Y&R Transcript Thursday 3/12/15


Episode # 10623 ~ Dylan opens up to Sharon; Lauren talks to Michael; Abby gets an upsetting message.

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Sharon: So, who's the sleepover with?

Nick: Brigitte. It's her birthday.

Sharon: Oh. She always has such a good time when she hangs out at her house. Plus this gives us a chance to talk.

Nick: Yeah. I think our daughter is adjusting very well to the new arrangement. Plus considering how close we live to each other, it's not like logistics has been an issue.

Sharon: Well, I don't think little girls worry about logistics. I think she feels more secure knowing that I'm nearby and I could be there very quickly if there ever were an issue. So, I guess at least for now...

Nick: I think we're doing okay.

Sharon: And how's summer holding up?

Nick: Not well. Austin's death was devastating. And then to find out he was cheating on her...

Sharon: When Noah told me about that, I was shocked. I remember their wedding. Austin seemed so in love with her.

Nick: Yeah.

Sharon: Do you think that she'll ever forgive him?

Nick: Him? What about Abby? She's still alive.

Sharon: Well, you know, I don't know if that makes it any easier.

Nick: Well, summer -- she's gonna have to deal with this if she's ever gonna start to heal.

Sharon: And what about you, nick? Are you starting to heal?

Nick: Are you asking me if I've started to forgive you yet?

Victoria: Hi.

Stitch: Hey.

Ashley: Hi, Victoria.

Victoria: Hi.

Ashley: What can we do for you?

Victoria: I was looking for Abby. She's not in her office.

Stitch: I haven't seen her. Have you?

Ashley: Not since this morning. She probably went home. She doesn't need to be around people right now, all the staring and whispering.

Victoria: [Sighs] I was afraid of that.

Stitch: You know, I know she feels like a pariah, but something tells me that she was a victim, too.

Summer: [Sobs]

Noah: Abby! Abby!

Courtney: This is officer Sloan from GCPD. We have a female, late 20s, unconscious on the ground at chancellor park. She's visibly bleeding from a wound off her right temple.

Noah: Abby.

Courtney: She's coming back around, but we're still gonna need an ambulance. We're by the gazebo on the west side.

Noah: Abby.

Courtney: Okay. Thank you.

Noah: Abby, Courtney's called the ambulance, okay? Abby, can you open your eyes for me, please? Abby, what happened? Who did this to you?

Summer: It's the same person that knows how Austin really was killed.

Noah: "Shut up or you're next." It's okay.

Lauren: You know, I'm so proud of you. Radiation's going well. You're making such good progress.

Michael: Well, time will tell.

Lauren: Look, I don't want to take away from what you're going through, but do you realize how lucky we are? I mean, when I think about Paul and Christine and losing the baby, it just makes me heartsick. But you and I have so much to be grateful for. We -- we have our family and we have each other. And hopefully very soon, you're gonna be cancer-free. We're gonna have our whole lives ahead of us.

Michael: Our whole lives.

Phyllis: Avery. I have some news, some very strange and surprising news. Call me.

[Door opens]

Avery: No! I can't do it!

Sharon: I don't expect you to forget what I did. And I don't expect you to forgive me any time soon. I just hope for your sake that you -- you're not as angry as you were before.

Nick: I'm trying very hard to put things in perspective, at least accept what happened, even if I haven't completely forgiven it yet.

Sharon: Well, I guess that's the best I could hope for.

Nick: How you doing these days?

Sharon: Me?

Nick: Yeah. You still on your medication, talking to your therapist, doing everything you need to be doing?

Sharon: Yes, sir.

Nick: I thought so. You seem good.

Sharon: Well, I am. Thank you for asking. Yeah, I-I've been focusing on the kids a lot and on myself. And you know what I've realized? I'm not a bad person. I am a regular person who did a bad thing. And with the help of my friend, I'm starting to forgive myself.

Dylan: You okay?

Avery: I'm fine. Fine. It was just an awful dream.

Dylan: You said "I can't do it." What was that about?

Avery: I don't -- I don't even remember. It was probably something silly.

Dylan: The way you screamed, it didn't sound too silly. You know, I-I still have nightmares about war. And you've always encouraged me to talk about them.

