Y&R Transcript Friday 4/10/15


Episode # 10642 ~ Ashley & Victor face off; a gala takes an unexpected turn; Summer enjoys a spring awakening with Kyle.

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Sharon: [Sighs]


Dylan: Hello?

Sharon: Dylan, I think there's someone outside. What if it's him?

Dylan: All right. Don't move. I'm on my way.

Avery: Was that Sharon?

Dylan: Yeah. It -- it won't take long. She thinks somebody's outside her place.

Avery: So, what -- I'm supposed to do this benefit alone?

Dylan: No, not a chance. I'm just gonna go there and make sure things are secure, and then I'll head to the club.

Avery: Dylan, I have seen this before. I've seen it with nick, and now I'm seeing it with you. Sharon is a bottomless pit of need, and those tests on the tire iron could come back at any moment, and if there's anything that indicates DNA or blood or prints that connect to Austin's murder in any way or, worse, if Sharon is connected directly --

Dylan: You're an officer of the court, and you'll have to turn it over to the police. I know.

Avery: But you are confident that Sharon is innocent?

Dylan: Right now I just want to make sure that she's not in danger and that she doesn't spin out.

Avery: Why does it have to be you? Why? Dylan, I want to walk in to that event with you.

Joe: Is there a problem?

Lily: I love it.

Cane: Yeah. It has an impact, but it's not in your face.

Lily: Yeah, and having a corporate sponsor offsets the cost of the event.

Victoria: The foundation is honoring a beautiful woman who gives back to the community, and brash & sassy is thrilled to be involved.

Cane: And it's gonna balance out the press Jabot's getting for its new perfume, so it's --

Lily: Yeah, Hex. I love the name. It's very sultry and sexy.

Cane: Yeah, or it could be something that you pick up at the hardware store belt or a hammer or some hex nuts. It's very sultry.

Lily: Ouch.

Cane: Okay. That sounds like something your dad would say if he felt threatened by Jabot's success.

Victor: Nonsense. I ap west venture. It's so nice for Jack and the Abbotts to have a win for once. It'll be the last one in a long, long while. Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Hi, Dad.

Phyllis: How did we ever survive without dressing each other?

Jack: I like when we help undress each other.

Ashley: Don't mind me.

Jack: Oh. Just trying to figure out if anybody's heard from Billy.

Jack: Not yet -- not since he took off on his mission to find out who hacked in to Jabot.

Ashley: I wish N.N.

Jack: He will. He will.

Ashley: I'll see you guys there.

Jack: In e mean gonna see Victor and Nikki at this fundraiser, and we can do a little recognizance of own.

Phyllis: Okay, trust me. Look, I absolutely love it when eded up, ready for battle, but tonight's agenda is clap, and then we haul it to the jet and fly off and get married. Are we in agreement?

Jack: We could not be in more agreement if we tried.

Phyllis: Thank you. I will get my purse.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Oop. My phone. Hello. Hold on. Hold on. Hello? Hello?!

Phyllis: Whis it?

Jack: Nobody.

Adam: Do you need any hp? Can I help with anything?

Chelsea: No. No. We're fine. We're ready.

Adam: You're ready for the doctor to make time to see you now. It sounds pretty urgent.

Chelsea: It's about Connor's

Adam: What's the problem?

Chelsea: I it right now, Gabe, okay? I just have to get to the --

Adam: Let me help with something -- with the stroller, ining.

Chelsea: No, it's fine. I can handle it. I am his mother. This has nothing to do with you.

Adam: Yes, it does.

Chelsea: I'm sorry, but my son's eyesight has nothing to do with you.

Adam: Chelsea, I can tell you're scared. It's ripping me apart. Now, you have every right to be angry with me for trying to get close to you. You do. But the fact of the matter is Billy's out of town right now, all right? And you know how much I care about Connor, so just let me help you. Let me do anything I can to help.

Chelsea: You can't help us. You're not a doctor, so there's nothing you can do to help us.

Adam: What's wrong with his eyes? What's the problem? Is it the corneal transplant? Is that what's going on?

Chelsea: It's what the doctor was worried about. I took him in a few days ago. Conjunctivitis is very common and it's very contagious. He gave us some drops, but when he just called, he says he wants us to see an ophthalmologist because he's scared it could be a corneal infection.

Adam: And the infection could be an issue?

Chelsea: He's afraid that his body might be rejecting the tissue.

Adam: Rejecting the tissue, after all this time?

