Y&R Transcript Tuesday 4/7/15


Episode # 10639 ~ Paul learns the truth about Austin's murder; Abby & Stitch get closer.

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Dylan: Sharon, I asked you a question. Where were you earlier? You said you were going to Noah's wedding.

Sharon: I told you. That was postponed.

Dylan: So where did you go instead? What did you do? Who were you with?

Sharon: Why are you asking me all these questions? Does this have to do with the phone call from Avery? What did she say? Or is this because of the message on my phone.

Dylan: Can you just please tell me where you were?

Sharon: Fine. You know what? I'm gonna listen to it myself if you won't tell me.

Dylan: Sharon, don't you get it? The call from Avery, the message, you refusing to tell me where you've been -- it could all connect you to the murder.

Sharon: I have nothing to do with Austin's murder.

Dylan: It's not just Austin's. There's been another killing.

Sharon: What? Who?

Dylan: Noah's fiancée, Courtney.

Noah: [Voice breaking] I should've listened to you. You said we should go to the police, and I should've -- [Crying] I should've listened. [Sobbing]

Mariah: "Duck and cover" just got a whole lot harder.

Abby: I can't believe this. I mean, first Austin, and now Courtney? She was supposed to get married today. Why did she have to stop by the police station?

Kevin: She was doing her job...unfortunately, too well.

Stitch: What are you saying?

Kevin: She got too close to the truth.

Kyle: You think she figured out who killed Austin?

Kevin: And the killer knew it.

Stitch: Whoever it is sent those text messages from Courtney's phone, telling us to be here. They wanted us to find her.

Mariah: Oh, my God. They're trying to pin this on us.

Kevin: No, they're trying to warn us.

[Sirens wailing]

Nick: How did we get from me defending Sage to you attacking my family?

Adam: I'm sick of the Newmans taking whatever it is that they want. Take a guy's wife, a woman's child, a man's business --

Nick: A headmaster's boat? A grandmother's estate?

Adam: We're talking about you right now.

Nick: Now we're talking about you. What the hell happened to the carefree guy I knew back in boarding school who only cared about ski trips and fast cars and going through his trust fund? Now you seem to have this issue with me and my wealthy family? Where the hell did that come from?

Adam: Got no problem with money. What I do have a problem with is your old man putting all his needs above anyone and anything else. To hell with the consequences. He doesn't care, right?

Nick: Well, I'm not gonna defend to you the way my father does business or chooses to live his life.

Adam: That's good. You don't have to, 'cause you do the exact same thing. He wants a free pass for all of his destructive behavior, and now you're asking for a free pass for sleeping with my wife?

Chelsea: You're lying.

Sage: You know I'm not.

Chelsea: Gabe is my friend, mine and Billy's. He's my neighbor. We work together.

Sage: And I told you he arranged all that -- the friendship, the job, the penthouse. He's tried every trick in the book to make you fall for him. He's pretending to be a jilted husband.

Chelsea: He wouldn't do that.

Sage: No? He wouldn't pretend that his heart is broken so you'd feel so bad, you'd turn your back on your fiancé to help him through all the pain?

Chelsea: No, he wouldn't.

Sage: Well, then, why don't you ask him? Ask him if I'm telling the truth. Unless you don't want to know that answer.

Sage: Admit it, Chelsea. Gabe's been lying to you this whole time, and you know it. Deep down, you know it.

Chelsea: You know, you really have some nerve, calling Gabe a liar when you're the one that has been sneaking around, having an affair with nick.

Sage: Nick and I are not sneaking around.

Chelsea: Oh, well, is that supposed to make it all okay?

Sage: Gabe and I came into this marriage with the same reasons and the same expectations.

Chelsea: Right, and now he's fallen in love with you.

Sage: Oh, the Gabe that you know has never been in love with me.

Chelsea: So, what are you saying -- that all he wants is the money?

Sage: No, he wants you, more than me, more than the money, more than anything.

Chelsea: Okay, is saying all this out loud -- does that make it easier for you to justify sleeping with nick?

Sage: Chelsea, you are a smart woman. You are a talented designer. You are a savvy businesswoman, totally self-made. That takes brains and guts. Why can't you see this? Why does this man have such a hold on you?

