Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/26/15


Episode # 10631 ~ Sage & Nick give into their feelings; Victoria decides to open up to Billy; Noah asks Dylan for information on Sharon.

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Billy: You become a couple, you get close, but somehow it still feels like -- like you're clueless sometimes, like you don't know what to say or how to react and... I don't know. It's like learning a new dance or something.

Victoria: Yeah, because you know so much about dancing.

[Both laugh]

Billy: I'll have you know that I've been watching ballroom dancing how-to videos. Eh, don't ask. It's one of Chelsea's things.

Victoria: Oh. I had no idea.

Billy: Yeah, me either. But I guess that's the point. Huh? Learning new things, trying not to step on people's toes, trying not to act like an idiot.

Victoria: That's how I was today with Ben. I was just trying to comfort him, you know, and all the things that I said to him were just so off the mark.

Billy: You know, you really need to cut yourself some slack. There's nothing you could have said that would have taken away his pain.

Victoria: I just don't want to be that person that says all the wrong things.

Billy: Yeah, I hear you.

Victoria: Oh, really? You and Chelsea?

Billy: Yeah.

Victoria: That sounds so strange to me to say. You and Chelsea. I mean, that's who you are now, so... Billy and Chelsea. I'm happy for you. I really am happy for you. I want you to have a happy life. It's just for so long, I thought that it was gonna be with me.

[Both chuckle]

Chelsea: Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating on him, being with Billy. I know Adam wouldn't approve. It's crazy. I know he's dead, but sometimes -- sometimes I feel like he's still here. Watching.

Adam: He is here.

Chelsea: What are you saying?

Adam: His -- his spirit is here, his love, his son is here. I mean, just driving out here in the middle of nowhere makes you think about your wedding. That's -- that's a connection that's never gonna go away. I think, um... I think most people wish they had that connection with the person they were with, don't you?

Chelsea: Stop it.

Adam: You want me to stop speaking the truth? Because it's hitting too close to home?

Kevin: How come I can't crack Sharon's interview file? It's the same freakin' encryption as the others, but still.

Summer: You can't give up. Sharon said something so awful that she was willing to steal the laptop to hide it. Maybe she was willing to kill for the same reason.

Noah: Stop!

Mariah: You so badly want Sharon to be responsible. You practically drool when you say that.

Summer: No, I just want the truth.

Noah: Yeah, well, whoever did this isn't confessing anytime soon, and all we have to go on is these videos. But if we can't see them --

Kevin: Well, just because I don't have Sharon's interview doesn't mean I don't have anything. Here.

Austin: I got it.

I hit pay dirt. People, we're getting an inside view of the Newman corruption firsthand from the woman who'd know -- the bitter ex-wife, Sharon Newman.

Dylan: Hey, Sharon. Sharon? You okay?

Sharon: It just never stops. One more thing that could cost me faith. If Nick finds out --

Dylan: What happened to you two having family breakfast with faith? Things looked civil between you and Nick.

Sharon: They were. But they won't be. Once Nick knows...

Dylan: Oh, Sharon. [Sighs] What did you do?

Sage: That tasted like pity.

Nick: You said that last time.

Sage: Seems to happen in this room. I seem pathetic, and you try and kiss it away.

Nick: That's not all I was thinking.

Sage: What were you thinking?

Nick: Let me show you.

Sage: I'm serious.

Nick: So am I. Look, I like kissing you. And I want to do it a lot more. And really, I don't see why we're not. I mean, your marriage is a business deal. My personal life is all drama and custody and just nothing that makes me smile. And there's you.

Sage: I make you smile? Most people think I'm bitter and negative.

Nick: [Laughs] You see that? See that smile? It's you. Look, we've been fighting this for a while, and I can't figure out why. But if you want to keep fighting it, just say the word and I will back off right now.

Chelsea: Shouldn't the tow truck be here by now?

Adam: Yeah. Oh, shoot. You know what? We've already missed the buyers meetings. I'm sorry about that.

