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Episode # 10607 ~ Victor catches Nikki; Adam must make a dangerous decision.

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Sharon: Okay, come on in, sweetie. Here you go. Back home safe and sound. It's okay. Are you okay?

Faith: There's still no lights.

Sharon: No, there's no lights and there's no heat, either. That's why I wanted to get you to a hotel. But I couldn'T. It was so slick out there. I couldn't keep the car on the road. I'm so sorry, baby.

Faith: It's okay, mommy. It was an accident. I was scared, but I'm brave again. Just like you.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Joe: Want a fresh one? Can I get you anything else?

Avery: I'm fine. Thanks.

Joe: Funny how ms. Newman warned you of your big, bad ex considering it was her son that clocked you.

Avery: Okay, he didn't clock me.

Joe: No, he was trying to hit me, but instead, he hit you. Does that little detail make your face feel better?

Avery: My face is fine. And nikki was just protecting her son.

Joe: Seems like dylan can take care of himself. You know, on second thought, maybe she's right to be concerned about him.

Avery: You don't know him, and you don't like him. You wouldn't understand.

Joe: You know, I don't see you chasing after him to make this better.

Nikki: I'm really worried about dylan. He's out there in this horrible weather. He's so hard on himself.

Victor: He's a veteran, okay? He's been through worse than a damn snowstorm.

Nikki: In other words, who cares? I know you're saving all of your concern for phyllis.

Victor: Let me get you another soda.

Nikki: Don't bother. I'm done. In fact, I'm done -- done with the whole evening. Good night. Ooh!

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Nikki: I'm fine.

Victor: You are not fine. You are drunk.

Adam: What?

Sage: Listen, I know the difference between fake gabe and real adam. You are treading on thin ice here.

Adam: I was sticking up for your old pal gabe, all right? Victor drove his dad to suicide. Surely you want him to pay for that, right?

Sage: Oh, because you care so much? Just like Victor cared so much.

Adam: Give me enough time, I'll make him care plenty. This storm tracker says this storm is -- is closing in. I hope chelsea's not on the road.

Sage: No, she's probably cozied up next to a fire with the man she loves.

Billy: Hey. Connor is crashed upstairs. Katie's crashed downstairs. And johnny knows how to party all night, don't you?

Chelsea: Hey, come here a sec.

Billy: What's up?

Chelsea: I think I smell smoke.

Billy: I don't smell anything.

Chelsea: Oh, my god.

[Fire alarm blares] There's a fire.

Summer: [Gasping] No, h-how did -- how did this happen?

Mariah: What is that?

Kevin: Okay, don't freak out. Nobody freak out.

Summer: It's -- I don't --

Courtney: No, don't, don't! Stop! Summer, set it down, please! Leave it alone. It's evidence. It could be the murder weapon.

Summer: [Sobbing] I did it. I killed austin.

[Door closes]

Ashley: Seriously?

Jack: Not now, okay?

Ashley: Why not now, Jack? Are you and kelly gonna go back for seconds? Is that what you're gonna do? What the hell are you doing? You're sneaking out of a back room adjusting your clothes like a couple of teenagers while phyllis is just yards away from here?

Jack: Okay.

Ashley: "Okay"? I think you have to explain this to me, Jack, because I thought you adored phyllis and you were done with kelly. Now you're toying with one while you're betraying the other. Could you be any more disgusting than you are at this very moment?

Hilary: I-I have t-t-to tell you --

Neil: No. No, you don'T.

Devon: Relax. Relax. After we get help, there will be plenty of time to talk, all right?

Neil: Devon is right, okay? Don't talk. Don't say anything. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. Whatever it is that you got to tell me, I promise you it can wait.

Hilary: Neil... neil...

Neil: No, hilary. No, stay with me. Hilary!

Devon: Hilary!

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Neil: Hilary?

Devon: Open your eyes.

Neil: Hilary!

Devon: Open your eyes, please.

Jill: Devon, what's happening?

Devon: I can't find a pulse.

Jill: Oh, dear god.

Colin: Look, everything's gonna be okay. We're all gonna be okay.

