Y&R Transcript Wednesday 3/25/15


Episode # 10630 ~ Adam & Chelsea hit the road; Ashley questions Billy & Victoria's connection; Stitch turns to Abby for support.

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Nick: Yeah. I want to keep the same look of the place, but I am planning to upgrade the system and the lights, so if these are the speakers he wants to go with, then let's do it. All right. You got it. Thanks. I mean, are the workmen doing an amazing job or what?

Victoria: Yeah. It looks amazing. I mean, not that long ago, this place was a pile of rubble.

Nick: I finally have a legitimate contractor who is not cutting any corners, unlike the last criminal I hired and the reason I'm in this mess. I think we're gonna be open in, like, a couple weeks.

Victoria: Huh. Good. You know, dad saved Jack in this very club.

Nick: Yeah. What made you think of that?

Victoria: Dad's planning some move against Jack. I don't know what, I don't know when, but he's definitely up to something.

Nick: [Chuckles] So much for the truce, huh?

Victoria: Yeah. Well, we knew that wouldn't last very long.

Nick: So, it's just back to the same old, same old?

Victoria: That's the thing, Nick -- it's not. Something's up.

Phyllis: Did you get any sleep last night?

Jack: I kept thinking about Kelly and how despondent she must have been to take her own life.

Phyllis: You needed your space. I could have slept in the guest bedroom.

Jack: No, no, no. No. I want you with me. You have to know how happy I am you came back to me, despite what happened to Kelly.

Phyllis: I do. I do know that in my heart, but she has been a shadow over us since I showed up in town, and she still is, even now.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Jack: Oh, God. Stitch doesn't know. Somebody has to tell him.

Phyllis: Jack, it doesn't have to be us. Jack.

Jack: Stitch! You got a minute?

Stitch: [Sighs]

Jack: Listen, I-I have some news about your sister.

Stitch: I know. Kelly jumped bail.

Jack: It's more than that. I don't know how to say this. It's probably better, though, that you hear it from me.

Stitch: Hear what?

Jack: Kelly's dead.

Stitch: What?

Abby: No.

Stitch: No.

Abby: That -- that can't be right.

Jack: No, it is true.

Stitch: I don't believe you.

Abby: Neither do I. Uncle Jack, why are you saying this?

Jack: Because it's true.

Abby: How? What -- what happened?

Jack: Kelly --

Phyllis: Your sister... took her own life.

Chelsea: Well, as much as I would love a second cup of coffee, I have to get going.

Sage: Oh, you're gonna leave? Whatever Mrs. Martinez is cooking smells fantastic.

Adam: Yeah. Are you sure you can't stick around just a few more minutes?

Chelsea: Oh, I have to pass. I have a lunch meeting in la Crosse. It's a long drive, so I should get started.

Adam: Clayton's department stores, right?

Chelsea: Uh, yeah. Yeah. I have a meeting, actually, with the buyer. I would love for them to carry my whole line.

Adam: Yeah. It would be a perfect fit. They're very upscale. In fact, you know what? I have a meeting with ken rich next week. We're gonna toss around a few marketing ideas.

Chelsea: That's who I'm meeting with.

Adam: Really? I tell you what -- I should probably go with you, then. Yeah. It will kill two birds. I'll drive. We'll team up on the guy -- make it impossible for him to say no. I think we'd be dynamite together, actually.

Billy: Congratulations on the hex rollout.

Ashley: Thank you.

Billy: So, how is the consumer response so far?

Ashley: Mind-blowing. Our distributor called to say the stores have already reordered.

Billy: You're kidding me!

Ashley: Yep.

Billy: After only one week on the shelves?

Ashley: I know.

Billy: We're gonna have a heck of a quarter.

Ashley: I know. I mean, the word of mouth has been fantastic, and that's just gonna get better every day, but, see, what's happening is women are realizing the pull that the fragrance has on the men they want to attract, and they're seeing it's not just hype!

Billy: Way to go, sis.

Ashley: Thanks.

Billy: I'm so proud of you. And now it's your turn to be proud of me.

Ashley: Oh, really?

