Y&R Transcript Tuesday 3/10/15


Episode # 10621 ~ Victor's plan moves forward; Nikki asks Neil to keep their secret; Paul worries about Christine.

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Victor: This war has been fought for decades, okay? It's not gonna end over night, but it will end. And Jack Abbott will have been stripped of everything. He will lose everything. Every step has been very carefully calibrated, so ignore none of it. Be patient. It'll work out.

Phyllis: Been trying to reach her all day.

Jack: Goes straight to voicemail?

Phyllis: [Sighs]

Jack: Tell you what. Why don't we take a ride over there? It's gonna be harder for summer to ignore her mom at the door than it is on the phone.

Phyllis: No, I already stopped by. She's not there. Any word from Kyle?

Jack: Not yet. I hope he's with her. I hope he's helping her through this.

Phyllis: You know, I think he's the only one that she's listening to right now. You know, I get it. I get why she's shutting everybody out. She is in so much pain and she's so angry. She's running from my help even though that's exactly what she needs right now.

Jack: Okay. All of the people that care about her will be there for her when she lets us in.

Phyllis: Including Victor. Mnh-mnh, mnh-mnh. Do not roll your eyes like that. Victor was sympathetic and tender when he was talking about her.

Jack: I will concede that, when it comes to summer, I trust Victor means what he says.

Phyllis: I'm trusting Victor in a lot of ways right now.

Jack: I thought I taught you better than that.

Phyllis: He is clearing the charges against me. You know, you got to trust him at least that far, honey.

Jack: There is an old axiom is business -- trust but verify.

Avery: I've got a free evening tonight. Do you?

Dylan: I can make that happen.

Avery: Then let's go out tonight. Let's have fun.

Dylan: You have come to the right place, ms. Clark. I can fulfill your wish for fun. Matter of fact, when people think of Dylan McAvoy, they think, "man, that guy is fun!"

Avery: Really? Who thinks that?

Dylan: Not sure. Someone. You do, right?

Avery: Yeah. Fun. Sure. I mean, I -- it's not -- it's not the first thing that I think of when I think of you, which I do so often.

Dylan: You don't -- you don't think I'm fun?

Avery: I didn't say that. It's just not the first thing. But it is on the list somewhere.

Dylan: O-ouch. That hurts. And now I think this is a challenge, because you don't believe I can be fun, and I'm -- I'm gonna show you.

Avery: Oh, really?

Dylan: Yep.

Avery: Okay, Mr. Fun. What do you have planned?

Dylan: Two words -- bow-ling.

Avery: Bowling?

Dylan: Mm-hmm.

Avery: Well, first of all, I'm pretty sure that's one word.

Dylan: Maybe how you say it.

Avery: And secondly, you know me so well.

Dylan: Don't I? Don't you -- can't you imagine how fun it's gonna be to rent some ugly shoes and drink a couple beers and chuck that ball down the alley as hard as you can? Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Avery: It sounds amazing.

[Cell phone rings]

Avery: Hold that thought. Avery Bailey Clark. What? Well, how am I supp-- [Taps table] No. No, thank you for letting me know. [Taps table] Okay, bye. Damn it. There goes our evening.

Paul: Wh-whoa, wait a minute. I thought you just wanted to pick up a few files.

Christine: I have a lot to catch up on. Let me put in a couple of hours.

Paul: Hours? Now?

Christine: You don't have to wait for me. I can call you when I'm done.

Paul: Oh, Chris, this is crazy. You just had surgery.

Christine: If I wasn't well enough to work, the hospital never would have released me.

Paul: Uh, no. That's not true. That's not true at all. They released you so you could go home and rest.

Christine: I'll rest at my desk. [Sighs] Look, if I go home... I-I have cases pending. I have -- I have things that I need to deal with.

Paul: What legal matter is so pressing that it can't wait a day or two?

Christine: Justice, okay? Justice can't wait. I'm moving up Phyllis' court date. She's finally gonna get what's coming to her.

Lily: Devon.

Devon: Hey. You're talking to me.

Lily: Have you seen dad?

Devon: No. Why?

Lily: Just hoping.

Devon: Well, wait. Wait. Why are you looking for him? Is he all right?

Lily: I don't know. He was in a car accident.