Jill: We're freezing, lily's missing, Cane's out there somewhere. What is happening?

Devon: Please stay with me, baby. Please stay with me.

Neil: God.

Devon: Uh, there's a defibrillator on the plane, right?

Neil: Yeah, there is.

Devon: Yeah?

Neil: Go. Go get it!

Devon: Don't leave her.

Neil: No, I'm not gonna leave her. Go! Come on, baby.

Jill: Oh, she's so cold. I'm rubbing her hands. Is there something else I can be doing?

Neil: Yeah. You can pray, jill. Come on.

Billy: Okay, there's no need to worry. I'm sure it's nothing. We'll get the kids downstairs.

Chelsea: Okay. I got you.

Billy: You have got johnny and katie. I'm gonna go get connor. Take the stairs. I'll be right behind you.

Chelsea: Billy.

Billy: Baby, just go. Just go.

Chelsea: [Gasping]

Sharon: We will get you warmed up right away, sweetie.

Faith: Maybe we should just go to grandma and grandpa'S.

Sharon: Well, they don't have any power there, either. And it'll be cozy here.

Faith: You could borrow one of grandpa's extra cars or ride a horse.

Sharon: No, then we would have to tell them about the crash, and we don't want to do that. We don't want to worry them or your dad. Or maybe -- maybe they already know. Maybe they saw my car. I'm sure they'll see it by the side of the road.

Faith: Is that a bad thing?

Sharon: You know what? Maybe we should go back and try to start the car and move it.

Faith: It won't move, mommy. It crashed.

Sharon: Well, maybe if we try it again, it'll start. Or -- or I can move it out -- out of the snow bank. Maybe you should just stay here, and I'll be back as soon as i start the car.

Faith: Alone?

Sharon: Or you can go with me. We're so good at adventures together. Come on! We can do this. You know what? The storm will ease up, and we'll just keep going. That makes sense, right?

Faith: I don't want to walk anymore. It's so cold and dark.

Sharon: Oh, baby, come on. We can do this. Let's go. We don't want your daddy to find out that we crashed the car. He can't know that. So let's go and move it, all right?

Dylan: Oh, thank god. I saw your car on the side of the road. Are you okay?

Nikki: My son has just left abruptly.

Victor: How long has this been doing on?

Nikki: I'm not gonna stand here and be accused of anything!

Victor: How long has this been going on? The night with the baby, with katie, was that M.S. Or was it vodka?

Nikki: That's utterly ridiculous.

Victor: Tell me! No, it's not! Why the hell didn't you come to me? You started drinking behind my back again. I would have helped you. I would have taken you somewhere. What's the matter with you?

Phyllis: Don't mean to interrupt.

Nikki: Oh, yes, you do.

Phyllis: I'm gonna head back even if I have to plow the roads myself.

Nikki: Oh, well, there you have it, Victor. Your house guest wants to go home.

Victor: You and I are not finished here, okay?


Ashley: You know, you've been acting like an adult for quite a few years now, so what's going on? Are you reverting to type? Like when you slept with diane on your wedding day to Patty?

Jack: I'm not sure why you'd be surprised, then.

Ashley: Are you back on drugs? Who the hell are you? Are you really trying to drive phyllis insane by sleeping with kelly? Or is it kelly you're trying to push over the edge? Whatever the case, what you're doing is cruel and destructive, Jack.

Jack: I'm sorry I upset you. I appreciate your concern. I do. Thanks.

Sage: I know it's hard that chelsea and billy are together right now.

Adam: Well, thank you for the sympathy, dear. I appreciate it.

Sage: But I know you. You're gonna go to the penthouse, knock on the door, find some way to sit in the middle of them on the sofa, and ask for a hot chocolate and somehow spill it on billy's lap and then just make a fool of yourself.

Adam: Well, it's not a bad idea, but, um, to tell you the truth, billy wasn't in the scene at all. Him or his lap, to be honest with you. Listen, speaking of which, my brother looks like he could use a little help, so why don't you do what you do best and go rescue him?

Sage: Maybe I will.

Adam: All right. Well... yet here you stand.

Sage: Oh, do I have my husband's permission?

