victoria: He hacked his own company? Are you sure it was him?

Billy: You have to provide a thumbprint I.D. To access the room.

Victoria: So, Jack sabotaged his own company's files and tried to frame dad for it?

Billy: It looks like it.

Victoria: Why are you telling me?

Billy: Because I want us to work together to find some way to deal with this that's not gonna hurt both of our families.

Victoria: Come on, Billy. Do you really think that's possible?

Billy: We'd have to trust each other. And you'd have to believe that I didn't steal Newman's server password from your cell phone.

Victoria: Hey, look -- I'm sorry I was so hasty accusing you. It just hurt, thinking that you'd betray me like that.

Billy: No more than it hurt me that you would accuse me.

Victoria: I'm sorry I didn't trust you. I'm sorry. I mean, I do. I do trust you. I just -- I lost sight of that.

Billy: Well, Victor has a way of blurring your vision when it comes to me.

Victoria: Yeah, he does, but from now on, I won't let him.

Billy: I hope you mean that, 'cause I have something I need to ask of you.

Victoria: What?

Billy: You can't tell your dad what I just told you about Jack.

Adam: I got to say, I'm pretty surprised that Victor agreed to meet you here. He doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who responds well to being summoned.

Ashley: Oh. Yes. Well, I invited him, actually, hoping that we could speak civilly and calmly.

Adam: Sounds like you know how to handle the guy.

Ashley: We have a history.

Adam: I have met Abby.

Ashley: That's another reason why I actually want to handle this -- because every time the Abbotts and the Newmans go to war, she gets stuck in the middle.

Adam: That's too bad. We'll try to avoid that.

Ashley: Why do you care so much about my family and Jabot?

Adam: Well, honestly, um, Jack's been really good to me.

Ashley: Oh, really? So, you're doing it for Jack?

Adam: Yeah.

Ashley: I think you have an ulterior motive.

Adam: You do?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Okay. Full disclosure, and it's a bit embarrassing. I don't know if you've heard or not, but I pretty much lost my inheritance, and by "pretty much," I mean I have lost it completely, so the truth is...

Ashley: You need the money.

Adam: ...I need the job.

Ashley: [Chuckles] Right. Mm. Are you sure it's not because you want to get close to Chelsea?

[Knock on door]

Ashley: To be continued. Thank you so much for coming.

Victor: How do you do? Where's Jack?

Ashley: He is still not back from his honeymoon.

Victor: Oh! I thought you asked me to come here to confront him about his hacking business.

Ashley: You will -- just not right now.

Victor: What's he doing here?

Ashley: Gabe is a loyal and trusted employee, Victor.

Victor: Further evidence of Jack's utter incompetence.

Ashley: Can we please focus on business now?

Victor: You asked me to come here.

Ashley: I did.

Victor: All right.

Ashley: I've been waiting for you to make your next move, and you haven't, so am I to assume that this proof that you had about Jack isn't as concrete as you thought it was?

Victor: You can assume whatever you want, Ashley.

Ashley: When are you ever gonna let this vendetta go against Jack?

Victor: It's nothing personal -- just business.

Adam: Ah, what a bunch of... that's not true at all, is it? Everything's personal with you.

Victor: Who the hell are you? Hmm?

Phyllis: The Jack Abbott I know never ignores work.

Jack: I'm not that man. Or I'm trying not to be that man, at least while we're on our honeymoon.

Phyllis: What if I like old Jack?

Jack: You're gonna like the new Jack even more.

Phyllis: Oh?

Jack: Yeah. He's totally devoted to you.

Phyllis: Well...

Jack: Until we leave this island, no phone calls from home and certainly no phone calls from work.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] I suppose I could get used to all this love and attention.

Jack: That reminds me of something.

Phyllis: Jack, you're gonna spoil me!

Jack: That's the idea!

Phyllis: [Chuckles]

Jack: Or I could take it back.

Phyllis: Hey! You might have changed, but I'm still the same girl. Hand that over.

