Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/17/15


Episode # 10606 ~ The plane transporting Neil, Devon, Hilary, Cane, Lily, Jill, & Colin crashes; a Valentine's Day celebration takes a turn.

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Mariah: Keep going!

Courtney: I got it.

Noah: Come on, Courtney.

Summer: What's -- what's going on? What?

Noah: Summer. Summer. Summer, no. Don't -- don't. It's okay.

Summer: Oh, my -- Austin! Austin! Austin! Austin!

Ashley: Wow. I hope Phyllis is okay.

Nikki: Gee, I don't know. Did she seem okay to you? I mean, screaming, "I'm not crazy!" In a public place? And then tears out the front door while we're all staring at her?

Ashley: Well, obviously, Phyllis isn't the easiest person to be around these days, but maybe she needs our compassion.

Avery: She's going through a lot right now.

Dylan: Yeah, I don't know what Jack said to set her off like that.

Nikki: Did you notice how both Jack and Victor tore after her as fast as they could? That was probably her plan from the very beginning.

Ashley: You really don't care at all that she's suffering?

Nikki: What about the suffering that she's causing? That list gets longer every day and your poor brother is at the top of it.

Ashley: Excuse me.

Ashley: Kelly. Now is not the time.

Kelly: I'm sorry? I don't know what you mean.

Ashley: It's only natural that you want to reach out to Jack, but I don't think it's gonna be helping your cause or him. He has a lot of other things on his mind right now.

Kelly: I'm sure you're right.

Sage: I feel so bad for that Phyllis woman and Jack.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. You can bet that my bastard of a father's probably making a bad situation worse, too.

Phyllis: It's just snow. I would have survived.

Jack: I am not letting you walk out in blizzard conditions in the state of mind you're in.

Victor: For once, I think Jack is right. It'll be much safer here.

Phyllis: Okay, fine. You dragged me back in. You can go now.

Jack: And you're gonna stay here with him?

Victor: Excuse me? You're gonna badmouth me now after what you've done to her? Making everyone feel that she has lost it? How far are you willing to go?

Summer: Austin, please wake up! Please! Austin!

Courtney: I'm sorry, Summer.

Summer: Why are you stopping?!

Courtney: He's gone.

Summer: No, you keep trying! Please -- why are you -- come on! Please help me! Don't let her just stop! Please!

Noah: Look at me, look at me.

Summer: What --

Noah: There's nothing she can do, okay? We can't bring him back. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Austin's dead.

Summer: What?! [Crying] How did that happen?

Cane: [Sighs] Lily!

Summer: [Crying] No! No, no! He can't be dead! Austin, you can't be dead! Please! You -- no! Please!

Courtney: It looked like somebody hit his head strong enough to kill him and then someone put him in the wardrobe.

Kevin: Who would do that? I mean, why not just leave him? Whoever did this had to know we were gonna find him.

Courtney: Can someone please call 911?

Noah: I'm on it, I'm on it. Guys, the line is dead.

Abby: No signal.

Courtney: The roads were about to close even when I got here and it's still snowing like crazy.

Summer: No, please! No! Please wake up!

Abby: Come on.

Summer: No, please!

Courtney: You're in shock. Let's go to the fire. You need water.

Summer: [Sobbing]

Noah: I don't want Summer to have to see him like this.

Fenmore: Should we move him?

Noah: I think so.

Mariah: I can't stand seeing him like this, either.

Kevin: Mariah --

Mariah: Don't tell me what to do!

Kevin: I'm just saying I know you cared about the guy. I do not want you to have to do that.

Noah: Okay, one on each side, okay? Get under his shoulders. Kevin, grab his feet.

Kevin: Yeah.

Noah: Lay him in the bed in the bedroom, okay?

Kevin: Two --

Courtney: Stop! Don't touch him! [Sighs]

Phyllis: Since I won't say I'm crazy when I'm not, but you decide to trick me into acting that way? Because you refuse to accept I'm not gonna use an insanity defense?

Jack: I'm simply trying to get you the help that you need.

Phyllis: You want to lock me into Fairview. And that is not love. That does not feel like love, that does not look like love, and I am not going to stand for it.

Jack: Phyllis, please.

Phyllis: No. I don't want to hear another word. I want you out of my sight, and I promise you, if you do not, I will run back out there and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.