Adam: You do what you got to do.

Sage: Excuse me.

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: Drive safe. Well, looks like the party's finally winding down. You want me to start bussing some tables?

Nick: Oh, come on. A skilled mixologist like yourself should not be bussing tables. The place is pretty dead, anyway. People want to get home before the worst of the storm hits. You should go home, too. I think the excitement for the night is definitely over.

Sage: Ooh.

Nick: All right, everyone, just chill out. The, uh, the backup generators should kick on any second. Or not. All right, so I'm gonna go check that out. Uh, if anyone needs a drink, they're on the house.

Sage: You want me to stay and pour?

Nick: Uh, no. Derek can do that. You're coming with me. Who else is gonna hold the flashlight?

Sage: Oh, you got it.

Victor: You stay here, okay? Please stay here.

Nikki: As you command.

Victor: Do you need any help?

Nick: Uh, no, dad. I got this. You just take care of mom, all right?

Victor: I will take care of your mother.

Joe: Generators better kick in fast or it's gonna get cold in here.

Nick: Yeah, I'm on it, joe. You okay?

Avery: It's fine. I think it's safe to say this isn't the night any of us planned.

Summer: [Sobs] The blood -- it's -- it's austin's blood.

Abby: Summer, Summer, look at me. You said -- you said you did it. Are -- are you saying that you hit austin?

Fenmore: She didn't say that, all right? Leave her alone.

Abby: It's a question. That's all.

Fenmore: Stop asking questions, okay?

Noah: Summer, whatever it is you think that happened, hey, you would never hurt anyone, especially not austin.

Abby: But he was hurt. He's -- and someone did it. I'm not saying it was Summer, but --

Mariah: She knew where that thing was. She went to the couch and pulled it out.

Noah: That doesn't mean anything.

Mariah: Yes, it does!

Fenmore: No, it does not mean she used it.

Summer: [Sobs] I-I did! I remember! I remember!

Abby: Shh. Don't freak out. It's okay. It's okay.

Mariah: Don't freak out?

Noah: Summer would never hurt austin. It is that simple, okay?

Courtney: Okay, but somebody did. And all of us were out of it. No one here knows what happened.

Fenmore: You just heard him, okay? Summer would never do that.

Courtney: I know that Summer wouldn't, and she couldn't! The victim was in the closet. She's not even physically capable of doing that.

Kevin: Maybe not alone.

Noah: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Kevin: It's an observation, not an accusation.

Fenmore: Yeah, well, that does not help.

Mariah: Austin was killed, and none of us know who did it because you decided to drug all of us, jackass! So don't get judge-y on kevin when this is your fault!

Fenmore: But I did not mean for any of this to happen!

Mariah: Obviously! But no one has any answers, and if we don't get them, we are all in a lot of trouble!

Noah: Mariah's right. And until we figure out exactly what happened, we are all screwed.

[Woman coughs]

Chelsea: Good -- good boy, johnny. You did so good on those stairs. We'll -- we'll have to tell your daddy when -- when he gets down here with connor, right? I'm sure he's close behind us. Okay, look, hey. Whoa, look at this truck! Look at this truck with all the lights! Huh? It's really neat. Billy!

[Breathing heavily]

Billy: It's okay, buddy. We're just gonna take a nice, quick walk, okay?

Connor: [Cries]

Billy: Okay, I know. I know. Come on. Come on, come on. Here we go.

[Coughing] It's okay. It's okay.

Connor: [Crying]

Billy: I know. I know. I know. I know, buddy.

Nick: All right, here's your big moment. Are you ready?

Sage: [Chuckles] Yes.

Nick: See those flashlight skills.

Sage: Oh, well, I'm having performance anxiety, clearly.

Nick: I got faith. I got faith in you. Boom!

Sage: Wow.

Nick: Yep. Turned that knob like a boss.

Sage: [Laughing] I'm so impressed! Nicely done, my friend.

Nick: Thank you. Thank you.


Sage: Whoa. Was that an earthquake?

Nick: No.

[Electricity crackling]

Sage: [Coughs]

Nick: [Groans] Sage. Are you okay?

