Y&R Transcript Friday 3/27/15


Episode # 10632 ~ Avery makes a significant discovery; a fight breaks out; Kevin finds important information about Austin's past.

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Abby: Yeah, I think you've depleted the mini bar.

Stitch: I need another drink.

Abby: You know what? I'm not sure that's the best idea. Fine, I will order you some more fresh booze, or maybe some less potent sustenance? [Chuckles]

Stitch: Oh, Abby.

Abby: Oh! You remember my name.  Good bodyguard. Okay, what's it gonna be, coffee or tequila?

Stitch: No, no, no. You know, I-I-I should be -- I should be sober.

Abby: It's okay, Stitch.

Stitch: No, no, no, no. I'm supposed to be protecting you.

Abby: [Chuckles] I think you get a pass after what's happened.

Stitch: No, no. You know, I need, uh... I need coffee.

Abby: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay. Um, okay. You sit, and I will order the coffee.

Stitch: No, forget the coffee. Now...

Abby: Now...?

Stitch: I need a shower. Yeah. I'm gonna shower myself sober.

Abby: Okay, yeah. Um...

Stitch: Yeah. Okay.

Abby: Maybe-- maybe I should help?

Stitch: No. No, no, no, no. You-- you stay there. Uh... last time someone helped me shower, I... I cheated on Victoria. [Grunting] Oh, God!

Avery: I'm the attorney representing the new head of the Better Days Foundation.

Sage: Yes, Avery, I remember you. It's so nice that you'll be working with the foundation. How can I help?

Avery: I just need Gabriel's signature on a few forms so that Joe Clark can take over the reins.

Sage: Well, Gabriel's not home right now, but if you send over the papers, I'll have him sign them right away.  We're so thrilled to keep the charity going.

Avery: Well, Joe will be very glad to hear that.  Thank you, Sage. I'll be in touch. Bye-bye.

Sage: Bye-bye.

Chelsea: Hey.

Sage: Chelsea, I didn't realize you were home.

Chelsea: I got home a while ago. I just put Connor down for a nap.

Sage: I'm surprised you're not napping yourself after what charity going.

Avery: Well, . We're so thrilled to keep the charity going.

Sage: Bye-bye.. We're so thrilled to keep the charity going.

Avery: Well, Joe will be very glad to hear that. Thank you, Sage. I'll be in touch. Bye-bye.

Sage: Bye-bye.

Chelsea: Hey.

Sage: Chelsea, I didn't realize you were home.

Chelsea: I got home a little while ago. I just put Connor down for a nap.

Sage: I'm surprised you're not napping yourself after what you went through today.

Chelsea: Gabe told you?

Sage: Yeah. Of all the things, to get stuck in the middle of nowhere, miles away from a gas station. Sounds like a disaster.

Chelsea: It...should have been awful. [Chuckles]

Sage: It wasn't?

Chelsea: You know, I don't mind the fresh air and the open space. Oh, don't get me wrong. I love my penthouse and my high fashion life, but, um...I don't know. I have a soft spot for a quaint country farm.

Sage: You lived on a farm?

Chelsea: I got married on one.

Sage: Wow. Sounds...special.

Chelsea: Yeah. There was a lot of love and joy in that sweet, simple ceremony. Yeah, marrying Adam was one of the happiest days of my life.

Sage: Strange.

Chelsea: What -- you think it's crazy that I would be sentimental about that?

Sage: No, I was just thinking that you don't glow like that when you talk about your present fiancé.

Adam: Thank you.

Nick: Gabe? How's it going?

Adam: You really gonna play it that way? Just pretend like you didn't have sex with my wife?

Mariah: This totally creeps me out.

Kevin: What? Me working on Austin's computer?

Mariah: He is dead.

Kevin: Well, I can brave the heebie-jeebies if it helps us figure out who killed him.

Mariah: Doesn't it totally gross you out that whoever did this had time to ransack his computer after bashing his head in?

Kevin: How do you know they didn't ransack, then bash?