Devon: Don't tell me he was driving drunk and hurt someone.

Neil: This has to stop, Nikki.

Nikki: It's already over.

Neil: No, it's not over. We lied. I lied to the police. I can't keep letting you take the heat for something that I did.

Nikki: Neil, there's no heat. The breathalyzer proved that I wasn't drinking, so it --

Neil: No, you don't -- you don't understand what's happening to me here. Don't you get it? I keep reliving that moment when I grabbed the wheel, right? I -- the impact happened, the sound. I keep drinking all the time. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I-I have to come forward with this.

Nikki: Oh, no, you don't.

Neil: But Christine lost her baby.

Nikki: Listen. You have to stick with the story, because otherwise you could be facing manslaughter charges.

Neil: Oh, yeah. I could. Mm. So could you. 'Cause you know something? Paul is coming for you, too.

Nikki: That is only because he's grieving. When things settle down, he's gonna realize he has to hand the case over to one of his detectives, and then I will be cleared.

Neil: [Sighs] There was an eyewitness -- eyewitness who saw the car go right for Christine.

Nikki: Listen, you know that it was an accident. Do you think anybody would believe that I actually aimed for her?

Neil: No, but I did this. I did. I killed that baby. I'm responsible.

Nikki: Neil, listen to me.

Neil: [Groans]

Nikki: If you keep talking like this, if you let them know that you grabbed the wheel, he's gonna prosecute.

Neil: I deserve it.

Nikki: Do I?

Neil: What? What do you -- what do you mean?

Nikki: I lied to the police, too. I covered up for you. You better stick to this story or we could both end up in prison.

Dylan: What's in the box? It's not ticking, is it?

Joe: [Chuckles] I come in peace.

Dylan: I've heard that before.

Joe: Well, I just checked out of my hotel. Thought I'd stop by and drop this off.

Dylan: Really? That's the best news I've heard in a while. So, you're on your way out of town finally.

Joe: Actually getting ready to move in to a loft. Pulled my stuff out of storage.

Dylan: [Sighs] So, you're staying in Genoa city.

Joe: For now.

Dylan: What happened to, uh, the valentine you were gonna give Avery by leaving town?

Joe: Yeah, I hate to renege on a gift, but...I'll make it up to Avery.

Dylan: Why are you really staying, Joe?

Joe: Something came up -- a business opportunity.

Phyllis: Hey, Avery. I didn't expect to see you. Is this about summer?

Avery: No. No, is -- is she all right?

Jack: Uh, she's been incommunicado.

Avery: Oh. Well, I haven't heard from her. I'm sorry.

Jack: Well, you're always welcome to stop by here. Can I fix you something to drink?

Avery: No, Jack. Thank you. Uh, Phyllis, I didn't want to spring this on you over the phone.

Phyllis: What? I don't like the sound of that.

Avery: I just got word from the D.A.'S office. The trial date has been pushed up to tomorrow.

Jack: Tomorrow?!

Phyllis: What? Is that even legal?

Jack: I thought Christine was still in the hospital.

Avery: Apparently not.

Phyllis: Wait, wait. She just lost her baby. Ho-how could she be doing this? I mean, that is not any good for her. I know that when -- when we went through that --

Jack: Something like that brings you to your knees.

Phyllis: Yeah. I cannot even believe that she can find the strength to walk or talk, let alone go into court.

Paul: You're really in no condition to prosecute Phyllis' case right now.

Christine: I am more than ready. I thought about it when I was in the hospital. I am ready to bury her.

Paul: No, I -- you need to give yourself some time to... recover from the trauma. It's just too much stress.

Christine: Seriously?

Paul: Yes.

Christine: You're worried about the stress? Guess what? Stress isn't an issue anymore.

Paul: Yes, it is.

Christine: No, it's not.

Paul: You were hit by a car. You're just out of surgery.

Christine: It doesn't matter. All those months that you were worried about what the stress would do to the baby -- there is no baby. And there's not gonna be one, okay? So I can mainline caffeine. I can guzzle martinis. I can just pile on the stress. It doesn't matter anymore.

Paul: I know how upset you are right now. And that's why you want to dive headfirst into prosecuting Phyllis. That's why you want to do it right this second. But that's not -- that's not really the issue.

