Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/24/15


Episode # 10611 ~ Adam comes clean to Chelsea; Summer comes unglued; Nikki stuns her children.

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Ashley: Nikki, have you heard anything at all? Did they find Jack or Victor?

Abby: Or both? Please, God.

Nikki: No. But they did find an air pocket in the rubble. Somebody could be in it. That's the only information we have.

Dylan: Which means Jack and Victor could still be alive.

Noah: We'll take all the hope we can get at this point.

Avery: We just have to wait for word.

Victoria: And pray.

Nikki: Darling.

Phyllis: Okay, well, I, uh, can't stand here and do nothing. I'm -- I'm gonna go to the hospital where I know they're gonna bring them when they find them. And you can keep her away from me and Jack, okay?

Ashley: Look, just calm down, okay? I think you're getting ahead of yourself a little bit.

Noah: But when they do find my grandpa and Jack, they're gonna take them to memorial. I'd like to be there. I'm gonna go, too.

Dylan: Hold on, hold on. We can't all go running to the hospital, okay? Nick's at the underground now. He's working with the rescue workers. He's gonna call when he knows something. We just need to sit tight.

Nick: He's gone, right?

Sir, it's not safe, all right? There could be another collapse. You need to let search and rescue handle this.

Nick: No, this is my building. It's my responsibility. If that's Jack or my dad... then I'm gonna help. [Grunts]- Si

Chelsea: Want some coffee?

Billy: Yeah, absolutely. You know, I'm really glad the nurse is letting Connor sleep. I mean, after the night he had, he could -- could really use it.

Chelsea: Oh, I know. Hospitals are -- are really scary for kids that age.

Billy: [Sighs] Yeah, but fire trucks are pretty cool, though.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] This is true. Connor definitely, uh, perked up when he saw all the commotion outside our building.

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Billy: And afterwards, mommy stayed by his side. I'm sure that had to reassure him.

Chelsea: Yeah. I'm just -- I'm just grateful that [Sniffs] All the smoke you guys breathed in, it didn't affect your lungs. [Sniffles]

Billy: Lungs of steel, baby.

Chelsea: [Laughs] And thank you for humoring me and getting checked out. Smoke inhalation is nothing to joke around about.

Billy: No, you're right. It's not. And thank you for twisting my arm. It was the, uh, responsible thing to do.

Chelsea: You're very welcome.

Billy: Well, look, now that Johnny and Katie are safe over at Vick's, we can collect Connor and get that paperwork done.

Chelsea: Why don't you go check in on your family? I can take care of that. You can -- you can see if there are any updates on Jack.

Billy: It has been awhile since I heard from ash.

Chelsea: Don't worry. It'll -- it'll be good news.

Billy: You know, I'm gonna stick around until they release Connor, just in case he's awake.

Chelsea: Are you sure?

Billy: Yeah. Positive.

Chelsea: Okay. I'll be right back. [Sighs] Gabe.

Adam: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey, what are you doing here? Are you all right?

Adam: Uh, you know, I was downstairs. I had them check me out, give me a once-over. I got a little roughed up during the explosion.

Chelsea: But you're okay?

Adam: Yeah, I'm okay. Uh, actually, I just came up here to check on Connor.

Chelsea: Connor's fine.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: Yeah, we all are, thanks to you.

Adam: I'm just glad I could help.

Chelsea: Excuse me for one sec.

Adam: Sure. Any word on your brother?

Billy: No. No, I... I haven't heard anything.

Adam: You look good. I'm gonna go check on Connor.

Billy: Yeah, he's asleep.

Adam: He's asleep?

Billy: Hmm.

Adam: That's good.

Billy: So, you know, up until yesterday, I just saw you as this mild-mannered marketing guy. Who would have ever guessed the truth?

Adam: Guess the truth about what?

Billy: Come on, man of mystery. When were you planning on telling me who you really are?

Paul: Is that what you really think? That Austin is dead? That's a little extreme at this point, don't you think?

Lauren: You said that he went to go get help after Kevin fell. Granted, that's been a few hours, but...

Kevin: But before Austin took off from the cabin, we were sitting around the fire, telling scary stories. You know, hikers and campers, couples in their cars who -- who go missing and later turn up dead, so...

Mariah: But I-I think what has really got her upset is, on top of Austin being missing, hearing about her grandpa and the guy she thought was her father before, so I think she's just saying what she's scared of. Right, Summer?