Mariah: I don't, but neither sounds very appealing. It's the "bash" part that sucks.

Kevin: [Sighing] Yeah. Ransacking, I can handle. Bashing -- not so much.

Mariah: Who knows what else he could've done while we were passed out. I mean, if only we had opened our eyes for one second to see him.

Kevin: Or her. Sorry.

Mariah: It wasn't Sharon. But I wouldn't put it past Nick. So, what dirt did you get from Nick? Did he reveal anything, give anything away?

Summer: Just back off, Mariah, please.

Noah: Just give her a minute.

Summer: Well, I still believe that my dad is 100% innocent.

Mariah: I knew we should've sent somebody else!

Kevin: Not helping.

Mariah: But she's biased.

Kevin: So are you, the other way. So, what did Nick have to say?

Summer: It was just a normal, innocent conversation about letting the past stay in the past.

Kyle: But isn't that what someone who's hiding something would say?

Summer: Or my dad was trying to put the criminal that we

should be focusing on in the past. That criminal would be Sharon.

Sharon: Answer me, Dylan. Do you think I wrote that message to myself?

Dylan: I mean, well, I --

Sharon: Do you think that?

Dylan: Sharon, you got to admit, you've done some things in the past to get nick's attention.

Sharon: So which is it? Am I conniving, or am I just completely nuts? Or do you think that I'm both?

Chelsea: If you don't think I glow when I'm talking about Billy, I just don't think you've seen us in the right environment.

Sage: Point taken. I'm sorry for butting in.

Chelsea: No, no, no. It's okay. I think you're right, on some level, maybe. Gabriel actually said the same thing when we were stuck on the side of the road.

Sage: What'd he say?

Chelsea: I don't think he meant to be offensive or anything. I just think he really tapped into how deep my connection with Adam was.

Sage: Yeah, my husband can be perceptive, on occasion.

Chelsea: Perceptive and...

Sage: And what?

Chelsea: A bit...jealous.

Sage: [Chuckles] Why would he be jealous?

Chelsea: I think he would like to have that connection with you, too.

Sage: We don't have that type of marriage, Chelsea.

Chelsea: I know that you two initially got together for more practical purposes, but I can see that there's a greater bond between you than just this shared inheritance you're set to receive.

Sage: Is there?

Chelsea: Yeah! I see the way you two look at each other, the looks you give one another.

Sage: Disapproving? Annoyed?

Chelsea: [Chuckles] No, it looks like you guys have each other's backs.

Sage: Yes, that is one way to look at it.

Chelsea: Hey, there are crazier ways to fall in love in this world.

Sage: I understand that you're trying to be helpful, Chelsea, but you don't have to give me a primer on love. I know what it's like to fall... fall hard.

Chelsea: Well, maybe that's the issue. Was there someone before Gabriel, somebody that you can't get over?

Sage: There was. A wonderful man... a man whose shoes my husband is trying to fill. But he never will.

Nick: I miss something?

Adam: Sage's wedding ring. [Scoffs]

Nick: Right, so, your marriage -- it's based on the inheritance, right? I mean, there's no love there. Unless there's more to the story, Gabe.

Adam: Look. Truth is, I don't really give a damn who my wife sleeps with.

Nick: Oh, yeah? All right, then. What's up?

Adam: Well, I'd like her to be a little more discreet about it if she could.

Nick: Why -- so you don't get embarrassed?

Adam: [Chuckles] No, uh, so we don't get caught, Nick. We have a watchdog. And if we get busted, we lose every cent coming to us.

Nick: All right, so, just so we're clear, you're not jealous, then?

Adam: No. No, not at all. Not jealous. But...still. I don't want to see her get hurt.

Nick: How exactly am I hurting her?

Adam: Well, you know, I-I know how your ex, um -- what's her name?

Nick: Sharon.

Adam: Sharon. I know how Sharon feels about you seeing Sage.

Nick: Yeah, well, Sharon has some issues.

Adam: Sharon has issues, yeah, probably because she feels like you unceremoniously dumped her. Just, you know, repeating what I've heard.