Avery: It was about Phyllis. She was in prison, and everything was big and dark and exaggerated, the way things are in dreams like that and... I was trying to get the judge to let her go.

Dylan: I know that you're worried about -- about the trial.

Avery: I have so little time to prepare for this, and I am feeling helpless.

Dylan: You're gonna be fine.

Avery: Well, I don't have a choice. There's too much at stake. [Sniffles]

[Papers rustling]

Avery: [Sighs] You know, I think I am gonna get rid of that dress.

Dylan: You gonna send it back to Joe?

Avery: No. No, I know exactly what I'm gonna do with it.

Ashley: It takes two to tango. Thank you for that. Whatever happened between Austin and Abby, it was as much his fault as it was hers.

Victoria: I think Austin is more to blame. He's the married man in this equation.

Ashley: I'm grateful you're taking Abby's side. Now I'm gonna have to ask you to leave the lab.

Stitch: Ashley, I invited her in.

Ashley: I know. And now I have to ask her to leave. And please, um, Victoria, empty your pockets first.

Victoria: Are you serious, Ashley? We already had this out. You know, if you have any accusations, you can take them up with my father.

Ashley: Believe me. I have.

Victoria: Good. So, I hope you won't cause me more grief every time I want to show up here for personal reasons. I'm not spying on you, since our new fragrance is rolling out already --

Ashley: Wait, wait, wait. Your stolen fragrance, don't forget.

Victoria: Didn't I read somewhere that Jabot is abandoning its own similar project?

Ashley: Unlike brash & sassy, which hasn't lit up the marketplace in years, we have an ongoing stream of ideas, Victoria.

Stitch: Okay, how about I see you at home? All right, sweetheart?

Victoria: Don't worry, Ben. Ashley and I won't draw blood.

Ashley: Not very much, anyway.

[Cell phone rings]

Ashley: Hey, Noah. What's going on? Oh, my God. Is Abby okay?

Noah: Ashley's on her way.

Courtney: Why would somebody have attacked Abby?

Noah: Why? I want to know who do it, 'cause you know it's the same person that wrote the lipstick message on the mirror at the cabin.

Summer: And my compact.

Courtney: And Abby's phone.

Summer: At first I thought that Abby did it, but now... obviously she couldn't have done this to herself.

Courtney: But who else would have known about what happened at the cabin besides the people that were there? There's us.

Noah: Mariah and Kevin. But they were still up there when Abby was attacked.

Courtney: Fen's back at Arizona state.

Noah: Which leaves only one other person.

Kyle: Is Abby okay? Where is she?

Noah: The bigger question right now is where were you?

Kyle: Summer texted me that Abby was hurt. What happened?

Summer: She was in the park and somebody attacked her. Someone hit her over the head just like they did Austin.

Noah: You were supposed to stay with Abby. We agreed that nobody should be left alone.

Kyle: And I caught up with her, but then we had an argument.

Courtney: About?

Kyle: Well, I asked her if she wrote those creepy messages. She said no, but she figured summer would blame her for Austin's death, so she wanted to go to the police first. She stormed out of there before I could stop her.

Noah: Someone wrote a note on Abby's phone in lipstick saying "shut up or you're next."

Kyle: But no one could have known that she was going to the cops.

Noah: No one but you.

Summer: Noah, stop. You are the one always saying that we need to stop blaming each other.

[Door opens]

Kyle: I want to see her. Hey.

Abby: Hey.

Kyle: How are you feeling?

Abby: Like someone who's had their head bashed in.

Noah: What did the doctor say?

Abby: I got away lucky. But someone wanted me dead.

Courtney: I don't think so, ab. I hate to say it, but if whoever did this meant to kill you, he probably would've.

Noah: Someone was outside our cabin earlier watching us. They were listening in. Whatever game they're playing, Abby, they're serious.

Abby: Guys, this has gotten out of hand. We obviously can't handle this ourselves.

Summer: Well, we can't go to the cops now.

Abby: Why not?

Courtney: There was a message on your phone. It was written on the glass.

Abby: In lipstick? What'd it say?

Summer: "Shut up or you're next."

Abby: Oh, my God.

Kyle: Easy. Easy. Just stay.

Courtney: Hey, Duncan. Um, you here to get the statement? This is the victim, Abby Newman. I called it in. Mind if I stay?