Summer: Yeah, that's right.

Paul: Well, you should really be with your family.

Summer: Well, Austin is my family, so I'm just gonna wait here until there's news.

[Telephone rings]

Paul: Suit yourself. That could be it.

Kevin: He's onto us.

Mariah: What do you think Paul knows?

Kevin: We keep giving out hints that something's not right. We're trying too hard. It is Paul's job to see through liars like us, and he's very good at it!

Mariah: Don't get hysterical.

Kevin: Who's hysterical? I'm practically whispering!

Mariah: It's a hysterical whisper.

Fenmore: Summer just needs to keep it together.

Kevin: Oh, gee, well, that sounds easy, except every five minutes, she keeps blurting something out and nobody can seem to keep a lid on her!

Fenmore: I think we need to get her out of here.

Summer: Okay, you know what? Just stop talking about me like I'm not here.

Fenmore: I'm sorry, but, Summer, you've got to understand. You need to be extremely careful about what you say right now and how you say it. Kevin is right. Paul's smart, and so is my dad. We could easily give ourselves away.

Kevin: If we haven't already.

Paul: All right, thanks for letting me know. All right, that was the head of the search team at the underground. It looks like they might have found another survivor.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Michael: Any idea who?

Paul: No. Not yet. But they're calling up reinforcements from Madison, and they're going to stay here until all the missing are accounted for.

Lauren: So maybe things are finally starting to turn around.

Paul: [Sighs]

Lauren: I know. Wishful thinking. It's just, you know, with all these disasters happening at once, trying to stay positive.

Michael: No, no, no, no, no. See, it's called hope, and there's nothing wrong with that. And I am sure that we will hear all sorts of things about Jill and all the others very soon.

Lauren: Yeah, we have to, because I am not gonna let myself think anything else. I've got to believe that they're gonna be okay.

Paul: You know, Summer should take a lesson from you. You know, the power of positive thinking and all that.

Michael: You're not kidding. Do you get the feeling that, uh, uh, the kids aren't giving us the whole story?

Adam: Who I really am? I'm nobody. I'm Gabriel Bingham, a marketing guy --

Billy: Yeah, maybe that's, uh, the name that you go by now. But you haven't been telling us the whole story, have you? I mean, who are you, really? What, are you a CIA agent, Russian spy, drug lord?

Adam: Okay. Man, I -- [Laughing] I have no idea what the hell you're talking about, honestly.

Billy: Bullet wound, Gabe. I overheard the paramedic talking about it. That's got to be an interesting story. So, how'd that happen, huh?

Adam: Uh, you know what? I-I, uh, I don't like to talk about it.

Billy: That's right. That's right. I forgot. You're a private person. Almost forgot. But you know what? Since you saved my life, we've kind of created a bond, you and me, wouldn't you say. So maybe I'm entitled to the truth.

Adam: Okay. [Clears throat]

Billy: Yeah? Good. You're on board. So, who pumped you full of lead? And why'd they do it?

Adam: Someone who hated me. With good reason.

Phyllis: Kelly, what are you still doing here?

Kelly: I am waiting for news about Jack.

Phyllis: Yeah, see, I think you're just hanging around, trying to irritate me with your lies.

Kelly: Well, I'm not lying. Jack and I made love last night, okay? Ashley here all but confirmed it!

Ashley: Stop, stop. Please lower your voices.

Phyllis: Ashley hasn't confirmed anything. I am not going to believe anybody but Jack until I hear it straight from his mouth!

Ashley: Stop.

Noah: Looks like Ashley's got her hands full.

Abby: Uh, any word from nick?

Dylan: Not yet. But the minute I hear something...

Abby: Sorry, I just, uh... my head is spinning. Everything is so insane right now.

Victoria: What else is going on?

Abby: It's just one minute, dad and uncle Jack are gone, and then the next, they're fine. And it's like despair and hope, and either way, it's painful.

Victoria: I'll take hope.

You know who this is?

Nick: Yeah. I know him well. His name's Derek. He's a part-time bartender. [Voice breaking] He didn't deserve to die like this.

Is there anyone we should call?

Nick: I got his contact info somewhere. I'll, uh, I'll take care of it. He was a good kid. He wanted to be a writer.

Sir, why don't you just take a step back and let us handle this?