Nick: Yeah, yeah. So, uh, what's with the attitude? Is there some grudge in play here, some competitive thing from boarding school that I just don't remember?

Adam: No. Nope.

Nick: You sure about that? Because I'm detecting some hostility here.

Dylan: Why don't you sit down? I'll make you some tea.

Sharon: I don't want any tea. I don't even want you in my house if you refuse to believe me when I'm telling you the truth.

Dylan: All right. I'm listening.

Sharon: When did you turn against me like everyone else?

Dylan: I haven't.

Sharon: Then stop making hurtful assumptions. I'm not pretending to be in danger to get Nick away from Sage. And I'm not stalking myself because I've gone completely delusional. I'm taking my meds. I'm seeing my therapist. And I'm not losing my mind again, Dylan. [Voice breaking] I refuse to be pushed over the edge like I was before. I don't care if everyone turns against me. I will remain sane, because I'm not crazy! I'm normal! I'm a normal person! And as far as I know, normal people get very upset when someone breaks into their house and leaves a threatening message! [Crying] Please say you believe me. [Crying]

Dylan: Hey, I really need you to listen to me. I believe you.

Sharon: But there's more.

Dylan: You got to understand why somebody would question this, given your history and -- and the effect Nick has on you.

Sharon: This has nothing to do with Nick.

Dylan: But it always has to do with Nick, Sharon, even -- even the night of the storm.

Sharon: That was a minor car accident.

Dylan: Correct, I-it was. But you were really freaked out that Nick would find out and take faith from you.

Sharon: And you think I was overreacting?

Dylan: Yes, a little bit.

Sharon: Okay. Well, then, I will have to do something about that. I will change that. I'll talk about it with my therapist in my next session.

Dylan: Well, I could be your sounding board until then.

Sharon: You would do that?

Dylan: Heck no.

[Both laugh]

Dylan: Yes, I would do that, if you're willing to be completely open with me. Is there something more? Is there something else that happened that night?

Sharon: What else could there be?

Dylan: I don't know. Why don't you walk me through it?

Sharon: [Sniffles] Well, when the power went out, I probably should've stayed here. But I felt like I needed to get faith to someplace warm and safe. It was already very cold, and faith wouldn't stop shivering.

Dylan: So, what -- you got faith in the car, and then...

Sharon: I was headed to a hotel. But the storm got a lot worse than they predicted, and we skidded off the road -- luckily, not too far away from home, so we were able to trudge back. You think that I was wrong to be that upset?

Dylan: It sounds to me like you thought things through, and you made the best decisions you could.

Sharon: Thank you.

Dylan: Who do you think did it?

Sharon: I don't know.

Dylan: [Sighs] Okay, well, I can stay so you don't have to talk to the police alone. And then we can figure out who tried to scare you with a message like this.

Sharon: You should go, Dylan. I can handle this myself.

Dylan: There's no -- there's no reason you have to.

Sharon: No, I mean, it's -- it's good for me. It's good for me to face things on my own. And besides, you have a life of your own to get back to.

Dylan: Are you sure?

Sharon: I am. Really. No, talking to you helped.

Dylan: Okay. Call me if you need anything.

Sharon: I will do that.

Dylan: Mm-hmm. [Clears throat]

[Cell phone chimes]

Noah: It's Dylan.

Kyle: What did he say?

Noah: He wants to meet, about my mom.

Mariah: What's going on?

Noah: I don't know. I'll find out when I talk to him.

Summer: Maybe Dylan's starting to have some doubts about Sharon's state of mind. What? It makes sense. He would have to be really worried about something to want to talk to you again, right?

Mariah: Look, I know that you have your issues with Sharon and that you're trying to solve your husband's murder, but you are making all of these accusations without any proof! So please back off!

Noah: Look, I'm just gonna see what Dylan has to say, okay?

Kyle: Well...

Mariah: [Sighs]

Kyle: I hope Dylan's got some new information for us to go on, because we've hit a dead end.

