Y&R Transcript Monday 2/23/15


Episode # 10610 ~ Lily isn't feeling forgiving; Phyllis slaps Kelly; Summer's behavior is suspicious.

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Avery: Phyllis, don't. Don't do this.

Phyllis: He begged me to forgive him hh

Victor: Okay. Nikki and Phyllis are safely out.

Jack: Good.

Victor: Now we go out one at a time, all right?

Jack: Got it. Go ahead.

Victor: No. You go first.

Jack: No way!

Victor: Jack, you go first. You need medical attention.

Jack: Get out of here! You saved my life -- again, as you so quickly pointed out. I'm not gonna spend the rest of my life hearing I got out of here first.

Victor: Jack, come to your senses, now.


Jack: Ohh!

Neil: Hello! Anybody! Anybody out there?!

Lily: How is it possible that nobody saw dad leave?

Jill: I don't think he wanted anybody to see him leave.

Lily: I understand that, but we all decided that Devon should go.

Colin: Yeah, but, clearly, Neil didn't see it that way.

Lily: If anything happens to him -- anything...

Devon: Anything?

Cane: No. You?

Devon: No, no sign, but he must have gone alongside the hill, right?

Lily: He's not dressed for this weather. He has no supplies. He could freeze to death or get attacked by wild animals.

Hilary: Devon.

Devon: Hey. I'm right here.

Hilary: You need to...find Neil.

Devon: Hilary.

Hilary: No, please.

Devon: Okay. Guys, I need you to look after Hilary, 'cause I'm gonna go find dad.

Cane: No. No. No. You're not going anywhere. No.

Nick: I'm gonna go find dad and Jack.

Dylan: Come on.

Avery: No! No! Both of you, listen to me. Leave the rescuing to the professionals.

Nick: I can't just sit here and do nothing when my dad is under a pile of rubble!

Phyllis: Yeah, well, Jack is there, too. We have to do something.

Avery: It's too dangerous!

Phyllis: Avery, if it was Dylan who was trapped, you wouldn't say that.

Nikki: Nicholas, please.

Nick: Mom, I don't have time to debate this. I'm gonna go find dad.

Paul: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's going on?

Avery: Paul, you need to stop them.

Paul: Stop them from what?

Avery: From going back to the underground.

Nikki: There's been a second collapse.

Ashley: What?!

Victoria: Mom.

Ashley: Where's Jack?

Victoria: And dad?

Nick: They're still inside, and Dylan and I are gonna go find them.

Paul: No, you're not.

Phyllis: Well, you have to do something, Paul.

Paul: No, you're gonna stay right here. You're going to endanger your own lives and the lives of the rescue workers. You're gonna stay out of the way. You're gonna leave it to the pros. It's extremely dangerous over there right now.

Dylan: Why's that?

Paul: Because secondary collapses are often deadly.

Summer: Whoa. What do you mean, Austin's gone?

Fenmore: His body isn't where we left it.

Kevin: Did you see anybody else out there?

Mariah: Any animals or a bear -- anything?

Summer: Oh, my God.

Fenmore: I didn't see anything -- no people, no animals.

Courtney: What about tracks in the snow?

Fenmore: Nothing.

Noah: Come on. Dead bodies don't just get up and walk away.

Courtney: Noah, where are you going?

Noah: I'm gonna go find him.

Shelton: Yeah. Hey. We got a call about an accident.

Courtney: Hey, Shelton. I called.

Shelton: Okay. Well, does anybody want to tell us what's going on?

Kevin: I'll tell you what's going on. So, you know, it was snowing really hard, right? And I started getting freaked out that the roof wouldn't be able to support the weight of all the snow. So, fen, my nephew, and I went outside. We grabbed a ladder, went up onto the roof to start clearing some of it off, and I'm a total klutz. I slipped, and I fell off the roof.

Shelton: Really? You seem totally fine to me.

Mariah: Well, now, but, you know, when it first happened, it scared the crap out of all of us.

Kevin: Yeah, and that's when Courtney called you.

Mariah: And when you guys didn't show up right away, Austin, the other guy who was here -- he went out to go find help.

Kevin: He left a while ago, and he hasn't come back yet.

