Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/5/15


Episode # 10598 ~ Nikki is suspicious of Victor's motives; Kevin tries to comfort Mariah; Lily has questions about Colin's intentions.

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Sharon: Nick, I am begging you. Don't let them take my daughter away from me. She needs me! I need her!

Judge Ramsey: I am not going to tell you to sit down again, ms. Newman.

David: Sharon, Sharon, do as the judge says, okay?

Sharon: No!

David: You've got --

Sharon: No!

David: Sharon --

Noah: Mom, please.

Sharon: Noah, I can't! I won't listen to any more of this.

David: Uh, your honor, request a recess.

Judge Ramsey: You've got 10 minutes to get your client under control, Mr. Sherman.

Dylan: Sharon, just -- just wait.

Sharon: They've all turned against me -- Mariah, Noah, and Nicholas. The man that I have loved my whole life is trying to take my daughter away from me.

Victor: Anything about Nicholas and the custody suit?

Nikki: No. Not yet. I'm just a little worried about you.

Victor: What do you mean you're worried about me? Why are you worried about me?

Nikki: I'm afraid you're about to do something you might regret.

Neil: I heard the door. I knew that was you.

Hilary: Yeah, I thought I would work from home today, but it sounded like you were going out.

Neil: Very nice. Uh, I am, actually. You remember the experimental program that I told you about?

Hilary: Yeah.

Neil: Well, the doctor wants to see me.

Hilary: Oh, I thought that appointment wasn't until next week.

Neil: The assistant called and said the doc needs to see me right away.

Hilary: Do you think something's wrong?

Neil: No, I don't. On the contrary, I-I think this is gonna be good news.

Hilary: Really?

Neil: If the doctor is this anxious to see me, I'm betting that he wants to start treatment right away, maybe even -- maybe even today.

Hilary: Neil, that would be wonderful.

Neil: Oh, Hilary. I am praying that I'm gonna get my sight back. What that would mean for us...

Hilary: It would change everything.

Cane: All right, listen, if you need me, I'll be on my cell.

Devon: You sound like a man who's back in your element.

Cane: Yeah. I suppose I should thank you for that, huh?

Devon: I did give you the money to buy chancellor back. And you're welcome.

Cane: Yes, you did. And for that, I got Colin off your back. But what about your dad? What happens to him now?

Devon: He gets to hear the truth about Hilary and me from us when the time is right, so it's all good.

Cane: See, there, the thing is it's not all good, 'cause I have to lie to Lily, and you know I don't like doing that. Hey.

Jill: Hey.

Cane: How are you?

Jill: So...are you ready to make this official? We're off to finalize the purchase of chancellor industries, which would not be happening if it weren't for you.

Colin: So you've said. Let's, uh, hear it for, um, Devon here.

Lily: Uh-oh. Should I get some champagne?

Jill: Why don't you just get a bottle and I can break it over Victor's head?

Lily: And waste some good bubbly? No, thank you. I'd much rather toast you and Cane.

Jill: Cane, you're not looking quite as enthusiastic as I would have thought with all this happening. Is something the matter?

Lily: So, what's going on with you?

Cane: I don't know. I'm probably just having a little trouble, you know, thinking all this is real. But, hey, once I sign the contracts, I'll be just as happy as Jill.

Jill: You sure that's all that's going on here?

Cane: Yeah. That's it.

Jill: 'Cause I thought that maybe you were having second thoughts about running the company with me.

Cane: No, no, no, no. I think as long as you and I can share the same creative vision, we'll take chancellor back to the powerhouse it once was.

Jill: Devon, you're gonna stick around for the celebration, right?

Devon: I don't know if I can.

Colin: Oh, but you must. I mean, you've done so much to make this possible.

Jill: [Laughs]

Devon: I'll try and be here. I will.

Jill: Oh, thank you so much for this.

Devon: Of course.

Colin: Perhaps we could erect a statue, complete with pigeons, of course.

