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Episode # 10594 ~ Victor surprises Nikki; Victoria & Stitch advance their relationship.

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Nikki: Oh, my God. I-I-I'm sorry. She just slipped.

Billy: It's okay. It's okay. Daddy's here.

Stitch: Good reflexes.

Victoria: Come to Mommy.

Chelsea: Is, uh -- is she okay?

Victoria: Yeah, she seems fine.

Nikki: Oh, my God!

Nick: Mom, a few minutes ago, I asked you if you were okay, and you said you were, but, obviously, you're not. What's going on?

Nikki: I have a problem.

Jill: I wanted to talk to you about this at Katie's christening, but I've been fighting a cold for a while now, so Billy and I decided I should steer clear of the baby.

Victor: So you decided to come here and expose me to your germs. How charming.

Jill: You know that you're immune to just about everything. Anyway, I came here to talk business.

Victor: What business do you and I have, Jill?

Jill: I have drawn up a contract for the sale of chancellor.

Victor: Really? You have the rest of the money?

Jill: No, but I will. That is a purchase option. I will give you the down payment I offered you now and the balance within 30 days, and then if I don't give you the rest of the money, you keep the company, keep the down payment. It's a win-win.

Victor: Wow. [Chuckles]

Jill: [Chuckles]

Victor: Win-win?

Jill: Mm-hmm.

Victor: [Chuckles] So, you ask me to tie up my company and trust you. I don't.

Jill: I don't trust you, either, but it's 30 days, Victor.

Victor: It's a month. A lot of things can happen in a month. No dice.

Sage: Gabriel, this is Mr. Tipton, your grandmother's estate manager.

Adam: Oh, of course. Yeah. It's a -- have a seat. I'm sorry. Did we have an appointment?

Tipton: No, Mr. Bingham, we did not, but I'm afraid this couldn't wait.

Sage: Mr. Tipton just learned that you put the house on the market without consulting him.

Adam: Well, that's true. Um...I'm sorry. With all due respect, it's my house. I'll do with it as I please. I've just bought an apartment here in town. I intend to live there now.

Tipton: Mrs. Bingham was very explicit about the terms of her will.

Sage: We know that, and when Gabriel said he's moving in, he meant we are moving in as husband and wife.

Adam: Well, obviously.

Tipton: When you two got married out of the blue, I was taken aback, to say the least. If I discover that this is fraudulent in any way, you will lose everything -- the money, the house, and this new apartment that you seem so anxious to occupy.

Sage: It's real, Mr. Tipton.

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: Till death do us part.

Adam: Look forward to that. [Chuckles] He

Jack: Phyllis?! Food's ready!

Paul: All right. Everything set?

Christine: Yeah. Let's do it.

Paul: Hello, Jack.

Jack: Hey. What's going on?

Christine: Mrs. Martinez let us in.

Paul: We're going to have to search the premises.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is this about?

Paul: I have a warrant. Apparently, the judge agreed there is probable cause. Now, if you'll search upstairs, I'll get the rest of the team going down here...

Jack: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Team?

Paul: ...And outside.

Christine: It's a big house, Jack.

Paul: If you'll excuse us...

Jack: "Forgive me"? Hey, red. It's -- it's me. I just got your note. I don't know what this is about. You need to get home right away. Where are you?

Phyllis: Thank you for coming. I wasn't sure you would.

Paul: I'd like to talk to Phyllis.

Jack: She's not here. Neither is her attorney.

Paul: When will she be back?

Jack: I haven't a clue. I'll let her know you stopped by.

Christine: We can wait.

Jack: How 'bout you not wait? Christine, I don't know what you're doing here. Since when does a D.A. Accompany the police on a search, unless you're bound and determined to make her pay for the past? She stood trial for that hit-and-run. What else do you want from her?!

Paul: Hold on, Jack. We found this on the property.

Christine: It's antifreeze -- the substance that was found in Kelly Andrews' system, the poison that could have killed her, Jack.