Kevin: No, we haven't.

Summer: We haven't?

Kevin: No. I was just waiting for Noah to leave.

Mariah: What'd you find?

Kevin: I decrypted Sharon's interview with Austin.

Adam: Look, any hostility that you're sensing comes from my protectiveness over Sage, all right? We may have an arranged marriage, but we're still friends, so...

Nick: So I guess Sage talked to you, then, about us.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, she mentioned, uh -- mentioned to me about you guys's fling.

Avery: Nick! Hey, how are things?

Nick: Hey! Good! Uh, well, you know, I was just trying to figure that out myself, actually.

Avery: Oh. You're Gabriel Bingham.

Adam: I am.

Avery: Yeah -- uh, I'm sorry. Um, I recognized you. We haven't been formally introduced.

Nick: Ah. Gabe Bingham, Avery Clark.

Avery: Very nice to meet you, Mr. Bingham.

Adam: Oh, please, call me Gabe.

Avery: Call me Avery.

Adam: Okay. Avery.

Avery: And if you have time, there's a bit of business I'd like to discuss with you, if I'm not interrupting.

Nick: Nah. Join us.

Avery: Great. Thank you. So, I am working in conjunction with the better days foundation now.

Adam: Know what? I'm gonna stop you right there. I was actually -- I was on my way out, but, um, tell you what. I'd be more than willing to make a donation. Sounds like a worthy cause.

Avery: Y-yes, I would hope you think so...since it's your cause.

Abby: You had an affair? What? Uh, where? When? Why?

Stitch: All right, I never should've said that. Just blame it on the alcohol.

Abby: But you did say it.

Stitch: Ah, pretend you never heard it. [Sighs]

Abby: When you're living with my sister, when she's in love with you? No, you... owe me an explanation.

Stitch: I just found out my sister is dead. I'm not up to answering any questions.

Abby: [Sighs] You know I'm sorry about Kelly, right?

Stitch: Yeah, I know.

Abby: But that's not gonna stop me from looking out for Victoria. [Scoffs] Who did you cheat with? W-when did this happen? I-is it still going on?

Stitch: Look, of course it isn't, okay? And it wasn't an affair, okay? I just -- I just -- it was a one-time thing. Just sex.

Abby: "Tomayto," "tomahto." Well, who did this "just sex" happen with? Who is this tramp?

Stitch: Doesn't matter.

Abby: It matters to me. Tell me. Who is this skanky ho-bag?

Stitch: Okay, don't call her names, 'cause I don't think you're in a position to do that.

Abby: Fine. Then give me another name to call her. I'll take her first, last, middle initial. And you know what? When I find her, I will rip her eyes out.

Stitch: No, you won't.

Abby: Why the hell shouldn't I?

Stitch: [Sighs] 'Cause she's your mother.

Sage: He was charming... funny...a philanthropist. His smile and his heart could fill this room.

Chelsea: Sounds like a great guy.

Sage: Yeah.

Chelsea: What happened?

Sage: Um... he died.

Chelsea: Oh, Sage, I'm so sorry. I know what that feels like. I wish I didn't.

Sage: So do I. You can't know how much I mean that.

Chelsea: How long ago?

Sage: Too long. It's been a little over a year for you, right? And you've already managed to move on with someone else? Is that what you're trying to tell the world by marrying Billy -- that you're ready to let go of the man you loved?

Chelsea: Yeah, I... [Clears throat] I love Billy.

Sage: But not as much as you loved Adam?

Chelsea: There's something inside of me that... [Sighs] ...That won't let me completely commit to Billy. It won't let me love him with the same kind of... [Sighs] My love for Adam, it was just there. It was... it was just there. I couldn't run from it, and I couldn't ignore it. And, um, I couldn't stop it. I-I-I still can't.

Sage: Where does that leave your feelings with Billy?

Chelsea: I'm not sure. These are just regular p-pre-pre-wedding jitters, right? I mean, that -- or would marrying Billy be a mistake?

