Y&R Transcript Wednesday 4/1/15


Episode # 10635 ~ Jack & Ashley scramble at Jabot; Kyle moves in on Summer; Kevin gets in trouble for digging into Austin's murder.

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Jack: What do you mean, Jabot was breached? How badly?

Ashley: IT is still investigating. So far, marketing division's been hit, as well as our fashion.

Jack: What about Hex? What about R&D?

Ashley: Let's put it this way. The reason I wanted to meet here is in case my office has been bugged again.

Jack: I assume security is on this.

Ashley: Yeah, well, they're sweeping the building for any unauthorized devices. Employees have been advised to change their passwords. I mean, we are adding levels of security, Jack. All of our files that are sensitive -- obviously they're encrypted, but if somebody's determined, there's really no way to stop them.

Jack: Somebody like Victor. Oh, come on. This has his grubby fingerprints all over it.

Victoria: Billy told me what happened at Jabot, all of the corporate hackings in the news. You know, it's incredibly disturbing.

Billy: Yeah. I was asking Vicki if she knows who's behind it.

Chelsea: And I'm guessing you don't?

Victoria: No. Not a clue. Sorry.

Chelsea: Uh, no, but I was asking because I overheard you saying something happened between the two of you last night? Care to share?

Billy: I mean, it's nothing. Nothing you need to worry about, anyway.

Chelsea: Well, now -- now I'm even more curious. [Chuckles]

Victoria: Come on. You know how it is when two people have known each other for a long time and they fall back into their old, familiar patterns. It was...just something like that. It was not a big deal.

Chelsea: Yeah, just a little inside joke?

Victoria: Exactly.

Chelsea: Well, since Billy's my fiancé and the three of us don't have any secrets anymore, suppose you let me in on the joke?

Nikki: Whose fingerprints are these? What are you up to, Victor?

Victor: You look surprised to see me, Mr. Bingham.

Adam: Yeah, a little bit. A little bit. You don't belong here.

Victor: Mm-hmm. I have something of importance for Mr. Abbott.

Adam: Oh, I see. Okay, well, tell you what. If you're here to up your offer to buy Jabot, we're not interested.

Victor: That's rather self-aggrandizing, isn't it? Last time I checked, Jack Abbott was C.E.O. Of this company. If you're anything like your father, he couldn't take the heat of the business world. He just died one day.

Adam: That's typical Victor Newman. That's your M.O., Right? Blaming the victim.

Victor: So you know me, huh?

Adam: More than you think.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Summer: Kyle, I don't look at you as a brother, which is why you shouldn't feel obligated.

Kyle: It's not an obligation, Summer. Look, I wasn't there to stop Austin from hurting you, and I'll be damned if I turn my back now when someone could be threatening your life.

[Rhythmic knock on door]

Summer: Who is it?

Noah: Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Courtney: [Laughs]

Summer: Hi. Okay. What's going on? Why are you guys smiling like that?

Noah: We got some pretty big news.

Courtney: No, we have huge news.

Kyle: Wait, let me guess. You just found proof that I killed Austin. This must be the happiest day of your life, right?

Noah: I wish. As a matter of fact --

Summer: No, please. Tell us the news.

[Door opens]

Kevin: Mariah, tell them I'm a genius.

Mariah: He's a genius.

Kevin: Wait till you guys hear this.

Courtney: No! Not before you hear this.

Noah: [Chuckles] Courtney and I are engaged.

Abby: You're back!

Stitch: Uh, was there ever any doubt?

Abby: Well, when you left last night, I wasn't sure what your plans were.

Stitch: Yeah, hey, look, even when I'm away, the service I hired, they're gonna keep you safe. They're ex-military types, highly trained.

Abby: Thank you for arranging that.

Stitch: Yeah. Did your mom stay long?

Abby: A while. Um, not too late. Oh, and Victoria stopped by. She was looking for you. Did you guys ever meet up?

Stitch: No, I, uh, got tied up working with the mortuary that has Kelly's, uh... look, I'll be leaving town soon. I'm gonna go, uh, collect her ashes, but you'll be in good hands.

Abby: I know. Because I'm going with you.