Jack: The first of many.

Phyllis: Thank you. Ooh! What do we have here? Oh, Jack. This is beautiful!

Jack: Not half as beautiful as you are.

Phyllis: I feel like I'm not living my life, like I'm living someone else's life. Fairy-tale endings really don't happen for me like this.

Jack: This is not a fairy tale, and this is not the end. This is the beginning. If it is a fantasy, it's a fantasy we can keep going for as long as we like.

Phyllis: And, eventually, we have to return to the real world.

Jack: Eventually, yes, but until then, Ashley and Billy can take care of whatever's going on at Jabot.

Victoria: I hate lying to my dad.

Billy: Well, technically, you wouldn't be lying. It's more of an omission. You just wouldn't be telling him everything you know.

Victoria: I really doubt that he'd see it that way.

Billy: Well, he and I have never really seen eye to eye, but this is for both of our families.

Victoria: How do you figure?

Billy: If your dad has evidence that Jack was behind the whole hacking scheme, then he's gonna make sure that my brother goes to prison.

Victoria: If Jack broke the law --

Billy: Then he's not gonna be the only one who gets hurt, Vick. I mean, a scandal like this is gonna cause Jabot's stock to plummet. Shareholders will lose faith. Victor will convince them all to sell to him. We're all gonna end up choosing sides, and this feud is going to continue for another generation. Our kids are going to be smack in the middle of this. Is that what you want?

Victoria: No. Of course not.

Billy: Then will you please do what I'm asking?

Victoria: Billy, if Jack did this --

Billy: Then it's terrible. But it's not anything worse than what your dad's done. I mean, stock manipulation and bribing retailers and spying?

Victoria: All right. You're right. Neither one of them is a saint.

Billy: No, they're not. And I want it to end.

Victoria: So do I.

Billy: Then let's break this cycle. Let's start a new relationship between our families -- one that is built on trust and respect... and love.

Victoria: I'd like that.

Adam: What happened? No one calls out the great Victor Newman for things that he's actually done? You can't stand it, can you, when someone else has power or success? It doesn't matter if it's Harrison Bingham, Jack Abbott, your own son -- doesn't matter.

Victor: You don't know the first thing about my relationship with my son Nicholas.

Adam: Yeah. No. I wouldn't. But I'm not talking about Nicholas. I'm talking about your late son Adam, the man who teamed up with Jack to steal Newman enterprises away from you. Remember that guy?

Victor: Which I got back from them. Remember that?

Adam: You did get it back, yeah. But that wasn't enough, was it? Now you're trying to punish Jack by taking Jabot away from him, and I'm supposed to stand here while you destroy my friend, the way you destroy every other decent person that gets in your way?

Victor: Let me tell you something... you impertinent young lad. Jack Abbott doesn't have a decent bone in his entire body. And as for my son Adam... he got what he deserved. And I got what I deserved. Gave me a chance to raise Adam's son to become a man that his father never was.

Adam: I've heard about enough of this.

Ashley: Okay, stop. Stop.

Victor: And don't you take another step towards me.

Ashley: Stop, please. You're supposed to be the calming influence here, remember?

Victor: You're playing with fire, my friend.

Ashley: Please stop.

Adam: I apologize to you.

Ashley: Thank you. Please go.

Adam: It's about that time. You enjoy yourself.

Victor: What is this bunk all about?

Ashley: Please just sit down. Please? He's very passionate, okay? He's very passionate about Jabot. And you know what? He's not wrong. You do have it in for Jack, and you know it.

Victor: Your brother broke in to the Newman computer system.

Ashley: Why would he do it?! He's the C.E.O. Of a major corporation!

Victor: He has done it before!

Ashley: That was so long ago, Victor! That was years and years and years ago!

Victor: And you don't think I remember when he stacked the board of directors against me to become C.E.O. Of Newman enterprises?

Ashley: Why did he do it? He did it to force you into giving Jabot back to our family.