Avery: Your family has been behind the better days foundation for years.

Adam: Yeah, no, I, um, wouldn't doubt that for a second. My grandmother was a phenomenal human being. She had her hand in -- in many charities. Yeah.

Avery: But your signature is on several recent documents. Your work with this charity has been pivotal. You've attended board meetings.

Adam: Yeah, well, I've attended hundreds of different board meetings for hundreds of different charities, you know, over the years. And I'm sure I've been generous with my pocketbook, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I was paying attention to the weekly minutes. Let me take a quick look here. [Clears throat] Oh, yes, of course. The -- the -- the better days foundation. Yeah. Right, w-what's your involvement?

Nick: Yeah, I'm curious about that, too.

Avery: Uh, after Mrs. Bingham's death, an associate of mine, Joe Clark, was approached to restructure the charity. We just need your signature in a couple places.

Adam: Yeah?

Avery: Yeah.

Adam: Oh, okay. All right. I can do that for you. And here. And then I really do have to, uh -- have to be going. You take care of yourself. I'll see you soon. Very good to meet you. Good luck with all this.

Avery: Thank you.

Adam: Thank you.

Avery: Is it me, or was that completely weird?

Nick: He didn't even look at what he was signing.

Avery: He just trusted me.

Nick: He doesn't even know you.

Avery: I mean, I guess he could assume the best of someone working for a nonprofit?

Nick: But you think you would've known the name of the nonprofit, right?

Avery: You would. It's my understanding that he has been groomed to handle everything, right, from a young age?

Nick: And Gabe was always so passionate about causes. Now all he cares about is money.

Avery: I hadn't heard that.

Nick: Oh, yeah. He'll do anything to get his hands on money.

Avery: And that's not the person you remember?

Nick: Less and less.

Dylan: Hey.

Noah: Hey. Uh, so, w-what's going on with my mom?

Dylan: Well, since you've been worried about her, I just wanted to let you know that I had a long talk with her. And I don't believe that she's off her meds.

Noah: Good. T-that's good. That's good to hear. It's just, she's been so upset for a while.

Dylan: Yeah, yeah, with good reason. Somebody's messing with her head again.

Noah: What are they doing?

Dylan: Well, she got this message, uh, written in lipstick on one of her mirrors.

Noah: Wow. Uh...are you sure?

Dylan: Yeah. Yeah, I saw it.

Noah: Uh, w-w-what did it say?

Dylan: "I know the truth, and so do you." Does that mean something to you?

Noah: Mnh-mnh. No. Um... uh, but mom must be pretty freaked out right now, right?

Dylan: Yeah, she is. She's really freaked out. And I think Sharon's scared that if she reported it, nobody would believe her.

Noah: Yeah.

Dylan: So I'm going to.

Noah: Uh, uh, wait, wait, wait. [Sighs] You can't do that.

Kevin: Noah is so protective when it comes to Sharon, I was worried how he would react to this. So I thought it'd be better if we watched it without him first just in case it's really bad. You ready?

Mariah: We've got to find out.

Sharon: Nick may pretend that he's nothing like Victor. But the truth is, he's no different than anyone else in the Newman family. They all use their name, their family influence, their money to take exactly what they want. And it doesn't matter who gets hurt. Promises mean nothing. There are dirty dealings that go way back...things that the press never even got wind of. Especially this one thing. Victor paid a lot of money to cover it up, and it was really awful. I'm amazed that he got away with it. To this day, no one ever found out. And it wasn't even Victor's crime. It was Nick's.

Dylan: Somebody is scaring your mom. You remember what happened last time somebody played head games with Sharon.

Noah: I know. She ended up in a psychiatric wing.

Dylan: Exactly. That's why we need to get to the bottom of this right now.

Noah: Okay, fine. We will, okay? But the police can't be involved.

Dylan: Why not?

Noah: Look, I want my mom safe more than anything. But there's more going on.

Dylan: What do you -- what -- like what?

Noah: Things that I know that I can't -- it might be safer for my mom if the cops aren't involved.