Jack: I will go. But I'm warning you, I'm not gonna give up fighting for you.

Victor: You did that beautifully. I'm proud. I guess you forgot what a tough woman you are.

Phyllis: So what now? I waltz back into the bar, act like nothing happened.

Victor: You bet. You walk in there with your head held high and show them what you're made of. I know you can do it.

Ashley: Jack? Are you okay? Where's Phyllis?

Jack: She's in the back with Victor. I'm leaving.

Ashley: I'll come with you.

Jack: No, no, no. No. Thanks. I don't want the company. I just got to get out of here.

Ashley: Okay.

Sage: Show's over for the night.

Adam: Looks like.

Sage: I assume that you're gonna take off, too?

Adam: No, no, I'm gonna stick around. There's a few things I'd like to say to the old man. Yeah. Oh, I, um... I hope your brother's gonna be all right.

Ashley: Thank you.

Adam: Yeah.

Ashley: I'm sorry. Do I know you?

Adam: Gabriel Bingham. Marketing department. Jack hired me. I was hoping to run into you at work, but so far that hasn't happened.

Ashley: I'm always in the lab.

Adam: Right. That makes sense. Yeah.

Ashley: Hi.

Sage: Hi.

Adam: Sweetheart, this is Ashley Abbott. She's our chief chemist over at Jabot. Ashley, this is my lovely wife, Sage.

Ashley: Nice to meet you.

Sage: Likewise.

Adam: Our new neighbor, Billy. Ashley is his sister.

Sage: Oh, Abbott. Of course. I should have made the connection.

Ashley: Yeah, Gabriel Bingham.

Adam: Yeah.

Ashley: I've heard about you.

Adam: Ashley is a legend in her field. She's the, uh, creative force behind most of our new products.

Sage: Wow.

Adam: Yeah. Something wrong?

Ashley: I don't know. I just got a really weird feeling, actually. I'm sorry. I don't know. Anyway, I'm assuming you're enjoying your position.

Adam: I love it. It's great. Working with your family is fantastic.

Ashley: Nice to finally meet you.

Adam: You too.

Ashley: Bye.

Sage: Don't. Don't.

Cane: Jill? Jill?

Jill: [Groans]

Cane: Hey. You okay?

Jill: Cane!

Cane: Are you hurt?

Jill: I don't know.

Cane: Is anything broke?

Jill: I don't know.

Cane: Sit up, sit up, sit up, sit up, sit up. You're okay. You're okay.

Jill: [Grunting]

Cane: I got you. I got you.

Jill: God!

Cane: Got you, got you.

Jill: [Groaning]

Neil: All right.

Cane: You guys all right?

Neil: Yeah. I think so.

Cane: Yeah? Broken?

Neil: No. What about you? You all right?

Cane: I'm fine.

Neil: I can't believe this!

Jill: God, look at the plane. How's it even possible?

Neil: It's a miracle we're all alive.

Devon: [Groaning]

Cane: I can't find lily. Lily's not here.

Devon: What about the others?

Cane: Lily!

Neil: Lily.

Devon: Where's Hilary?

Jill: Colin?

Cane: Lily?!

Neil: Lily!

Jill: Colin!

Cane: Wait.

Devon: Cane?

Cane: She's down there. Hilary's down there. She's there.

Devon: Thanks. Oh, God!

Neil: Hilary!

Devon: Lay still!

Neil: Hilary, stay with us.

Devon: We're gonna get this off you.

Neil: Stay with us!

Devon: Hey.

Neil: We were in a plane crash. Our plane went down over Chicago.

Devon: Are you in any pain?

Neil: Devon! Devon, get this off of her!

Hilary: I can't feel anything. Why can't I feel anything?

Cane: I can't find lily. I can't find lily! Lily! Lily!


Neil: We got to get her out somehow.

Colin: I don't have a signal, either.

Neil: We need to get some help, now!

Cane: Oh, God, no. Oh, God, no. Lily! No!

Jill: Did you find her?!

Neil: Is it lily?

Cane: No! It's the pilot!

Devon: She didn't make it. She's dead.

Neil: Devon, listen to me, okay? You go help Cane find your sister. I'm gonna stay here with Hilary.

Devon: Are you sure?

Neil: Yes, I'm sure. Go. Go now. Go!

Devon: Lily!

Neil: Hilary, stay with us. Okay? Stay with us.

