Y&R Transcript Thursday 4/2/15


Episode # 10636 ~ Michael plans a romantic evening; Cane & Jill argue.

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[Knock on door]

Joe: Wow. You came right over.

Avery: Well, you made it sound like life or death.

Joe: You're dressed perfectly.

Avery: You're not.

Joe: Sorry.

Avery: What is this about?

Joe: The charity.

Avery: Well, I already told you. I got Gabriel Bingham to sign all the paperwork.

Joe: Yeah, but we still need our million-dollar donor to get the ball rolling.

Avery: Oh, oh, is that all?

Joe: You know, big money equals big press.

Avery: Well, yes, press will help us raise more funds.

Joe: Exactly.

Avery: Starting tonight.

Joe: Yes.

Avery: With?

Joe: Dinner. Downstairs.

Avery: Joe, I am not having dinner with you. If you want to discuss business, then we can do that.

Joe: You, me, Jack, and Phyllis.

Avery: My sister agreed to have dinner?

Joe: Well, I knew she'd turn me down if you weren't with me. So, what do you say? Dinner. You do eat, don't you?

Avery: Joe...

Joe: Just dinner downstairs, the four of us. Strictly business.

Avery: [Sighs] Ought to be an interesting evening.

Jack: Red, red, red, red, red. You know I would do anything for you -- anything.

Phyllis: Then do this. Relax. Let your I.T. Department handle Jabot being hacked for a couple of hours.

Jack: Who's gonna handle Victor showing up in my office?

Phyllis: You. After dinner. I truly and really absolutely appreciate you doing this. Pretty please?

Jack: A guy's got to eat.

Phyllis: I think I'll marry you.

Jack: You better. I am a little surprised that you accepted Joe Clark's invitation so quickly.

Phyllis: Well, I'd like to hear more about his foundation.

Jack: Uh-huh.

Phyllis: Okay, fine. My motive isn't completely altruistic.

Jack: You're worried about your sister.

Phyllis: You know what? Avery claims that her work with Joe is platonic and professional.

Jack: And you don't believe her.

Phyllis: And I don't believe Joe. This dinner will give me a chance to see if he's passionate about this project or my sister.

Cane: This is the best way to maximize profits in this division.

Jill: That's your opinion.

Cane: No, it's not my opinion. It is fact. And if you just take the time to look at it --

Jill: Oh, you think I haven't? Listen, with all due respect, Cane, I appreciate your opinion. I just don't happen to share it. That's all.

Cane: So we're at a standoff.

Jill: A standoff? I don't think so, no. No, we're gonna do it my way because I am making the final decision, right?

Cane: You know what? I think it's about time that we reassess the way we've structured things at chancellor.

Michael: I am gonna wrap things up here and meet you at the club.

Lauren: W-w-wait. Not home?

Michael: Going out's more romantic. And the rest of the night will be about just you and me.

Lauren: Okay, wait, wait, wait. Are you sure?

Michael: Why wouldn't I be?

Lauren: Well, honey, the last time I tried to surprise you, it didn't exactly go very well.

Michael: I would like you to chalk that up to me working long hours and being punchy and being a bit of an ass.

Lauren: Are you more rested now?

Michael: I'm rested and repentant. Let me make it up to you. You know, I'm just closing in on the end of my treatment. We haven't celebrated that yet.

Lauren: Whoo-hoo! [Laughs] The end is in sight! I'm so excited. [Chuckles]

Michael: It's been a long time.

Lauren: Yeah. Yeah, it has. You and me eating and laughing and celebrating. I love it. I can't wait.

Kevin: Hello! Place of business. Isn't that a health code violation?

Lauren: [Laughs] I will see you later.

Michael: It's a date.

Lauren: Bye, Kevin.

Kevin: Bye. [Kisses] You summoned. I'm here. What's up?

Michael: I heard from Paul that you got yourself suspended.

Kevin: Oh, yeah. That.

Michael: That. Being you were improperly using the GCPD computer system.

Kevin: I tell you, my boss and my brother being friends -- very inconvenient.

Michael: Paul also said that you refused to tell him what you were searching for.

Kevin: I'm not telling you, either.

Michael: I want to know what's going on with you, Kevin.

Kevin: Well, here's the story.

Michael: And do not try to play me. I know this job is important to you. You wouldn't just cavalierly risk throwing it all away, so what the hell was so important?

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Dylan! What are you doing back here so soon?