Dylan: How could that be? Noah?

Noah: The message. It's not the -- it's not the first one.

Dylan: Wait, Sharon's gotten other messages?

Noah: No, not my mom. There was a message like that on Abby's phone when she was knocked unconscious... a threat warning her about what would happen if she went to the police. And then she got another one at Victoria's. That's why stitch is with Abby at the club right now. He's watching out for her, because the police cannot know about this.

Dylan: Who's been writing these messages, and what do they think Abby and your mom have done?

Noah: I can't tell you.

Dylan: But if you're this worried --

Noah: I'm afraid I've told you too much already, okay? Just don't go to the cops.

Dylan: Noah, come on!

Nick: Must be pretty awkward, working with your ex-husband.

Avery: No, look at us. We get along great.

Nick: Yeah, well, I'm just an ex-fiancé. And I never tried to shut down anyone's business. How's Dylan feel about that?

Avery: You know, I have come to realize that Dylan will never like Joe.

Nick: Pretty safe bet.

Avery: Yes, but it is for a very worthy cause.

Nick: And that's why you're doing it.

Avery: Yes, that's why I'm doing it. And Dylan will be fine.

Nick: We'll see about that.

Dylan: Hey.

Avery: Hi! Hey.

Dylan: Uh, you ready for dinner?

Avery: Oh, I wish. I have to file some papers. Can we eat later?

Dylan: Uh, yeah, sure. I actually have something to take care of myself. See you.

Nick: What's up?

Avery: He'll be fine.

Chelsea: I'm sure I'm just over-thinking all of this. Things will work out fine with Billy.

[Door opens]

Sage: Gabriel, hello.

Adam: Hi.

Sage: How was the rest of your day? Did you get the gas gauge fixed?

Adam: Uh, no. I-I didn't. Um, guess I don't have to ask you how your day went, do I?

Chelsea: Um...

Adam: Recovered yet?

Chelsea: Uh, absolutely.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: Yeah. Excuse me.

Adam: You know, I thought I'd made some headway with her earlier. Guess not.

Sage: No, your guess is wrong. That hasty exit is because you did make headway.

Adam: What do you mean?

Sage: I never understood what Chelsea saw in you. But, clearly, she gets you on a whole different level.

Adam: Did she say that?

Sage: She'd been reminiscing about her marriage before you walked in, and questioning her current engagement.

Adam: Really? This is great. And you're not happy about that?

Sage: No. I'm not enjoying any of this.

Abby: My mother slept with the guy that my sister's in love with.

Stitch: Now can we drop it?

Abby: Did you really sleep with my mom?

Stitch: Ashley and I agreed not to tell anyone.

Abby: Okay, well, when did it happen? Give me a date, a-a timeframe.

Stitch: Abby, I am not going there with you, okay? It was one night. I'd had a lot to drink, and I wasn't thinking straight. [Sighs] That mixed in with the heady scent of hex throughout the lab, and, well...

Abby: Wait, you -- you did it in the lab? But there -- there's no shower in the -- the shower in my mom's office.

Stitch: What do you want -- a map drawn out for you?

Abby: Yeah!

Stitch: All right. This discussion is over. [Sighs]

Abby: Does Victoria have any idea?

Stitch: Unh-unh. And you can't tell her.

Stitch: The only reason that night ever happened with Ashley is because I thought Victoria had gotten back together with Billy.

Abby: But she hadn't.

Stitch: Yeah, I found that out later. Look, I've -- I've kept your secret. I haven't told Victoria about Austin's murder or any of the threatening messages. The least you could do is return the favor. And I'm sure your mother would appreciate that, too.

[Rapid knocking on door]

Stitch: Who is it?

Dylan: It's Dylan.

Stitch: What's up, Mac? [Chuckles]

Dylan: Uh, why don't you tell me?

Stitch: What do you mean? And how'd you know I was here?

Dylan: Uh, Noah told me. What the hell is going on?