Fine by me. Everyone else, outside, please.

Noah: Your mom's on her way. We're not going anywhere.

Abby: Thank you.

Courtney: Sure you're up to this now?

Abby: I'll try.

Tell me exactly what happened.

Michael: Yeah, my appointment went fine. You don't always have to check in when -- summer? Um, as far as I know, she's hanging in there. [Clears throat] If I see her, is there anything you want me to pass along? Yeah, yeah, I can do that. Yeah. I love you, too. Fenmore sends his love. [Sighs] I wish he wouldn't worry so much.

Lauren: Come on. You're his dad. Of course he's gonna be worried.

Michael: He's also worried about summer. Almost to an extreme.

Lauren: Our son is very loyal. He must get that from us.

Michael: Yeah. Our loyalty's been tested.

Lauren: What's going on? Don't tell me "nothing," 'cause I know something is troubling you.

Michael: I've just been thinking about what'll happen after my treatment's finished.

Lauren: What will happen is you will be cancer-free.

Michael: Yeah, well, even if that's the case, there are no guarantees. It could always come back.

Lauren: Oh, honey. Your odds are very good.

Michael: There will be side effects.

Lauren: Potential side effects.

Michael: Have you ever thought about what your life would be like if you outlive me?

Lauren: [Sighs] I've thought about what your life will be like if you outlived me. How would you get along? Would you remarry? What would she be like? Married couples think about this, I'm sure, all the time. There's no reason to dwell on this because nobody is leaving anyone. And for the record, I could never find anyone that I love as much as I do you.

Michael: Hmm. That's what worries me.

Nick: I'm really glad to hear you're doing so well.

Sharon: Thank you. Yeah, instead of feeling so needy all the time, I'm learning what it's like to feel needed. Oh, hi, Dylan.

Nick: What's up?

Dylan: What's up?

Sharon: Um, I'm gonna get a refill. Do you want one?

Nick: Uh, I'm good. Thanks.

Sharon: Okay.

Dylan: Uh, how's, uh, how's summer doing?

Nick: Not great.

Dylan: Oh, man, I can't even imagine how rough it's been for her.

Nick: It's been rough. Hey, I've been meaning to talk to you. Uh, mom called, left me a message. She said there was something she really needed to talk to me about, but I haven't been able to get ahold of her.

Dylan: Well, you should keep trying.

Nick: Yeah, I'm gonna, but I think I know what it's about.

Dylan: You do?

Nick: Yeah, dad told me mom's back in A.A., And I'm sure she was just calling to reassure me that's what's happening.

Dylan: Yeah, well, it's too bad Nikki's drinking again.

Nick: Our mother's an alcoholic. It's a constant struggle.

Dylan: Seems like that's true of a lot of things lately.

Nick: You and Avery?

Dylan: I mean, there's been a little tension.

Nick: Things getting any better? You two okay?

Dylan: To tell you the truth, nick, I'm not really sure.

Avery: That was an intriguing message you left. What happened?

Phyllis: Kelly just confessed to everything.

Avery: Everything? What -- wait a minute. What do you mean, everything?

Phyllis: To setting me up, poisoning herself. They took her to the station. She made a statement. All of the charges against me have been dropped.

Avery: What?!

Phyllis: Yeah.

Avery: Wait a minute. What -- what made her come around so all of a sudden?

Phyllis: She thought she just couldn't live with herself. She made this big sob story, you know, that she was so desperate to hang on to Jack, which, of course, was to get yours truly out of the way.

Avery: And what did the others have to say?

Phyllis: Christine was livid!

Avery: Of course.

Phyllis: Her head almost popped off. I mean, she's been wanting to nail me for so long.

Avery: What about Jack? What did he say?

Phyllis: Jack -- Jack actually felt bad for her, which really ticked me off, but you know what? What are you gonna do? I'm sure he will get over it. The point is, I am free.

Avery: [Laughs]

Phyllis: I am free, and I intend to stay that way! And bonus -- you don't have to be my lawyer anymore!

Avery: Oh, well, hallelujah! We can just go back to being sisters!

[Both laugh]

Phyllis: Now, does that mean that all the legal fees will be waived?

Avery: Ha! Actually, what it means is when we talk, there won't be billable hours.