Nick: No, my dad's still here. If anyone else is, we got to find them. Time's ticking away. [Grunting]

[Man groaning]

Nick: Hey. I think I hear something over here. Yeah. There's someone over here.

Paul: No, there's definitely some tension going on between Summer and the rest of the kids.

Lauren: They're worried about Austin. I mean, it's understandable, and it's been a long, emotional night for all of us.

Paul: You know what? I'm gonna give the FAA another call.

Lauren: Thank you, Paul.

Paul: Talk to my contacts there, and, uh, we can see if we can get some info on that plane.

Lauren: I really appreciate it.

Michael: Be right back.

Lauren: Okay.

[Knock on door]

Michael: Hey. Um, Fenmore, could I have a word?

Fenmore: Yeah.

Fenmore: Have the police found Austin yet?

Michael: Uh, huh? Oh, uh, not that I know of. No, um, I have a question for you.

Fenmore: Okay.

Michael: Were Austin and Summer fighting up in the cabin? Was that the real reason he took off?

Fenmore: No, you already know why Austin left -- to get help for Kevin. Why would you think it's something else?

Michael: Just getting a very strange vibe from Summer.

Fenmore: She's just -- she's really worried about Austin.

Michael: Yeah, yeah, she went to a very dark place with that.

Fenmore: Wouldn't you if mom walked off into a snowstorm and then disappeared?

Michael: Good point. You all seem very protective of Summer.

Fenmore: We're friends, dad. We're just protecting her. You know how she is.

Michael: Hmm. Good. Good. She definitely needs her friends now.

Mariah: What did your dad want?

Fenmore: He's asking questions, the kind we've been afraid of.

Summer: No, no, no, that's it, that's it. Okay, I can't take this anymore. We have to tell the truth. [Breathing heavily]

Phyllis: Is it true?

Ashley: Hold on a second!

Phyllis: About Kelly and Jack?

Ashley: Yes.

Phyllis: Did you see it? How do you know?

Ashley: What I saw was them coming out of a storage room adjusting their clothes, Phyllis. Kelly slipped away, and I-I confronted Jack.

Phyllis: Did he admit it?

Ashley: No, he didn't, but he didn't deny it and he didn't apologize. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I really -- I hate that I have to lay this on you, okay? But now that I have, can you try to put it aside? Jack could be fighting for his life right now, Phyllis. I mean, if he's even alive. So just put it aside, okay?

Dylan: It's nick!

Ashley: [Gasps]

Nikki: Oh, God. Could be news.

Abby: Please let it be good.

Dylan: Hey. What's going on? Oh, m-man, that's -- that's great news. Hold -- hold on. Let me put you on speaker. All right, go ahead.

Nick: Hey, we found Jack. He's in pretty rough shape, but he is alive.

Nikki: Oh, my God. That's wonderful, honey!

Victoria: Nick, what about dad? Any sign of him?

Nick: No. Not yet. But we're not giving up.

Abby: You better not.

Dylan: All right, keep us posted.

Nick: We will. Take care.

Dylan: Be careful.

Nikki: [Voice breaking] Jack's alive. That means Victor is alive. 'Cause God knows he wouldn't let Jack best him at this. Well, you know I'm right.

Nick: All right, buddy, you hang in there. We're gonna get you to the hospital.

Adam: It was a woman who I didn't treat very well, I'm afraid.

Billy: [Chuckles] That's who shot you?

Adam: Yeah. It was an accident, you know. Not to say the woman in question didn't mean to shoot me. Just that she was rather inebriated at the time and, uh, didn't have full control over, you know, what she was doing.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Yeah.

Billy: What on earth did you do to make her want to shoot you?

Adam: [Sighs] What'd I do? I, uh, you know, she was engaged to be married, and, uh, she and I had a night together, you know, one of those nights.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Adam: And, uh, when her fiancé found out, he -- he dumped her flat, and she came running back to me. She thought we were gonna run off together, you know, be happily ever after, that kind of thing, which is... sort of what I may have told her during that night that we had together.

Billy: Yeah, yeah. Women of a certain age, they take things so, uh, literally.

Adam: Spoken like a man with experience.

Billy: Yeah, but I'm -- I'm reformed now.

Adam: Good. Yeah, me too. Uh, at the time, you know, unfortunately for her, I wasn't as much of a gentleman as I am now. And when she found out, we were at her daddy's, uh, hunting lodge in, uh, Virginia. And, um, you know, she -- she just -- she snuck into the -- the gun room that he had there, and she pulled out a-a very ladylike, feminine pearl-handled pistol, small. And she came after me.