Dylan: You okay? Saw you talking to Joe. Whatever he said had you pretty shocked.

Avery: Well, he had some news.

Joe: I'm leaving town. You must be happy to hear that, McAvoy.

Avery: Oh. There's Phyllis.

Dylan: Go ahead. It's okay.

Avery: Phyllis, I'm glad you're back.

Phyllis: Why? Is it your turn to make me lose it now?

Avery: No, you don't understand.

Phyllis: Oh, no, I understand perfectly. That was a well-orchestrated plan to make me look bad in front of a crowd of people.

Victor: Avery, you embarrassed your sister in front of all these people. Shame on you.

Phyllis: You know, you're not really denying it. Did you and Jack enjoy yourselves while you plotted to stab me in the back? That must have been just a hell of a strategy session.

Avery: Phyllis, I am worried about you going to trial. What do you think is gonna happen when Christine gets you on the stand and rips into you? You honestly think you can keep it together when the D.A. Asks you questions, 'cause I don't think you can. Not after what you did tonight.

Phyllis: Well, that's a good thing you're not my lawyer anymore, remember? Because if this is how you treat clients --

Avery: You're not being fair.

Phyllis: I'm not being fair? Do you realize what you did to me tonight? You talk about tainting the jury pool? I ought to sue you and Jack from here to kingdom come!

Avery: The fact that you see Jack and me as the enemy when we love you so much -- doesn't that prove to you that you need help?

Phyllis: I need help. I need help. There is that phrase. I don't want to hear that anymore.

Kelly: Jack. Hi. I thought you left.

Jack: I came back.

Kelly: Well, I heard about the fight that you had with Phyllis. For you sake, I think you should leave her alone for a little while. Is there anything I can do to help?

Jack: I don't want to talk about this here. Maybe we could find somewhere more private.

Kelly: Lead the way.

Abby: Sweetie, you need to drink something.

Courtney: Look, you are not moving him, okay? This is a crime scene. You'll be destroying evidence.

Fenmore: He wasn't killed in the damn wardrobe.

Kevin: Do you think we're purposely trying to screw up an investigation?

Courtney: What if you might be?

Mariah: Are you serious?

Kevin: You think one of us did this?

Courtney: It doesn't matter. It's crime scene 101. You don't move the body!

Summer: No, no, no, no! Austin is not a body. He's my husband! Okay? Nobody is going to touch him until we find out why, okay? Austin, I love you so much!

Abby: Summer, it's okay.

Summer: [Sobbing]

Abby: It's okay. No one will touch the body, right? No one.

Noah: Come here, please. Summer, you don't need --

Summer: [Sobbing]

Noah: Summer. Summer. Look at me. Look at me. You don't --

Summer: [Sobbing]

Noah: Come on. Come on.

Summer: Let me go! Please!

Noah: Summer, Summer, Summer.

Summer: [Sobbing] How can Austin be dead? I can't believe anybody in this room would --

Fenmore: But someone did.

Courtney: Yeah, but none of us remember what happened. 'Cause we were all out of it.

Noah: 'Cause somebody spiked the punch.

Kevin: What are you looking at me for? Abby's the one who did it.

Mariah: Not only that, she's the one who invited us here.

Abby: To hang out with me on Valentine's Day so I wouldn't be alone. A simple get-together. That's it.

Mariah: If you say so.

Abby: Oh, shut up, Mariah!

Abby: I passed out, too, and unlike whoever did this, I don't go around drugging people.

Mariah: Oh, and you think I do?!

Kevin: Nobody is saying that.

Abby: Maybe one of us only pretended to drink it. And didn't really pass out.

Noah: Hey, Courtney. Come here. Does that look like an empty vial to you?

Courtney: Anyone care to explain this? Nobody touch that. When the storm passes and we're finally able to call for help, the police are gonna take that vial in for evidence. The lab will analyze it while we're all being questioned about Austin's murder.

Fenmore: I did it.

Kelly: What happened with Phyllis is absolutely not your fault. I mean, everything that you have done has been to help that woman, and if Phyllis doesn't understand that, well... [Scoffs] ...You know how I feel.

Jack: I do. And I appreciate you being here.

Kelly: You know I will always be here for you, Jack.

Jack: I sometimes forget what an incredible woman you are. Compassionate. Beautiful. I would have to be a fool not to want you.