Chelsea: Gabriel wouldn't -- he wouldn't con me. He wouldn't do that.

Sage: Every instinct in your body knows that he would.

Chelsea: No. You -- you may have known Gabe longer than I have, but you don't know the real Gabriel Bingham.

Sage: The real Gabriel Bingham would never use me like this.

Chelsea: You know what, Sage? Just say it! What is it?! You're throwing out all these hints, all these little innuendos! Why don't you just say what it is you're dying to say?

Sage: Fine, I will say it! But do not say I did not warn you.

Nick: I've been straight with you from the beginning about how I felt about Sage.

Adam: Oh, you know what? You're right. I guess I should just step aside, then.

Nick: Why are you acting like this wounded party? Are you trying to tell me those flowers you just ordered were for Sage?

Adam: Stay away from my wife, nick.

Nick: Soon to be ex-wife, right, Gabe?

Adam: You got your sights on her, right, now? And a Newman gets whatever a Newman wants? I guess some things never change, do they?

Nick: Well, you sure have.

Adam: You're right. I have changed. It's called growing up.

Nick: You don't lose yourself when you do that.

Adam: Who says I have?

Nick: The Gabe Bingham I knew would never keep someone trapped in a loveless marriage.

Adam: Yeah, well, a guy's got to do what a guy's got to do to get his inheritance, right? Isn't that what you did when you sued your old man for, what, like half a billion dollars to get yours?

Nick: It's more than the money. There's some other reason you're clinging to this marriage. You may be right about me -- entitled, spoiled Newman. But who are you? 'Cause you're not the Gabe Bingham I used to know.

Sharon: Courtney...is dead? That -- that can't be.

Dylan: Avery was at the station when word came in.

Sharon: W-was she shot while she was on duty, or --

Dylan: She was murdered at the Abbott cabin, the same as --

Sharon: Austin.

Dylan: Yeah.

Sharon: Oh, my God. Courtney. [Gasps] Poor Noah.

Dylan: No, no, no. Sharon, wait.

Sharon: I have to find Noah. He's going to need me.

Dylan: No, you can't leave until you tell me where you were today?

Sharon: What difference does that make? My son's fiancée is dead!

Dylan: Yeah, she is, and people are gonna want answers about how she ended up that way. Everybody who knew about Austin's murder considers you a suspect, and now one of them is dead.

Sharon: You think I killed Courtney?

Dylan: Sharon, it doesn't matter what I think. The police are involved. They're gonna be asking questions, so just tell me. Where were you the last few hours? And please say you have something to back you up.

Sharon: Like what?

Dylan: Like a witness, a receipt -- anything that proves that you were nowhere near that cabin.

Sharon: I don't have anything that can prove where I was.

Dylan: [Sighs] Why not?

Sharon: Because I was alone, in the middle of nowhere.

Kevin: Paul, um, I didn't expect to see you here.

Paul: When one of mine goes down, I'm there.

Stitch: There was -- there was nothing I could do by the time we found her.

Paul: Go ahead.

Noah: Don't touch her.

Summer: Noah.

Noah: I mean it. Don't go near her.

Summer: Noah, no, you --

Noah: No.

Summer: You have to let them do their job.

Paul: Come on, son.

Summer: Courtney would want you to.

Noah: No, I don't want to leave her.

Summer: Noah, you have to, okay? Come here. It's okay. Come here.

Paul: Okay. Call the coroner. And secure the area. And get ahold of CSI and tell them to get somebody up here right away. Okay. Does anybody want to tell me what the hell happened?

Kevin: Noah got a text message from Courtney asking him to come here.

Mariah: And then we all got messages saying the same thing.

Paul: To meet her here at the cabin?

Abby: Yes, but when we got here...

Stitch: There was no sign of Courtney.

Summer: Noah tried to call her cell phone, but my aunt Avery answered instead.

Kevin: And before we could ask her what was going on...Abby found Courtney in there.

Paul: Okay. So, does anyone know how she got in there or who would do this to her?

Mariah: No, none.

Kyle: What makes you think we would?

Paul: Because Sloane's cell phone was found in a trash can at the station near a computer... the same computer I caught Kevin trying to hack the other day. Okay, people. I want answers, and I want them now.