Phyllis: Okay. All right.

Avery: [Laughs] Wow.

Phyllis: What are we talking about?

Avery: Oh! Oh! Well, I'm glad you asked, because why don't we talk about Harriet.

Phyllis: Grandma Harriet?

Avery: Yes, grandma Harriet. I know you aren't fond of the rest of the family, but you did love her.

Phyllis: I did. She was a tough, old broad. My kind of gal.

Avery: Yes. And this was her wedding dress. Now, I know that it's not exactly your style, but I think with a few alterations here and there, this could be stunning on you.

Phyllis: Well, you know I'm not really the sentimental type, but I do love the idea of honoring grandma Harriet. But what makes you think there's still gonna be a wedding?

Michael: At the end of this road, I could be permanently affected, and then all the little blue pills in the world aren't gonna help.

Lauren: All right.

May be affected. Nothing is definite. And radiation affects everybody differently. In case you haven't heard me, I don't care.

Michael: Oh, you don't care? You don't care?! You don't care if I can't make love to you?

Lauren: There are so many different ways to make love, Michael. All right, can we just not discuss this, especially in a restaurant?

Michael: Fine. Well, I have to go to the men's room again. If you'll excuse me.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Looks like someone could use an umbrella drink.

Lauren: [Sighs]

I used blue Curacao to go with your eyes.

Lauren: Uh, my eyes are hazel, but that's a very cute line. I'm sure you use it on all your female customers.

Well, either way, it's on the house.

Lauren: That's very sweet. Thank you.

What's your favorite drink? So I'll know for next time.

Lauren: Uh, you know, I don't usually like anything that tastes like alcohol -- oh, honey.

You've got it.

Lauren: The bartender and I were just talking about my favorite drink.

Michael: I know exactly what you were doing. [Sighs] Maybe you shouldn't wait until I'm incapacitated to start auditioning for my replacement.

Avery: What are you saying? You're not marrying Jack?

Phyllis: I'm saying that he has some explaining to do. You know what? My legal problems are behind me, yes, but Jack said several things and did things in the last few months that need to be fixed.

Avery: Well, he'll fix them. I know he will.

Phyllis: I'm glad you're sure. Look, I want to marry Jack. I'm planning on marrying Jack. But I... I don't know. If I don't hear what I need to hear, I swear I am so out of here in one second.

Avery: Phyllis, you love the man.

Phyllis: I do. I really do.

Avery: Yes.

Phyllis: But that is not a reason to get married.

Avery: No, but it's a start.

Phyllis: I have started several marriages. I am done with that. I want to take this to the finish line.

Avery: Well, that's romantic in your own way.

Phyllis: If I had a nickel every time someone called me romantic, I would have about 5 cents.

Avery: [Laughs] All right, well, we will revisit grandma Harriet's wedding dress when you and Jack decide to make it official.

Phyllis: Hey, why don't you wear the wedding dress to your wedding?

Avery: No.

Phyllis: What do you mean, no? Aren't you and Dylan getting married?

Nick: Is Avery still mad at you?

Dylan: What? You mean for Valentine's Day when I accidentally hit her?

Nick: It was an accident. It wasn't your fault.

Dylan: It doesn't matter. I got a short temper. I should control it. I-I shouldn't have let the guy get to me. It should have just rolled off.

Nick: No, sometimes when you get a guy like Joe, you got to do something to modify his behavior.

Dylan: [Scoffs] Modify their behavior.

Nick: Yeah.

Dylan: [Sighs] Well, luckily Avery understands me.

Nick: Then what's the issue?

Dylan: I don't know. Something's going on. I could tell that something's bugging her, but she won't tell me what it is.

Nick: Well, maybe it is Joe. You know, when exes come back to town, things tend to get stirred up.

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Hold on. Sorry. Hey, Vick. What's up? No, I -- hold on, let me just -- I can't hear you. I'll be right back.

Dylan: Yeah. [Sighs]

Sharon: Hey, is everything okay?

Dylan: Yeah. Yeah. Why?

Sharon: Well, I just overheard you saying that Avery had some trouble with something. I guess everyone has their demons, right?

Dylan: [Sighs] Yeah, you know, maybe I'm misreading things. Maybe she isn't pulling away because of something else. Maybe she's pulling away because of me.

