Y&R Transcript Tuesday 2/10/15


Episode # 10601 ~ Chelsea learns the truth about Gabriel & Sage; Avery opens up to Joe; Austin loses his head.

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Adam: So, what do you think?

Sage: You bought this furniture today and it's already here?

Adam: Yeah. Chelsea ordered it, I bought it, put a rush on it. What's the big deal?

Sage: 'Cause you just can't wait to sit in a couch that Chelsea picked out, put your feet up on the coffee table that Chelsea picked out, and sleep in the bed that Chelsea chose.

Adam: So it's my fault that I like my wife's taste.

Sage: Well, she's your widow, and it's her taste in men that I'm wondering about.

Adam: Huh. Okay. A loyal man who would do anything to be with the woman that he loves -- that's, uh -- that's someone that you'd be lucky to find.

Sage: Did you really think that furniture shopping with Chelsea's gonna make her fall in love with you?

Adam: She's already in love with me, Sage.

Sage: No. She's not in love with Gabriel Bingham. To her, you're taken. And in case you missed it, she lives right there with Billy Abbott.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, no, I-I know. And I've been able to do nothing but think about that. And to remedy that situation, I'm gonna need your help more than ever.

[Cell phone rings]

Billy: Hey. I just go home. Where are you?

Chelsea: Crimson lights. Um, it's been kind of a crazy day between working at Jabot and helping Gabriel pick out some furniture. I thought I would get us some takeout instead of cooking.

Billy: You bought furniture with Gabriel?

Chelsea: He just wanted a designer's eye. And you know me -- any chance to shop. [Chuckles]

Billy: [Chuckles] Yeah.

Chelsea: I'll be home soon, okay? Love you.

Billy: I love you, too. What the hell?! I swear, you give the guy a freakin' inch... [Sighs]

Adam: Hey, neighbor. What can I do for you?

Billy: Hey, you can get your stuff out of the way so I can get home to my family. That's what. Oh.

Chelsea: Oh, Sharon. Hey. I'm glad I ran into you.

Sharon: Um...can whatever it is wait until my next fitting?

Chelsea: Uh, no. It's not about business. I was gonna ask how the custody hearing went.

Sharon: I took your advice. I, uh, played hardball with nick. I even put faith on the stand.

Chelsea: Wow. Good. You really went for it.

Sharon: There was no other choice, right? I had to counter nick's attacks. I had to find a way to discredit him.

Chelsea: Yeah. Did you?

Sharon: Well, I had the perfect means -- a story about a half-naked woman faith saw parading around nick's house.

Chelsea: Right. Sage. So, please tell me that did the trick with the judge.

Sharon: It was a deciding factor.

Chelsea: That's wonderful.

Sharon: For nick. He got full custody.

Summer: Hey.

Nick: This is a surprise.

Summer: Hi. I'm sorry. I know that Noah said not to stop by 'cause faith was super wiped out.

Nick: Yeah. It's been a hell of a day.

Summer: Yeah. By the way, I'm really glad that the judge awarded you custody.

Austin: Yeah, uh, congratulations.

Nick: Thanks.

Summer: I hope my testimony helped a little bit.

Nick: Oh, I'm sure it did. I know it must have been hard getting cross-examined by Sharon's attorney. The guy was out for blood.

Summer: Yeah, but I-I'd do anything for you... and for faith, and, look, she's a really lucky girl. She's being raised by the best superdad on the planet.

Nick: [Chuckles] Well, this superdad is pretty wiped out himself.

Summer: Oh, okay. Well, don't worry. We're not gonna stay long. Actually, the reason why we came by is 'cause...Austin wants to tell you something.

Nick: I thought you were working at the club tonight.

Austin: I am. Or I was till she dragged me over here.

Summer: Okay, well, the only reason why I dragged you here is because you might never have gotten around to it yourself.

Nick: Okay. What's going on?

Austin: The building inspector -- he came by looking for you.

Summer: Three times. According to Austin, he came by three times, and each time, he left a message for you to call him.

Nick: I never got a message.

Summer: [Chuckles] Well, that's the point. Now he's threatening to close the place down.

Nick: Close it down?!

Summer: Tonight. Yes, unless you go and do something about it.