Jill: Darling, don't be like that. So what if Devon gave us the money to buy back chancellor? We got it away from Victor. That's what matters.

Colin: Yeah, I guess.

Jill: [Sighs] It matters to me that you tried so hard. Thank you. Now, I'm gonna go get fixed up, 'cause I want to look my best when I drive that stake through Victor's heart.

Colin: Yeah.

Lily: I am gonna put that champagne on ice, and I cannot wait to celebrate with you... here and at home.

Colin: You're welcome.

Cane: For what?

Colin: For not telling Lily about Devon and Hilary's dirty little secret.

Cane: I should give you a medal for not wrecking my marriage. Is that what you want?

Colin: No. But maybe a favor.

Nikki: Selling chancellor industries -- are you sure -- are you absolutely sure you want to do that?

Victor: Darling, it's a done deal. Jill and Cane are on their way over to sign the papers.

Nikki: But it's not too late to change your mind.

Victor: Why would I do that?

Nikki: Katherine entrusted that company to you. It was very important to her.

Victor: Sweetheart, it was important to me that she did that, okay? You know how I feel about Katherine. She was a very close friend to you and to me. I think about her every day. Besides that, you mean everything to me. Furthermore, you must realize that the debt incurred by chancellor industries because of that stupid deal that Cane was involved in -- that Bonaventure deal -- we're gonna take care of that now. Besides that, I'm not gonna sell the property that Dylan's coffeehouse is on.

Nikki: I don't want you to do this for me. Okay? I don't deserve it.

Victor: But, sweetheart, why do you say that?

David: The judge called a short recess. You're gonna need to pull yourself together and prove that --

Sharon: Prove what? That I'm not crazy?

David: No. That you are a capable parent, Sharon, which you are, okay? Now, let's go back inside, all right?

Sharon: I can't, David.

David: Sharon, if you don't do this --

Dylan: Can you just -- just give us a minute, okay?

David: Yeah. Yeah. Just...don't take too long.

Dylan: Hey, I know what happened in there was rough.

Sharon: I didn't think that nick would go this far. Noah and Mariah -- I thought they were on my side, but Avery convinced them to...turn against me.

Dylan: No, your kids love you. I'm sure they didn't mean to hurt you.

Sharon: They were my last chance to convince the judge that faith belongs with me. [Voice breaking] But they took nick's side. And now I'm gonna lose my daughter and nick's gonna have all of them and I'm gonna be alone.

Noah: How you doing?

Mariah: Life was easier when I didn't give a damn about hurting people.

Noah: That's the price you pay for caring.

Mariah: It's too high, if you ask me.

Noah: So, why did you do it?

Mariah: I didn't want the judge's decision about faith's custody to be based on a lie.

Noah: That's why I had to tell the truth about my mom's bipolar disorder.

Nick: Maybe I should withdraw my petition.

Avery: Is that really what you want?

Nick: Did you see Sharon? She is faith's mother. My goal was not to destroy her.

Avery: No, it was to protect faith, and to do that, we have to prove that Sharon is unstable and unable to provide a safe environment for faith, and she just gave a perfect demonstration of that.

Neil: I got a glimpse of my future last night.

Hilary: Uh, I don't understand.

Neil: I had a-a dream. I saw the most beautiful blue sky and white clouds. They were alive and vivid. Hilary, I really could see. And, see, then -- then the doctor called me, and -- and wants me to come in. I think this is -- I think it's an omen, a good one.

Hilary: You're reading a lot into a dream, don't you think?

Neil: No, I'm really not. I'm not. My heart is telling me that this is gonna happen. [Sighs] Oh, baby. I'm really gonna see again. Now we can start our lives all over.

Hilary: That's all I want.

Neil: The car should be here.

Hilary: Okay. Come on. I'll get the door for you.

Neil: All right. I love you, baby.

Hilary: I love you, too.

Neil: Thanks. I'll see you later.

Hilary: Okay.

Cane: Let me guess. You want me to step back and let you run chancellor. Am I right?

