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Episode # 10609 ~ Victor & Jack must work together; a startling confession is made.

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Kevin: So, Austin is dead. We carried his body outside in the snow and arranged it to look like an accident. We are committed to this.

Mariah: It's not like we can bring him back inside and thaw him out.

Abby: Seriously?

Fenmore: You're making jokes?

Mariah: Yeah, you're right. Let's stick with panic and confusion.

Noah: This is real. This is happening.

Courtney: Yeah, and some of us have more to lose if we don't get it done right.

Fenmore: I've been to prison. I'm not going back for being an accessory to murder.

Noah: We all agreed that we're not gonna let Summer take the blame for this. We just have to get our stories straight. Okay? Okay. Then it's settled. We're all in.

Summer: No, it's not. I can't do this.

Michael: [Sighs] Here we go.

Lauren: Thanks, honey.

Michael: I couldn't get a hold of Fenmore again. But, you know, the reception is always spotty up there, and I'm sure this storm isn't helping.

[Chuckles] I'm imagining what that must look like -- a roomful of 20-somethings unable to use their smartphones. Forced to communicate without a digital crutch. They could actually be having conversations. This could be the best thing that ever happened to them. Come on. At least we know he's safe. He's with Kevin.

Lauren: I'm seeing if Paul knows anything else.

Michael: I just -- I just talked to him. There's been on radio contact. Nothing new to report.

Lauren: The plane crashed. Jill was a passenger. I want to see what's being done.

Michael: The plane they were on had emergency transmitter and it started sending out a distress signal as -- as soon as there was impact.

Lauren: So the authorities know where they are?

Michael: They have an approximate location thanks to the data, but the weather is still too bad for them to send up a rescue helicopter to start searching for...

Lauren: Survivors. Survivors.

Jill: Colin!

Colin: It's okay, babe. I'm here.

Jill: Oh, thank god. I'm so cold.

Colin: Yeah. I'll settle for alive.

Lily: [Gasps]

Cane: It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

Lily: It wasn't a dream?

Cane: Shh. Just relax. Calm down, baby. You got banged up on the plane, all right? You could have bleeding inside. Just relax.

Lily: Dad? Dad. Dad.

Neil: I'm awake.

Cane: Come here. I got you.

Devon: Hilary. Hilary. Hey, wake up. Baby. Baby, wake up. Hilary! Hilary!

Avery: Joe. Sharon.

Sharon: The officers told you to go home last night and get some rest, but apparently you were having none of that. You've only been asleep for a few hours.

Avery: Thank you.

Sharon: And you were having quite the dream, it seems.


Dylan: Careful.

Nick: Mom! Dad! Can you hear me?!

Dylan: Oh, okay. Oh!

Nick: Mom!


Dylan: Okay.

Nick: Can anyone hear me?!

Dylan: Hello!

Phyllis: Come on, baby. You just got to hang on a little while longer, okay? I'm gonna get you through this. I'm gonna get you through this.

Jack: Won't be the first time. You were there for me, kept me clean and sober.

Phyllis: That's right. That's right. What's a little building collapse after that?

Jack: [Coughing]

Phyllis: It's okay, it's okay.

Victor: Jack, hang in there. Jack?

Nikki: Oh, god, what is taking them so long?

Dylan: Stop! Stop! Nick, stop!

Nick: We got to find them. They could be running out of air.

Dylan: Look, I want to get to them as much as you do, but we don't want to hurt anybody in the process.

Nick: [Sighs]

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Noah: Do you remember something, Summer? Something about Austin? Do you even remember holding that?

Summer: [Sighs] Yes. Oh, god.

Courtney: Summer, do you remember something? Anyone?

Summer: No, I don't have to. I had to be me.

Noah: This doesn't make any sense, Summer. I know you. You're not a violent person.

Courtney: Yeah, but that drug or whatever it was --

Noah: It didn't turn us into raving maniacs, okay? It made us pass out!

