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Episode # 10643 ~ Dylan considers Sharon's innocence; Michael shields Lauren from the truth; Avery's world is shaken.

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Rick: This is yours, right?

Lauren: Oh, Cane. They gave me the wrong room number at first.

Michael: How the hell did you even know I was in the hospital?

Lauren: Your doctor called, saying you were having a problem, and that's all the nurse would tell me.

Michael: Well, there's nothing to tell.

Lauren: Really? You're in a hospital bed, hooked up to an I.V.? That's something to tell.

Michael: Something very minor. I wish he hadn't have bothered you.

Lauren: Yeah, well, I wish I didn't have to hear it from someone else. Why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling well at the club? Why insist that Cane drive me home?

Avery: No. No. This isn't happening. Let's go inside.

Joe: No, no. I-I can't pretend this isn't happening. Look, things are different, and you know it. Avery, there was a reason that we were together. You knew who I could be. I just -- I wasn't ready to be that person, but now I am, and you know it.

Avery: But Dylan --

Joe: Dylan wants to rescue someone. And you -- you're the one doing the rescuing. We owe it to ourselves to give this a chance.

Avery: I can't.

Joe: Yes, you can.

Avery: Joe, I can't. I can't do this.

Joe: Avery...

Avery: No. I can't. No. No! Joe! Joe!

[Door closes]

Avery: Oh, my God! No!

Lily: Avery! Is that you?! Hey, were you screaming? What -- what happened?

Avery: It's Joe.

Lily: What?

Avery: He fell.

Lily: [Gasps] Oh, my God.

Kyle: I've thought about this, us, a long time.

Summer: Feels so good to be with you -- safe and...

Kyle: And what? You can tell me anything, summer. It is safe.

Dylan: Your prints are on the tire iron, along with blood that matched Austin's.

Sharon: That's impossible.

Dylan: Just tell me what happened, Sharon.

Sharon: I have never seen that in my life!

Dylan: You knew where it was! You told me where to find it! I've gone out on a limb for you! I'm trying to help you! What haven't you told me?!

Sharon: What do you want me to say -- that it was me, that I used that tire iron to murder Austin?

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Dylan: I'm just trying to make sense of this. The night of the storm, the night Austin was murdered, you were driving up near the Abbott cabin.

Sharon: I was on my way to the club with faith. I had no intention of going anywhere near the cabin. I had to take a detour, and I ended up on old post road.

Dylan: And you saw a car coming the other way?

Sharon: From the direction of the cabin, and the driver threw something out the window. I didn't think anything of it at the time. Once I realized that that could be the killer, I went back to search.

Dylan: Yeah, at the same time Courtney was being murdered.

Sharon: But I had no way of knowing that. It was --

Dylan: What, a coincidence? Sharon, nobody saw you. Nobody can back up your story.

Sharon: But...it's true. And the tire iron was there. You found it.

Dylan: Yeah, a tire iron with your fingerprints on it!

Sharon: I have never seen that thing before in my life, I swear. Why would I send you off to find a murder weapon that had my fingerprints all over it?

Dylan: Wait, wait, wait. How did you know it's a murder weapon? It's a tire iron on the side of the road.

Sharon: I don't. I meant it could be. It has Austin's blood on it. How did that get there if it wasn't the murder weapon?

Dylan: Sharon, if it's the murder weapon, your fingerprints are all over it!

Sharon: But I don't know how they got there. Why would I even tell you about it if it implicated me?

Dylan: Maybe you thought you wiped your fingerprints off.

Sharon: No! I told you!

Dylan: What, somebody's setting you up?

Sharon: Why are you doing this?

Dylan: I'm asking you the same questions the police are gonna ask.

Michael: I had already left the fundraiser to deal with that client emergency when I started to feel a little funky, so I decided to do the responsible thing and come here and get checked out.

Lauren: What do you mean, "funky"?

Michael: It's a technical term. It has to do with the condition of having an abundance of funk.