Billy: [Chuckles] That's crazy, man. You could have died.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I could have died. And I nearly did, actually, die. But you have to understand I had caused her to, um, to lose something that she loved very dearly, quite possibly the love of her life, something she knew she'd never get back. Yeah. You know, also I lied to her, so when the truth came out, she...

Billy: Wanted to kill you.

Adam: Yeah.

Billy: Right. So, did you, uh, did you ever press charges?

Adam: No, I-I figured I sort of had it coming. So I can sort of understand why she did what she did, actually.

Billy: Hmm.

Adam: What about you? You understand why she would have done that?

Billy: Yeah, as a matter of fact, I... matter of fact, I can.

Chelsea: What's going on?

Billy: Uh, Gabe here was just telling me the interesting details of his colorful past.

Adam: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: Ah, well, I hope you'll share them with me sometime.

Adam: Actually, not likely. I don't like to dwell on the past, and, uh, I'm a new man now.

Ashley: Billy!

Chelsea: Hi.

Ashley: Hey. I'm so glad I caught you. Jack's here.

Billy: Finally. How's he doing?

Ashley: Well, he's in rough shape, but you know what really matters is that he's alive.

Billy: Was there ever any doubt?

Ashley: Yeah, there was a second collapse at the underground.

Billy: Whoa, whoa --

Ashley: The rescue team thought that it was hopeless, actually.

Billy: Ash, you never told me any of that!

Ashley: I didn't want to pass on worst-case scenario. You already had so much going on with you, Billy.

Chelsea: All that matters is they were able to get him out.

Adam: Is he gonna be all right?

Ashley: I haven't spoken to the doctors yet, but, uh, you know what? It never hurts to pray, right? And, uh, not just for Jack, but for Victor, too. Jack and Victor were together when the second collapse happened, and they found Jack, but they haven't found Victor.

Chelsea: He'll be okay. He has to be. Connor loves his grandfather.

Billy: Listen, Chels, I'm gonna go with ash and see if I can find out anything else about Jack, okay?

Chelsea: And I'll check about Connor's release.

Billy: All right.

Chelsea: Okay. Bye.

Adam: I wonder if I should, uh, head over to nick's club, you know, see if I can help out with anything.

Chelsea: Why would you do that?

Nick: The rescuers searched all over. They still can't find dad. But we're not giving up, all right? I'm gonna go back and look some more as soon as they let me.

Dylan: You need to -- you need to stop.

Nick: The hell I'm --

Dylan: Just... I'm not -- I'm not telling you to give up. I'm just saying it's gonna take more than digging through some rubble at this point. We need to let the professionals with the proper equipment take care of it. I mean, the best thing you can do right now is take mom home.

Victoria: I agree with Dylan. You are dead on your feet, and so is mom.

Dylan: She is so stressed out worrying about Victor, worrying about you and your safety. This is not good for her.

Victoria: Her M.S. Has been flaring up lately. You know that. Remember Katherine's christening?

Dylan: Come on. She'll follow your lead.

Nick: All right. Mom. Mom, come on. I'm gonna take you home. Come on.

Nikki: Okay.

Noah: Have you heard anything?

Abby: Nothing.

Noah: Nothing?

Abby: Nothing. Not a word.

Noah: Okay, look, before I go to the ranch, I'm gonna go check on Summer, okay?

Abby: Okay.

Summer: I cannot keep pretending! It is too hard! Plus if we tell the police about what happened, it might help them find Austin!

Mariah: Find his body, you mean.

Summer: You know, if you guys are right and Paul and Michael really are onto us, then it's only a matter of time before they find out everything that happened anyways! And also if Austin really is dead and someone did move his body, then something really weird is happening and we owe it to him to find out what it is!

Kevin: Damn it, Summer, we are in this now, all right? It is too late for us to change our story. We stick to the plan that we all agreed to or we face the consequences.

Fenmore: This isn't just about protecting you anymore, Summer.

Summer: I never asked to be protected!

Mariah: You need to listen to fen! This is not just about you anymore! Can't you get that through your head, you incredible narcissist?!

Jack has a concussion, but the MRI is clean.

Ashley: He has no further head injuries?