Kelly: Jack, Jack. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You know I want this. You know I want this. But, I mean, you have said so many times that what we have is over and that you would never, ever, ever change your mind, and now suddenly you have, and I just -- if you don't mind, I would really like to know why.

Dylan: So you're leaving town.

Joe: That's correct.

Dylan: I don't buy it for a second.

Joe: Well, suit yourself.

Dylan: It's just another game, Joe. It's another lie. You pretend to do what Avery wants and then you keep chasing her.

Joe: You know what's bugging you so much? Was Avery's reaction to my news, which you clearly saw from across the room.

Dylan: Yeah, she was surprised, and no wonder, because it's impossible to believe that you would ever leave.

Joe: She was upset. Regardless of what she says to you or me or even herself, she doesn't want me to leave.

Dylan: You're so full of it.

Joe: It's the truth. We've got a connection. Memories of the past. Those were the best. Especially in the beginning. Avery and I were so hot together.

Avery: Oh! You guys! Stop! Stop!

Nick: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Avery: Oh.

Neil: We are so far out in the middle of nowhere, and this cloud cover is so thick. Shooting off that first flare was a long shot.

Colin: Well, at least a decent fire got started with the second. I wish I could help you more, man.

Neil: We need to stay as warm as we can until a search party comes to find us.

Colin: How long do you think that'll be?

Neil: I have no idea.

Jill: I pried open an overhead bin. I found these blankets. Here, sweetheart.

Colin: Thank you.

Neil: Bring them over here. Wrap them around Hilary. She's freezing. Come here.

Jill: Sure I shouldn't give them to somebody else?

Neil: She needs them!

Jill: Okay.

Neil: Watch out. Watch yourself.

Jill: All right. Here. These should help.

Hilary: I'm s-s-so c-cold.

Neil: Hilary. Baby, stay with us, okay? Don't fall asleep. Please, baby, you're gonna be all right. Please.

Devon: [Grunting]

Neil: Where's lily? Did you find her?

Devon: There's no sign of her, but Cane's still looking. We think she was thrown from the wreckage.

Neil: Dear God.

Devon: Is she okay?

Neil: Dear God.

Devon: Is she okay?

Neil: Dear God.

Devon: Is she okay?

Devon: Hey. Put this on.

Jill: Thank you. Thank you.

Devon: We're gonna find lily and bring her back.

Jill: Yes, we are going to. Yes, we are.

Devon: All right. We need to relax. Let's get you over here and relax.

Jill: No, I have to go help Hilary.

Devon: No, you don't. I'm gonna help my dad with her. We're gonna need you later.

Jill: All right. Keep her warm.

Devon: I will. I will. You stay warm.

Jill: Okay.

Devon: Hey. Hey. How you doing, baby?

Hilary: All right. Listen, um... I'm gonna be -- I'm gonna be fine.

Devon: I know you are.

Hilary: So you just -- you go find lily.

Devon: Cane's gonna bring lily back. Cane's gonna bring lily back, all right? I'm not gonna leave you. Okay? I'm not gonna. You're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine.

Jill: [Gasps] Is that Neil's?

Colin: Yep.

Jill: Honey, for god's sake, be careful! You heard what he said was in here.

Colin: He said it was full of our lives.

Jill: Shall we?

Colin: Yeah, why not?

Jill: It's a bunch of keepsakes. Look at this picture of Hilary and Neil on their wedding day.

Colin: That's a marriage license.

Jill: Yeah.

Colin: And there's tickets to a jazz concert.

Jill: Oh, and look. This was taken around the time Devon joined the family.

Devon: Those a bunch of things you've saved over the years? Were you planning on throwing it in our faces?

Neil: All that stuff -- you can put it in the fire and burn it. Except for the pictures with me and lily.

Courtney: When you say you did it...

Fenmore: The punch. Geez, what did you think I meant?

Abby: You put something in our drinks?

Summer: You know, that doesn't surprise me. Fen always hated Austin and he wished we never got married in the first place!

Fenmore: Whoa, hold on! I might not have been in favor you tying yourself down with him, but I did not kill him. All right, all I did was spike the punch.

Noah: That's all, fen? Really?

Courtney: That's assault, in case you weren't aware.

Summer: You know, I thought you stopped messing with drugs. You fought so hard to get past all that! What is wrong with you?!

