Y&R Transcript Monday 2/2/15


Episode # 10595 ~ Victor & Jill’s battle over Chancellor Industries reaches a climax. Victoria asks Stitch to start moving in right away.

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Phyllis: You know what? As if last night wasn't bad enough, being stuck in that cell for hours, but, Michael, that arraignment? Attempted murder? Like I'm some common criminal?!

Michael: This isn't your first time at the rodeo. It was a courtroom.

Phyllis: What's gonna happen to me now?

Michael: Your sister and I will launch a magnificent defense.

Phyllis: Good. You and Avery. I see that you have not mentioned my fiancé.

Michael: Jack is helping, too.

Phyllis: Then why wasn't he at the arraignment? Or is he too ashamed about stabbing me in the back? Or is he even in town?

Michael: Why would he be out of town?

Phyllis: Oh, 'cause I imagine he's already flown off to some romantic beach with Kelly now that he's rid himself of me.

Michael: All right. He spent all night and all morning trying to figure out the best way to get you out of this. He's a regular Mr. Fix-it. How could you think otherwise?

Phyllis: Because he led me back to the house and hand-delivered me to the cops. Now I might be spending the rest of my life in prison.

Jack: You're talking like this is an open-and-shut case. It's not.

Paul: Jack, Phyllis was arrested because the evidence clearly pointed to her committing the crime.

Jack: There were mitigating circumstances.

Avery: My sister is not mentally competent.

Christine: Oh, she seems all there to me.

Avery: Okay, we believe she's suffering from side effects of the medical treatment she received while comatose. She needs a psychiatric evaluation.

Christine: So file a motion.

Avery: Already done. We've been granted an emergency hearing.

Christine: Of course you have. Because you're laying the groundwork for an insanity defense. It's the oldest trick in the book.

Jack: Phyllis is ill. She does not deserve to stand trial.

Christine: So plead your case. But I will tell a judge that I believe your client coldly and calculatedly tried to kill Kelly Andrews and that Phyllis should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Victoria: Thank you again for such a lovely night.

Stitch: Yeah. This is turning out to be a lovely morning, too.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. Ah...I wish we could, but I can't.

Stitch: Ah. Kid duty, huh?

Victoria: No, I have to get to the office. My father and I have some very important business to discuss.

Stitch: Ah. Um... what about our business? Shouldn't we discuss that before you leave?

Victoria: Uh, remind me again what business you're referring to.

Stitch: Oh, you know, just a little thing about how you asked me to move in with you and I said "yes."

Victoria: Oh, that was smart of me.

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Victoria: I can't believe I forgot.

Stitch: Seriously, though, um... I don't want to push you into anything you're not ready for. So it's up to you. When do you want me to bring over my stuff?

Victoria: How about today?

Stitch: [Laughs]

Victoria: [Laughs]

Devon: I, uh -- I thought you'd be at work.

Hilary: Uh, I'm working from home today.

Neil: Hey, son.

Devon: Hey.

Neil: What brings you by?

Devon: Well, I just can't stop thinking good thoughts about that experimental trial you're a part of and how you could be getting your sight back.

Neil: Don't get too excited. At this point, the doctor said it was nothing more than a possibility.

Devon: I didn't ask before, but did the doctor say how soon you could get your sight back?

Victor: Hello, Jill. I just wanted to remind you that chancellor goes on sale in just a few hours.

Jill: I'm well aware of that, Victor.

Victor: All right, then move it along. I'm doing you a favor by giving you the first shot at buying the company.

Jill: I will get you your money.

Victor: By noon today, okay?

Jill: Noon?!

Victor: I said by noon. You heard me right. If the money isn't here by that time, the company will go on sale and be sold to the highest bidder by the end of business day.

Jill: That's not enough time.

Victor: That's all the time you've got, okay? Now let's see if you've got what it takes to run the company.

Jill: He refuses to budge on the deadline. It's noon or nothing.

Colin: I'll talk to my investors about, uh, an increase in funds.

Cane: Oh, and, uh, tap into this golden opportunity that you have.