Sage: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I don't think that was an earthquake.

Nick: No. The roof caved in.

Sage: [Coughs]

Nick: [Grunts] My family's out there, though. I got to go get them.

Sage: My god. Can you even make it to the door?

Nick: Well, we're gonna have to move some stuff. Can you give me a hand?

Sage: Yeah.

Dylan: All right! Fire's going. The next job's gonna be a big one. Do you think you can handle it?

Faith: Uh-huh.

Dylan: Okay, can you grab some blankets so we can get you and your mom bundled up down here?

Faith: And make a fort?

Dylan: Exactly what I was gonna say!

Faith: [Chuckles]

Sharon: I can't just leave the car out there. That was careless. You know, nick's gonna think i can't do anything right. He already doesn't trust me. I've got to go get the car.

Dylan: Walking out there right now is gonna be pretty rough.

Sharon: You stay here with faith.

Dylan: Sharon, please. Can you just -- can you just have a seat?

Sharon: Am I not making any sense? Because you're looking at me like I'm not making any sense.

Dylan: Look, it's the snow. And I know you're stressed. That's all it is.

Sharon: Okay, 'cause I swear I am taking my meds. Nick keeps asking me what happens if I stop.

Dylan: And that's good. You know, I had to take some anti-anxiety medication -- my whole meltdown with connor. Is there anything that you want to take?

Sharon: My doctor prescribed something, but the custody case was so stressful, I -- wait a minute. Are you saying you think I need to take something? Oh, my god. Oh, my god. I am spinning out. I'm spinning out. And then the car accident --

Dylan: Hold on. I'll say I was driving, okay? It wasn't you. It was me. You got nothing to worry about.

Sharon: Nick will find out.

Dylan: There's nothing to know. By tomorrow, when things calm down, your car's not gonna be an issue.

Sharon: I don't know. I'm not sure.

Dylan: I am. And right now, we stay put. And we're gonna build the greatest fort of all time.

Noah: Look, whatever fen put in the punch doesn't turn Summer into someone that she's not.

Fenmore: It's just a party drug. That's it.

Kevin: Say it a couple more times, fen. I'm sure your counselors in rehab would love to hear it, not to mention your parents. What the hell, dude?!

Fenmore: Look, I told you, okay? I did not mean --

Kevin: It doesn't matter! It's not about you anymore! It's about Summer!

Mariah: It's about austin.

Kevin: [Sighs] Yes. You're right. It is. But how did she know where the murder weapon was?

Noah: How do you even know it's the murder weapon?

Mariah: I don't know. Maybe the blood gave it away.

Courtney: Stop! This is a crime scene. Austin appears to have died from blunt force trauma. The bookend, by all appearances, is the murder weapon. And what Summer said, it amounts to spontaneous utterance. I am a freaking cop. I have to report everything that I hear.

Noah: Like that? I didn't hear anything.

Kevin: Me either. I'll testify to that.

Courtney: Stop. Both of you. I heard what I heard. Summer's in shock and under a lot of stress, but she said that she killed austin.

Fenmore: None of this is her fault.

Mariah: Yeah, tell the cops that you drugged us all. I'm sure they'll understand.

Fenmore: Would you give it up?

Courtney: I am a cop, for god's sake, and I was drugged, too! The chief is gonna be real happy with that one.

Kevin: Yeah, well, you had so many drugs in your system that you misheard your best friend confess to murder.

Noah: My sister is not gonna be arrested for anything. Do you understand?

Kevin: Wait, wait, wait, wait, you guys. If there's no murder, there's nothing to confess to.

Fenmore: Austin's dead. We can't bring him back.

Mariah: Accidents happen.

Courtney: With a bookend?

Kevin: It sure is icy out there.

Mariah: Austin slipped. He hit his head.

Courtney: A cover-up? What is wrong with you people? Some guy died, and he was our friend! He was family!

Noah: Summer is my family.

Mariah: She doesn't deserve to go to jail. So, are we gonna stage this accident or are we gonna let Summer be a suspect?

Jill: If esther were here, she'd know exactly how many compressions to do and when.

Neil: 100 a minute.