Lauren: Don't manage me with the cancer humor.

Michael: If it were serious, I'd be more serious.

Lauren: All right. What about just the mundane facts?

Michael: All right. Apparently, it has to do with radiation hitting healthy tissue. I had some radiation. I had...irritation.

Lauren: Where?

Michael: Where do you think?

Lauren: Why didn't you call me immediately?

Michael: Because I didn't need you rushing down here. They have me on fluids and acetaminophen. This is relatively common in a late course of radiation. I am fine!

Lauren: You know what? I'm gonna hear this from your doctor.

Cane: Hey, uh, do you want me to call that client of yours? I imagine he's getting pretty anxious in lockup, waiting for his attorney to contact him.

Michael: Thank you. There's nothing to worry about.

Cane: There's no client, is there? Michael, why didn't you tell me you weren't feeling well? I would have been more than happy to bring you here. You know that, don't you?

Michael: [Sighs] I wasn't gonna call the evening to a halt because of this. Money was being raised for a good cause. You and Lauren are embarking on this great new business arrangement. You had a lot to discuss.

Cane: Hang on. Wait. Wait. Is that what this is about? This is about me and Lauren?

Lily: What happened? How did Joe fall?

Avery: Please let him be alive!

Lily: Was he drinking or showing off?

Avery: I didn't mean it.

Lily: What are you talking about?

Avery: Call an ambulance! Get help!

Avery: Ohh. What have I done? Joe. Oh, Joe, I'm so sorry.

Avery: I'm here, Joe. I'm right here. Everything's gonna be all right. I'm gonna go to the hospital with you.

Paul: Avery, I need to talk to you about what happened.

Avery: No. No. I told him I wouldn't leave him. I'm not leaving him!

Paul: I need to get your statement.

Avery: We can do that at the hospital, Paul!

Paul: No, we're gonna do it now. He's getting the help he needs. Look at me. You have to tell me what happened. You can go to the hospital immediately afterwards. We have to do this now. Let's take a look at the suite upstairs. Let's go.

Summer: It feels so natural, being with you... especially after we were told that --

Kyle: That it was unnatural.

Summer: It wasn't fair that we were kept apart because of Sharon's lie.

Kyle: You know, I stopped thinking that way a long time ago... fair or unfair... 'cause, you know, things just happen. Wondering why -- it's...

Summer: It can drive you crazy?

Kyle: Yeah. We're here now, and everything that's happened has led to this. And the great thing about it is that it's our choice. It isn't something that we just fell into because it was easy or expected. So much of my life has been about meeting expectations... doing what other people want.

[Knock on door]

Kyle: That must be the food.

Summer: Mm-hmm. I'll get it.

Noah: Hey, summer. I'm glad you're here. I just could not do this by myself, 'cause I-I really --

Kyle: [Clicks tongue]

Noah: [Chuckles] Sorry to interrupt.

Summer: Noah, wait, wait, wait.

Avery: The fundraiser exceeded all expectations. We raised a ton of money for better days.

Paul: Right. You and Joe, you mean?

Avery: Yes. I was handling all the legal work for him when he took over.

Paul: Wow. That's pretty generous. Just the two of you working together?

Avery: Well, this cause -- domestic abuse -- it's very personal to Joe. I knew how important it was to him, and that's why he came to me. That's why I agreed. It was...

Paul: A labor of love? So, you and Dylan just came to show your support for a cause that was close to Joe's heart?

Avery: No. Dylan wasn't there. He never made it.

Paul: He wasn't? Why not?

Avery: I don't -- I don't know. He said that he had something to take care of.

Paul: Well [Chuckles] Wait a second. Didn't I read somewhere where you were the, uh, recipient of an award of some kind?

Avery: What? Yes. Yes. I'm sorry. Yes.

Paul: Well, it must have been something very important, I mean, to keep Dylan away from this event.

Avery: Yes, I suppose. You know, what difference does that make, Paul?