Shelton: Okay, yeah. We'll go try to find this Austin guy, then.

Kevin: Thanks.

Courtney: He's in his mid-20s, about 6'1", brown hair.

Shelton: Okay.

Abby: Well, uh, thank God you two are criminals. You lied to those cops like pros.

Mariah: I'm glad my crappy life could help you out.

Noah: That was a temporary fix, you guys. We still don't know where Austin's body is.

Abby: It's so weird, the way he just disappeared.

Mariah: Obviously, he didn't just disappear.

Abby: Well, he's not where we left him.

Fenmore: He didn't get up and walk away by himself.

Summer: Maybe he did.

Lauren: Why haven't we heard anything? I mean, a plane has that locator device.

Michael: It's a heavily wooded area they're searching. They probably haven't had a clear view of anything until this morning.

Lauren: But if Jill and the others did survive, I mean, don't you think they'd be frozen by now?

Michael: Listen to me. If anything, your sister is a survivor. She's probably already forced Colin to hand over that big wad of cash he likes to flash around and she's used it to start a fire. She is probably leading them all in bawdy campfire songs as we speak.

Lauren: I'm gonna call her.

Michael: You've already done that three times. Go ahead.

Lauren: Voicemail. Jill, I know I have called you three other times. I-I heard that your plane went down, and I want you to know that there are people out there looking for you and the others, and they are not gonna give up until they find you. [Voice breaking] So, you hang in there, okay? And you'll be home really soon. I promise.

Devon: Neil could get lost out there.

Cane: But if he doesn't get lost and he finds the road and brings back help, then we have to go and start looking for you, okay?

Colin: Cane's right. We got to stick together.

Jill: Too much of a risk.

Devon: What do you think?

Lily: I think that dad went so that you don't have to. That's the kind of man that he is. He'll do anything to protect those he loves.

Devon: Well, I'm afraid he could get hurt.

Lily: I think it's a little late for that, don't you think? Your girlfriend needs you.

Devon: Hey. I'm right here, baby.

Hilary: [Whimpers]

Cane: Neil will find help, and everything's gonna be okay.

Lily: How can anything be okay ever again?

Cane: Sweetheart, we're gonna get through this.

Lily: You don't know if dad's gonna find help or if they're gonna get to us in time. We may never see our children again. They might grow up without their parents or their grandparents, and even if, by some miracle, we're rescued, our life is ruined.

Cane: Our life isn't ruined.

Lily: You broke us. This family is broken because of Devon and Hilary and Colin and you. Even if we are rescued, our life will never be the same again -- ever.

Nick: My dad's not dead.

Ashley: Neither is Jack.

Paul: I'm just saying my experience in these --

Nick: I don't care what your experience is. My dad's alive.

Victoria: Mom, you were down there. You don't believe what Paul's saying, do you?

Nikki: Well, I don't want to.

Ashley: What about you, Phyllis? What are you thinking?

Phyllis: There wasn't much oxygen left when they pulled Nikki and I out. Jack was --

Ashley: Jack was what? Just tell me! What?!

Phyllis: His heart stopped.

Ashley: Oh, my God.

Nikki: Victor got it started again, but he was weak. By the time the rescuers reached us, we were both weak.

Ashley: I refuse to believe that Victor saved Jack's life just for them to die together.

Victoria: No! Neither one of them is dead! Paul, I don't care what your experience tells you, okay? My dad and Jack have beaten the odds before, and they're gonna do it this time.

Nick: I'm with Vick. Until you show me some proof, my dad's alive.

Nick: Mom, I really wish you'd let Vick take you home.

Nikki: I am not going anywhere until we get word on your father.

Victoria: I know the stress isn't good for you. Your hands are shaking.

Nikki: I'm just cold.

Victoria: At least let me call Dr. Costner.

Nikki: No! I don't want you to call anybody. And I'd like everybody around here to stop treating me like I'm an invalid.

Paul: I've got to get back to the station. I have another emergency across town. I'll keep you posted on the recovery efforts.

Nikki: Don't say that. This is not a recovery mission. Jack and Victor are alive!

Nick: Mom's right. We're not giving up hope.

Paul: All right. I'm sorry. I'll let you know what I hear.