Kevin: Give him a chance to explain. Fen?

Fenmore: I thought it would be fun, okay?

Abby: Seriously?

Fenmore: Yes, it was a bore here. I was just taking it to the next level.

Noah: Real fun, fen.

Courtney: What was in that vial, fen?

Fenmore: I do not know.

Mariah: You don't know? So basically it could have been rat poison.

Fenmore: Rat poison?! It was just a party drug!

Courtney: Then where did you get it?

Fenmore: I -- it does not matter, okay? All right? It was just supposed to loosen up everyone. I had no idea it was gonna make us all pass out.

Abby: You didn't know what it was or what it would do, but you fed it to us anyway? Without our permission, after we had already had alcohol! At my part, which makes me liable if something went wrong, which it sure as hell did! Way to go, Fenmore!

Fenmore: I am sorry, okay?!

Abby: Oh, sorry doesn't cut it!

Kevin: Ease up on him, will you? He made a mistake. If memory serves, he's not the only one, miss naked heiress.

Abby: Oh, my God. I took my clothes off! It was a publicity stunt. Big deal! No one wound up dead.

Mariah: Hey! Be sensitive! You cannot talk about Austin like that!

Summer: Do not talk about him at all!

Mariah: I was looking out for your feelings, Summer!

Noah: Everyone stop! Shhh! This is not helping, okay?

Courtney: After you spiked the punch, did you ingest any yourself?

Fenmore: Yes. I wanted to get high. That was the whole point.

Summer: Fen.

Courtney: And then what?

Fenmore: I passed out, too. I-I-I have no idea, all right? It's just like something out of a horror movie.

Mariah: I just realized this is -- this is exactly... like the last chapter of Plato sphere I read.

Noah: What?

Mariah: It's a fanfic that I read online. The author's name is Plato sphere, and in the last installment that he posted, the lead character gets hit on the head and dies in a cabin and then later his body is found in a closet.

Abby: What kind of psycho would re-create a murder from some goofy story?

Kelly: [Gasps] I -- I just need to understand where you're coming from. I mean, is this really about me or is it because of what happened with you and Phyllis?

Jack: All I know is I want you.

Kelly: [Gasps] [Breathing heavily]

Dylan: Avery, I'm so sorry.

Nick: I need some ice.

Dylan: I didn't know you were behind me. I would never -- I would never hurt you.

Joe: What kind of animal hits a woman in the face?

Dylan: Shut the hell up!

Nick: Hey! That is enough! Dylan, that's enough! Just get out of here. I'll take care of Avery.

Ashley: It's time to calm down. Come on.

Nikki: Dylan, Dylan, wait, wait. It was an accident. Don't leave! Don't let that pompous jerk win! And don't leave Avery here with him.

Dylan: I don't want to. Believe me. But after what I did to her? The way I let my anger take over. I don't deserve to be near her, and I'm sure she wants me gone, too.

Nikki: I wish you would stay. Oh, God.

Victor: I think it's for the best, okay?

Nikki: He's my son, Victor. Who are you to say what's best? Especially after what you pulled tonight. You bring Phyllis to our son's event and then you virtually ignore me the entire evening? Look at you! You're not even listening to me now. Well, never let it be said that I can't take a hint.

Victor: What are you looking at, son? You're Gabriel Bingham?

Adam: You remember.

Victor: Yeah. Something you want to say to me?

Adam: It's tricky.

Victor: Really?

Adam: Yeah, but you know what there is? There is something that I've been meaning to say to you. I've been waiting a long time, actually, to say this.

Victor: Get it off your chest, by all means.

Courtney: So you're saying you read some story online by an anonymous author?

Mariah: Plato sphere -- he's one of my favorite writers.

Abby: And what happened to Austin happened to --

Fenmore: To one of his characters. Yeah, I read that chapter, too.

Noah: Abby, I read it, too. I didn't put it together before, but a lot of details aren't the same.

Mariah: Almost like the murderer knew beforehand.

Noah: Or planned it.

Kevin: Okay, time out, time out. Look, it's cool that you all read this writer's stuff, but don't blame the way Austin died on some random piece of fan fiction.

Abby: What do you care?

Mariah: Yeah, you read it, too. I know you do. Isn't this exactly the same?

Kevin: Not exactly the same.

Noah: Yeah, it is.

Kevin: No, it isn't. Stop saying that.