Paul: You know, Avery, I'm just trying to figure out why you were alone in your ex-husband's hotel room.

Avery: I already told you. After we received many generous donations, there was a huge windfall -- enough to keep the charity running for years. Joe was thrilled. I was thrilled for him and for everything he had accomplished, and he just wanted to celebrate. So he grabbed some champagne and...

Paul: You came here?

Avery: Yes.

Paul: How much champagne did you drink?

Avery: Just a glass. It wasn't the champagne, Paul, or -- I don't know -- maybe -- maybe it was. But we weren't drunk. Joe came on to me.

Paul: Meaning what, exactly?

Avery: We were -- we were... celebrating. We were enjoying the success and the beautiful night, and he kissed me. It was completely unexpected.

Paul: Was it? I mean, your ex-husband brings you up here with a bottle of champagne to celebrate. The moon is out. The two of you are alone. You have this rush of success and champagne.

Avery: I am engaged, Paul.

Paul: I'm just trying to get a picture of, uh, what happened. That's all.

Avery: Paul, the last thing on my mind was a sexual encounter with Joe, and I don't think that's what he wanted, either.

Paul: You know, the guy has never made a secret of still being in love with you. What makes you so certain that that wasn't his intent all along?

Avery: We just got caught up in the moment. That's all.

Paul: "We"?

Avery: Joe got carried away! And I reacted badly. And I-I shoved him.

Paul: Of the balcony?!

Avery: No. No, I didn't. He fell. He tripped. He fell. I didn't know that I pushed him that hard. It's just that I was trying to get him to stop. It all happened so fast, and then he lost his balance.

Paul: You know, this is... weird. Did he force himself on you?

Avery: No, Paul. I am telling you, nothing like that happened.

Paul: Okay. So, Joe fell, you screamed, and then you ran to the door to let lily in?

Avery: No, I-I stayed here, and lily just -- I don't -- she must have had a master key and let herself in.

Paul: Okay. So, you and Joe were alone in the room when this happened?

Avery: Yes. Just the two of us.

Sharon: I know how this looks, and I know how this will look to the police, but someone put my fingerprints on that tire iron somehow, or they messed with the test.

Dylan: Avery's the only other person who knows about this.

Sharon: Well, then it had to be the real killer who did it. What other explanation is there?

Dylan: Well, you never mentioned anything about another car until after it came out that you didn't have an alibi.

Sharon: Well, it was only later that I realized that that could be the killer.

Dylan: After suspicions started to fall on you.

Sharon: I didn't kill anyone.

Dylan: After your kids found your interview, which was a motive to shut Austin up.

Sharon: I need you to believe me.

Dylan: Now, that would be useful. I'm just telling you what the cops are gonna think.

Sharon: What, that I'm making this up, 'I'm framing myself to get you on my side?

Dylan: I'm the son of the police chief. Paul's more likely to give me the benefit of the doubt.

Sharon: Oh, not where I am concerned. He made that perfectly clear when you gave me an alibi for both --

Dylan: Both murders.

Sharon: I'm not using you.

Dylan: All it takes is reasonable doubt. They would see it as a smart move for you to get me on your side.

Sharon: And I've got it in me, if history is any judge? That's what you're thinking. It could all be a manipulation... even this, when I tell you I have no one else to turn to. I have nowhere else to go. So, if you don't believe me, you go ahead. You call the police right now.

Avery: Joe.

Joe: I know you didn't expect to see your ex-husband show up on your doorstep.

Avery: No, I didn't. Uh, come in. What are you doing here, Joe?

Avery: What, Joe, is left to say?!

Joe: Everything I should have said when you left Dylan and came back to try to make our marriage work.

Avery: That was a mistake.

Joe: Look, the only mistake was when I found out about your affair, I didn't give us a second chance.

Avery: No, Joe! You saw what I didn't -- that what we had was over.

Joe: It wasn't for me.

Avery: So, this is why you came back to Genoa city?

Joe: Look, I'm not the same man I was when we were married.

