Y&R Transcript Monday 1/26/15


Episode # 10590 ~ Adam & Sage kiss; Sharon gets ready to fight dirty; Dylan warns Joe away from Avery.

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Chelsea: A real date and a flower?

Billy: For a beautiful girl.

Chelsea: Is thing gonna spit water at me or something?

Billy: [Chuckles] Well, I haven't used that trick in weeks.

Chelsea: So far, you are batting a thousand in the romance department.

Billy: Well, that is just a warm up. I'm about to knock it out of the park here. So, how was your day, my dear?

Chelsea: Asking how my day was? It's official. You, Billy Abbott, are the best boyfriend.

Billy: Well, you deserve perfect, so I'm trying hard to get there.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] So, um, do you really want to know?

Billy: Do I really want to know? Oh, about your day. Yeah. Absolutely.

Chelsea: Well, it was mostly productive.

Billy: But?

Chelsea: Gabriel stopped by my studio.

Billy: What is it with that guy constantly dropping in on you?

Chelsea: I don't know. But it won't be happening anymore. I made it very clear to Mr. Bingham that from now on, he should only be meeting up with me at the Jabot offices.

Billy: He upset you that much? What did he do?

Chelsea: No, nothing like that. I just -- I just got a weird feeling. Let's order champagne.

Billy: Chelsea.

Chelsea: [Sighs]

Billy: What happened?

Chelsea: He seemed... too familiar.

Billy: Familiar how?

Sage: Geez! Geez! What did that bag ever do to you?

Adam: I was finally making inroads with Chelsea. I got to spend some time with my son.

Sage: Okay, so why are you beating the crap out of that poor bag?

Adam: 'Cause it ended badly. She's putting up roadblocks.

Sage: Well, you'll get around them. But, hey! I just left Nick's.

Adam: Yeah? What'd you find out?

Sage: Apparently young Gabe jumped into a freezing cold fountain wearing nothing but his socks. [Chuckles]

Adam: What an idiot. Seriously, though. Who gives a damn anyway, right? None of it matters if Chelsea's shutting me out.

Sage: Get it together.

Nick: Twice in one night?

Sage: Nick, hi. So nice to see you again. Thank you so much for your hospitality, and I'm really very sorry about the misunderstanding with Sharon.

Nick: Ah, don't worry about it. Sharon overreacted. She's pretty quick to jump all over me ever since I filed for full custody of our daughter.

Adam: Yeah, well, don't blame her.

Sharon: Nightmare's over, baby. It's all right now.

Faith: It was scary.

Sharon: Oh. You want to tell me about it?

Faith: Dad was mad. He didn't want me to come over anymore because I was mean to that lady without pants. [Sniffles]

Sharon: Well, it was only a dream.

Faith: But daddy did send me to my room because I was rude. I said my tummy hurt when it didn't.

Sharon: Well, you apologized for that.

Faith: To you, but not to daddy. What if daddy stays mad at me?

Sharon: He won't, Faith. I know that it was confusing for you to see that woman at daddy's house, but you don't have to worry about her.

Faith: I don't?

Sharon: Don't ever think your daddy doesn't love you. We both adore you, honey.

Faith: But you're still mad at each other.

Sharon: Well, yes. Daddy and I have been having trouble working things out between the two of us, so we are getting some help.

Faith: From who?

Sharon: From some lawyers and a judge. They're good people, and they want to work out what the best situation is for you. Because that's what matters the most.

Faith: I just want us all to be together again.

Kevin: Do you feel better now?

Mariah: Processed sugar does a person good.

Kevin: Oh, the sugar, huh?

Mariah: The company wasn't terrible, either.

Kevin: Okay, ease up with the compliments. All this flattery is gonna go right to my head.

Mariah: Fine. No more compliments for you.

Kevin: So you want to tell me why you were crying earlier?

Mariah: I was just being dumb.

Kevin: You're not dumb. You were hurt or upset or whatever, and I'd like to help.

Mariah: You have. Well, thank you for the doughnut and the tea, but I should be headed home.

Kevin: Okay. I'll see you around.

Mariah: You know... I could go home alone in the dark or... you could give me a ride.

Kevin: So demanding.

Mariah: [Laughs]

Dylan: We need to get something clear.

Avery: Dylan, let's just go. Let's just walk right out the door.

Dylan: I know what you've done.

Joe: And that would be?

