Y&R Transcript Wednesday 2/25/15


Episode # 10612 ~ Phyllis warns Kelly; Kyle Abbott returns; Jack & Victor find themselves in close quarters again.

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Nikki: I'm having a well-deserved drink.

Victor: You may as well pour me one while you're at it.

Abby: Dad?

Victoria: Daddy, you're here!

Abby: Oh, my gosh! You're alive!

Victoria: Thank God! [Laughs]

Abby: Oh, my gosh. You're here.

Victor: Is that vodka? I need that more than you do.

Kevin: You found Austin?

Summer: He's safe. Austin's coming back to me.

Noah: How...how did you find him? You're sure he's okay?

Paul: We got a report of a Caucasian male in his mid-20s trapped in a ravine near the Abbott cabin. The rescuers are bringing him up now.

Summer: It's him. It's him. Austin's safe.

Paul: Well, we don't have an injury report, but he is talking.

Mariah: What is he saying?

Paul: "Help!" Mostly. That's how they found him.

Summer: Where is he? I need to see him.

Paul: Well, you know, the conditions are still dicey up there. So, I would rather you wait here, and we'll bring him back to memorial.

Mariah: Well, no. If he's all right, Summer should be the first to see him, the first person to talk to him. She should go up there. We all should.

Courtney: That sounds okay, right, chief? Summer is the next of kin.

Kevin: And she could use our support.

Paul: Yeah, but if he's not doing well, I don't want you guys --

Summer: No, no, no. I promise I won't freak out. Just as long as he's alive, that's all that matters to me. Please.

Paul: Okay. I'm headed up there now. Let's go.

Noah: Hey, Kev, I'm gonna stay here in town. Call me if you need anything, okay?

Kevin: Yeah, count on it.

Noah: Austin's alive? How -- don't get me wrong. I'm relieved, but --

Courtney: Yeah, the second he opens his mouth, our lives are over. [Sighs]

Adam: So you don't think I'm crazy.

Chelsea: Fighting for love? No, no, there's nothing crazy about that.

Adam: Good. Even if the girl in question doesn't feel the same way?

Chelsea: Is what you feel real? Not just an urge or an impulse? Does it feel real and lasting?

Adam: Yeah, I think so. How do you know if it's real?

Chelsea: Does it help you wake up in the morning? Does it help you have a smile on your face as you're falling asleep at night?

Adam: Uh, yes.

Chelsea: Well, then it's real. Trust me. If you give all of that to Sage, she'll eventually reciprocate and give it back to you.

Adam: And you believe that?

Chelsea: Yeah. I really do.

Adam: Well, then, I believe it, too.

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hi.

Adam: How's Jack?

Billy: He's gonna be just fine.

Chelsea: Oh, Billy, thank God. Thank God!

Billy: You, uh, you okay there, buddy? You look like you're about to drop.

Adam: No, no, I'm good. I'm just relieved to hear about Jack.

Billy: So, how close are you and Jack?

Jack: Believe me when I tell you, I am done with Kelly. I want nothing to do with that pathological liar.

Kelly: I'm the liar?

I'm the liar?!

Jack: Kelly.

Kelly: You took me to that back room in the underground. You ripped my clothes off. You said that you wanted me.

Jack: Get out of here now! Get out of here! I'm not gonna placate you anymore. That you could make up such an awful lie!

Kelly: You said you wanted me, Jack. You made love to me. And now you're gonna lie there and deny it? Why would you do that?

Jack: How could I believe a single word you've ever told me? You actually had me believing Phyllis was the cause of the trouble. I was such an idiot to believe that.

Kelly: You -- you just told me outside that he betrayed us both. Are you going to sit there and let him make fools of us both now?!

Phyllis: You and me? We are not an "us." There's one fool in this room, and she needs to leave now!

Kelly: Now I get it. This is a little game the two of you like to play, isn't it, huh? Jack wants what he wants, and he gets it. And you? You pretend to be all strong and independent, and then you swallow whatever line he gives you! Well, let me tell you something, honey! He is laughing at both of us!

Jack: Never happened, Kelly. Either you're delusional, or you're a damn good liar.

Kelly: It happened, Jack! I was there, and so were you.

Jack: So sincere, so convincing. Just like you were with the tea? Wait. Wait. Phyllis was right, wasn't she? You set her up with the wigs and the antifreeze. I cannot believe you would poison yourself to get what you want.