Nick: We're booked solid for Valentine's Day. It's a huge night.

Summer: I know, but you're not going to be unless you find a way to fix this.

Nick: You knew about this? Why didn't you come to me?

Austin: It slipped my mind.

Nick: It slipped your mind? That's your excuse?

Austin: You know how it is. You get busy. Other things come up.

Nick: What other things?

Austin: Life, work, my real job.

Nick: Your real job? What?

Austin: For Joe Clark -- shooting the commercial, promotional video.

Nick: All right. Let me tell you something, kid. When no one else would hire you because they were afraid of all your mistakes, I did. I hired you, and that means, until I give you your two-weeks' notice, that is your real job. You got that?

Dylan: Delivery, ma'am.

Avery: Funny. I don't remember ordering a pizza.

Dylan: Well, are you Avery bailey Clark, attorney at law, won a big custody decision earlier today, then threw herself into her sister's case and has been hard at it ever since?

Avery: It says all that on the box, does it?

Dylan: I just wanted to make sure I'm at the right party.

Avery: Well, you're at the right place. I don't think it's a party.

Dylan: Now it is.

Avery: Oh, Dylan, this is so sweet, but I don't have the time right now.

Dylan: Oh, come on. Sure you do.

Avery: No. Listen. Just because Phyllis is out on bail -- oh, that looks good.

Dylan: Yeah.

Avery: Um, she's not in the clear, and I'm working very hard on a temporary-insanity case, and it has to be airtight.

Dylan: Well, it will be. And in order to make that happen, you have to be at your best. So just put this aside, give yourself a little break, okay? Come on. You always take care of everybody else. Let someone take care of you for a change.

Avery: And who did you have in mind?

Dylan: Some jerk who accused you of going behind his back to see your ex at his hotel room.

Avery: Oh, that guy.

Dylan: Yeah.

Avery: You mean the one who stormed off and spent last night in his old place?

Dylan: Yep. That's the jerk. And now he wants to make it up to you.

[Knock on door]

Joe: Excuse me. Avery, you got a minute?

Dylan: Avery's busy. Next time, call for an appointment.

Joe: Clearly I've interrupted some very serious legal work.

Dylan: Oh, whatever you've interrupted, it's really none of your business.

Joe: Look, I'm not saying it was, all right? I'm here to see Michael, actually.

Avery: Mi-Michael's not in.

Dylan: You expect us to believe that you're here at this hour looking for a lawyer?

Joe: What you believe is irrelevant. But for the record, it's the truth.

Avery: Okay, well, I'm sure you can reach Michael on his cell phone, so --

Dylan: No, you want the truth? Here's the truth, Joe. You drove by, you saw the light on, you figured you'd have a chance to get Avery alone.

Joe: I already had Avery alone.

Dylan: Don't start that again.

Joe: Just calling it the way it is, okay? She came to me on her own volition.

Dylan: You saying something happened between you two? Is that what you're saying?

Avery: No! Nothing happened. Nothing happened. You know that. You told me that you believed me. Was that just an act?

Joe: Face it, Avery. Clearly, there's something Dylan's hiding. Okay, he's not the man you thought he was, but you're exactly who I thought you were.

Nick: Yeah, I am so sorry for the mix-up. My staff didn't want to disturb me while I was dealing with some very important family stuff. Yes, sir. I totally understand that. Uh...I can meet you at the underground right now if you'd like, if it's not too late. Great. Great. I will see you there. Thank you. I'm on my way.

Austin: Look, I'll come with you. I'll explain everything to the guy.

Nick: No, it's a little late for that, all right? I've just got to find a way to keep this inspector from shutting us down.

Summer: Look, dad, I'm so sorry, okay? If we would have known sooner, I would have --

Nick: Yeah, I know. I know. Sometimes I forget just how young you two are. Can you watch faith while I'm gone?

Summer: Yeah. Yeah, whatever you need. Yes.

Nick: I'll try not to be too late. I don't want her waking up and finding me gone. She's had enough stress for today. We all have.

Austin: God, could he have come down on me any more? I mean, first, you know, I'm a screw-up, then I'm a kid. Kind of surprised he didn't bring up my rap sheet. Oh, yeah. And thanks for having my back over there. It's nice to know that you're always by my side.