Billy: I mean, it's like I told you. I went by to go see the kids at Vicki's while you were supposed to be on a business trip with Gabe.

Chelsea: "Supposed to be"? I was on a business trip.

Billy: Technically, yes, but the meeting never happened.

Chelsea: It's not my fault the car ran out of gas.

Victoria: Ran out of gas? Seriously?

Chelsea: Getting back to my original question...

Victoria: When Billy came by, I was very upset. I just found out that Kelly died, and I made a mess of things with Ben, and I couldn't say the right things to him, and it was awful and it was upsetting.

Billy: And when I got there, Victoria was crying. I wasn't just gonna turn around and walk out the door.

Victoria: So we started talking about your engagement and how much harder it is for me to accept than I thought it would be.

Chelsea: And Billy comforted you.

Billy: Yeah, it was kind of like how Gabe was there for you when you told him you weren't ready to set a wedding date yet.

Chelsea: That was private.

Victoria: I thought you said there were no secrets between us.

Summer: Oh, it's about time! [Laughs]

Noah: We thought so.

Summer: Oh, my gosh! Are you sure this isn't an April fool's joke?

Courtney: I actually thought that for a minute, but then he gave me this beautiful ring.

Summer: [Gasps]

Mariah: Wow. If that is a fake, it's a damn good one.

Noah: Uh, no, that's not a fake. No, I'm pretty good at recognizing a fake when I see one.

Kyle: Hey, congratulations to you both.

Courtney: Thank you, Kyle.

Kevin: Well, it was about time we had some good news.

Courtney: Yeah, that's what Noah said during the proposal. [Chuckles]

Noah: Life's too short to waste it.

Kyle: Agreed.

Kevin: Okay, now that we've all shared in that magical moment, listen up. I found new video on Austin's computer starring none other than Jack Abbott.

Kyle: Dad?

Summer: Austin must have interviewed him, or, I mean, at least tried to.

Kevin: No, no, it was, uh, surveillance footage.

Noah: Surveillance footage?

Kyle: That's weird.

Courtney: Where was it taken?

Kevin: Austin was following Jack through chancellor park with his camera rolling, unbeknownst to Jack.

Kyle: All right, well, let's see this video.

Kevin: There isn't very much.

Mariah: Some of it is erased.

Kevin: But the department has security cameras at chancellor park, right? If I can get a police log-on, we can get into the central server and put together the missing pieces...

Noah: No! Courtney's already risked enough as it is!

Courtney: Babe, babe, you know that part in the ceremony about obeying?

Noah: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: We're not gonna have that. Let's do it.

Ashley: Victor can spy on us all he wants. It's not gonna do him any good. We're on to him.

Jack: Are we? I don't know. Something about this is so strange.

Ashley: What do you mean?

Jack: Think about it. He steals your formula then announces that Newman is going to release a copycat product. We throw in the towel. They do, too. Then we decide we're gonna release hex. Once it's a success, out of nowhere, Victor offers to buy Jabot. We tell him to take a hike. And before we know it, our servers are being hacked. What the hell kind of game is he playing?

Ashley: Well, it's got to be killing him. We're doing so well. All he can do is react.

Jack: No, no, no, no. That is not Victor's M.O., Never has been.

Ashley: Okay, you think he's got a plan?

Jack: I know he has a plan.

Ashley: Well, guess what? He's not gonna just be fighting you this time. He's taking on me, as well.

Jack: Poor guy. I almost feel sorry for him.

Ashley: Yeah.

Jack: Almost.

[Cell phone rings]

Ashley: Excuse me. Oh, it's the office. Ashley Abbott. Hold on a second. Victor's been seen in the building. I'm gonna have security escort him out.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. Let's think this through. He's not a stupid man. He's smart enough not to be seen.

Ashley: Unless he wants us to know he's there.

Jack: Exactly.

Ashley: Okay.

Jack: The question is, what

doesn't he want us to know?

Victor: Paul, what are you doing here?

Paul: Chris is, uh, in emergency surgery.

Victor: Oh, my goodness. What happened?

Paul: Your wife.

Victor: What do you mean, my wife happened?

Paul: No, actually, you happened, Victor. How many times have you driven Nikki to the breaking point and into the bottle? You know, the fact is that -- that you don't give a damn about anyone, do you?