Kevin: Austin didn't put himself in that armoire.

Noah: Everyone here knows it. You couldn't put him in there by yourself even if you were drugged out of your --

Summer: Out of my mind, yes.

Noah: No. No way this is landing on you. Somebody else had to have been involved.

Kevin: All right, the question is who would want Austin dead?

Courtney: Who had motive?

Noah: I barely knew the guy.

Kevin: I didn't say anything.

Fenmore: You didn't have to, all right? I know what you're all thinking. I'm the one who spiked the punch. Look, I just -- I thought it would be fun.

Mariah: Yeah, drugging us all against our will -- real fun.

Fenmore: You worked with Austin. How well did you know him? All those late nights at the bar?

Mariah: We were friends.

Fenmore: And how well did you really know him, Summer? You knew the guy like five minutes before you married him.

Courtney: Look, Summer, was there something going on between you two lately? Was Austin acting differently?

Abby: Was he ever, um, you know, mean to you?

Summer: No, no. We loved each other. I mean, we were everything to each other. Austin was so kind and thoughtful. And he did so much for me. He surprised me. He -- he made our own special Christmas when he thought that we would be apart.

Courtney: Yeah, when he thought he was going to jail.

Summer: He made one mistake.

Kevin: Maybe there was more than one mistake.

Noah: Look, this whole conversation is just upsetting Summer. We have bigger things to worry about. There's no point in dredging this stuff up right now.

Kevin: The point is that we should be considering motive. Who would have it in for Austin? Because we're putting our asses on the line to help that person get away with murder.

Mariah: I think I know the motive. You.

Jack: [Coughing]

Phyllis: Can anyone hear me?! Damn it! Help us!

Victor: Phyllis!

Nikki: Stop.

Victor: That's not gonna help us, okay? We have a limited amount of air in here. The more excited you get, the less oxygen we have to breathe.

Jack: She wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't --

Victor: And that goes for you, too. Let's keep quiet. I don't want to do another session of CPR on you.

Phyllis: Honey, why were you here? I thought you left.

Jack: I left. I wanted this whole awful evening to be over with.

[Sighs] I came back.

Phyllis: Why? To see Kelly?

Jack: 'Cause I was worried about you.

[Breathing heavily] I'm sorry I hurt you.

Phyllis: [Crying] Which time? Sorry. I don't know why I said that. I'm sorry.

Jack: It's because it's true. Ever since you came back, I've been trying to protect you, trying to keep you from harm, but I've done exactly the opposite. This whole stupid plan to... cause you to have an irrational outburst.

[Breathing heavily] I should have known it was a bad idea. It was wrong. I was wrong.

Phyllis: What are you saying? Are you saying you believe me? You believe I'm not crazy?

Victor: Listen, you two, stop talking, okay? Jack, I know you're not saying everything.

Jack: [Breathing heavily]

Dylan: They said the building's too unstable. The head of operations has called it to halt until they can reinforce what's left of the building.

Nick: It's my building. I'm not leaving here.

Dylan: I'm just saying that's not a good option.

Nick: My parents are in here, Dylan! I got to find them.

Dylan: I understand that, but if we keep digging, we're putting a lot of lives at risk, including our own.

Nick: I don't care.

Dylan: Yes, you do. Think about your kids.

[Crumbling] Come on. Come on, man. We got to get out of here. Let rescue do their job. Nick, come on!

Nick: Come on.

Devon: I can't tell if she's breathing. Come on, baby. Come on. Come on. Baby. She's alive. Stay with me. Stay with me. Hey.

[Speaking indistinctly] I need help. I need -- she barely has a pulse and she's lost a lot of blood, so I just need you to put pressure right here. Okay? And make sure that you keep it tight.

Lily: Okay.

Devon: All right?

Lily: I know.

Devon: I can't lose her. No matter what you think about me or what I've done --

Lily: I know, Devon. I know. I know.

Devon: Thank you.