Summer: I can't defend you, Austin, not when I agree with him. Look, you messed up.

Chelsea: Oh, Sharon. I'm really sorry. I should have never encouraged you to be so aggressive.

Sharon: My lawyer was on board with it, also. So there's no reason for you to feel guilty. Besides, it was actually going really well until Mariah took the stand and suddenly had an attack of honesty.

Chelsea: Well, what did she say?

Summer: That faith misunderstood what was going on between nick and his friend.

Chelsea: Right. His friend Sage.

Sharon: You know her?

Chelsea: Yeah. Actually, she and Gabriel Bingham just moved across the hall from us. I helped them pick out furniture. [Chuckles]

Sharon: Gabe? They're a couple?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Sharon: Do they seem happy?

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, as far as I can tell. That's how I knew nothing was going on with Sage and nick when I saw them together.

Sharon: Well, that's good to hear.

Chelsea: Why? What do you care if... oh, Sharon. You don't still think there's a chance for you and nick, do you?

Adam: All right. Any more out there?

Billy: No. That's -- that's the last of them.

Adam: Right. Tell you what -- thank you for that help. And, uh, you know, I don't know what Sage and I would do without neighbors like you...and Chelsea, of course.

Billy: Yeah, I heard all of this was her doing.

Adam: Yeah, yeah. It turns out she and I have pretty much the same tastes.

Billy: [Chuckles] Yeah. You know, I-I'm surprised that you didn't have more input in all this. I mean, I would have thought that you'd want to have a say-so in your own furniture.

Sage: Well, I didn't have a choice picking out my own home, so what's the difference?

Adam: Bit of an exaggeration, don't you think, sweetheart? I mean, we both agreed that I would find us a place to live while you...you know, just continued to --

Sage: To what? What exactly is my role here?

Billy: Uh, you know, I don't want to be a wet blanket, but I should probably get on home.

Sage: Oh, no, no, no. Please. Stay. [Chuckles] Since you and Chelsea are such great neighbors, as Gabriel keeps pointing out...

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: ...I would love some neighborly advice. How do two people live together when one of them is living a lie?

Billy: [Chuckles]

Billy: I should probably head out like I was going to.

Adam: Yeah.

Billy: But since you brought it up, uh...what -- what lie are you talking about?

Sage: Well, it's not so much --

Adam: I think I'll go ahead and field this one, sweetheart. Uh, you know, uh, it's our living arrangement. Um, it's new to both of us, and I've been sort of going along like everything is hunky-dory and everything is fine and we don't have any problems. And that's obviously not the case. Uh, you know, we're fine. And we're gonna be fine. It's all minor stuff we just have to iron out -- all insignificant, right, sweetheart, hmm?

Sage: Far be it from me to contradict you on anything that has to do with real-estate investments or sofas or anything so "insignificant."

Billy: Okay. Now I really am leaving, but, uh, you guys have...fun.

Adam: Yeah. Are you sure, buddy? 'Cause I could really use some backup.

Billy: Yeah, I'm really kind of anxious to get home to my little boy, so...

Adam: Your little boy?

Billy: Wh-what was that?

Chelsea: Please, tell me you aren't thinking that way, not after what nick put you through at that hearing today.

Sharon: I know. I know. I couldn't even imagine talking to him again, much less holding out hope that we might, one day --

Chelsea: Get back together?

Sharon: [Sighs] I may have my issues, but I'm not delusional. I realize that nick and I -- we're over. But maybe one day, we'll be friends again.

Chelsea: Seriously, Sharon? Friends?

Sharon: Well, he called me earlier, and he asked me to come over and comfort faith after she had a nightmare.

Chelsea: Okay, well, that's a long way from best friends forever.

Sharon: You got to start somewhere, right?

Chelsea: [Sighs] I don't know, Sharon. I mean, it seems to me maybe just faith kind of manipulated nick, and then he just tossed his hands up and said, "you deal with it."

Sharon: No, I don't think that's what happened. Faith is really scared that she's going to lose me, and she needed to know that I was there. And nick understood that. So he looked past his anger, and -- and he put her first.

Chelsea: Okay. It just kind of seems like me like nick is calling all the shots. It's not like you two spoke about it and decided mutually what was best for faith.