Chelsea: Yeah, I'm sorry, too. This is my business, my baby. Well, my other baby. [Sighs]

Adam: Yeah. How'd you get into that, by the way? I mean, the -- the fashion design?

Chelsea: Okay, we don't -- we don't just have to make conversation, okay?

Adam: Of course. Conversation -- yeah, I-I do that. I just -- too many questions. Hey, at least this question wasn't about Adam, right? It wasn't about -- unless it was, of course. Did he -- did he support you in your work?

Chelsea: I've already talked too much about Adam, okay? Yes, what we had, it was...

Adam: It was...?

Chelsea: But I love -- I love Billy now, and we are focused on our future, so dwelling on the past is pointless.

Adam: It's pointless? Is it? 'Cause it seems to me that you're pretty aware that what you had with Adam is a lot different than what you have with Billy.

Chelsea: What are you talking about? I love Billy! You've seen us! We're very happy! You saw how happy we were at our engagement party.

Adam: Well, the engagement party for me was a blur.

Chelsea: Yeah, because you drank too much! So I don't know if you think that you're being honest, but it seems to me like you're just acting jealous, okay? And that's not my fault nor my problem.

Billy: Yeah, well, I guess I did a pretty damn good job of ruining things for us, huh?

Victoria: It wasn't just you.

Billy: [Scoffs] Yeah, it was. I was stupid.

Victoria: You were grieving.

Billy: Vick, I started screwing things up long before Delia died.

Victoria: Well... one of your screw-ups made me a mom. I wouldn't trade Johnny for the world.

Billy: Yeah, me too. But I never stopped giving you reasons to give up on me. And Kelly was...the last straw.

Victoria: She's not here anymore. I really detested her. It would be hypocritical for me to say that I didn't. But I really wouldn't wish this on anyone. But I just don't know what to say to Ben, you know? Everything that I say sounds so pointless and -- and...

Billy: Look, that kind of knowing someone, knowing exactly what to say when they need to hear it, I mean, that -- that takes time.

Victoria: Is it really time or is it just like a different understanding? 'Cause I really sometimes wonder if I'll know anyone the way that I know you and you know me.

Billy: Yeah.

Summer: So now you want to tell me how innocent Sharon is?

Noah: [Scoffs]

Mariah: Considering Austin made it clear the dirt was on a Newman, not Sharon, yeah, I'm thinking innocent.

Kevin: Let's not forget we also have stitch in the mix, who lied and claimed he never even gave an interview.

Summer: Okay, so that makes him a liar, not a killer. Sharon's the one that wanted to steal my dead husband's laptop. She's the one that wanted her interview deleted.

Mariah: Only so your chest-thumping daddy didn't go ballistic on her again!

Noah: Look, the secret could be about Victor or even my grandmother.

Kevin: I think it's a safe bet that the secret is about Nick, which makes him a suspect also. I'm just saying.

Summer: It's not my dad.

Noah: No, and it's not my mom.

Mariah: Sharon has an alibi. She skidded off the road and then was at her place with Dylan.

Summer: Okay, well, then the accident could have happened on her way back from the cabin.

Mariah: Oh, in a snowstorm with a child in the car?

Summer: Faith could have been asleep in the backseat and had no idea what Sharon was really up to!

Noah: This is ridiculous. It's ridiculous, okay? I'm gonna go clear my mom of this right now.

Summer: Noah, I get that you love her. She's your mom. But your mom is capable of so many things. Lying is the least of it.

Noah: [Scoffs]

Sharon: We were fighting at the time over faith. And Nick was hounding me about taking my meds, about the paternity test, and about being a bad mother. I was furious, and I was really hurt. So...I did this interview. I said some really terrible things about Nick.

Dylan: I mean, I've never read the interview or heard anything about it.

Sharon: No, it's on video. No one has seen it. But it could come out. It could come out anytime. [Voice breaking] Oh, gosh, all the progress that we've made with faith... oh, my God. You're horrified. You know what? You are the last person I should be telling about this, nick's brother.

Dylan: No, no, no. Actually, I was -- I was thinking before I shoot my mouth off. I think you should tell Nick that this is out there.