Dylan: Just, uh, wanted to check on you.

Sharon: Oh, well, thank you. Um, can I get you anything?

Dylan: Uh, no, I'm --

Sharon: [Laughing] Oh, my gosh. Wow, I suddenly have lots of visitors. Courtney, I haven't seen you in awhile.

Courtney: Oh, y the life of a cop's like.

Sharon: So, what brings you both by?

Noah: Um, well, uh... [Chuckles] We have some news.

Dylan: Uh, if you need me to ...

Noah: No, it's fine. Mom, we're getting married.

Sharon: Married? Oh, my gosh! What a surprise! That is wonderful! Oh, you have to tell me about the proposal! When is the wedding?

Noah: Tomorrow.

Jill: It's funny. I don't find the idea of appealing.

Cane: And I didn't think you would, but that doesn't that we should not discuss it.

Jill: I understand why this would be very frustrating for you because you did run chancellor, right? It must kill you to take orders from me. To be my second-in-command.

Cane: Well, that's because there were mitigating circumstances surrounding Hilary and Devon's secret affair, but those circumstances have now changed. But if you want to stick to our agreement, then let me bring up this point. You told me that my father would not be involved in the running of chancellor, but here he is, Colin Atkinson, making decisions by your side.

Colin: Somebody mention my name, hmm?

Michael: Why, of all things, would you hack into the police computer system?

Kevin: Here's what I will tell you. I was using my superpowers for good.

Michael: Sidebar -- should I be troubled that you think you have superpowers?

Kevin: Can you just trust me on this? I wasn't doin

Michael: Well, obviously Paul disagrees. And now since you suddenly started talking like a character in one of those books that you like, I have all the more reason to think that there is something I'm concerned about. So, what's the big secret?

Kevin: Maybe I didn't feel like opening up to you because I didn't bing my stupidity in my face.

Michael: So, this was unintentional? Just a stupid mistake?

Kevin: I got caught, didn't I? It's not a big deal.

Michael: The big deal is, you've finally gotten your life in order, and now you're screwing it all up again.

Kevin: Michael, I-I got suspended. I didn't get fire

Michael: That's just one step away from being out of a job! Why can't you -- you know, fine! You want to wreck everything you've worked for, have at it. I don't have time to worry about you, too t tomorrow? You're getting married tomorrow?

Dylan: Congratulations, you guys.

Noah: Thank you. We really are excited.

Courtney: Thanks, Dylan.

Noah: Thank you. Mom, uh, are you excited or...?

Sharon: This is a sho

Courtney: [Laughs]

Noah: Look, I know. I know it's a lot to absorb all at once. I do. It just -- Courtney and I --

Courtney: We really, really want you and Nick to be at the wedding.

Noah: We want your blessing.

Sharon: What did your dad say?

Noah: Nothing yet. I mean, we've been playing a little bit of phone tag, but I'm sure he's gonna be just as shocked as you

Sharon: Shocked -- yeah, that -- that covers it. It's kind of sudden going from engagement to wedding in 24 hours.

Noah: I know. You know, in so many ways, it's really not that sudden at all.

Courtney: We've already been living together for a while now,

Noah: I love this woman. And when I thought about marrying her, I-I knew it was right. I don't want to wait, mom.

Sharon: Why not?

Noah: Because life's too short.

Courtney: That's the way I've always felt. When you learn you can't take time for granted, and, Sharon, I promise I never been more sure about anyone or anything.

Noah: What's on your mind, mom?

Sharon: Noah... you're my only son. And while you're always gonna be my little boy, you have grown into a man. And you found such a wonderful young woman to share your life with.

My blessing.

Noah: Thanks, Mom.

Courtney: So you'll be at the wedding?

Sharon: Front row.

Noah: You're sure you're okay with all this?

Sharon: You know, I'm proud. I am relieved.

Noah: [Chuckles] And?

Sharon: After everything that you've been through with your father and me, that you believe in marriage... I wish the both of you every happiness.

Noah: Thank you.

Joe: Well, I appreciate you taking the time to have dinner with us this evening.

Phyllis: I couldn't resist the opportunity.

Joe: A leap from your last endeavor in Genoa city.

Phyllis: The real-estate deal, when you were secretly working with Victor Newman.

Joe: Well, no secrets here. It's a personal passion of mine.

Avery: Uh, you know, since our table's not ready, why don't you and Jack go grab a drink at the bar?