Billy: Yeah. Chelsea and I are going to check out a wedding venue later today -- the Lausanne.

Ashley: Wow! Doesn't that place book out, like, years in advance?

Billy: Yeah, actually, it does, but they heard the name "Abbott" and were willing to make room for us. It's just -- it's perfect, ash. I mean, it's right up Chelsea's alley.

Ashley: That is a great place. I'm kind of surprised, though.

Billy: Okay. Why?

Ashley: Well, I just got the impression that Chelsea was willing to wait for the wedding, you know, until Jack and Phyllis married, and -- I don't know -- did she get overruled?

Billy: Well, I wouldn't say it like that, exactly.

Ashley: You must be pretty close to nailing down a date if you're booking appointments, Billy.

Billy: Is there a question in here somewhere? Because I'm hearing that distinct tone that you get when you're looking for information.

Ashley: I'm just gonna put my cards on the table. Are you a little eager to get married because you're thinking the sooner you tie the knot, the sooner you can put Victoria behind you?

Billy: Why are you bringing up these doubts yet again? What happened to you saying that if I'm happy, then you would be happy for us?

Ashley: I will be.

Billy: Really? 'Cause it doesn't sound that way.

Ashley: Sit down, Billy. Come on. Please just sit down, just for a second. I'm sorry, but I am your big sister, and I want to make sure that you're getting married for all the right reasons.

Billy: What is it with you and Jack always questioning my reasons? I mean, he's afraid that I'm rushing in to this because Gabriel Bingham might be interested in her, and here you are, suggesting that I'm using Chelsea to get over Victoria.

Ashley: I'm a little worried. Is that a problem?

Billy: Yeah! I mean, you guys are always second-guessing me left and right. Look, I'm just gonna say this one more time. I love Chelsea, and she loves me. Isn't that reason enough for us to get married?

Sage: I'm not sure that you should horn in on Chelsea's meeting. She has an appointment, and you don't, and her business plans with Mr. Rich might not mesh with your agenda.

Adam: Well, no offense, sweetheart, but I really -- I don't think you understand how our industry works. Chelsea and I have the same goals, and I think we can help each other attain them.

Chelsea: Well, that sounds reasonable. I actually have to pick up my portfolio at my office. Would you mind picking me up there in, like, half an hour?

Adam: Of course.

Chelsea: Okay. I'll see you then.

Adam: All right.

Chelsea: Have a good one, Sage.

Sage: You, too.

Sage: You have a plan, don't you?

Adam: A plan? What makes you say that?

Sage: You knew about her meeting, didn't you?

Adam: Yeah, I did, and I've arranged for a little surprise.

Sage: A surprise for Chelsea? I can't wait to hear what this is. You're gonna pull a little stunt?

Adam: You know, I've never really liked that word "stunt." It sounds sort of amateurish, doesn't it -- like I'm gonna get on a motorcycle and jump over a bunch of barrels or something.

Sage: It's sad to me that you have to resort to trickery to win Chelsea back.

Adam: Well, what would you have me do -- just stand idly by while Billy sweeps her off and marries her, even though she's already married to me?

Sage: You're not married to anyone. Adam Newman is legally dead.

Adam: Well, I'm not Adam Newman anymore. I'm Gabriel Bingham.

Sage: No, you're not. You're not even close.

Stitch: Kelly would never do that, okay? You hated her guts. You'd say anything to discredit her. This can't be true. My sister's not dead. She wouldn't kill herself, damn it.

Abby: Uncle Jack, where are you getting this?

Jack: When Kelly was bailed out of jail, we think by Victor, she left the country. Victor sent one of his minions to keep an eye on her. When he got there --

Stitch: This is ridiculous. It's strictly hearsay!

Phyllis: Stitch, when I told Jack what Victor said, he didn't want to believe it, either -- not until I showed him the picture.

Stitch: What picture?

Jack: He doesn't need to see that, sweetheart.

Stitch: If there's proof, I want to see it.

Abby: Maybe uncle Jack's right.

Stitch: [Crying] How? How?

Jack: It was an overdose -- they think barbiturates.

Stitch: Well, if that's true, then it could have -- it could have been -- it could have been an accident.