Chelsea: Even now, after all this time. My son can see because of a sweet little girl. My best friend's daughter -- she gave him this beautiful gift, and now something's wrong.

Adam: Come on. Let's go. I'm driving you.

Chelsea: No, Gabe. I don't want you to use this opportunity to try to get --

Adam: You don't have to like me right now -- you don't even have to tolerate me -- but get your stuff. I'm driving you to the hospital, okay? Now. Let's go. Come on. Come on.

Victor: Thank you. Shall we toast?

Victoria: Uh, to Jack's success or the fact that it will be his last for a while? What was that, dad?

Nikki: Well, you know that your father has, uh, always been in charge of the universe and all of us who live in it. Isn't that right?

Victor: Well... wouldn't that be wonderful, hmm? I might like that.

Nikki: You would.

Victor: I'm just happy that my wife is free and that my beautiful daughter is by my side, leading our company. It's a wonderful cause you're supporting here.

Victoria: It's a good cause.

Nikki: Ah, yes. The plight of the marginalized woman has been very important to your father.

Victor: Ignore your mother, my darling. People are waiting for you.

Victoria: Oh, okay.

Victor: Okay?

Victoria: I'll be right back.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: And don't think that I'm ready to get a lecture from you.

Victor: Let me clarify something to you. Ever since you told me about your father inflicting pain upon you and your sister, this foundation means a hell of a lot to me. It's close to my heart.

Nikki: I know that, and I do appreciate that. But surely you have to understand how tedious it is for us to keep hearing you say that you're right about everything.

Victor: You are talking about Neil's defense.

Nikki: Yes.

Victor: Yes. He's trying to defend himself from himself. Do you understand that? What's wrong with me trying to defend you?

Nikki: Victor, you just have to --

Victor: Excuse me. Before you know it, this lawyer Leslie is gonna shift the blame from Neil to you.

Nikki: She could attempt that, but you just have too much going on right now. This is just one of them. God knows you won't tell me what else you have going.

Victor: Don't you worry about what I have going on, okay? But let me say this. You look beautiful tonight -- I mean, very pretty.

Nikki: Well, thank you very much.

Victor: Okay.

Nikki: [Chuckles]

Summer: Well, no reporters, thank God. I figured after Paul's press conference that the press would be swarming.

Kyle: Yeah. It must be lily's security detail in action.

Summer: Yeah. A murdered officer about to marry a Newman -- people really love reading about other people's grief.

Kyle: You know, maybe it wasn't a good idea to bring you tonight. I should have just sucked it up and made an appearance, like my dad insisted, and left you out of it.

Summer: No. I wanted to be here.

Kyle: Yeah?

Summer: I needed to get out. I mean, when I'm home, all I think about is Courtney and helping her get ready for her wedding or Austin and just about every moment we ever had there.

Kyle: Um, summer, per Paul, we can't talk of Courtney's case, and half the world still doesn't even know about how Austin died.

Summer: No. No. We won't -- we won't talk about it.

Kyle: Yeah?

Summer: You know, we shouldn't even think about it today. Let's just cheer on Avery and maybe gossip a little bit about bad dresses and really awful hairpieces?

Kyle: All right. Sounds like the best night ever.

Summer: Okay.

Kyle: Yeah?

Summer: Yeah.

Kyle: Okay.

Victor: Hmm?

Nikki: [Speaks indistinctly]

Summer: Hi.

Nikki: Oh, my darling. Ohhhhhh.

Summer: Hi. Hi, grandpa.

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Victoria: Are you sure you're up for this?

Nikki: I'm so sorry about everything you've gone through, baby.

Victor: Did Kyle talk you in to this?

Summer: No, no. I-I wanted to come.

Victoria: Are there any developments on the case?

Summer: I have no idea.

Victoria: Hopefully, the police have some leads on whoever did this.

Summer: Yeah. I hope so. I just -- I-I don't know.

Kyle: [Clears throat] Um, you look thirsty. We should get you a drink. Uh, we'll be right back. Excuse us. You're doing great.

Summer: I said nothing.

Kyle: Well, nothing is better than something. You saw the note in Courtney's hand. You talk -- we're next.

Avery: No problem at all. Ready to go.

Joe: You're coming, right?

Dylan: I'll be at the benefit, yes.

Joe: Yeah, 'cause it just sounded as if you weren't.

Dylan: Do you always eavesdrop? Because, quite frankly, what my fiancée and I discuss is none of your business.