Sharon: What? No, the instant I do, he will use this against me.

Dylan: Sharon, if he gets blindsided, it's only gonna make things worse. You got to give Nick a chance to deal with it before it gets out.

Sharon: You know what he'll do? He'll somehow spin it into me not putting faith first.

Dylan: Okay. You know that's not true. And it sounds to me like you regret doing the interview.

Sharon: I do. I would take it back.

Dylan: Okay, but you can't take it back. That's why you have to handle this head-on. The worst part is always the secret. You get rid of that and you can deal with the issue, right? Right? Look, I can -- I can come with you if you need --

Sharon: No. This is -- this is really, really... it's really sensitive. It has to be in private. I-I'm gonna go now. I'm gonna tell Nick everything.

Nick: You cold?

Sage: No.

Nick: You're shivering.

Sage: Oh.

Nick: Was I too serious?

Sage: No.

Nick: Not serious enough?

Sage: You talk a lot.

Nick: I do.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: I also kiss a lot. I can stop, I guess.

Sage: I don't want you to stop. I lied when I said it tasted like pity. I think it's just safer for me to say that than to deal with what this is.

Nick: Are we dealing with this now?

Sage: Yes. Yes, we are. I don't want to fight it anymore.

Adam: You're right. I was jealous at your engagement party. I was. I mean, look at my own marriage. It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic, right? This is not exactly where I saw my life at this point.

Chelsea: Well, everything I've heard about you, you were some big playboy party animal. Did you really expect a wife and kids?

Adam: Is this where you expected your life to be when you were younger?

Chelsea: No.

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: I never thought I would live like normal people, not scamming tourists and conning landlords.

Adam: Hmm. Adam change all that for you?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: He did.

Adam: And then came Connor?

Chelsea: My son is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Adam: The best thing that ever happened to you is Adam's son. That's... that's a bond that doesn't break.

Chelsea: Just so you know, Billy loves Connor. And I love Billy. And I want to go home. You know what? You can wait for the tow truck. I'm gonna have Billy come get me.

Adam: The tow truck will be here any minute. Just put the phone down.

Chelsea: No, I'm not gonna do that. I think I might wait outside. Actually, better yet, maybe I'll walk home.

Adam: Okay, look, you are not going anywhere.

Billy: We do know each other, don't we, which means you know what a jerk I was with the gambling and the booze and the lies and... why did I always have to push my luck with you, huh? I mean, I push my luck, and then it runs out -- with Delia and with you and... Vick, I want you to know something. I'm not that stupid anymore. I grew up. I just... I wished I learned it sooner.

Victoria: Yeah, well, you did grow up. You know, and now you and Chelsea are on to something really good.

Billy: Just like you and stitch, right? But that doesn't mean that we have to pretend that we didn't exist. But, um, you know, we'll always have Katie and Johnny, right?

Victoria: And that's a reason to stay connected for sure. It's not just the kids, you know.

Billy: No. Not for me, either.

Victoria: You know something? You were the best friend I ever had. I finally stopped taking myself so seriously all the time. [Chuckles]

Billy: Rum will do that to a person.

Victoria: No, it was you. No one could make me laugh the way that you do.

Billy: [Sighs] Or make you cry as often as I did.

Victoria: You can't really have one without the other.

Billy: No, you can't.

Mariah: Mainline that caffeine, bud. Keep your fingers flying.

Kevin: Thank you.

Summer: You do realize that he could open up a file that proves that Sharon killed Austin, right?

Mariah: But he won't because she didn't.

Summer: Look, I get that it's not easy to think about, okay? When Kelly accused my mom of poisoning --

Mariah: Phyllis was innocent, which means so is Sharon. I like the way you're thinking, Summer.

Kevin: Someone is working here. Oh, yeah. It's me.

Summer: Just trying to be nice.

Mariah: Yeah, 'cause being nice is really all that great. What about being honest?

Summer: It is possible to do both.

Mariah: You think so?