Stitch: What are you talking about? I mean, Abby -- Abby got mugged, and, uh, you know, Victoria and I thought she needed someone to watch out for her, so I'm playing temporary bodyguard.

Dylan: Okay, yeah. What's the rest of it?

Stitch: The rest?

Dylan: Yeah. Stitch, what is it y-you're not telling me?

Stitch: [Scoffs] What are you talking about?

Dylan: Are you -- are you drunk?

Stitch: Not anymore. Look, stay out of this, Dylan. It's none of your business.

Dylan: It wasn't my business until I saw that Sharon got a message like Abby did.

[Rapid knocking on door]

Sharon: [Exhales sharply] Who is it?

Nick: Sharon, it's me. Open up.

Sharon: If you're here to continue arguing, I'm really not in the mood.

Nick: No, you took off in the middle of the conversation we were having, and we were not finished. [Sighs]

Sharon: So, then, you came to apologize?

Nick: Apologize? For what?

Sharon: You can show yourself back outside.

Nick: Sharon, we are not married. I don't need your permission to start a new relationship.

Sharon: Oh, a relationship? Is that what you call what I walked into -- a relationship with a married woman?

Nick: Look, I am over the jealous and petty comments. And I won't stand for it anymore. And I'm certainly not gonna stand for you insulting Sage. I don't need you interfering in my life. And I don't want you thinking we're gonna get back together, because we're not. And if you do think that, then I'm guessing you're off your meds again.

Sharon: Oh, you are such a hypocrite. You butt into my life whenever you want, and then you order me to stay the hell out of yours. How is that fair?

Nick: All's fair when I'm protecting our daughter, a task I was awarded in court.

Sharon: Great, so we're back to that again. You know, who are you to question my ability to parent our daughter? Faith means everything to me, and, no, I am not crazy for acting this way!

Nick: Okay, can we just take it down a level, please?

Sharon: I just resent --

Nick: We're in the middle of a conversation about our daughter, Sharon.

Sharon: I've got to get this off.

Nick: Get...what off? What are you talking about? Look, Sharon, you don't seem like yourself. I really think it'd be best if you didn't see faith for a while.

Sharon: You can't do that.

Sharon: What Nick did would've put any other man in prison. He still might be rotting behind bars right now if he weren't a Newman. Nice, huh? Bet that won't end up on the cutting-room floor, huh, Austin?

Summer: [Sighs]

Kevin: Wow.

Kyle: Tell me about it. That's a hell of a story about Nick.

Summer: Yeah, if it's even true.

Kevin: Well, say it is. And say Sharon decided she'd made a mistake talking to Austin about it, but he refused to delete the footage from his documentary.

Kyle: That would give her motive for killing him.

Mariah: Or give Victor and Nick motive.

Summer: What motive?

Mariah: What if they found out what Sharon said and wanted to make sure that that video never saw the light of day?

Summer: My dad and grandfather are not killers.

Kevin: And they were at the underground that night.

Kyle: I don't know. Maybe they had time to slip in and out before the ceiling fell in. Who knows?

Summer: Time to get from the club to the cabin and back in a snowstorm?

Mariah: It's not impossible.

Summer: No, I am sure that there are plenty of witnesses who can place my family at underground the entire night.

Mariah: And that's an alibi? Victor and Nick could've paid somebody to take Austin out while people were "seeing them" at the club.

Summer: Mariah, you know very well that my father is not capable of murder. You're just saying that because you want Sharon to be innocent.

Mariah: And you want her to be guilty.

Summer: No, Sharon is capable of a lot of things, okay? I'm sure that she made up that whole story about my dad in her sick, twisted mind.

Kevin: All right. We will check it out, and we'll see if it's even possible Nick was responsible.

Noah: [Sighs]

Summer: Noah.

Kyle: What did you find out?

Mariah: What'd Dylan say?

Noah: Well, mom is in the clear.

Mariah: She is?

Summer: Uh, how did that happen?

Noah: Because she got a lipstick message, too.

Summer: What, at her house?

Kevin: What did it say?

