Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/19/15


Episode # 10608 ~ Sparks fly between Nick & Sage; Avery relies on Joe; Lauren gets unexpected news.

Provided By Suzanne

Ashley: Jack, it's me. I've called you, like, three times. [Sighs] I want you to know that I'm sitting out the storm at crimson lights. Please let me know if you got home safe, okay? Oh, great. This is all we need. Oh...

Lauren: Oh, no.

Michael: Oh, Ashley. Hey.

Ashley: Hi! Familiar faces.

Lauren: Familiar frozen faces. Oh, my god. The streets are so bad that we had to pull over three blocks away and walk.

Michael: We were just coming in when the whole street went dark.

Ashley: So, what, you think the lights are out all over the city?

Michael: Well, it looks like it.

Lauren: Hi.

Michael: Paul.

Paul: Is Dylan here?

Ashley: No. I haven't seen him.

Paul: Uh, uh... do you know how to crank up the generator? All right. Then do it. Set up a triage area. We are going to need a place to treat the injured. The EMTs are on their way. And see if you can find a volunteer to call the families of the victims.

Lauren: Victims? What happened?

Victoria: What's with all the police cars outside? What's going on?

Paul: There's been an accident at the underground.

Victoria: What do you mean? What kind of accident?

Paul: It looks like the roof collapsed.

Lauren: Oh, my god.

Michael: What?!

Ashley: That's where I last saw Jack.

Victoria: But we just left there, and nick's there.

Paul: I'm afraid there are a number of people inside.

Victoria: Well, you have to get them out!

[Both groaning]

Sage: Ow.

Nick: [Groans]

Sage: [Chuckles] Ow, ow, ow, ow. Hey, can we just -- just take a second? Maybe someone will just find us and rescue us.

[Pounds debris]

Nick: There's no guarantee of that.

Sage: Oh, nick. Come on now. We got to be positive.

Nick: Hey, did you hear that?

Sage: What?

Nick: It's like a banging noise. It could be my mom and dad. They could be out there.

Sage: I didn't hear anything.

Nick: Well, maybe I imagined it. I'm trying to convince myself they're okay, but I...

Sage: What? Come on. No. Nick... I did not save you from a bear trap to lose you in this stupid little ceiling cave-in crash thing.

Nick: You know what? You're right. There's no crying in cave-ins.

Sage: [Laughs] There's no -- exactly. Well said.

Nick: There's no crying in cave-ins.

Sage: [Sighs]

Nick: [Coughs]

Avery: How's your leg?

Joe: Yeah, it's holding up.

Avery: You should save your energy, Joe. Really, I don't think you're gonna find a way out.

Joe: Yeah, maybe, but I'm a big fan of breathing.

Avery: You could topple the whole thing on top of us if you move the wrong piece.

Joe: What, you don't trust me?

Avery: I trust that somebody's gonna come for us.

Joe: And if they don't?

Avery: They will. In fact, I-I think I hear sirens now. They're on their way.

Joe: Look, you're probably right. Besides, we've been in worse situations where our survival skills got us through.

Avery: Okay. You're not gonna bring up our rock-climbing adventure again, I hope.

Joe: No. Great example of us getting through it, but actually, I was thinking of something a little bit more significant for the both of us.

Avery: [Sighs] If you're talking about our wedding day...

Joe: No. The day we got divorced. It felt like my whole world came crashing down on me, and... now here we are, depending on each other for survival. You can't tell me that's not a sign.

Sharon: See? Told you. We didn't have to go to the hospital.

Dylan: No, it's still bleeding, and you might need stitches.

Sharon: [Sighs] I can't go to the hospital.

Dylan: Sharon, if you don't go to the hospital --

Sharon: If I do go, nick is gonna find out I was in an accident with faith.

Dylan: Like I said -- like I said, we're gonna tell them that I was driving.

Sharon: Someone will figure out that it was me. I don't know -- a doctor or a nurse or the police. And then they will tell nick.

Dylan: He's gonna understand. You lost power. Faith was freezing. You were trying to get her some place safe and warm.

Sharon: It doesn't matter. Nick will say I should have stayed here or I should have gone to the main house. He'll say I'm completely irresponsible. He's not gonna trust me anymore to be alone with my daughter. I can't risk that. Don't make me risk losing my child.

