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Episode # 10593 ~ Nikki loses control of her drinking; Avery takes charge of a situation; Phyllis reaches out to Michael.

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Summer: Hey, Dad.

Nick: Hey, Supergirl. All right, where's the cape and the red "s"?

Summer: I left them in the phone booth.

Nick: Phone booth?

Summer: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Do you even know what one of those are?

Summer: Duh. I've heard stories.

Nick: [Chuckles] You look very beautiful.

Summer: Thank you.

Nick: Is Austin parking the car?

Summer: No, uh, that commercial that he's filming, it starts shooting today, so he didn't want to bail on them.

Nick: Good for him for being responsible. Too many people just do whatever they want and damn the consequences.

Summer: It must be hard for you, being back in this church. The last time you were here, you --

Nick: Yeah, I remember. Your mom. Thanks to her, Sharon and I never made it to "I do."

Summer: Are things as bad as they were?

Nick: I'm still going ahead with the custody suit, if that's what you're asking, but I don't want to talk about that today. We're here to celebrate the birth of a daughter, and I know firsthand just how amazing that can be.

Chelsea: Hi.

Stitch: Hey, Chelsea. I take it Billy and Victoria haven't arrived yet.

Chelsea: I'm sure they've got their hands full back at the house.

Stitch: You okay with it? Them coming as a family?

Chelsea: Are you? Look, Katie's their daughter. It makes sense that they would do this together. Maybe if Billy and I weren't so solid, I'd be insecure, but I know how he feels about me.

Stitch: Yeah, same with Victoria and myself. Even so, you and I have to take a back seat today. This is all about Billy and Victoria and one only they can share, right?

Billy: You almost ready?

Victoria: Yeah, Hannah's putting fresh diapers on Johnny and Katherine. Wait until you see how adorable he looks in his little suit. And our little princess looks gorgeous in her designer christening gown.

Billy: Well, her mom is looking pretty fine herself.

Victoria: How sweet of you to say that. Thank you. I got it at Fenmore's.

Billy: Yeah, yeah. Mom was thrilled. It's too bad she's got a cold and won't be able to see you in it.

Victoria: I know. It's a shame that reed can't be here.

Billy: Yeah, and Traci. I just got off the phone with her. She's caught in the same storm that reed is. She can't find any flights out of New York.

Victoria: Oh, no.

Billy: But at least everybody else that matters will be there, right?

Victoria: Well, not quite everyone.

Nikki: So you're not going to your granddaughter's christening? That's great.

Victor: The reason I'm not going is because my invitation was rescinded, all right? I'm merely following my daughter's wishes.

Nikki: Yes, I am very aware of her wishes. She wants you to apologize for you putting her in the awkward position that you did with stitch. Did you think that she wasn't gonna tell me that?

Victor: That was a business matter, sweetheart. She should have left that at the office.

Nikki: Yeah, just like you should have left it at the office when you asked her to lie to the man that she is beginning a relationship with!

Victor: He works for the damn competition!

Nikki: I don't care if he works for the KGB! You need to return the formula that you stole from them.

Victor: I didn't steal a damn thing.

Nikki: Oh, no, no, no. Personally you didn't. You never do, do you? But that doesn't mean that you're not guilty, just like what you did with Nicholas. I mean, hiring Mariah to expose Sharon? That's charming.

Victor: Well, it worked, didn't it? I saved him.

Nikki: You saved him from what? From pain? You take one look at our son, and you can see how miserable he is.

Victor: I saved him from the disaster called Sharon!

Nikki: And what about what you're doing to Dylan? You are turning his life upside down over a piece of property, and you're about to do it to our daughter, too! You wonder why you drive me to such extremes!

Victor: What? What extremes am I driving you to? What are you talking about?

Ashley: I told security to do a complete review of the surveillance footage. We have to find out who planted that bug in the lab.

Jack: And they will be held accountable. Even if they are, though, Victor may already have his hands on your formula. If he gets this to market before we do --

Ashley: There's no point in releasing ours. I guess we're just gonna have to speed up production and beat him to it.

Jack: As much as I would like to work with you on a rollout right now, we have to get to the church.

Ashley: I know. I'm gonna make some calls from the car and get the ball rolling, okay? Believe me, Victor's not gonna win.