Cane: Hey, listen to me. I know I should have come to you as soon as I found out what was going and I didn't. And there's no excuse for that. I'm sorry.

Neil: It's a little late for that. If you got something to confess, why don't you tell it to a priest, man?

Cane: What they did was wrong and they know that. You do understand that, don't you? And they wanted to tell you. And then you lost your eyesight. They didn't want to hurt you, so they just didn't say anything.

Neil: I can't believe a single word coming out of your mouth.

Cane: I just want you to look at them. All right? They love each other, okay? They love each other now and they love you. And she doesn't deserve to die.

Devon: Um... guys, we need to be real about the situation here. We're on our own.

Jill: The whole world knows we're missing by now. They're gonna send help for us. They just got to figure out where we are, right?

Colin: I doubt that they're going to send any kind of plane. In this weather.

Devon: Yeah, but we're not just gonna wait it out.

Jill: Well, what other choice do we have? Are you suggesting that we just go marching out blindly out there?

Devon: No. Just me.

Michael: [Sighs]

Lauren: Michael, what's wrong?

Michael: Oh, well, this coffee. Is it just me or is it beginning to resemble shoe polish?

Lauren: Honey, you look exhausted.

Michael: And you look amazing. In every situation. It's really not fair.

Lauren: Okay, you should call your doctor.

Michael: All I need is to -- ew. All I need is to find the person whose on caffeine patrol.

Lauren: Michael. Please. Call your doctor.

Michael: Everybody had a long night. I'm just tired. I mean, it's... I will be fine.

Lauren: All right, you know what? I'm gonna call your doctor.

Michael: Don't, don't. I missed an appointment. And, uh... and a radiation treatment.

Lauren: What the hell? What the hell is wrong with you?

Michael: You needed me.

Lauren: I am so tired of your excuses and your selfishness and this cavalier attitude about your treatment!

[Voice breaking] My god, I'm so sorry. I'm -- you're right.

[Sniffles] I did need you. I'm scared. I'm scared.

[Sighs] Practically out on your feet. I'm who should be taking care of you.

Michael: No. We need to take care of each other. Listen. I just got word from Paul. The weather service is predicting a break in the storm, so they're prepping a search helicopter to be ready as soon as its safe.

Lauren: Okay, what else did he say?

Michael: Their plane went down in an isolated area. But there are smart people on that plane. They will know that their best chance is to stay exactly where they are, right?

Jill: Devon, we are in the middle of nowhere, okay? You can't just go trudging off in your designer loafers.

Devon: I really need everyone to be on board with me on this.

Jill: No, it's crazy!

Cane: Listen, guys. We need to get together our warmest clothes. We need some supplies.

Jill: You're not serious about this.

Devon: We're not just gonna wait and hope.

Cane: Jill, I think he might be right.

Jill: What? You're gonna let him risk his life?

Cane: It doesn't have to be him. It could be any one of us.

Neil: This is absolutely unbelievable. Everybody arguing. Why don't you just put it to a vote?

Devon: No, we don't need to put it to a vote. Cane, you have a wife and kids. I'm not gonna let you take the risk. I'm younger and stronger than Colin, and, you know, you just got your eyesight back. I'm not gonna risk you losing it again.

Cane: All right, listen. I agree with him on this.

Devon: I make the most sense.

Jill: No, it makes no sense!

Devon: Jill, please.

Jill: I'm gonna just say what everybody is thinking. You and Hilary are in love, and it came at a great cost to all of us!

Devon: And I need to get her help.

Jill: And you're not going to, and you know it. You're just determined to do this as some sort of a penance. Listen, this would be suicide, okay? And I'm not going to pretend to be on board with it. No matter how I feel about you and Hilary. We're in the middle of nowhere. We don't know what direction to go in.

Colin: Not so. My dear.

[Chuckles] I found a map.

Avery: Thanks for making the coffee. First responders have been at it all night.

Sharon: Well, it was good to feel like I was doing something useful.