Christine: There's no point in waiting.

Paul: You -- you -- it's not Phyllis you're upset with. It's Nikki. Nikki is the one that was driving the car.

Christine: Yeah, I know. I know what Nikki did, thank you very much.

Paul: Well, Nikki's case and Phyllis' case are two separate matters.

Christine: Yes. I'm so aware of that, but it is time that somebody takes some blame for what they did, and guess what? Phyllis wins the toss.

Paul: Well, you make it sound like --

Christine: Like what? Like I can't count on Nikki being prosecuted for what she's done? You're right. I can't count on that. Why? Because you won't let that happen.

Neil: I'm gonna say it to you again. It's not fair for you to take the blame.

Nikki: Listen. I know what I'm doing.

[Door closes]

Victor: Neil. What brings you by?

Neil: Well, I just, uh -- I -- you know, I came to check on Nikki, make sure that she's okay.

Victor: Oh. Well, that's very nice of you.

Neil: So... it's good to see that you're okay after the accident, and, um, I'm gonna get going, okay?

Nikki: Okay.

Victor: By the way, I didn't see your car outside.

Neil: Yeah, I-I-I took a cab.

Victor: Oh. All right. Nice to see you.

Nikki: Take care.

Neil: Thanks.

[Door opens, closes]

Victor: Why was he here?

Nikki: Well, just as he said. Uh, we went through a horrific experience together, and he -- he just feels terrible. We both do.

Victor: Why are you not meeting my eyes, baby?

Nikki: Better?

Victor: Why did he leave so quickly?

Nikki: Um...we were through talking.

Victor: Uh-huh. I see. Um... let me ask you something. I've been wondering about this. Uh, wh-what actually happened during the accident? How did Christine get hit?

Nikki: Oh, Victor, I have told you this over and over. She stepped out into the street.

Victor: And you swerved into her, as Paul suggested?

Nikki: Oh, great. Now my own husband believes that I am capable of such a thing.

Victor: No, no, baby. No, no, no. I'm not saying that. I don't think you're capable of that in a million years. So... what I'm trying to ask you -- did Neil have anything to do with it? Is that why he was here?

Nikki: [Sighs]

Victor: How did you lose control of the car?

Nikki: I don't know. I-I don't know. Maybe it was black ice or something.

Victor: Well, the cops said nothing about black ice.

Nikki: I don't know what caused it, Victor, but I do know that I was driving, Neil wasn't, and there's no way he could have caused the accident.

Victor: Okay. [Sighs] I'm worried about Neil. You know, he just reeked of liquor when he left.

Nikki: I know. He's going though a rough time.

Victor: So, when did he start drinking again, do you know?

Nikki: Um...I think sometime around the plane crash.

Victor: Wow. He's lucky to survive that.

Nikki: Yeah.

Victor: Anything else happen to him?

Nikki: His marriage to Hilary is over.

Victor: Oh, boy. I'm sorry to hear that. Maybe...it's time again for him to get some help from A.A. What do you think?

Nikki: I think that he will, in time. Actually, I was taking him to a meeting when we had the accident.

Victor: Really? Huh. That's very nice of you.

Nikki: He would do the same for me.

Victor: But if he asked you to take him to an A.A. Meeting, then, uh, he's obviously ready to get help.

Nikki: Well, he didn't actually ask.

Victor: Oh.

Nikki: I was the one who pushed going to a meeting. It was my idea.

Victor: Really? Did he argue with you about going to the meeting?

Nikki: No, Victor. Of course not.

Victor: And did the argument distract you while you were driving?

Nikki: There was no argument.

Victor: Sweetheart.

Nikki: There was nothing to blame. It was a horrible accident, Victor. I keep telling you that.

Victor: Something doesn't --

Nikki: I tell you and Paul and Christine. Why won't anybody accept that?

Victor: Because something doesn't make sense.

Nikki: Well, that's what happened.

Victor: Wait a minute. If Neil is to blame for this, you've got to tell me.

Paul: You think I'm going soft on Nikki after what she did to you? I arrested her, Chris.

Christine: Yeah, and now she's out on bail.