Colin: Neil, if you get tired...

Neil: No, I'm fine. Never.

Devon: I got it. I got it. Back up. Back up.

Neil: Devon, stop. We don't need that.

Devon: What do you mean, stop?

Neil: We don't need it.

Devon: We're not gonna give up on her!

Neil: No! She's got a pulse again. Her heart's working.

Devon: [Sniffles] You saved her. Thank you. It's okay. Hey. We just need to get you warm. You'll be fine, okay? Hey, I'm right beside you. I'm not going anywhere, all right?

Neil: [Sniffs]

Jill: Neil. You saved her.

Neil: My wife.

Jill: You saved a life. Come get warm. Come get warm.

Colin: Cane? Cane, is that you?!

Jill: Oh, my god.

Neil: Lily.

Colin: Cane.

Neil: Right here. Lily?

Cane: [Panting]

Neil: Lily. Lily, come on, baby girl! I can't lose you, too! Come on!

Jill: Think of the twins. They need you, baby.

Cane: Come on, baby. I need you.

Neil: Come on, lily.

Cane: I need you, baby. Come on.

Lily: [Weakly] Cane?

Cane: Come on, baby. I'm here. I got you.

Lily: We crashed. We crashed.

Neil: Yeah, but we're all here, and we're all alive.

Cane: I got you. I got you, baby. I got you.

Lily: You lied to me. You -- you lied.


Cane: I'm gonna make it up to you, baby.

Lily: Devon and that bitch. Dad. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry!

Neil: None of that matters right now. All that matters -- I can see your beautiful face again. And we're gonna get through this. All of us. We're gonna get through this together.

[Man coughing]

Chelsea: Excuse me. Did you see billy abbott up there? He's in, um, lives in penthouse "a".

Adam: Chelsea, what the hell's going on here? What happened?

Chelsea: There's a fire upstairs, and billy and connor are still in the apartment.

Adam: Connor's up there?

Nick: We both know this isn't the only room in the bar that's been caved in. I bet the main room's worse.

Sage: [Coughs]

Nick: And that's where my mom and dad are. I got to get to them. Gabe, uh, gabe left, right? So you don't have to worry about him.

Sage: Gabe can take care of himself.

Nick: Anyone else you feel like you need to get to?

Sage: No. Not a one. Maybe I should just stay here in the rubble, huh?


Nick: Well... I guess fake marriages, uh, do kind of a damper in your social life, huh?

Sage: Yeah. I guess so. Pouring free drinks and fake marriages -- that's my -- that's my life. That's my whole existence. You summed it right up.

Nick: You know, I-I don't know why I said that. I'm sorry. It's not funny.

Sage: Yeah, it is. It's really funny. And it's true, nick, because you have people out there who love you and depend on you and -- and they know you, and I don'T... have anybody that knows me. Not really. And don't say gabe, because... I swear to god, we're strangers when you come down to it. And I'd probably have the world's shortest obituary. I've just waited my whole life for -- for something to begin. And... this is it. This is what's happening.

Nick: Look, I don't think you have no life. In fact, when we get out of here, I want to get to know you, okay?

Sage: [Chuckling] Yeah.

Nick: Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Okay?

Sage: I want to get to know you, too.

Phyllis: Nikki?! Nikki! Nikki!

Nikki: I'm -- I'm here. I don't even know what happened!

Phyllis: Are you okay?

Nikki: Victor? Victor! Victor!

Victor: Sweetheart, can you hear me?

Nikki: Yes!

Victor: Are you and phyllis all right?

Phyllis: We're okay! Is it just us? Can anyone hear us?!

Nikki: Oh, my god. Where is nicholas? Nicholas?

Victor: I think he went to the generator, darling.

Nikki: I don't know where that is. Nicholas, where are you?!

Victor: Sweetheart, I'll try to get to you.

Nikki: [Sobbing] We have to get out of here. Please! We got to get out of here!

Victor: I will try to get to you.

Nikki: [Sobs]

Victor: Just...

Joe: Avery!

Avery: Joe! I'm here!

Joe: Where is "here"?

Avery: Wait. I'm here.