Dylan: You had those guys give me a beating.

Joe: I thought we already cleared this up?

Dylan: I know you did it, and I know it wasn't just about business.

Joe: Again, I had nothing to do --

Dylan: You did it so you could get Avery back.

Joe: Interesting conclusion.

Dylan: You're doing everything that you can to drive a wedge between me and Avery, and I'm not gonna let it happen!

Joe: As if that would matter. You can't control what she does.

Avery: Joe, don't antagonize him! He has a gun!

Avery: Please, Dylan, Joe understands everything you said, so we're done here. Let's just go.

Joe: Yeah, what's the plan, McAvoy? You just gonna shoot me? Go ahead.

Avery: No, Dylan, no!

Joe: Then neither of us will have her. I'll be dead and you'll be rotting in prison.

Dylan: That might be worth it.

Avery: Dylan, would you just listen to me, please? Please!

Dylan: I could use my gun.

Avery: No. Dylan!

Dylan: But I don't need to. I was special forces. You know that, Joe? I could kill you in a number of ways and nobody would ever know.

Joe: You talk a big game.

Avery: Dylan, please.

Dylan: You don't believe me?

Joe: No.

Dylan: You don't believe I could or you don't believe I would? Because I can assure you... that if I'm put in the position, I am capable of taking another man's life.

Chelsea: Gabriel didn't hit on me or anything.

Billy: Okay, so what did he say to you?

Chelsea: Nothing inappropriate.

Billy: But he makes you feel uncomfortable.

Chelsea: He just seems to know a lot about me.

Billy: Really? Like what?

Chelsea: He said this one thing about how I've come a long way from being the girl that used to sit in the lobby of hotel athenee in paris and pretend to be a guest there. That's true, Billy. I did that. It just kind of threw me.

Billy: And when you asked him how he knew that?

Chelsea: He said that he read about it in an interview.

Billy: But clearly you don't believe him.

Chelsea: I just don't remember mentioning that in an interview. But I guess I must have, right? I mean, only a handful of people know that story, and I'm sure he hasn't spoken to them. I mean, Chloe. My mom, Adam. It just felt very personal, you know?

Billy: Yeah. I don't know, maybe -- maybe he knew he was gonna be working with you, so he just did a ton of research.

Chelsea: Well, that's the other thing. I just had a hard time believing that this guy was that interested in my work. But he really understood how important this clothing line is to me. It was as if he had, like, looked inside my head. [Chuckles]

Billy: Okay, so, what are you saying here, Chels? I mean, do you think the guy -- that he's stalking you?

Chelsea: No, no. I know you don't like the guy, Billy, but stalking? Come on.

Billy: Well, I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt with the whole research thing, but he keeps showing up everywhere. He's saying things you never told him. Do -- do you want me to talk to Jack about this?

Chelsea: No, no. No. Gabriel has not done anything overtly wrong.

Billy: He creeps you out.

Chelsea: You know what? Maybe -- maybe you were right, what you said. Maybe he did a lot of research on me because he wanted to make a good impression at his new job.

Billy: Or he's stalking you.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Or that.

Billy: Seriously, Chels. I mean, maybe the guy's interested in more than just your business.

Nick: That's a pretty strong opinion from someone who doesn't really know what's going on or any of the players involved.

Sage: I don't think Gabriel meant it that way. Did you, Gabriel?

Adam: No. Of course not. I didn't mean to offend you. I'm sorry.

Sage: Yeah, he's definitely not in a position to comment on your life. Isn't that right, Gabriel?

Adam: No, no, I'm not at all. Did you ever have one of those days?

Nick: Yeah. I'm having one today.

Adam: [Chuckles] I'm sorry, man. Look, I didn't mean to take your ex's side or make it seem like you had done anything wrong, especially since I don't know the whole story, you know, or any of the story, really. So, sorry.

Nick: Well, how could you?

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. But one thing I do know, um, is that when it comes to relationships and children, emotions get heightened, you know? Things get complicated, people start fighting even when they didn't mean to, so...

Nick: Sounds like you've been there.

Adam: Well, yeah, I've had an ex or two in my life.

Nick: But no kids?

Adam: No, no. So I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Nick: Listen, man, I know it takes a toll. In fact, that's why I came here today so I can beat up that bag a little bit, too.

Sage: I'm really sorry, Nick. I wouldn't stop by if I knew it would cause this much trouble.