Colin: No, no, no, no, no. I would never suggest that. But I might suggest that you step aside and let my wife run things.

Cane: You want me to hand the company over to Jill?

Colin: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You let her take the driver's seat and you ride shotgun.

Cane: How is that any different?

Colin: Son, we both want the same thing.

Cane: Uh-huh.

Colin: We'll keep our wives happy.

Cane: Okay. All right. So, I see how Jill's happy with this, but what about Lily? How's she happy?

Colin: Well, Jill gets to run chancellor and, uh, I don't tell Lily that you knew all about Devon and Hilary's filthy little secret.

Cane: [Chuckles] You're gonna blackmail me?

Colin: Yeah, I guess it could be that.

Cane: See, no, you can't blackmail me, 'cause I'm blackmailing you because you blackmailed Devon. You know that, don't you?

Colin: Hold it. What do you mean I can't? I've been doing this longer than you. I mean, there -- there are no rules.

Cane: No, no. There are rules, 'cause we had a deal.

Colin: The deal we had was that I wouldn't tell Neil about Hilary and Devon. Didn't say anything about Lily.

Cane: Go and tell Lily. Go and tell her. You know what I'll do? I'll go and tell Victor that you're the one responsible for him having to sell chancellor.

Colin: It's not my fault that that idiot doesn't have enough money to run Newman.

Cane: Okay. All right. Newman was on top of its game before the whole Bonaventure mess, which was your fault.

Colin: Yeah, it would be inconvenient, perhaps, you know, facing Victor's wrath, maybe a fraud charge. But you've got to weigh that against the fact that Lily would find out that you knew about Hilary and Devon and used it for your own gain.

Cane: Are you telling me that you would destroy my marriage?

Colin: I know that you'll do whatever you have to to protect Lily, and that --

Lily: Hi. Champagne is chilling.

Cane: Hey.

Jill: Okay. Are you ready to go?

Cane: Yeah.

Colin: And, uh, don't worry, son. I'll be here looking after the little lady... as I know you'll look after mine.

Jill: And we will go rescue Katherine's company from the big bad wolf before he huffs and puffs the whole damn thing down. Come on.

Nikki: Marriage should be 50/50, and -- and I'm not doing that.

Victor: Of course you are. Why do you say that?

Nikki: Victor, for one thing, I'm sleeping in the guest room, and I-I-I-I haven't shared things with you. I-I haven't made an effort to bridge the gap between us, and -- and you're giving up so much for me.

Victor: There's something you can do for me.

Nikki: Name it.

Victor: Move back into our bed.

Sharon: Nick used my own kids.

Dylan: I'm sure he hates them being in the middle of this as much as you do.

Sharon: You know, I understand Noah not wanting to hurt his dad. But I thought Mariah would be loyal to me.

David: Hey, so, the judge is about to come back. You gonna be okay?

Dylan: She'll be fine.

David: All right.

Dylan: You ready?

Sharon: Wait. Stay.

Judge Ramsey: Be seated. [Bangs gavel]

David: Your honor, I would like to apologize for my client's outburst. It has been a very trying time for ms. Newman.

Judge Ramsey: I understand that proceedings like this can be painful and difficult for everybody, but the welfare of a child is paramount. With that in mind, I have reached a decision regarding custody of the minor faith Newman. It is my opinion that, effective immediately, faith be placed in the sole parental custody of her father, Nicholas Newman. Ms. Newman will be allowed unsupervised visits with her daughter at Mr. Newman's discretion. This custodial arrangement will be in place for one year, at which time, both parties will be reevaluated and any necessary adjustments made. Court's adjourned.

Avery: This is the right thing, nick.

Nick: Nothing about this is right.

David: Sharon. Sharon, this is not the end, okay? We will be back here before you know it.

Sharon: I've just lost a year of time with my daughter. Do you have any idea what that's like for a parent?

Dylan: Hey, maybe you should give her some space.

David: Yeah. Take care, okay?

Noah: I am so sorry, mom.