Victor: Which I had legally acquired!

Ashley: Gabe's absolutely right. It's always personal with you and Jack.

Victor: Why'd you ask me to come by?

Ashley: Because I know what's happening. You're gonna go into battle with Jack again. Could you please just wait until he's back from his honeymoon until you make your next move?

Sage: Sure hope this espresso's on the house, 'cause I'm a little strapped for cash right now.

Nick: I thought Constance left you your own inheritance.

Sage: Well, she did, but then when Mr. Tipton found out that Gabe's marriage was a fraud, the whole estate went back into probate, which means my share is tied up indefinitely. So, I got no money, I got no job, and I have to find a place to live.

Nick: Sounds like you're having some regrets.

Sage: Oh, no, no. Despite all of this disaster, I, um -- I feel really happy in my life.

Nick: Yeah. Me, too.

Sage: That's why I came here -- to see how you're doing. I'm sure Sharon's arrest isn't easy for you.

Nick: No, it's not, but, uh, I'm really concerned about Noah and faith.

Sage: If there's anything I can do...

Nick: I just need to focus on getting my business up and running again, before I lose the rest of my staff and all of my customers. I mean, by the time I reopen, everyone will have forgotten about the underground.

Sage: Oh, I saw something online about a street fair coming up.

Nick: Yeah, I saw the same thing. It's supposed to promote local businesses in the area.

Sage: Yeah. You could, uh -- you could set up a booth and serve those signature underground drinks and those fancy bar snacks that everybody loves, and that way, you'll keep this place fresh in everybody's minds till you're ready to open up again. Stupid? Stupid idea?

Nick: No. No, no, no. No. That's not what I was thinking at all.

Sage: What were you thinking?

Nick: I may have just solved both our problems.

Nick: You don't have any money. You don't have a place to live. You got no job.

Sage: I got a lot of problems. I'm a mess. You offering to put me up?

Nick: I'm gonna offer you a job. I need a manager.

Sage: Oh.

Nick: Yes. Yes! This -- this could work, okay?

Sage: Nick, I wouldn't know anything about how to manage a nightclub.

Nick: You ran Constance's estate for years. You handled her personal finances. You scheduled appointments. You did it all.

Sage: Okay, but I juggled it. I mean, I -- yes, I'm a good --

Nick: There's not much difference here. You need to be able to deal with people, which you're very good at, think on your feet, come up with creative solutions.

Sage: I'm really flattered that you would think that I would ever be able to do that well.

Nick: Perfect you're hired.

Sage: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, wait a minute. I want to talk about something before I accept your offer.

Nick: What?

Sage: What's your policy on employee relationships?

Nick: Don't have one.

Sage: Well, you should, because mixing business and pleasure is a bad idea.

Victoria: Okay. I won't tell dad that Jack is behind the computer hackings at Jabot -- for now.

Billy: Thank you. You're making the right choice.

Victoria: I hope so.

Billy: Look, I just want this whole feud between our families to die, and Jack and Victor are never gonna let that happen. You and me -- we can. We can -- we can make things better for us and our kids.

Adam: This is adorable. This is -- this is great. And you know what? It's good to hear that you got your priorities straight, Billy. It's just a shame that, uh, your fiancée isn't one of them.

Billy: What is it with you, huh? What's your problem?

Adam: My problem is the way that you treat Chelsea. You put your job, your kids, your ex-wife, pretty much everything you have, above her and her needs.

Billy: Why do I listen to you? You have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

Adam: No idea what I'm talking about? Where were you when she was dealing with her son's eye emergency earlier, hmm?

Billy: How would you even know about that?

Adam: 'Cause I was there.

Billy: Oh. Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Adam: She was looking for you. You were nowhere to be found, so I was there for her.

Billy: I'll bet you were.

Jack: You drugged my tea... the same way you drugged the drink when you set Phyllis up.

Kelly: Stop saying her name.

Jack: You give me antifreeze, too? You gonna kill me?

