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Episode # 10596 ~ Jack's betrayal against Phyllis causes Summer to lash out; Kelly's plan is put into motion; Austin and Joe clash.

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Avery: It's Fairview or a jail cell.

Jack: There had to be another option. We should have found another -- I should have found another one.

Avery: You heard Christine. They were gonna push this case as far as they could.

Jack: Yeah, a psychiatric evaluation -- she couldn't do that at home?

Avery: No, she couldn't, Jack. This is it. Look, she'll be evaluated, she'll get the help she needs, and she won't be in a jail cell.

Jack: Yeah, she's still in a cell. You and I both know that. She can't leave, she can't walk around, she can't take a shower without permission. She didn't wake up for that. She didn't come all the way home for that. She deserves more.

Summer: Jack... uh, what's wrong? I-I got your message.

Avery: Summer, it's good you're here.

Summer: Wait, wh-why isn't Mom with you guys? Where is she? [Pounds on door]

Phyllis: You can't just leave me in here and forget I exist! [Crying]

Nurse: No one's forgotten you. It's time to rest.

Phyllis: Rest? Rest? I've had an entire lifetime for rest. Isn't that right, Jack? Is he still out there? My fiancé, my love? He's a liar! You're a liar, Jack! You lied to me! Oh, my Go-- no. No, no, no, no, no. You stay the hell away from me. [Breathing shakily]

Nikki: Hey, did you hear?

Dylan: Uh, hear what?

Nikki: It's over. Victor called off the sale of the warehouse district. The coffeehouse is safe, the business, you -- you're here as long as you want to be.

Dylan: [Chuckles] Se-seriously? Victor backed off?

Nikki: He knew it was the right thing to do.

Dylan: It was for your sake, wasn't it?

Nikki: Hey, your my son. I'm his wife. He always says that family is the most important thing to him. He loses sight of that every now and then.

Dylan: Yeah, but you -- you got him to see the way.

Nikki: Well, he gave me his word, so nobody can ever take anything from you.

Dylan: Thank you. [Sighs]

Victor: The warehouse deal is off the table, okay?

Joe: Well, clearly your mind's made up. The investors won't be pleased.

Victor: You don't seem to be too perturbed. You would have made a hell of a commission on this.

Joe: Well...

Victor: Made a lot of money, made a name for yourself.

Joe: Making a name and the money -- I'm not out for it. I got what I wanted out of this deal.

Victor: Well, good for you.

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Phyllis: I slept for a year. I was stuck in my own head and stuck in a clinic. What -- what if that's gonna put me under for good? What if I never wake up? Oh, my God. That's what you're all trying to do, isn't it? To make it so I never wake up. Did Jack put you up to this? Oh, my God. Wouldn't that make life so much easier? [Voice breaking] Maybe you all just wish I'd never woken up.

Nurse: You'll think much more clearly after some rest.

Phyllis: No, I don't want to rest. I don't want to rest. I don't want to sleep again. [Crying] I don't want to sleep again. I don't want to be alone again.

Jack: Summer, this transition for your mom has been rough -- rougher than we ever anticipated.

Summer: Yeah, but she has us to lean on. We can get her through this. I know it's been harder than it's --

Jack: No, it's been harder than you know. There are things we didn't realize were going on with your mom.

Avery: Things Phyllis didn't even realize.

Summer: Wait, that doesn't make any sense.

Jack: Phyllis has been fighting some demons since she came out of the coma -- some of them medical, some of them... emotional. But no matter how many times I tell her I love her, she thinks of Kelly as a threat.

Summer: Yeah, well, she's not. I mean, you love mom.

Jack: With all my heart. But it's how Phyllis perceives things that's important, and she sees Kelly as a threat, and she's been trying to keep her away from me. And recently, she... she went too far, and we're just trying to protect her and keep her safe.

Summer: Okay, now, where -- just where -- where is my mom? Please, just -- just tell me. Please.

Avery: Your mom is at Fairview. She's getting an evaluation.

Summer: What? No. No, no, no, no, no. My mom has no business being there. They can't just lock her up in a mental hospital.

Jack: It was our best option for keeping her safe.

Summer: "Our best option"? You did this on purpose?

Avery: It was either Fairview or a jail cell, Summer.

Summer: You are a lawyer. You keep people out of jail! [Crying] You could have fixed this!

Avery: Summer, this is the fix.

Jack: If there was any other way --

Summer: No, there is always another way, and you should have found it!