Avery: Ms. Martin is bringing in faith to say goodbye.

Sharon: Right now?

Avery: Well, the judge said, "effective immediately."

Faith: Mommy!

Sharon: Hi, baby. You did such a good job up there.

Faith: Can we go home now?

Sharon: Well, um, your daddy and I have talked about it with the judge and our lawyers, and we've decided that you're gonna go and live with your daddy for a while.

Nick: You know, Noah's gonna come over for dinner tonight, and we're gonna have chocolate-chip pancakes.

Faith: No. I don't want to go with you.

Sharon: Faith.

Faith: [Voice breaking] I thought if I talked to the judge, he'd say that we all would live together again. Did I do something wrong?

Sharon: No, no. You were perfect. You did nothing wrong. And your daddy and I love you so much, and that will never change. The only thing that will be different is where you sleep.

Faith: I'll miss your kisses.

Sharon: Oh. I'll tell you what. I -- at night, you'll close your eyes, and I will send them special delivery, okay?

Faith: Okay, but it won't be the same.

Sharon: [Sighs] I love you.

Faith: I love you, too, mommy.

Sharon: Okay. You have to go. You got to go with your daddy and Noah.

Faith: Bye, mommy.

Sharon: Bye, baby.

Nick: Come on.

Dylan: [Sighs] Sharon, I'm so sorry. I'll catch up with you later. I'm sorry. What can I do?

Sharon: [Sniffles] Just get me out of here.

Mariah: Hey, I could take you home.

Sharon: You stay away from me.

Colin: Little game of gin rummy until the, uh, corporate conquistadors return?

Lily: You know, I do actually work here.

Colin: Well, yeah. You're the boss. But you've got to have a break sometime.

Lily: All right. Fine. One game. But I'm gonna be watching you, because I know that you cheat.

Colin: A lot of that going around, you know?

Lily: [Chuckles] Yeah, maybe the circles you run in.

Colin: You'd be surprised who's...blurring the lines of morality these days.

Lily: You talking about Cane?

Colin: What?

Lily: I saw you two talking earlier. What was that about?

Victor: Please come back to our bed. I miss you, baby. What's holding you back?

[Cell phone chimes]

Victor: Anything at -- what?

Nikki: Oh, my god. Nicholas has been awarded full custody of faith.

Victor: Oh, thank god. That's wonderful news.

Nikki: [Sighs]

Victor: That is wonderful news.

Nikki: He wants me to come over and help faith get settled in.

Victor: Okay. I'll be there as soon as I'm finished here, okay?

Nikki: All right. Oh, my goodness. I am so happy this custody thing is over with. Faith is with her father where she belongs. This family has just gone through too much drama. Maybe this is a sign that things are starting to improve.

Victor: Well, are they gonna improve for you and me?

Nikki: I will move out of the guest room tonight.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

[Knock on door]

Victor: That's the best news -- come in!

Jill: Hello, there.

Nikki: Oh, well, hi, Cane.

Cane: Hey, Nikki.

Nikki: Congratulations.

Cane: Thank you very much.

Nikki: I know that Katherine would be thrilled to know that you're going to help run her company.

Cane: Thank you.

Nikki: Well, I'll see you around.

Cane: Sure.

Nikki: Jill.

Victor: Sweetheart, let me see you to the door.

Jill: Lovely to see you, Nikki, as always. Is that the contract?

Victor: You a little eager?

Jill: Hello, gorgeous. Whoo!

Victor: Just remember what the company looked like when I sold it to you.

Jill: It's a mess, but we'll soon remedy that, won't we, Cane?

Victor: If I were you, Jill, I wouldn't...brag about your achievement before having accomplished it, okay?

Jill: I have been around the corporate block a time or two, haven't I?

Victor: Jill. You have a history of overestimating your abilities.

Jill: Victor, if you had all the answers, you wouldn't be selling chancellor to us, would you?

Victor: I'm doing this because of my family and because of my wife.

Cane: It's finished.

Victor: Okay.