Nick: You don't need to apologize, Sage. None of this has anything to do with you.

Sharon: I am furious with your father. He had this woman -- this Sage person at his house tonight. Faith was so upset, she had to call me to come over there and pick her up.

Noah: Okay, mom, Faith has a history of disliking any woman that dad is friends with.

Sharon: No, it was more than that, Noah. Faith heard Nick tell this friend to take off her clothes.

Noah: I don't think dad would do that, really. Do you?

Sharon: Well, since she was over there wearing nick's robe...

Noah: Okay, I think that we're not getting the whole picture here. Faith is a kid. Maybe she got it wrong. Or, I'm sorry to say, maybe she lied about it.

Sharon: Faith did not lie. When I went over there to check on her, I saw the whole situation for myself.

Noah: Mom, maybe there's a reasonable explanation that we're missing here.

Sharon: Your sister is devastated. I just came from upstairs, calming her from a nightmare. A nightmare that had her father furious with her for ratting him out. I -- I have got to do something about this.

Noah: No, no, Mom, you don't. No, what you need to do right now is not get yourself caught up in this.

Sharon: And what? Just ignore it? Noah, if you had seen how upset your little sister was.

Noah: I understand that Faith was upset, okay? I'm not surprised. But, really, mom, I think that you just need to sleep on this, okay, and talk to dad more calmly about it in the morning.

Sharon: I have tried to talk to your father. It -- it does no good, nothing. I won't talk to him about this again.

Noah: Then what are you gonna do?

Sharon: I'm gonna use this to bury him in court.

Noah: [Sighs]

Chelsea: As much as you being all protective and macho earns you some boyfriend points...

Billy: I'm just doing what comes naturally.

Chelsea: ...I don't want you assuming Gabriel's interest in me is anything beyond professional.

Billy: Okay, but what if it is? I don't want him making you nervous, and I don't want to have to put a fist through his face. We have to work with this guy.

Chelsea: Yeah, we do -- we both do. So stop turning his curiosity into something it's not.

Billy: If he's coming onto you --

Chelsea: Billy, stop. He's not. I took care of it. I did. And from now on, I will keep Gabriel at a distance. We'll just see what happens from there. Okay?

Billy: All right. But you just say the word and I'll have a little talk with him.

Chelsea: [Chuckles] Enough. This date is supposed to be about us.

Billy: All I want in this moment is to see you relaxed and happy and enjoying a glass of your favorite champagne.

Chelsea: You play your cards right, and maybe you'll be able to take me home for a private celebration of our own.

Noah: Dad. Hey. I was hoping you would be here.

Nick: Hey, bud. What's up?

Noah: Hey, um... do I know you?

Adam: Yeah, um, coffee shop.

Noah: Right, you were looking for a place to stay. You found it. Good.

Adam: Thanks to you. Appreciate it.

Nick: Gabe, Sage, this is my son, Noah.

Sage: Nice to meet you.

Noah: Sage.

Nick: Yeah, Gabriel's an old friend of mine from boarding school and Sage is the woman who saved me from the bear trap.

Noah: Oh, I see. I see. Well, great meeting you. Uh, I'm really not sure how that happened still, but thank you for rescuing my dad.

Sage: I'm glad to do it.

Noah: I'm sorry. Can I talk to you for a second? It's important.

Nick: Uh, sure. Excuse me.

Noah: So, I just came from mom's, okay? This situation with the custody, it's about to escalate.

Nick: What happened?

Noah: Well, she's all worked up because apparently Faith heard you telling some woman to take her clothes off.

Sage: That's not what it sounds like.

Nick: That is not what happened, all right? Sage came by my place to drop something off, she knocked over this vase, had some water in it. It got on her clothes. I offered to put her clothes in the dryer. That's it.

Noah: Okay, uh, well, I guess Faith didn't hear all that.

Nick: Well, probably not. I'm sure Sharon's reading into it because she's jealous.

Noah: Yeah, that may be part of it.

Nick: No, that's all of it.

Noah: Dad, Faith was really upset tonight, and that's what's getting to mom.

Nick: Well, Faith was just fine when she left my place.

Noah: Okay, well, would you mind just coming over and talking to mom? Try to sort this thing out before it gets worse?

Nick: Did you tell her I was punishing you?

Sharon: No. She's a smart little girl. I told her that I had done something wrong and these are the consequences.