Kelly: When I got your message to meet you here, there was no way I was gonna come. I guess curiosity got the better of me.

Phyllis: I'm glad it did.

Kelly: Listen, I just want you to know that all I have to do is press "send," and it's gonna go straight to 911, so don't you dare try to pull something again. I also want you to know that I told people where I'm go--

Phyllis: Relax. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want to talk.

Kelly: Well, I have nothing to say to you.

Phyllis: Well, I have something to say to you. I am sorry.

Kelly: You already said that, remember? "I'm very sorry for what happened"?

Phyllis: I remember.

Kelly: So, are you admitting now...that you tried to poison me with antifreeze?

Michael: Hey, hey, hey. Sorry I'm late. I had some work to finish up.

Lauren: Michael.

Michael: What?

Lauren: Should you really be working this many hours after just starting radiation?

Michael: I feel fine.

Lauren: You say that now.

Michael: Look, I am well aware that it may not last, which is why I want to do as much as I possibly can while I can.

Lauren: All right, but do you have to fill up so many of your hours with work?

Michael: No. Of course not. There are plenty of other things that I would like to do.

Lauren: Like what?

Michael: Like jump out of a plane.

Lauren: [Chuckles] S-seriously?

Michael: Yeah. I've thought about it for a long time. I just never got around to it.

Lauren: Huh. Well, I guess that sounds like it could be fun.

Michael: Yeah. No. Or maybe we could book that trip to paris where we kiss on top of the Eiffel tower. How many years have we talked about doing that one day?

Lauren: I know.

Michael: Or we could do something good for humanity. We could build houses for the poor with Brock. And Fenmore and Scotty -- they can help. What? You asked me to discuss something other...

Lauren: Yeah.

Michael: ...Than business.

Lauren: I know. I know. But that's so we could spend more...time together. You know what this is sounding like?

Michael: What?

Lauren: A bucket list.

Nick: Mom, you said you have a problem? What is it?

Victoria: I'd like to know that, too.

Nikki: Well... [Sighs] The truth is... well, it's my M.S. I-I've been getting a lot of symptoms lately -- vertigo, dizziness.

Victoria: Why didn't you say something?

Stitch: Yeah. When did this start? How severe are the symptoms? Are you on the same medication as you were before?

Nikki: I really appreciate your concern, but Dr. Costner is taking very good care of me. It's just a matter of me being mindful of what I can and can't do. When I was holding the baby, I just suddenly got -- got wobbly and my hands got weak. I think until this whole thing gets straightened out, I should only hold the baby when I'm sitting down.

Nick: Yeah. When are you gonna see Costner again?

Nikki: I know I have an appointment with him very soon, but if it will make you feel better, I'm sure I can get in to see him tomorrow.

Victoria: Mom, I'm sure he'll be able to fit you into his schedule.

Nikki: Well... I-I-I'm sure that -- that he will, and I-I'm so sorry. I mean, if anything should [Voice breaking] Happen to this baby --

Victoria: Oh, no. Come on.

Nikki: I hope I didn't ruin everything.

Victoria: As long as you're okay, mom. It's okay.

Nikki: I-I-I am. And -- and I will take of everything. I'll see the doctor. I promise.

Nick: All right. Okay, mom. I'm gonna drive you home.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nikki: That's a good idea. I still feel a little bit shaky. All right, g-guys. I-I'm so sorry. Bye-bye. I'll see you soon.

Stitch: Take care, Nikki.

Victoria: Feel better.

Nikki: O-okay.

Billy: See you, Nikki.

Nikki: Yeah.

Victoria: Bye, Mom.

Nikki: Bye, baby.

Victoria: So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how worried should I be?

Stitch: Well, the symptoms Nikki described are typical, you know? She's had them before. But maybe someone from the family should go with her to her appointments from now on...

Victoria: Yeah.