Nikki: [Sighs]

Victoria: At least let me get you some tea.

Nikki: Okay, darling. Thank you.

Victoria: Okay. I'll be right back. [Sighs] Ashley...

Ashley: [Gasps]

Victoria: ...Have you heard from Billy since the apartment fire?

Ashley: I stopped by the hospital to check on Connor. Yeah.

Victoria: Good. How are they doing?

Ashley: They're keeping Connor overnight for observation, and Billy and Chelsea are staying with him.

Victoria: Does Billy know what's going on? Did he hear?

Ashley: No. You know, he's got so much going on right now, I don't want to tell him anything about Jack until I have some more news, you know?

Phyllis: If I had gone home with Jack when he asked me to, he wouldn't be lying under this horrible mess right now.

Avery: You cannot blame yourself for this.

Phyllis: I pushed him away when he was just trying to help me. If I hadn't have done that, we would be together right now. I know him. He would have planned a beautiful valentine's celebration for us in front of the fireplace, just for the two of us.

Avery: Phyllis, don't. Don't do this.

Phyllis: He begged me to forgive him and to give him a another chance. Why didn't I? Why wasn't I -- ego in the way. Why was I my usual stubborn self all the way to the end? Oh, my God. I pray to God this isn't the end.

Ashley: Kelly.

Kelly: Oh. Hey, Ashley. Listen, I came around because I heard the news about what happened at the underground, and I've been calling Jack and leaving messages, and he -- but he's not calling me back, so...what happened?

Ashley: He... Jack didn't make it out of the club.

Abby: Summer, what are you saying?

Summer: Maybe Austin isn't dead, you guys. Maybe he woke up -- he was just knocked out and he was just confused and he didn't know where he was or what happened, so he wandered off to go get help, something. Guys, please.

Mariah: Or maybe he rode away on a purple unicorn. Fine. I'm sorry for making fun of your ridiculously stupid theory, Summer.

Noah: Mariah!

Mariah: You actually want to entertain this possibility just so we don't hurt her feelings? Fine! Summer, what if Austin did wake up? But what if he's not confused and he remembers exactly what happened last night?

Summer: Then he'd -- then he'd know that I was the one that hit him over the head and that I went along with you guys when you insisted that we dump his body out in the freezing cold, and he hates me! That's why he left, is because he hates me! He just wanted to get away from me.

Abby: Summer, relax. Just breathe.

Summer: [Sighs]

Courtney: There's no way that Austin's alive. We checked his pulse, and there wasn't any.

Fenmore: Hey, if that's true, then maybe somebody here decided not to stick with our plan and moved Austin's body.

Kevin: Well, Courtney and Summer were the only two who didn't want to make it look like Austin's death was an accident.

Courtney: I went along with your stupid plan, right?

Mariah: You said you did. But we all know cops lie.

Noah: Hey.

Courtney: Yeah, I lied -- you're right -- to two other cops, and I concealed evidence. I'm as screwed as the rest of you are if it comes out that we tried to make Austin's death look like an accident.

Kevin: That's a pretty good reason to move a body.

Courtney: By myself?

Mariah: I don't know. Maybe Summer helped, or Abby.

Summer: I have no idea what happened to Austin!

Abby: Neither do I.

Fenmore: All right. Let's all just calm down and assume we're all on the same side.

Kevin: Okay, fine. So, if it wasn't one of us, then who was it?

Noah: Is it possible that someone has been watching us this whole time?

Abby: And whoever it was killed Austin? That would mean that you didn't do it.

Fenmore: Then why did she remember holding the bloody bookend?

[Knock on door]

Shelton: Hey.

Summer: Did you find Austin?

Shelton: No, no. We couldn't find him. So, look, guys, I'm gonna need you to come down to the station so you guys can give us statements.

Courtney: Of course. That's no problem.

Noah: Yeah. We'll follow you in our cars.

Shelton: Okay.

Noah: We can do this, okay? We just need to stay calm and stick to the story. Calm. Okay?

Summer: Yeah.

Cane: I wanted to tell you the truth.

Lily: Well, if you had, we wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be terrified that my dad's gonna die out there, that I might never see my children again.

Jill: You can't blame Cane for the storm.