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Mariah: Because Austin was nice and sweet with you, but was he honest? Or was he just trying to keep you from finding out that his hobby was trashing your family?

Kevin: Yeah, you know, I'm thinking that honest and nice aren't always the same for some people.

Austin: Your dad really seems to be into the bar thing. Being a Newman, I figured he'd be more of a power suit and board meetings.

Summer: No, my dad is kind of the anti-Newman. I mean, he's worked there now and again, but he's never really wanted being a Newman to define him. He's always wanted to be his own man, kind of like you.

Austin: Yeah, being a Newman doesn't suck, though. Not just the money, but I'm sure he's, you know, used his name to get out of a jam.

Summer: No, my dad's always warned Noah and me against pulling the "don't you know who I am?" Kind of stuff. I don't think he'd ever do that himself.

[Computer keys clacking]

Summer: [Sighs]

Mariah: What is it? Oh, please don't tell me that you're gonna cry.

Summer: No, just shut up for like two seconds, okay? I remember something. Austin was asking me questions, like if my dad had ever played the Newman card to get out of trouble or Victor ever played it for him.

Mariah: See?

Summer: That just means that Austin was dropping hints about the documentary I didn't get.

Mariah: Or it means Nick covered up some dirty deed and Sharon knew about it.

Kevin: What deed?

Mariah: Something that someone would kill to keep quiet.

Sage: [Groans] Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Nick: Stop? You really want me to?

Sage: No. Yes. [Chuckles]

Nick: No? Yes?

Sage: We can't stay here all day.

Nick: We are closed for business.

Sage: [Chuckles] Yeah, but there are contractors walking around outside. How you doing?

Nick: Yeah. All right. I'll put my clothes back on. Under protest. Want to hand me that shirt?

Sage: No.

Nick: Come on. You can do it. See it? It's right there.

[Knock on door]

Sharon: Nick, we need to --

Billy: I think this is when Katie's supposed to cry and save us.

Victoria: But we're so mature and adult that we manage to save ourselves.

Billy: Yeah, it's a learning experience, right? Nothing to beat ourselves up over.

Victoria: Well, life is always a learning experience. And we got an "a" for today. [Sighs] At least on this issue.

Billy: And look, what stitch is going through, losing Kelly, it just caught you off guard. I think you're ready to handle it now.

Victoria: I am?

Billy: Vick, you're one of the most supportive people I've ever met. It's a gift. And now stitch is going to get to see that. I, um, I should clear out.

Victoria: Yeah, you should. I don't even know why you came by. [Chuckles]

Billy: I, uh, don't really remember myself, but if I think of it, I'll give you a call.

Victoria: Thank you for, um, for whatever. [Chuckles]

Billy: You, too. [Sighs]

Chelsea: Let. Go. Don't touch me, okay? You're scaring me.

Adam: I just didn't want you to walk home.

Chelsea: Well, that's really not your choice. You're not my husband.

Adam: Sometimes I feel like I'm no one's husband. I got to get this -- this whole envy thing in check. There. Done. Envy in check. I'm sorry about that. I apologize.

Chelsea: Trust me. No one is envious of my marriage to Adam, certainly not the way it ended.

Adam: It was intense and passionate. It's more real than anything I've ever had. You know, Chelsea, you know the -- the ugly truth about who I really am and what it is that I want more than anything. And the truth is, you're the only one who knows. That makes you special.

[Knock on window]

Chelsea: [Sighs] We're saved.

Noah: You talked my mom down that night after her car went up in the ditch?

Dylan: She got faith home. I showed up. Uh, we got the fire started and built a fort. I mean, your dad knows all this stuff.

Noah: No, I know. Just forget about him for now. I'm just asking for me, okay? I'm -- I'm worried about my mom. I want to make sure that she's okay, that she's in a good place.

Dylan: That night, no, she was -- she was not okay. She was worried that your dad would come down on her because she took faith out in the snow. And she was right. He did. So yeah, she was freaked out, but she wasn't off-base.

Noah: How freaked out was she? Dylan, I mean, did it seem out of proportion? Did she say anything to you that you didn't understand or maybe seemed illogical?