Stitch: ...You know, hear what Costner's saying. Sometimes patients aren't that great of listeners.

Victoria: Yeah, sure. That's a good idea. I'll talk to Nick about it.

Chelsea: I have to get back to Connor, but if you want to stay, by all means.

Billy: No, no, no. Katie's worn out. I think she's had enough excitement for one day.

Victoria: I think you're right about that. [Chuckles]

Billy: Yeah. Hey, it was a beautiful ceremony. Thanks for handling all the arrangements.

Victoria: Oh, you're welcome. Sure.

Chelsea: See you guys soon, okay? Bye, baby. So pretty.

Victoria: See you later. Have a good night. Thanks for coming.

Chelsea: Thanks for having us.

[Both chuckle]

Victoria: Well... aside from a minor heart attack there at the end, I'd say that was a pretty successful day.

Stitch: Everything was perfect.

Victoria: But?

Stitch: You know, standing on the outside of that ceremony made me realize I want to be a bigger part of your life.

Victoria: Oh. I'd like that, too.

[Both chuckle]

Stitch: Well, hey, you must be tired. I'm gonna take off.

Victoria: No, don't.

Stitch: I guess I could hang out a little longer.

Victoria: No, not just a little longer. You say that you want to be in my life more, so... why don't you move in with me?

Stitch: [Chuckles]

Sage: Rest assured, Mr. Tipton -- Gabriel and I married for love. And now that he's well, we cannot wait to start our wonderful life together.

Tipton: Well, if that's the case, then I'm sure you won't mind my stopping by occasionally, unannounced.

Sage: No, we look forward to that, Mr. Tipton. [Sighs]

Adam: The guy's a real charmer.

Sage: Look, I know you were looking for a place, but you should have told me before you bought it.

Adam: Tell you before I bought it? What, am I supposed to clear every single thing I do with you?

Sage: Yeah, damn right you are. Don't blindside me again. Like it or not, we're in this together, okay? And he's gonna be breathing down our neck. So, if you bought a new place, it's my place, too.

Adam: Okay. Well, you know, do whatever it is you need to do. I'm gonna get out of here. I got things to take care of.

Michael: Me wanting to do all the things that I've put off because I'm afraid I'll never have a chance to do them -- maybe we should both make a list and do everything on them. I mean, live life for today, because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Lauren: That's very true. But, you know, there are lots of ways that we can live every moment. We can hold each other as tight as we can, whenever we can. We can watch old movies on television and, oh, eat ice cream out of the container in bed. It doesn't matter what we do, as long as we're together.

Michael: All right. Mint chocolate chip, two spoons.

Lauren: That's it.

Michael: Maybe some skydiving afterward.

Lauren: [Laughs]

Jill: Aww. It's so good to see you smiling.

Michael: Hey. Mwah!

Jill: Mwah! How's your treatment going?

Michael: [Sighs] All right. Can we please not make every conversation about my cancer?

Jill: Okay. Whatever you say.

Michael: And, to answer your question, I'm doing okay.

Jill: Good.

Michael: You, on the other hand, look like hell.

Jill: [Chuckles] I never look like hell, okay? But if I did, it would be because of our friend Victor.

Lauren: Ah. Chancellor?

Jill: Yeah. He refuses to negotiate in good faith.

Lauren: I guess that's it, then, right?

Jill: No, that is certainly not it. If I can't buy Katherine's company, I will damn well find a plan to take it away from him. [Sighs]

Victor: Well, that didn't take long.

Nikki: Yes. Well, it was a lovely party.

Victor: I'm sorry I couldn't be at Victoria's, but I had some business to take care of. So, how is our newest little granddaughter?

Nikki: Oh, she's just fine. Excuse me. I'm gonna go change.

Nick: Okay.

Victor: Thank you for giving your mom a ride.

Nick: Yeah. I needed to make sure she got home okay.

Victor: Why wouldn't she have?