Jack: She left a note, stitch. I'm so sorry.

Stitch: You're sorry? That's what you have to say? You're sorry?

Victoria: So, after running ads for a new fragrance rollout and making a huge deal about it in the press, the return of brash & sassy, dad pulls the plug.

Nick: With no warning?

Victoria: None. So then, while everybody's scratching their heads, saying, "what the hell?" He wants me to scrutinize Jabot in every division -- whatever I can get my hands on.

Nick: Why?

Victoria: He wants to figure out what their weakness is. And of course it's all very top-secret. You're the first person I've told.

Nick: I mean, is he thinking "takeover"? That ship has sailed -- many times.

Victoria: I know. Dad used to relish the competition, but now he wants to eradicate it -- and Jack.

Nick: [Sighs] You know, the more you tell me, the happier I am that I got out of Newman when I did.

Victoria: How did I know you were gonna say that?

Nick: Because you're a wizard.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: You're a genius.

Victoria: Yeah, true. Hey, little sis. What's up?

Abby: You better get to the club. Stitch needs you.

Stitch: Do you think I want your sympathy? You drove my sister to her death!

Phyllis: You have just heard terrible news. You are in shock. But your sister struggled with some serious issues.

Stitch: Yeah, Kelly had some issues, and you were two of them. Everyone she ever loved either died or left her. She was all alone in this world. And then, all of a sudden, she was happy. She had Jack. And then Jack just picked her up and tossed her away.

Phyllis: He was committed, stitch, to me. We were engaged.

Stitch: You were in a coma! The doctors said it was irreversible!

Phyllis: It turns out they were wrong. Stitch --

Jack: Sweetheart, sweetheart, let's let stitch do the talking.

Stitch: I have nothing more to say to either of you.

Jack: I understand.

Stitch: The hell you do.

Jack: Look, stitch, I am not going to insult you with displays of sympathy that you obviously can't accept right now, but I want you to know there was a time your sister meant a great --

Stitch: All right, enough! Enough! [Crying]

Jack: Come on.

Abby: What can I do?

Stitch: What is there to do? My sister's gone. [Crying continues]

Victoria: Jack, how's Ben? Where is he?

Victoria: Oh, my God. Abby gave me the news. I'm so shocked. I'm so sorry. I know that Kelly was troubled, but I had no --

Stitch: Why?! Why? Why does everybody keep blaming Kelly? Life dealt her a really bad hand, and all anybody ever did was use and exploit her -- first your husband, then his brother.

Ashley: If you're telling me that your soon-to-be wedding to Chelsea has nothing to do with Victoria, then I'll take you at your word. I'm glad you're happy. I want you to be. And I'll be happy, too, you know, as long as Chelsea is. Well, hi!

Billy: Hey. There's my beautiful fiancée. What brings you by the office?

Chelsea: I thought my portfolio was at the studio, but it's here. I need it for my meeting with Clayton.

Billy: Oh.

Ashley: Clayton department stores?

Chelsea: That's the one.

Billy: Uh, in la Crosse? You're going there today?

Chelsea: Uh, yeah. I'm about to leave.

Billy: Okay, but how are you gonna get back in time for our appointment?

Chelsea: What appointment?

Billy: Well, we had a meeting at the wedding venue and then with the caterer afterwards.

Chelsea: That was today?

Billy: Yeah.

Sage: It kills me when you call yourself "Gabriel." Yes, you talk like him, you act like him, you have his face, but that's where the resemblance ends. Gabe could be a rogue in relationships but not because he was calculating. He broke a lot of hearts because he fell in love so easily and then, just so easily, fell out of love, but he never used malice or trickery.

Adam: You know, I've heard this whole thing before -- the glories of St. Gabriel -- and, quite frankly, I'm sick of it. And from what I can tell, just off the top of my head, I do have one advantage over the guy. I'm alive, whereas your beloved St. Gabriel is dead and gone.

Adam: [Chuckles] That's good. That was a good one. That make you feel better?

Sage: Gabe jumped in a river to save your life.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sage: You are a selfish bastard.