Dylan: [Sighs]


Chelsea: Oh, my god. Billy!

Ma'am, we need to clear the area immediately. There could be another explosion.

Chelsea: We can't leave! There's a man up in the penthouse. Someone just went in to get him.

[Connor cries] It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.

Adam: [Coughing] Oh, damn it. Billy, I ought to leave you here to die just like you did me.

[Breathing heavily]

Phyllis: Victor, who is it? Victor...

Victor: It's Jack.

Phyllis: Oh, my god. Baby, can you hear me?

Nikki: Victor, is he breathing?

Victor: I can't tell right now.

Phyllis: Oh, I have to get to him. I have to get to him.


Nikki: Wait, wait! What are you doing? Phyllis, don't do that! This whole thing could come down on all of us!

Victor: Stop it right now!

Nikki: Listen.

Victor: Bring this whole damn thing down on us.

Nikki: You want to help, you -- you bang on the pipes with me, okay? They'll hear us and they'll come help us.

Victor: His heart is not beating.

Nikki: [Exclaims] I want to see.

Victor: My dear boy, I'm gonna have to turn you around.

Dylan: I'm just saying you need to get that cut looked at.

Sharon: If I go to the hospital, they're gonna ask me a lot of questions.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Sharon: I mean, look at me. Look at my hands. They're still shaking. If I slip up and I say the wrong thing, they're going to figure out it was me who crashed the car, and then that's gonna be in police reports and public records, and nick will find out.

Dylan: Okay, okay. Sharon, if you don't get your head taken care of, nick's gonna know for sure what happened.

Sharon: [Sighs] Didn't you get some basic emergency training when you were in the army? I'm sure you've had to stitch up one of your soldiers.

Dylan: No, no. That's it.

Sharon: What?

Dylan: Stitch. I'll -- I'll call stitch. I'll have him meet us at crimson lights. He'll take of it, no questions, no forms, no nothing.

Sharon: Oh, I don't know.

Dylan: We don't have many options. That cut's bad. You're almost out of firewood. I'm offering you a generator and a doctor.

Faith: Mommy?

Sharon: Yeah, baby. I'm right here.

Faith: What happened to your head?

Sharon: Um, I just got a little cut, but I'm fine.

Faith: It looks bad.

Sharon: You know, Dylan -- he has heat at crimson lights. What do you say we go over there and we'll get some hot chocolate and we'll warm up?

Faith: How are we gonna get there?

Dylan: I have a truck that's gonna make it through the snow.

Faith: Can I bring miss patsy?

Dylan: [Chuckles] You think I'd leave her behind? Why don't you go get your coat on? We'll get going.

Faith: Okay.

Dylan: [Sighs] Everything's gonna be okay.

Avery: I don't believe in signs... or destiny or fate. We're under this pile of rubble because winters in Wisconsin are brutal and -- and the building is ancient.

Joe: Ever the pragmatist.

Avery: Yes, and the truth is, Joe, we don't have time right now to be taking trips down memory lane.

Joe: [Groans] You got somewhere to go?

Avery: When did you become the sentimental type? You always look forward.

Joe: Avery, you know my childhood. I'm not one to look back on the past, but this may be the only time I have to say this.

Avery: No, no, no, no, no. No, no. So save your -- your breath and your limited oxygen and your dying declarations.

Joe: Die? Us? Here? No. I didn't just come back in your life to lose you to a pile of concrete.

Avery: Why did you come back into my life?

Nick: Hello?! Is anyone out there?! Hello!

Sage: It's okay.

Nick: No one's answering?

Sage: Maybe they sent someone to help and -- and they're on their way.

Nick: Maybe they're --

Sage: No. Don't do that. Don't think like that. It's not gonna do you any good.

Nick: [Coughs] How do you do it?

Sage: How do I do what?

Nick: Stay so positive?

Sage: Uh, [Coughs] I don't know. Uh...Constance, I guess. She faced a lot of hardships in her life, and she always did it with courage and humor.

Nick: I used to know a lady like that.

Sage: She really inspired me. She made me a better person, and when she died, I told her that I would do my best to live up to her example. So...

Nick: Well, she'd be proud of you.

Sage: [Chuckles] I hope so.