Colin: Or the plane crash.

Jill: He didn't have any control over those things.

Lily: No, he had control over who he was loyal to, and he chose Devon and Hilary. I would never have gotten on a plane if I knew about them.

Cane: All I wanted to do was stop you and Neil from being hurt. That's all I wanted to do.

Lily: By allowing my dad to stay with that two-faced slut? You're pathetic if you don't realize that you're as bad as she is.

Devon: Hey, stop it, guys! All right? Don't blame Cane or Hilary for any of this. This is my fault. I'm the one who's responsible for hurting Neil. We're in this mess 'cause of me, lily -- no one else.

Lily: Oh, great. I'm sure that'll be a big consolation to Mattie and Charlie.

Devon: I don't know why you'd bring them into this. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt you or your children or any of you.

Lily: You did hurt us. You hurt all of us -- especially dad. All you had to do was stay away from his wife.

Devon: You don't think that I tried?

Lily: Obviously not hard enough.

Devon: I love her. I fought like hell not to love her. You know, though. You can't stop the heart from wanting what it wants. What if Cane belonged to somebody else?

Lily: Dad is not somebody else. He is your father. He took you in when you had nothing, when you had no family and no home. How could you do that to him?

Devon: I obviously should have handled this differently.

Lily: Yeah. You know what? You all should have.

Devon: No. Don't blame them. This is my fault. It's me. I'm the one that told Hilary we should wait to tell Neil. I'm the one that asked Cane, "please don't say anything," and I took Colin's blackmail. This is my fault! I understand that, and I'm sorry!

Lily: Devon, no matter what happens... I'll never forgive you... or Cane.

Hilary: I have never been with a man like you -- someone who makes me feel so good, like I'M...special.

Neil: You're very special.

Hilary: Lily asked me today if I was in love with you, and I-I avoided answering the question. But as I was describing how you make me feel, how happy you make me, I realized that I was experiencing something -- something I never felt before, something kind of wonderful.

Neil: Any idea what that was?

Hilary: I think... it's called "love."

Neil: All we got is today, this moment, now. That door -- it's wide open. All you have to do... is walk through it. Can you do that with me?

Hilary: Yes.

Neil: Yes?

Hilary: Yes, I will marry you.

Neil: Whoo! With this ring, I thee wed.

Hilary: With this ring... I thee wed.

Lauren: Oh, my God.

Michael: Fenmore!

Lauren: Kevin!

Michael: Kevin!

Lauren: What are you doing here? I thought you were all up at the Abbott cabin.

Kevin: There was a -- there was an accident.

Lauren: An accident? Is everybody okay?

Summer: No, not everybody.

Kevin: I, uh -- I suffered a minor injury.

Lauren: Oh, honey, what happened?

Kevin: It's, uh, stupid. I was, um -- I was trying to clear some snow off the roof, and I just took a little tumble.

Mariah: Fortunately, he fell on his head.

Kevin: There was no cell service, so Austin went out to look for help...

Mariah: But he must have got lost, because he never came back.

Kevin: And the cops are out looking for him now.

Lauren: You must be worried sick.

Abby: We all are.

Lauren: I'm sure the police are doing everything they can.

Paul: [Sighs] Good. You're all here.

Courtney: Any word on Austin, chief?

Paul: No, not yet. So, somebody want to tell me what you were all doing at the Abbott cabin in the middle of a storm?

Abby: It was my brilliant idea to have a Valentine's Day party up there, but I didn't know there was supposed to be horrendous weather.

Paul: Have any of you been in touch with your families?

Noah: No. No. Why?

Paul: Uh, there has been a roof collapse at the underground.

Abby: Oh, my God. What?

Paul: Nick's okay. Victor and Jack weren't able to make it out, but there is a rescue-and-recovery operation under way.

Abby: Wait. Recovery? What does that mean?

Summer: [Crying] No. Not Jack and grandpa, too.

Paul: What do you mean, "too"?

Abby: Just that three people she loves are missing.

Paul: All right. There is a triage set up at crimson lights. Your families are waiting there for news.

Noah: Okay. Hey, Summer, why don't we get over there?

Summer: What? No. No. I'm not leaving until I hear about Austin.