Paul: That's not my fault. That was the judge's call. And once -- once Victor got involved in the whole mess --

Christine: Yeah, yeah. Right, now she's free. Nikki's free, free as a breeze, to just live her life with her long-lost son. [Voice breaking] Her son with you. I'll never have that because Nikki took my daughter.

Paul: Stop it. Just stop it. You're right. You lost a child. But I lost a daughter, too.

Dylan: What's this new business opportunity?

Joe: Don't worry. I'm not leveling any warehouses or coffee shops. Besides, it's none of your business where I set down roots.

Dylan: [Scoffs] You're unbelievable. Unbelievable. After all this time, you're still trying to push your way back into Avery's life. Give it up.

Joe: Just get this to Avery, please.

Dylan: Yeah, wh-what's in the box, Joe? Another lame piece of memorabilia designed to remind her of the good ol' days?

Joe: All I'm doing is returning something that belongs to Avery. Look in the box if you want, but trust me -- she'll want what's in there.

Phyllis: I feel for Christine, but I know what's going on here. She lost that baby, she can't do anything about it, and she's gonna take it out on me.

Jack: You're probably right.

Phyllis: Look, it's not fair. It's too soon. Are we even prepared?

Avery: I'll make sure we're prepared. And I will be asking for a continuance.

Jack: Do you think we'll get one?

Avery: I'm not sure. Even if we do, it's just a stopgap. This is going to trial.

Jack: We've got this handled.

Phyllis: On such short notice?

Jack: We've got things covered, I promise.

Phyllis: Are you sure?

Jack: I am sure.

Avery: Uh, okay. Do you mind filling me in on what you're talking about? Who's we and what do we have covered?

Jack: Your sister, your decision.

Phyllis: Just...

Avery: What? What is going on?

Phyllis: Jack and Victor are working together.

Avery: Did hell freeze over when I wasn't looking?

Jack: It's more like Victor and I are each working toward the same goal. He's working his connections. I'm working mine.

Avery: Who are your connections?

Jack: I am going to go over Christine's head if she decides to take this to trial, talk to some people who keep her in office, people who have benefited handsomely from campaign donations I've made in the past -- congressmen, judges.

Avery: Jack, I don't like the sound of this. This could backfire.

Phyllis: Or it could work.

Avery: Well, what's Victor's plan? Who are his connections?

Jack: I'm not sure what Victor's angle is. He claims to have an ace in the hole.

Kelly: Hmm.

Christine: I wish I could believe you.

Paul: You think I would stand in the way of Nikki going to trial? Come on, Chris. If she's responsible for the death of our child --

Christine: She is responsible. She was driving the car. I feel like you can't see the facts clearly because she's the mother of your son.

[Keys jangle]

Paul: You know, finding out that Dylan was my son was a blessing. And to find out what a wonderful man he turned out to be... meant the world to me after Ricky's death.

Christine: Okay. And you're grateful to Nikki. But you side with her on everything.

Paul: [Voice breaking] You don't think I want justice? Really? That tiny, sweet little soul was taken from us before she could even draw her first breath. Damn right I want justice, and you -- you know I do. It's not just justice I want, Chris. I want my wife.

Christine: I'm right here.

Paul: No, you're not! I want my wife healthy. I want my wife strong.

Christine: I am.

Paul: But you're not. You're not taking care of yourself. You're scaring me. You're -- you need time to rest. You need time to -- to pull it together. You need time to heal.

Christine: I'm doing that. I am.

Paul: You aren't. You aren't doing it. You're just -- you're turning it all into anger. We need to do this together. We do. So, come on, baby. Let me take you home. Let me take you home. We'll go home together. Please. Come on.

Christine: No. No. I-I don't want to go home.

Devon: Christine lost the baby?

Lily: Yeah. It was an accident, obviously.

Devon: Was Nikki drinking?

Lily: No.

Devon: What about dad?

Lily: He was a passenger in Nikki's car.

Devon: This never should have happened. I set this all in motion with what I did with Hilary.

Lily: Hope you're not expecting me to disagree with you.

Devon: Lily, I never deluded myself about the pain this would cause people, and I knew that Neil would get hurt.

Lily: So, then you knew that he would start drinking again. And you were willing to risk that. I mean, this could kill him, Devon.