Dylan: Uh, are you asking me if I think she's off her meds?

Noah: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am.

Sharon: Are you kidding me?!

Nick: Sharon, this is a private office.

Sharon: I came here to speak to you as one adult to another, but you're too busy acting like a teenager who can't even find the time to find a bed!

Sage: I'm just gonna go.

Nick: No, no, no. Don't. Not because of this.

Sharon: Oh, I'm -- I'm just a "this" now?!

Nick: Look, whatever it is you need to talk to me about, we can do later.

Sharon: In between sex sessions? Oh, how will you find the time?!

Sage: Okay, now I really am going on my own volition.

Nick: Uh, uh... so...

Sage: So...

Nick: Am I gonna see you later?

Sage: Yeah. You will.

Nick: All right.

Sage: I-I just got to get my -- I'll go behind you.

Nick: Look, uh, you got no business showing up here, acting like this.

Sharon: You remember this day, Nicholas Newman. Of all the times you have dragged me to court, called me an unfit mother, taken my child away from me, so smug and self-righteous while you sleep with a married woman!

Nick: Look, we are not in court right now, all right? Whatever I do, whoever I decide to do it with is none of your business.

Sharon: Oh, and yet everything I do or think or feel sends you running to a judge to whine!

Nick: I don't want to think about a judge or court, and I don't want to keep dragging up all this ugly stuff between us, Sharon. I just want to move on.

Sharon: Yeah, so do I. But we know things about each other, Nick. Things that no one else knows. That and our kids creates a special bond. It's fragile.

Nick: Okay, look, I've said this before. We are not getting back together. If this is some pitch to unite our family again --

Sharon: Oh, my God, Nick, I am not throwing myself at you here. God, the ego on you!

Nick: Then what is it?

Sharon: There's something that you need to know.

Nick: What did you do now?

Sharon: What did I do? As if I'm the only guilty party in the room?

Nick: Guilt? What? Are we back to me and Sage again?

Sharon: You think I care about what happened today? Yeah, what you did today, it was tacky and it was tawdry, but it was nothing. It was nothing by comparison to...

Nick: Comparison to what?

Sharon: That you even think I care about what you did today shows where your priorities are. Thank you so much for reminding me that this is your problem, not mine.

Noah: Dylan said that my mom was a little freaked out that night. Issues came up about her maybe being off her meds.

Mariah: Even if she still is, so what? That doesn't make her homicidal.

Summer: She put my mother in a coma when she was off of her meds! Sharon is fully capable of bodily harm!

Mariah: Oh, my God. This is so stupid! I'm not even gonna continue to discuss this with you until we see the interview on Austin's computer, okay?!

Noah: You're saying that like it's gonna clear mom. The fact is, it might make her more of a suspect.

Kevin: Considering that it was Sharon saying something about someone else...

Summer: Yeah, "someone else" being my dad, who was trapped under half of a building.

Noah: Look, we need to find out who killed Austin, who attacked Abby, who's sending us these messages. How do they know where we are and what we're doing?

Kevin: Easy. They're stalking us. What? It's true. Look, I get off on hacking and breaking encryptions and playing whodunit, but the reality is, somebody out there knows way too much about us, and we know nothing about them, especially what their endgame is. Worst-case scenario, we end up like Austin. And frankly, my life has sucked on and off for, mm, for a long time now, so I don't plan on checking out until I have a solid 30, 40 good years under my belt.

[Door closes]

Billy: Hey. You're here. What happened to your meeting?

Chelsea: We had to cancel. The car stalled.

Billy: Gabe's car broke down?

Chelsea: Well, technically, it was a Jabot car, but...

Billy: But it broke down with you in it?

Chelsea: No, not in it. I was strapped to the roof. Is that bad?

Billy: How'd you get home?

Chelsea: The tow truck got us moving again eventually.

Billy: So, you just sat there the whole time?

Chelsea: No, no, we -- we mooned truck drivers as they drove by.

Billy: This is hilarious.