Nick: [Sighs] I'm really worried about her, dad. You should be, too.

Victor: What happened?

Nick: We were taking pictures at Vick's, and mom wanted to hold the baby. She almost dropped Katie.

Victor: Ohh. Are you serious?

Nick: Yeah. If Billy hadn't been there to catch her...

Victor: Oh, man.

Nick: Mom apologized profusely. She said her M.S. Has been flaring up lately but she hasn't told anyone. She said she got woozy and that her hands gave out.

Victor: [Exhales sharply] Maybe it's time for her to go to the hospital.

Nick: On the way home, she called Dr. Costner. I guess she's gonna see him tomorrow.

Victor: Well, that might be too late. So, you think that it happened because of her M.S.?

Stitch: You want to live together?

Victoria: I thought that you would like the idea. Was I wrong?

Stitch: I'm just surprised, you know? I mean, it's never come up. You know, we just got back together.

Victoria: Well, it just seems like the logical next step.

Stitch: Look, the idea of waking up to you every day -- there's nothing in the world that would make me happier. There's -- there's a lot to consider.

Victoria: Yes. Yes -- my children, first and foremost. But Johnny loves you. He loves hanging out with you. Can you give me one good reason why we shouldn't just go for it -- just one?

Stitch: Your ex, for one thing.

Victoria: Come on. What does Billy have to do with it?

Stitch: Okay. Uh, he and Chelsea just left here looking like a very solid couple. They got a cozy little arrangement over at her place with her son.

Victoria: [Sighs] What is your point?

Stitch: You know, out of nowhere, you're saying, "hey, let's do the same thing."

[Both laugh]

Victoria: Are you suggesting that me asking you to move in is some sort of knee-jerk reaction?

Stitch: I don't know, Victoria. Is it?

Billy: A little disconcerting.

Chelsea: Gabriel.

Adam: Hey.

Chelsea: I'm surprised to see you here.

Billy: Yeah. I, uh -- I know you're eager to impress people at work, but if you want to talk shop with either of us, it can wait till tomorrow. We're really not up for any visitors, so...

Adam: You know, the funny thing is I'm not a visitor. I'm your new neighbor. Yeah. I'll be living right across the hall from you guys.

Jack: You found this antifreeze where?

Paul: In the garage.

Jack: Isn't that where most people keep their antifreeze?

Paul: This is an old can, Jack. There are rust flakes inside, which makes the properties of this antifreeze different -- maybe less lethal, which might explain why Kelly is still alive.

Christine: We'll have it analyzed to see if it matches what was in her system.

Jack: Even if it does match, what's the -- what's the difference? We don't know where this came from, how it got there.

Christine: You're saying you don't recognize this?

Jack: You know what? I'm not answering any more questions. You can show yourselves out.

Paul: Have Phyllis call us.

[Cell phone rings]

Christine: Christine Williams. What do you got?

Christine: All right. Got it. Thanks.

Paul: What's up?

Christine: We may have just found that real evidence.

Phyllis: When I found out about you and Jack, I wanted to punish you. When he asked me to marry him again, I rubbed it in your face.

Kelly: It was really cruel of you to ask me to organize your engagement party, Phyllis.

Phyllis: It was meant to be. And instead of accepting that Jack chose me over you, I just let it go. I needed to be petty and vindictive. And instead of focusing on the good things that I had when I came back, I didn't, and for that, I'm very sorry.

Kelly: [Scoffs] What about all the other things you did? What about the blond wig? What about posing as me with the florist so you could humiliate me with Jack? What about putting poison in my tea? Are you gonna apologize for any of that?!

Phyllis: I'm sorry. I said I'm sorry. Maybe I should have realized it is true what they say -- you can't go back home again, so I won't.

Kelly: What does that mean?

Phyllis: You take care of Jack.

Adam: Well, I tell you what -- I wasn't planning on running in to you guys, but why don't you, uh -- why don't you come on by? You can be my first guests. This'll be great.