Sharon: No. I mean --

Chelsea: I just -- I just don't want you to make more of this than it really is. I would hate for you to set yourself up for more pain.

Sharon: But when you were in a similar situation with Adam and he found out that Connor was his, you two worked out your issues.

Chelsea: We did. But we never got our happy ending.

Sharon: I'm not holding out hope for a happy ending. I'll take civil. And maybe one day, nick will realize that joint custody is what's best for everyone.

Nick: Hey. Thanks for meeting me here so late. I figured I'd better get a jump on this list the inspector left for me.

Oh. He wasn't kidding, was he?

Nick: No. I'm sure he tacked on a few extra things for every time he had to come out here. Can you finish that this week?

Well, it's a lot, but the weather forecast is good for the next couple days, so we can start it right away.

Nick: Oh, cool. I got a lot of people planning on being here for Valentine's Day. I don't want to let them down.

Dylan: You're a lousy judge of character, Joe. Partnering with Victor Newman proved that. If you think you know me, you're dead wrong.

Joe: And you're quite predictable. I say it's only a matter of time before you self-destruct.

Dylan: All right, now that's your M.O. -- Self-destructing your marriage.

Avery: Okay, can we not get into that, please?

Dylan: [Sighs] Actually, there's no reason to. Because I don't plan on leaving room for you to start over with Avery. Because unlike you, I'm gonna do everything I can to make things right with her.

Joe: Well, your temper says otherwise.

Avery: Okay, enough! I won't stand for this.

Dylan: Avery, come on. Just --

Joe: I wouldn't do that. The harder you try, the more it's gonna push her away.

Dylan: Oh, you -- you would love that, wouldn't you? You could step back in, make up for all the mistakes you made the first time.

Joe: The only mistake I made was allowing you between us.

Dylan: You came between you.

Joe: I'm not done talking to you. There's that temper again.

Billy: Yeah, I know that Connor isn't my own flesh and blood, but the little guy's come to think of me as his daddy, and, well, I couldn't love him more if he were my own.

Sage: Well, who could blame you, right, Gabriel?

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: Uh, hey, guys. Sorry. I hope I'm not intruding. The door was open.

Adam: No. Come on in.

Sage: Not at all.

Adam: Please. Come on in. Yeah.

Chelsea: Hi. What's going on? Is everything okay?

Billy: Yeah. I was just helping Gabriel and Sage move some furniture, and we got to talking about family.

Sage: And all the furniture -- the sofas, the tables, the lamps, the chairs...

Adam: Anyway, uh, it all came, and I was just, uh, wondering -- what do you think of it? It looks better than it did online, even, right?

Chelsea: Um...uh, not quite, actually. I think the placement kind of blocks off the flow of the room.

Adam: You do? Where -- where would you put everything?

Billy: You know what? We need to go pay Amanda so she can get home.

Chelsea: Actually, would you mind doing that and throwing this in the microwave? I'll just be one minute.

Billy: Uh...sure. Yeah.

Sage: Yeah, you know, I'm gonna take off, too.

Adam: Yeah?

Chelsea: Uh, but don't you want to help decide where to put the furniture?

Sage: Eh, as far as I'm concerned, it can all go in the dumpster. Have fun playing house.

Chelsea: Uh...

[Door slams]

Adam: I am so sorry about that. She's usually pretty sweet.

Chelsea: No, no. I feel like I should apologize for overstepping. I didn't mean to cause a fight between you and your girlfriend.

Adam: Uh, right. Um, listen, Chelsea, about that -- uh, Sage isn't my girlfriend. Um... she's my wife.

Avery: Well, all is good so far. Faith's still asleep.

Austin: Well, at least something about this damn day is going right. Wait. Should I ask permission? I mean, your dad's liable to put me in a timeout.

Avery: [Scoffs] You know what? That's not fair. My dad has been one of your biggest supporters since the very beginning, and in case you forgot, he gave you a chance when nobody else would.

Austin: And I'm grateful for that. But that doesn't mean I have to spend the rest of my life cutting up limes and mixing martinis, does it? I mean, look, I-I have dreams of my own, and I want to live off of my talents, not off my father-in-law's generosity.

Summer: Okay, and that's great. It's another reason why I love you.