Paul: All right. I'll see what I can find out.

Kevin: Noah, if you and Abby want to go, we'll keep an eye on Summer.

Fenmore: She'll be fine.

Mariah: We'll make sure.

Noah: Hey. Hey. Keep us posted.

Kevin: Yeah. Will do.

[All whispering indistinctly]

Kevin: Deep breaths, all right?

[All breathe deeply]

Summer: [Speaks indistinctly]

Phyllis: Why haven't they said anything?

Avery: Paul said they'd let us know as soon as there's news.

Nick: We should have heard something by now.

Phyllis: I just can't believe this is happening. Victor and Jack were right behind us. [Sighs] I keep just seeing Jack's face as I was being pulled out of there. I had no idea that that might be the last time I see him.

Nick: It won't be. They're gonna find him.

Phyllis: Nick, every minute that passes, the chances of them making it...

Kelly: No. Jack -- Jack can't be dead.

Ashley: Look, I know that you're concerned -- I understand that -- for my brother, but I think it would be best if you left, Kelly.

Kelly: I have as much right to be here as Phyllis.

Ashley: Actually, you don't. She's his fiancée.

Kelly: Well, Jack wasn't acting like an engaged man last night.

Ashley: Okay, look -- I don't know exactly what happened between the two of you last night.

Kelly: We made love.

Ashley: [Sighs] Well, obviously, he wasn't thinking clearly, for him to be engaged to Phyllis and having sex with you, okay? That's not Jack -- not anymore.

Kelly: Yes, you're right. You're right. The Jack I know wouldn't do that, but he did. So, that tells me that Jack is done with Phyllis.

Ashley: Okay. I think you're jumping to a lot of conclusions that are gonna come back and hurt you. I know Jack.

Kelly: I know Jack, too. And I love him. And it's actually something that Phyllis and I have in common. I can understand what she is going through. Even she would have to admit that.

Ashley: Okay. You know what? If you think for one second that the two of you are gonna comfort each other, then you do not know Phyllis at all. Would you please just leave?

Kelly: Fine. I'll go.

Kelly: Officer, hi. Excuse me. Has there been any news on Jack Abbott?

Oh, nothing so far.

Kelly: Okay.

Phyllis: Kelly. You have no right to be here, checking on Jack.

Kelly: I have every right to be here. I have more right to be here than you.

Phyllis: Really? How could you possibly come to that conclusion?

Kelly: Because last night Jack finally chose me... over you.

Ashley: Honey, I'm so glad to see you. I had no idea that you were all at the cabin.

Abby: Yeah. I'll tell you about it later. Right now I just want to know about dad and uncle Jack.

Ashley: We don't really know anything except that they were both in the building when it collapsed the second time.

Abby: You don't think that....

Ashley: I don't know what to think, honey. We're all just hoping for the best right now.

Noah: So, the weight of the snow caused the roof to cave in?

Nick: Yeah. When the whole thing went, dad and Jack were still inside.

Noah: [Exhales sharply] I cannot believe this storm.

Nick: It's awful. I heard you were up at the Abbott cabin. What was going on up there?

Nikki: Darling Noah. Thank you so much for coming.

Noah: You're hanging in there, right? You know grandpa'd kick our butts if he thought that we were worrying about him.

Nikki: Oh, well, I'm afraid I can't stop doing that, but it helps to have all of you here.

Phyllis: Jack chose you? Wow. What a tenuous grasp on reality you have. I'm gonna go ahead and clear things up. Jack doesn't love you. Jack doesn't want anything to do with you.

Kelly: Well, he sure wanted me last night. He wanted my lips. He wanted my body. He couldn't get enough of me.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. I forgot how much you like to play pretend.

Kelly: You go ahead and keep telling yourself that, Phyllis, but the fact is, after you lit into him last night like the lunatic that you are, he turned to me for comfort. He took me to the storage room, and we made mad, beautiful, passionate love. [Gasps] [Chuckles]

Jill: Lily... I know you're upset.

Lily: Upset?

Jill: All right.

Lily: Is that what you think this is?

Jill: You're furious, okay? And you have every right to be.

Lily: Yeah, you're damn right I do.