Chelsea: Uh, you know, I should get home. My mom's babysitting, so...

Adam: You sure? 'Cause the seller left me this amazing bottle of champagne. It's spectacular. I could twist your arm. You could come in. We could celebrate the move.

Billy: Really, some other time.

Chelsea: You know what? All right. One drink, Billy. It can't hurt.

Adam: One drink! It can't hurt! This is excellent! All right. Come on in.

Billy: Nice. All right.

Chelsea: Wow!

Adam: Yeah. So... I would offer you guys a seat, but, as you can see, there aren't any.

Billy: That's no problem. It's like Chelsea said. We won't be staying long. We can drink standing up.

Chelsea: What a great space!

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. It's not bad. I mean, it's a little cavernous at the moment, you know?

Chelsea: Well, I'm sure eventually it will start to feel like home.

Adam: Yeah. Actually, you know what? It occurs to me you're probably the perfect person to help me with that.

Nick: What else besides mom's M.S. Would make her feel dizzy and weak?

Victor: She's been under a lot of stress lately.

Nick: Yeah. I know my situation with Sharon isn't helping, among other things.

Victor: Let's not get into that, son, okay?

Nick: Dad, I'm just saying...

Victor: I know what you're saying, but there's nothing to it.

Nikki: Well, Nicholas, thank you again for bringing me home. As you can see, I'm fine, so you don't need to stay. Your father's here.

Nick: Okay. Let me know what the doctor says and if you need anything, okay?

Nikki: I will.

Nick: Love you.

Nikki: Love you, too.

Nick: Dad.

Victor: Okay, my boy. So, sweetheart...

Nikki: Well, parents are supposed to... look after their children, not the other way around.

Victor: In this case, our son's worries are warranted, okay?

Nikki: Obviously, he told you what happened. We don't really need to rehash it.

Victor: Sweetheart, this is a serious situation. You have been under a lot of stress lately. I'm beginning to wonder how you're coping with it.

Victoria: Look, I didn't ask you to move in because Billy and Chelsea seem so...

Stitch: Happy?

Victoria: I was gonna say, "settled." But, either way, it's great. It's wonderful, because it's good for Johnny. And I also didn't ask you because I'm afraid of living on my own. I've gotten pretty good at living on my own. I made this sweet, happy home for my family. We don't depend on anyone. I don't need a man in my life to make me happy. There's only one reason that I asked you to share my home with me. I love you.

Stitch: [Scoffs] I'm sorry. Say that again? [Chuckles]

Victoria: You heard what I said. I know I haven't said it before, maybe because I didn't realize how much until now. I love you, Ben.

Chelsea: Help you with what?

Adam: Well, I mean, I don't know the first thing about decorating or furniture placement or design or anything like that, and you've got such a great eye. It's just, uh, like, for instance, um, for me, I was just thinking maybe... I mean, where do I put the sofa? Just, like, sort of throw it over there, maybe?

Billy: In -- in front of the window.

Adam: Yeah, yeah, in front of the window. What do you think?

Chelsea: Well, if I'm not mistaken, that's facing west.

Adam: Uh-huh.

Chelsea: So, you're gonna be getting a lot of sunlight coming in. It's gonna get really hot, and it's gonna fade the fabric.

Adam: Uh-huh.

Chelsea: Besides, wouldn't you rather face out so you get a good look at your whole view?

Adam: See, now, that -- that's why I'm the marketing guy and you're the designer, 'cause I don't --

Chelsea: Well, furniture placement is really all about the style. All the penthouse units in this building -- they have really high ceilings.

Adam: Okay.

Chelsea: So, you can do things on a massive scale if that suits you.

Adam: I like that.

Chelsea: Are you more of a contemporary person, or do you like, you know, antiques and traditional pieces? Are you more about the drama or the muted elegance?

Adam: I have no idea what you're talking about. See, that's what I'm saying. That's why I would need you. I don't know what any of that means.