Avery: We were both pretty young, with different expectations, I guess, and I should have realized that I wasn't an afterthought to you. And I should have worked harder to save our marriage.

Joe: And I should have found a way to show you how important you are to me and how much I loved you. If I had it to do over again, I -- look, I realize I wasn't the best husband, Avery, but I certainly wasn't the worst.

Avery: No.

Joe: No, but I get it. You had to make me out that way to justify your affair. Don't bother saying it. I've rewritten history. You had every right to cheat on me.

Avery: That's not what I was gonna say. Look, whatever the reality is, and I don't even know what that was anymore, our marriage ended because of me. I'm the one who bailed, and... I want you to know I'm sorry.

Avery: Oh, what's happening?

Barton: Joe's being prepped for surgery. I've got a top neurosurgeon scrubbing in.

Avery: I need to see him.

Barton: Absolutely not.

Avery: No. I-I was there, and I'm the closest thing he has to family.

Barton: Every moment is critical. We need to stabilize his spine.

Avery: His spine?

Barton: He had a positive babinski but no local response to pain. We can't say what that will mean long-term.

Avery: What are you saying? You're saying he might not be able to walk?

Barton: Right now we're just trying to keep him alive.

Dylan: I'm not calling the police. Okay? We just need out figure out how your fingerprints got on the tire iron.

Sharon: Okay. So, then, you're saying that you do believe me?

[Cell phone rings]

Dylan: [Sighs] Avery. Hey, Avery. I'm sorry. I-I-I just -- I lost track of time.

Avery: It doesn't matter. That's not why I'm calling.

Dylan: No, but it was a big night for you. I wanted to be there.

Avery: Something happened.

Dylan: You okay? Avery?

Avery: [Crying] It's Joe. He fell off the balcony.

Dylan: He what? H-how?

Avery: I pushed him.

Dylan: Where are you?

Avery: The hospital.

Dylan: You stay there. Don't talk to anybody else.

Avery: Dylan --

Dylan: I'm on my way.

Sharon: She knows. She saw the report, didn't she?

Dylan: What?

Sharon: Avery. She knows that my fingerprints are on that tire iron, and she's gonna call the police now?

Dylan: No, no, no. This isn't about you. No. Avery needs me.

Sharon: Oh. Oh, that's right. I forgot. You have your own life.

Dylan: Yeah, it's important, and I got handle it. Listen, um... until then... I just need you to go to your house... and wait, ok? You and I are the only ones who have seen this forensics test. It's locked in the drawer. The office is closed. It's safe. I just need you to hold it together, okay

Sharon: Okay.

Dylan: Okay? We're gonna figure this out. I just want you to go home, and I want you to wait. Do you understand?

Sharon: Yes.

Dylan: And I'm gonna be there as soon as I can. Don't do anything. Sharon.

Cane: You know, after everything I went through with lily, I thought you would have known me better.

Michael: I'm not sure what you think I meant.

Cane: You're worried I don't want to work with Lauren if I think that she's gonna be concerned about your health and not business. I mean, that is why you left the fundraiser without telling anybody you're sick, right?

Michael: All right. Maybe I overreacted. But that's what Lauren and I do these days... like the way she's behaving about an extremely minor, very common side effect of radiation.

Cane: Hey, listen -- she is worried because she loves you. You know that, right?

Michael: And I love her, too. That's what this is all about. I don't want the cancer to run our lives. You understand.

Cane: Yes, I understand. I do. And I know exactly what it's like to be in Lauren's place. I mean, you remember what it was like when lily's condition worsened. You were the one who stopped me from being deported so I could be there for her. You remember that, don't you?

Michael: That's a completely different situation.

Cane: Why -- 'cause you're a guy?

Michael: No, because her condition was so much worse than mine. I'm fine. I'm through my radiation. I'm doing well.

Cane: Well, I have a feeling that Lauren may be a little reluctant to believe you on that one since you were a little unforthcoming with your original diagnosis.