Deep upper contusions, cracked ribs. And it's imperative to monitor for cardiac complications because his heart stopped.

Phyllis: For a guy who spent hours practically buried alive...

He's a lucky man.

Ashley: [Chuckles]

Phyllis: Can we -- can we see him now?

One at a time.

Ashley: Oh, go.

Phyllis: Thank you.

[Hurried footsteps]

Kelly: Is Jack all right?

Phyllis: You go. I'm gonna go ahead and fill you in. He is going to be fine, but you can leave now.

Kelly: I'm sorry, Phyllis. You're really just gonna have to wrap your mind around this and accept the fact that Jack chose me, okay? You were in the other room while we were making love, and he didn't even give a damn.

Jack: [Sighs]

Ashley: Don't you dare ever scare me like that again. Just because I want to kill you sometimes does not mean that I want you to die.

Jack: Yeah, I don't want that, either. [Sighs] What do we hear about Victor?

Ashley: They're still looking for him. Phyllis is okay. She was terrified. Of course, she's not very happy with you under the circumstances.

Jack: Wait. Why not?

Ashley: I think you know why not.

Jack: Over the argument? No, we worked through that.

Ashley: No, Jack, not the argument. You slept with Kelly at the valentine party. Phyllis knows all about it.

Jack: I did what?!

Ashley: Well, the doctor did say that you had a concussion, so maybe you have a little short-term memory loss.

Jack: I don't know what you're talking about.

Ashley: Stop it, Jackie. I know. The underground, in the storage room. You and Kelly going at it with Phyllis just a few yards away. I know.

Jack: You actually witnessed Kelly and me going at it?

Ashley: Thankfully, no. But I did see you after the fact. It was obvious what you'd been doing. You acted like it was no big deal, Jack. Are you honestly trying to tell me that you don't remember?

Jack: No, I am t-- I am telling you it never happened!

Phyllis: The truth is, neither of us belong here.

Kelly: [Scoffs]

Phyllis: Jack betrayed us both. He betrayed me by being with you, and he betrayed you by tossing you aside. Now, that's something we have in common right now.

[Door opens]

Ashley: [Sighs] Phyllis, Jack wants to see you.

Paul: So, Jack is at memorial now?

Noah: I'm heading over there.

Michael: Thanks for letting us know.

Lauren: Yeah, we'll keep your grandfather in our prayers.

Noah: Thank you.

Paul: All right. I'll see what else I can find out. Be right back.

Lauren: Oh, God. Poor Nikki, right? Now comes the painful waiting and worrying.

Michael: [Sighs] I wish there was something I could do to bring your sister home to you, you know, all safe and sound.

Lauren: It's not just Jill. I mean, it's everybody on that plane. It's lily and Cane. [Voice breaking] What happens to their kids?! I mean, what about Neil's son, Moses?

Michael: You're being awfully fatalistic.

Lauren: [Sighs] What cuts me to the core is that Jill finally had the life she wanted, you know? She was in love. She was happy. She finally got chancellor from Victor, and... [Sighs] Is it possible that they're both dead? I mean, Jill and Victor?

Michael: Or... or... we could think good thoughts. Really good thoughts. And we can send all that positive energy out into the universe. You find out anything?

Paul: No progress on the search for Victor, but I did get a piece of good news. The wreckage of the plane has been found, and by some miracle, the only fatality was the pilot. All the passengers survived, including Jill.

Lauren: [Laughs]

Michael: Fantastic!

Lauren: Thank God!

Michael: That's fantastic!

Lauren: When can we see her?

Paul: There are some injuries. I'm not sure of all the specifics, but they've been taken to a local hospital near the crash site in Illinois.

Lauren: Maybe finally this nightmare really is over, right?

Michael: Aww. [Laughs]

Paul: Yeah.

Mariah: If you decide to tell Paul the truth, you will be hurting all of us, and we risked everything to keep you safe. Don't you think about anyone besides yourself, you privileged, little snob!

Fenmore: Hey, lighten up on her, will you?

Mariah: It is not your secret to tell anymore. You will be putting us all in serious trouble if you decide to ease your conscience. We risked everything! We're breaking the law! Kevin and Courtney could lose their jobs or worse. They could go to jail. We could all go to jail. And is that what you want? For your best friend fen here to go back to the slammer?

Summer: No, Mariah, I did not ask for anyone to cover for me.