Billy: So, uh, what about your girlfriend? Wouldn't -- wouldn't Sage want to have a say in all this?

Nick: Hey.

Sage: Hey. You off to the gym again?

Nick: Yeah. I'm gonna work off some tension. The custody hearing's tomorrow.

Sage: Man, I'm so sorry about that again. If I caused any problems with the wet clothes and faith's misunderstanding --

Nick: No, no, no. Hey, hey. Don't worry about it. If Sharon's gonna make an issue out of this, I'm sure the judge will see it was just a big misunderstanding.

Sage: Yeah, I hope you're right.

Nick: Oh, I'm right.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: Um...you know, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about.

Sage: Yeah? What is it?

Nick: The other day here, I saw you arguing with Gabe. I know it's none of my business, but if you're uncomfortable at all with this arrangement that you guys have --

Sage: No, no. We're fine. We are very clear about our arrangement, and it just has to be like that for now, but I really appreciate your concern. You're proving to be a great friend. Bye.

Jill: Should you be drinking if you're in treatment?

Michael: Okay, let's shut that down. There's nothing wrong with my liver, and I have my doctor's blessing to take the occasional drink. See?

Lauren: That's right. He started running again.

Jill: Running? You're kidding.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. No. He started this crazy fitness regime.

Michael: There is nothing crazy about getting in shape. However, on the other hand, taking on Victor Newman, thinking you're going to outsmart him -- yeah.

Jill: I know. I know. Katherine's probably up somewhere on a cloud, laughing her fool head off at the mess she's left me in.

Michael: I'm sorry. Hold on.

[Cell phone rings]

Michael: Oh. I have to take this.

Lauren: All right, sweetheart.

Michael: All right.

Jill: All right. Since he won't talk about it, would you please be straight with me? How's it going?

Lauren: You know what? It's actually okay. It's just the beginning, but so far, so good.

Jill: God, I wish there was something I could do to help you guys.

Lauren: You know, there may come a time when I ask you to keep the business running.

Jill: That goes without saying. I mean right now I want to help.

Lauren: You are. You're my sister, and you are supporting both of us, and that means more to me than I can say.

Michael: Yes. I talked to Summer earlier.

Jack: She said you had talked to Phyllis. What was that about?

Michael: She needed some legal advice.

Jack: Do you have any idea where she's gone?

Michael: Gone?

Jack: She took off without telling me, and I need to be in touch with her right now.

Michael: She said she knew what she had to do. I thought that meant she was listening to my advice and was gonna wait to see what happened.

Jack: Waiting has never been Phyllis' strong suit.

[Doorbell rings]

Jack: Uh, listen, I got somebody at the door. Call me if you hear from Phyllis.

Michael: Absolutely.

Jack: Thank you.

Jack: Kelly, you shouldn't be here.

Kelly: I'm sorry. I just had to see you. I know you must be really upset about what's going on with Phyllis, but I think it's for the best.

Jack: I don't know what you're talking about.

Kelly: Do you mind if I come in?

Jack: Uh...yeah. When you say, "for the best," I don't know what that means.

Kelly: Well, I know I told you that I wasn't gonna press charges. I know I told you that, but... now that Phyllis has confessed to me --

Jack: Wait, wait. Conf-- confessed? When? Where?

Kelly: Well, just now in the park.

Jack: Damn it.

Kelly: Jack, I don't think that you're gonna find her there. It looked like she was going out of town -- for good.

Adam: Yeah. You know, you're right. Sage will have her opinions, of course, but Chelsea's an artist. You're a designer. That's what you do for a living. You got a flair for this sort of thing.

Sage: Honey, I'm home!

Adam: Perfect timing.

Sage: Hi.

Adam: Perfect timing. Uh, actually, um, I was just gonna open up this bottle of champagne for our guests here.

Sage: That sounds like a great idea.

Adam: Yeah.