Victor: What are you talking about?

Paul: What am I talking about?

Victor: Yes!

Paul: Your wife. She got drunk, and she plowed her car into Chris. Now my wife is in there fighting for her life. Her life and our baby's life.

Nikki: Hey. You have a minute?

Paul: If this is about the case against Neil, I can't discuss it.

Nikki: Oh, no, no. It's not about that. Um... I'm here as a friend. As long as you still consider me one.

Paul: You know, Nik, I would love to be able to turn back the clock and prevent Chris' accident from happening. And, you know, maybe then we could still have children. Unfortunately, what's done is done.

Nikki: What are you saying?

Paul: There were complications and internal injuries, and, uh, Chris is not going to be able to have any more children.

Nikki: Oh, my God. I had no idea.

Paul: Now you do.

Nikki: Oh, Paul, this is devastating. I... I am so, so sorry. If I could go back in time and change --

Paul: It's too late for that, Nikki.

Nikki: Well, now I feel... really foolish coming to you with this, but something important --

Paul: Whatever it is, you know, the answer is no.

Victor: So, Mr. Bingham, I suggest you take your presumptions with you and then exit through that door, okay?

Adam: [Laughs] You know, I don't care what they say about you. You got a hell of a sense of humor on you. [Laughing] You feeling okay? Do you know where you're at? You can't throw me out of here. It's not your office.

Victor: Not yet.

Adam: Okay. Let's start over. Um... Jack Abbott's never gonna sell this company to you.

Victor: That from the mouth of babes, huh? You know all that, do you? You know that everyone has his price.

Adam: Not everyone has a price.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Adam: Some people can't be bought or bullied, or is that not something that you learned from your own son?

Victor: Now you know my son? Who the hell are you?

Nikki: Paul, if you could just hear me out --

Paul: I said no! No more secret favors. No more hiding things behind Chris' back. You and I have a son, and, because of that, I disrespected my wife and I ignored her feelings. And you know what? Rightfully so, she felt -- she felt abandoned and she felt betrayed. Then she lost the most precious thing in our lives. I can't bring the baby back. But I can make damn sure that I-I never disappoint her again.

Nikki: And I'm not asking you to betray her. It's --

Paul: Nikki, I'm telling you, I'm not going to get involved! What don't you get about that?! If you have evidence of a possible crime, you go out there and you file it through the proper channels!

[Door closes]

Courtney: What is taking so long? You said you could do this in no time.

Kevin: The department has gotten better at putting up firewalls, but don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

[Alarm blares]

[Computer keys clacking]

Stitch: I won't be gone long. Maybe a day. And I'll catch the first flight back to Genoa city. The security service will keep you safe in the meantime.

Abby: No, I wasn't thinking about myself. Stitch, this is a sad, painful time. Couldn't you use a friend along for moral support? Especially after everything you've done for me.

Stitch: I appreciate the offer, but this is something I need to do on my own.

Abby: Have you told Victoria yet?

Stitch: I'll leave the explaining to you.

Abby: Why would you shut her out like that?

Stitch: I am not shutting her out.

Abby: Then what would you call it?

Stitch: I call it being sensitive to her feelings. Look, I won't -- I won't ask Victoria to pretend to be broken up about Kelly's death.

Abby: Victoria cares about you. Stitch, the second I called her and told her that you needed her, she raced to be by your side, and then you treated her like a nuisance.

Stitch: Which I regret.

Abby: Then act like it. Because if I'm the one that tells her, it'll be a slap in the face. And knowing my sister, she'll want to go. She'll want to be with you. So if you're really taking her feelings into account...

Stitch: Maybe some time apart will be good for us.

[Knock on door]

Stitch: [Sighs]

Victoria: Hi.

Stitch: Hi.

Chelsea: Something tells me you didn't interrogate Victoria all that hard about the data breach. Maybe you didn't interrogate her at all. Maybe you just used this opportunity to get together and reminisce.

Billy: You know, if you have a problem with my friendship with Victoria, then why don't you just come out and say so?

Chelsea: Friendship. Yeah. That's a good one.

Billy: Okay, yeah, of course we have a history together.