Joe: Well, if it's about tonight, it is. I'm heading up the charity now, and your fiancée is the honoree, so if you're gonna let her down for what --

Dylan: Hey, I'm gonna be a little late. I'm gonna miss some handshakes and small talk. Avery knows I'm gonna be there when she needs me.

Joe: When she needs you? How 'bout when she wants you? Or is this all about you being needed?

Dylan: Okay. I'll see you soon, okay?

Avery: Yeah.

Dylan: Give me a call if you hear anything.

Avery: I will, yes.

Dylan: I won't be too late.

Avery: I know.

Joe: Well... I'll be more than happy to escort you.

Avery: You know what, Joe? I can manage to walk all by myself. Amazing, aren't I?

Joe: Always.

Paul: H-- whoa! Whoa! Hold on a second here! Would you mind putting that down?

Sharon: Paul! Gosh! You scared me.

Paul: You know, for a little thing, you kind of look menacing holding that poker.

Sharon: Well, we have a lot of wildlife out here. You never know. You have to be prepared. What were you doing out there?

Paul: Well, I was about to knock on the door. Do you always walk around with a weapon in your hand?

Sharon: No, but my son's fiancée was recently murdered, Paul, so, yes, I'm a little on edge.

Paul: Right. I, uh... I am really so sorry about Courtney. Truly, it was horrible news and -- and truly heartbreaking, I'm sure, for Noah, as well. Is he around, by any chance?

Sharon: No. He went back home. He needs some time to process and to grieve.

Paul: Right.

Sharon: But, um... if you have any news about the case --

Paul: Oh, no news. Just a lot of questions. I'm gonna have to go through all her files and the busts she made and, you know, maybe it was a collar that had an ax to grind. For somebody so young, she made a lot of arrests, especially when it was someone who looked so...delicate.

Sharon: Well, I'm sure she was very good at her job.

Paul: She was. She was one of my own. And I promise you, whoever the killer was, we will find them and make them pay.

Sharon: Well, I-I know that that will mean a lot to Noah. And if I do talk to him tonight, I'll mention that you --

Paul: You know, Sharon, would you mind? I could really use a cup of coffee. [Sniffs]

Phyllis: Well, I didn't expect to see you here. This is a nice surprise.

Ashley: Summer, it's very brave of you.

Phyllis: If you're not ready --

Summer: No, I'm okay. And I meant it when I said that I'm really glad that you and Jack are running off to get married together.

Kyle: You crazy kids, you.

Jack: Listen, as the investigation proceeds, as more facts --

Kyle: Actually, dad, we're not discussing the investigation tonight, so... you know, excuse us. We're just gonna -- [Clears throat]

Phyllis: Excuse me.

Jack: Yeah.

Nikki: That poor thing. She and Noah both losing loved ones in not even two months.

Victor: Yeah. I told Paul Williams I'd do everything in my power to help him find that monster.

Jack: Gee. You're on a regular crime-solving spree, aren't you? Not just this terrible case but the corporate hacking of Newman enterprises. I see a career there.

Victor: Yeah. Hacking of Newman enterprises. I'm sure that we'll find who's behind those cyber attacks soon. You know, if Newmans and Abbotts pooled their resources together, we'd find them very quickly. What do you think?

Ashley: Yeah. Hmm. Well, it kind of boggles the mind -- doesn't it? -- That you want to share information with Jabot. I don't know.

Jack: Well, it isn't just Jabot. It's with me. I mean, it's one thing to declare we will be civil but quite another to say we'll be a team. That kind of goes against the laws of nature, doesn't it?

Victor: I'll be damned. You're absolutely right. But, you know, some of us evolve, Jack. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to ask some of my friends to open their wallets.

Jack: Victor has evolved?

Ashley: Victor has friends? Excuse me.

Jack: Okay, Nik. What is your husband up to this time?

Nikki: You know as much as I do, and, as usual, we won't know anything more than that until it's too late to do anything about it.

Phyllis: Hi.

Cane: Hey. Lauren. Michael. I'm glad you could make it.

Lauren: Hi.

Cane: You look beautiful.

Michael: Thank you. It's my favorite tie.

Cane: [Chuckles] Um, can I get you guys a drink?

Michael: No booze with my meds, but Lauren will have a, what, chardonnay?

Lauren: Yeah, sure.

Cane: Yeah? Coming right up. And when I come back, I have a business proposal I'd like to discuss with you.