Sage: I'm very sorry that I wasn't here to welcome you.

Chelsea: No, it's okay. We were headed home, and we bumped in to Gabriel, who told us he's moving in.

Sage: We're moving in.

Chelsea: Oh, right. Of course. That's awesome. Congratulations.

Sage: Thanks.

Billy: Well, I think we've long overstayed our welcome here, so...

Adam: No. You guys, come on. There's a whole bottle of champagne sitting there.

Sage: If they want to go --

Adam: It's good champagne!

Chelsea: Another time. Another time. But, really, congratulations.

Sage: Thanks.

Chelsea: And I have a bunch of decorating magazines. I'd be glad to drop them off for you guys.

Adam: Okay. Yeah. That'd be great.

Sage: That's great.

Chelsea: All right. We'll see you. Have a good night.

Sage: Thank you.

Billy: Take care.

Sage: Do you think this is a good idea -- getting a place right next door to Chelsea's? With Tipton on our case, you can't get caught coveting your neighbor's wife.

Adam: I'll take my chances.

Sage: All right. Just don't ruin my chance of getting that inheritance. So, now... where's our bedroom?

Nikki: How am I not coping?

Victor: You're not taking good care of yourself. You're not sleeping right. You're not eating well.

Nikki: I'm fine.

Victor: You're not fine. You've been under a lot of stress, okay? And I take some of the responsibility for that.

Nikki: You do?

Victor: Yes. I know that you're worried about me selling that warehouse district, okay? And if I sell that, then, obviously, Dylan's gonna lose crimson lights. So I've decided to back out of that deal. I will not sell that warehouse district, and he can keep his crimson lights.

Nikki: Really? Yesterday you were so adamant about it.

Victor: Sweetheart... [Sighs] That was yesterday. Today I know that you're suffering very much for my wanting to sell that warehouse district, and I won't do it because I want to spend many tomorrows with the woman I love.

Nikki: Oh, Victor, thank you! [Chuckles] Thank you so much.

Victor: You're welcome, sweetheart.

Jack: [Breathing heavily]

Phyllis: How'd you find me?

Jack: Kelly told me.

Phyllis: Oh, well, she didn't waste much time getting to your front door.

Jack: I'm just grateful that you're still here. I got your note, by the way. "Forgive me"? Really?

Phyllis: Jack...

Jack: The answer is no. You slink out of town this way, I don't forgive you. Neither does Summer.

Phyllis: I left before when it wasn't my choice. Everyone did just fine.

Jack: This is different, and everyone was not just fine. Do you have any idea how much it means to us to have you back in our lives? We're not going to lose you again.

Phyllis: Well, you just might. I could go to prison.

Jack: I won't let that happen.

Phyllis: How are you gonna do that, Jack? Look, see, I am trying to spare you and Summer some pain here.

Jack: By just taking off without saying goodbye? How is that sparing us pain? And what about your pain? Walking away from everyone you care about, everyone you love, this time with your eyes wide open -- you would know what you were missing. What kind of existence is that?

Phyllis: I-I can't be locked up. No.

Jack: I won't let that happen.

Phyllis: How can you guarantee that to me? You are in no position to help me.

Jack: The case against you is circumstantial. Any lawyer worth his salt would tell you that. Whatever you did to Kelly is because of this experimental treatment you went through. I can get you the proper medical help. I can protect you. But you have to trust me.

Phyllis: I want to, Jack.

Jack: Do. Let me take you back home.

[Knock on door]

Christine: Did I.T. restore the damaged footage from when Kelly was poisoned?

Paul: It turns out it wasn't damaged after all. Someone intentionally tampered with it. Come here. Look.

Christine: Who?

Paul: This footage was taken from the club security office, right before the system shut down and the feed was lost from the dining room. Now keep watching. Let's see. The woman enters from the door and goes straight to the control panel. Look how she keeps her head down. She doesn't want to be seen.