Jack: That's the attitude we want. I'll see you there. [Sighs]

Phyllis: Ashley left?

Jack: Yeah. Why aren't you dressed? What's going on?

Phyllis: I've decided to not go. I'm sorry. I just... I can't seem to want to be in front of people.

Jack: I know you're upset about this whole Kelly thing.

Phyllis: Yeah, I might have poisoned the woman.

Jack: There is no evidence to prove that.

Phyllis: What are you saying? That you didn't think I did it or that I'm smart enough to cover my tracks?

Jack: No, I'm saying whatever happened, we will get to the bottom of it and we will make things right. Now, come on. My niece is being christened, and I want the woman I love by my side.

Phyllis: What if that woman isn't here anymore, Jack? Can you honestly say you love who I've become?

Avery: You never get this right. Come here. Didn't your dad ever teach you how to tie a tie?

Dylan: Yes, and I did my -- [Groans] -- And I did my best to forget it.

Avery: Uh-huh.

Dylan: In case you hadn't noticed, I'm not the suit-wearing type.

Avery: Yes, but when you do wear a suit, wow.

Dylan: Hmm. Are you sure that you can't come to the christening with me?

Avery: I wish that I could, but, uh, I have a meeting today that I have to keep. It's an important case, and it might be the only opportunity I have to nail down this testimony, so...

Dylan: Okay. Well, I'll be thinking of you.

Avery: Oh, that makes two of us. Believe me.

Dylan: Knock them dead.

Avery: Okay. Bye.

Dylan: Goodbye.

Joe: Avery, hey. Great to hear from you.

Avery: I've considered your proposal.

Joe: And?

Avery: I'm on my way now to your hotel suite.

Joe: Yeah, I asked for a night, remember?

Avery: Well, Joe, I can't give you a night. Dylan is tied up for the day, and I can meet right now. Take it or leave it.

Joe: Okay, I'll -- I'll see you soon.

Billy: What do you say, Katie? You ready for your big day?

Victoria: We're ready. Look at how handsome we are.

Billy: Oh, check it out! Wow, little man. You are looking good! Yeah!

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Victoria: That was just like Delia used to do.

Billy: Yeah. Yeah, she loved the high fives and the low fives and fist bumps and the whole works. She was, uh, all about the celebration.

Victoria: She'll be cheering for us at church today.

Billy: She was one of a kind.

Victoria: Yeah, she sure was. And, you know, Katherine will be, too, in her own right. And one day, you're gonna have little secret handshakes and inside jokes that just the two of you share. You know that.

Billy: Yeah. This is really good. I'm glad that we're able to make this work.

Victoria: We're always gonna be equal partners in parenting. Especially when I see what Nick and Sharon are going through and the whole custody thing with faith.

Billy: I will never let it come to that. You can't say I'm not a team player when it comes to my kids. I mean, even Victor would have to concede that I'm -- I'm a good dad.

Victoria: Yeah, well, he doesn't get a vote. I cut him out of Katherine's life.

Victor: What do you mean, you're resorting to extremes?

Nikki: Do I need to remind you that I am sleeping in the guest room? You've driven me away, just like you drove Nicholas away. And if you don't so something to correct this, you're gonna drive our daughter away.

Victor: I am doing --

Nikki: This from the man who claims to always put his family first!

Victor: I am doing what needs to be done!

Nikki: That's your excuse for everything.

Victor: You want to pick a fight, don't you?

Nikki: [Scoffs]

Victor: I have no time for that! Show yourself out!

Nikki: I will!

Victor: Good! This is Victor Newman. You know what to do?

Nikki: What are you looking at? You of all people should know how difficult this is! I tried to stop! I did stop! Then everything... everything just went wrong again. Oh, God. [Sighs] [Sighs] Stop it. Stop it! It's like I can hear you! I'm not hurting anyone. This is just to get me through the rest of the day, okay? I'm gonna try to stop. I'm going to stop. Tomorrow.

Michael: Thanks for pushing me to do that last mile.

Kevin: Well, yeah. It's all part of the plan to keep you healthy.

Michael: Hi, partner.

Avery: Hi.

Michael: What brings you here? You working a case?

Avery: Yes.

Michael: Anything that I can help with?