Nick: She lived a long, full life, and if we get out of here --

Sage: If? Wh-- if, when. When. When we get out of here...

Nick: You're right. You're right. When we get out of here, you also deserve a rich, full life.

Sage: Oh, yeah? You mean instead of my sham of a marriage?

Nick: Look, I know you married Gabe so he could get his inheritance, and I'm sure he's gonna kick you down some money for your work and effort, but money is no substitute for happiness.

Sage: Says the person who's had it his whole life.

Nick: Yeah. Good point.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: But I've seen people destroy themselves and everyone around them chasing money. And then they get it, and they're miserable. I think you're better off trying to be happy.

Sage: Money equals security. Happiness equals scary.

Nick: Doesn't always have to be like that. And when we get out of here, I hope you get a chance to find that out.

Phyllis: Jack...

Nikki: Phyllis. Shh. Stay calm.

Victor: You're not gonna die on my watch, Jack. Not gonna happen. Come on, Jack! Live!

Paul: I want you to run a check on every license plate pt the parking lot at the underground. That should give us some idea of who might still be inside.

Ashley: Jack and nick and god knows who else could be seriously hurt.

Paul: We're doing the best we n, Ashley.

Stitch: Hey, I'm gonna head over there, see if I can --

Paul: No. I don't want any more victims. If you want to help, the EMTs could utilize your talents here. You all right?

Michael: I need some help here! Come on. Okay. Come on.

Sharon: What are the police doing here?

Dylan: I have no idea.

Sharon: I knew we shouldn't have come here.

Dylan: All right. It's gonna be okay. Just relax. Hey, what -- what's all this about?

Victoria: You should go talk to Paul. You want to get some hot chocolate? I'll get you some.

Dylan: Wh-what's going on?

Paul: The power's out all over the city, and I knew you got a generator after what happened at Christmas. So we came here to set up an emergency command center. There have been several major accidents, including a roof collapse at the underground.

Sharon: The underground? Oh, my god. Nick.

Dylan: Well, ho-how serious is it?

Paul: We're not sure. Search and rescue is at a bus versus tractor-trailer accident on the north side of the city. We have multiple car accidents and at least one shut-in with a cardiac arrest. I am short on personnel and emergency equipment.

Dylan: Well, I have a little search-and-rescue experience. I mean, if you think it would help to head over to the underground, I'll do that.

Paul: I don't know. I-I-I -- what I really need is help keeping people off the roads so we can curtail these minor incidents and do our job.

Dylan: Well, have you advised them to stay home?

Paul: Yeah, via the radio, television, and the internet.

Dylan: But, of course, the power's out.

Paul: Dylan, I don't have the manpower to go door-to-door.

Dylan: [Sighs] You know, we -- we had to do a lot of, uh, what we call limited-resource allocation overseas. And maybe it could help us. Could I take a look at a map?

Paul: Of course. I appreciate the input. Rawlings, bring the map over here. All right. This is what we have going on.

Dylan: Okay. I mean, you know, at first glance, what I see -- these are the four major intersections right here.

Paul: Right.

Dylan: And everything kind of flows through them. What do you think about putting a squad car at each location, kind of like a checkpoint. We should be able to turn away most of the traffic.

Paul: It'll take four units, but I suppose if that will let us focus on our major situations, that would help. All right, Rawlings. Dispatch four units to these locations. Okay. I think that'll help as long as we don't have another, uh --

Lauren: Paul. There's been a fire and an explosion at the high-rise at the Lakeview towers.

Victoria: Lakeview towers? Billy and Chelsea live there. My children are there!

Chelsea: Billy! Is -- Billy, where's Gabe? Oh. Mr. Dalton. Sorry.

What have we got?

Smoke inhalation.

All right.

Chelsea: Well, have you seen Billy or ga-ga-- never mind. I'll just --

No. You can't go in there. The whole place could blow.

Chelsea: I don't care! Let go of me! I have to find Billy!

[Door opens]

Adam: Billy, come on. Hey! Come on.

[Coughing] Hey! Come on! You hear me? Come on. We got to get you out of here. All right. Come on. Help me out here. Aah!