Joe: [Groans]

Avery: Oh, my god.

Joe: [Groaning]

Noah: You're talking about concealing evidence and lying to the police.

Courtney: The second that the coroner gets up here, or anyone from the force, the forensic evidence alone...

Kevin: Because the department has gotten every case right ever? I don't think that's true.

Fenmore: If they're not looking for foul play, they just look at his head and say, "that must have been some fall," and move on.

Courtney: But there was foul play.

Kevin: We don't know that for certain.

Fenmore: We don't know anything for certain.

Courtney: Yeah, because you drugged us, fen.

Mariah: Okay, so, how do you want to do this, courtney? We call 911, we tell them there was a homicide. They tell us not to touch anything. They come up here and we tell them every single thing that we remember, including that fen drugged us all, and that Summer raced to the murder weapon and announced, "I did it." And then your boyfriend's sister gets arrested. That's your version. How does that work for you?

Courtney: Your version is a felony. Even conspiring to do this is a crime. Noah, please tell them we cannot do this.

Noah: She's my sister.

Courtney: Noah...

Noah: She -- she loved him, courtney. She loved him.

Courtney: [Sighs]

Noah: No matter what happened, she didn't plan on coming up here and killing her husband.

Courtney: Then we tell that to whoever catches this case.

Noah: We cannot take that risk.

Courtney: We would be accessories. We cover this up and we'd go to prison, too.

Kevin: Or we could use your professional expertise to avoid being found out.

Noah: So, we doing this?

Kevin: I am.

Mariah: Me too.

Fenmore: Me too.

Courtney: This is a mistake.

Noah: I'm sorry, courtney. I swear to you, I am sorry.

Courtney: I do this, and I'm dirty. I'm like every other dirty cop who thought that they were above the law. Noah, there is no washing this one off. That's what you're asking of me.

Noah: I'm asking you to save my sister because she can't save herself.

Abby: I'm hearing arguing and whispers. What the hell are we gonna do?

Noah: We're gonna keep Summer safe.

Kevin: So, are we good with the "went outside, slipped and fell" idea?

Mariah: Simple is good. But we'll have to clean the murder weapon.

Kevin: We have to move the body outside. And not by dragging, because that would leave trace evidence.

Noah: Kevin and I will do the lifting. Just make sure that Summer doesn't see us.

Kevin: Once we get the body outside --

Courtney: We have to make sure the angle of the blow makes sense. If we're doing this, we're doing it right.

Mariah: Go take care of Summer and hold her hand. She's 20 years old and a widow.

Abby: And if she can't go along with it?

Noah: She has to. Come on.

Summer: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Abby: Summer -- Summer, what happened, we -- we have to talk about it, and what we're gonna tell people.

Summer: No. Abby, I did not mean to kill him. I swear, okay? I loved him so much. I did not mean to.

Abby: I know, I know, I know. We all did, all right? We all did.

Nick: That was, uh...

Sage: A kiss for the lonely girl.

Nick: No. I wanted to do that. And I do want to get to know you better.


Sage: Well, nick, you pretty much know me better than anyone alive at this point.

Nick: I want to get to know you a lot better, then. Is there something wrong with that?

Sage: No. Well, if we don't get out of here, I guess knowing each other as good as we can isn't gonna do much of a difference, so let's get you out of here so you can get to your kids. And that's what I know most about you, is that you're a good dad.

Nick: Well, I haven't felt like that in a long time. I just feel like a jackass who's keeping his daughter away from her mother.

Sage: Why do you feel like a jackass?

Nick: Look, my daughter needs her mother. And maybe sharon's right. Maybe I'm just punishing her. I don't want to do any more harm to my daughter 'cause of my pride and ego.

Sage: Well, let me ask you this -- do you feel safe leaving faith with sharon?

Nick: Maybe. Maybe not.

Sage: Can you live with "maybe"?

Nick: If anything would ever happen to noah, Summer, or faith... no, I cannot live with those odds.

Dylan: Fire's good. You're calmer. Faith's trying to find some more blankets. We're all set. Hey, do you have one of those popcorn poppers for the fireplace?

Sharon: I think so.