Adam: I appreciate everything that did for me. But you knew that I had my own agenda when you and I both agreed, Sage -- we both agreed -- that I would take his place.

Sage: You -- you will never take his place...ever. You may have his life, you may have his inheritance, but you will never, ever be his equal. Gabe was full of love and joy, and you are a mean and bitter man. You say you love Chelsea. You don't know what love is. You hide behind Gabe's face because you don't want everyone to see who the real Adam is. You are a coward... who didn't have the guts to go back and take responsibility for killing a little girl.

Adam: You think you know me. You don't know me, Sage. You never will. I'm a man going after my wife and my child, and you can sit here and you can fantasize about your fake dead husband, but that's not gonna bring him back. He's never coming back, and, you know, even if he did come back, he wouldn't want you. You say he fell in and out of love so easily. Well, the truth is he never loved you, did he? Now you want to hit me again?

Chelsea: We made that appointment a while ago, and then we agreed to postpone picking a date, so I just thought that meant we were postponing all the planning.

Billy: I know what we said, but I just figured why not go ahead and keep the appointment? I mean, I really think that you're gonna love the place, and I know that Jack and Phyllis are gonna be doing their thing first. Why not just go ahead and see the place, right?

Chelsea: Right. Yes. You know what? That's -- I totally understand. I will just -- I'll reschedule with the buyer.

Billy: Okay. You know what? It's okay. It would probably be a lot easier for me to reschedule with the venue, and I don't want to get in the way of business. I know that this is a really important meeting for you.

Chelsea: Thank you! Thank you! We'll reschedule. We'll do it next week.

Billy: Right.

Chelsea: Okay. I just have to scoot, because gave is picking me up.

Billy: Gabe?

Chelsea: Yeah. Yeah. He had a meeting with the same buyer, and it doesn't make sense to take two cars, right? You don't have a problem with that, do you?

Billy: Uh, no. No. No problem at all.

Chelsea: Okay. I'll see you later. Bye, Ashley.

Ashley: Bye. Good luck.

Billy: Bye.

Chelsea: Thanks!

Billy: [Sighs] Oh, what?

Ashley: Nothing.

Billy: Yeah. [Sighs]

Victoria: I would never blame Kelly. I know how much you loved her. I'm -- I'm so sorry. I wish I knew what to say right now to make you feel better.

Stitch: My sister is on a slab in a morgue. There's nothing to say, Victoria. Nothing is gonna bring a smile to my face, so please stop trying.

Victoria: Okay. It's just that Abby called, so I-I want to be here for you. I-I kn-- I feel so badly for what you're going through right now.

Stitch: Just stop. Stop. I know how you really felt about Kelly. You always blamed her for breaking up your marriage, so maybe you're not the best person to be giving me sympathy right now.

Victoria: All right. Well...I'm just gonna give you some time, okay? [Sniffles] You know where I am if you want to talk to me. Ben, I really want to be here for you.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Abby: Vicki, wait. He's still in shock. He doesn't mean what he's saying.

Victoria: I'm pretty sure that he does.

Abby: I'm really sorry.

Victoria: Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything wrong, Abby.

Abby: Because you mean well. He's not ready to let anyone help yet.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I've been in this spot before, so I guess I know how to handle it. I should go.

Abby: No, wait. I-I promise, I won't let him do anything stupid. He needs some time, okay?

Victoria: Yeah, sure.

Phyllis: Look, I cannot believe stitch pointing the finger at us. We were Kelly's victims, not the other way around.

Jack: Don't. Please don't.

Phyllis: Well, I-I don't mean to seem insensitive, but if the woman was so miserable that she wanted out, well, then, you know what? It's her own damn fault.

Jack: It's not her fault. If anyone's to blame, it's me.

Phyllis: If you... blame yourself for Kelly's problems one more time, I promise you I will walk out that door and never come back.

Stitch: I was terrible to Victoria, wasn't I?

Abby: I'm sure, under the circumstances, she won't hold it against you.

Stitch: Is that a "yes"? Tell me the truth, Abby.

Abby: I always do. Most of the time, you don't want to hear it.

Stitch: I do this time.