Kelly: Jack, do you hear what you're saying? You're twisting everything around! Of course she poisoned me! And she's going to trial, and she will be found guilty, and then she will be gone! And you -- you will have sold your soul and your decency for a woman who's going to prison!

Phyllis: Ah! There it is, folks. You want me in a cell so bad, you can taste it. That's why you set up the tea and the antifreeze, so you can get me away from Jack. Well, guess what? [Claps hands] Didn't work!

Kelly: [Gasps]

Please. Can you have the courtesy to lower the volume? The nurses have monitored an elevated heart rate. Let my patient rest.

Phyllis: You need to get a guard on the door to keep her out of here. I will make sure he gets his rest, doctor. Okay? I promise.

Jack: I'm so sorry I ever believed a word she said. I hope you can find it in your soul to forgive me.

Adam: I think I just reacted that way because of what happened to my grandmother. I'm always, especially lately, really relieved when people get a second chance, you know? And Jack has been amazing to me. He gave me a chance when no one else would.

Billy: Well, that's my brother -- big fan of second chances.

Adam: You know, it's been a lucky night. We made it out. Jack made it out. Your boy's being taken care of.

Sage: There you are.

Adam: Hey!

Sage: Hi.

Adam: Where have you been?

Sage: Hi, honey. Nick helped me out of the underground, and they brought me here to clean me up. I just got your voicemail.

Chelsea: Such a terrible night. I assume you heard about the fire?

Sage: Yeah.

Billy: You know what? Your husband can tell you the whole story. We really need to get Connor and head on home.

Sage: They shut the building down. You didn't hear?

Chelsea: Because of the damage?

Sage: Yeah, that, and they have to investigate the fire.

Chelsea: So, we're homeless?

Billy: No, no, no. It's not a problem. We'll just to the Abbott homestead. They got plenty of room and Mrs. Martinez's cooking.

Chelsea: Okay. Well, any place is good for me. I just want Connor home.

Billy: Speaking of, I'm gonna go get the little man.

Chelsea: Okay.

Adam: I'm gonna grab a coffee. You want anything?

Sage: I'm good.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: I'm okay, thank you. He's, uh... Gabriel's so relieved that you're okay.

Sage: Oh, yeah, I'm tough.

Chelsea: What I'm trying to say is he loves you.

Sage: Marriage will do that to you.

Chelsea: He told me about the will, about why you guys got married in the first place.

Sage: Oh.

Chelsea: He's a good guy and funny. And I know he has a bad-boy past, but there's a lot of good stuff there that you two can really build a life on. So, give him a chance. See you. Hi.

Adam: Hi.

Sage: And you are shameless.

Adam: What?

Sage: What did you tell her? You love me, but I won't let you into my cold heart?

Adam: Yeah, that seemed about right after you told nick about our business-arrangement marriage.

Sage: All right, fair enough. But you made me out to be this evil witch, and you're just this decent guy who wants a chance.

Adam: Is that what she said?

Sage: Yeah, basically.

Adam: Well, that's great!

Sage: [Laughs] Okay. But you haven't fooled everybody. Billy called you out on being so weird about Jack.

Adam: Not worried about him. It's fine.

Sage: Barely. He's not on board with you yet.

Adam: No, of course not. Why would he be? I just saved his life. Now he's gonna go home with my wife, with my son, that ungrateful bastard.

Sage: Pipe down, please. Geez! God!

Adam: You know what? I'm gonna go see Jack.

Sage: I don't think a random Jabot employee is high up on his visitors' list, so...

Adam: He knows, Sage.

Sage: He knows what?

Adam: He knows.

Sage: You told him who you are?

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: Why? Why did you do that?

Adam: I needed his help, all right? And he's really the only friend I've ever had.

Sage: He's on medication. He could tell anybody that!

Adam: That's right. All the more reason I need to go talk to him.

Sage: You think you can really trust him?

Adam: Yeah, I can trust him with my life, actually. He's a good guy, Sage. I was actually really shaken up when I thought I might lose him tonight.

Nikki: We thought we had lost you.

Victor: Why would you think that?

Nick: Dad, I was there all night. I looked for you all night.

Abby: They said no one could survive.

Victor: Well, obviously, they were wrong. Would you pay the cab driver? I didn't have any cash on me. Would you?

Nick: Yeah, I got it.

Nikki: A cab? Have you been alone all this time?