Avery: Your mom is gonna get the help that she needs, Summer, and then she'll come back to her life and to you.

Jack: And when she's better and she's home, you have my word I will never let her go again.

Summer: Home here? With you?! It's like you don't even know my mom. After this, she will never forgive you, and she will never trust you again. And you know what? I don't blame her.

Jack: Summer, you don't know what your mother's done. We're trying to keep her safe.

Summer: Do not pretend that this is for my mother's sake. This is for yours. This is the easy way out -- putting my mom through hell so you don't have to fight for her. You have given up on her once, and now you're just going and doing it again. And you know what's worse is that, last time, you expected me to give up on her, too. But I am not giving up on her this time.

Avery: Summer, Summer, please, will you wait?

Kelly: Austin, looking for someone?

Austin: Joe Clark's office said he'd be here.

Kelly: Oh, yes. Well, I know that he's a hotel guest, but, um, I haven't seen him recently. Sorry.

Austin: I'll just hang out here for a bit.

Kelly: Yes, of course. Um... I don't mean to intrude, but, uh, is Summer okay?

Austin: She's fine.

Kelly: I know this is kind of awkward and Summer would probably I'd rather not ask, but I do worry about her. I mean...not being with Jack is one thing, but the -- the people that he cares about -- I kind of came to care about them, too, and convincing Jack to be at your wedding -- it meant something to me to make a difference to both of them.

Austin: Hey, I can't say this around Summer, but what happened to you and how Jack handled it -- it wasn't right.

Kelly: Love is complicated, right? [Chuckles] Life is complicated. We make the best decisions we can and try to live with no regrets. [Chuckles]

Austin: Well, I know a little bit about regrets and moving on, but still.

Kelly: You know, Phyllis has been through a lot, and her coming back is really a miracle, but... it has been sort of like throwing a stone in a pond. The ripples keep going. [Chuckles]

Austin: Well, Summer had pretty much given up on getting her mom back. And it was a miracle, but it's complicated.

Kelly: Complicated in what way?

Dylan: Hey.

Joe: Oh, what's this? Your Victory lap?

Dylan: So, you heard the deal was dead. I just came to offer my services in case you need a shoulder to cry on.

Joe: Well, no tears from me. Just as I told Victor Newman, I'll tell you --

Dylan: Man, all that time and effort you put in the deal, moving into this place so you can oversee every little detail, among other things.

Joe: You know, real-estate deals come and go. Should have just been business, but it got messy. Much cleaner now that the warehouse district is off the table.

Dylan: Well, isn't it a shame that you don't have a reason to stay in Genoa city and keep hitting on my fiancée?

Joe: Avery said I hit on her?

Dylan: Because I didn't notice it myself?

Joe: You know, speaking of your fiancée, why aren't you two off celebrating with your espresso machine?

Dylan: Oh, I'm saving the champagne and confetti for when you check out, Joe, since you have no reason to stick around. Avery's not interested.

Joe: Well, I'm not chasing her. That's in your head. And I made that very clear to her yesterday when she was in my room.

Victor: Your hands are cold, my baby.

Nikki: Oh, well, not for long. I just came from telling Dylan that you're not going to be selling the warehouse.

Victor: Was he happy?

Nikki: Very. It was like a gift, being able to tell him that.

Victor: Well, let's add to that. Apparently, Jill Abbott has the money, she says. So now chancellor industries is in her capable, or rather incapable hands.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. And how do you feel about that?

Victor: I feel all right about it. I think Katherine would be happy, don't you?

Nikki: Even though she left it to you in her will, I think knowing that Cane and Jill will have the opportunity to work together again -- it would please Katherine just to know that it might make Jill crazy again.

Victor: Yeah.

Nikki: [Chuckles]

Victor: And now that it is her company, I can concentrate on my company and my family.

Nikki: Oh, really?

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Nikki: Anything else?

Victor: Oh, yeah.

[Doorbell rings]

Victor: Oh, one second. Summer.

Summer: Grandpa.

Nikki: Oh, honey. Wh-what's wrong? My goodness.

Victor: What's the matter, sweetheart?

Summer: Well, mom is at Fairview. They said it was either that or jail because she's been acting out, and Jack said it's because of the treatment that you tricked me into signing for.

Victor: Whoa, whoa, whoa, sweetheart. Hold your horses now. Remember, your mother is back in your life and back in this town because of me. All right?

Nikki: I would never let you say anything that you would regret later.

Victor: Okay? Come here.

Summer: I'm sorry.

Victor: It's all right.