Phyllis: While you and I twid

Avery: I will fill you in on everything.

Phyllis: Feels a little "divide and conquer.

Avery: Whatever works.

Joe: Shall we?

Jack: Shall we?

Avery: Joe is not hitting on me.

Phyllis: Are you sure about that? One minute you're agreeing to work together, the next you're planning family dinners.

Avery: Business dinner.

Phyllis: If I didn't know better, the two of you look like a couple.

Avery: Okay, you know what? You can keep singing this song. It is not like that at all.

Phyllis: Really? Where's Dylan?

Avery: This is business, my business, not my fiancé's, and the truth is I didn't even know dinner until just a few minutes ago.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, Joe's st.

Avery: Yes, because he is determined to raise money for his charity as quickly a possible.

Phyllis: And that's his only incentive?

Ave b been divorced for years. He is very clear on where we stand.: : Agreeing to work with him might have made things less clear.

Avery: Phyllis, I took this project because ve in it. And I know how personal it is to

Phyllis: Personal.

Avery: No, I -- okay. I did not mean it like will you just listen to Joe and what he has to say about the charity? Before dinner is out, you will see him and the work we're doing in a new

Joe: Now, Jack, I realize your time's valuable, so we can wait for dessert, or...

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. We know why we're here. You're looking for donors for your foundation.

Joe: I am.

Phyllis: Tell us about it.

Joe: Well, we save lives.

Avery: Uh, the organization provides safe haven for battered women and children.

Phyllis: Oh, what does that entail? Shelter, or...counseling?

Avery: Yes, legal services, employment assistance, mentoring.

Joe: We want to empower these women. It's very difficult for them to break away from the shadows of the abuser, and that's exactly what this organization does so that they can go on and build strong homes for their children.

Jack: Sounds like a worthwhile cause.

Phyllis: I agree. Tell me, Joe, what drew you to a women's charity? So much so it made you stay in town?

Joe: Well, it's very personal for me.

Phyllis: Why's that?

Joe: Because I used to be one of those abused kids.

Cane: Dad, will you please go away? We're trying to have a private conversation.

Jill: Honey, come on. It's your father. We're family. Surely we can talk about it together.

Colin: So, what were we discussing?

Jill: We were discussing the possible restructuring at chancellor.

Colin: I thought things were going quite well.

Cane: Not for me.

Jill: See, here's the thing -- I believe that a lot of this is because of...misplaced anger on your part.

Cane: [Laughs] What misplaced anger do I have?

Jill: You have a lot of responsibility at chancellor, Cane.

Cane: No, no, no. Don't avoid the question. What misplaced anger do I have?

Jill: Okay. Your marriage to lily has hit a rough patch, okay, while Colin and I are stronger than ever.

Cane: Oh, okay. I see what's happening here. I'm supposed to be jealous of a relationship and a marriage based on blackmail and backstabbing. Is that what this is?

Colin: And we're all the better for it, I might add.

Jill: [Chuckles]

Cane: All right. Okay. My professional concerns have nothing to do with my private life. As a matter of fact, lily and I are fine. We are back on track.

Jill: Why do I get the sense that that's not entirely true?

Cane: Well, I'm telling you it's true. Thank you.

Jill: You need to stop stressing about chancellor and put more energy into your marriage. Now, my sister's here. Are we done?

Cane: We are very done. Goodbye, dad.

Colin: Before you go... I got two words for you. Move on.

Kevin: I'm sorry I upset you.

Michael: You had your chance to come clean, Kevin. Just don't come running to me to bail you out when you get in more trouble.

Kevin: I won't. I promise.

Michael: [Chuckles] You say that with such sincerity. It's like you almost believe it.

Kevin: Yeah, I get that you're upset about me and my job, but you're wound so tight. Did you get some bad news from the doctor or something?

Michael: Good news. I'm almost finished my radiation treatment. Next up, hormone therapy.

Kevin: No setbacks?

Michael: Not a one. Satisfied?

Kevin: No. Not at all.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. Look how beautiful! Let me see this ring! So, a simple wedding?

Courtney: Kind of has to be. [Chuckles] We're just doing it at the park, and we're gonna have a justice of peace.

Sharon: Oh...

Noah: So, I was a little surprised to find you here.

Dylan: Uh, just checking on your mom.

Noah: Did something else happen?

Dylan: Nah, she hadn't mentioned anything.

Noah: So, why do you feel like you need to protect her?