Sharon: What are you talking about?

Dylan: That despite what Avery says, maybe she's afraid of me.

Summer: If Abby tells the cops everything about that night, the notes and everything else, then we will be in more danger than we already are.

Kyle: Later.

Ashley: Where's Abby?

Noah: She's in there.

Ashley: Thank you. Abby!

Abby: Mom, hey.

Ashley: God, what happened to you?

Abby: I'm fine. I'm just a little groggy.

Ashley: Who did this to you?

Courtney: Abby was just giving her statement to officer Duncan.

Abby: Um, I was cutting through the park, and, um, I heard footsteps. I sped up, but then I felt someone grab my purse from behind. Before I could get a look at him, he clocked me.

Ashley: You were mugged?

Abby: Yeah, completely random.

Abby: I'm a statistic. How common. The humiliation. I'll never live it down.

Ashley: None of this is funny, Abby. You could have been seriously injured.

Strange the mugger didn't take your purse. They usually go straight for the wallet and cell phone.

Courtney: They probably just heard the rest of us coming and took off before they could grab anything.

Can you describe the guy?

Courtney: Sorry. I never saw him. It was dark, and then once we found Abby, we were just focused on getting her help.

Ashley: Thank you for that.

Courtney: You're welcome. Got everything you need? I'll walk you out.

[Door opens]

Ashley: I want to talk to the doctor that admitted you. Maybe we should even have a specialist look at you, because a head injury is nothing to mess around with.

Abby: Mom, I'm okay.

Ashley: See, honey, that's the point. You don't know if you're okay or not. What were you doing in that park alone? What was everybody else doing in there?

Abby: Please just stop asking questions. I don't want to talk about it.

Stitch: Maybe I shouldn't have said anything to Abby about Austin's documentary.

Victoria: It must have been really painful for her, realizing the guy that she was in love with might have been using her to smear her family.

Stitch: Look, it upset her. Her guard was down, and then the mugger took advantage of her. I probably shouldn't have said anything. You know, just let it lay to rest with Austin.

Victoria: Ben, come on. You cannot blame yourself. These kinds of things happen. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her being attacked had nothing to do with you.

Summer: Abby kept her mouth shut. That's a miracle.

Kyle: Now that the crisis has passed, we should all calm down and start trusting each other.

Courtney: I agree.

Summer: Me, too.

Courtney: Noah.

Noah: You and Abby have always been close. I can't imagine you ever intentionally hurting her.

Kyle: I wouldn't. End of story.

Courtney: So, now that your memory's coming back and you finally believe that you didn't kill Austin...

Summer: Well, whoever's trying to scare us with these messages, it has to be coming from outside of our group.

Kyle: I think I know who it might be.

Sharon: There's no way Avery could be afraid of you. She has to know you would never hurt her.

Dylan: Well, I have hurt her.

Sharon: That was only because of your past, the war.

Dylan: That's not an excuse.

Sharon: Well, it's a reason, at least.

Dylan: The thing is, you know, my past, it's -- it's an open book. Avery doesn't really talk about hers much.

Sharon: Didn't you two know each other when you were kids?

Dylan: Actually, I knew Phyllis better, and I didn't really know her parents at all. Her parents kind of kept to themselves.

Sharon: So then you and Avery never talked --

Dylan: You know what? Um, I'm -- I'm sorry. I mean, I-I shouldn't be talking about this stuff with you. I...

Sharon: You didn't say anything bad. You were just thinking out loud in front of a friend, the way I've done with you oftentimes. I wouldn't mind returning the favor.

Phyllis: What happened? Why aren't you getting married?

Avery: We are. I think.

Phyllis: You think?

Avery: I'm sure. We just have to get through this rough patch.

Phyllis: Since he punched you in the nose?

Avery: That was an accident.

Phyllis: Of course it was. I know that.

Avery: But since that happened, there's been some other things, and -- and we just -- we just need to work a few things out.

Phyllis: Okay. You'll work a few things out. In the meantime, this dress will wait for one of us.

Avery: Yeah, um, I won't actually be wearing the dress 'cause I already wore it when I married Joe.

Phyllis: [Laughs] I see. You are pawning a loser dress on me.