Abby: Geez, Kevin, why are you so jumpy?

Courtney: And why didn't you admit that you read it, too?

Mariah: Good question.

Kevin: Okay, look, I'm sorry that I didn't raise my hand right away, but one thing has nothing to do with the other. It is a stupid theory and we should just move on.

Mariah: Oh, so now I'm stupid. Thanks!

Kevin: Not you! The theory.

Abby: You're almost, like, defensive about it.

Courtney: Do you know something, Kev?

Fenmore: What's going on?

Kevin: Nothing!

Noah: Doesn't sound like nothing, Kev.

Kevin: [Sighs] All right, look, if you must know, um... I'm Plato sphere.

Mariah: What?

Noah: You're saying that --

Kevin: It's my pen name. I'm the author of the series. That's what I'm saying.

Mariah: Are you joking?

Kevin: No.

Courtney: I haven't read this or even heard of this fanfic, but doesn't sound like we're missing much.

Courtney: From what the others are saying --

Kevin: Look, I never intended for anybody to copycat my stuff.

Abby: It's not copycatting if you came up with it yourself.

Kevin: Are you accusing me of murder, Abby? Why would I kill Austin? I barely knew the guy!

Abby: No one else here has a past filled with violent criminal behavior. We all know exactly what you're capable of.

Nikki: Honey, how are you doing?

Avery: I'm fine. I'll live.

Nikki: Yeah. Dylan feels terrible about what happened. You know it was an accident.

Avery: Yes, of course. I know that, Nikki.

Nikki: Well, then, why did you flinch when he reached out to you?

Avery: I don't know. I was in shock, I guess. I've never been hit in the face before. Then I saw the look in his eyes, the pain in his eyes, and I just -- it just made everything worse.

Nikki: I'm so sorry. You need to find a way to reach out to him and make this right. He loves you with all of his heart and soul.

Joe: Excuse me, Avery. I owe you an apology. I let things get out of control tonight with your fiancé.

Nikki: Listen, you. If you think we're impressed by the kind of gentleman you are, you better think again, Mr. Clark. We already know what kind of a sneak you are. Now get out of our face.

Adam: The last time we met, you didn't recall why my name sounded familiar. You -- you still don't remember, do you?

Victor: Refresh my memory.

Adam: Harrison Bingham. My father. You took over his company. Bingham software -- does that -- does that ring a bell?

Victor: Oh, yeah.

Adam: Yeah, there it is.

Victor: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Adam: Yeah, that was his life's work.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Adam: It was actually the only thing he lived for. It was his legacy. He was hoping to pass it down to me. It was ripped out from under him by you. That hostile takeover ended up being too much for him. It destroyed him. It cost him his life, yeah.

Victor: I'm sorry to hear that.

Adam: You are?

Victor: Yes.

Adam: Oh, okay. Well, then, the hell with it. Except I don't think that you're sorry. Because I think to you it's just another business deal, right? 'Cause that's how you operate. You could care less about a son being ripped away from his father, 'cause it's business to you, right? That's all you care about?

Victor: I'm a business man. Okay? Business is tough. Now, who the hell are you to come in here and to talk to me like this?

Nick: Hey, Sharon, it's me. I heard you had to leave the ranch 'cause it didn't have electricity. You went to stay at a hotel with faith. Just do me a favor and call me and let me know when you get there and where you're staying, okay? All right. Be safe.

Sage: You sure are in demand this evening.

Nick: Yeah, Noah and Summer are out having some fun. I just hope they're off the roads.

Sage: You're a good dad.

Nick: Well, no matter how old they get, you never stop worrying about them. I'll, uh, I'll be right back. Hey.

Phyllis: Hi.

Nick: I see you and Jack really got into it. You okay?

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. Why would you think otherwise? Because I ran out of this room screaming? I was angry, okay? But I'm fine now. So if you intend to grill me about what's going on in my mind like everybody else wants to know, you can turn right around and leave me alone.

Kelly: [Sighs]

[Both breathing heavily]

Kelly: [Laughs] It was never like that before! Oh, trust me, I'm glad it happened. I want it as much as you do, but I knew we still had chemistry. [Sighs] Oh, sorry, maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

Jack: We should both get out here.

Kelly: Huh?

Jack: You first.

Kelly: [Gasps]

Neil: [Grunts]

Devon: Here. Baby, baby. Keep your eyes open. Eyes open.