Austin: Then why aren't you supporting me on this? Look, yeah, I should have told nick about the building-inspector thing, but it only happened because I was trying to restart my career.

Summer: Okay, well, if that's how you felt, then maybe you shouldn't have come down on Joe for dropping the commercial.

Austin: So, it's my fault he reneged on his offer?

Summer: I'm just saying I wish you would stop and just think before you act. Okay, that's what got you in trouble with the law.

Austin: Yeah, and that's the reason I married you, too. Or maybe you want a redo on that one.

Sharon: [Clears throat] Should I ask?

Dylan: [Sighs] Makeshift ice pack.

Sharon: Is it working?

Dylan: Eh, a little bit. I just feel like a sucker for letting somebody get to me.

Sharon: Let me guess. His name begins with "Joe" and ends in "Clark"?

Dylan: Yeah, I don't want to talk about it.

Sharon: Okay. But I do owe you a listen since I dumped all of my troubles on you earlier. I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't been by my side when the judge's decision came down. You really put yourself out there for me -- I mean, because Avery was representing nick. I hope I didn't cause any problems for you two.

Dylan: No. No, her ex-husband took care of that. The guy just can't back off.

Sharon: It's hard letting go.

Dylan: Especially when it ended the way it did -- not a clean break, but with an affair.

Avery: [Sighs] You're still here?

Joe: Hope you don't mind. I borrowed a can of soda.

Avery: What happened?

Joe: Uh, you have to ask?

Avery: Well, I'm sure you provoked him.

Joe: Dylan would be provoked if a monk so much as looked at you.

Avery: He's very protective.

Joe: To a fault.

Avery: Whereas you were the complete opposite when we were together. Like that Valentine's Day you barely paid attention to me.

Avery: I thought we had reservations at the Starlight Room.

Joe: Yeah, this place is a lot closer to the, uh, strip mall my client's looking at. I thought we could check it out on the way home.

Avery: This is in the neighborhood of the strip mall? How romantic, Joe. Joe. [Sighs]

Man: Hey, there, beautiful. How about a dance?

Avery: Oh, uh, I don't think so, but thank you anyway. [Chuckles]

[Cell phone rings]

Joe: Joe Clark. Yeah, I'm right around the corner. Well, what's your budget? You know, this place is a little undeveloped, but I'm sure I can negotiate a good price.

Avery: Hey. You know what? I would love to dance with you. [Chuckles]

Joe: What are you talking about? It did not at all go down that way.

Avery: Oh, come on. You didn't even look up from your phone.

Joe: That is not true. Yeah, it's actually gonna have to wait till tomorrow. I'm out with my wife. Okay. Hey, Footloose, the dance is over.

Man: Come on, man. It's Valentine's Day.

Joe: Yeah, and if you want to see the rest of it, you'll get lost.

Avery: What are you talking about? It was an innocent dance.

Joe: You know damn well I saved your ass. Literally.

Avery: Okay, and when have I ever needed saving? If that man had put his hands there, he wouldn't have hands left.

Joe: I'm just saying that's how I remember it.

Avery: And I'm telling you you're wrong.

Joe: You really believe that? I mean, you've painted me out to be this uncaring, dispassionate person all this time that it's so difficult for you to believe that there's even another side to me. Look, I realize I wasn't the best husband, Avery, but I certainly wasn't the worst.

Avery: No.

Joe: No, but I get it. You had to make me out that way to justify your affair. Don't bother saying it. I've rewritten history. You had every right to cheat on me.

Avery: That's not what I was gonna say. Look, whatever the reality is, and I don't even know what that was anymore, our marriage ended because of me. I'm the one who bailed, and... I want you to know I'm sorry.

Avery: I mean, we were both pretty young with different expectations, I guess. And I should have realized that I wasn't an afterthought to you. And I should have worked harder to save our marriage.

Joe: And I should have found a way to show you how important you are to me, how much I loved you. If I had it to do over again, I... but who am I kidding? You don't get second chances like that. Sorry I ruined your night. You should...take the pizza and wine home to your fiancé.

Avery: Hold on. We still have some unfinished business.

Dylan: Look, you don't have to do this.

Sharon: If you won't let me be your sounding board, at least let me get you a proper ice pack for your hand. I forgot. I-I -- you know what? I would have never brought you here if I had --

Dylan: What happened?