Dylan: I'm trying to find out the truth.

Noah: What, from my mother? She doesn't know anything. She didn't have anything to do with what happened to Austin.

Dylan: I'm just trying to put pieces together, Noah.

Noah: How could you think she would have something to do with this?

Dylan: What are -- what are you talking about?

Noah: She wasn't even at the cabin.

Dylan: Faith said that she was in the woods with Sharon that night.

Noah: Faith is a child, okay? She doesn't understand. You just took her word? You didn't even talk to my mom?

Dylan: No, that's why I came by -- to talk to her.

Noah: To question her? Were you trying to dig up some dirt on her while you -- while you're smiling in her face? You expect me to go along with this? Huh? Listen to me, I am -- I am sick of people lying to my mother, okay, and getting into her head.

Sharon: What? What's going on over here?

Noah: Um... look, Austin was murdered.

Sharon: Wh-what are you talking about?

Noah: Yeah. It's true. And Dylan thinks you did it.

Sharon: Austin was murdered?

Courtney: What are you doing?

Noah: I'm just trying to clear things up for Dylan here.

Sharon: A-and Dylan, you think that I...?

Noah: Look, somebody killed Austin at Abby's valentine's party.

Sharon: You saw...

Noah: No. Well, we were drugged and we were passed out. And we tried to cover it 'cause we were scared. But somebody's been threatening us to keep quiet.

Sharon: Noah, why didn't you tell me about this?

Noah: Because I didn't want to get you dragged into this conspiracy. But now people know that you gave that interview to Austin.

Sharon: Oh, my gosh. That message on my mirror.

Courtney: Kyle wrote that.

Sharon: What? Why would he do that?

Courtney: He wanted to see if you would react.

Sharon: They suspect me.

Noah: Unlike Kyle or Summer or Dylan, I know --

Courtney: We.

Noah: We know that there's no possible way you could have anything to do with Austin's death.

Sharon: Well, thank you for believing in me, both of you. And Dylan, for your information, um, I am innocent. I thought Austin died in a car accident.

Courtney: Sharon, I hate to ask this, but...

Sharon: No, I-I-I won't say a word to anyone. I would never put either one of you at risk. Okay, look, enough of this. You two better get out of here. You have a wedding to plan.

Noah: Okay. What about you?

Sharon: I think I have some things to discuss with Dylan.

[Door closes]

Sharon: When?

Dylan: I don't -- I don't know what you're asking.

Sharon: I thought you were my friend. I want to know when that changed.

Dylan: It -- it hasn't changed.

Sharon: You said that you were trying to help me and protect me.

Dylan: I was trying to. I am trying to help you.

Sharon: All this time, you're trying to get me to confide in you. Really, you didn't believe a word I was saying.

Dylan: Have you told me the truth?

Sharon: Go to hell!

Dylan: Where were you that night?

Sharon: I told you. You already know.

Dylan: No. Faith said that she was in the woods with you. Now, you never mentioned any detour when you were supposedly going to a hotel room. So exactly what were you doing out there?

Joe: My mom dragged us to a shelter, and...hid from my father, and that was the first time I went to sleep not afraid. Yeah. They helped her find a job and eventually a home and then she -- she built us a great life.

Phyllis: Avery didn't mention any of this.

Avery: Well, it wasn't my story to tell. And when Joe and I were married, I thought that I understood.

Joe: Well, you did.

Avery: No, I didn't. Not until I found out our dad wasn't the man I thought he was, and then I understood better what a father's betrayal does. It cuts so deep.

Phyllis: It's not the same type of abuse Joe suffered.

Avery: No, it isn't, but you suffered, too. And I can't think of any greater pain than realizing you're not safe, physically or emotionally, with the person that's supposed to love you.

Jack: Tell you what, Joe. I am prepared to make a generous contribution to better days foundation. As well, Phyllis and I are about to get married. How about we ask our family and friends to give to your foundation rather than giving us wedding gifts?

Avery: [Chuckles]

Joe: Thank you, Jack.

Avery: Yes. Thank you. That means so much to us.

Colin: Look, son, I'm just looking out for you.

Cane: You expect me to believe that, huh?

Colin: I can understand you wanting to be higher up on the chancellor food chain.

Cane: Where I should be.

Colin: The point is Jill's not gonna give you any more power. And for as long as you've wanted to be head of chancellor, she's wanted it longer.