Summer: I'm sorry.

Victor: Just know that I will help her, okay? I helped her before, and I'll help her again.

Dylan: She was in your room?

Joe: Yeah, I made it very clear to her that I didn't come to town to chase her or...ruin you.

Dylan: Which is something you had to discuss in your suite? It was before the deal was killed.

Joe: We had to hash things out. You know, some conversations aren't meant to be had in the lobby of a hotel bar.

Dylan: Yeah, sure.

Joe: Look, Avery and I were married. We have history. And I'd like to think that we're like other civil divorced couples and not get sucked into the negativity -- you know, something her and I can manage. But clearly you have an issue with that.

Dylan: Oh, you want to put this on me now? All this polite chatter? It's a bunch of crap, Joe. It's a joke.

Joe: Man, you spin out fast. Maybe that's why she didn't tell you about our conversation.

Dylan: We're done.

Joe: You won, Dylan. You get to keep your coffeehouse. If you can't be happy about that, what can you be happy about?

Austin: This whole thing -- I mean, Summer keeping me a secret from her mom, Jack keeping you a secret from Phyllis -- who the hell can keep up with all the secrets?

Kelly: Yeah, it's awkward to say the least.

Austin: Yeah. Understatement.

Kelly: But it is kind of new territory, right? I mean, Jack was warned by the doctors that Phyllis would be in a fragile state.

Austin: Yeah, meanwhile all I ever heard was how tough she was.

Kelly: A person can be tough and fragile at the same time. It's kind of the human condition.

Austin: You know, you're, uh, pretty cool about all this considering.

Kelly: Not that cool. But I'm trying. [Chuckles] One thing I know is that Jack and Summer have a real bond, regardless of blood. And I really hope that they can be there for each other through all of this.

Austin: Summer's with him right now. I mean, I-I think that it's about Phyllis, and I'm kind of scared to think what it could be about this time.

Avery: What you told Summer is true. This is the best way. It's the only way to protect Phyllis at this point.

Jack: Is that what I'm doing? Protecting Phyllis? She's locked up, frightened, confused, lost. Victor didn't do this. I did this. I didn't get her help in time. I didn't -- didn't see any of this coming, and now we're stuck with this trauma and chaos.

Avery: No. How were any of us supposed to know the mental shape Phyllis was in? Victor had her treated with experimental medication without any of our knowledge.

Jack: And it worked. She came out of her coma.

Avery: But we didn't know, Jack. We didn't know to have her monitored for side effects. We didn't have the information, and Victor has culpability on that point.

Jack: Victor didn't give up on Phyllis when I did.

Avery: Oh, that's not because he cared about Phyllis. It's because he wanted to know Sharon's secret.

Jack: Does the "why" really matter? She came home... to a man who'd brought another woman into her house, into her bed. She knew I was keeping her at arm's length. I went on and on about how I was doing it for her sake. She knew. She knew I was protecting my choice. There shouldn't have been a choice, damn it. If I'd given her the love and support she deserved, that she needed, none of this would have happened!

Avery: Jack --

Jack: That is the truth. This is my fault.

Jack: I met someone. I wasn't looking to fall in love. I wasn't. Knowing that a piece of me will always belong to you... just like you will always be there in my heart. I will miss you.

Summer: [Crying] You came back to me, Mom. I cannot lose you again.

Victor: Phyllis?

Victor: Everything will be fine, okay? You'll be all right. You're in the hospital.

Phyllis: Mental hospital.

Victor: I've come to visit you, all right? Now, the nurse has given you some sedatives so you can relax. But I came here as soon as Summer had told me what had happened.

Phyllis: Summer.

Victor: Don't you worry about Summer. She's all right. I'm here to help you.

Phyllis: Victor... you go to hell.

Kelly: Jack?

Jack: Kelly. Kelly, do you have a minute?

Kelly: Uh, yes, of -- of course. What's wrong?

Jack: There's news, and I wanted you to hear it from me.

Kelly: Is it about Phyllis? I mean, Austin was just here. He didn't say anything.

Jack: Phyllis has been admitted to Fairview.

Kelly: What?! She's been committed?!

Jack: No, she -- she admitted herself voluntarily based on legal advice, but she's getting full psychological evaluation and treatment.

Kelly: Jack, I never thought that it would come to this. I-I-I told Paul I didn't want to press charges. You have to know that.

Jack: It's -- it's done. And fair-Fairview was our best option.

Kelly: She must be terrified. I mean, first in a clinic and now in a-an institution. This is all because of me.