Kevin: Chief, I don't have any answ--

Paul: Don't screw with me, Kevin. I want to know why someone would want to kill officer Sloane.

Noah: Because she was trying to find the killer.

Paul: What killer?

Summer: The one who murdered Austin.

Paul: What?

Paul: All right, somebody better start talking.

Summer: Austin's death wasn't an accident. He was murdered.

Kevin: Here. Uh, at least that's where we found him.

Paul: How do you know he was murdered?

Mariah: We all came up here for Abby's Valentine's Day party, and we started this stupid drinking game.

Summer: Someone spiked the punch.

Mariah: Someone named fen.

Abby: And we passed out. And when we woke up, Austin was...was dead.

Kyle: Stuffed in the armoire, just like Courtney.

Kevin: We panicked, and, um...

Paul: And what?

Kevin: We -- we moved his body outside, and we made it look like he slipped and fell.

Mariah: And then fen went outside to --

Kyle: To get some air. Austin's body was gone.

Kevin: You found it the next day in a car, and we got a message from the killer.

Summer: Yeah, written in lipstick on the mirror, it said, "I know what happened here."

Kyle: We agreed that it was best not to tell anyone that --

Paul: Best? Really? Best? It was stupid. It's stupid and illegal.

Summer: We were scared.

Paul: Okay. So, you decided to cover up a murder, all of you... officer Sloane included.

Summer: No, she didn't want to. We convinced her that it was best if we stick together.

Abby: Which we did, until we started getting all the threats and messages.

Paul: So your mugging in the park is --

Stitch: That's how I got involved -- to protect Abby.

Kyle: We didn't know who to trust or who would be next.

Paul: If you had trusted me, Courtney might still be alive!

Noah: Don't you think that we know that?

Paul: This is what happens when you take the law into your own hands!

Noah: We get it. We screwed up, and it cost Courtney her life. Now, can we shift focus here and find the bastard who did this?

Sharon: I need to be with my son.

Dylan: You need to tell me where you went after you left Avery's. You said you were going to Noah's wedding, but you didn't make it to the park, did you?

Sharon: I was planning to. But then I remembered something that happened the night I was driving around in the snowstorm.

Dylan: You already told me that you had a panic attack, you pulled over, and you saw a car coming from the direction of the cabin, right?

Sharon: But what I didn't remember until today was the driver threw something out of his window as he drove past me.

Dylan: And what? You went back to look for it?

Sharon: Well, I was hoping it would lead us to the killer!

Dylan: But you didn't find it.

Sharon: No. I looked everywhere. There was no sign of it. You don't believe me?!

Dylan: I don't know what to think! You drove back to the cabin at the exact time that Courtney was murdered, looking for something that might be linked to Austin's murder!

Sharon: Yeah, and I was trying to clear myself!

Dylan: Yeah, but do you realize how bad this looks?

Sharon: I know this looks bad. But I didn't kill Austin, or Courtney. Please say you believe me.

Sage: I know you're not gonna believe me. This isn't the type of thing that anyone would ever expect to hear. But you have to believe me. What I'm telling you is the truth.

Chelsea: Then just say it.

Sage: Gabriel --

[Doorbell rings]

Chelsea: Oh, for god's sake.

Sage: It's all right. I've waited a long time to tell you this. A few minutes isn't gonna make a difference. Aren't you gonna open it? Wow. Those are beautiful. [Chuckles] Wonder who they're from.

Chelsea: Probably Billy.

Sage: Or not.

Chelsea: It's not signed.

Sage: Well, that's something secret admirers do, not fiancés.

Chelsea: An unsigned card doesn't prove anything.

Sage: This is so obvious. How can you not see this?

Chelsea: What is it, Sage? What are you trying to tell me about Gabe?

Sage: You know what? If you want to know the truth about Gabriel, you can ask him. You can start by asking if he knew your dead husband.

[Door shuts]

Adam: Everybody changes. That's just the way it is. Are you the same guy that you used to be, huh -- spoiled, little, rich playboy, the kind of guy that would charm a girl into doing just about anything?

Nick: Well, at least I remember my past. You don't seem to remember anything about yours -- well, except for this hatred for the Newman family, which, frankly, I don't recall at all.