Michael: Well, I'm the first to admit that I made some mistakes in the beginning. I was a complete ass.

Cane: I wouldn't say you were a complete ass. No, actually, I'd probably say you were a complete ass.

Michael: Sh-she'd been amazing. Lauren has been amazing. She's patient, understanding, ready to sacrifice her needs.

Cane: That's because she thinks you're worth it.

Michael: I don't want her sacrificing anything. I don't want her life to be smaller because of this. That would be worse than the disease.

Cane: I understand.

Michael: I-I can't seem to... I can't seem to tell Lauren these things in a way that she can hear it. I'm fine.

Cane: Hey.

Lauren: Hi. The doctor agrees. You're being released.

Cane: [Sighs]

Michael: Told you so.

Summer: You said you needed my help with something?

Noah: Yeah. It's fine. You know, I just came from the morgue -- picked up some of Courtney's personal effects.

Summer: Noah, I'm sorry.

Noah: I was just gonna ask you if you wanted to go through it with me, you know, 'cause, um, you've been where I am, and the same person who took Courtney away from me killed your husband. But, obviously, you've, uh... found a way past your grief.

Summer: What? N-Noah, that's not fair.

Noah: She's your best friend, summer, and she's lying on a slab in a drawer right now while you're hooking up with --

Kyle: Hey, come on, Noah. Don't take it out on her, all right?

Noah: Oh, and you, Kyle -- I mean, never one to pass up on an opportunity, right? But using this to get her in bed, man -- that's pretty low.

Summer: No, no, no. It wasn't like that, Noah.

Kyle: Yeah. We've all been living with this threat hanging over our heads -- okay? -- This constant nightmare. I get it.

Noah: Yeah. "Life is so short. Let's grab what we can, summer. Take off your clothes."

Summer: What?

Noah: Come on. You fell for that? It's pathetic, summer!

Kyle: Look, just because she's not cowering in fear or putting her grief on other people does not mean she's not feeling it, Noah.

Noah: Yeah. I can see she's real broken up.

Kyle: Back off, man.

Noah: Hey, okay. You two have at it. Enjoy.

[Door slams]

Kyle: Hey... that was his grief talking. He didn't know what he was saying, all right? Now look at me. Summer, you and me, this -- it wasn't wrong, okay? You have nothing to apologize for. You get that?

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: Yeah? Okay.

Michael: Much ado about nothing.

Lauren: You still should have called me.

Michael: Help me out here.

Cane: Can't. She's right.

Lauren: Ha!

Michael: Are you siding with my wife?

Cane: Uh, not your wife -- my future business partner.

Lauren: Oh, and this proposal's looking more and more attractive all the time, Cane.

Michael: Avery?

Lauren: What are you doing here?

Cane: Yeah. Are you okay?

Avery: There was an accident at the club. Joe fell over the balcony.

Cane: The balcony in his room?

Avery: Yeah.

Michael: How badly was he injured?

Avery: They took him to surgery, and I've been waiting to hear.

Lauren: Let me see if I can find anybody to tell us about his condition.

Cane: Did you talk to lily?

Avery: Last I saw her, she was being questioned by the police at the club.

Cane: All right. I'm gonna go and help her. You take care of yourself, all right? I hope Joe's okay.

Avery: Thank you.

Michael: This is awful. How did it happen?

Avery: I went up to Joe's room, and we were out on the balcony.

Michael: And he slipped?

Avery: No.

Michael: What happened, Avery?

Avery: It was an accident. Michael, I pushed him.

Michael: Have you told anyone else that?

Avery: I told -- I told -- I told Dylan, and I told Paul when he questioned me.

Michael: Hold on. You told Paul? You told the police chief? You would have advised anyone else in the same situation not to say a word without an attorney present.

Avery: But it was an accident.

Michael: What were you doing in Joe's suite?

Avery: [Sighs] It was a big night for the charity. You know. You were there.