You came up with that lie.

Mariah: You think that I did this for you? I did this for Austin, not you!

Summer: Exactly. And now we all have to live with

your lie! You know what? Maybe what Courtney said earlier is true -- that the police will be more cooperative if we just tell them what we know!

Fenmore: Do that, and it'll be over for me. I-I drugged everyone. I'm gonna go back to prison.

Noah: Calm down. Nobody's going to prison. Look, we are in this together. We need to stick together, okay? Do you understand?

Kevin: It may already be too late. Michael and Paul suspect we're hiding something.

Summer: Okay, and that's the perfect time to go to them before the lies get any worse! Come on, you guys!

Noah: If there was anybody whose advice I wish I could ask right now, it'd be grandpa, but I think I know what he'd say. Close ranks, family first, and do whatever it takes to protect you and ourselves.

Chelsea: I think you've done enough rescue work for one day. I mean, it's nice that you want to help Victor, but, I mean, you don't even know the guy.

Adam: Yeah, I-I -- you know, I thought I would just pitch in. You said that, uh, Connor loved his grandpa.

Chelsea: He does.

Adam: And I know, you know, Victor's obviously not the most popular man in town, but he's family, right? That's important. I just wanted to help.

Chelsea: Well, I appreciate that. Like you said, Victor is an acquired taste, so it's very thoughtful that you'd want to help him. But it's -- it's dangerous out there. You should leave it to the professionals.

Adam: Okay, yeah, I'm sure you're right.

Chelsea: I'm gonna go check on Connor. And I'm sure you're anxious to let your wife know that you're okay. She could have lost you in that fire. Sage is really lucky that she didn't.

Adam: Chelsea, uh... I haven't been honest with you.

Adam: I've, uh, I've been wanting to tell you this for a while, actually. Um, and then, you know, with everything that we've been through with the fire and all of that, it's like Billy said, we've developed a bond, you know. And, uh, I don't want to lie to you anymore.

Chelsea: What have you been lying about?

Adam: Uh, my marriage. [Sighs] The whole thing is a sham. And, uh, Sage and I only tied the knot so that I could get my inheritance. It was -- it was a condition in my grandmother's will that I be settled down with somebody before I got anything. And, uh... see, but then I-I, um... I actually started to fall in love with Sage. I did fall in love with her. Um, I'm afraid it's one-sided, though.

Chelsea: I really thought I was starting to know you. And now I'm not so sure.

Ashley: You know, Kelly, Jack, needs his rest. I think it'd be best if you left.

Kelly: He's not gonna get any rest with that whackjob Phyllis in there.

Ashley: They have things to work through that don't involve you.

Kelly: The hell they don't involve me!

Ashley: Would you please just stop? This isn't the time and place, and I don't want to argue with you. Please go.

Kelly: I'll go, but I'll be back, because that's what Jack would want after he and Phyllis "work things out."

Ashley: [Groans]

Billy: Do I want to know what that was all about?

Ashley: No, you don't.

Billy: Fair enough. So, how's Jack doing?

Ashley: Considering he almost died, he's in fine shape.

Billy: I got to tell you, ash, I can't believe that you didn't tell me how serious things were. I mean, Jack is left for dead and I'm the last one to know?

Ashley: I was keeping you updated.

Billy: Look --

Ashley: It was just that one horrible part that I left out. I mean, I told you why.

Billy: No matter how occupied I was with Chelsea and Connor, I would have made time for Jack.

Ashley: Of course. But there was nothing any of us could have done. I honestly thought it was the loving thing to do.

Billy: And, ash, it probably was. It's just that after everything that Jack has done for me... are you sure he's gonna be okay?

Ashley: Well, that depends on how you define "okay."

Billy: Meaning?

Ashley: [Sighs] Jack just looked me in the face and lied to me.

Billy: [Sighs]

Phyllis: I'm so glad you're okay.

Jack: Thanks for coming to see me. You gonna come into the room?

Phyllis: I don't know yet. [Sobbing] How could you have sex with her? Was that a part of the plan, to push me over the edge? Because if so, my God, it's working. The thought of you and her is enough to send me to the straitjacket.

Jack: Listen to me closely. I did not sleep with Kelly. Ashley misinterpreted whatever she saw.

Phyllis: Kelly was only too happy to fill in the juicy details.

Jack: And you believed her? Or do you believe me?

Victoria: It's all right.