Victoria: Have you been to a hospital? Has anybody looked at you? I'm gonna call Ben.

Victor: No, no, sweetheart, it's okay.

Abby: No, no, can I get you something to eat? Are you hungry? Do you want something to drink?

Victor: Let me first take a shower, clean up, and then you and I will talk about everything, okay?

Nikki: Victor, I --

Victor: No, sweetheart, I just...

Nikki: Oh, my God, Victor!

Jack: I'm sorry I ever believed a word that woman said to me.

Phyllis: It was more than a word. It was an entire trashy novel's worth. Obviously, it was easy for you to think I was damaged -- easier than for you to think that you fell for a conniving shrew.

Jack: That I ever had you sent to Fairview, I... knowing what that place has done to people, to Sharon, to Patty, to my own sister. It kills me that I had anything to do with your being there.

Phyllis: Yeah, well, I questioned my sanity a few times while I was there.

Jack: You seem very calm. Are you about to explode?

Phyllis: Maybe I am sounding this way because you almost died in that mess. I really don't feel like pounding on you right now. You were wrong.

Jack: Very.

Phyllis: And you're sorry?

Jack: Very.

Phyllis: And you love me, and you're on my side, and you will never, ever trust her again?

Jack: Never.

Phyllis: Then we take it from here. You and me.

Jack: I don't deserve you.

Phyllis: You want to talk about who deserves what? Kelly Andrews --

Jack: No, no, no. Stay away from Kelly. She is unbalanced. We don't know how she's gonna react. Stay away from hr.

Phyllis: Okay. I will not touch her.

Jack: You mean that?

Phyllis: Yes, I do. I do. But you need to rest. I want you to dream of us in Istanbul, just without all the rain, okay? Okay? Excuse me. There was a desperate blonde here a bit ago. Do you know which way she went?

Jack: [Groans]

[Door opens]

Adam: Hey! You look great! You know, a couple of years ago, I was in a room just like this, hospital bed just like this. For all I know, it was this room. And you came in, visited me. Do you remember what you said to me?

Jack: No.

Adam: You said, "junior, the world is a much more interesting place with you in it."

Jack: That doesn't sound like me.

Adam: You said it. You said it. You told me you'd do everything in your power to keep me in it.

Jack: That was before.

Adam: Yes. It was before. Yes, I know that. It meant a lot to me, Jack. It meant a lot to me, and now here you are in a similar position.

Jack: No, no, no. It's not the same thing. You were in a hospital bed because you took a bullet and saved Victor's life. I'm here because he saved mine.

Adam: Victor saved you?

Jack: Ever hear anything so crazy in your life?

Adam: Uh, yeah, actually, I have. The next time you talk to your brother Billy, why don't you ask him how he was able to get out of the burning building alive?

Jack: What's that --

Adam: Never mind. Listen. You need your rest. And I don't want to arouse any suspicion. So, glad you're okay.

Jack: Adam. Things were kind of touch-and-go there for a while, so I may have said something to Victor about you.

Adam: H-hold on a second. You told Victor I was alive?

Jack: I don't think I got that far, but he's on full alert right now.

Adam: Okay. Well, here's the thing. I really don't think you need to worry about that too much because Victor's still under the rubble.

Jack: What do you mean? The rescue crew --

Adam: Recovery is actually what they call it now -- recovery, not rescue.

Jack: Oh, my God. It's hard to imagine a world without Victor in it.

Adam: I tell you what, Jack. The world is a much more interesting place with you in it. Get some rest. Glad you're okay.

Paul: Okay. Anderson here says it's rough getting into the ravine. There's not much in the way of footing. So, it may be a while before they're able to get him out.

Kevin: When do they think they'll have some answers?

Summer: Is that --

Paul: Well...

Mariah: Oh, my God.

Summer: Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Thank God! I was so scared! Austin! Austin! Kyle?

Paul: All right, thanks, Nichols. So, Kyle, what the hell are you doing up here?

Summer: You know, I don't understand.

Kyle: It was supposed to be a surprise -- showing up for Abby's party. Then the storm hit, and there was nowhere to take shelter.

Mariah: So, this is -- this is Kyle.

Summer: Yeah, this is Jack's son. He's my friend.

Paul: All right. So, how did you end up in the ravine?

Kyle: My car got stuck. I tried to walk out on foot, but... look. It was a stupid idea, coming out here without telling anyone. I know. I started to worry I'd be stuck out here till the spring thaw.