Jill: But the thing is your anger is causing you not to think clearly about anything. We're exhausted and we're freezing and we've been through a trauma and you're worried about your dad, but I'll tell you who you should be thinking about -- your kids, okay? All the rest of this you can talk through with Devon and Cane when we get home.

Lily: There's nothing to talk about. Devon lied to dad, and Cane covered for him.

Jill: I'm not trying to justify this, okay? But I know that Cane was trying to protect you.

Lily: I asked him point-blank if Colin was holding anything over his head. I begged him to tell me the truth, and he chose not to, even though he knows that lies have destroyed us.

Jill: You know what? You got to grow up a little bit. Sometimes people do the wrong things but with the best of intentions.

Lily: That may be how your marriage is, but I don't want to live my life that way.

Colin: This is probably a bad time to dispense advice.

Cane: You really think I want your advice?

Colin: Your wife -- she loves you.

Cane: And I betrayed her. She made me promise -- I promised to her -- that I would never keep secrets or lies from her again. I broke that promise. Now I've ruined our family. And who are you to tell me about love? You've never loved anybody.

Colin: What are you talking about? Of course I understand what real love is. I also know it's worth fighting for. Now, you've done it before. You can do it again. But you'd better do it quick, before it's too late.

Devon: Come on, baby. Wake up. Please wake up. It can't end like this, all right?

Hilary: Yeah, we should consider Devon's feelings.

Neil: Yeah, I agree. I think he's gotten past some of the things that you did so long ago. He's even defended you to lily, you know?

Hilary: Yeah. Devon's been a good friend to me.

Neil: I think once I explain to him how we arrived at this point, he'll get behind us.

Hilary: I just -- I have to wonder if you realize how much this will complicate your life. I know what I don't want, and that's for you and your family to have any kind of conflict.

Cane: You could read that bottle, couldn't you?

Neil: Yeah, Cane. That's right. You know how? 'Cause I can see. I can see everything. My vision finally came back.

Hilary: That's wonderful.

Neil: I would have thought a lot of things were impossible, too, but then one day, I opened my eyes, and you know what? I started seeing some shapes until, finally, I saw the light. And what a sight it was. My lying son in bed with my cheating wife.

Lily: [Crying] It's true?

Cane: Whoa. Hey. Hey.

Lily: How could you?! You're disgusting! How could you?!

Devon: We didn't intend to have this happen, and I never meant to hurt any of you, okay?

Jill: Oh, I know how it happened. How it happened was she was lying in wait. [Crying] I expected this from her. She's sneaky and she's devious. But you are Katherine's grandson, and you're sleeping with your father's wife?!

I found a body! Hey. Hey. Can you hear me? Were you on that plane that went down? Did anybody else survive?

Neil: [Groaning softly]

Summer: Why aren't they telling us anything? They must know something by now.

Mariah: Hey. You need to chill the hell out.

Fenmore: Hey, lay off of her.

Mariah: If she doesn't pull it together, she is gonna blow everything, and I am not going down with a bunch of spoiled brats for something that I didn't do.

Fenmore: You and Kevin came up with this plan.

Mariah: And if crybaby here can keep it together, it'll work.

Fenmore: Look, Summer, I'm just gonna go see what's going on, okay?

Fenmore: Hey. What's up?

Michael: I'm trying to convince Kevin to go to the hospital.

Kevin: I told you I'm fine.

Michael: Well, at least let me see your head.

Kevin: Mike, mike, you're making a big deal out of nothing, really.

Lauren: You hurt your head! You have a head injury!

Michael: And you're acting strange.

Kevin: Yeah, but strange is normal for me.

Lauren: All right. You know, you hear people all the time -- they have a head injury, they're fine, and then a couple of hours later...

Kevin: Okay, okay, okay. Look --

Lauren: I'm just worried about you.

Kevin: I appreciate your concern -- I do -- but I'm good.

Fenmore: Yeah, and if anything happens, Mariah's staying at your place, right? So, everything's cool.

Michael: You don't seem cool, Fenmore.

Fenmore: Yeah, I'm just -- I'm worried about Summer. She's freaking out about Austin.

Lauren: Well, he was okay when he left the cabin, right?

Fenmore: He was fine, but, um, he's been gone a long time, so...something could have happened.