Cane: So basically you're telling me I should shut my mouth and have no input at chancellor even though it's my input that has led the company to its recent success. Is that what you're telling me?

Colin: If you can.

Cane: And let you become the official number two?

Colin: [Chuckles]

Cane: Hell...no.

Colin: Look, I don't need the title. You called it when you said I've got my wife's ear.

Cane: You played us both, didn't you?

Colin: Look, I don't want things to get ugly between you and Jill. And I don't want you taking this stress home to your family.

Cane: So, what are you suggesting?

Colin: Find another company, one where you can reap the accolades, you can have the success that you deserve and desire.

Cane: I am not going anywhere.

Lauren: Weren't you just in the middle of something with Colin and Cane?

Jill: I think Cane needs a break from me.

Lauren: Really? Why?

Jill: He didn't like it when I told him that he was being too sensitive about chancellor because of the problems in his marriage.

Lauren: Sis, you know, when you hit a stumbling block in your marriage, it takes a while to get your footing again.

Jill: Mm.

Lauren: He and lily are solid. They'll get past this.

Jill: Good. So, you and Michael.

Lauren: I am happy to report that it looks like his treatments are a success.

Jill: Oh, that's wonderful!

Lauren: Isn't it?

Jill: Okay, so everything's back to normal?

Lauren: We've had -- we've had a rough couple days.

Jill: 'Cause of the radiation?

Lauren: That and work and he's just -- he's exhausted and...you know what? We -- we're back on the road to normal. I know it.

Michael: You're trying to talk about me to get yourself out of the hot seat. Ha. Well-played, brother. Well-played.

Kevin: Your move.

Michael: Forget it. You're not even listening to me anyway. And I'm anxious to get to my wife for a well-deserved evening of celebration.

Kevin: You say that so sincerely. It's almost like you believe it.

Michael: I'm being honest, whereas you wouldn't know honesty if it hit you on the...

Kevin: I saw the less-than-enthusiastic look on your face when Lauren left.

Michael: You're delusional.

Kevin: Actually, no. I'm having pretty serious déjà vu. This reminds me of when you failed to tell Lauren about your cancer diagnosis. So what are you lying to your wife about this time?

Cane: Hey.

Lauren: Hey. Are you here for lily?

Cane: Uh, no. She's in the meeting, so I'm waiting.

Lauren: It's a lot more fun to wait with a buddy.

Cane: Well... hello, buddy.

Lauren: [Chuckles]

Cane: So, how are you?

Lauren: Um, better than you from what I hear.

Cane: Oh. So you talked to Jill.

Lauren: I did.

Cane: Yeah.

Lauren: You know, you were nice enough to let me vent the other day about what Michael and I are going through. If you want to talk about it, I'm here.

Cane: Thank you, but there's only really two things I want right now, and that's a cold beer and for this day to be over.

Lauren: Let me help you with one of those, okay? Please, uh, could you get this man a cold beer? [Chuckles]

Michael: You're accusing me of mistreating my wife?

Kevin: Well, that's what you're doing if you're keeping things from her. You know, you should be doing the happy dance for the way the two of you have come through this.

Michael: It's not over.

Kevin: Okay, so you haven't gotten it all clear just yet, but like you said, after a few more treatments, you will.

Michael: Even then, it won't be the same. I'm not the same man I was before I found out I had cancer.

Kevin: Nobody would be. This changes a person, but, Michael, you have to talk to Lauren about how you're feeling.

Michael: I've tried to. I have tried to tell her that I've changed. But she refuses to see it, and by the time she does, it'll be too late.

Kevin: Well, too late for what?

Michael: I don't want us going through the motions, dancing around the painful reality.

Kevin: Wh-what reality?

Michael: That we can never get back to what we once were.

Kevin: Then don't try and go back. Go forward. You still love Lauren as much as you always have, right?

Michael: God, yes. Lauren's happiness is the only thing that's important. I owe her that. No matter what it takes.

Jack: So, you get me the information. I'll see that the money is wired.

Avery: I'll do that.

Phyllis: I'll be right back. [Smooches]

Lauren: Hi, sweetheart. We're seeing each other next week, right?

Phyllis: Absolutely.

Lauren: Okay. See you then.

Cane: Hey.

Joe: Oh, I was just taking care of the bill.

Phyllis: Oh, are you leaving?

Joe: Yeah, I need to get back to work, but I asked the waiter to set you and Jack up with coffee, dessert, champagne, whatever.

Phyllis: Well, that was thoughtful.