Avery: No. No, I'm not.

Phyllis: Yes, you are.

Avery: Because it's a lovely dress.

Phyllis: Okay, when did grandma Harriet wear this? Which wedding?

Avery: Oh, I don't know.

Phyllis: Well, it doesn't matter, because she was married three times and none of them worked out. George sr. Left her before I was even born. The dress is cursed, Avery, okay? I'm not taking it. I'm burning it.

Avery: It's not -- it's not cursed. And you don't believe in curses.

Phyllis: I don't believe in coincidences, either, okay? So thank you for the lovely gesture of the cursed dress.

Avery: It's not -- okay, fine, I will take the dress. I'll take it back.

Phyllis: I will handle it. It's a beautiful vintage dress, but we need to look to the future, okay? We can get stuck in the past. You tend to dwell, and I can hold grudges from time to time.

Avery: Yeah, you're right. Okay, look, the charges have been dropped against you. It is time for us both to take this opportunity and move forward, right, and not look back.

Phyllis: Yes, I am planning on marrying Jack despite his extreme stupidity when it came to Kelly Andrews, and you are planning to marry Dylan. And even though we have our problems sometimes getting past our past, we need to concentrate on our future and how lucky we are we finally found the man that we want to spend the rest of our lives with. That's a good thing. Okay? I love you.

Lauren: What are you saying?

Michael: You obviously have a type. The dumb, good-looking bartender.

Lauren: Oh. You know, I'm assuming you're acting like a complete jackass because you just had a treatment and you're tired, and you have earned being in a lousy mood the last few days. But it is not okay to take it out on me and to throw ancient history in my face.

Michael: You're honestly gonna sit there and tell me you weren't enjoying the young man's attentions?

Lauren: He was hustling for a big tip. He's not interested in me!

Michael: [Chuckles] If you believe that. Of course he's interested in you. Why wouldn't he be interested in you? You're a beautiful, vital, sexy woman. Carmine knew that.

Lauren: Oh, please, please, I do not want to talk about carmine.

Michael: I don't want to talk about him, either. But the last time I was emotionally unavailable, you turned to another man so you could feel more like a woman. So if I'm physically unavailable, what the hell am I --

Lauren: What do you think I should do? You think I should go out and find somebody else? You honestly thing that's what I want?

Michael: It's about what you need!

Sharon: Childhood is a rough time for lots of people, including me. Just because you don't feel like reminiscing doesn't mean you're hiding something. You know, when faith gets older, I'm sure this year won't be one that she'll often look back on fondly, and I really regret that. But there's not a whole lot I can do about it.

Dylan: You just keep moving forward.

Sharon: Exactly. And I think if there's something you need to know, Avery will tell you. She and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but the woman's honest. I'll give her that.

Dylan: Yeah, I suppose you're right. And for the record, faith is gonna have a lot of good memories because you are a good mom.

Sharon: What a nice thing to say.

Dylan: Well, I got to get back to work. Thanks for the talk.

Sharon: Anytime.

Kyle: Remember how Austin was working on that film about the so-called "business tycoons" in town?

Nick: Hey, what's going on? Vick just called me and said Abby was attacked in chancellor park?

Kyle: Some lowlife mugged her.

Courtney: Yeah, he hit her on the head, but the doctor's got her fixed up.

Noah: Ashley's in there with her right now.

Summer: Yeah, and aunt Vicki and stitch are around here somewhere.

Nick: Oh, all right, I guess it's under control, then.

Courtney: For the most part.

Nick: You guys are, like, all together all the time now.

Victoria: Hey. How's Abby?

Nick: She's gonna be okay, right?

Ashley: She says she is. Whoever treated her led her to believe that she's gonna be released tomorrow, but I don't trust doctors I don't know. Could you please look at her? I know that you don't work here, but you still have your medical license. I need the reassurance.

Victoria: I would like that, too.

Stitch: Yeah, fine. Sure.

Nick: Can we see her after that?

Ashley: Absolutely. Thank you.

[Door opens]

Abby: Hmm.

Stitch: Hi.

Abby: Dr. Buzzcut. Did Victoria make you come see me? Do you say no to her for anything?

Stitch: Shut up and let me look at your head. Let's see. How you feeling?