[Sighs] Come on, man. You bastard. Think I'm gonna let you die like this, huh? Come on. Hey, think what you got to live for, right? Right? Now, I know you lost Delia, but you got a beautiful daughter, right? You got a son. Kids need their parents, right? And I sure as hell didn't come back here to die like this, now get off your sorry ass and help me out.

Billy: [Coughs]

Adam: There you go. There's some progress. Come on, buddy. Let's go. Party's downstairs. Come on. Ow!

Billy: [Coughing]

Adam: [Grunts] All right. Now we're going this way. Come on.

Jack: Come on, Jack. Come on, son. 29...30.

Phyllis: Is he breathing?

Jack: [Groans]

Victor: Jack?

Jack: [Coughs]

Victor: The bastard's alive! Come on, Jack!

Nikki: Thank you, god.

Phyllis: Oh, my -- baby, I love you so much.

Victor: We've got to get him to the hospital now. Just keep on banging at the pipes.

Nikki: Oh, Victor. Sometimes I forget what an amazing man you are.

Phyllis: Hang on, baby. Hang on, please. I need you here, okay? I need you.

Victor: Did you hear that? Phyllis said she needs you.

Jack: [Groans]

Nikki: He's talking.

Victor: You can thank me later.

Jack: [Groans] Uh...

Victor: What are you trying to say?

Jack: A--

Victor: What are you trying to say?

Jack: Adam.

Victoria: Chelsea, nobody will tell me anything, and Billy's not answering his phone. What's going on? Where's Katherine and Johnny?

Chelsea: They're right there with my neighbor. They're okay.

Victoria: They're okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. Connor, too.

Victoria: Oh, thank god.

Chelsea: They're fine.

Victoria: Okay. We need to get out of here.

Chelsea: No, I-I can't leave.

Victoria: What? Where's Billy?

Chelsea: Still inside.

Victoria: He's in your apartment on the top floor?

Chelsea: Gabriel went in to get him, but they haven't come out yet.

Victoria: They will. Billy will be fine. He'll be fine.

Adam: Listen, we're gonna have to crawl to the stairwell, all right?

Billy: There's no time for that. One explosion usually begets another one.

Adam: What the hell is this? You been reading your bible?

Billy: About now, I wish I had.

Adam: Okay, well, at least I know if this is my time, I've repaid my debt to you.

Billy: What does that mean?

Adam: Well, you know, I mean, you loaned me your girlfriend to pick out furniture. I saved your life. I'd say we're pretty even, right?

Billy: Not yet.

Adam: All right. Come on.

Billy: [Coughs]

Adam: Come on. Let's go. Ready? All right. You got it.

[Both coughing]

Victor: Jack, what about Adam?

Phyllis: Can you answer, baby? All right. We got to get him out of here. He's not gonna be able to hang on much longer. None of us are.

Nikki: Listen, if we're gonna get out of here, we have to make some noise so that they know how to find us.

Victor: Just bang on the damn pipes.

Phyllis: If they were coming, they'd be here already. Look, I've got to get to Jack.

Nikki: Phyllis, the best thing that you can do for him right now is to make noise.

Phyllis: Nikki, nobody can hear us!

Nikki: Just bang on a pipe with me or yell or something.

Phyllis: You know what? Scream all you want. I've got to get to Jack.

Nikki: They don't know where we are.

Victor: Phyllis, listen to Nikki!

Nikki: Let Victor take care of Jack, and we will signal for help.

Victor: You hang in there.


Both: Help!

Phyllis: Help!

Nikki: Help!

Victor: Help!

Nikki: Help!

[Muffled pounding]

Nick: You heard that, right?

Sage: I heard that.

Nick: I knew I didn't imagine it.

Sage: I think it's coming from the main room.

Nick: Someone's alive out in the club.


Sage: [Screams] Nick!

Nick: Get back, get back, get back.

Dylan: Hey, nick!

Nick: Dylan?!

Dylan: I'm at the door! Are you alone in there?

Nick: No, I got Sage with me!

Dylan: Okay, stand back. We're coming through.

Nick: All right. Just give me a second. Okay, back, back, back, back, back.

Dylan: Ready?!

Nick: Yeah!


Sage: [Coughing]

Nick: Oh, man. Am I glad to see you.

Dylan: You guys okay?

Nick: Uh...