Colin: Hey, look, I've said in the past -- using this money is not gonna come back to bite us. Now, if you've got another source of money for Jill to use --

Jill: I will not let Victor rip chancellor out of my hands again. Darling, do whatever you have to do. Just bring that money home.

Victor: So, I was very happy to be part of the christening yesterday.

Victoria: I'm glad you were there.

Victor: Anything for your happiness, my sweetheart. And I guess, in that department, things are going pretty well, aren't they?

Victoria: Why, yes. As a matter of fact, they are. Ben's moving in with me today, dad.

Victor: Ben is moving in with you?

Victoria: That's for your knowledge, okay? Not for your commentary.

Victor: Uh-huh. Whoa.

Victoria: [Sighs]

Victor: Things are going fast, aren't they? I mean, I like the guy, and I'll continue to like him as long as he treats you well.

Victoria: I'm sure that won't be a problem. I really didn't want to discuss my personal life, though.

Victor: Business?

Victoria: Mom.

Victor: Oh.

Victoria: I spoke with her this morning, and she told me that you're backing off the redevelopment project. Daddy, why didn't you tell me yourself?

Victor: Because your mother wanted to disseminate that news herself.

Victoria: Well, I think this is wonderful news for mom and for Dylan. You know, he'll be able to keep crimson lights. But... you are gonna take a huge financial hit if you don't sell that property.

Victor: Your mother's well-being is more important to me.

Victoria: Daddy, that didn't concern you before. Why are you suddenly being so altruistic? What's really going on?

Jill: Colin's got to come through for us. I can't handle it if chancellor's in the hands of a stranger.

Cane: Listen, I hate the idea as much as you do, but I still can't help but wonder where Colin's getting this money from.

Jill: Well, he says it's legal.

Cane: Well, then it must be legal.

Jill: Honey...

Cane: Huh?

Jill: ...I have decided to have faith in him, okay?

Cane: Ah, ah, ah, ah, that means, basically, you've decided to look the other way 'cause you need the money.

Jill: Well, we do need the money, okay? We've looked into other means of finance, and we've come up empty. All right? We have to accept Colin's help.

Cane: The only reason Colin is helping us is 'cause he wants to help himself. 'Cause the man always has an ulterior motive, and you know this.

Jill: Yes, I do. And I know what his ulterior motive is this time.

Cane: Really? Please tell me.

Jill: All right. Here it is. He's trying to make up to us for what he did to us before.

Cane: [Scoffs]

Jill: No, no. Plus he knows how much chancellor means to me, and you, my darling -- he never stops talking about how much you deserve to be at the top of the corporate ladder.

Cane: Well, I hope you're right.

Jill: Just have faith, all right? I'm just gonna pray that Colin can save us before it's too late.

Neil: The doctor couldn't specify when I might see again or, you know, how long it would be before I call it quits.

[Cell phone vibrates]

Hilary: Well, we'll just think positive. Take it one day at a time.

Neil: That's exactly what I'm doing. You know, when I get discouraged, all I have to do is visualize my future. I can see very plainly my kids and my grandkids faces, looking into my wife's beautiful eyes, watching sunsets together.

Hilary: You'll see again, Neil. I'm sure of that.

[Cell phone rings]

Neil: Yeah, hello. Hi. Hi, Colin. Uh, what can I do for you?

Colin: I, uh, hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Neil: No, not at all. I'm just, uh, hanging out with Hilary and Devon.

Colin: Look, uh, there's a little matter I'd like to discuss with you.

Neil: Of course. What's it regarding?

Colin: I'd rather do this in person. It's kind of important. How about you meet me at crimson lights?

Neil: Yeah, I-I need a little bit of time to put it together, but sure, I can do that. I can meet you there. Bye.

Hilary: Uh, what did Colin want?

Neil: He wouldn't say, but it sounded like it was very important. Um, w-would you two excuse me? I'm gonna take a quick shower before I head out to crimson lights.

Hilary: Uh, we -- we -- we were just gonna run errands and grab some things for Moses and the twins.

Devon: You and Neil can do that stuff later.

Neil: We can and we will, all right? I'm looking -- I'm looking forward to it. [Smooches]

Devon: You got it?

Neil: Yeah.

Hilary: Why didn't you help me convince him not to go to that meeting?