Devon: I never allowed myself to really see that coming, okay? And I understand. Now Neil and even more people are hurt by the fallout.

Lily: How could it not dawn on you this would blow our family apart? Because you know what? You're right. It is your fault. Because of you, dad started drinking again. And because you slept with his wife, he drank so much he had to drive home with Nikki.

Devon: I know that.

Lily: Okay, so then take it as a sign.

Devon: A sign of what?

Lily: To stop whining over the loss of Hilary, hoping and waiting that she'll come back to you.

Devon: I'm not doing that, so --

Lily: That's exactly what you're doing. Just forget about her, because even more so than you, she's the one responsible for all this.

Devon: All I want to do is repair what I can with my family.

Lily: I don't know how you're gonna do that. Dad's never gonna forgive you.

Devon: Well, I'm not just gonna sit back and not do anything. I'm going to help my father get through this, and I'm gonna help him get a handle on his alcoholism before he kills himself.

Kelly: Hi. Sorry to interrupt.

Lily: Do you need me?

Kelly: Uh, no. Devon, actually. There's a V.I.P. -- Mr. Ross?

Devon: Is it Greg Ross?

Kelly: Yes. He's upstairs at an event, and he wants to say hello to you.

Devon: Okay. Thank you.

Kelly: Hey. You okay?

Lily: No, but I don't want to talk about it.

Kelly: Oh. Well, I should probably let you know that Phyllis' trial is gonna be happening sooner than expected.

Lily: I'm sorry. I forgot about that. [Sighs] I-I'm just really worried about how this trial's gonna turn out for you.

Kelly: Don't be, okay? I'm not.

Phyllis: Avery's right. This whole plan, this collaboration between you and Victor might blow up right in my face.

Jack: I will not let that happen.

Phyllis: I know, but with all the string pulling and influence peddling you're planning to --

Jack: Red, listen to me. It's handled, at least on my end.

Phyllis: How do we know Victor is holding up his end?

Jack: Unfortunately, we don't.

Victor: Sweetheart, if I'm to help you with this legal mess --

Nikki: I don't need any help. I haven't done anything wrong.

Victor: All right. Don't get upset, okay?

Nikki: How can I not when you keep calling me a liar?!

Victor: I'll drop it.

Nikki: Well, don't antagonize me.

Victor: I am worried about your health in more ways than one. There's something you're not telling me.

[Cell phone rings]

Nikki: I have told you over and over, Victor.

Victor: Yes?

Jack: We have a common interest we need to discuss. I was going to have dinner at the club with Phyllis later.

Victor: Meet you there in a few minutes, okay? Yep. Something has come up.

Nikki: Yes, I gathered as much. You go and do what you need to do.

Victor: If you're looking for the booze, I had it all removed.

[Door opens, closes]

Avery: [Sighs] I tried to reassure Phyllis, but this is all happening too quickly.

Dylan: Okay, so, what's your plan?

Avery: My plan? My plan -- I'm gonna drown myself in this coffee and come up with a strategy.

Dylan: Aren't you even a little curious about -- about the box that Joe brought?

Avery: You obviously are.

Dylan: Well, he said you'd definitely want what's inside.

Avery: Well, he's definitely wrong. I don't need more knickknacks from my past from Joe. I left them and him behind years ago.

Dylan: Does he know that?

Avery: I have certainly told him enough times. And don't you know that I have completely eradicated him from my life?

Dylan: I do. But don't you kind of want to know what's in the box?

Avery: Oh, my God. Why are you so curious?

Dylan: I want to know what Joe's trying to pull.

Avery: All right. Fine. I will open it because you're not gonna let me relax until I do.

Dylan: What's wrong? Is that yours?

Avery: Mm-hmm.

Dylan: [Sighs] It's, uh -- it's beautiful.

Avery: It is.

Dylan: I can't believe this guy. It's -- it's un-- we should send this back.

Avery: No, no. I'm not sending this back.

Christine: I don't want to go home. I just want to go my office and get some work done.

Paul: Chris, don't do this.

Christine: No, I-I-I need to do my job.

Paul: You're running from me. You are.

Christine: I'm not running from you. I'm running from home.

Paul: What do you mean?