Adam: Well, I've done a lot of research since then, so...

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Hey, Supergirl. Did you find the bride?

Summer: [Voice breaking] Dad, um... s-something's happened.

Nick: What's going on?

Summer: Courtney, um, s-she's...

Nick: She's what?

Summer: She's dead... murdered.

Nick: Um... okay, uh, where are you? Where's Noah?

Summer: We're -- we're at the Abbott cabin, and Paul's here. He's gonna take us back to the station right now.

Nick: Okay. I'll meet you there. I got to go. This isn't finished.

Adam: You know where to find me.

Kyle: You okay?

Summer: I'm just worried about Noah.

Kyle: You'll be there for him. And if you need somebody to lean on, you've got me, okay?

Paul: All right. I want you all to follow me in your own cars back to the station. No detours. Understood.

Summer: Hey, do you want to ride with Kyle and me?

Noah: No, I-I can't leave her.

Paul: Hey, you've got to leave her.

Noah: No. No, she needs me.

Stitch: Noah, there's nothing you can do for her, man.

Noah: No, I have to make sure that she's okay, s-so... I ha-- [Sobbing]

Paul: All right. You stay with Courtney until they have to take her, okay?

Noah: [Crying]

Paul: And then officer Hollister will give you a lift to the station. All right. I will see you all there.

Noah: [Sobbing]

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: I need you to be on my side.

Dylan: I am. But there's a lot of circumstantial evidence that points to you.

Sharon: Well, if you find whatever it is that the driver threw out of his window that night, that evidence will point to someone else. And it's out there. It has to be!

Dylan: You're asking me to find a needle in a haystack, and the needle might not even exist!

Sharon: It does. If you don't want to go look for it, I will, after I see my son.

Dylan: Okay, hold on. Even if you find this mystery item, how do you explain the message on the machine?

Sharon: You did listen to it.

Dylan: No, I was here when the call came in.

Sharon: Okay, who was it?

Dylan: It was rob from the auto body shop. He said he's gonna stop by to look at the -- the damage from the accident you had in the woods. I thought you already had that damage repaired from the night of the storm.

Sharon: I did. Rob must be confused.

Dylan: No, he didn't sound confused. But maybe you were. Are you sure it was the panic attack that made you skid off the road the night Austin was murdered.

Sharon: Yes, I'm sure.

Dylan: Okay, so it's not possible that you lost control of your car because you were shaken up by something that happened at the cabin? And then the same thing happened today.

Sharon: I thought you were on my side.

Dylan: I am on your side. But you need to be honest with me.

Sharon: I am. I have been. And I'm not gonna stand here wasting more time trying to convince you of that! I'm going to see my son!

Summer: I can't believe this is happening. Courtney was my best friend. I was supposed to be at her wedding right now.

Paul: I know how difficult this is for you... especially after just losing Austin.

Summer: It's all so unreal.

Paul: I know it must seem that way. Your husband was having an affair with your aunt. That had to make you furious.

Summer: I-I-I didn't find out about a-Austin and Abby until after Austin was dead.

Paul: You must've suspected something.

Summer: I didn't suspect anything. And I didn't kill Austin, if that's what you're implying.

Paul: You helped cover up his murder, didn't you?

Summer: Yes.

Paul: Why? Summer, tell me why.

Summer: Because when Austin first wound up dead, I... I thought maybe I did kill him, but I didn't. I couldn't have killed him.

Paul: Because you don't think you're capable of murder?

Summer: Because I loved him, in spite of everything.

Kevin: We were trying to protect summer. That's how the cover-up started. She remembered having the bloody bookend in her hand, but we knew there was no way she could've killed Austin.

Paul: So you concealed evidence, even though you work for the department?

Kevin: Well, we were trying to protect ourselves, too. We were getting threats right away.

Paul: Like this.

Kevin: Yeah. We were wondering who was sending the messages, right? So I go onto Austin's computer, looking for clues, and I find this video of him following Jack through chancellor park, but the end of it is missing. That's why I hacked into the GCPD computers. I was looking for the surveillance footage from the security cameras in the park.

Paul: Okay, Kevin. So, why the hell would Austin follow Jack Abbott?