Joe: Well, consider it a thank you for the sizable donation to my organization.

Phyllis: Oh, I suspect you'll have more generous donations. What you went through -- it has a powerful effect on people.

Joe: You think I'm using my past to lure your soft-hearted sister away from Dylan, huh?

Phyllis: Are you?

Joe: Avery was the first person I trusted to open up with about my past. She was the first woman to understand who I am. Asking her to help me in this endeavor...seems to be a natural fit. We have a deep bond.

Phyllis: Very deep. The deepest.

Sharon: I wasn't in the woods.

Dylan: Where did you go?

Sharon: I don't have to explain myself to you.

Dylan: I can't help you unless you tell me everything, Sharon.

Sharon: You don't want to help me! You've been lying to me the whole time!

Dylan: No, I'm trying to solve this, and the more honest you are with me, the better --

Sharon: Fine, you want the truth? I will tell you the truth. I had a panic attack. Yeah. I was in the car, with my child in the back seat, hyperventilating. I felt like my heart was going to explode.

Dylan: Faith didn't say that.

Sharon: Well, Faith fell asleep, and thank God, because... [Sighs] I just kept driving. I thought if I kept driving, maybe it would calm me down.

Dylan: But -- but with the storm, why --

Sharon: Why didn't I pull over? I don't know. Because I wasn't thinking clearly. It was hard enough just trying to breathe.

Dylan: Where did you go? Faith must have woken up at some point, because she said she was in a wooded area. Unless you're saying that Faith made that up.

Sharon: All right. You got me, Dylan. You know, I really didn't expect that Faith would ruin this for me. Yeah, I drove to the Abbott cabin and I murdered Austin because he refused to delete that interview I gave him about Nick. But I didn't want to leave the body laying there, though. That was too messy. And there was a snowstorm outside, my child was in the back seat of my car, but I figured, "hey, I'm gonna use my superhuman strength and drag Austin's body out of the cabin into the car and make it look like he was in a car accident." Is that what you want me to say? It is, isn't it? Isn't it?!

Dylan: Sharon, come on.

Sharon: Isn't it?! You think I'm crazy. Why don't you just admit it?

Jack: No, I'm glad I came.

Phyllis: Oh, after I wrangled you into this?

Jack: Well, it feels good to do something good for the world. How you feeling about Joe's intentions regarding your sister?

Phyllis: Oh, I was right. He wants her back.

Jack: Well, that can't happen. She's engaged to Dylan.

Phyllis: And I do not doubt she loves him very much.

Jack: But you think she's still distracted by Joe.

Phyllis: I think my sister is a sucker for the underdog, and he knew she couldn't resist helping him fight for something that means so much to him.

Jack: Well, you're her sister. You could warn her.

Phyllis: Ah, she won't listen. If Avery's not careful, she will find herself drawn back to Joe quicker than she realizes.

Joe: Well, I couldn't have done it without you.

Avery: Your story convinced them.

Joe: Yes, but you being there helped me tell it.

Avery: Joe, you have the ability to get into people's hearts and make them understand that this cause can change lives. You're gonna help so many women and children with this charity.

Joe: Thank you.

Avery: Okay. I should go.

Joe: Yeah. Sweet dreams. You deserve them.

Avery: Good night.

Joe: Good night.

Kevin: Why would you guys want to talk about the investigation tonight? You're getting married tomorrow.

Noah: Well, [Clears throat] We saw my mom.

Courtney: And we told her about Austin's murder.

Kevin: How many people are we gonna bring into this?

Noah: Had to be done.

Courtney: I'm the one who insisted on this meeting. I can't stop thinking about accessing the department's surveillance cameras.

Noah: Wait, that's why you wanted to see him?

Courtney: Yeah, Noah, if we can just figure out why Austin was following Jack that night in chancellor park, then maybe we can just shut this all down before our wedding.

Noah: It can wait. Courtney --

Courtney: I can't let this go. I know that it makes you uncomfortable, and I understand. I --

Noah: No. Kevin got caught. And he's a genius with computers. Now, you try this and you could get kicked off the force. And Paul's gonna be asking a bunch of questions that we don't want him asking.

Kevin: Actually, thanks to my epic fail, I could help Courtney avoid getting caught.

Courtney: You can help me access the footage without bumping into firewalls?

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, I've got it all figured out.

Sharon: Get the hell out.

Dylan: Come on, Sharon. I'm just trying to sort out what happened.