Jack: No.

Kelly: I never should have stayed in town. I should have left immediately.

Jack: Kelly, listen to me.

Kelly: I am so sorry, Jack.

Jack: This is not your fault.

Kelly: It's not your fault. You've been so caring and -- and so protective of her. You've done everything you could.

Jack: There's something I should have said before, something you need to know.

Summer: This is exactly what it was like losing mom for the first time. Just feeling her slip away from me. I really didn't mean what I said to Jack or to Grandpa.

Nikki: Oh, darling, we all do and say things that we don't mean when we're under a lot of stress.

Summer: I just got her back.

Nikki: Phyllis is a fighter. She's brave, she's strong, and she adores you. She has every reason in the world to work hard and come back to you.

Summer: You know, I swore that if I ever got mom back, I would never take her for granted. But I-I did. I just got so used to her being here if I needed her.

Nikki: Honey, you didn't take her for granted. You love her. But sometimes in life, the people that we're accustomed to having around us -- something happens and they're not there anymore and the world can become a lonely place.

Summer: I-I don't want to think of my mom being so alone.

Nikki: She's not. And you're not. We -- we all rely on one another. We need one another. And then, when they're not there sometimes, we do things that we might not necessarily do.

Summer: Grandma, can we be honest? Just the complete truth?

Avery: Hey! Finally some good news. I just heard about the warehouse district. No sale.

Dylan: Yeah, Nikki was here earlier. She wanted to tell me herself.

Avery: So, she must have gotten through to Victor or someone else. And no matter what made Victor back off, it was you. You were the driving force -- your focus and determination and the fact that people love you.

Dylan: You think that was it?

Avery: Absolutely. It was a town that wanted the best for you and for Crimson Lights. And I am so happy for you. I needed this good news, too. How should we celebrate? What? What's wrong?

Dylan: I'm not getting the whole story, am I?

Avery: What do you mean?

Dylan: My niece's christening. You were in Joe's room instead of with me. Victor didn't just suddenly change his mind. Did you make Joe a better offer?

Avery: What the hell is wrong with you? That's who you think I am? I made a trade for your business 'cause that's a thing I do?

Dylan: Joe put a lot of effort into saying that nothing happened.

Avery: Nothing did happen, and the fact that you would even think that --

Dylan: Well, he -- he tricked you into his room once, Avery. You're the smartest person I know, so tell me why you would walk back in there again, knowing exactly what he wanted.

Avery: Really? This is where we are now? Accusations and suspicions?

Dylan: Because you keep going back to his room behind my back and not telling me! After a while, it starts to look like there may be a reason for that.

Austin: Mr. Clark -- Joe, I have a rough cut for you.

Joe: Oh, what's that?

Austin: The video you commissioned. I have something for you to look at.

Joe: Oh, change of plans. Don't need it.

Austin: What? I don't understand.

Joe: Don't need it.

Austin: But you wanted this video. We discussed the content.

Joe: Yeah, I don't want it anymore.

Austin: But the rough cut's done.

Joe: Good for you.

Austin: So, what, that's it? You're just gonna walk away?

Joe: Yeah, looks like it, Alan.

Austin: My name is Austin, and that's not gonna happen.

Nikki: Well, darling, I hope that we will always be honest with each other. But I understand sometimes life is difficult.

Summer: No, I-I just -- I feel like I need to say this. You know, before mom's accident, I was -- I was a mess. I was...bullying that kid Jamie, driving recklessly, Chelsea's miscarriage, and then when mom was in the coma, everyone was saying how well I was handling it just because I wasn't doing anything awful to anyone. But the truth is I wasn't handling it well. I was just searching for someone, anyone to just keep me from falling apart, and then I wound up depending on Sharon of all people.

Nikki: Well, honey, you can't blame yourself for that. I mean, Sharon and your father were together at that time, and of course Sharon is going to insinuate herself into the family.

Summer: Yeah, but I bought into it. I-I trusted her, and she was the one reason why I didn't have my mom. She was the reason why I even felt lonely in the first place, and then I go on and I think about faith and what she can do to her, what she's doing to faith.

Nikki: It is typical selfish Sharon.

Summer: The one thing that I am happy for is that I can -- I can be there for faith. You know, I-I can hold her hand and I can tell her that everything's gonna be okay. And -- and I can stand up and I can tell the truth about Sharon and what she's capable of.

Nikki: But I want you to remember -- it's not all on you. The judge is going to listen to your testimony, but he's going to consider everything, not just what you say.