Michael: Yeah, I left early. Tell me what happened.

Avery: Joe just wanted to celebrate.

Michael: In his room? And you agreed to go again?

Avery: Now you sound like Paul.

Michael: Yeah. Well, did you stop to consider what it might look like?

Avery: I am invested in this cause! I did all the legal work for this charity.

Michael: Joe is not just a client of yours. He is your ex-husband, a man who has pursued you relentlessly...

Avery: I thought we were past all that.

Michael: ...And has caused all sorts of problems in your current relationship.

Avery: Okay. Him being in town and being involved in this cause -- it has nothing to do with me.

Michael: Well, I doubt your fiancé --

Dylan: Hey.

Avery: Hey.

Dylan: What's happened? Are you okay?

Avery: Ohh.

Dylan: Where are we?

Avery: Joe's in surgery.

Michael: Yeah. I'm sure we're all praying for a full recovery, but there are certain things we must consider first, such as... against all common sense and the most basic tenets of jurisprudence, Avery gave a statement without an attorney present, so, before either of you talk to the police again, you need to get on the same page about this. I'm gonna go find Lauren.

Dylan: You need to tell me what really happened.

Noah: Mom? Hey.

Sharon: Ohh. Noah. What are you --

Noah: Oh, I just didn't want to go home tonight -- you know, face it alone -- so I thought I'd crash here again if that's okay.

Sharon: Here? How did I get here?

Noah: I... mom, are you okay? Have you been drinking?

Sharon: Wait a minute. Noah, I was downtown, and I --

Noah: Mom, listen -- I know that you're going through a hard time right now, but I don't think that mixing your meds and alcohol is a good idea, okay?

Sharon: [Gasps] No! No.

Dylan: What did Joe do, exactly? Did -- did he kiss you? Did he -- did he touch you?

Avery: It- it doesn't matter.

Dylan: Did he try to force himself on you?

Avery: He kissed me. That's all.

Dylan: I told you that he was using this charity to get to you.

Avery: No, he just got swept up in the moment.

Dylan: Come on, Avery. The guy's a snake.

Avery: How can you say that now? He might not survive the surgery, and it's because of me! I did this!

Dylan: No. No. No. He could have walked away. But, no, he came up with this plan to take advantage of you, thinking if he played it right that you would go back to him.

Avery: No. No. Joe did not deserve this. I just need him to be okay. [Sighs]

Dylan: It's okay. I know is upsetting and you're not thinking clearly, but you got to make Michael's advice. You need to get a lawyer.

Avery: There's no reason to do that. It was an accident.

Dylan: There's only your word for that, and Joe's. You need to protect yourself, Avery.

Avery: I don't need to protect myself against Joe. He --

Dylan: He what?

Avery: Is Joe gonna be all right?

Noah: So, you don't remember coming home?

Sharon: No. No. How did I get here?

Noah: I don't know. Um, why don't -- you can just be honest with me. Are you sure you weren't drinking?

Sharon: The last thing I remember is --

Noah: What is this? What are you doing with this -- this tire iron and a plastic bag? Mom...

Sharon: Noah, listen to me. I-I would never hurt you. I would never hurt the woman you were going to marry, and it just breaks my heart that you would ever think that.

Noah: I was mad. I didn't know what I was saying. I just -- I just did the same thing to summer, okay? I took it out on her. M -- I'm not really handling this situation very well right now. That is why I came here.

Sharon: I need to know that you believe me.

Noah: I already apologized.

Sharon: But I need to hear you say it again and mean it.

Noah: Why are you bringing this back up again? Why don't you tell me what's really going on?

Sharon: Okay. Yes, I was mad at nick, okay? And I was afraid that he was gonna find out what I said on that video of Austin's. But, Noah, no matter how this looks, I didn't do it. I saw another car that night!

Noah: What do you mean, you saw another car? What?

Sharon: The night that Austin was murdered.

Noah: You saw someone in a car?