Avery: No, I've got this. In fact, I expect to have it settled by the end of the day.

Michael: I knew there was a reason I teamed up with you.

Avery: [Chuckles]

Michael: Well, hey. You hang in there, marathon man.

Kevin: Heyo.

Michael: I will you guys later. Ciao.

Avery: Bye. Uh, is Paul in?

Kevin: Uh, he is not. Do you want me to let him know you stopped by?

Avery: No. I was hoping he would be out. I don't want him knowing anything about this. Do you have a minute?

Kevin: Sure.

Avery: Somewhere private?

Kevin: Follow me.

Avery: Okay. Thank you.

Kevin: Well, I like the sound of this. What is it you don't want him to know about?

Avery: I want you to outfit me with a body wire.

Kevin: A body wire?

Avery: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Look at you going all rogue.

Avery: Well, I will do anything to get this man's confession on tape and out of my life.

Kevin: A real creeper, huh? Who is he?

Avery: My ex-husband.

Jack: You are the woman I love, that I have always loved. We will find a treatment to combat the effects of the drugs that Dr. Cutler gave you.

Phyllis: If that doesn't work?

Jack: If that doesn't work, we will find some other way. I will settle for nothing less. You came back to me against all odds. I'm not about to lose you again. Now, what do you say? You ready to get dressed?

Phyllis: [Sighs] Honey, I couldn't do this without you. I am so ready to face the future, but I am completely exhausted today. I think that it is a good idea I sit the christening out.

Jack: Okay. Okay, you rest. And don't worry. Everything's gonna be okay.

Phyllis: [Sighs]

Avery: Okay, can you see the wire?

Kevin: As long as you keep that button closed, you should be fine.

Avery: Trust me. I have no intention of opening it.

Kevin: Go ahead and say something.

Avery: Okay, testing, one, two, three. Can you hear me? Testing, testing.

Kevin: Yeah, yeah, I can hear you just fine.

Avery: [Sighs] Kevin, thank you for doing this. I could have tried to put a small recorder in my purse, but I really need this to be professional quality.

Kevin: Well, it sounds great, and I'm gonna be listening just in case anything goes wrong.

Avery: Actually, I'd -- I'd rather you didn't.

Kevin: Well, look, you can't be too careful --

Avery: I'll be fine, and I'll come back and get the recording after I get what I need.

Kevin: Which is?

Avery: Proof that Joe is responsible for the attacks on Dylan.

Kevin: Are you sure you don't want Dylan or Paul to know about this?

Avery: You know as well as I do they would try to stop it.

Kevin: Yeah, that's what I mean. And if your ex is responsible for putting Dylan in the hospital, what do you think he might do to you if he finds out you're trying to entrap him?

Avery: He won't find out.

Kevin: All right, well, even if he doesn't, what makes you think he's just gonna confess to you?

Avery: Because I know my ex-husband, and I know a way to convince him.

Joe: Yeah, right over there would be great. Thank you. Yeah, one last thing. Um, when my guest arrives, would you see to it that we're not disturbed? Thank you.

[Door closes]

Phyllis: Thank you for coming right over.

Michael: Yeah, well, when you say jump, I do, after exercising first. What's happening?

Phyllis: No, I want to hear about you first.

Michael: Me?

Phyllis: Yes. As self-involved as I am, I do make a few free moments for my friends.

Michael: I've always said you were all heart.

Phyllis: Have you started the treatment yet?

Michael: Couple of days ago.

Phyllis: And?

Michael: Um, well, it's a little bit early for a cure.

Phyllis: Are you feeling any of the side effects?

Michael: Some. But at least I'm not glowing in the dark.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] I'm very happy you can joke about this. I wish I could find my sense of humor.

Michael: Hmm. What's going on?

Phyllis: Oh, Michael, it isn't pretty.

Michael: I'm not here for pretty. This friendship works both ways. Thick and thin, good and bad.

Phyllis: Well, the thing is, I didn't ask you over here as a friend. What I need is a lawyer.

Jack: Hey, you two. Good to see you.

Summer: Hi.

Nick: Hey, Jack.

Summer: Uh, where's mom?

Jack: Uh, she's sitting this one out.

Summer: Is she okay?

Jack: Just a little tired.