Devon: 'Cause it's time to call Colin's bluff.

Michael: Why are you so angry at Jack? He had no idea the police were on their way.

Phyllis: So he claimed.

Michael: Phyllis, do you honestly believe that Jack betrayed you?

Phyllis: How's my daughter?

Michael: Jack talked her into not coming to the police station until we resolved this.

Phyllis: Well, I'm not surprised. God forbid anybody be here for me.

Michael: Phyllis, do you really want your daughter to see you in this position? She's already spent a whole year panicking over your health.

[Knock on door]

Avery: May we have a word?

Phyllis: Avery, thank you, honey. Thank you for representing me.

Jack: How are you holding up, red?

Phyllis: How do you think?

Avery: I've managed to get a court ordered psychiatric evaluation.

Phyllis: Okay. How does that help me?

Jack: It means you'll no longer be held here.

Phyllis: Oh, thank god. Thank god. Good. Give me an ankle monitor. I am very happy to bear my soul to 20 head shrinkers, okay? Let's go. Let's get out of here.

Avery: No, Phyllis. It doesn't work like that.

Phyllis: What does that mean?

Jack: You can't go home, sweetheart. You're going to Fairview.

Phyllis: The mental institution?

Devon: I'm not gonna live with Colin's threat hanging over our heads anymore. I'm gonna make the man back off.

Hilary: How is calling Colin's bluff gonna accomplish that?

Devon: I will figure that out.

Hilary: How? You don't even know what Colin might do.

Devon: Just trust me. All right? I love you.

Neil: Hilary, I heard everything.

Hilary: Neil, uh, I can explain.

Neil: Go ahead. Explain. Explain why you broke my heart and cheated on me in the worst possible way.

Hilary: No, I'm so sorry.

Neil: Sorry that you slept with Devon or sorry that I found out?

Hilary: Neil, I didn't mean to hurt you.

Neil: Of course you meant it! You intended to do this from the very beginning.

Hilary: What?! No! I-I --

Neil: Yes, you did! You wanted to ruin my family, so you seduced me and you slept with my son!

Hilary: I am not that person anymore!

Neil: Get out!

Hilary: Neil, please just listen to --

Neil: Get out!

Neil: Hilary? Hilary?

Hilary: [Gasps] I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you, okay? Where did you go just now?

Hilary: Just thinking about some things. No big deal, really.

Neil: Okay. You sound really upset.

Hilary: Yeah, no. I'm fine. [Chuckles] Everything's fine.

[Door opens]

Kelly: When I texted you to find out where you were, you didn't say "home."

Stitch: Yeah, well, it's, uh -- it's a new development.

Kelly: And you're squashing it for my sake?

Stitch: No. No, not at all.

Kelly: Ben, you're allowed to be happy. Even if I'm not.

Stitch: I take it you're not feeling much better, uh, emotionally.

Kelly: I know I should be. Phyllis was arrested last night for what she did to me. She's in custody now.

Stitch: That's great news.

Kelly: Yeah.

Stitch: Yeah.

Kelly: Yeah, it is.

Stitch: Okay, so, how come you aren't more relieved? She isn't a threat to you anymore.

Kelly: Yeah, but she's still a threat to Jack. I mean, he's probably rushing to her defense right now, trying to save her. If he's not careful, that woman is gonna drag him down.

Stitch: And you think you're the one to pull him back from the brink?

Christine: A psychiatric hospital? She should be in prison.

Paul: You know, I really wish you'd stop letting Phyllis get to you. It's -- it's just not good for you... or the baby.

Christine: I-I know. I just -- I can't believe a judge would side with Avery. Phyllis should be behind bars until her trial.

Paul: Look, if she needs psychiatric help, she should get it.

Christine: You're buying Avery's argument that Phyllis is insane and she can't be accountable for her own actions?

Paul: I haven't formed an opinion.

Christine: Okay, well, how could you even consider that?

Paul: Well, because I don't have enough information yet. And neither do you, miss D.A.

Christine: Oh, god, that's such a low blow.

Paul: [Sighs] Yeah, no, it isn't. No matter how personal this feels, we serve the people of Genoa city first and foremost.