Christine: I can't even imagine walking in that door and seeing those onesies and the books and those -- those little sho-- those little shoes that we bought, knowing that -- [Crying] And the nursery. And the nursery and the wallpaper.

Paul: I know. It was too soon.

Christine: [Sighs]

Paul: That's okay, sweetheart. We're together. And you don't have to face that right now. You don't. We won't do that.

Christine: Okay. Well, what -- what will we do? Move in here? Is that what we're gonna do?

Paul: No. I don't know. We can go to the athletic club for a couple of days. And we'll stay there until you're ready. As long as you want, okay?

Christine: But then what happens?

Paul: Then we will go home. And we'll put away our baby's things together. Okay?

Christine: Okay. [Crying]

Paul: [Crying] Okay.

Lily: Why are you so blasé about the trial?

Kelly: I just decided not to worry about it.

Lily: Well, something must have happened.

Kelly: Like what?

Lily: Well, last I heard, Jack was siding with Phyllis and saying that you were the one doing all the crazy, destructive things.

Kelly: He still thinks that. [Chuckles]

Lily: Okay, so aren't you worried those accusations will come up in the trial?

Kelly: Well, no. I-I'm pretty sure none of that's gonna come up.

Victor: Thank you for coming by so quickly.

Jack: We have some things we need to discuss. Phyllis' trial has been moved up.

Victor: I didn't know that.

Jack: It could be as early as tomorrow, so we don't have a lot of time to solidify our plan.

Victor: Gives us plenty of time.

Jack: Now, hold on. I need information -- specifically, who or what is your ace in the hole?

Jack: The less you know, the better for Phyllis.

Jack: I'm not so sure about that. I think maybe it's time we opened up to each other since Phyllis' welfare hangs in the balance.

Victor: Didn't you and I have an agreement?

Jack: Yes. That's still in play.

Victor: Okay. Is it?

Jack: I am merely trying to verify your plan.

Victor: My plan is to make sure that Phyllis is not found guilty.

Jack: Gee, why don't I find that comforting?

Victor: Ah, you rest assured, okay?

Jack: I'm not just gonna take your word for it since your word has been a fairly shifty commodity in the past.

Victor: Really? You want something more... tangible?

Jack: I do.

Victor: Two declarative, non-shifty statements.

Jack: I'm all ears.

Victor: Phyllis will walk. I guarantee it.

Dylan: All right. Just -- just let me get this straight. Your ex-husband has been hanging on to your wedding dress for years.

Avery: He probably didn't even know he had it in storage.

Dylan: Fine. But he brought it here for you knowing exactly what it means to you.

Avery: And what does it mean to me, Dylan?

Dylan: I'm guessing it reminds you of your wedding day, your -- your marriage, the good times.

Avery: Well, it doesn't.

Dylan: Uh, Avery, I can see it in your eyes. This dress means something to you.

Avery: Yes, it does. It was my grandmother's dress. And it reminds me of her. And I wore it as a tribute to her at my wedding, so I am not sending it back to Joe. It's my dress. I'm keeping it.

Dylan: I... I understand.

Avery: Good. Dylan, you have got to get past this perception that Joe is trying to break us up.

Dylan: It's not a perception. The guy's pulling every trick in the book.

Avery: Then let him waste all his energy trying to split it us up. When you let it bother you, you play right into his hands.

Dylan: I-I know that. I do, but I see the guy. I see what moves he's trying to pull, and I don't know. I just start to lose it.

Avery: Why? I don't do that when I see you with Sharon.

Dylan: Wh-what does Sharon have to do with this?

Nikki: Hi, Neil. Um...in case you were worried, Victor was suspicious when he found you here at the house, but I reassured him, so we need to just keep doing what we've been doing, okay? And the other reason why I called -- I have come to realize the hard way that I can't force you to take care of yourself. But I'm going to a meeting, and I would like to take you with me.

Neil: Hit me again.

You sure, Mr. Winters?

Neil: Yeah, I'm damn sure. Hit me one more time. Thanks. [Sighs]

Tequila, Mr. Newman?

Victor: Yes, please. Didn't expect to see you here, Neil.

Neil: That makes two of us.

Victor: Uh-huh. Very nice of you to come by the house and check on Nikki after that dreadful accident involving Christine.

Neil: Yes, it was.