Noah: It said, "I know the truth, and so do you."

Summer: [Sighs]

Mariah: Well, I guess that crosses Sharon off the list, then.

Summer: You know, with a mind as warped as Sharon's, she could've easily written that message herself.

Noah: Dylan is pretty sure she isn't off her meds.

Summer: Yeah, which means she's fully capable of planting that message to throw suspicion elsewhere.

Mariah: Or she's innocent!

Kyle: Okay, Sharon didn't write the message, okay? I did.

Sage: Look, I am well aware of what the endgame is, Adam. But lying to Chelsea is making me sick. We are both lying to her.

Adam: So when did you develop a conscience?

Sage: Playing games with people's emotions is wrong.

Adam: It is temporary.

Sage: This is lie upon lie. You think when she finds out the truth, she's just gonna welcome you back with open arms?

Adam: I guess that's the chance that I'm taking, isn't it? I'm putting all of my faith -- and believe me when I tell you this, I do not use that word lightly -- I'm putting all of my faith...

Sage: [Sighs]

Adam: ...Into the love that Chelsea and I share.

Sage: What if it backfires? What if she hates you forever? I don't want to be a part of this anymore, these lies --

Adam: I am asking for your help. I need you right now. I'm not threatening you. I'm -- I'm not forcing your hand. I am -- I'm asking you respectfully. Please, Sage. I need this. Continue to help me. Now, you've been in love before, right? You know how that feels? Help me find that again. Please.

Avery: Joe, hi. I just wanted to let you know that I got Gabriel Bingham's signature. Uh, surprising, actually. He is a much different person than he is on paper. I'm sorry, Joe. Something important just came across my desk. I'll talk to you later.

Dylan: And that's, uh -- that's what Noah told me. We are really worried about Sharon.

Stitch: Okay, none of this makes any sense.

Dylan: I know. I know. And Noah didn't give me enough answers. And you -- why the hell didn't you go to the police with this?

Abby: I'll tell you why. 'Cause if we go to the police, I end up dead.

[All shouting indistinctly]

Kyle: Look, I-I-I only wrote one of those messages, okay? Just the one to Sharon?

Mariah: Why would you do that to her?

Kyle: To ferret her out.

Mariah: By terrifying her?!

Kyle: No, to get her to confess --

Noah: You put my mother through hell!

[All shouting indistinctly]

Noah: Come on, Kyle! Come on!

Summer: Noah, stop!

Noah: What, you're actually defending this guy, huh?! He's tormenting my mom! She's innocent!

Summer: Noah, maybe not! When you were gone, we found proof that points right to Sharon.

Mariah: Or Victor!

Kevin: Or Nick.

Nick: Visitation is at my discretion.

Sharon: You did this?

Nick: Did what?

Sharon: This message was from you? Was this your plan all along, Nick -- to try to drive me crazy the way Victor did?

Nick: What are you talking about?

Sharon: Don't pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about! You wrote this!

Nick: Look, Sharon, I'm very concerned about you. Let me call someone for you, maybe your doctor?

Sharon: No, Nick. I don't need a shrink. I don't need a straightjacket. What I need is for you to stop threatening to take my daughter away from me!

Nick: I am trying to protect our daughter, and the best way I can do that is to keep her away from you.

Sharon: No. You can't.

Nick: The court says I can.

Sharon: I'm supposed to see her tomorrow.

Nick: I'm not gonna let her be around you when you're acting like this.

Sharon: [Sighs]

Nick: I'll have Noah come by and check on you tomorrow.

Sharon: [Crying] Nick, please don't do this.

Nick: I'll talk to you later.

Sharon: If you keep faith away from me, I am done keeping your secret! I am gonna tell the whole world how you broke that girl's neck!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Nick: If I don't let you see faith, then you're gonna tell the whole story.

Sharon: It's your choice.

Victor: I'm very happy for Ashley.

Victoria: It didn't bother you when she threw Jabot's success in your face?

Victor: Before long, she'll be working for me.

Both: I think we should put off the wedding.

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