Kevin: We were wondering the same thing. After you suspended me, Courtney picked up where I left off. And I think she must've discovered something, so if you pull up the surveillance --

Paul: I can't. A virus corrupted our entire computer system. It's down. Happen to know anything about that?

Kevin: No.

Paul: So even if there was something incriminating, it's gone now.

Kevin: Well, look. Whoever's doing this is really covering up their tracks. I can help you recover the data.

Paul: Did you find anything else on Travers' computer? Oh, damn it. Answer my question!

Kevin: He was making a documentary.

Paul: A documentary. About what?

Kevin: The Newmans and the Abbotts. He was planning on exposing all their dirty secrets we think he dug up something that somebody didn't want revealed. And when Courtney called us up to the cabin, we thought she'd discovered what it was.

Abby: It wasn't just a simple mugging. The killer was warning me to back off.

Paul: And how do you know that?

Abby: There was a message on my phone. It was written in lipstick. It said, "shut up, or you're next."

Stitch: And another one at Victoria's house. That's why Abby went to the club, and I went with her. We thought it was safer for Victoria and the kids, and Abby.

Paul: So, did it ever occur to you, you might want to go to the police with this?

Stitch: Yeah, like you were gonna believe me, the guy who lied about killing his dad?

Nick: Hey, I'm looking for Noah Newman. Excuse me. Hey, can you answer some questions I -- really? Paul?! Paul? Wha--

Sage: Nick... I just heard the news. I don't know what to say or do. I just... I'm so sorry. I want to be here for you.

Nick: I'm glad you came.

Adam: Oh, good. You got the roses.

Chelsea: I got them.

Adam: Good. I, uh -- I just wanted to say thank you for letting me drop all of my problems with Sage into your lap like that. It's nice.

Chelsea: That's why you sent them?

Adam: Yeah. Call me crazy, but I'm still sort of holding out hope that Sage and I can have a meaningful relationship one day -- you know, like what you had with Adam.

Chelsea: You're good.

Adam: Thank you. What? [Chuckles]

Chelsea: You always know the right things to say, the right gifts to give, the right moves to make. I mean, you even risked your own life to save my son.

Adam: Sure. Uh, a-are you upset with me for some reason?

Chelsea: I am onto you. I know all about your little plan.

Adam: My little plan?

Chelsea: To get close to me. I-I can't believe I didn't see it before. I mean, the job at Jabot... buying the apartment across the hall, running out of gas, leaving us stranded in the middle of nowhere -- I mean, I am just so off my game. I can't believe I didn't see the red flags.

Adam: Sage put this idea in your head, didn't she?

Chelsea: Are you denying it's true?

Adam: [Clears throat] Chelsea, can't you see what she's doing, here?

Chelsea: She's trying to make me open my eyes.

Adam: No, she is spreading lies about me to cover up her own infidelity. That's what she's doing.

Chelsea: You didn't pay off our contractor to delay the repairs in our penthouses?

Adam: Chelsea, who you gonna believe? You gonna believe a liar like Sage, or you gonna believe me?

Chelsea: That depends. Are you gonna deny you knew my dead husband?

Adam: You're right, Chelsea. I-I owe you an explanation. I owe you the truth.

Chelsea: And...?

Adam: The truth is that I-I do want a meaningful relationship with the woman that I love. I want that more than anything. And Sage seems to be doing everything she can to make sure that doesn't happen. For her and in her mind, it's all about the money. And -- and, honestly, for me, at first, it was, too. And then I came here to Genoa city, and I... I looked over, and I saw you sitting right over there. Do you remember that? You were waiting for someone?

Chelsea: Yes, Billy, my fiancé.

Adam: I didn't know that at the time. And then I saw you again at the park. You were with Connor. That's when I knew.

Chelsea: Knew what?

Adam: Chelsea, it was you. It was you the whole time. You were the woman that I'd been waiting for, I'd been searching for my entire life. It had to be you. And I watched you walk away that day, and -- then I knew that I had to do whatever it took to get you, to be with you.

Chelsea: [Sighs] I-I was taken.