Sharon: I didn't see a face. The lights were in my eyes. But I saw the driver throw something out the window, and I thought if I went back and found it --

Noah: Found -- found what?

Sharon: The murder weapon. I don't know how it got here. I don't know how I got here. But don't you see, Noah? They're trying to set me up. They're trying to make it look like I did it. They're trying to make it look like I killed both of them!

Noah: Are you saying that's the murder weapon? That's -- that's what was used to kill Austin?

Sharon: My fingerprints are all over it.

[Door opens, slams]

Summer: It was you.

Sharon: No.

Summer: You killed them!

Sharon: No. No. I swear. I saw the real killer throw that out his window. I don't know how my fingerprints got on it, and you have to believe me.

Noah: Why didn't you tell anybody this?

Sharon: Dylan -- he knows. Call him. Talk to him. He'll tell you I'm being set up!

Summer: Okay.

Sharon: No, that's good. Yeah. Call Dylan.

Summer: No. I'm calling the police on you.

Sharon: What?! Summer, no.

Summer: Yes.

Noah: Mom. Mom! Hey! Hey! Get away from her! Mom, get away! Let go -- right now! Are you okay?

Summer: Yeah, I'm fine.

Noah: Are you sure?

Summer: Yes.

Noah: Look, we'll just relax. We'll talk this out. We'll get to the bottom of the situation. Right, mom?

[Footsteps depart]

Noah: Mom! Mom! [Sighs]

Lauren: Are you concerned about Avery or something else? Your condition?

Michael: Oh, well, concern for my partner aside, my condition is quite fine, thank you very much, and we're not gonna talk about it anymore. I've declared a moratorium.

Lauren: No. No, no, no. You cannot do that.

Michael: I can, and I did. But, on a lighter note, I am very excited that Cane wants to bring his business acumen to Fenmore's.

Lauren: I just wonder how Jill's gonna take it.

Michael: Jill will be thrilled. Not only will she be able to run chancellor without worrying about Cane's second thoughts, but he is gonna take your business, a business she is heavily invested in, to a whole nother level.

Lauren: I actually have to admit [Chuckles] It's pretty exciting, right?

Michael: And Cane has just as much in this, too. He's leaving a place where I think he was not truly appreciated. It's a win-win.

Lauren: I think it's gonna be good -- for both of us.

Michael: Very good.

Cane: Hey. Hey. Unbelievable!

Lily: No. "Surreal" is more like it. I walked in to Joe's room right after it happened and just saw Avery standing there in shock.

Cane: I just saw her at the hospital. She's an absolute wreck.

Lily: What were you doing at the hospital?

Cane: Oh, Michael had a bad reaction to his radiation treatment.

Lily: He's fine?

Cane: Yeah, yeah. He's fine. Actually, he's, uh, kind of excited about this idea I have.

Lily: What idea?

Cane: You know I'm not really happy working at chancellor, right? So, I spoke to Lauren about joining Fenmore's, and... I think it's gonna happen.

Lily: Wow.

Cane: "Wow"? Okay. Where -- where does that fit on the, uh, "wow" meter? I can't gauge that one.

Lily: It's just -- wow.

Cane: Still not getting it.

Lily: No. I-I think it's a great idea.

Cane: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah. I think it'll be really good for you -- and for our marriage.

Cane: Okay.

Avery: I'm so relieved. I'm so grateful you made it through the surgery. I swear I never meant to hurt you. I will find a way to make this up to you.

[Cell phone rings]

Dylan: Hey, Sharon. Uh, this isn't a good time.

Sharon: [Crying] I just called to...say goodbye.

Dylan: Uh, no. No, Sharon. Wait. Sharon?

Sharon: [Crying]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Avery: I am not leaving him!

Barton: Do you want him to survive this?! Then get out of my way and let me do my job!

Jack: Minister's already there, ready to do the honors. What do you say?

Phyllis: Let's go get married.

Ashley: Did you find out how our server got hacked?

Billy: Not only how but by who.

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