Chelsea: Yes, a very long, romantic history.

Billy: That doesn't mean that I'm gonna go racing back to get together with her anytime soon. I mean, it's -- ever. We're -- we're not ever getting back to -- oh, geez. Look, you and I are together, okay? And that's that. [Sighs] You know, I just wish that you would give me the benefit of the doubt the same way that I have with you and Mr. Close working relationship.

Chelsea: Well, are you trying to compare the professional rapport I have with Gabriel to what you've shared with Victoria?

Billy: Rapport.

That's a good one.

Chelsea: This is me not laughing.

Billy: You have more than a working relationship with Gabe. I mean, like when you got stuck in his car and -- and you told me it got cozy and confidential.

Chelsea: Okay, that -- that was easy to misinterpret.

Billy: You mean the way that you're misinterpreting things between me and Vicki?

Chelsea: What am I supposed to think when you come rushing over here to "question" her? When Gabriel told us about the data breach, you couldn't volunteer fast enough. And do not make it seem like you just needed to find out what Victoria knew. You wanted to protect your ex.

Billy: You know what? Maybe I did. But that's the difference. I'm not still hung up on my ex.

Chelsea: Adam is dead, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, well, you'd never know it. [Sighs]

Adam: Who am I? I am... a friend of nick's from boarding school. He, uh, he used to talk about you sometimes. You know, that silver spoon left a bad taste even then. If I recall, he was one of the only people that you couldn't bribe or coerce.

Victor: You know, I have lived a little longer than you have, and I found out that no one really makes it through life on his own. You know, my son found out. And I have a feeling you will find out, as well.

Adam: Hmm.

Victor: The hard way.

Adam: Well, I can't think of a single thing that you could teach me that I would want to learn.

Jack: Oh, don't be so sure. I'm sure there's lots you could learn from the great Victor Newman, like how to sneak into your competitor's place of business and steal their secrets.

Victor: Hello, Jack. Didn't break into your office, Jack. In fact, your secretary offered me a cup of tea. I politely declined.

Ashley: It's too bad you weren't as polite when you hacked into our mainframe. You can probably recite our first quarter sales figures in your sleep.

Victor: Hmm. You think I'm responsible?

Adam: You believe this guy?

Ashley: Our IT. Department said that the hack was highly sophisticated. It was not the work of an amateur, Victor.

Jack: Curious that this happened right after we turned down your offer to buy Jabot. If this is some effort to see if we're vulnerable to a takeover, by all means, knock yourself out.

Adam: Or we could just save you the trouble and do that for you.

Victor: [Chuckles] Give me your best shot, son, okay? I'll meet you in the dark alley or anywhere you want to -- right here.

Adam: That sounds good. Don't tempt me.

Jack: Easy, easy, Gabe. He's not worth it.

Victor: No tempt here. I came here to tell both of you that both of our companies' servers were breached.

Ashley: I'm sorry?

Jack: Wait. When did this happen?

Adam: It happened just now in his head. He made it up. You're gonna have to do a lot better than that if you want to shift suspicion away from yourself.

Victor: Both of our companies' servers were breached, so instead of hurling accusations at each other, I suggest we join forces to combat whoever's doing it to us, okay?

Adam: Yeah, Newman and Jabot, allies -- that'll be the day.

Victor: I hope that you, Ashley, will consider joining forces with me.

Ashley: I'm happy to escort you out of the building as a courtesy, of course. Please.

Victor: And you watch your step.

Jack: I thought you would have learned something from dying. It hasn't taught you a damn thing, has it?

Courtney: What the hell did you do?

Kevin: I got in. The alarm is new. I'm trying to deactivate it.

Courtney: Well, hurry up, please. Damn it.

[Door opens]

Paul: What are you up to? Why did the alarm go off?

Courtney: I just asked Kevin --

Kevin: I was using the computer for personal reasons. Um, something very urgent, but I can't get into it right now. Courtney saw what I was doing. She tried to stop me, and that's when I accidentally tripped the alarm.

Paul: Kevin, you're supposed to be setting up firewalls, not figuring out a way to get around them.

Kevin: You're right. Um... but I needed the department's terminal. It couldn't be avoided.