Christine: Right. And I will serve the people by making sure Phyllis doesn't skate on some trumped-up defense.

Avery: You have no choice. Going to Fairview and getting a psychiatric evaluation that proves you were not in your right mind when you did this is the only way to avoid a criminal trial.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me?! This is the best my two genius lawyers have come up with. This is the best you can offer. Forget it!

Michael: Do you really want us to put you on the stand? Is that what you want? You want to face Christine, knowing that she will do whatever she can to put you away this time?

Phyllis: Let's ask for a change of venue.

Michael: No. There's been no publicity on this. There's no reason to believe a jury here would be prejudicial towards you. No judge will grant a change of venue.

Avery: Phyllis, we've looked at this from every angle. Please believe us when we say this is the best way.

Jack: Please follow their advice, not just for your legal case, because there are people there, professionals, who can help you get better.

Phyllis: You've done all this to me, Jack. You did all of this to punish me.

Jack: To punish you? For what?

Phyllis: Yeah. Because I came back and ruined the perfect life you had without me.

Victor: I may be giving up

Victor: I may be giving up the real-estate deal, but I'm selling chancellor to the highest bidder... unless Jill comes up with the cash, all of it, very soon.

Victoria: You're giving Jill the first shot at buying chancellor?

Victor: You find that surprising?

Victoria: Well, you're not exactly friendly.

Victor: If Katherine would want the company to go to anyone but me, I think it would be Jill.

Victoria: That is very thoughtful of you.

Victor: Well, contrary to popular belief, I am, sometimes, capable of...some kind gesture, you know?

Victoria: Daddy, I want you to know something.

Victor: What, my darling?

Victoria: I know that I pressed you to sell chancellor, and I know how wrenching it is for you, giving up the company that Katherine left to you.

Victor: I think this is the best way to honor Katherine's legacy, don't you?

Jill: Tell me you have the money.

Colin: Well, not yet.

Jill: Damn it! It's down to the wire, honey.

Colin: I won't let you down. I promise. Glad you could make it. We need to discuss a new payment plan.

Devon: Well, that's not why I'm here.

Colin: I figured it wasn't for the coffee.

Devon: [Chuckles] No. No, it's not. Um... Colin, if you want to out me and Hilary, then be my guest, because I'm not gonna give you any more money.

Colin: [Chuckles] I like your audacity. But I don't think you're prepared to blow your family up just yet.

Devon: Well, I don't think you're prepared to blow your family up.

Colin: How so?

Devon: You know how so. They're gonna know about the blackmail. They're gonna know you haven't changed, and they're gonna know everything you've worked for to get back your wife, your family, your grandkids -- it'll be gone.

Colin: You might have a point.

Devon: And it's a good point.

Colin: Look, my wife and my son want chancellor back desperately. They may not approve of my methods, but once they've got their hands on the company, they'll realize that what I did was for them, over time, of course. You, on the other hand -- you'll be left to pursue your -- your romance with Neil's wife. Here's what I need. Just wire me the money.

Kelly: I am not still hung up on Jack.

Stitch: Okay, Phyllis tried to poison you, and you're more worried about him than you are yourself. Yeah, I'd say you're still pretty hung up.

Kelly: I care about him, okay? That's all.

Stitch: We both know it runs deeper than that. And if -- if you can't admit it, Kelly, you won't be able to get passed it.

Kelly: I accepted the fact that Jack chose Phyllis. She is the one who can't let go. She is the one who has been so obsessed with me. She keeps dragging me back into Jack's life.

Stitch: Okay, okay, I hear you.

Kelly: I mean, after everything that she has done, including poisoning me, I think it's reasonable that I could possibly be still worried about Jack. That doesn't mean I can't live without him. What? Just say it.

Stitch: You fall hard, Kelly. You fully commit to people and relationships you care about.

Kelly: So, what's wrong with that?

Stitch: Nothing, until those relationships end, for whatever reason.

Kelly: You're completely exaggerating.

Stitch: Am I exaggerating about how you completely fell apart after your marriage ended? I don't want you going back to that place.

Jack: Could you two give me a moment alone with Phyllis, please?

Avery: Yes, of course.