Summer: But you're here, okay? And you're safe, and I'm so glad. Okay? But, you guys, where is Austin? The longer he's out here --

Kyle: Wait a second. Austin? Your husband is missing?

Summer: Yeah. He could be anywhere. I'm scared, Kyle.

Nick: So, the roof caves in, and all dad has is a concussion? Hardheaded does not begin to cover it.

Victoria: There's no hidden damage?

We have some additional tests ordered, but...

Nick: But for now just a concussion and possible nerve damage?

Nikki: Can I see him?

Victor: I'm right here, and I'm gonna get out of this place.

Abby: Dad, if they say you need more tests, then you don't have a choice.

Victor: This is ridiculous.

Victoria: You don't always have a choice because you're not leaving.

Nikki: Now, Victor, no fighting about this. Let them keep you overnight just to be sure.

Victor: That's nonsense!

Nikki: What room is he in?

We're at capacity because of the storm. Mr. Newman will be sharing a room.

Victor: Are you serious?

Our apologies, Mr. Newman.

Victor: Doc, I paid for half this damn hospital. I can't have my own room?

Victoria: Okay, dad, you'll be very cozy.

Victor: Oh, really?

Nick: Yeah, dad. Come on. You're a man of the people.

Victor: Oh, yeah. Watch, son.

Victoria: You're alive, and we're all very relieved.

Victor: Yes, I am. So, why am I here?

Nick: Just humor us, okay? Abby's a wreck.

Abby: Please?

Victor: I'm sorry. Are you really?

Abby: Yes.

Victor: That's silly. I'm okay. Okay. Let's go. Bye-bye!

Nikki: Bye-bye.

Abby: Excuse me.

Nikki: I'm going to go to talk to the doctor.

Victoria: Mom, I need to talk to you.

Billy: We'll be able to hear Connor if he wakes up.

Chelsea: I have a feeling he might sleep for a week, though. And I just might join him. Did you check in on Johnny and Katie?

Billy: Yeah, yeah. They're both happily crashed out over at Victoria's with the nanny. And they still don't know about their grandfather.

Chelsea: I feel terrible for Victoria and her family. But I just want to feel relieved for one night. Is that allowed? Maybe just an hour?

Billy: So, it's weird, right?

Chelsea: What?

Billy: The way that Gabe reacted when I told him about Jack.

Chelsea: Yeah, what a jerk. I mean, to be relieved that somebody survived? What is wrong with him?

Billy: No, no. It's just something doesn't fit. The guy is hiding behind his smile and a handshake. He's hiding something big.

Chelsea: You're right. He is.

Billy: What are you not telling me?

Nick: Hey! You're okay.

Sage: Hi. Yeah. I'm -- I'm okay. I'm in one piece.

Nick: And you didn't even haul off and slug me. You helped me out at the bar all night. I let a roof cave in on your head.

Sage: No, well, listen. My apartment caught on fire. So, the night would have been crappy, anyway.

Nick: Okay.

Sage: How are you?

Nick: I'm good. The big news is my dad's okay.

Sage: He made it?!

Nick: Yeah.

Sage: That's so great. I'm so happy for you. Victor is unreal.

Nick: Yeah, he is. You're no slouch yourself. At the underground, I really had to up my game. You were so calm. The whole time, I wanted to scream out like a little girl.

Sage: I had a nervous breakdown about my sad, pitiful life.

Nick: There's nothing sad and pitiful about it. But you do owe me a rain check, 'cause I wasn't kidding. I want to get to know you better. And at the club, you kind of gave me the brush-off, 'cause it was destroyed and stuff. But I'm not giving up. So, tough luck.

Sage: I don't want you to give up.

Jack: You.

Victor: Are you kidding me?

Phyllis: Hey!

Kelly: [Sighs]

Phyllis: Hey, I'm talking to you.

Kelly: What is your problem? Did you follow me all the way from the hospital?

Phyllis: Do not pretend you didn't hear me yelling your name from across the street.

Kelly: Oh, was that you?

Phyllis: I am not gonna play your games any longer. Jack made it clear back there. You are done. You are toast. And do not jeopardize his recovery with your woman-scorned routine.

Kelly: You know, you may not want to believe it, but it's true. Jack couldn't get to me fast enough! He and I made love, and he was thinking about one thing and one thing only, and that was me!