Summer: I mean, I owe it to dad and to Jack to tell everybody about Sharon, to make up for trusting her and for being so stupid and naive.

Nikki: Sweetheart, you're not.

Summer: No, I am. When mom was gone, I was just so lonely and I-I felt so alone that I did anything I could not to feel that way.

Nikki: Yeah.

Summer: I didn't even stop to wonder or -- or analyze. I just...left myself wide open, begging to be loved.

Nikki: Honey... is all of this just about Sharon?

Summer: What?

Nikki: When you were talking about feeling loved, I mean, are you...possibly questioning that marriage was the right decision for you?

Phyllis: This is all you -- what I did because of you.

Victor: Wait a minute. I understand that you had some issues with Kelly Andrews.

Phyllis: She's poison. It was either here or prison.

Victor: I don't think you'd be in here more than a few days. When you get out, all the friends who have waited for you before will wait for you again.

Phyllis: I should have just stayed in the clinic, asleep.

Victor: Phyllis, that's absurd what you're talking about now. Genoa City wouldn't be the same without you.

Phyllis: Better off.

Victor: You've got to snap out of this. It's your force of nature that saved you.

Phyllis: You saved me.

Jack: Phyllis was meant to come back to me. I lost sight of that. I-I gave up on her. That's a mistake I will never make again.

Kelly: How wonderful of you to be so strong for her. Seeing Phyllis spin out like that -- I cannot imagine how difficult that's been for you.

Jack: Phyllis is the strong one. She has saved my life more times than I can count, not just with the pills -- I mean being part of my life. And when I lost her, when...this coma took her, I-I told myself I could move on. That was a lie. I never moved on. I filled my days and nights, yes, but every time you said I was still holding on to Phyllis, you were right, Kelly. And it was wrong of me to drag you into my mess and wrong of me to give you hope for a future together, because there never was one.

Kelly: Before Phyllis came back --

Jack: That wasn't real. It was some make-believe version of what love is supposed to look like, with flowers and violins and cliché images of romance. The real stuff, the tough stuff -- that wasn't there.

Kelly: Jack, I'm not sure whether it's, uh, guilt or shame that's clouding your memory, but it was real. And it wasn't all roses. We did the work. We made the commitment. It was real and it was wonderful. And you have no reason to feel guilty about that. You deserved to be happy. We both did. We both still do.

Kelly: We were both lonely and fragile and maybe even a little bit broken. But we helped each other heal. We gave each other hope, and that was real. And it saved us.

Jack: I am not saying this to be cruel, but I want to be clear with you. We have no future together. And if trying to maintain a cordial relationship has misled you, I'm sorry. But maybe we need to keep our distance, because we have no future together.

Kelly: I don't know, Jack. Life is long. When a connection is real, it's impossible to predict what might happen.

Jack: No, it's not. Because my connection is with Phyllis. It always has been. It always will be. No one else.

Austin: You commissioned a project and I worked my ass off, so now you pay me, one professional to another.

Joe: Is that what you consider yourself? You pour drinks. I did you a favor even considering that you had a legit skill. After what you did to Avery -- kidnap her, hold her at gunpoint, and then you get her niece to save your hide? You should put that on your résumé. Professional.

Summer: The one thing that I don't question right now is what I have with Austin. I mean, through every awful thing that's happened with my family, he's been there for me 100%, and I-I don't know where I'd be without him.

Nikki: You know, sometimes marriage can be so wonderful. But they can be complicated, too. Every marriage has its issues.

Summer: Yeah, well, love is never our issue, or support. Our issue's always about money.

Nikki: Is that the problem? You ne-- you need money?

Summer: No, no. That's not what it's about. It's that Austin didn't grow up like I did, not having to worry about money, so sometimes it causes a little bit of friction, but...you know, he wants to make his own way, which is just another reason why I love him.

Nikki: And does he feel the same way? Does he understand the two of you were raised differently, and now that you're both together...?

Summer: He does. He's really loving with me and sweet and -- and he calls me on it when I'm not being so great, but he just -- you know, he trusts me not to freak out, just like I trust him.

Nikki: Well, it sounds like you two are exactly where you should be -- together.

Summer: Yeah. I mean, things would be a little bit better if Mariah would stop trying to wiggle her way in between us... and stop kissing him.

Nikki: Oh, is that so? Well, that's gonna stop immediately.