[Door closes]

Phyllis: You can stop pretending. I know that my awakening was very inconvenient for you.

Jack: Inconvenient?

Phyllis: Yeah, you moved on with Kelly.

Jack: When you came back, the first thing I did was break things off with her to tell her that I loved you.

Phyllis: Yeah, I thought that meant that you were gonna fight for us, and I believed you.

Jack: I was hoping you would recover, praying every day that you would come back to me.

Phyllis: And you didn't make that happen.

Jack: Oh, yeah. Victor with his drugs that now

Phyllis: What? [Chuckles] Were you gonna say "that made me crazy"? That's what you were gonna say, wasn't it?

Jack: Don't tell me what I was gonna say. I want to spend my life with you. That's why I proposed to you. That's why I'm here now, fighting for you. Phyllis, you have to admit you have not been yourself lately.

Phyllis: I'm confused. I'm confused. I-I don't know. I don't know who to trust. I can't even trust myself.

Jack: So trust me. The people that love you. We are all here to make you better.

Phyllis: I know. Will you help me do that, please, Jack?

Jack: I'm trying.

Phyllis: Okay, then -- then -- then no hospitals. No doctors. You tell that judge and Christine and Paul that I am still me. I am the same woman that you fell in love with. Baby, you've got to tell them.

Jack: The woman I fell in love with woerer life back.

Phyllis: And that means Fairview?

[Door opens]

Avery: Phyllis, the guard is here to transfer you, if you're ready.

Jack: Avery and I will be right behind you, okay? [Sighs]

Christine: I look forward to reading your psychiatric evaluation, Phyllis. I'm sure it will be fascinating.

Victoria: You know, dad, you've really done right by Katherine. And you've come through for Mom, and that's made a big difference to her.

Victor: I'm worried about your mom. When I found out she dropped the baby... wow.

Victoria: I know. Thank god Billy caught her. Mom said it was vertigo and dizziness.

Victor: Whatever it was, it worries me a great deal. And your mother is my priority, as are my children and grandchildren. And it may not seem so obvious sometimes, but I'll do anything to keep my family together.

Neil: I can't leave like this.

Hilary: Wh me what's bothering you? Please, what's going on?

Neil: For the umpteenth time, okay, I think I'm just --

Hilary: I'm eveved that you're hopeful again. Okay? Nothing would be more wonderful than you regaining your sight.

Neil: Okay. That's true. Um, since I'm running out on you to meet with Colin, how about I make it up to you and take you out later to celebrate? How does that sound?

Hilary: Celebrate what?

Neil: The possibility of what lies ahead. I'll see you later. Bye.


Neil: To our hopes being rewarded. I finally have my sight back.

Hilary: I'm so happy for you, Neil.

Neil: For us. You've been with me every step of the way. Honey, hey, look at me. What is it?

Hilary: It's just been an emotional night. That's all.

Neil: Do you remember what we promised? We promised that we'd be honest with each other at all costs. Remember that? So tell me.

Hilary: Neil, I've... there's someone else.

Neil: I know. It's Devon, isn't it?

Hilary: How did you --

Neil: I've known all along. I felt this connection between the two of you. I just didn't want to believe it, baby.

Hilary: I'm sorry. We didn't mean for any of this happen. The way it's --

Neil: No, no, no. I know. I know. And I am not -- I'm not angry. I just don't want to hear about it.

Hilary: What can I do?

Neil: Just give me some time. Alone.

Hilary: Okay.

Neil: Hey, baby... be happy. And don't worry. It's all gonna work out in the end.

Devon: Hey, Cane. I came here looking for you. I need your help.

Cane: Why? What's wrong?

Devon: Um... you were right that Colin is blackmailing me for money, and I need to stop him.

Cane: I asked you point-blank if Colin knew about the affair.

Devon: I know. You did.

Cane: And I asked you -- did you give him the money to buy chancellor, and you lied to me.

Devon: I shouldn't have lied to you, but I couldn't tell you the truth 'cause I didn't want to put you in that position.

Cane: Well, you put me in this position now, haven't you?

Devon: I don't have a choice now.

Cane: I told you months ago to end the affair with Hilary, and that's what you should have done.