Paul: You're not authorized! Where did you get the log-in?

Kevin: I promise you, if I had any other option, I would not have broken the rules.

Paul: I don't understand. Why? What were you looking for that you couldn't get on your own computer? All right, Kevin, I'm going to give you an opportunity to give me a reasonable explanation. And then I will consider letting you off with a warning.

Kevin: I wish I could do that, but I can't.

Paul: Well, then you leave me no choice. You're suspended, Kevin.

[Door closes]

Summer: Anything from court?

Noah: I hate this. We should be celebrating our engagement, and instead she's just off risking her career.

Mariah: It's worth the risk.

Noah: Easy for you to say.

Mariah: If we want to find out who killed Austin and move on with our lives.

Summer: Okay, even if Kevin does find footage of Jack in the park that night, what does it prove besides the fact that Jack was going out for a stroll and Austin caught it on his camera?

Noah: What do you call it? Hidden cam? So Austin knew he couldn't get an interview, right, but he wanted one of his main subjects in the film.

Mariah: You have to think about this, you guys. The main premise of this film was that the 1% can get away with murder, figuratively and literally.

Kyle: Meaning what? That 'cause my dad was rich, he must be a suspect?

Mariah: We are following the clues wherever they lead.

Kyle: Wow. You're really stretching there, aren't you, Mariah?

Summer: Yeah, what else is new?

Noah: It's not like Austin knew he was gonna be murdered.

Mariah: Well, maybe he was scared by that point! He realized he was getting in too deep and he wanted to follow Jack maybe to rule him out as a threat. Meanwhile, Jack was covering for you, letting you lure Austin into a trap. You have the motives, and you have the means.

Summer: Enough, Mariah! We've already ruled out Kyle as a suspect.

Mariah: That was until he admitted to writing that message on Sharon's mirror!

Summer: He thought that she was guilty! He was trying to scare her into confessing!

Mariah: Have you ever heard of misdirection, Summer?

Kyle: For the hundredth time, I did not kill Austin, all right? I'm sick of this garbage!

Summer: God, you are such a pain in the butt.

Mariah: And you are naive as hell! Austin was leading a double life, so what makes you think that Kyle couldn't be, as well?

Victoria: I came by looking for you, but, um...

Stitch: Yeah, I know. Abby told me.

Abby: You know what? I'm gonna give you guys some privacy.

Victoria: No, stay. Please.

Stitch: Yeah, I'd rather know where you are. It's easier to keep tabs on you.

Abby: No, I'll be right next door in stitch's room.

Stitch: Uh, I got your message. Sorry I haven't checked in. You know, I've just been dealing with Kelly's death and making arrangements and so forth.

Victoria: Ben, if I can help in any way...

Stitch: Let's not pretend you're shedding any tears for her, okay?

Victoria: I have shed tears, actually. For you. I know you love her. I know she was your sister. I'm sorry if I didn't react the way that you expected me to.

Stitch: Look, I-I know I was hard on you, and I didn't mean to be. Maybe when I get back, we can --

Victoria: Back from where?

Stitch: I need to go get, you know, Kelly's ashes. But the security detail will keep Abby safe, and she'll have you and ash to keep her company and...

Victoria: In her words, you're going without me.

Stitch: I think it's better this way.

Victoria: Better for who? Why don't you want me to come with you?

Stitch: Because I don't want you to.

Noah: Hey.

Kevin: Hey. Where are Summer and Kyle?

Mariah: Forget about them. What'd you find in the police computer?

Kevin: The security-camera footage from chancellor park. Well, when I was trying to access the footage, I... I hit a glitch.

Noah: What kind of glitch?

Mariah: Your glitches are more like tsunamis.

Kevin: Well, I, um, set off an internal alarm. Paul came roaring out of his office, starting grilling us.

Noah: Great. So, how much trouble you in?

Courtney: None. Kevin really took one for the team. He told Paul that I wasn't involved and then he refused to explain what he was doing. He said it was personal. So Paul suspended him.

Mariah: What a jerk. I am so sorry. I know how much you love that job.

Kevin: Thanks. Look, getting rid of this threat that's hanging over our heads is more important.