Lauren: Really? Then you'd better hurry up, because I can't wait to hear the details.

Michael: We'll be waiting for you with bated breath.

Lauren: [Laughs]

Cane: You got it. All right.

Lauren: You look pale.

Michael: Well, I missed my spray-tan appointment.

Lauren: If this is too much on your system, we can go.

Michael: Look, I can smile and make small talk until Avery accepts her award, so go find Cane.

Lauren: Are you sure?

Michael: Yeah. I'm curious about this proposal. Go.

Lauren: Yeah, so am I.

Michael: Go, go, go.

Lauren: Okay. I'll be right back.

Michael: [Chuckles]

Paul: I can't imagine what Noah and summer have gone through -- I mean, first all that happened on Valentine's Day and then finding out that Austin was actually murdered.

Sharon: It's shocking.

Paul: Right. So, uh... you were with Dylan, weren't you?

Sharon: Excuse me?

Paul: On valentine's, that night, you were with Dylan?

Sharon: Oh, yeah. Well, he saw my car after I got stuck in the snow, and he helped me build a fire and keep faith warm. Your son has been a really good friend to me.

Paul: And you also went to see him the day that, uh, Courtney was killed, didn't you?

Sharon: [Sighs] Noah got dressed here that day for the wedding, and he was so hopeful.

Paul: So, Sharon, why did you go see Dylan that day instead of going to the park where the wedding was supposed to be held?

Sharon: Am I a suspect, Paul? Because I know that you know about the video interview that I gave Austin and that I didn't want it to come out. But that was about Nicholas and me. It had nothing to do with Austin or Courtney, and I would never hurt summer or Noah intentionally.

Paul: But you were worried enough to try and steal the laptop the video was on.

Sharon: Because I love my daughter and nick can be spiteful and self-righteous. But that doesn't mean I killed anyone.

Dylan: Whoa. Whoa. What's going on?

Joe: Avery is devoted, relentless. No one fights more for those who can't fight for themselves. She's a superhero amongst us. Her suit and briefcase are her disguise. She works wonders, and those wonders are finding hope where there was once only darkness. And so it's with my great honor to present her with the first ever better days award -- Avery bailey Clark.

Adam: He's a lucky kid, you know? Connor's got you. His luck's not gonna run out today, okay? He'll be all right.

Chelsea: Most transplant rejections happen within the first year. We passed that mark. The anniversary was --

Adam: I know. I know.

Chelsea: I really thought we were gonna be okay. I should have been more concerned, you know? I should have been more vigilant. It's hard to explain, feeling lie it's all your fault.

Adam: No. Actually, I understand more than you realize.

Dr. Marcoli: I'll take Connor back for the exam now.

Chelsea: Oh. Without me? No.

Dr. Marcoli: Well, it's easier if the patient isn't distracted.

Chelsea: But -- no, wait. I always go with him. He sits on my lap.

Dr. Marcoli: I'm afraid this time it'll be easier --

Adam: Are you seriously saying that a mother can't go back with her son for an examination? She's the boy's mom. He needs her, and she needs him. He's gonna be distracted without her, so... figure it out. Otherwise, I'll call every board member right after I call the chief of staff. There you go. All right?

Chelsea: Thank you.

Adam: Of course.

Avery: I once heard a story about a boy, a normal child, who spent his days following the rules, eating his vegetables, doing his chores, hoping that it all made him good enough that his father would not beat him that day. One day his mother found the courage to leave, and I know that sounds so simple, but to someone who has been trained by abuse and threats, leaving is the most terrifying thing in the world to them. But this mother and son -- they got out. They found shelter, and they didn't become a statistic of domestic homicide. Now that boy is a man... and he knows that all children are good enough. All children deserve protection, and all women and men living with domestic way out. I am honored to know that man, and I honor this foundation.


Sharon: Um, Paul was just here having some coffee -- and checking my alibi.

Dylan: I already told you Sharon was with me.

Paul: During the time the murders were committed?

Dylan: That's right.

Paul: Well, police work goes. It's always good form to verify all claims like that.

Dylan: Why would I lie?

Paul: Oh, I don't know, Dylan -- maybe to protect someone you care about. Thanks for the coffee, Sharon. If I have any more questions, I'll get back to you. Dylan.

Sharon: He will check every detail. He will make charts. He will cross-reference times. And when the forensics tests come back --

Dylan: We were together both days for both murders. That's not a lie.