Hilary: Thank you. Thank you.

Devon: There you go.

Cane: I can't find lily. Neil, I can't find her.

Neil: Did you see any houses or cars?

Cane: No, I haven't seen any roads. I think we're in the middle of nowhere.

Colin: Listen, come over by the fire. Get warm before you go.

Cane: I have no time, dad. She's out there. She could be freezing to death.

Colin: I want you to take this coat.

Cane: I don't want your coat.

Colin: Then I insist!

Cane: I don't want your coat!

Jill: Listen to me! We have a fire. Now, you stay warm or you will be no good to lily when you do find her.

Cane: Oh, God. Okay.

Colin: Cane. Good luck, son.

Cane: Thank you, dad.

Devon: Listen to me. Cane is gonna find lily and we're not gonna lose Hilary, either. You hear me?

Avery: Okay, we all could have handled things differently, and I'm not talking about just tonight. I'm talking in general.

Nikki: Avery, come on. Open your eyes! Guys like this will tell you anything you want to hear, and then you realize too late that they didn't mean a word of it.

Sage: Hey. Is everything all right?

Victor: Your fine has an attitude.

Adam: Yeah, um... [Clears throat] Sorry about that. I, uh... I let my emotions get the best of me sometimes, and, um... that was obviously one of them. I'll let you get back to your party. [Sighs]

Victor: Be very careful, son. Very.

Sage: What the hell are you doing? The last place you want to be is on Victor's radar. You have to be more careful!

Adam: Relax, okay? He didn't suspect anything.

Sage: I watched you. And with Victor, you forgot who you are now. I saw Adam, and if you keep acting like that, then everyone else is gonna see it.

[Door opens]

Kelly: Well, I -- I think I'm gonna go now.

Nick: Hey, Phyllis. Phyllis. Come on. Grill you? After everything we've been through? We're friends. I just came over to see if you're okay and tell you you're not paying for another drink the rest of the night.

Phyllis: Look at that. I think the night just took a turn for the better.


Dylan: Damn it! I need help right now! We're under heavy fire! You got to help me! [Sighs] What the hell?

Kevin: I am not a criminal. Those days are behind me. I work for the police now. Besides, why would I admit that I wrote the story if I were guilty?

Fenmore: Good point. You could have kept your mouth shut or lied.

Mariah: I think he's telling the truth.

Abby: The guy just copped to being a fiction writer. He tells lies for a living.

Kevin: It's a hobby!

Noah: Pretty intense hobby.

Kevin: So what?! Doesn't mean that I'm a killer! What the hell is wrong with you people?

Courtney: We're all just trying to get the truth, Kevin. And it's gonna come out soon enough. Someone here is not gonna like it.

Mariah: Oh, my God, Abby! The truth? What do you know about the truth?

Abby: What? I haven't lied about anything.

Kevin: Really? Then what are we all doing here?

Summer: [Shrieks]

Colin: Are you still mad at me because of the way I used that information I had on Devon and Hilary?

Jill: "Used that information"? Could you just call it what it was? It was blackmail, okay? And yes. I was very, very angry, but I knew why you did it. You did it to get chancellor back for me.

Colin: You have no idea. I so wanted to be... your knight in shining armor.

Jill: My love, you are.

Neil: [Grunting]

Hilary: [Groans]

Neil: You all right?

Devon: Yeah. Hilary!

Neil: Are you okay? You okay?

Devon: Oh, God!

Neil: Stay with us. Stay with us.

Devon: Neil, look at this. Look at this. Look! Her leg's cut. It's bad. It's by an artery. We need to put pressure on it.

Neil: Use this blanket.

Devon: Give me. It's okay.

Neil: Lift the leg up a little bit, elevate it.

Devon: All right. I got it. I got it.

Neil: You're okay.

Hilary: It's bad...isn't it?

Neil: Don't worry about it. You're gonna be okay. You hear me? Stay with me here. Stay with me. Devon and I, we're gonna keep you alive. Yes, you keep fighting.

Hilary: I'm not gonna make it.

Devon: You are gonna make it!

Neil: Don't say that.

Hilary: Neil.

Neil: You're gonna be fine. Stay with us. Don't fall asleep.

Hilary: Neil, before I die... there's something you -- you need to know. [Breathing raggedly]

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