Devon: I don't know what I'm supposed to say to you. Hilary and I are in love.

Cane: Oh, okay. Do you think that this is gonna end well for anybody?

Devon: No. I know it's gonna be difficult, but we plan on telling Neil the truth as soon as he gets his eyesight back.

Cane: Just stop it. Stop it.

Devon: That's the plan.

Cane: Stop it. Are you listening to yourself here? There is no guarantee Neil will get his eyesight back, and do you think the first thing he wants to hear from his son is "dad, I've been having an affair with your wife while you were blind"?

Devon: Cane, however it shakes out, he needs to hear it from me and Hilary, not your father.

Cane: Oh, okay. Now I understand what's going on here. You want me to go to Colin and get him to back off. Is that what this is?

Devon: Yes.

Cane: Okay. And then you want me to go to lily and lie to her and then lie to Neil while you keep your little secret until you decide to tell everybody. Are you out of your mind? Are you?

Neil: You've been sneaking around my back for months, and you think you deserve a prize for telling me now? For waiting until you both could look me in the eye?

Devon: Just before you had your accident, we were gonna tell you the truth.

Hilary: That same night, okay? But then you lost your vision.

Neil: And you said nothing. Because you pitied me.

Hilary: No. Never.

Neil: Shut up!

Hilary: Neil, Neil, it's not his fault, okay? It's not his -- Neil, stop it!

Neil: You couldn't go after one of those women who keep throwing themselves at you, could you?

Hilary: Stop it.

Neil: You couldn't go after one of those women! My cheating son. You had to go after my wife.

Hilary: Neil... Neil! Devon. Devon! Devon, wake up. Devon, Devon, Devon. What have you done?

Neil: You did this.

Devon: I get why you're so upset, but I don't have time to argue about this 'cause Colin is literally meeting with Neil right now, as we speak. He threatened to tell him everything if I don't come up with some huge payoff right away.

Cane: So that's why Colin's made this so urgent.

Devon: Why do you say that?

Cane: Victor wants full payment for chancellor by noon, and Jill's still waiting for Colin to come through with the funds.

Devon: So, Colin is desperate.

Cane: Yeah, he's desperate.

Devon: Will you help me stop your father?

Stitch: It was the worst time in your life. You were so lost.

Kelly: Of course I was. My -- my son had died. My marriage collapsed. Emotionally, it broke me.

Stitch: And you had to get help.

Kelly: Do not compare me to Phyllis, Ben. I am not like her. She is crazy!

Stitch: All right, Kelly.

Kelly: I am not!

Stitch: Look, all right, Kelly. Hold up. Look. I wasn't saying anything like that. I just -- I don't want to see you hurt.

[Door opens]

Kelly: I really hope you mean that, Ben. [Sniffles] Excuse me. Sorry.

Victoria: What was that all about?

Stitch: Phyllis.

Avery: Okay. It's not so bad. It's -- it's actually kind of cheery.

Phyllis: No, no, no. It -- you -- no. If I am not crazy, this is definitely gonna put me over the edge.

Jack: It's a whole lot better than a jail cell.

Phyllis: It is a different kind of cell. I already lost a year of my life in that clinic, and now I'm supposed to stay here for god knows how long, getting my head turned inside out?

Avery: It'll help you get well, and it could help your case. Think about that.

The doctor will be by soon. You need to go now.

Phyllis: No. No. You can't leave me here alone.

Michael: I'm sorry we're ending up on opposite sides of Phyllis' case.

Christine: Phyllis has her sister to represent her. Why do you feel the need to jump into the fray?

Michael: I want to keep my friend from going to prison. And I want to see to it that she gets help for her issues.

Christine: Right, her issues, not mental illness. You know what Phyllis is capable of when she's on a jealous tirade.

Michael: I should go.

Paul: Michael.

Christine: He is protecting her. He knows Phyllis isn't crazy. She's vindictive and deadly.

Paul: You know, as Phyllis' attorney, he was never gonna admit to that. So why even ask? [Groans] I wish you would take my advice and try not to get so worked up over this case.

Christine: And I can't understand why you aren't getting more worked up. [Gasps] [Groans]

Paul: What's the matter?

Christine: I don't know. guilty that things are going so our sister's struggling.