Avery: That's a pretty nasty cut that you have. I didn't -- it was so crazy last night, I didn't ask you how you got it.

Sharon: Um... it was icy and um... you know, it was just one of those things. A little accident. It's not as bad as it looks.

Avery: What did you mean before?

Sharon: Excuse me?

Avery: You said that was some dream that I was having. Dylan! Oh, my god.

Dylan: Hey. We had to stop digging while the reinforced what was left of the building. It was getting too dangerous.

Avery: Did you find Nikki or Victor?

Nick: They're trapped along with everybody else. In what condition, we have no way of knowing.

Sharon: I know how hard this must be.

Nick: What are you doing here? Where's faith?

Sharon: She's with a sitter. I didn't want to bring her out in this again.

Nick: What happened to your head?

Dylan: The roads were terrible last night, and Sharon wanted to get faith to the club, so --

Sharon: And I -- I lost control of the car. I skidded off the road.

Nick: Every agency in town was telling you to stay off the roads. Our city is like a disaster area. Why would you bring faith out into this?

Sharon: I called you. I left you a message.

Nick: Did you ever stop to consider how dangerous that might be? You risked our daughter's life, Sharon.

Dylan: Why don't you let her talk instead of jumping down her throat?

Abby: What, you think I'm the motive? Where's that coming from?

Mariah: I saw you with your tongue down Austin's throat last night.

Abby: You were loopy on drugged punch.

Mariah: I was not hallucinating.

Abby: We were all out of our minds.

Mariah: I don't hear you denying it, Abby.

Abby: Me and Austin -- that's ridiculous. And the whole night is a vague case after fen's stupid prank with the punch. At a certain point, none of us can be held accountable for our actions. For all I know, I could have kissed you.

Mariah: You're not my type.

Abby: The point is, is if I did kiss Austin... well, you've kissed him, too.

Mariah: No, no, no. That was different.

Abby: What? What? You weren't yourself?

Mariah: It happened once. And it really bugged you, didn't it?

Abby: What? That you kissed Austin? Well, yeah, because of Summer.

Mariah: Something tells me this is not the first time that you've locked lips with her husband. Austin didn't look surprised or like he minded at all. In fact, he was just as into it as you were.

Abby: I think you've been reading way too much of that weird fan fiction.

Mariah: That's it. That's the reason why you invited all of us up here for Valentine's Day. So you and Austin could be alone right under his wife's nose.

Abby: Seriously? The lines between reality and fanfic have really started to blur.

Mariah: Oh, my god. It never made sense why you would throw this party and come solo. You don't strike me as the type of girl who would go long without a man, even if it is a married one.

Abby: You don't know what you're talking about.

Mariah: Fine. Maybe somebody else saw you and Austin last night. Why don't I go ask them?

Abby: No.

Mariah: So it's true. You and Austin. The party, making out, all of it.

Abby: Yes.

Mariah: Oh, my god. Look at you. Abby Newman, putting the "ho" in "home wrecker."

Abby: Have some respect, Mariah. The man's dead.

Mariah: And you have been sitting here holding his wife's hand, comforting her in her time of need, becoming her new best friend!

Abby: She's my niece.

Mariah: Way to keep it in the family.

Abby: It's called compassion, Mariah.

Mariah: I think Summer would have a very, very different word for it.

Abby: Really? Well, you're gonna get all moralistic on me after everything you did to me? Everything you did to Sharon? I know that you would like nothing more than to go blab this to everyone. To go be gossip girl. You know what? I don't care. I've been trotted out to the press for a lot worse than this, but think about Summer.

[Sniffles] Think about what you're handing to the police. It's motive, it's -- it's -- it's the perfect motive. Summer killed Austin because he was cheating on her.

Mariah: Or it's the perfect motive for you to have killed him. Because he wouldn't leave her.

Kevin: What did any of us have to gain from Austin's death? That's the question we need to be asking.

Fenmore: Oh, my god. We are wasting time, okay? The simplest explanation is usually the right one.