Courtney: Meanwhile, the answers are still in that computer. And now only one of us has access.

Noah: No. No, Courtney. Absolutely not!

Chelsea: Am I supposed to just erase all of my memories of Adam, pretend I never loved him?

Billy: No, that's --

Chelsea: Have I ever once asked you to erase your memories of Victoria, pretend you didn't love her?

Billy: If you can't see the difference...

Chelsea: Right, of course. There's a difference, because Victoria is alive and Adam's dead.

Billy: He didn't deserve your love, okay? But you -- you refuse to face that. And instead you go off, you get all weepy in the car with Gabe and you come back here and you want to postpone our wedding.

Chelsea: Well, what about you? You left Victoria's and you wanted to put the brakes on the wedding, too. Do not try to put the blame on someone else, okay? You just need to be honest about your own feelings.

Billy: All right, fine. You want some honesty? Here's honesty. Something did happen between me and Victoria. She wanted to kiss me. And I wanted to kiss her back.

Jack: I lie for you, I give you a place to stay, I put you on the damn payroll, and for what? So you can break character and ruin the whole thing?

Adam: Hardly.

Jack: Then explain to me what that was with Victor. You all but challenged him to a duel.

Adam: I come in here, he's -- he's sitting at --

Jack: Keep it down.

Adam: [Quietly] At your desk, and I'm expecting to see you, all right? He's sitting here. He's acting like he owns the place. So, yeah, yeah, it pissed me off, all right? I got a little excited. I... I flew off the handle. I'm sorry, all right? It won't happen again.

Jack: You can't afford for it to happen again.

Adam: I know.

Jack: Stay focused on Chelsea, winning her back, that way you can raise your son. Oh, and by the way, I expect you to keep an eye out for Jabot, the company that gave you a second chance. All I've seen so far is you're trying to out-Victor Victor.

Ashley: I made sure Victor's taillights were heading out the garage. What's wrong? Don't tell me there's another problem.

[Door closes]

Victor: Hi, my baby. Sorry I'm late, but my business meeting ran a little longer.

Nikki: Yes, I'm sure it did, especially after confessing your sins and saying a few rosaries. Imagine my surprise finding you in a chapel. And then after you left, finding this.

Victor: Where'd you get those?

Nikki: In the confessional where you left it.

Victor: Did you follow me there?

Nikki: Look, let's just stick to the subject at hand, which regards a conversation I had with Victoria.

Victor: Get to the point.

Nikki: We are both very concerned that you have your eye on Jabot again, and we know that you're gonna resort to your bag of tricks to get whatever you want. Look, neither family wants this. It will hurt all of us. So why don't you tell me what these fingerprints will do to bring Jack down?

Victoria: Ben, I love you. That's why I want to go with you. I want to help you.

Stitch: I appreciate the thought, but my sister caused you a lot of heartache, and I don't want you pretending like that doesn't matter and then resenting me for it.

Victoria: No, I wouldn't.

Stitch: I have already lost so much. I can't stand the thought of losing you, too. It's why you have to let me go. So I can go and do what I have to do for Kelly and then come home to you.

Victoria: I'm not sure about this, but I'm not gonna fight you on it. I just -- I really hate the thought of you going through this all by yourself. So you know what? I want Abby to go with you.

Chelsea: I'm sorry. Did you just say that you kissed Victoria?

Billy: No, what I said was that I almost kissed her. We were tempted. But we didn't because Victoria is in love with stitch and I'm in love with you.

[Cell phone rings]

Chelsea: Oh.

Billy: No.

Chelsea: Answer it.

Billy: No, I'm not.

Chelsea: What if it's Johnny's school or something?

Billy: I don't care. [Sighs] Oh, it's Jack. Nice timing, bro. What happened now?

Jack: Whatever you're doing, drop it and get to the office. If Chelsea's there, bring her along.

Billy: Sounds serious. This a board meeting?

Jack: More like a war council.

Victor: I know you see me as a villain. What you don't know is that I'm under attack.

Nikki: Really? Who's after you?

Victor: [Sighs] Someone broke into the Newman computer system. And, uh... they left those fingerprints.

Nikki: Hmm. I have heard of a cyber trail, but never fingerprints.