Dylan: Really? Okay, well, when you're feeling okay, I'll go hunt one down. Meanwhile, just, you know, make yourself at home.

Sharon: Okay.

Dylan: Your hat.

[Laughs] It was a joke. Obviously this is your home.

Sharon: Oh, right.

Dylan: Sharon... did you hit your head in the car accident?

Sharon: Oh, my god. I-I knew I should've never left the car.

Dylan: Change of plans. We need to get you to a doctor.

Avery: Are you okay?


Joe: Yeah, other than this heavy thing pinning me to the ground.

Avery: Are you hurt?

Joe: My leg's messed up. But I'm all right. I just got to get this thing off of me.



Avery: [Breathing heavily] Okay.

[Joe grunts] Here, let me try this.

Joe: Whoa! What are you doing?

[Electricity pops]

Avery: Using physics to save you.

[Grunts] Oh, come on! I can't hold it much longer!

[Both breathing heavily]

Joe: Reminds me of the time we went rock climbing and you saved my ass.

Avery: The carabiner broke.

Joe: I bet there's been a few times you wished you hadn't saved me.

Avery: Don't say that.

Joe: I'm serious, avery. There's some things I'm not proud of. You were always right there for me. It means more to me than you know.

Avery: I would've done this for anybody, joe.

[Pounding on door]

Adam: Hey, billy! Billy, open the door! God damn it.

[Grunts] Billy! Hey! Connor. Oh, god. All right. Come here. Come here. I got you, son. Yeah? All right. Help you out of here. We're gonna get you out of here, peanut, okay? We're gonna be just fine. You ready? All right. All right, come on. Let's go. Abbott, wake up. Come on. Come on, billy. I can't take you both. Let's go. You'd do the same thing. All right, you ready? Come on, baby.

Lily: Is she okay?

Neil: Hilary's gonna be just fine. We all will.

Cane: We need to work as a team. We need to stay warm, we need to stay awake, all right? We cannot go to sleep. Do you understand?

Neil: Come on, all of you. We have to stay positive. That's the only way we're gonna get through this and stay alive.

Ashley: Hi, abby. It's your mom calling. I just want you to know that the roads are a mess out there, so if you get this message tonight please stay safe, okay? And have fun. I love you. Bye.

Abby: This is bad. We need to get inside.

Summer: No, no, no. Abby, I can't just leave him outside alone like this. It's so cold!

Noah: Abs, get her inside.

Summer: No, no, no, no, no. Okay, he needs me. He needs me. It's not right to just leave him here.

Abby: Summer, come on. Come on right now. Come on.

Courtney: There's some blood on the stone.

Noah: Is that bad?

Kevin: No, no. It works. It's perfect.

Courtney: Yeah, perfect.

Noah: Courtney. Courtney!

Kevin: Come on inside and get warm.

Mariah: Yeah, in a second.

Kevin: Okay.

Mariah: Summer loves you, austin. We're gonna keep her safe for you.

Nikki: [Crying] I see him! I see him!

Victor: Sweetheart, just hold on. Don't -- don't move. I don't want anything to fall on you, all right?

Nikki: If only we could know for sure that nicholas is okay, I'd be better.

Victor: One second. Wait a minute.

Nikki: What?

Phyllis: What? Is there someone there?

Victor: Yes.

Phyllis: Who is it? Are they alive?

Chelsea: Oh, my god! Oh, my god! You saved him! Thank you.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: You saved my baby! Thank you.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: Thank you! Where -- where's billy?

[Sirens wail]

Adam: He's unconscious. He's on the -- he's on the floor. It was the smoke. I-I couldn't carry both of them.

Chelsea: So he's stuck up there? He won't make it.

Adam: Just get -- oh, hey! Just get... listen, you take care of him, okay? I'm gonna go back and get him, all right? I'll be back, okay? I'll be back.

Chelsea: Okay. Okay. It's gonna be okay. He'll be back. Yeah, and your daddy will be back, too, okay? Yeah.

[Sirens wail] Oh, look. Look, see? That means -- that means more help is coming. Okay? Everything will be okay.


Chelsea: [Screams]

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