Sharon: But at the actual times that matter? Faith already told you I was in the woods when Austin was murdered, and if they question my little girl -- I knew that the killer would try to make this look like it's my fault. And now that Paul knows that Austin was murdered, I'm trapped. The killer will make it look like I'm the only suspect.

Dylan: Sharon, Sharon, that's not gonna happen... 'cause, at this point, there is no physical evidence. It's just guesswork. Paul didn't get anything here just now except for a cup of coffee. But we bought some time to figure out who the real killer is.

Kyle: Avery was great this evening.

Jack: Yeah.

Kyle: Thanks for the invite. Um, I'm gonna duck out.

Jack: No, no, no. That was why I invited you -- a chance to shake hands and meet people. This is how careers are built. This is good for you and good for Jabot.

Kyle: Yeah, and I appreciate the thought, dad, but I'm fine just the way I am. You know, Jabot's in pretty great shape, too, so there is no issue.

Jack: Jabot is always under threat, now more than ever you do have a responsibility.

Kyle: My responsibility is to make sure that summer gets home safely, unless, of course, that's not important to you.

Jack: No, of course it's to me.

Kyle: Okay. Well, I'm glad we agree. Have a great night.

Jack: Yeah, you, too. See you, kid...

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Hello?

Ashley: Poo me.

Victor: What?

Ashley: You've spent so much gygy hating Jack and Jabot, and now you want to work with him to find out who the hack is.

Victor: Ashley...

Ashley: Now, is it because you're you make nice with Jack, that some of Jabot's good luck will rub off on you?

Victor: You know Jabot's success is not luck. It's you. You're a brilliant chemist, brilliant businesswoman.

Ashley: Well, obviously.

Victor: And has your brother appointed you co-C.E.O. Yet?

Ashley: I promise as soon as there's an announcement to make, you'll be one of the first to know.

Victor: Oh. He's waiting. That's right. He's grooming his son Kyle for that position.

Ashley: It's not gonna work, Victor.

Victor: Uh-huh. Trying to pit Jack and me against each other is not gonna work.

Victor: evever really appreciated your profound contributions.

Ashley: wow that hex is selling like gangbusters? It's, frankly, unbelievable.

Victor: And yet he's talking to Kyle, this so sister. I think we know why that is, don't you?

Ashley: Don't do it.

Victor: Tt business. And you're not really an Abbott,

Ashley: that threatened? Because you know I'm an Abbott in eerers.

Victor: Well, then, why the hell is Jack making you prove yourself as C.E.O.?

Ashley: Why are you doing this? Going to expose me, Victor? Or are you just trying to lure me over Newman 'cause, frankly, either one would really piss me off right now. Okay. What are you hassling my sister about now? This is a charity event. Maybe you should take out your checkbook.

Victor: You know, I just might do that -- and buy Jabot.

Jack: The answer is no and will always be no.

Victor: Well, I'll be but then you always have made rather bads, haven't you, Jack?

Jack: Is it me, or is he always this obnoxious when he's pretending to be pleasant?

Ashley: Trust me, there's nothing pleasant about that S.O.B.

Jack: He is responsible for the hack of Jabot. He's trying to make Jabot vulnerable so we want to sell it. Well, he never comes at just one angle. He's gonna come at three or four. I guess we just have to wait to see when the other shoe drops.

Adam: So, what did they say? Is he all right?

Chelsea: He's doing well. He was very, very brave.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: The doctor doesn't have a diagnosis yet, but Connor was very to have his mommy there with him, so thank you.

Adam: Yeah. Well, that "by the rules" garbage just drives me crazy.

Chelsea: Yes, I noticed that. [Chuckles]

Adam: Was it too much?

Chelsea: No. No. I mean, it was funny. I know you said you read a lot about my late husband. It seemed like, in that moment, you were channeling him.

Adam: Channeling him? Uh, w-- Connor just sort of rolls with the punches, doesn't he? Eye transplant, eye disease --

Chelsea: Transplant -- it's funny you knew about that. I never told you.

Adam: No. No, you didn't tell me, but, like you said, I did my homework, and, uh, I know all about the transplant. I know about the donor, the little girl.

Chelsea: I'm not gonna tell you how freaky it is that you know so much about my life. Instead, I am going to choose to be grateful that you insisted on coming with us.

Adam: Yes.

Chelsea: Hi.