Phyllis: Okay, you go ahead and work that delusion for all it's worth there, Goldie.

Kelly: Maybe Jack pities you or fears you. Or maybe he actually got hit on the head, and he believes what he's saying. But Jack and I made love, and I can promise you he wants it to happen again.

Phyllis: Okay, I'm gonna get this through your head. You are done in Genoa city. Jack Abbott and Victor Newman are behind me on this -- the two toughest bastards in this town. I suggest you slink away now, while you still have the chance.

Jack: Are you serious? In this room?

Victor: I don't need these damn tests. I'll just walk right out of here.

No, sir. Doctor's orders. And we'll sedate you if you don't calm down.

Jack: [Sighs] I thought you were under a pile of bricks.

Victor: Rumors about my demise have been greatly exaggerated -- again.

Jack: The only thing that's been exaggerated is your sense of self-worth.

Victor: Well, in this case it's justified. I saved someone's life.

Jack: [Groans]

Victor: In case you haven't heard.

Jack: Yeah, how many times am I gonna have to hear that?

Victor: Excuse me. Would you kindly see to it that I'm transferred to another room?

Jack: I'd like another hospital!

Jack: Never mind.

Abby: There are sick people on this floor trying to recover, and you're supposed to be resting.

Jack: How can I rest with that in my room?

Victor: I saved your life. I will never make that mistake again.

Abby: Stop it, both of you. You both almost died. Do you have any idea what that means? That means no more fighting. If you don't care about yourselves, think about the people dumb enough to love you both. We've all lost enough already.

Victor: Did you lose someone?

Chelsea: But even though Gabriel and Sage only married for an inheritance, he really does love her.

Billy: So, that little production at our place, the four-person wedding reception that was even more awkward than it felt? That's good to know.

Chelsea: He wants things to be real between them.

Billy: And you know this from what? How he was ignoring her at dinner?

Chelsea: He told me, Billy. Gabriel is a good guy. It's just he's in love with someone who doesn't love him back.

Billy: Or maybe he's just lying in every direction. I mean, come on. Sage? Does she strike you as some stone-cold gold digger? I told you the conversation we had about her wanting kids.

Chelsea: Well, she could build a family with Gabriel if she would give him a chance.

Billy: We don't even know this guy. Do you really think it's such a good idea to inflict him on some kid?

Chelsea: Connor is alive because of Gabriel, and so are you. So, maybe you could, I don't know, show a little gratitude instead of coming up with reasons to bash him.

Adam: Don't mind me, you two. I'll just head back to the vending machines where they have the pretzels.

Nick: Bingo. What's up? Well, this is a little awkward. I did tell you I knew about you and Sage's business arrangement, right?

Adam: Yeah. But still, we got to be careful with this whole marriage thing. There's a lot at stake. You wouldn't want anybody to lose their inheritance. The executor has taken a hard line.

Sage: There's a lot at stake, but we are celebrating because nick's father made it out of the building alive.

Nick: Yeah. Took a cab. He's finally here getting checked out.

Adam: Really? Oh, uh, wow. Man, I guess what they say about Victor Newman is true. The man's immortal. Wow. Well, I'm happy for you.

Nick: Thanks. I'm gonna go check on him. I think he's putting up quite a fight about staying the night.

Sage: Go on. I'll see you later.

Nick: Yeah, you will.

Adam: Wow.

Nikki: Thank you, doctor. I'll be waiting for news about those test results.

Nick: What test results? Is dad okay?

Nikki: I'm sure your father is fine. You know, these doctors, they always err on the side of caution. You two must be exhausted. If you want to go home, that's fine.

Victoria: Mom, don't do that. Okay, don't talk to us like we're children that you need to placate.

Nikki: Victoria, this isn't the time.

Victoria: Really? Well, when is a good time? You poured yourself a giant vodka like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Nick: This isn't an attack, all right? We're just concerned, mom.

Victoria: How long have you been drinking again? A couple of days? A couple of weeks? When you almost dropped Katie and blamed it on the M.S., you were drunk, weren't you?

Paul: We found Kyle. We'll find Austin, too. He couldn't have gotten too far on foot.

Mariah: Yeah, that makes sense.

Paul: Meanwhile, we need to get you checked out at the hospital. Scott, you want to take care of that, please?

Kyle: Look, chief. I'm sorry for all the drama. And I'm sorry I wasn't who you expected, Summer. Take care of her, okay?