[Both coughing]

Dylan: Sage, you okay?

Sage: Oh, yeah. Yes. We're just a little cold, but we're good.

Dylan: Okay. Have you seen -- have you seen Nikki or Avery?

Nick: No. We were in here when the building collapsed. I haven't seen my mom or Avery since... well, we left them in the -- the main room. What's wrong?

Dylan: I tried to get in down there. It's completely buried.

Joe: Why did I come back in your life? I'll answer that if you answer me this --

Avery: What, we're gonna play games now? We're gonna play 20 questions now?

Joe: No. One question.

Avery: Joe, I am not gonna let dire circumstances suck me into saying something that I'll regret later.

Joe: Yeah, and if I don't say this, I'll regret it, so please.

Avery: Okay. Fine. I can't stop you. Ask the question.

Joe: Earlier, I gave you a gift. A gift -- I told you that I'd leave town forever.

Avery: I remember.

Joe: Tha-that was before -- before all of this.

Avery: Still haven't heard a question.

Joe: Oh, it's coming, but I need you to be honest with me and yourself. When we get out of this, do you want me to keep that promise and walk away forever?

Avery: Joe...

Dylan: Avery, can you hear me?!

Avery: Dylan?

Dylan: Yeah, where are you?

Avery: Dylan! Here!

Dylan: Where?

Avery: Here! We're here! I see you! Over here! Over here. Oh, my god. Be careful.

Dylan: [Groans]

Avery: Be careful of those wires.

Dylan: Yeah.

Avery: Careful.

Dylan: Careful, careful, careful.

Avery: Yep.

Joe: Watch that beam.

Avery: Here. Oh, my god.

Dylan: I'm glad you're okay. Paul told me about the collapse. I just kept thinking about everything that happened earlier, and I just --

Avery: No, no, no, no, no. It doesn't matter.

Dylan: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Avery: Doesn't matter.

Nick: Avery, have you -- are you okay? Are you hurt?

Avery: No.

Nick: What about you, Joe? How you doing?

Joe: Yeah, my leg's a little messed up, but, uh...

Nick: Okay. We're gonna get you guys out of here. Have you seen my parents?

Avery: No. Not since the collapse.

Nick: Were you guys banging on pipes?

Avery: No. We didn't want to bring more debris down.

Nick: It's got to be my mom and dad, then. I got to find them.

Dylan: Okay. I'll help you.

Avery: Dylan.


Dylan: Yeah?

Anybody there?

Nick: We're over here!

Avery: Here!

You Dylan McAvoy?

Dylan: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Chief Williams told us you were here.

Dylan: Oh, great. Can you take these three back the same way and get them to crimson lights for medical attention?

Avery: Dylan, Dylan --

Dylan: No, look, I just need to know that you're safe before we focus on finding other people. Please.

Avery: Okay, promise me you'll be careful.

Sage: I'm not leaving.

Nick: No, Sage. I need you to get out of here.

Sage: No, I'm not going. Nick, I'm staying here.

Dylan: You have to get out of here.

Nick: There's no time for this.

Avery: Come on.

Sage: I'll see you when you get out.

Nick: Okay. Be careful.

Avery: I got it. I got it.

Nick: Keep your head down.

Dylan: Please be careful.

Sage: You all right?

Dylan: Hold on.

Nick: [Groans]

Avery: Keep your head down.

Dylan: Watch that.

Nick: Let's go find mom.

Avery: [Coughs]

Lauren: Oh. Thank you. Oh, that's so good.

Michael: Well, hot water, honey, lemon, cinnamon.

Lauren: Mm.

Michael: Supposed to cure everything. If only that were true.

Lauren: How you feeling?

Michael: Oh, grateful.

Lauren: Yeah? That we're here together, safe?

Michael: Yeah. And that Fenmore's up at the cabin, you know, away from all this mess.

Lauren: When I think about those people at the underground when the roof collapsed -- the terror they must have felt.

Michael: Well, you know, um, we are just gonna have to hope that there are no causalities.

Lauren: Oh, honey, I think that's wishful thinking.

Michael: Well, I cannot believe that I have been walking around feeling jealous of my healthy counterparts. You know? "[Whining] I have cancer. Why me?"