Summer: [Chuckles] Yeah, don't worry. I've taken care of it. Mariah's just a mess like her mom, but of course, she's gonna be testifying at the custody hearing, too, and she'll be saying how wonderful and great Sharon is. And I'll be saying the truth.

Victor: Few people deserve the respect that you do. I mean, you have focus, you have fought. You've overcome all kinds of odds against you. You've come out of it. I would call you almost ruthless, and I mean that as a compliment. You'll get over this. I know you will.

Phyllis: Jack thinks I belong here.

Victor: Who cares what Jack Abbott wants? You're Phyllis Newman. You've overcome worse than this. Listen. You just rest a little longer, okay? When the time comes, you tell the doctors what they want to hear. I know you know how to do that. And then just know that someone is waiting for you on the outside who has faith in you, who's your ally.

Phyllis: That easy?

Victor: Well, it's not gonna be easy, but I know you can do it. So just remember I'll be waiting for you, all right?

[Door opens]

Dylan: Come on. Joe is a pro at playing innocent, like he just let it slip out that you were in his room again. And I had to stand there like a chump and listen to him tell me what my fiancée's keeping from me.

Avery: Do not let Joe make this about him. You know damn well that everything I've done has been for you.

Dylan: What? Fighting my battles for me because I can't?

Avery: Because it should have never been a battle. Joe is not relevant to our relationship.

Dylan: He's your ex-husband.

Avery: Ex. Ex for a reason.

Dylan: Yeah, for a guy who worked too much, he sure has a lot of free time on his hands now.

Avery: Yes, he does, because the warehouse deal is dead. Why are we doing this? Why are we fighting? We should be celebrating.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Dylan: That's why. Right there. It's Joe, isn't it? Better answer it.

Avery: What do you want?

Joe: I think I screwed up. I would never do anything that would cause you trouble, but I let it slip that you were in my room. I mean, you know how Dylan gets. He just spun out. I tried to talk him down, but I'm -- I'm sorry.

Avery: We're fine.

Joe: Listen, you know, like you, I-I love my business and, you know, negotiating these deals. And this deal -- well, I'm glad it's dead, because it was never about paybacks to Dylan. And, you know, what happened in our marriage was my fault, not his. And I know that. And how this -- this whole deal went down -- it was my fault, too. [Chuckles] One of these days, I'll get it right. I promise.

Summer: Hi.

Austin: Hey. So, you know all that time I spent working on that damn video -- what happened?

Summer: [Voice breaking] It's my mom. I just got her back, and I-I mean, I thought that she was gonna be my mom again, and I don't -- I don't know. [Crying] And -- and my dad is fighting with Sharon and I'm gonna have to get up on the stand and I'm gonna have to tell the truth and I don't know. Everything's just so messed up. And, okay, please promise me that we won't be like that. That can't be us, okay? Promise we won't ever end up like that.

Austin: Hey, hey. That will never be us.

Summer: Okay.

Austin: Okay.

She was from the wrong side our eyes met in spring lips touched in Summer I was sure it felt like the real thing I was exploding you poured out like honey you were like the rain the days danced like minutes I was high on love, want to give you my pain want to give you my name next step, then bride will she say "yes"? You did but you lied it's time to confess I know what you did, you did what you know it didn't take long, but the death was slow a bullet or a blade, nobody knows

Jack: What the hell are you doing here, Victor?

Victor: Don't you start with that nonsense. What happened to Phyllis is your responsibility. You are the reason she's in here.

Jack: You're right. It's all on me.

Victor: What did I hear you say? You're taking responsibility for this?

Jack: Oh, I wanted to blame you. Boy, did I. Dr. Cutler, the medication, all of it, but you know what? The great love of my life is in this place, behind that door, lost and confused, no idea what she's done or how she's gonna get better, and the person that drove her there... that was me.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned, Jack. First time I've heard you admit to having done something wrong. Good.

Trying to keep my head up nothing in my life will ever be the same never again 'cause I know what you did, you did what you know it didn't long, but the death was slow

Jack: I should have been the one that brought Phyllis back to the world, that woke her up, that gave her her life back. That was you. This time, I will help Phyllis.

I will bring her back home.

Victor: Well, good luck to you.

When I held you close, I smelled the sweet Summer sweat and did you know, could you see? You killed Romeo and that Romeo was me

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Dylan: You did that.

Judge Ramsey: What can you tell me about that woman you saw in your father's house?

Billy: I'm sure that Vick appreciates the occasional relief you're giving her.

Stitch: Yeah, it's gonna be a lot more than occasional now that I've moved in.

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