Christine: But that red hair is unmistakable. It's Phyllis.

Nikki: I appreciate this so much.

Victor: You mean the tea I brought you?

Nikki: [Chuckles] Well, yeah, that, too, but I was referring to you choosing me over business.

Victor: Sweetheart, how often have I told you that every decision I make is for my family? I mean, I hope it finally dawns on you.

Nikki: Yes, it did.

Victor: Let's concentrate on getting you well, okay? Go.

[Cell phone rings]

Jill: Victor. There's only reason you'd be calling. Are you taking my option deal after all?

Victor: I don't give a damn about an option deal, okay? I'm not interested in that. But you listen carefully. If you want to buy chancellor, you bring me the full price by tonight, because as of tomorrow morning, it'll be up for sale, and it'll go to the highest bidder.

Stitch: You don't know how long I've been waiting to hear you say those words, hoping you'd say them, you know, feeling what I'm feeling. And I love you, too, Victoria, in case you didn't know it already.

Victoria: I did, actually.

Stitch: [Chuckles] Okay, then.

Victoria: Okay, then.

Stitch: You just got yourself a new roommate.

Victoria: Oh.

Stitch: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah?

Stitch: Yeah. I want to go right now. I'm gonna get all my clothes, my boxes of books, my huge 3-d-tv screen.

Chelsea: Do you think our new neighbors are in love?

Billy: With who -- each other? I mean, the way that you mentioned that Sage was getting chummy with Nick...

Chelsea: No, I-I'm not talking about that. I just mean earlier, Sage with Gabe -- they seemed like they had some tension going on between them.

Billy: Couples fight. Not everybody can be happy like we are.

Chelsea: Well, I just hope they're not noisy neighbors.

Billy: I think they have more to worry about than we do -- you know, like when you squeal uncontrollably when I kiss you behind the neck.

Chelsea: I don't squeal! [Squeals] I do not! [Laughs] That tickles! [Laughs]

Adam: You're not seriously suggesting...

Sage: That we share a bed? Yep. Yes, I am. We need to make our marriage look real to Tipton, okay? And, please, before you get too excited, I'm not gonna sleep with you, Adam. We just have to make it look that way. We need to have our toothbrushes in the master bathroom, our clothes in the same closet, stuff like that.

Adam: Yeah. Okay. Well, if we're gonna go to all this trouble to make it look like we're having sex, I think we should just go ahead and have sex.

Sage: Funny. So, what's the plan, Adam? Are you just gonna go over there and knock on Chelsea's door every other day -- ask her to borrow some sugar?

Adam: Tell you what -- you take care of your life, and I will take care of mine, okay, dear?

Sage: Yeah.

Adam: Oh, sweetheart, I'm gonna take the master, so you can find one of these smaller bedrooms to dwell in, okay?

[Cell phone chimes]

Phyllis: Oh, I'm freezing.

Jack: Still cold?

Phyllis: Yes. My hands and feet just won't warm up.

Jack: How 'bout I start you a nice, warm --

Phyllis: Michael, what are you doing here?

Michael: After Jack's phone call, I couldn't help but be concerned.

Jack: I was looking for you.

[Doorbell rings]

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Don't answer that.

Jack: They've already seen us.

Jack: You forget something the last time?

Paul: Sorry, Jack.

Phyllis: What's going on?

Christine: We're here to arrest you for the attempted murder of Kelly Andrews.

Paul: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...

Phyllis: You set me up. You betrayed me.

Jack: Red, you have to understand.

Phyllis: Don't talk to me. Don't you say one word.

Paul: ...If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to you before any questioning.

Phyllis: I will never forgive you!

Paul: Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you? Let's go.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Michael: You want to face Christine knowing that she will do whatever she can to put you away this time.

Victor: Chancellor goes on sale in just a few hours.

Jill: That's not enough time.

Victor: That's all the time you've got.

Neil: [Grunts]

Hilary: Neil! [Gasps]

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