Chelsea: We talked.

Billy: About?

Chelsea: Mostly we talked... about Adam.

Adam: Hey.

Sage: Hey.

Adam: Well, come on. Aren't you gonna, you know, ask me how my day went?

Sage: Why would I do that?

Adam: What?

Sage: Why would I do that? Why would I ask you how your day is?

Adam: Don't you want to know if my road trip with Chelsea was a complete success?

Sage: Of course. Are you back together?

Adam: No, not yet, but considering the fact that she told me that she feels like being with Billy makes her sometimes feel like she's cheating on Adam, I feel like we're really well on our way here.

Sage: Sounds like it.

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: Good for you.

Adam: It's good.

Sage: Good.

Adam: Yeah, it's good. It's fantastic. It's wonderful. What is -- what is wrong with you? What are you doing?

Sage: Why don't you ask me how my day was? Oh. I know. You don't really care. Which is totally understandable with our marriage of convenience. But I can get my feeling elsewhere. And I did.

Adam: What the hell does that mean? You talking about Nick?

Sage: Yep.

Adam: You and Nick?

Sage: We did. And it was incredible.

Adam: Well, look at that. I was gone for, uh, almost two whole hours before you sealed the deal with my brother.

Sage: Actually, he's not your brother. And yes, we did seal it in a very...big way.

Adam: Nice discretion.

Sage: Okay, look, I am happy in my afterglow, and you are all "thwarted desire" with Chelsea. This is how romance is supposed to work -- no lies, no trickery, no hiding your actual identity.

Adam: Yeah, so now all of a sudden what? You don't give a damn about the inheritance?

Sage: No, I've waited a very long time for someone to feel about me how I feel about them. And you, money, perception is not gonna ruin it for me. So I'm gonna worry about myself. You can go obsess about your widow. I'll be fine.

Adam: Oh.

Chelsea: Really, it was the scenery that got me started.

Billy: So, you just what? Saw a cloud shaped like Adam?

Chelsea: The view -- it just reminded me of Kansas, and we got to talking about my wedding there and Connor and all of the things that I haven't forgotten.

Billy: So, all this just came pouring out?

Chelsea: It's like when you sit next to somebody on an airplane, you know, and you tell them your entire life story. I mean, Gabe's not you. He doesn't have this awful history with Adam.

Billy: Right, I mean, I guess Adam's just some guy that Gabe doesn't give a damn about.

Chelsea: Although he did kind of get worked up at one point.

Billy: Worked -- worked up about what?

Chelsea: Oh, just -- just his own bizarre marriage. But he...he did at one point have this -- this tone. It reminded me of Adam's.

Billy: What? Did he do something terrible?

Chelsea: No, no, no, no, no. It -- it came and it went. It just reminded me that the way you are, the way you react to things, you know, the way you have your own perspective, it just reminded me that you're the only man I want to share my life with. So, I think that we should call that wedding location that you love so much and try to go see it today.

Billy: Uh, you know what, Chelsea? I think they've probably already filled our spot.

Chelsea: Well, don't you at least want to try?

Billy: Why make ourselves crazy? We already agreed that Jack and Phyllis are gonna be doing their thing first. We got plenty of time to make this official, right?

Summer: Dad.

Nick: Supergirl.

Summer: Hi.

Nick: Hi. Doesn't get easier, does it?

Summer: No. It's like my brain is all Austin all the time. [Sighs] You know, what he did, the way that he died. Doing something awful doesn't make someone an awful person, does it?

Nick: Not always, no.

Summer: Regret -- that counts for something, right?

Nick: Well, sometimes it counts for a lot.

Summer: So you know what it's like to regret something, to want more than anything to undo what you did?

Nick: I think I know what this is about.

Sharon: Smug, self-right--

Dylan: Sharon.

Sharon: Dylan.

Dylan: Hey. I came to see how things went with Nick.

Sharon: [Sighs] Well, now you know. [Voice breaking] I'm tearing up a card from my sweet daughter to her father. Once again, you're catching me at my worst. Or I don't know -- maybe that's all that's left of me now.