Victor: Oh, horrible. Nikki has got me worried.

Neil: Why -- why does -- why does Nikki have you worried?

Victor: Thank you. Well, when I asked about the accident, she, uh, said things that somehow just don't ring true.

Neil: Um...I don't know why you would think that.

Victor: She's fallen off the wagon, but you know that, don't you? And that is, um -- as you probably know, that's a terrible thing, you know? What people start doing when they fall off the wagon -- they start lying without thinking about it.

Neil: Yeah.

Victor: Neil... you and I are old friends. I think you know more than you are letting one.

Neil: I don't know what you're talking about, Victor.

Victor: Well, then let me be more clear. Under no circumstances will I allow my wife to be prosecuted for something she didn't do. I hope like hell that you aren't withholding something from me.

Jack: A nice, relaxed meal to calm your pre-trial nerves. Come on. It'll work.

Christine: The food here is far superior to that in prison, so you should enjoy it, because it could be your last meal as a free woman.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, Christine. This is inappropriate.

Christine: I'm gonna put you away for the maximum sentence the law allows.

Paul: Chris, let's go.

Christine: No. I am not done with her.

Phyllis: I know that you are mourning your loss, but you should not blame me for that.

Christine: Don't you dare talk about my baby. This isn't about me. This is about you. This is about you trying to murder your rival for having the nerve to fall for your man. I mean, some things never change.

Paul: Okay, let's save this for court.

Christine: No, no. I have a witness who is gonna testify to all the nasty and vicious things you've ever done.

Phyllis: You don't have any witnesses because I didn't do anything. Oh. Don't even tell me. Are you talking about Kelly?

Kelly: That's right.

Victor: Calling it a night so soon?

Neil: Mm. I think I've had a little bit too much to drink. I'm gonna leave, Victor.

Victor: By the way, Neil. How's -- how's your vision these days?

Neil: It's not 100% but, you know, it's -- it's coming back to me. Thanks -- thanks for asking.

Victor: Oh, I'm glad to hear that. Very glad to hear that. So, you must have actually seen everything when Nikki hit Christine.

Neil: Well, to be honest with you, um, I saw very little. I mean, it went by so quickly, you know?

Victor: Mm-hmm. But when you remember what you actually saw, uh, please don't hesitate to come to me and tell me about it, all right?

Neil: Yeah. Sure, man. Good night.

Devon: Hey, dad, are you all right?

Neil: I'm fine. Get your hands off me.

Devon: Let me drive you home right now.

Neil: No. I'm not -- I'm not going anywhere with you.

Devon: Please. You're not going anywhere by yourself right now.

Neil: I'm gonna get a cab. That's what I'm gonna do.

Devon: Well, who's gonna help you get out of your cab and up to your apartment?

Neil: It doesn't matter. I'm gonna get a cab, and I'm gonna go home and get home my own damn self.

Devon: Let me drive you home.

Neil: No. I just told you that I'm fine.

Devon: I don't want you to get in another accident.

Neil: Let me tell you something. It wasn't an accident. I grabbed the steering wheel. It was all my fault. I killed that baby.

Avery: Sharon had you over for dinner the other night, and I didn't say a thing.

Dylan: Oh, come on, Avery. That's completely different. She needs a friend. Everybody's turned against her. I'm just trying to help her out.

Avery: Yeah, fine. Well, I don't let it bother me, and I don't let it affect our relationship.

Dylan: Uh, why would you? She's not like Joe. She's not trying to break us up.

Avery: Hmm. No, Sharon would never interfere in other people's relationships. You know what? I have a trial to prepare for, and I need to stop by the office.

Dylan: Well, I can, uh, take this home for you if you -- if you like.

Avery: Do you mind?

Dylan: I can handle it.

Avery: Bye.

Jack: Kelly's testimony is of no consequence. It is a pack of lies.

Christine: I'm confident that a jury will convict Phyllis once they hear Kelly's story.

Kelly: Actually, there's not going to be a trial, not after what I have to tell you.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Neil: I need to go to the police station.

Devon: You need to sober up before you do anything.

Kyle: What's wrong?

Mariah: I know exactly why you're here.

Abby: And why is that?

Mariah: You're returning to the scene of the crime.

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