Abby: Yes. You were an ass to Vicki.

Stitch: I, uh -- I don't think I should be around people right now. No offense, but I think I'd like to be alone. What?

Abby: I get it. I totally understand, but... you're kind of stuck with me. You're supposed to watch over me, remember -- Ben the bodyguard? Ah, a smile. That's a good sign.

Stitch: How am I supposed to protect you from Austin's killer when I couldn't even --

[Sniffles] She -- she was just so fragile, you know -- so vulnerable -- and I just -- I couldn't --

Abby: Ben.

Stitch: You know, I wish -- I wish to God she had never gone to that grief-support group. She never would have met Billy or any of the Abbotts. You know, if she'd never gotten involved with any of those people, she might still be here today.

Abby: I realize that you just lost your only sister, and you're entitled to behave as badly as you want. Yell. Scream. Throw things. You have every right to be upset. But if you're gonna be mad, be sure you know who you're really mad at.

Ashley: I'm gonna stop by the club and see how Abby's doing.

Billy: Really? I mean, you sure you don't want to stick around -- tell me again how you think Chelsea's a poor substitute for Victoria?

Ashley: [Gasps] I never said that!

Billy: Yeah, but she forgot the appointment, which must mean that the marriage is doomed.

Ashley: Well, I'm sorry, but you know what? You are not on the same page. Chelsea seems very happy with a long engagement. You want to lock in a date.

Billy: No, no. That's -- see, that's not it. We just haven't had a chance to sit down and set a date. We're just getting our wires crossed, that's all.

Ashley: Okay, I get it. You're busy people. It happens.

Billy: This meeting is very important to Chelsea. It's an opportunity for her to get her line into a new chain of stores, and, no, I'm not gonna pretend that I'm thrilled about her driving there with Gabriel, but he and Sage seem to be a part of the landscape these days, so I guess I'm just gonna have to man up and deal.

Sage: Hey. Is this a good time?

Nick: For you? It's always a perfect time. What did you think of the reconstruction?

Sage: It's really good. Yeah.

Nick: Right? I mean, it's gonna go faster than I think, too.

Sage: Well, it only took a few seconds to come tumbling down. I can't imagine it would take that long to put back up again, right?

Nick: You know, I brought that up to the contractor. Apparently, the "putting back together" part takes longer. I mean, who knew?

Sage: Well, you did a-a really good job.

Nick: I know that look. What did Gabe do now?

Sage: I don't really want to talk about Gabe. In fact, I really never want to see his face again.

Nick: Look, I know you and bingo have some issues, but the guy's good at heart.

Sage: That bingo that you know from boarding school -- he's gone, and so is the man that I wanted to help.

Nick: Gone? What are you talking about?

Chelsea: Why did you stop? What's going on?

Adam: I pulled over 'cause the engine cut out. I don't -- I don't know what happened. I think we ran out of gas.

Chelsea: What?!

Adam: Yeah, which doesn't make a lot of sense, 'cause the gauge is reading that we have a quarter of a tank. It must be -- must be broken or something.

Chelsea: No, no, no, no! How could this happen? I can't be late for this meeting!

Adam: Look, I'll take care of it. You know what? It's a Jabot car, so I'll just call the auto club, and I'm sure they'll send somebody right away.

Chelsea: But, I mean, we're in the middle of nowhere.

Adam: Okay. Um...I'll take care of it. And I'm -- I'm sorry about this. Sorry -- probably not as sorry as you are that you agreed to ride with me, though, right?

Chelsea: It's okay. It's not your fault. [Sighs]

Phyllis: I understand that you cared about Kelly at one time, and I am trying to be sensitive here. I really am. But I have had it with you wallowing in guilt about the choices she's made. You are not responsible for her death. You did not put the pills in her mouth. You did not make her swallow those pills --

Jack: Phyllis, the woman is dead, for god's sake. You're honestly gonna argue that this emotional roller coaster I put her on was not a determining factor?

Phyllis: No, and I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to hear another word about how awful you were for choosing me over that psychotic blond. Kelly Andrews messed with me when she was alive, and I'm not gonna let her torture me from the grave. So, if you want to wail and gnash your teeth, then you're gonna have to do that alone.