Jill: We are now the proud and rightful owners of chancellor industries.

Victor: My lawyers will send over the executed documents, all right?

Cane: Thank you, Victor. I know this wasn't easy for you.

Victor: You're welcome. Good luck to you, both of you.

Jill: I appreciate that, but we won't need it, because I have Katherine on my side. Come on. Let's go celebrate.

[Door closes]

Lily: What were you two discussing?

Colin: Sports, weather, recipes.

Lily: Me. I heard you say my name.

Colin: I was asking Cane about, um, romantic getaways that you'd been on together. I wanted to take Jill away before she gets...buried in this new job.

Lily: Really? Well, it sounded to me like you two were arguing.

Colin: What would we be arguing about?

Lily: I don't know. But things seemed pretty serious.

Colin: Gin.

Lily: What?! No. You -- you cheated.

Colin: [Chuckling] I am as innocent as a newborn babe.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Devon: So, the doctor didn't say why he wanted to see Neil?

Hilary: No, but Neil is convinced that it's gonna be good news. After all of the lying and cheating and blackmail that I did to your family... I thought that I put all of that behind me.

Devon: You did. And once Neil gets his sight back, we're gonna end all this.

Hilary: Meanwhile, you're just putting up millions to keep Colin quiet.

Devon: Well, at least Cane and Jill will own chancellor industries. I know that my grandmother would be happy about that.

Hilary: And what do you get out of it?

Devon: If the company's a success, I get my investment back, but most importantly, we get Colin off our backs.

Hilary: That would be a relief. Then we could finally tell Neil the truth when he's ready.

Devon: Which hopefully will be very soon.

[Door opens]

Hilary: Neil, hey.

Devon: Hey.

Neil: Hi. Devon, is that -- is that you?

Devon: Yeah, that is me. I, um -- Hilary called me to say you might have some good news, so I came over.

Hilary: What did the doctor say?

Neil: [Sighs] I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten everybody's hopes up.

Hilary: What do you mean? What happened?

Neil: I've been dismissed from the program.

Mariah: I thought they were just gonna ask me if you were a good mom or not. I didn't know Avery was gonna bring up all that Sage stuff.

Sharon: [Voice breaking] And you couldn't just tell them that faith didn't tell you anything?

Mariah: She did tell me.

Sharon: After everything that I have done for you -- I went to Portland. I bailed you out. I took you in. I defended you. I forgave you when you pretended to be Cassie, when -- when you went after nick.

Mariah: I didn't ask you to do any of that.

Sharon: I was there for you when nobody else was, and this was before I knew you were my daughter. And when I needed you, you let me down!

Mariah: I was under oath! I had to tell the truth!

Sharon: Since when has that mattered to you?

Mariah: You are always telling me to be a good person, to be more like precious Cassie.

Sharon: Cassie would have never stabbed me in the back.

Mariah: Neither did I.

Sharon: You knew that my whole case hinged on faith seeing Sage undressed at nick's house. You couldn't just back her up? Why couldn't you just do that for me?

Mariah: I don't owe you anything.

Sharon: I don't know how you can say that. You live in my house.

Mariah: Not anymore.

Dylan: Mariah --

Mariah: No. Take your room and board and shove it. I don't need it or you.

Dylan: Okay, let-let's just calm down.

Mariah: No! If she doesn't want me in her life, then I don't want to be in hers, either.

Sharon: That's fine with me.

Mariah: Just go. She needs you more than I do.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Mariah: [Breathing shakily]

Kevin: I heard what Sharon said to you.

Mariah: It's official. I suck at being a daughter.

Kevin: Sharon was just upset.

Mariah: [Crying] She hates me. And why shouldn't she? I'm not Cassie.

Kevin: Come here. It's okay.

Nick: I got everything we need for pancakes for dinner. I just need a helper. I don't know, somebody, like, this tall, blond hair, blue eyes.

Faith: I want to go home.

Nick: I know you do, sweetheart. But we talked about it. This is your home now.