Stitch: Uh, probably. Okay, yeah. Yeah. I'm feeling serious guilt because...I am really, really happy -- happier than I thought I could ever be again.

Victoria: Me, too. But, you know, I'm over that whole guilt thing.

Stitch: Yeah? What's your secret?

Victoria: I just realize that life is short and you have to grab on to every good moment you got.

Stitch: Oh, yeah?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Stitch: Well, in that case, get over here.

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Neil: Well, don't keep me in suspense, Colin. Why did you ask me here?

Colin: Well, uh, I, uh -- Cane. I wasn't expecting you.

Cane: Yeah. Hey, Neil. How you doing?

Neil: Hey, Cane.

Cane: So, I just had to, uh, come by and give my dad an envelope. It's some, uh, family business. This is what you were expecting, right, dad?

Devon: That's a check for the rest of the money to buy chancellor.

Jill: But I thought you said it was -- ah! -- That it was all tied up?

Devon: I figured out a way to untie it.

Neil: Okay, so what are we looking at? What is it?

Cane: It's, uh, good news. Devon has given us the money to buy back chancellor. Isn't that right, dad?

Neil: Wow. That's wonderful news.

Cane: Yeah. It's in everybody's best interest.

Jill: You said you wanted to respect Katherine's wishes. What changed your mind?

Devon: You know, Jill, Katherine gave me this money to do what I want with it, and what I want is for you and Cane to have the company. I really do. As long as Colin has nothing to do with it.

Jill: What?

Devon: You heard me.

Jill: Deal.

Devon: Good.

[Cell phone rings]

Victor: Hello, Jill. I hope you're calling to tell me that you've got the money. 'Cause time's up.

Jill: It's here in my hot little hand.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned. Good. You just bring over the funds, and I'll have all the necessary papers drawn up.

Jill: This is the way it always should have been.

Victor: Let's see if you can prove that.

Jill: Oh, Devon. Chancellor is back where it belongs, and I'm gonna make your grandmother proud.

Paul: Sit down. I'm gonna call an ambulance.

Christine: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait. You don't -- I think it was just a cramp.

Paul: Well, you sure? Look, I-I want you to check it out. I'd feel a lot better.

Christine: Okay.

Paul: I don't want to take any chances.

Christine: I don't -- ne-neither do I. Okay.

Paul: Okay.

Christine: [Chuckles] Remember, I was -- I was afraid -- I was afraid that I was gonna miss out on this -- [Chuckles] You know, being happily married to you and carrying our baby.

Paul: Well, I'm really looking forward to raising this child together, you know? I wasn't able to do that with my other kids. So, hey, little, tiny baby. We already love you very much, and we're gonna take care of you, aren't we?

Christine: We are.

Paul: We are.

Christine: And I'm gonna call the doctor.

Paul: Please.

Christine: I-I know you're worried about the timing, that this had to do with my being angry with Phyllis, but --

Paul: I can't ignore that. I'm serious.

Christine: I know, but I promise you I am not gonna sacrifice my health or our baby's. I'm not.

Paul: Please don't.

Christine: I won't.

Paul: Promise me.

Christine: I won't. I won't let Phyllis cause us any more pain. I promise. [Sighs] God.

Phyllis: Come on. This place is freaking me out. I-I-I can't stay here alone, okay? Not in this place.

You need to leave now.

Jack: You are strong enough to get through this. You are.

Avery: I promise you we'll check on you. You won't feel alone here.

Phyllis: You know what? Avery, come on. Come on -- sir, just -- Jack, come on! Jack! Jack! Come on, Jack! Come on. Get me out of here! Jack, can you hear me?!

Jack: I wish to god I could help her.

Phyllis: No!

Avery: This is the only way to do that, okay?

Phyllis: I'm not good with this!

Avery: Come on.

Phyllis: Jack!

[Pounding on door]

Phyllis: I'm not okay with this! Do you hear me?! Jack!

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Summer: You have given up on her once, and now you're just going and doing it again?

Victor: I'm here to help you.

Phyllis: You go to hell.

Dylan: Victor didn't just suddenly change his mind. Did you make Joe a better offer?

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