[Sobs mockingly]

[Normal voice] You just never know what's gonna happen. You know, you can be just rolling along, the picture of health, and then... you're not.

[Sighs] I mean, cancer sucks big time. But at least I was reminded that we have to appreciate every moment we're given... no matter how much time you think you have. You know, if I forget that, you can just bang me upside my head.

Lauren: [Chuckles] Oh, believe me, happily, I'll do that.

Michael: Mm.

Lauren: [Chuckles] And then I'll do this.

Stitch: How are you feeling?

Sharon: A little shaky still, but okay. Thank you for...taking care of this and not asking any questions.

Stitch: Mac said it was important to be discreet. I trust him.

Sharon: He's lucky to have a friend like you.

Stitch: [Chuckles] It goes both ways.

Ashley: We just got word they're bringing over more survivors from the building collapse.

Paul: At least three.

Sharon: Have any of them been identified?

Paul: No, no. Not yet.

Sharon: But that's a good sign, right? I mean that people are being found alive and breathing.

Paul: Absolutely. And hopefully they'll be more.

Faith: Mommy?

Sharon: Yeah, baby. I'm right here.

Faith: Where's daddy?

Sharon: He'll be here soon.

Ashley: Been trying to reach Billy, but he's not answering. Have you heard anything from Victoria?

Stitch: Uh, she hasn't returned any of my calls or texts.

Ashley: God, what about you? I mean, anything from your guys or the fire department? Somebody?

Paul: No. Nothing yet.

Stitch: Hopefully what they say is true. No news is good news.

Chelsea: Where are they? Gabe should have been back by now.

Victoria: What did Gabriel say when he brought Connor out?

Chelsea: He said that he couldn't help Billy and Connor, which means that Billy couldn't help himself. What if he's --

Victoria: No, no, no, no. Don't say that. Don't say that. Billy's alive.

Chelsea: You don't know that.

Victoria: No, but... listen to me. I know Billy, and you know Billy. And you know how many times he's cheated death. Do you remember when he was locked in Myanmar in the prison?

Chelsea: And the horrible accident that killed Adam.

Victoria: He never should have walked away from that, but he did. And he's gonna do it this time, too, 'cause he's got to much to live for. A little smoke's not gonna stop him. I promise. Okay?

Chelsea: You're right.

Billy: [Coughing]

Chelsea: Oh, my god.

You all right?

Chelsea: Billy!

Billy: Yeah?

Chelsea: Thank god!

Billy: Hey. Oh, thank god.

Billy: You better thank Gabe, too.

Chelsea: Oh. Thank you. Thank you.

Victoria: I'm gonna check on the kids. I'm glad you're okay.

Billy: Thanks, Vick. [Coughing]

Chelsea: I don't know why you would rush back into a burning building to save a man that you barely know, but I am so grateful.

Billy: Yeah, man. Me, too. But, um...I am curious about something. When we were up in the apartment, you said, "I didn't come back to die like this." Come back from where? [Coughing]

Paul: Oh, stitch, over here. You okay?

Stitch: Avery, hey. Hey, you doing okay?

Avery: Uh, yeah. I'm --

Stitch: Let me take a look at you.

Avery: No, I'm fine, but Joe's leg is hurt pretty badly. Check on him.

Stitch: All right. Hey, are you doing all right? Are you hurt?

Sage: Yeah, I'm fine. I just, you know, cut -- cuts and stuff.

Stitch: Okay. All right. You got a nasty bump on your head.

Sage: Aah! Oh.

Stitch: Okay. All right. Do me a favor. Hey, clean up these cuts over here. I'm gonna look at this guy's leg.

Avery: Okay.

Stitch: Come here. Come on.

Paul: How did you guys manage to get out?

Avery: Dylan showed up and found nick and Sage in the back room, and then they made their way to rescue Joe and me.

Ashley: Okay, did you see Jack?

Avery: No. No. I'm sorry. I didn't. But nick and Dylan are there. They're looking for survivors.

Paul: How is it looking there?

Avery: [Voice breaking] It's not good, Paul. It's not good. I didn't know that we were gonna get out.



Sharon: And nick? Nick decided to stay behind?

Avery: [Normal voice] Yeah, nick and Dylan -- they weren't gonna leave until they found Nikki and the others.