Faith: I miss mommy.

[Knock on door]

Nikki: Hi, sweetheart. I got your text.

Nick: [Smooches]

Nikki: I'm so excited.

Nick: Well, not everybody is.

Nikki: Oh. Well, hi, sweetheart.

Faith: Hi, grandma.

Nikki: How are you feeling?

Faith: Not good.

Nikki: No? Well, you know... when I didn't feel very well when I was little, you know what used to make me feel good?

Faith: What?

Nikki: A great big bubble bath. Would you like that?

Faith: Will you stay with me?

Nikki: Well, yes, of course I will stay with you. Come on. Let's go.

Nick: Thanks, mom.

Nikki: Of course. Ooh, I'll get bigger bubbles than you, I bet.

Nick: All right. Let's hear it. I know you're mad at me, too.

Noah: I'm sad for faith and for mom. I-I wish you hadn't just insisted on sole custody.

Nick: I didn't want to, son. But I honestly felt like it was the only way I could insure that faith grew up in a happy, safe, and protected environment. And the important thing is we got to focus on the transition and help faith through that, because it is not gonna be easy on her.

Noah: Or mom.

Sharon: Hi. What are you doing here?

Dylan: I wanted to make sure that you were okay.

Sharon: I didn't think I could survive losing Cassie, and now...to have faith taken away... how could nick do it?

Dylan: I don't know.

Sharon: I was surprised to see you in court today. Why were you there?

Dylan: Actually, I was there to show my support for Avery.

Sharon: And then it turned out your crazy friend needed the support.

Dylan: No, you're not -- you're not crazy.

Sharon: I felt like I was losing my mind today.

Dylan: Well, I did lose my mind when Chelsea told me Connor wasn't my son. You know, that little outburst you had in court was nothing compared to what I did.

Sharon: Well, I feel like I've alienated everyone.

Dylan: Your kids love you. And I got a feeling that nick won't keep faith from you for long.

Sharon: Even one day would be too long.

Dylan: Yeah, I know.

Sharon: [Sniffles] Um, I appreciate you checking in on me, but, um, if you don't mind, I -- would you...

Dylan: Get lost?

Sharon: I just wanted some time by myself.

Dylan: I understand.

Neil: The results of my last test were very disappointing. The doctor said it would be useless to continue with the protocol.

Hilary: Neil, I am so sorry.

Devon: What if they had more money to fund the research?

Neil: Well, that's very generous of you, son, but no amount of money is gonna buy back my eyesight. The doctor made his decision. I just have to accept it. That's all.

Hilary: You're not giving up hope, are you?

Neil: Not as long as I have my family, and if I do, I have everything.

Hilary: You have us here, Neil.

Neil: Thank you. My little man Moses -- I'm gonna have to call Sofia, update her. Thank you.

Hilary: Okay.

Devon: Hey, dad.

Neil: Uh-huh?

Devon: I'm really sorry about this, man.

Neil: Thank you, son.

Hilary: Devon, if he doesn't get his sight back --

Devon: I know.

Lily: I was 100 points ahead of you. There's no way you could have won!

Colin: See for yourself.

Lily: You think I trust your score keeping? I don't.

Colin: Well, why would I cheat?

Lily: Because you're breathing. That's why.

Jill: [Singsong voice] Hello. [Normal voice] Behold the new and vastly improved owners of chancellor industries.

Lily: What? Oh, my gosh. Congratulations!

Colin: This is a fantastic day!

Jill: It is fantastic. Mwah! And very interesting.

Colin: Did something else happen?

Jill: Well, yes. Cane and I had a little chat on the way back here. I know everything, Colin.

Nick: I know what you're gonna say.

Nikki: Oh, do you, now? Because I don't have a clue.

Nick: "Nicholas, you did the right thing."

Nikki: Honey, even if that were true, I know it wouldn't make you feel any better.

Nick: We've been through a lot, mom -- some really bad stuff. Losing Cassie was by far the worst. And I know what that did to Sharon. Today --

Nikki: Today was heartbreaking for everybody. I know.