Jack: Whoa, whoa. Wait.

Stitch: So, now you're gonna tell me who it is I'm mad at?

Abby: No. What I meant was --

Stitch: You know what? I-I don't -- I don't need this, especially from you. You don't even know me.

Abby: Stitch, I do know you, better than you realize. And I stood here and I watched you blame my uncle Jack and Phyllis and Billy, and you were a total ass to Victoria, all because it's easier than being honest with yourself. And who you're really upset with is -- is Kelly.

Stitch: You're telling me that I am mad at my sad, poor sister... who I loved, who just killed herself?

Abby: Yeah, and that's why you're furious with her -- for not confiding in you about how bad things had gotten, for swallowing a handful of pills instead of giving you the chance to pull her back from the brink. She cut you out, your only sister, and then she made the ultimate decision.

Stitch: [Chuckles] You're right. I am mad at Kelly. You know, with max in Australia and my mother God knows where, she was all the family I had left. Why wouldn't she have come to me? Why wouldn't she have let me help?

Victoria: [Gasps]

Billy: Hey. Hey. I'm sorry. It's me.

Victoria: Oh, Billy.

Billy: Vick, tell me what's going on.

Victoria: [Sniffles] I have something that I need to tell you.

Billy: Okay. Oh, my God. Just, um, tell me that everything's okay with the kids, right?

Victoria: Yeah. The kids are fine. They're fine.

Billy: [Exhales sharply]

Victoria: [Sniffles] It's Kelly. [Sighs] She died. She's dead.

Billy: What? What are you -- how did this happen?

Victoria: She killed herself.

Billy: Oh, my God. Geez.

Victoria: I don't know any of the details, okay? I don't know anything. You're just gonna have to call Jack.

Billy: Poor girl. I mean, her life was just... so tragic, you know?

Victoria: [Crying]

Billy: Is that why you're crying?

Victoria: Yes, because of Kelly, but also because of Ben, because he's taking it so very hard.

Billy: Do you know how generous this is of you? I mean, with everything that happened with me and Kelly --

Victoria: No, Billy. That does matter. Nobody should suffer so much that they take their own life. Nobody should. And she was a friend to you when you needed somebody. And even after everything that happened, I'm grateful for that, and I know that you feel the same way.

Billy: You always know just the right thing to say.

Victoria: Oh, God. [Sniffles, chuckles] I wish that was true. [Chuckles] I didn't know how to comfort you when Dee Dee died...

Billy: [Sighs]

Victoria: ...Any more than I know what to say to Ben now.

Chelsea: Sage was right.

Adam: Yeah? About what?

Chelsea: Earlier this morning, she said I would regret not eating breakfast.

Adam: Mm.

Chelsea: And now it looks like we're gonna miss our lunch date in La Crosse. [Sighs]

Adam: What do you need?

Chelsea: I'm looking for food. I'm starving.

Adam: Oh. Uh, I think I have some energy bars back -- here we go.

Chelsea: Oh. Ohh! Thank you! Amazing!

Adam: Yeah. You're welcome.

Chelsea: Oh, that's so funny -- this brand.

Adam: What about it?

Chelsea: Adam was addicted to these things. It's so funny that you like them, too. For me, I kind of used to think they tasted like sawdust.

Adam: Oh, well, you know, it's an acquired taste, those things.

Chelsea: Evidently. Thanks, though.

Adam: Mm-hmm. You're welcome. It's so quiet out here.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: Peaceful. It's beautiful, though.

Adam: You like it out here? That sort of surprises me.

Chelsea: Why?

Adam: Why? Well, I just sort of -- you strike me as, like, a city girl, you know? This is like, uh -- it's farm country out here.

Chelsea: It reminds me of Kansas...

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: ...Where Adam grew up. He took me there once.

Adam: Took you there once to visit?

Chelsea: Our first wedding.

Adam: Mm.

Chelsea: It was wonderful. It was a -- it was a time when anything seemed possible.

Adam: Um, your -- your -- your first wedding, you said, so that -- were you guys married twice? What, did you divorce and then get married again? That's interesting.