Abby: Sleepy.

Stitch: Yeah, that's the meds they gave you.

Abby: Hmm. People in the E.R. Said that my head must be made of concrete.

Stitch: [Laughs] Yeah, well, that explains a lot.

Abby: Like no concussion.

Stitch: So, what were you thinking, walking through the park that late?

Abby: You sound like my mother.

Stitch: Answer the question.

Abby: I wasn't, okay?

Stitch: You weren't what? Walking alone?

Abby: No, you make it sound like I was going for a stroll.

Stitch: Were you?

Abby: No. I had just come back from the cabin.

Stitch: Your family's cabin? What were you doing up there?

Abby: I wanted to feel close to Austin. It was the last place I saw him before he was killed.

Stitch: Killed?

Lauren: I'm sorry. I know what a toll this has to be for you. But up until now, you have been brave and... strong and stoic. I forgot to think about how frightened you must be. And that is why you are saying things that you do not mean.

Michael: [Voice breaking] I'm exhausted. I just want to go home.

Lauren: I know. But can you do me a favor and please try not to go to the worst-case scenario? Can you -- can you please do that for me?

Michael: I'll try.

Lauren: Come on, honey. Let's go home.

Michael: [Sniffles]

Lauren: Come on.

Sharon: Thanks for everything, Dylan. Oh! Avery, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to --

Avery: You never mean to. Have a nice night, Sharon.

Dylan: Hey, uh, Sharon and nick were just here talking about custody.

Avery: Yeah, that's fine. She can be here. She can do what she wants. It doesn't affect us.

Dylan: No, it doesn't. And I am not gonna let Joe come between us.

Avery: Listen, um, earlier when I woke up yelling "I can't do this," I wasn't dreaming about Phyllis' trial.

Dylan: Okay, what was it?

Avery: It was about you and me, and we were at the lake, and we were taking a walk in the woods on this path, and -- and the path started melting away. And you fell off of it. It was like a cliff, and... I was holding on to you, but you were slipping. And you kept telling me to hold on, hold on, but...

Dylan: "I can't do it."

Avery: I can't do it. That can't be us, Dylan. We can't be trying to save each other off of cliffs. I need to know -- I need to know that we're on solid ground. Are we?

Dylan: We are. We are on solid ground.

Phyllis: To the future.

Abby: I meant "died." It's the last place I saw Austin before he died in the car wreck.

Stitch: You said killed.

Abby: What are you? The grammar police? People get killed in car wrecks. They -- they die -- they die in car wrecks. It's all in the same in the end, isn't it?

Stitch: There was something about the way you said it.

Abby: I am so damn tired. I-I don't even know what I'm saying right now. I was just hit over the head. What the hell do you want from me?

Ashley: Hello?

Stitch: Hey.

Ashley: Ben, is she all right?

Stitch: Yeah. Abby should be able to go home tomorrow as long as she does what the doctors tell her to do.

Ashley: Okay. Thank you.

Stitch: Rest.

Abby: Yeah.

Victoria: How's Abby?

Stitch: Uh, she's pretty sleepy from the medication, but she's coherent. For her, you know.

Nick: Can we go in now?

Stitch: Yeah, I just -- I need to speak to Victoria real quick.

Nick: Yeah. Thanks.

Victoria: What's up?

Stitch: Traci's still out of town, right?

Victoria: I believe so, yeah.

Stitch: I'm not so sure Abby should be alone right now, you know, given her mental state. You know, and since we have space, I was just thinking...

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, of course she should stay with us. Oh, what a lovely, generous thought.

Kyle: We've speculated that someone may have killed Austin to stop him from sharing something that he knew.

Summer: Knew about what?

Kyle: The subjects of that film he was making.

Courtney: The documentary/exposé.

Noah: That corporate titans, Newmans vs. The Abbotts.

Summer: So you're saying that Austin knew something about Victor or Jack or the people related to them?

Kyle: There's something in that documentary that someone did not want to get out.

Summer: Which would mean...

Noah: It means that the killer is outside our little group but it may be someone in our family.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Stitch: It is time to get the police involved.

Billy: We're supposed to be attending a party that's a tribute to us, and I'm wondering if you even want to get married.

Sage: Tell her who you are. She might forgive you.

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