Nick: You think I did the right thing?

Nikki: I think you did the right thing for faith.

Nick: So do I. But what I think and what I feel are two different things.

Nikki: Well, baby, you just have to give your heart a chance to catch up with your brain, okay? Why don't you go on up and see faith? Go on.

Nick: Okay.

Nikki: I love you.

[Knock on door]

Nikki: Hey!

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Nikki: Hi.

Victor: How's faith?

Nikki: Ah, she is... adjusting. How did it go with Jill and Cane?

Victor: Chancellor industries is now in their hands.

Nikki: Well, I'm sorry.

Victor: Mm. I'm not. Mnh-mnh.

Nikki: What are you saying? You had this whole thing planned?

Colin: Cane told you everything. That's quite a lot for a small car ride.

Jill: He made me realize what an incredible husband I have.

Colin: He did?

Jill: Yep. You convinced him that I should be top person at chancellor.

Lily: What?

Jill: Mm-hmm.

Cane: See, dad and I had a little conversation. He made me realize that Jill has more experience than I do, and she has a, uh, better profile in the business world, so...

Lily: You have as much to offer as Jill does.

Jill: Um, that is not exactly the case.

Cane: All right, listen, I just think it's the best way to go. Let's just leave it there.

Lily: I disagree.

Cane: Okay. I don't want to talk about this anymore. I've got to go. Things to do. See you later.

Lily: This makes no sense.

Jill: Come here. Mm.

Colin: Mm. Mm. You're welcome.

Jill: How did I get so lucky?

Colin: As husbands go, I'm -- I'm something else.

Jill: [Laughs] Devon may have given us the rest of the money to buy chancellor, but, baby, you knew what I really wanted. You knew that I wanted to sit in Katherine's chair and to carry on her legacy. It's a daunting task, but I did it before. I can do it again.

Colin: And I'll be beside you, advising every step of the way.

Jill: Well, now, sweetheart, that's not exactly true.

Colin: Why not?

Jill: Uh... you can't have anything to do with chancellor. You can't even go near it.

Lily: Do you want to tell me what's really going on?

Cane: There's -- there's nothing going on.

Lily: No, there has to be another reason why you stepped aside and let Jill take over. Was it your dad?

Cane: No, no.

Lily: Is he holding something over you?

Mariah: Sharon didn't want me to be Cassie on the stand. She just wanted me to be me, and I couldn't even do that.

Kevin: Maybe this is you.

Mariah: What, you think I've changed?

Kevin: It happens. "With every second that passes, with every breath we take, with every beat of our heart, we are no longer the person we were the moment before, and not yet the person we'll be in the moment that follows."

Mariah: "You have to strive to be the best you that you can be at every moment."

Kevin: Smart guy, that Plato sphere. Knows what he's talking about.

Mariah: Maybe, but the best me doesn't have a place to live anymore.

Kevin: Oh. You can live with me.

Avery: Nick got full custody. Well, I don't know if "happy" is the right word, but I think he's satisfied with the outcome. Michael, I got to go. I'll see you back at the office. So, I guess you're still mad at me for not telling you that I went to Joe's hotel room to talk.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Avery: And I'm sure you're also upset that I helped nick win custody of faith, so why don't you just let me have it? That's what you want to do, right?

Dylan: Are you done telling me how I feel?

Avery: Am I wrong?

Dylan: On all accounts, counselor. I came to apologize.

Sharon: You told nick and me, before you left us, that we would have another little girl one day, and I always believed that you brought faith to us. But now nick's taken her away from me. [Crying] My sweet angel's gone. And so are Mariah, Noah, nick, everything we built, all of our hopes, all of our dreams for our future -- it's all gone. And I'm alone now. [Sniffles] I'm just all alone.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Hilary: There is something that I've been meaning to tell you, but I've just been putting it off.

Mariah: I helped nick destroy my mom's life, and you think I'm happy about that?

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