Sharon: Well, I don't know what happened because I wasn't at the Abbott cabin that night.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: I did not kill Austin. I'm not some horrible monster.

Dylan: I know. I know that. I know you're not. But I also know firsthand that things can get out of control.

Sharon: Well, I would never lose it like that. To think that you would even wonder if I could take that young man's life and -- and while my daughter's asleep in the car... did you talk to Nick about this?

Dylan: No. No, of course not.

Sharon: What about any of the other kids?

Dylan: No. I wouldn't do that to you.

Sharon: Because if Nick found out about this --

Dylan: No, I'm certain that Nick doesn't know about it. And I understand why you wouldn't want him to hear it. [Sighs] The kids saw your interview about Nick on Austin's computer. They told me what you said.

Sharon: And you think that's a possible motive for the murder. That's what you're thinking, aren't you? You are. You think I killed Austin to protect nick's secret so that I could use it for leverage.

Dylan: I know how desperate you are to keep Faith in your life. This looks bad. It looks real bad, Sharon.

Jill: So you asked Cane to step aside?

Colin: I want my wife and my son to succeed. Besides, he'd be better off if he's not in your shadow, and, well, you don't need the help.

Jill: So, how did he take it?

Colin: He understood.

Jill: Oh, Colin.

Colin: Yeah. Prepare for battle. When my son wants something, he goes after it.

Jill: You know, I expected that this day would come, but I am not worried. 'Cause with you at my side, it won't be much of a fight.

Lauren: [Laughs] That's very funny.

Cane: So, where did you guys meet?

Lauren: We actually met here. And, um...

[Indistinct conversation]

Lauren: [Chuckles] No, not friends like that.

Cane: Oh, okay.

Lauren: No, no, no. I had a boutique -- well, my boutique here, and he sort of was interested in me...

[Cell phone chimes]

Lauren: ...And so that's how we met. It's probably just Michael saying that he's on his way. Oh. Hmm.

Cane: What's the matter? Is something wrong?

Lauren: Uh, he's not coming. Work.

Cane: You know, uh, lily's probably tied up in this meeting for about another hour, so...you want to get some dinner?

Lauren: You know what? Why not?

Cane: Yeah?

Lauren: Yeah. You want to go sit over there?

Cane: Sure.

Lauren: Okay. Thank you.

Cane: You're welcome.

Lauren: How about this one?

Jack: I have another question about tonight.

Phyllis: This is our time. No more talk about my sister's personal life.

Jack: No, no. This is about us.

Phyllis: Okay. I love talking about us.

Jack: [Chuckles] I offered to have other people make donations rather than give us wedding gifts, and as soon as it came out of my mouth, I realized maybe that's not what you want.

Phyllis: Honey, those women and children need that money to make new lives. We don't need a bunch of silver bowls and vases we'll never use.

Jack: I had a feeling that's what you'd say. And don't worry. I'll still get you something special.

Phyllis: I already have everything I want, okay?

Jack: Mm.

Courtney: Come here. Look, you see what I'm doing as risking our future. I see it as guaranteeing the future that we want. I love you, Noah. And I plan on spending many, many years together as husband and wife. But we can't settle in to happily married life when there's this murderer running around threatening us. I need to put an end to this.

Noah: [Sighs] I mean, your mind's made up.

Courtney: [Chuckles] How's your mind?

Noah: It's freaking out. But I'm not gonna stop you. Not so fast. Just do me one favor, okay, please? Just wait until after the wedding.

Courtney: Tomorrow, I'll be all about being a bride and a newlywed. But Kevin's here. He might as well tell me everything he knows.

Kevin: All right. To pull this off, you have to do exactly as I say.

Avery: [Sighs] I am so happy to see you.

Dylan: Did you eat?

Avery: Uh, no. I-I ended up having to go out for dinner. Joe invited me to join him while he, uh, met with Phyllis and Jack about contributing to the charity.

Dylan: Mm. Well, I-I got held up with something, too.

Avery: With work?

Dylan: Yeah.

Avery: Okay, well, I'm beat. You ready for bed?

Dylan: Yeah. I'll be right in.

Avery: Okay.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Abby: Kyle called, and suddenly Courtney and Noah are getting married today.

Stitch: Today? What's the rush?

Summer: Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Kyle: Yes, she does.

Sharon: The real killer can place me near the scene of the crime. He is gonna make sure I get framed for that murder.

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