Sharon: They could all be killed.

Avery: They knew the risk that they were taking. And none of us were gonna convince them to leave.

Nick: [Groans] God.


Dylan: Are you okay?

Nick: Yeah.

Dylan: Are you sure you heard banging?

Nick: Sage and I both heard it.

Dylan: Avery said it wasn't them.

Nick: Well, then it's got to be mom and dad.

Dylan: We haven't heard anything for a while.

Nick: Well, it doesn't mean whoever did it isn't still alive.

Dylan: I know. I'm not giving up. I'm just saying that I don't know if we can dig through this rubble ourselves. And if there's another cave-in --

Nick: Well, then we got to get to them and get everybody out of here before that happens.

Dylan: Okay. Come on. Let's go this way right here.

Nick: Be careful.

Phyllis: All right, Nikki. You got to help me.

Nikki: Help!

Phyllis: Come on.

Nikki: Listen. We have to be careful moving things around down here.

Phyllis: I pounded on your stupid pipes. It didn't do a damn thing. Now you've got to help me get to Jack.

Nikki: Fine. Fine! Just take it easy, okay? We don't have a lot of oxygen.

Jack: You saved my life.

Victor: Wouldn't be the first time, Jack.

Jack: Why?

Victor: Because the people I care about care about you. All right? That's why. You honestly think I'd let you die? Because of this crumbling building? If you die, it's because of me.

Jack: I owe you. I ha-- I have to tell you --


Victor: Okay. Take it easy.

Jack: I have to tell you.

Victor: Is this about Adam?

Phyllis: You got to help us, Victor. If you push, we can pull, and we can get this last piece out of the way, all right?

Victor: Are you sure? Now, be careful.

Nikki: We can do it.

Phyllis: One, two, three. Push!

Nikki: We can do it! Keep going!

Phyllis: Push!

Nikki: Oh, my god.

Phyllis: Okay, all right. Here I come, baby. Come on.

Victor: Please be careful.

Nikki: Victor, I owe you such an apology. I'm so sorry.

Victor: It's all right, sweetheart. Let's talk about it afterwards, okay? You're okay. That's the most important thing.

Phyllis: I know it's cold. I know. I want you to hang on, okay? I want you to hang on, okay? We're gonna get you out of here. We all are.

Adam: You heard what I said, huh?

Billy: Yeah, yeah. Um...was, uh, kind of out of it until you slapped me and

[Coughs] Started yelling about how you didn't come back just to die in a fire with me. [Coughs]

Adam: Yeah, no. I-I just meant I didn't risk my neck, you know, going all the way back up there just to -- just to die a hero, you know? "Posthumously" is not one of my favorite words.

Chelsea: It's not one of mine, either.

Billy: Bet you're, uh, okay with "hero," though, huh?

Chelsea: [Chuckles] I think what Billy's trying to say is thank you.

Adam: [Clears throat] Yeah? Well, in that case, you're welcome.

Victoria: Hey.

Billy: Hey. I-is it safe for you two to be here?

Victoria: Uh, well, I'm gonna take Johnny and Katherine somewhere warm. But she just wanted to make sure her daddy was okay. That's all.

Billy: Yeah. Hey, little Katie girl. You don't need to worry about me. Daddy's -- [Coughs] Daddy's just fine.

Victoria: When I heard the building was on fire, I just -- I'm just really glad everyone's okay.

Billy: Yeah. Well, this little girl and I have, uh, a lot to be thankful for. We got a little angel watching over us, and I am just grateful to have both of them in my life. Especially today.

Adam: Almost -- almost looks like they belong together, doesn't it?


Avery: Wait, wait, wait. Where are you taking them?

Stitch: Taking them to memorial.

Joe: Look, it's really not necessary.

Stitch: No. You need to have that leg x-rayed and make sure it's not something serious.

Sage: I'm fine. I'm gonna stay here and wait.

Stitch: You may have suffered a concussion.

Sage: I haven't, and I don't want to go to the hospital. Please.

Stitch: You don't know that you're fine, okay? Better safe than sorry. Make sure they run a cat scan on her.

Joe: Yeah. What about you?

Avery: I'm fine. Stitch already checked me out. Listen, I would -- I would go with you to the hospital, but I want to make sure that Dylan's okay.