Kevin: There is nothing simple about this, fen! Somebody's dead! Summer's husband! A guy we all knew, bludgeoned to death! He was here, now he's gone. We don't know how, we don't know why. You know, the simplest explanation doesn't mean being simple-minded, ignoring facts, not asking important questions.

Courtney: Why don't we all just take a breath?

Kevin: I'll tell you what, the person who wouldn't want to figure this out is the person who stuffed him in that armoire.

Fenmore: Is that an accusation?

Kevin: I'm just saying that maybe the simplest explanation has to do with the guy who drugged the punch!

Summer: Okay, you know, just stop it, both of you! Please!

Noah: You're at each other's throats. Knock it off. You're family. You're scared, you're mad. You're wondering how the hell we got stuck in this situation. I get it. We all feel the same way. But we need to keep our heads.

[Cell phone beeps]

Courtney: Phone service has been restored. They're clearing the roads. They know we're here. They're going to be sending help. We need to be proactive and take control of the situation.

Noah: We cannot be seen fighting with each other.

Courtney: Our lives and our futures depend on us all being on the same page. Before I call the station, I need to know... are we?

Lauren: These are the times when we have to really stick together. I'm so sorry.

Michael: For being mean to a cancer victim?

Lauren: [Laughs] Yes. We're taking it out on you.

Michael: It was about your sister. I knew that.

Lauren: I can't believe this is happening, you know? I just keep asking myself "why?"

Michael: You know, Katherine used to call Jill, among other things, a tough broad.

Lauren: [Chuckles] That's right. She's a fighter, all right.

Michael: Yeah.

Lauren: I think I have some scars to prove it.

Michael: You and a whole lot of other people.

Lauren: Yeah. She has that survivor instinct, you know? She doesn't quit. She always finds a way, and god help anybody who gets in her way or gives up on her watch.

Michael: Your sister is definitely someone you would like to have with you in a crisis. They all are. Everybody on that plane. It's a very capable group. Sweetheart, listen to me. There are some things that you just can't control. And you can drive yourself crazy wondering why. It doesn't do any good. I'll tell you what we can do. We can pray and hope for the best. But we have to be prepared for the worst.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Jack: What is it you think I'm not saying, Victor?

Victor: Just talk to me about Adam, Jack.

Jack: I said his name. Who knows why?

Victor: You said more than his name. You kept on rambling on and on. What is it about Adam and his death you're not telling me? Jack?

Jack: [Breathing heavily]

Sharon: We had lost power at the house, we were running out of firewood. Faith was getting scared. I thought it would be better and safer to ride out the storm at the club.

Dylan: And she had a fender bender, like dozens of other people.

Sharon: I called you. Didn't you get my message?

Nick: It's a matter of judgment.

Dylan: Well, maybe if you were worried about putting her snow tires back on the car instead of figuring out ways to take faith from her.

Avery: That's not fair.

Dylan: No, you know what's not fair is that nick is gonna take something like this and twist it around.

Nick: Why are you suddenly so involved?

Dylan: I saw her car abandoned by the side of the road, so I went to Sharon's house to check on her and faith, who's fine, by the way, but Sharon was about to go back out into the storm and try to get the car by herself.

Avery: Why?

Dylan: So nick wouldn't find out. Because of this exact reaction.

Sharon: Yes, I knew that you would be concerned.

Dylan: Sharon, you did exactly what you were supposed to do to protect faith. And, actually, I told Sharon she wasn't giving you the benefit of the doubt, but she was so upset and afraid that I decided that I was going to tell you I was driving the car.

Avery: Wait. You would have done that? You would have lied?

Dylan: After what's been done to Sharon? Yes.

Nikki: Is that true, Jack? Do you know something about Adam?

Jack: [Breathing heavily]

Victor: Give him that. We don't know what's gonna happen to us.

Victor: Oh, sweetheart, please don't.

Nikki: He has a right to know.