Nikki: [Winces] Ow.

Victoria: You okay?

Nick: I shouldn't be here. I should be at the underground looking for dad.

Abby: Your mother needs you, nick. This is exactly where you should be.

Victoria: Mom, what can I get you? You want some tea?

Nikki: No, thank you, darling. I don't want any tea. In fact, tea is the last thing that I want.

Victoria: Mom.

Nikki: Tea can do me no help at all.

Nick: Mom, what are you doing?!

Abby: Oh, my God.

Nick: Mom!

Victoria: Mom.

Nick: [Groans]

Fenmore: Summer, listen to me --

[Door opens]

Lauren: Fen, you have to come with us.

Fenmore: Now?

Michael: Now.

Fenmore: Did they find the plane? Is she...?

Lauren: Jill is safe, and we're going to the hospital where she was taken. Honey, I really hope you find Austin soon.

Michael: Fenmore. Come on. I'm sure your friends here will let you know if there's any news on Austin.

Summer: Yeah, we -- we will.

Lauren: Right. Come on, honey.

Michael: Let's go!

[Door closes]

Mariah: So, what are you gonna do, Summer? You gonna keep your mouth shut?

Summer: Yes, I will keep this secret, even though we don't really know what happened to Austin.

Noah: No, we do know. We all saw him. Courtney couldn't find a pulse. Summer, your husband is dead. We just don't know what happened to the body.

[Door opens]

Paul: I just heard from the sheriff's office. They located Austin. He's fine.

Summer: Thank God! [Breathing heavily]

Adam: Chelsea, I-I can see that you're a little put out with me for misrepresenting my marriage, but I couldn't tell you the truth about it before because it was our secret. Um, mine and Sage's. We'd agreed. We'd agreed that we wouldn't tell anyone. And I don't know what to say. I'm not proud of what I did. Um, but in my defense, I can tell you that I'm -- I'm not the same guy that I was when I made that deal.

Chelsea: So, why are you telling me now?

Adam: 'Cause I was sick of lying to you. You were under the impression that we were this happily married couple, right, and that's obviously not the case at all. And I just like talking to you. [Chuckles] I really do. And I-I appreciate your insight. And, um...you know, honestly, there's no one else that I can really confide in about this. You're the only one, so... thought I would man up and tell you the truth.

Chelsea: [Sighs] Well... I can't say I was above that kind of a stunt in my past. So I-I'm glad that you've, you know, developed real feelings for Sage. I just think, you know, you deserve a-a real marriage, real love, one that's reciprocated.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, you know, I think I do.

Chelsea: Well, don't give up on her, Gabe. Never stop fighting for the woman you love.

Adam: Okay. Well, I don't intend to.

Billy: Okay, Jack did what?

Ashley: You heard me.

Billy: Why would he go anywhere near Kelly with all the drama between her and Phyllis?

Ashley: He looked me right in the eye and swore to me that it didn't happen. But I know what I saw. I'm not imagining things.

Billy: That makes no sense.

Ashley: Yeah, well, unfortunately, our brother is doing a lot of things that don't make sense.

Billy: [Sighs]

Phyllis: I wish I knew what to say.

Jack: Say you believe me. If Kelly said the sky was blue, she would be lying. She is a disturbed woman.

Phyllis: Is she crazy like me?

Jack: Okay, we throw that word around too easily. But as God as my witness...

Phyllis: You didn't sleep with that woman?

Jack: I didn't. I wouldn't do that to you. And if I did, I wouldn't lie about it, especially after what I've just been through. I made it out of the death trap alive. I'm not sure we're gonna be able to say that about Victor. It's just a sober reminder of just how precious life is, how fragile it is. And we can't waste it spending it on negative thoughts and ugly actions. We have to cherish the things we love, turn our back on the things that we know are going to harm us. I love you! I am done with Kelly! That pathological liar is no part of my life anymore!

Nick: Mom, you cannot drink that.

Victoria: Mom, what are you doing?

Nikki: Something to kill the pain. Having a well-deserved drink.

Victor: May as well pour me one while you're at it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Adam: Jack knows.

Sage: You told him who you are?

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: Why? Why did you do that?

Victor: Would you kindly see to it that I'm transferred to another room?

Jack: I'd like another hospital!

Victoria: When you almost dropped Katie and blamed it on the M.S., you were drunk, weren't you? <

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