Dylan: I take it Nick didn't react well when you told him about the interview.

Sharon: He doesn't know. No idea. I went to the underground with the best of intentions, only it was a little bit awkward because he had just finished having sex with Sage!

Dylan: Oh.

Sharon: Yeah, I went to talk to him like a responsible parent to once again try to prevent Nick from flipping out and keeping me away from faith, and he's already interviewing my replacement half-naked!

Dylan: Sharon, Sharon, nobody could ever replace you for faith. You know that. It's not possible.

Sharon: Your tone.

Dylan: What about it?

Sharon: You always sound like that when... am I spinning out?!

Dylan: You're speaking faster than usual, and your -- your eyes are a little glossy.

Sharon: What? I don't know. What does that even mean? [Gasps]

Dylan: What's wrong?

Chelsea: Oh, poor stitch. He's finally getting his life back on track, and then he loses his sister?

Billy: [Sighs]

Chelsea: [Sighs] Well, thank God he has Victoria to help get him through this.

Billy: Yeah, well, there's the issue that Victoria is not terribly fond of Kelly, and she's trying to help him, but she just doesn't know how.

Chelsea: Sounds like you helped walk her through it?

Billy: [Scoffs] Well, I kind of owe her, don't I? I mean, I'm the reason that... she doesn't like Kelly to begin with. I mean, basically it's my fault that the two of them were having a hard time.

Chelsea: Victoria's lucky she has you to talk to.

Billy: Chelsea... I want you to know that you can talk to me, too, about anything, about -- about Adam.

Chelsea: The past is always right here, isn't it? In Katie, in Connor. [Sighs] Blended families are so common, but common does not mean simple.

Billy: Your past made you the woman that I love. And I guess that I'm hoping that, um...

Chelsea: Yes. Your past makes you the man that I want to marry.

Billy: Well, then I guess that's what we focus on -- our future together.

Adam: I'm not gonna let your infidelity ruin my plans with Chelsea.

Sage: My infidelity?

Adam: That's right.

Sage: Gabe, Chelsea thinks that you're pining for me, which makes you safe and nonthreatening to her. You have to go to her, tell her that I don't want you, that I will never love you. In fact, tell her that I'm sleeping with Nick Newman. Go cry on her shoulder, beg her for a reason to believe in love again. I mean, the stuff practically writes itself. You'll thank me later.

Summer: You know what it's like to regret something forever.

Nick: Sweetheart, of course I do, but it kills me to think that you blame yourself. Look, your marriage to Austin, you got married out of love. Now, we may never know what kind of person Austin was deep down, but you are honest, and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

Summer: You said that you understood. I thought -- thought you did something.

Nick: Look, I have a million things I've done that I'm ashamed of. At least people think so. But that's what it is to be human. We hurt each other, and then they hurt us back. We do our best to -- to do better. Then we put the past where it belongs -- behind us.

Mariah: How about now?

Kevin: Well, since you're seated about three inches away from my shoulder, I think you'd know if I suddenly opened up Sharon's interview.

Noah: So we have nothing.

Kevin: Well, not nothing.

Mariah: Something?

Kevin: I recovered the timestamp from when Sharon's file and the others were deleted. It was definitely when we were all passed out at the cabin. So if there were any lingering suspicions that it was one of us, those are dead now, too. While we were all passed out and Austin was murdered, that's the time that somebody deleted all the evidence.

Sharon: No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Dylan: What is this truth about? Who would do this?

Sharon: It's mental torture, psychological warfare! They want me to be afraid and anxious! They want me to suffer and -- and to be punished!

Dylan: How -- how could they get past security?

Sharon: I don't know, but they did! They got past security! They broke into my house! Do you think it was me? Do you think I wrote that?

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Stitch: Last time someone helped me shower, I cheated on Victoria.

Mariah: What'd you find?

Kevin: I decrypted Sharon's interview with Austin.

Nick: How's it going?

Adam: You really gonna play it that way? Just pretend like you didn't have sex with my wife?

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