Nick: Any particular reason why?

Jack: An after-effect from the treatment that Victor forced on her. Phyllis and I are just now learning that she didn't come away untouched.

Stitch: Have we found any more about why the environmental agency shut us down?

Ashley: We already know why.

Abby: My dad really gets around, doesn't he?

Ashley: Yeah, but you know what? Now we just have to find the evidence to prove it.

Summer: Hey!

Noah: How's it going, kid?

Summer: Oh, good. Life is good.

Noah: Yeah?

Summer: Yeah.

Noah: I wish I could say the same for this guy. Is faith here?

Nick: Uh, no. She's with your mother.

Summer: Faith would have loved seeing her baby cousin christened.

Nick: Yeah, well, it wasn't worth setting Sharon off more than she already is. She's already forcing faith to testify against me over a situation she completely misread.

Dylan: [Sighs] Hey, stitch.

Stitch: Hey, Mac. I've been thinking about you, man. Did they catch those guys who tried to rip you off yet?

Dylan: It was no robbery. It was a message for me to drop my fight against the redevelopment center. And I expect there's gonna be a lot more trouble.

Nikki: [Sighs]

Victoria: Mom?

Nikki: Oh! Hi, darlings! Hi!

Victoria: Hey.

Billy: Here you go, buddy. Go give grandma a hug.

Nikki: Hello, my prince.

Victoria: What are you doing out here?

Nikki: Mwah. Well, it was just so stuffy in there, you know, so I thought I'd just wait out here for you.

Victoria: Oh, well, we're here now, so let's get this party started.

Nikki: Okay. I'll be right there.

Victoria: All right.

Nikki: [Clears throat]

Victoria, Billy, welcome. Hello there, Johnny. And you, too, young lady.

Billy: Wow, would you check out all the people who came here just for you? You must be pretty awesome. Hey, look. There's Chelsea.

Victoria: There's Ben.

Billy: And Dr. Evil.

Victoria: Dad, what are you doing here?

Victor: I came for my granddaughter's christening. Any objections?

Chelsea: I feel like I'm having dj vu right now.

Jack: Yeah, it kind of reminds you of him showing up at Connor's christening.

[Cell phone rings]

Jack: You can always count on the black knight to show up where he's not wanted. Excuse me. Hello?

Victoria: Daddy, we talked about this yesterday. You weren't supposed to come.

Nikki: Please don't cause any trouble.

Victor: I have no intention of doing that, okay?

Ashley: Just like you had no intention of causing trouble at Jabot, siccing those agents on us to shut us down?

Victor: You seem to think I have far more influence with the government than I actually do.

Ashley: We both know -- you were behind that, and you know it. You made sure of it that an entire year's worth of work, our future, has been compromised.

Jack: Take it easy, Ashley.

Ashley: I'm not gonna take it easy! He deserves this!

Jack: I just spoke to the federal environmental bureau. They have no problem with any of the products we're using. They're returning everything that they seized.

Victor: Well, I'll be damned. Back to business. All this animosity for nothing. Now, since we have cleared this up, I would like to take a seat, if you don't mind.

Victoria: Of course, Dad.

Minister: Please, everyone, take a seat. Good afternoon. On behalf of Billy and Victoria, I'd like to thank you all for being here as we welcome the newest member of our church. Scripture reminds us that children are a heritage from the Lord.

Michael: You really believe this? Just because your brain chemistry is off, it doesn't mean that you suddenly turn into some kind of --

Phyllis: Jealous, vindictive woman that would do anything to hold on to her man, including sending her competition into the grave?

Michael: Well, you were always that.

Phyllis: Would you stop it? I am serious here!

Michael: All right, listen. Kelly is no longer your competition. You and Jack are solid, engaged to be married. You have no reason to go after her.

Phyllis: Let's say I tried.

Michael: No, Phyllis, I'm not gonna even entertain this.

Phyllis: No, if I am tried and convicted, what would my punishment be?

Michael: You really want to go there?

Phyllis: Yeah, I do. I need to know.

Michael: Okay. Under Wisconsin law, the attempt to commit a crime is considered the completion of that crime. So first-degree intentional homicide. You could be put away for life.

Joe: Jacket? Champagne?