Adam: Yeah, you were. You were taken, but not by Billy Abbott. You were taken...because you were still in love with your husband. And so I... I did. I-I found out everything I could about Adam Newman -- what he did, how he lived his life, what he liked, what he didn't like, his strengths, his weaknesses. Everything about him. I wanted to know what it was about this guy that made you love him so much, through everything, no matter what. They wrote him off, Chelsea. You didn't. And I wanted that. I wanted to be that man, the kind of man that you could never stop loving, no matter what, to the end, through death, even after. So you stand there, and you ask me if I knew your ex-husband. And the truth is... Chelsea, I know him as much as I know myself.

Chelsea: But you...never met him?

Adam: I see him every time I look in your eyes.

Sage: Where's Noah?

Nick: I don't know. Nobody will tell me anything.

Sage: Well, I'm gonna wait here with you. You shouldn't go through this alone.

Sharon: He's not alone.

Nick: Hey, Sharon. Who told you?

Sharon: Not you.

Nick: I just found out myself.

Sage: I'm so sorry, Sharon, for your family, for Noah.

Sharon: You don't even know our son.

Nick: Sharon, I know you're upset, but there's no reason to get upset at Sage.

Sharon: She shouldn't even be here! This is a family matter.

Nick: Let's just focus on Noah and hope the police find out who killed Courtney.

Sharon: Why'd you look at me when you said that?

Nick: We need to help Noah get through this. And part of that is finding out who murdered his fiancée.

Paul: So, you came back into town to tell summer that Travers was cheating on her.

Kyle: Well, she figured it out on her own, but yeah. That's why I was on my way to the cabin that night.

Paul: So, I take it you didn't like Austin very much.

Kyle: No. [Clears throat] And I told him exactly what I thought about him. And then, to make sure he got the message, I tried to break that perfect, little nose of his.

Paul: So I'm guessing you didn't lose much sleep when you found out that he was killed and stuffed in an armoire?

Kyle: Not a minute.

Paul: Mm.

Kyle: But I didn't kill him.

Paul: Do you know who did?

Kyle: Shouldn't you be figuring that out?

Paul: Don't worry about that. I will. So, if you have any information that can lead us to the killer, I suggest you tell me what it is right now... like what was Travers doing following your dad in the park?

Kyle: If you're looking for clues, check Travers' laptop. If you're looking for a motive, check out the woman who gave Austin all the dirt he was looking for on the Newmans, and then regretted it.

Mariah: I am not surprised that Kyle said that about Sharon.

Paul: Well, you can't deny she has a strong motive.

Mariah: If Sharon killed Austin to keep his exposé from going public, then she killed Courtney for the same reason.

Paul: Do you think she did?

Mariah: I know Sharon. She's not capable of killing two people.

Paul: But one's a possibility?

Mariah: No. That's not what I meant.

Paul: How can you be so sure?

Mariah: I was raised by lowlifes. I know the type of people who would kill to silence somebody. It's not Sharon.

Paul: All right. So, tell me -- who's at the top of your list?

Mariah: Well, the mustache and his son had more to lose than Sharon if the story she told Austin became public.

Sharon: Noah? Oh, gosh. I'm so sorry. Is there anything we can do?

Nick: Hey, bud. Come here. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Paul: Noah, I need to ask you some questions.

Sharon: Not now, Paul.

Paul: This can't wait.

Sharon: Well, it's gonna have to. I'm taking my son home.

Nick: Sharon's right. He's in no condition to answer any questions right now.

Paul: He doesn't have a choice.

Nick: The hell he doesn't! We're going home.

Sharon: No, I'm taking him.

Noah: Stop, both of you. I can speak for myself. What do you want to know?

Sharon: If you find whatever it is that the driver threw out of his window that night, that evidence will point to someone else. And it's out there. It has to be!

Dylan: You're asking me to find a needle in a haystack, and the needle may not even exist!

Paul: So, everyone I talked to today said that Austin's documentary was most likely the biggest motive for the two murders.

Noah: Well, that makes a lot of suspects.

Paul: But I can imagine your dad is pretty worried about what Sharon said in her interview.

Noah: Well, my dad was buried under a pile of rubble when Austin was murdered.

Paul: Right. And you are convinced your mother's innocent?

Noah: Yes.

Paul: Okay, so that leaves the group of people who knew from the beginning that Austin's death was not an accident, unless there's somebody else you can think of.