Jack: Adam is... Adam -- Adam is --


Phyllis: Did you hear that?

Nikki: Oh, my god.

Phyllis: Hello?

Nikki: Hello!

Victor: Hello!

Jack: Hello!

How many of you are there?

Nikki: Oh, my god.

Victor: Four of us! One person needs immediate medical attention.

All right. Listen, we're gonna bring you out one at a time. Nice and slow, okay?

Victor: All right.

Nikki: Okay.

All right.

Nikki: Thank god.

Courtney: Chief, you're cutting out. I said there was an accident. Chief? Line went dead.

Kevin: Before you could mention that we have a dead body on our hands.

Courtney: Squad car's gonna be coming.

Noah: Okay. There's no going back now. We have to get our story straight.

Mariah: Austin slipped and fell. It's not rocket science.

Courtney: Yeah, but it's forensic science. And the most basic type of police work. If this story's gonna hold up, it can't just be logical and consistent.

Kevin: It's how we tell it. Austin was concerned about the amount of snow falling, that the roof couldn't support it.

Abby: He became obsessed with it. It was like a phobia.

Mariah: The snow?

Abby: With the roof caving in. It's like something from his childhood.

Kevin: That's too much information.

Mariah: Stupid. I figured you for a better liar, Abby.

Courtney: Look, just answer their questions. Volunteer nothing. You understand?

Kevin: Yeah, if we say more than that, we start to look guilty.

Mariah: People start running their mouths.

Noah: Okay, let's just focus, okay? Is there a ladder on the property?

Abby: In the storage shed.

Noah: Okay. So, I went to help Austin get the ladder. I'm gonna keep it really simple. I'm gonna say it was just the two of us out there. And nobody else was around when Austin fell. You don't know anything about how it happened.

Colin: All right. Near as I can tell, we are back here with this hill to the left and there's a roadway.

Cane: That's about eight miles from there to there, you think?

Colin: Probably 10.

Jill: Yeah, assuming he's headed in the right direction.

Devon: I got this, guys. I'll be fine.

Jill: Hey.

Devon: Yeah? Hey.

Jill: You be careful. You take care of yourself. And don't forget there's no shame in coming back to us.

Devon: There's too much at stake, okay?

Colin: Listen.

Devon: Yeah.

Colin: All this -- this snow is going to make keeping your bearings tricky. Keep the hill to your left always.

Cane: This is about all I could find, okay?

Devon: Thank you.

Cane: Good luck.

Devon: Thanks. I'll see you guys soon.

Cane: All right.

Lily: Hey. Don't do anything stupid, okay? Like dying.

Devon: Nobody's gonna die. We'll be fine. Just please take care of her. Okay?

Noah: The story's clean. Simple.

Courtney: There's very little room to mix up details 'cause Noah was the only one who went outside with Austin to go get a ladder.

Noah: And I didn't even really see him fall.

Courtney: Nobody knows exactly what happened.

Kevin: Which is the truth. Most convincing lies usually contain some truth.

Courtney: So just tell them what you were really doing last night.

Summer: Even the part about drinking the drugged punch?

Courtney: We were all partying. It's gonna work to our favor that all the details are a little fuzzy.

Kevin: Hey. Are you remembering something?

Fenmore: No, I'm not. I'm just trying to remember. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna bury this, and I'll go get the ladder to set this up.

Nick: Is that true?

Sharon: I have realized I couldn't lie about who was driving the car. I couldn't put Dylan in that position.

Nick: Do you really believe I would have used this to take faith away from you?

Sharon: Nick, I'm at your mercy. You get to decide if and when I see our daughter. Being with faith is now a privilege, not a right, and I'm constantly walking on eggshells worried that I'm going to lose that privilege.

Nick: I don't want you to live like that. Make you feel like I'm watching every move you make. I don't want to live like that. Sharon, you did nothing wrong. I'm sorry. I'm just exhausted. I've been digging in concrete and metal all night trying to find my parents. I don't know if they're alive.