Avery: Okay, just so we're clear, Joe, I am here because I love Dylan and I want to keep him safe, and if this is what it takes...

Joe: That's a little harsh, don't you think?

Avery: After what you've done?

Joe: Look, I admit I wasn't the best husband.

Avery: No, I'm talking about what you did to Dylan. You said that I could make this stop, so let's just get this over with.

Joe: Is that what you think this is all about? I invited you here to have sex with me?

Avery: You're telling me that's not on your mind?

Joe: Honestly? The thought of making love to you is very much on my mind.

Joe: You know, I haven't forgotten how it was in the beginning. Remember those days that we were locked in our hotel room at the Savoy? And then Tokyo? [Chuckles] I remember Tokyo. We -- we vowed to make love on all seven continents, and we still have four to go. I'm holding out hope that maybe one day...

Avery: What do you mean, one day? Joe, what you're doing to Dylan has to stop.

Joe: I think there's been some miscommunication here.

Avery: You said that you would make the hurting going away.

Joe: And by hurt, I meant your hurt, Avery, not Dylan's.

Avery: Mine?

Joe: Let me prove to you that I was the man that you once loved. I have something for you.

Avery: What is this?

Joe: The necklace that you admired on our honeymoon, the one in the little boutique. Yeah, I couldn't afford it for you then, but the moment I could, I... I went back and got it, and I've had it ever since in the hopes that maybe...

Avery: I can't -- I can't accept that, Joe.

Joe: Would you at least put it on so I can see how it looks?

Avery: Joe.

Joe: Indulge me. Please.

Avery: [Sighs]

Joe: You know, it really should lay flat against your neck. Maybe we should open a button or two.

Phyllis: Life in prison? I should have stayed in the coma.

Michael: How could you say that?

Phyllis: How could I say that? Imagine getting a second chance just to have it snatched away.

Michael: I'd rather not.

Phyllis: Sorry.

Michael: Look, I just think you're getting ahead of yourself.

Phyllis: Paul has already questioned me about the poisoning. If Christine gets wind of this, which she probably will, she will wipe the floor with me.

Michael: She can't do anything without proof.

Phyllis: She's been waiting 20 years for a piece of me. You think she's gonna give up the chance to make me pay?

Michael: No. I guess not.

Phyllis: So what am I supposed to do now?

Minister: The raising of a child is a collaborative endeavor. As the poet John Donne said, "No man is an island entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." Jack and Abby, as godparents, Billy and Victoria look to you to provide Katie with guidance and wisdom.

Jack: I accept this charge and offer this rose as a symbol of my commitment. Red, like Katie's bloodline. Her family. We will set an example for her life.

Abby: I, too, accept this charge and offer this rose as a symbol of my commitment. White, for purity and innocence in the hope of a life above reproach.

Minister: Billy and Victoria, you two have joined together and created the miracle of life, a bud waiting to open.

Victoria: You have a world of possibilities in front of you, my sweet, little girl. And your dad and I are gonna work together to make sure that you realize all of your dreams.

Billy: Katie, we will love you and nurture you, honor and protect you, whether you want us to or not, kid.


Billy: So get used to it.

Minister: Lord, grant this couple the strength and the wisdom to make the right choices for their child, who we dedicate to you today. May she live in your light forever. And now, ladies and gentlemen, let us welcome to our church and to our community Katherine Rose Abbott Newman.


Billy: Hey, you. Uh-oh. I see tears.

Chelsea: No, good ones. That was a beautiful service. I'm really happy for you.

Billy: This is a collaboration, remember? And you are a big part of it. A very big part of it.

Stitch: You are such a lucky lady, you know that? You got an awesome mom.

Victoria: She's got you, too.

Victor: Sweet, little baby. Look at that sweet, little baby.

Victoria: Ben, would you do me a favor? Would you give me a second to talk to my dad?

Stitch: Sure, I'll put Katie in her carrier.

Victoria: Thank you.

Stitch: Hey.

Victoria: Thanks.

Victor: Congratulations, okay?

Victoria: Thank you. And thank you for putting family before business.

Victor: Sweetheart, I always do. Although some people don't seem to believe me.

Summer: Bye, Johnny.

Victoria: Johnny, come here. Come to your mom. There's a good boy.