Kelly: Jack, how could you even ask me that?

Jack: You drugged my drink!

Kelly: I was trying to help you calm down. I wasn't trying to hurt you. I would never do anything to harm you.

Jack: No. Of course you wouldn't. Victor's making you do this. I can get you out of this. Just -- just untie me. We can talk about this.

Kelly: Oh, we have plenty of time to talk. Right now you need to let me take care of you. See? I made you breakfast -- your favorite breakfast, just the way you like it. Egg bagel, two slices of bacon, extra crispy, and orange juice. Mrs. Martinez taught me how to take your bagel just the way you like it -- lightly toasted with just a smidge of butter. I used to bring it to you in bed. Remember?

Jack: I remember.

Kelly: You must be hungry.

Jack: Yeah, I am.

Kelly: Hmm. And I would be so happy to feed you. You just have to answer me one question.

Jack: What?

Kelly: Do you love me, Jack?

Nick: I don't see the problem with us working together. Couples have done it before, and they've made it work -- jay z and Beyoncé, bill and Hillary.

Sage: [Laughs] Okay, I see where you're headed here.

Nick: Yep. I did hit the nail right on the head, didn't I?

Sage: Well, you forgot bonnie and Clyde.

Nick: Ooh, good one. Forgot about them.

Sage: Seriously, though, I-I don't know why you think I'd be a good employee.

Nick: You've already proven that. Remember the time you showed me your silk panties?

Sage: [Chuckles] Ohh, I just don't want to ruin what we have, you know, whatever the heck this is.

Nick: This is two people getting to know each other better -- someone I want to get to know a lot better.

Sage: Me, too.

Nick: Okay?

Sage: Okay.

Nick: So?

Sage: So, I have one condition -- that when we are here, in business, that it's strictly business, okay?

Nick: Mm...mnh-mnh.

Sage: I'm serious, nick.

Nick: Yeah. Sure, you are.

Sage: Oh, god. What are you doing?

Nick: Well, you haven't really signed any contracts yet or anything, so, technically, we're not mixing business with pleasure. It's just pleasure.

Sage: You have a point.

Nick: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: What do you think?

Jack: Absolutely stunning.

Phyllis: [Laughs] [Gasps] Mm. What are you doing, dear?

Jack: I am dancing with my beautiful bride.

Phyllis: Oh. There's no music.

Jack: Sure, there is. Listen.

Phyllis: Well, I don't hear anything.

Jack: Close your eyes. Listen. You hear it now?

Phyllis: If this is what it's gonna be like, being married to you, I am gonna look forward to every single day.

Jack: So am I.

Victor: So, when do you expect Jack?

Ashley: Very soon.

Victor: In other words, you have no idea where he is and when he'll come back.

Ashley: I promise you, the minute he walks in those doors, I will call you. And then you can confront him personally, because isn't that what you really want?

Victor: I'll give you 24 hours, and then I go to the authorities, okay?

Ashley: 24 hours?

Victor: 24 hours.

Ashley: Mm.

Victor: You have a nice evening.

Kelly: Answer the question, Jack. Do you love me?

Jack: I could tell you what you want to hear. It would be a lie. I love Phyllis.

Kelly: Don't you ever say that name again!!

Victoria: I'm gonna go.

Billy: What, so this guy can give me a lecture on how I need to be treating my fiancée?

Adam: Somebody has to, right?

Billy: You know what, man? I've had it with your interference in my life. You know, I can only imagine how you ended up being there with Chelsea when she got the call from Connor's doctor.

Adam: I tell you what -- if you were there, you wouldn't have to imagine, 'cause you would know.

Billy: I couldn't be, could I? No, I was out of town on business, which you knew, 'cause you manipulate things, just like you have been for months. It's the exact same kind of sneaky maneuver that Chelsea's dead husband used to pull. In fact, you're just like that piece of --

Victoria: Stop! Billy!

Billy: [Grunts]

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