Dr. Marcoli: The issue is healthy and no further signs of rejection.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. Oh, that's -- that's great!

Adam: This is wonderful. So, what -- what do they do about the conjunctivitis?

Dr. Marcoli: Use the prescribed drops and wash your hands and stay healthy.

Chelsea: Okay. We will. Thank you so much. [Sighs] He's okay.

Adam: [Laughing] He's okay! Come here.

Chelsea: He's gonna be okay.

Adam: You're both gonna be okay.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Adam: Take you home?

Chelsea: Yeah. All right, buddy. Come on. [Chuckles, sniffles]

Lauren: Avery really gets it -- you know, what kids like you and Kevin dealt with. Can you imagine if Gloria had been able to get away all those years ago?

Michael: Believe me, I have imagined that. As far as Avery's concerned, that was an amazing speech. I have excellent taste in law partners.

Lauren: That you do.

[Both chuckle]

Cane: There you are.

Lauren: Oh.

Michael: You two still have business to di

Lauren: Yes. I just didn't think that now was the time.

Michael: Why not? I just got my second wind.

Cane: Well, I'll keep it simple. I would like to join your team at Fenmore'

Lauren: Wow. I mean, I don't know what I was expecting to hear, but that isn't it.

Cane: Well, I mean, to be honest with you, being second to ji e exactly --

Lauren: I thought you agreed.

Cane: Yeah, I know. First mistake. You see, uh, Jill has some ideas about running chan I'm not really in favor of, like cogegerial job.

Lauren: Well, that's a train wreck right there.

Cane: Exactly, not to mention pepen to new ideas and strategies, which I imagine.

Michael: You'd imagine right.

Lauren: But Fenmore's as big a company as chancellor, and even in second in command, o of power that you have here --

Cane: I don't care about power a about impact. I care about forward momentum. And I really do think I can to the table.

Lauren: There is no argument there.

Michael: With Jill otherwise occupied, some like-minded business advice and support? New ideas.

Cane: So...

Lauren: I feel like I'm taking advantage.

Cane: No, no, no. I came to you.

Lauren: Do you think this ist t fit?

Michael: I do.

Cane: I do.

Michael: Sorry.

Lauren: Well, okay. I think we should toast to n horizons.

Cane: Hear, hear. Well, have you seen Avery? I've got some great news.

Avery: And the lab results? Yes? That's perfect. Thank you.

[Cell phone rings]

Dylan: [Sighs] Avery. I'm so sorry. I will be there soon.

Avery: No, you won't.

Dylan: Avery.

Avery: The lab results are in. Being delivered to my office. Check my desk.

Dylan: I'm on my way. Over there.

Dylan: This is what we've been waiting for.

Joe: Avery -- just the woman I was looking for. Hey, I've got some great news -- amazing. I can't --

Avery: What news?

Joe: I just got off the phone with the Bingham family attorney, and Constance's grandson, Gabriel, and his wife are getting a divorce, so, according to Constance's will, he doesn't get her inheritance.

Avery: Based on the dissolution of the marriage. But will it be withheld if he remarries later?

Joe: No. It's being released -- to the better days foundation.

Avery: Oh, my God, Joe! Oh, that's so incredible! Ohh!

Joe: Look, lily's kicking us out, so I, uh, liberated this bottle of champagne and booked us a suite. I -- if you've got time, we can discuss how to disperse these funds.

Avery: No, but we can go and toast some very good news and just be happy that something wonderful happened tonight.

Joe: Shall we?

Avery: Yes.

Lauren: If you have any expansion ideas --

Cane: Well, it should be controlled expansion.

Lauren: Right.

Cane: Because your brand's unique, we shouldn't oversaturate the market.

Michael: I'm sorry to interrupt.

Lauren: Exactly!

Cane: All right.

Michael: Um... I have a new client that just got arrested, so would you mind making sure Lauren gets home okay?

Cane: My pleasure. Sure.

Lauren: Honey, it has to be you?

Michael: Yeah. It's probably only paperwork, but it might take some time, so don't wait up, all right? Thank you, Cane.

Lauren: All right, honey. I love you.

Michael: Love you.

Phyllis: Jack, have you seen summer? I haven't been able to find her.

Jack: Kyle took her home.

Phyllis: Oh. Well, your son is just the perfect escort -- very attentive.

Jack: Yeah, attentive. He should be attending to shaking hands and meeting people right now.