Sharon: I had just gotten back from court to this empty house. And I couldn't -- how much can one person bear? Here were all these pictures of this incredible life I once had, a life that I almost had back until... and I just couldn't bear to look at it. I-I wanted to destroy all the memories. I'll get it. I'll get it. I'll put them all back. I-I will.

Dylan: And the matches?

Sharon: Yeah. And the matches. I'm all right now. I am. Now that nick isn't shutting me out of faith's life completely --

Dylan: Sharon, still, you have to be careful. What if nick had seen this instead of me? I mean, one look at this room and faith could be out of your life for good.

Nick: All right. First thing in the morning, right? Okay. So, are you celebrating or trying to forget?

Sage: Well, that depends on how you did in court today.

Nick: I won. I got full custody of faith.

Sage: Nick, that's wonderful. I'm so happy for you.

Nick: Thank you. Thank you. Now all I have to do is figure out a way to keep faith happy. You know, I can't isolate her from her mother. She needs Sharon as much as she needs me. So the question is how do I make that happen and still keep her safe.

Chelsea: You're a good guy and a really good father. You're gonna find a way.

Nick: All right. Your turn.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: Why are you here drinking alone when you should be at home chilling in front of the TV...

Sage: Chilling -- well, that's not --

Nick: ...With your husband?

Sage: Oh, [Sighs] That's not the type of marriage that I have, remember? But, uh, I'm not here alone, am I?

Nick: Well, here's to better luck and better times.

Sage: Ugh, whew.

Nick: Yeah.

Sage: Yikes. [Chuckles]

Nick: All right. Well, I got to get back to faith.

Sage: Nick. Did I mention that you're a good guy?

Adam: You know, instead of a big wedding surrounded by a bunch of people that we didn't know -- here you go.

Chelsea: Thanks.

Adam: Um, Sage and I decided to elope.

Chelsea: Oh, I'm -- I'm sure it was beautiful.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, no. It was beautiful all the way up until the "I dos." Ever since then, it's been one "I don't" after another, to be honest with you. You know, "I don't think we should have bought this place." "I don't think that we should have bought this furniture." "I don't think we should be doing this." Were you and -- were you and Adam like that?

Chelsea: Mm. Are you kidding? Adam and I used to fight all the time.

Adam: You did?

Chelsea: Yeah.

Adam: Really? About what? About, like, the big stuff or the little stuff or...?

Chelsea: Well, um, we had some huge issues. But if you love someone the way I loved Adam, you work on it.

Adam: Yeah.

Chelsea: You work to get past the issues. You don't give up, even when --

Adam: Even when one of you does something unforgivable. Listen, I'm sorry. I-I know I asked you before if you could ever forgive Adam for covering up that -- that poor little girl's death, but I think I asked you the wrong question, actually. I think I should have asked you if your husband walked through that door right now... would you take him back?

Adam: Would you have stood by Adam through the trial, all the jail time, knowing what he had done?

Chelsea: I'll never have to make that choice, so --

Adam: But if you -- if you did have to make that choice -- I-I'm sorry. I'm not trying to press. I'm really not. I'm just -- I'm trying to find some glimmer of hope for me and Sage, you know? And I-I feel like if -- if you can tell me that you would have done that for Adam, that you loved him that much --

Chelsea: I wish I could tell you what you want to hear. But the truth is I don't know. I used to spend so many sleepless nights asking myself that same question.

Adam: You used to?

Chelsea: Loving Billy and raising Connor together -- it's, um -- it's helped me to put all of those feelings just out of my head. I'm -- I'm focused on the future now. So, speaking of the future, I actually -- it's gotten late, so I have to go.

Adam: Uh, well, you know, what about the -- the -- the feng shui.

Chelsea: The feng shui, um -- we'll have to cover the feng shui another time. [Sniffles]

[Door opens]

Chelsea: [Sniffles] [Sniffles]

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Hey.

Billy: There you are. I was just about to come get you and -- hey. Chels, what's wrong? What's going on?

Summer: How could you say that? All I want to do is stay married to you.

Austin: That's the problem. It's always about what you want. You grew up having everything handed to you, and now you want me to cater to you just like everyone else. You want me to be the perfect son-in-law, and that means being the perfect bartender.