Victor: There we go.

Victoria: Sweet baby.

Nikki: Summer left already? I didn't even get a chance to say hello to her.

Noah: Oh, she had an important errand. She had to run.

Nikki: I hope she's all right.

Nick: I hope both my daughters are gonna be all right. You know, sitting here through this ceremony really hit home for me. I got a lot to lose.

Nikki: I hear that Sharon is planning on putting faith on the stand. Is there any chance that she might change her mind?

Nick: Not likely. I'm gonna start the car.

Noah: I'll come with you.

Victor: That was a good day, wasn't it, Jack?

Jack: Because you managed to pull Victoria back under the fold?

Ashley: We can only assume that the thought of losing both your daughter and your granddaughter was worse than the thought of losing out to Jabot.

Victor: I don't lose to anyone, Ashley.

Abby: Well, dad always has to have the last word.

Ashley: He won't this time.

Dylan: Hey, Ashley, can I speak to you for a minute?

Ashley: Sure.

Dylan: I know you dated Joe Clark for a little while. How well do you know him?

Ashley: Well, not very. I mean, we weren't serious or anything.

Dylan: Yeah, you should keep it that way.

Ashley: Why? What's going on? Is this about the warehouse development deal?

Dylan: No, it's more than that. Joe Clark isn't just a shrewd businessman. He's dangerous.

Avery: Okay, okay. No. I won't do this. I won't wear your necklace, and I won't be enjoying your champagne or anything else that you're offering.

Joe: Well, I'm very sorry to hear that.

Avery: You got me here under false pretenses!

Joe: There were no pretenses, Avery. Maybe you misunderstood my intentions.

Avery: I need to go.

Joe: Look, before you do, just know that all I had hoped for out of this talk for us to let our guard down and be the people that we were when we first met. We used to be so lighthearted about everything and see the humor. When was the last time that you laughed? I mean, really laughed. I'd love the chance to see that one day.

Avery: This was a mistake. It accomplished nothing.

Joe: That's where you're wrong.

Michael: The one thing you cannot do is give up hope because you have a rather brilliant attorney on your side. Yeah?

[Doorbell rings]

Phyllis: Yeah. It's Summer. Hey, babe.

Summer: Hi!

Phyllis: Come on in.

Michael: Hey!

Summer: Hi!

Phyllis: What happened? Did the ceremony end early?

Summer: No, I skipped out on the reception to see how you were doing.

Phyllis: Oh, I'm fine. Michael's keeping me company here.

Summer: Thank you.

Michael: I hope I was of some help.

Phyllis: Oh, you were. Very much.

Michael: All right. Keep in touch.

Phyllis: Okay.

Summer: Bye.

Michael: See you, Summer.

Phyllis: So, tell me -- how was the ceremony?

Summer: Oh, my God, Mom. It was so amazing. Katie looked so cute in the gown that Chelsea designed for her. She looked like an angel. She was so adorable, and Victoria was beaming the entire time. She looked so proud. It was beautiful. Oh, my God. Then Grandpa showed up. He showed up uninvited, so everybody thought there was gonna be fireworks, but --

Phyllis: [Voice breaking] Baby, I love you so much.

Summer: Yeah -- yeah.

Phyllis: You have grown up so much while I was gone. You just... you're beautiful, and I wish I was around to see that.

Summer: Thank you, mom.

Phyllis: I know that you will be just fine if I wasn't around for you. I know that.

Summer: Mom, what are you talking about? Why wouldn't you be around for me?

Abby: So far, so good. It looks like there's nothing missing.

Ashley: Yeah, your father wouldn't be that obvious.

Abby: You still think he's behind this?

Ashley: Absolutely. This has Victor Newman written all over it. I'm afraid he's not done yet.

Victor: Yeah, I received it. Now, are you sure the puncture mark cannot be detected in the sample that I returned? I know it's just a drop, but this is enough for my chemist to analyze the contents, okay? We'll have the formula in no time. All right. Thank you.

Kevin: The audio files are on that. That was a pretty close call. I was seconds away from racing over there.

Avery: What do you mean?

Kevin: When Joe almost found out about the wire. Yes, I know you told me not to listen in, but the first rule of successful espionage is always have a backup plan.

Avery: Okay, well, it wasn't successful, unfortunately.