Kevin: Sure.

Chief? Just waiting on a tow truck to haul his vehicle back to town.

Kevin: We can drive it. The roads are all cleared.

Paul: Save the taxpayers some funds. Do it. That's fine. Stay warm. Be careful. And, Summer, we'll find Austin. He'll be home before you know it, okay?

Summer: Yeah.

Mariah: Seriously? We're gonna drive some guy's car?

Kevin: You want to wait around here with the cops hovering, knowing that this could all blow up at any minute?

Summer: Maybe they'll find Austin. Maybe he's out there. He just needs a little help.

Mariah: Yeah, you're right. We should probably get into a car where nobody can hear us.

Kevin: Kyle gets lost in a ditch tonight of all nights. How does that even happen?

Mariah: Did you see the way that he was looking at Summer?

Summer: Meaning what exactly?

Mariah: Meaning it was a little intense and creepy.

Summer: Kyle is one of the best guys that I know.

Kevin: Maybe he lied about going straight from the car to the ravine. Maybe he saw what went down and was trying to protect you. Moved the body.

Mariah: Or maybe something worse.

Summer: Okay, you guys, no. Kyle would never do something like that.

Kevin: Come on, Summer, you have to admit the two of you have a very complicated history. I mean, he was your boyfriend, then he was your brother, and then... maybe Kyle was trying to eliminate the competition.

Noah: Oh, thank God. Okay, thank you. Call you later, all right? Okay. Bye. My grandfather made it out of the building. He's at the hospital, but he's fine.

Courtney: That's such good news.

Noah: Yeah, thank you. What about that? Was that about Austin?

Courtney: They rescued the guy from the ravine.

Noah: Is he alive?

Courtney: He's alive. It's not Austin, though. It's Kyle Abbott.

Noah: Kyle? What was he doing up there?

Courtney: I have no idea.

Noah: I mean, it's the Abbott cabin. He could have been going up there.

Courtney: Do you think Kyle could have been the person watching us that night?

Noah: I don't know.

Courtney: Is that something he would do? Would he be spying on us from a window? Or take it to the next level?

Noah: I'm not a fan of the guy, but he wasn't doped like the rest of us. And there's no way he broke in and killed Austin without us having any memory of it, okay?

Courtney: What about Austin's body? Maybe he's the one that moved it.

Noah: If he did, he did it for Summer's sake.

Courtney: Meaning he had a reason to think that Summer was responsible. Maybe he saw something that we all don't remember.

Mariah: It still seems weird. The guy decides to show up as a surprise. Gets out of his car, falls into a ditch, and then doesn't think to call 9-1-1?

Kevin: Well, none of us had cell service up there.

Summer: Can you please just stop for two minutes? Austin was supposed to be in that ravine. Austin was the one that was supposed to be safe.

Kevin Summer, you know that he didn't have a pulse, right?

Summer: Are you a doctor? No, you're not.

Kevin: I think it's okay for us to assume that Austin isn't coming back.

Mariah: But Kyle did on one of the worst nights ever.

Summer: Okay, I don't care why Kyle's here or how Kyle got here. I just want all of this to be over with, okay? I just want my husband back. That's it.

Kevin: Hey, check this out.

Mariah: What is it?

Kevin: Something sticking out of Kyle's trunk, begging us to open up and find out what it is.

Nick: Why are you jumping to the christening? The drinking just started tonight, vic. We were worried that dad was alive, and mom snapped.

Victoria: Is that true? Or have you been lying to us for months, including the day that Katherine was christened and you almost dropped my baby.

Nick: Vic, that's enough. She gets it. Mom, we're gonna get you all the help you need, okay? A new program -- we'll get you a new sponsor.

Victoria: Mom, was it just a one-time incident? Am I wrong about the christening?

Nikki: No, you're not wrong.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Nikki: I took that first drink a while ago. And then came all the shame and the guilt -- and the defiance. I'd already broken every vow I'd taken to be sober. So, I thought, "why not have another drink?" Then, another. I just -- I just felt like I really deserved to have a moment of relief... even though it was so selfish. I know it was. When I think that I almost hurt your sweet baby.

Victoria: And that wasn't enough for you to put down the vodka and go to a meeting?

Nikki: I tried to stop, Victoria. I know I didn't try hard enough. I know that. I just thought, for a little while, anyway, that the vodka would be the answer. So stupid!