Summer: No. I do not expect you to be the perfect anything. But as long as you're waiting for something else to come along, why can't you keep your mind on the job that you have been hired to do?

Austin: You just don't get it. Maybe you just don't get me.

[Door opens]

Nick: Hey, sorry. It took longer than I expected. How's it going here? Did faith wake up?

Summer: No. She's -- she's fine. Um, how'd the building inspector go?

Nick: I think it's gonna work out.

Austin: No thanks to me, right?

Nick: You screwed up, kid, but because I love my daughter so much, I'm not firing you. But something like this cannot happen again.

Austin: That's fine. It won't. I quit.

Summer: Austin, you cannot just quit!

Austin: Yeah, I can. And I do. Live with it.

Sharon: Hold still and keep this on your hand to stop the swelling.

Dylan: I don't -- I don't need this.

Sharon: Yeah, and I don't need to keep a lid on my emotions. Thanks for reminding me to stay in control. I really can't afford to go off the rails.

Dylan: Yeah, well, I could, uh, use a reminder every now and then, myself.

Sharon: You and I both tend to go from zero to 100 sometimes, don't we?

Dylan: Yeah, I just wish I could find somewhere in between.

Sharon: Before you screw up your life like I have?

Dylan: I mean, the last thing I want to do is ruin things with Avery. I'm afraid that may be exactly what's happening.

Avery: This is gonna sting.

Joe: Story of my life.

Joe: Oh, that didn't hurt at all.

Avery: Too bad.

Joe: Thank you. [Smooches]

Avery: All I did was clean up your lip.

Joe: You did more than that.

Avery: I think we should call it a night.

Sharon: I cannot believe that he just did that. I mean, you tell him that his job is secure, and then he just throws it in your face, and for what? To go after his dream?

Nick: Hey, there's nothing wrong with that. It's what I did.

Summer: Okay, I'm sure you weren't so rude and irresponsible and selfish about it.

Nick: Oh, I'm sure your grandfather would disagree with that. Look, why don't you go find him, tell him he still has a job if he wants it.

Summer: I love Austin so much, but I cannot keep pretending that I'm okay with this. Okay, I can't go on watching every single word that I say around him or apologizing for having money in the bank or a family that I'm proud of. I'm -- I just won't do it.

[Cell phone chimes]

Billy: You tell me what happened. What did he do? Because I swear, if he made you cry --

Chelsea: No, no, Billy. Please. They have their own problems to deal with. I promise. It was just -- I just want to go inside and give Connor a kiss and sit by the fire and eat dinner with you. That's all I want to do.

Billy: I'm gonna worry about you all night if you don't tell me what happened.

Chelsea: It was just something Gabriel said. It reminded me of what time of year it is, and I -- and I thought about Delia.

Billy: [Sighs] Her birthday. My sweet valentine girl. Well, um, [Chuckles] Come on. Let me serve dinner to my other sweet valentine girl.

[Door opens]

Sharon: There. Now no one will ever know that I completely lost it in here. Thanks for your help, bad hand and all.

Dylan: [Sighs] I'm fine. You think I'd learn my lesson some day.

Sharon: Maybe we'll both learn some lessons some day. You should go home, Dylan. Go to Avery. Tell her you love her and stop sabotaging your life.

Dylan: [Sighs] Same goes for you. Sabotaging part. I'm gonna call you out if I see you risking your happiness, and I'm counting on you to do the same thing for me.

Sharon: Deal.

Dylan: Deal.

Sharon: Oh. Whoops. Bad hand.

Dylan: Yeah. Deal.

Sharon: [Chuckles] Deal.

Joe: Well, enjoy your pizza. Too bad it's not deep dish. That was always your favorite.

Avery: Yours was peppers and mushrooms.

Joe: Wow. We do remember some things right. Enjoy your night.

[Slow-tempo music plays]

I can't stop loving you oh, you know it's true

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Christine: The psychiatrist's report on Phyllis.

Jack: Victor moved her into the ranch for a reason, and it wasn't out of the goodness of his heart.

Victor: Everyone else on the outside thinking you're nuts when you know you're not. You're here with me now, and you're safe.

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