Noah: As a matter of fact, there is. Your son.

Paul: Dylan?

Noah: Mm-hmm.

Paul: What does this have to do with him?

Noah: He knew all about this, made us tell him the truth.

Paul: Dylan knows that Austin was murdered?

Noah: That's right. Yeah. And instead of going to you with it, he told us to stop investigating Austin's death, that he'd get to the bottom of it.

Sage: Nick --

Sharon: He stepped out. But when Noah's finished here, we're both taking our son home, together.

Sage: Sharon, I'm very sorry for you and your family.

Sharon: But you're not sorry about the opportunity this is giving you to comfort nick.

Sage: I should go.

Nick: No, no. Don't go. If you want to stay, then I want you here.

Stitch: There's no sense in beating ourselves up over what we did or didn't do. The police are in charge now. They're gonna find the killer.

Paul: Which we might've done by now if you all hadn't interfered.

Kyle: Does this mean you're gonna charge us with something?

Paul: No, you're free to go.

Kyle: Because you can't legally hold us.

Paul: No, I can hold you. I can arrest you. The only reason I'm letting you go is because I don't want the killer to know that the GCPD is treating this as a murder. If the murderer thinks that we believe that Austin's death was accidental, that gives us the upper hand on both murders.

Stitch: So, otherwise, keep our mouths shut.

Paul: Yeah. You'll make it look like you're still covering up Austin's murder. And whatever you do, don't mention it's connected to Courtney's. Otherwise --

Stitch: Otherwise, one of us could be next.

Chelsea: Did you ever just think about being honest and -- and...telling me the truth, that you have feelings for me?

Adam: Of course I did. Chelsea, I thought about that constantly. I -- I didn't think you were ready to hear it.

Chelsea: I'm still not ready to hear it, Gabriel.

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: I'm furious at you. You -- you made me question my feelings for Billy, all under the guise of concern, when really, it was just part of your master plan to get close to me.

Adam: No, I didn't make you question anything. The truth is...the doubt was already there, wasn't it?

Chelsea: I love Billy.

Adam: Yeah, that's fine. But not as much as you love your husband, and not as much as you

could love me.

Chelsea: Stop, okay? Stop saying these things.

Adam: Why stop? It's the truth, isn't it? I can't deny what it feels like to be trapped in a relationship with the wrong person. And you know what? I don't think you can, either.

Chelsea: Just stay away from me.

Adam: Chelsea --

Chelsea: Stay away from me.

Stitch: Hey, Chels. Wow, looks like we're not the only ones having a bad day.

Abby: He could be here. He could be sitting at the bar, enjoying dinner. He could be a she. We don't know anything about the killer, but he knows everything about us -- what we do, where we go

Stitch: Look, why don't we -- why don't we -- why don't we head upstairs? We'll get something to eat, some wine, relax.

Abby: "Relax." You expect me to relax when there's someone out there who's already killed twice, who's just waiting to strike again?

Stitch: I told you, I'm not gonna let anyone hurt you.

Abby: Noah thought he could protect Courtney.

Stitch: You know, when I... when I saw her in that armoire, all I could... all I could think about was you getting attacked in the park. I'm just -- I'm just glad you're okay. [Chuckles]

Paul: I'll tell your family you're ready to go.

Summer: Hey, um, I can come home with you if you want.

Noah: No, I'm fine. I'm fine. I-I'm okay.

Summer: Call me if you need

anything, okay?

Noah: Take care of her, okay?

Summer: I love you.

Kyle: I will. Yeah.

Kevin: You've got my number.

Mariah: I, um... I don't do sympathy well, but I...

Noah: I know. [Sobbing]

[Cell phone rings]

Dylan: Yeah, Paul, w-what -- what's up?

Paul: I need you to come down to the station right away.

Dylan: Uh, w-what's this about?

Paul: I think you know.

Dylan: No, I don't.

Paul: Really? I have reason to believe you have information on Austin Travers' murder.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Noah: Please tell me that you didn't have anything to do with Courtney's death.

Paul: Let me give you a piece of free advice. Back off.

Ashley: What Abbott secret am I hiding?

Jack: The one about your not truly being an Abbott.

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