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Hmm.

Chelsea: Our second wedding was in a judge's chambers. It was all very rushed.

Adam: Really?

Chelsea: I realize now Adam was just trying to rush us out of the country because he was afraid he was gonna get caught for Delia's death. But... I was so in love with him, I just thought it was, uh, romantic and spontaneous.

[Exhales sharply] Sorry. That's -- I didn't -- I don't mean to talk about personal stuff.

Adam: No. Actually, I'm having fun. This is wonderful, getting to know you a little bit better. I'm enjoying it.

Chelsea: Well, I mean, what else are we gonna do, right?

Adam: [Laughing] What else are we gonna do? What else are we gonna do? Um...

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Adam: ...What is it that you loved... so much about Adam? Because it sort of seems like everybody else hated him.

Sage: I'm so sorry that I ever married Gabe so he could get his inheritance. He used to be such a pleasant person, and now he's just not anymore. I really don't want to talk about him right now.

Nick: Hey, that's cool. What do you want to do instead?

Sage: Uh... I want a drink, and I want to dance.

Nick: Well, you have come to the right place...

Sage: Yeah?

Nick: ...But you're gonna have to give me a few weeks.

Sage: Thought you'd say that.

Nick: But the construction cannot stop me from pouring you a drink.

Sage: You're very resourceful.

Nick: Oh, yeah. That's me.

Sage: Okay. So, uh... I can have a drink, but I have no one to dance with.

Nick: Well, I suppose you could, uh, dance with the help.

Sage: Well, that depends.

Nick: On what?

Sage: What does the boss say?

Nick: Well, the boss thinks you should definitely dance with the help.

Nick: Feeling better?

Sage: Much, much...better. Is it just me, or is there no actual music playing?

Nick: Music's overrated.

Jack: Don't leave me, please. I couldn't take that. You left me once. It broke my heart in two.

Phyllis: Jack...

Jack: I don't want to feel the way I'm feeling. And I don't want for one minute for you to think my heart is anywhere but here with you or that I regret the choices that I've made. I love you. I'm marrying you. And whatever happened to Kelly and whatever part I may have played in it doesn't change the way I feel about you. I want us to enjoy the life that we planned.

Stitch: Why would I expect Kelly to come to me? I mean, I'm the one who put up all the walls all our lives. For years, she thought I killed our father. That's why she hated me. That's why I wasn't there for her when Sam died. I could have been, but I chose to perpetuate my mother's lie instead. I knew Kelly was struggling. God, if I... if I could just go back and do things differently... [Crying] Let's get out of here.

Billy: I want to tell you something about that. The only reason that you couldn't get through to me when Delia died... is because I wouldn't let you, okay? It was just all too painful. And I knew deep down inside how much I needed you... just like I'm sure stitch needs you now.

Victoria: Well, it sure didn't seem that way. I mean, I was just with him. Everything that I said to him just... just felt so wrong. I mean, I can't talk to him the way that I talk to you. I'm still trying to figure out who he is and how we fit together.

Billy: I'm, uh -- I'm going through the exact same thing with Chelsea.

Chelsea: Sometimes the things that people found most difficult about Adam were what made him so special to me.

Adam: Really? Like what? What things?

Chelsea: Um, he could be very...intense. [Chuckles]

Adam: Really?

Chelsea: Yeah. It was almost frightening at times.

Adam: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: But to have that kind of intense energy all focused on me -- it was... overwhelming.

Adam: Overwhelming in a good way, right?

Chelsea: Yeah. I felt so loved, so protected. I never for a second doubted that I was the most important thing in Adam's life. Connor and I -- we were everything to him. We were his world. We completed him. And I really felt that I had the potential to... fix him, you know?

Adam: Do you think that's possible -- for one person to... fix what's wrong with another? Do you think that's possible?

Chelsea: I did with Adam. Or I at least thought I had a lifetime to try. Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating on him, being with Billy. I know Adam wouldn't approve. It's crazy. I know he's dead, but sometimes -- sometimes I feel like he's still here... watching.

Adam: He is here.

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