Sharon: I know this isn't your fault.

Nick: I feel terrible that I made you question yourself like that. I'm sorry. Mom!

Nikki: Oh, son!

Avery: Phyllis.

Sharon: Avery, I just -- I want to say I'm sorry that Dylan got caught up in my mess.

Avery: He's a compassionate man.

Sharon: Will you thank him for me?

Avery: Sure. Oh, my god.

Nikki: They want to check us out here to see if we need to go to the hospital, but I'm fine.

Avery: You?

Phyllis: I'm fine. I'm fine. Considering the circumstances. It's Jack who needed medical attention. His heart stopped.

Avery: Oh, my god.

Phyllis: Yeah. He made it through. It was absolutely awful. He was in stable condition when helped arrived thanks to Victor.

Nick: Dad? What happened?

Nikki: He gave Jack CPR. He saved his life.

Nick: Dad saved Jack's life?

Victor: Okay, Nikki and Phyllis are safely out.

Jack: Good.

Victor: Now we go out one at a time, all right?

Jack: Got it. Go ahead.

Victor: No, you go first.

Jack: No way.

Victor: Jack, you go first. You need medical attention.

Jack: Get out of here. You saved my life. Again, as you so quickly pointed out. I'm not going to spend the rest of my life hearing I got out of here first.

Victor: Jack, come to your senses now!


Jack: Go!

Devon: I'm gonna spend the rest of my life trying to make this up to you. Hey, baby. Hey. I love you. You'll make it through this, okay? I'm gonna take off just for a little while. I'm gonna go find out. And then we're gonna get you into a hospital, get you nice and warm, okay?

Hilary: Devon. Promise me you'll come back.

Devon: I promise. I promise. Let me get the map, guys.

Colin: Yeah, it was right -- what the...? It's gone.

Devon: So is Neil.

Summer: How am I supposed to hold it together?

Noah: You don't have to. Okay? You lost your husband.

Kevin: He died in a tragic accident and it was this terrible, random thing.

Courtney: You don't have to try and hide what you're feeling.

Summer: Okay.

Noah: You can do this.

Summer: Yeah. I can. I will.

Courtney: There is one question that the police are gonna ask us that we all need to think about.

Courtney: When was the last time we saw Austin alive?

Abby: You're like the perfect husband.


Austin: Thanks, I think?

Abby: It's so annoying. I just -- I mean that it's really sweet how you created Christmas for Summer when you thought you guys might not be together.

Austin: Oh. She deserved it. And she needs something to help her get through that rough patch.

Abby: Wow. [Laughs] Just, um, that hasn't been my experience with men. Do you have a brother?

[Both chuckle]

Austin: I'm sorry. Actually, I really am. Um... you deserve someone who treats you how you deserve to be treated.

Fenmore: Hey.

Kevin: What's the matter?

Fenmore: Austin.

Summer: What?

Noah: Fen, what about him? What is it?

Fenmore: His body is not there. He's gone.

Avery: I'd like to talk about what happened with Sharon.

Dylan: Uh, sure. Later?

Avery: When?

Dylan: When we know everybody's safe and sound?

Dylan: Here you go.

Nikki: Thank you.

Phyllis: Thanks.

[Cell phone rings]

Dylan: Hey, Paul. Yeah, no, that's perfect timing. I'm sitting here with... Nikki and Phyllis right now. What? How bad? Uh, yeah, no. Yes. I will. Please just keep me posted.

[Sighs] There's another collapse at the underground. Building was unstable. The rest gave away.

Nick: Any of the rescue team get hurt? Well, it's just a building. I mean... they got everyone out, right? They did get everyone out, right?

Nikki: Oh, god! Victor!

Phyllis: Where is Jack?

Dylan: They were both still trapped inside.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Does anybody want to tell us what's going on?

Lily: This family is broken because of Devon and Hilary and Colin and you.

Kelly: Jack made love to me on Valentine's Day.

Phyllis: You lie.

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