Phyllis: Oh. Then I guess it's too bad that he was being a good friend to my daughter instead. Honey, the event is over. There are no more hands to shake.

Jack: You're right. It's irrelevant.

Phyllis: You're absolutely right. You know why? 'Cause we're getting ready to go to a tropical island to declare our love for one another -- unless you change your mind.

Jack: No, my mind has been on nothing else and will be on nothing e--

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: Excuse me.

Phyllis: Who's that?

Jack: I don't know. Hello? I'm telling you, this is getting on my nerves. That is three calls in one day.

Phyllis: Huh. Hmm.

Victor: Sweetheart, would you tell our driver that I'll be there momentarily?

Nikki: Oh.

Victor: I forgot something at the bar, okay? Bye.

Joe: Between the Bingham estate...

Avery: And all the checks written tonight...

Joe: That's a lot of kids and women we get to save.

Avery: [Gasps] This view.

Joe: Yeah, this night.

Avery: To Constance.

Joe: To the first recipient of the better days foundation.

Avery: [Chuckles] Your introduction --

Joe: Your speech --

Avery: [Laughs]

Joe: You made me sound like a good man.

Avery: Well, look at what you're doing. You're doing the things a good man does.

Joe: I wouldn't be involved in these charities... or have opened up about my past if it weren't for you. You changed me when I met you. You changed me even more when you left me. You continue to change me every day, for the better. I don't know how to thank you.

Adam: He asleep?

Chelsea: He's exhausted.

Adam: Good.

Chelsea: But at least he let me put his drops in. He's gonna be okay. Thank you. I-I wouldn't have been able to drive myself.

Adam: I'm glad he's gonna be okay. Both of you are.

Chelsea: I can tell you really do care about him. At least I know that's real.

Adam: [Chuckles softly]

[Cell phone rings]

Chelsea: Billy. Hey. I'm okay. How are you doing? Well, there's good news and there's bad news. He has conjunctivitis. I know. Yeah. Pinkeye. It's actually -- it's actually okay. It could have been a lot worse, so he's -- he's gonna be okay. Yeah, he's sleeping now.

Jack: Three missed calls in one day.

Ashley: You got pocket-dialed, Jackie. It happens.

Phyllis: Oh, Ashley, you know better.

Ashley: I do?

Phyllis: Yes. It's Victor. If Jack's alarms go off or there's too much pepper in his eggs, it's Victor.

Jack: Very funny. Victor's up to something.

Ashley: Forget him, would you, please?

Jack: I try every day.

Ashley: Well, go run off and get married already.

Jack: Gee, why didn't I think of that?

Ashley: Hmm.

Jack: You'll hold down the fort?

Ashley: Yeah, I think I can manage.

Jack: I know you can. As a matter of fact, when I come back married and happy, we should talk.

Ashley: About what?

Jack: About that C.E.O. Position.

Ashley: Like I said, go get married. Hurry back.

Jack: [Chuckles]

Victor: Have you been making calls to Jack Abbott? You stop it... or I will end it before it starts.

Summer: That's Courtney on her wedding day. She was so happy. This is the last picture of her. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Um, this is ridiculous. I can't keep dragging you into my misery like this.

Kyle: Summer, that's what I'm here for. I mean...we were family once, too -- for a little while, at least.

Summer: I don't look at you and see a brother.

Kyle: I'm not. I never was.

Summer: No. You weren't.

Dylan: Here we go. Test results.

Sharon: What does it say? What did they find on the tire iron?

Dylan: Austin's blood... and your fingerprints.

Avery: This isn't -- this isn't happening. Let's go inside.

Joe: No. Look. I can't pretend... this isn't happening. Things are different, and you know it, Avery. That was the reason we were together. You knew who I could be. I just wasn't ready to be that person. And now I am, and you know it.

Avery: But Dylan --

Joe: Look, Dylan wants to rescue someone, and you -- you're the one doing the rescuing, for me, at least. We owe this to ourselves to make this work.

Avery: Joe, I can't.

Joe: It's okay.

Avery: I can't do this.

Joe: Avery.

Avery: Mnh-mnh.

Joe: Just look.

Avery: No, I can't -- Joe, I can't! [Gasps] Joe! Joe!

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Sharon: If you don't believe me, you go ahead. You call the police right now.

Noah: I'm glad you're here. I just could not do this by myself, 'cause I-I really --

Avery: Please let him be alive!

Lily: What are you talking about?

Avery: Call an ambulance! Get help!

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