Kevin: Is it possible Joe didn't do this thing you think he did?

Avery: Look, this whole thing was probably a bad idea.

Kevin: Well, if you have any more of them, do not go at it alone.

Joe: When was the last time that you laughed? I mean, really laughed. I'd love the chance to see that one day.

Dylan: Hey.

Avery: Hey! How'd it go? Hi.

Dylan: It went perfect except you weren't there.

Avery: Oh, I'm really sorry that I couldn't be there.

Dylan: You okay? The meeting didn't go well?

Avery: You know what? It looks like I'm gonna have to interview the person again.

Phyllis: Don't mind me. All this talk about the christening made me think about when you were a little girl. I'm just a bit nostalgic, that's all.

Jack: Summer! I looked for you after the service. This is where you ran off to.

Summer: Hi. Yeah. I was worried about mom.

Jack: Well, that's very thoughtful.

Phyllis: Nothing to worry about, truly. Now, don't you have something fun you should be doing?

Summer: I-I do have plans with Austin.

Phyllis: Well, good, good, good, okay. Don't keep him waiting, all right? Okay.

Summer: All right. I love you.

Phyllis: I love you.

Summer: Okay. Bye, Jack.

Jack: Bye, kiddo.

[Door opens]

Jack: Well, you certainly look like you're doing a little better.

[Door closes]

Phyllis: Yeah, I am. I spoke to Michael, and, uh, we talked about the future, and I have a much clearer picture of how to proceed.

Jack: That's the spirit. We start looking for a new doctor first thing in the morning.

Phyllis: I want you to promise me something, Jack. That no matter what happens, you will always love me.

Jack: What do you mean, no matter what happens? Everything is gonna be fine.

Phyllis: Just promise me.

Jack: That's an easy promise to make. I will always love you. You have my word. Now, how about I ask Mrs. Martinez to make us a little late lunch?

Phyllis: That sounds perfect.

Jack: Yeah.

Billy: Hey. Johnny asleep?

Victoria: Yeah. Instantaneously. I guess all the excitement was too much for him.

Billy: Our little girl, on the other hand, is a party animal.

Victoria: Is she?

Chelsea: Speaking of parties, thank you for including me today.

Victoria: Yeah. Of course. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Stitch: Yeah. I want to give you a hand with that champagne.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. Sure.

Chelsea: That's okay. You're so pretty. You're so pretty.

Victoria: I hope that you didn't mind before, um, that I let dad stay.

Stitch: I don't want you fighting with your dad. I'm just blown away that you would put the two of us over your relationship with him.

Victoria: Hey. If you didn't know how important you are to me before, then you should know now.

Nick: Hey, mom.

Nikki: Hey.

Nick: You okay?

Nikki: Oh, I'm fine, sweetheart. I'm fine.

Victoria: Okay, everybody, come on. Picture time.

Chelsea: Oh, let me get one of you guys with the baby.

Victoria: Oh, thank you. That's so sweet of you.

Chelsea: Of course. [Gasps] Oh, yes, you're so pretty.

Nick: Thank you. Oh, you're talking to the baby.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Okay, ready?

Victoria: Uh-huh. Ready.

Chelsea: Oh, this is good. One, two, three.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Chelsea: Love it. Let me do a long one.

Victoria: Okay.

Chelsea: Ready? Aww, it's so sweet.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Chelsea: Three.

Victoria: All right, everybody in. I want my whole family. Mom, Nick, get in the picture, please.

Nikki: Oh! Oh, sure. Yeah.

Victoria: Mom, you hold the baby.

Nikki: Okay.

Billy: Here you go, Grandma.

Chelsea: Aww. This is gonna be so cute.

Nikki: Hold the baby.


Victoria: She's so happy.

Nikki: She's the baby.

Chelsea: Okay. Everybody get together. Get close.

Nikki: Oh, she's --

Billy: Hey!

Victoria: Oh!

Billy: I got you.

Nikki: Oh. Oh, my goodness.

Victoria: Mom. What happened?

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Victoria: Why don't you move in with me?

Adam: I'm not a visitor. I'm your new neighbor -- living right across the hall from you guys.

Kelly: Are you admitting now that you tried to poison me with antifreeze?

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