Nick: It was dad and all the stuff he pulled.

Victoria: No, dad will always be dad, all right? It can't always be this way, mom. I can't live like this anymore.

Nikki: I know! I did this to myself. I did it to you. [Crying] I'm so sorry! Oh, son, thank you.

Abby: No, I didn't lose anyone close to me. I'm very lucky. And you're lucky. And you're both ridiculously, insanely lucky. So just stop yelling and be grateful for what you have.

Jack: I can be grateful to be alive and still want some solitude in my room!

Victor: Jack, you are an embarrassment.

Abby: Please be quiet. If you don't stop, the nurses are gonna have to humor you instead of helping patients who are really in need. You're stuck with each other. So just suck it up for one night.

Victor: All right, sweetheart. Nothing for you to worry about, okay?

Jack: Certainly not on this end.

Abby: Okay, just ignore each other. I love you both.

Jack: Yeah.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart.

Jack: [Groans] [Grunts]

Victor: Call the nurse.

Jack: Could you just pour me a glass of water?

Victor: Are you kidding me? I saved your life. Now I'm your waiter?

Adam: Huh! He did it. I can't believe dear old dad survived.

Sage: It's okay to admit you're relieved.

Adam: I am relieved, but only because if he died now, it would be too soon. There's no fun in that for me.

Sage: Okay. So, this is just about vengeance and not actually caring about your own father.

Adam: Well, nick is the good son. So, we'll let him worry about dear, old dad. But I loved that he was using his sense of relief as an excuse to drape himself all over you.

Sage: Drape himself? Oh, geez. Be careful. You're starting to sound a little jealous.

Adam: Listen. I told you nick would never be able to cut loose from Sharon, ever. But hey, if you don't want to listen to me, I can't help you out.

Sage: Because you're so concerned about me? 'Cause you care so deeply?

Jack: Thank you!

Victor: You're welcome.

Jack: It wasn't meant for you.

Victor: You'd still be whining if I hadn't helped you.

Jack: How about I thank you with a bedpan to the head?

Jack: [Laughs]

[Door opens]

Phyllis: O.M.G. This is fabulous! The two of you in the same room! You know, I hear they're doing a remake of "the odd couple."

Jack: It's a temporary situation.

Victor: It's a very temporary situation.

Phyllis: Well, that's okay. You're alive, and you're lucid. That's all I need.

Jack: Need for what?

Phyllis: To take on Kelly.

Victor: Sweetheart, Kelly has made herself very clear.

Phyllis: She claimed that before the underground caved in that Jack took her to the back room and --

Jack: This is more than he needs to know. And I told you stay away from her. She could be volatile.

Victor: See? He's protecting Kelly again.

Phyllis: No, not anymore. He read her the riot act before you got here.

Victor: So, what's your plan?

Jack: All I know is, I want you.

Kelly: It happened! It did!

Nikki: All the lies, the hiding -- I couldn't tell you. I couldn't tell anybody.

Nick: Well, now we know. And you have to get help, mom.

Victoria: We can't stand by and watch you drown yourself. We won't.

Nikki: You don't have to. I am not gonna let this addiction get the best of me.

Nick: You don't sound confident. But I am, all right? I know you can do this.

Nikki: I will. I can. I will. I promise.

Abby: Kyle? Kyle, are you hurt? What are you doing here?

Kyle: Well, I came to see you. I came to crash your killer party.

Summer: So what? It's just a towel. Who cares? Austin?

Mariah: Seriously?

Noah: Hey.

Summer: Hi.

Noah: Courtney told me about Kyle. I'm sorry. I thought you could use some family.

Summer: Do you think we can go now? I really just want to get out of here.

Kevin: Not until we talk about that.

Noah: What is that?

Mariah: That little thing hanging out of Kyle's trunk.

Summer: So, who cares? He doesn't fold or organize his trunk.

Mariah: Or maybe he panicked and in a hurry tried to hide something.

Noah: This is Kyle's car?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Noah: You have his keys?

Mariah: I do now.

Noah: Let's open it.

Summer: No, no, no. I don't think that we should.

Kevin: If there's something incriminating in there, we need to stay on top of it.

Summer: And if it's nothing?

Kevin: Then it's nothing.

Noah: Open it.

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Hilary: There's something you need to know.

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Jack: What the...?

Lily: Figure out a way to tell Mattie and Charlie why daddy won't be living here anymore.

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