Paul: So, uh, Kevin fell off the roof, and then Austin went to get help. That's the last you saw Travers?

Courtney: That's pretty much it.

Paul: You seem kind of nervous, Sloane.

Courtney: Oh, I'm just tired, chief.

Paul: Okay. Well, if anything else about Austin or what happened at the cabin comes to mind...

Courtney: I'll be sure to let you know.

Paul: Thanks. You can leave it open.

Nikki: Why haven't you found them?! What in god's name are they doing over there?!

Everything possible to find your husband and Mr. Abbott, ma'am.

Victoria: Mom.

Nikki: Don't tell me to calm down. I'm not gonna do that until they find your father.

Noah: Okay, grandma. Why don't we take a seat over here, okay?

Avery: Let me get you some coffee.

Dylan: Thanks, Avery.

Ashley: I-I-I told Traci was gonna keep her updated. Come with me. Let's call Billy.

Abby: Sure.

Nick: [Sighs] I'm worried about mom.

Dylan: She's losing hope.

Victoria: It's hard not to.

This is rescue 4 working the building collapse on Summitt street. We found a pocket in the rubble. Looks like someone might be in there. We'll keep you posted.

Dylan: If there's a pocket...

Victoria: They could still be alive.

Nikki: Thank God.

Nick: You guys stay here with mom. I'm gonna go get dad.

Victoria: Okay.

Nikki: Bring your father back to us! Bring him back to me...please.

Kelly: That doesn't change anything. Jack made love to me on Valentine's Day.

Phyllis: You are a desperate woman. Jack and I just spent the night fighting for our lives. He poured his heart out to me. There is no way in hell he could have said the things he said if he had had sex with you.

Kelly: Well, of course he said all the right things to you when you were trapped. How stupid can you be?! He thought the two of you were gonna die!

Phyllis: Watch it. He could be dead. How dare you stand here and talk about him like that?

Ashley: Phyllis. Phyllis! We just got word from the rescue team. They found somebody.

Lily: Cane, I don't want to talk to you.

Cane: I know you're mad at me, I know you're angry, and I know you don't want to hear a word I have to say, but I am sorry. I shouldn't have lied to you. I did it because... I just didn't want to hurt you and hurt Neil, and I just went about it the wrong way. I love you, baby. I really love you. And I love our marriage. I love our kids. I love our family. I love Mattie and Charlie. And I don't want to lose you. I'd be nothing if I lost you, so, please, just give me a chance to show you I can be trusted. Give me one more chance just to make this right. That's all I'm asking you to do. Please.

[Helicopter blades whirring]

Lily: It's a helicopter! Everybody!

Jill: Down here!

Lily: Here!

Colin: Hey!

Jill: You're looking at us!

Colin: Ho! Down here!

Lily: Hey!

Cane: Hey!

Colin: Ho!

Devon: Baby, baby, help is here. Help is here. They're gonna get us. We'll be fine. All right?

Hilary: It was Neil. He sent help.

Devon: I know. He saved our lives.

We found 'em. You'll be with your family soon. Here. Drink this.

Neil: Thank you.

Mariah: If you don't get her to sit down, I swear...

Paul: So, what's the word on Travers?

Shelton: I'm sorry, chief.

Summer: Oh, my God. You found Austin's body, didn't you? He's dead, isn't he?

Paul: Why would you think he's dead?

Ashley: I just heard from one of the rescuers that there was a void in the debris.

Kelly: Oh, my God. Jack's alive?

Ashley: Kelly, I thought you were gonna leave.

Phyllis: No, no, no. She decided to spew more lies about having sex with Jack last night. Ashley? Do you know something about this?

Ashley: I think we need to focus on Jack. Let's see if there's any news. Come on.

Phyllis: Nikki... is it true what Ashley said about Victor and Jack?

Nikki: Yes. There's hope.

Nick: Hey. I heard you found someone.

You shouldn't be here.

Nick: All right. Just tell me who you found. Oh, man. Okay. It's okay. We're gonna get you out of here. He's dead.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Summer: I can't take this anymore. We have to tell the truth. [Breathing shakily]

Adam: I haven't been honest with you.

Nick: Mom, what are you doing?!

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