Victor: We lifted them off the central server bank, which is in a special room accessible only by a special key, which indicates to me that it's an inside job, so I took these to the church for my P.I. To take a look at those and investigate who they belong to.

Nikki: So, why all the skullduggery? Why not simply hand him the envelope? Or better yet, let Paul take care of it?

Victor: Uh-huh. What did Paul Williams say when you took these to him behind my back?

Kyle: Hey. I-I had to get out of there or I was gonna lose it.

Summer: Well, you can't let Mariah get to you. She's crazy, and so is her theory.

Kyle: Right. Not because I couldn't have killed Austin. Because my dad's too principled to lie for me.

Summer: Okay, I'm gonna pretend that you didn't just say that.

Kyle: Which part?

Summer: Kyle, I know you. You couldn't hurt a fly. The part about Jack. You -- you had a right. He's made you the man that you are today. Someone that's strong and good.

Summer: What are you doing?

Kyle: Um... look, I... I told you I cared about you, Summer. And I know you're not ready or anything, but I just... you're all I ever thought about when I was in new York, hurting over the fact that we can never be together. And then... I learned the amazing truth that we aren't brother and sister, you know, and it just -- it seemed too good to be true. And it turns out that it was since you were married to Austin. It nearly killed me, you know, since all I ever wanted was to be with you. You're the only one who's ever seen beyond my name to the real person inside.

Summer: Kyle...

Kyle: And I don't mean to -- to scare you, Summer, but I just... I need you in my life. If you just give me the chance.

Summer: I need you, too.

Kyle: You do?

Summer: Yeah. Um, I'm really glad that you're a part of my life again. And I don't care what anyone else says. I know that I can trust you.

Kyle: Yeah.

Mariah: You guys have been engaged for what, like 30 seconds, and you're already telling Courtney how to do her job?

Noah: Her job is to serve and protect the public, okay? Not to get deeper into this mess. Come on, Kevin. Back me up here.

Kevin: I'm sorry, dude, but until we find Austin's killer, none of us are safe.

Mariah: Courtney hasn't gotten a lipstick message, which means she can fly under the radar. She may be the only person who can solve this.

Noah: The only thing that my fiancée here needs to solve is what kind of dress she's gonna wear and who she's inviting to the wedding, okay? Because we're not waiting. We're getting married as soon as possible.

Jack: Would someone please explain to me how it is that you all knew Jabot was being breached and I was the last to be told.

Billy: Jack, you had a lot going on with Kelly's death. And speaking for myself, I thought I could handle it without adding more to your plate.

Jack: And how exactly did you handle it?

Billy: I tried to get information from an inside source at Newman.

Adam: That inside source being your ex-wife, which is probably no wonder you came up empty.

Billy: What about you with your little chat with Victor?

Adam: Little chat with Victor? It was hardly a chat at all.

Billy: How do we even know that this guy's not working both sides of the street here, huh?

Chelsea: That's crazy.

Billy: Really? Really? Why is that? 'Cause he gives good shoulder?

Ashley: Okay, stop it. That's enough. We have to be smart about this.

Jack: Victor claims that both companies are being threatened. I think that's a crock. I think he's gonna try to grab Jabot in any way he possibly can. In order to stop that, we got to cut out this in-fighting and pull together, face Newman head-on!

Victor: I'm waiting for you to tell me that I'm wrong, that you didn't go to Paul Williams with these fingerprints behind my back.

Nikki: You're not wrong.

Victor: Uh-huh. I see. Okay. What happened? He told you to get lost 'cause he's more concerned with the loss of his wife's first baby? You went there behind my back. These damn fingerprints are not intended to bring down Jack Abbott, for your information. These fingerprints are about saving my company.

Nikki: Okay, then.

Victor: Listen. Next time, get your ass into that church on time. You got it? My wife got there first. She got ahold of those prints. We need to agree on a different meeting place. Just remember that these fingerprints are vital for the next phase of our plan. You got it?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: I think it's about time that we reassess the way we've structured things at chancellor.

Kevin: This reminds me of when you failed to tell Lauren about your cancer diagnosis, so what are you lying to your wife about this time?

Noah: Austin was murdered, and Dylan thinks you did it.

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