Joe: Yeah, you should. I'll -- I'll be fine.

Sage: Uh, Avery, will you tell nick where I am?

Sharon: I'll tell him. Faith and I are gonna wait here for him. She's worried about her daddy. We both are.

Sage: Of course.

Stitch: All right. Y'all should get going.

Lauren: Thank you very much. Okay, so, the apartment fire is out. Search and rescue's at the underground, so maybe things have, uh, finally slow--

[Telephone rings]

[Sighs] Guess I spoke too soon. Emergency services. Yes. He's right here. It's for you.

Paul: Yeah, this is chief Williams. Uh... okay. Keep me posted.

Michael: What happened?

Lauren: Paul. What happened?

Paul: We have a report of a missing plane that originated from here. A private jet headed for Chicago.

Ashley: What?

Lauren: Chicago?

Paul: Jill's name was on the manifest.

Lauren: No. No.

Adam: You okay?

Chelsea: Yeah. You're the one that ran into a burning building. Twice. I can't believe you went back up there. You're either unbelievably courageous or completely insane.

[Both chuckle]

Adam: It's probably somewhere in between the two, actually.

Chelsea: I think you're a hero.

Adam: Yeah? Well, don't go pinning any medals on me yet. I don't deserve that.

I need to check you out.

Adam: Me? No, you know what? He, uh -- he's actually the one that was up there, almost died and everything. You should go check him out. I'm fine.

Chelsea: Don't listen to Mr. Bingham. He -- [Chuckles] This is a hero we're talking to right here. We need more people like this in Genoa city. You have to make sure he's okay.

I can look you over right here.

Adam: Yeah? Lucky me.

Billy: So, do we know how many people are still trapped inside?

Victoria: Nick's in there. And Ashley thinks that maybe Jack is, too.

Billy: I should go help with the rescue then.

Victoria: No, no, no, no, no. It's just too dangerous. You need to be here for Chelsea and Connor anyway. I think I'm gonna take Katherine and Johnny to the coffeehouse, 'cause they have emergency services set up there.

Billy: Stitch helping out?

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah.

Billy: Well, um, you should -- you should get them someplace warm, then.

Victoria: I'm glad you're okay.

Billy: Thanks, Vick.

Chelsea: That makes two of us.

Billy: Two of us?

Chelsea: Who are glad you're okay.

Billy: [Sighs] Well, thanks to Gabe.

Chelsea: Did he say anything to give you any clue as to why he would practically risk his life to save yours?

Billy: Just said something about being even.

Chelsea: What does that mean?

Billy: I don't know. I mean, when I asked him about it, he just made some joke, but I think he meant something more.

Adam: Oh, come on. I'm tell you, man. You're making a big deal out of nothing. I've been through worse than this before. This is --

I can see that. That's a nasty bullet wound you got there.

Dylan: [Groans]


Nick: Hey, we got to keep searching the club.

Dylan: There's no way that we're gonna make it through the rumble. We've got to figure something else out. You said you heard the sound when you were in this room, right?

Nick: Yeah. It sounded like they were banging on pipes or something.

Dylan: Okay, so whoever's doing it has to be close to a water source.

McAvoy's right.

Nick: So, like, near the bathroom or the bar.

[Muffled pounding] Hey, that's it! Did you hear it? That's the sound I'm talking about.

Dylan: Yes, I hear it.

Nick: That could be mom and dad. They could be alive.

Well, if so, we need to get them out now.

Nick: What the hell does that mean? What does that mean?!

Dylan: Nick, nick, come on. The guy's just being honest. There's a limited amount of air. It's running out.


Phyllis: Hang in there, okay?

Nikki: Phyllis, help me.

Phyllis: Okay.

Nikki: Please.

Phyllis: I love you. I'm coming. I'm coming.

Nikki: [Breathing shakily]

Phyllis: Ow.

Nikki: So tired. Ah.

Victor: Jack, I know you can hear me. What were you trying to tell me about Adam?

Jack: [Groans]

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Devon: I can't tell if she's breathing. Come on, baby. Come on.

Abby: It's the perfect motive. Summer killed Austin because he was cheating on her.

Nikki: Do you know something about Adam?

Jack: Adam is...

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