Nick: Well, the consequences now are that my daughter hates me right now. Thank you.

Sharon: Well, no one's forcing you to sue for custody, Nick. Okay, I did something wrong. How you choose to handle it, that's up to you.

Nick: I'm gonna handle it by doing whatever's best for Faith, no matter what.

Sharon: We haven't even been to court and you act as though you've already won.

Nick: Once they find out about how you switched that DNA evidence, how exactly do you think I'm gonna lose?

[Cell phone rings]

Sharon: Oh. David, hi. Um, right now? Hold on. Do you think that you could watch Faith for a little while if I go out?

Mariah: Oh, yeah, sure.

Sharon: All right. Yeah, I'm on my way David. Okay, bye.

Mariah: Sharon, shouldn't --

Sharon: I won't be long.

Kevin: Who's David?

Mariah: Her attorney.

Faith: Hi, Mariah!

Mariah: Hi.

Faith: I'm thirsty.

Mariah: Oh. Are you? Are you for real thirsty or trying to stay up past your bedtime thirsty?

Faith: Both?

Mariah: Works for me. All right, let's get you hydrated.

Faith: Where's mommy?

Mariah: She had to run out.

Faith: Oh, no. It's because what I told her about that lady at daddy's.

Mariah: What lady at daddy's?

Faith: The one wearing his robe.

Mariah: Um, you know what? I wouldn't be worried about it. I don't think your mom's upset at you.

Kevin: I'm gonna run and grab you some water.

Mariah: Yeah, thank you. So, why don't you start by telling me what happened, and then I'll see if I can help.

Faith: Then you can fix things with Mommy and Daddy.

Dylan: I kept telling you to back off, but you wouldn't listen. You kept coming after me. You just expect me to sit back and take it?

Avery: Dylan, please.

Dylan: This is between me and Joe! You shouldn't even be here!

Joe: No, she shouldn't, but apparently she still cares about me. Why else would she come down here to warn me about you? She can't help herself from protecting me.

Dylan: You are one smug, delusional son of a bitch.

Joe: Yeah, well, I know my wife.

Dylan: Ex-wife! Ex-wife. Avery's here because she's looking out for me. She doesn't give a damn about you.

Joe: Whatever gets you through the night.

Dylan: You want to hear what's gonna get you through the rest of your nights? Not one more hired beating, not one more threatening phone call, not one more play for my fiancée, or I'm gonna come back! And if I come back... you won't be taking one more breath.

Mariah: So, let me get this straight. Nick asked the lady to take off her pants? But that was only because she had knocked over a vase and spilled water on them. Your dad was just gonna throw them in the dryer. And I'm guessing you didn't tell that part to your mom. Did you?

Faith: I just wanted to be home with mommy and away from daddy and that lady. Did I do something wrong, Mariah? Am I in trouble?

Mariah: Oh, are you kidding me? Your parents are crazy about you now and forever. But I'm glad that you told me the whole story, because it makes a little bit more sense now. So, what do you say? Are you sleepy yet? You want to head up to bed?

Faith: Yeah.

Mariah: Yeah? Okay, then. Move it. And I will tell your mom to give you an extra kiss good night when she gets home, okay?

Faith: I'm so glad you're my sister.

Mariah: All right, get a move on.

Faith: Good night.

Mariah: Good night. [Chuckles]

Kevin: Good night. Well, no wonder Sharon was so upset. At least now you can clear things up. Hey, what was that?

Mariah: What?

Kevin: You just looked away, like you're hiding something. Like you're not gonna tell Sharon the truth.

Sharon: We've got to use this in my case against Nick. I can't allow something like this to happen again.

David: Well, I am glad you finally decided to get aggressive.

Sharon: I'm doing this for my daughter.

David: This makes our case. No court will grant Nick full custody when he's parading half-naked women around in front of your child.

Sharon: I'm ready and willing to testify. I will explain exactly what I saw.

David: Yeah, well, we'll need better ammunition than that. We got to put your daughter on the stand.

Adam: You took your clothes off for my brother?

Sage: Okay, you know me better than that.

Adam: I know the way you look at him.

Sage: [Chuckles] That was me keeping our part of the bargain, Adam, while you were screwing things up with Chelsea. Mm-hmm. Look, you have spent too much time creating this new life to waste it whining, so think. You got to woo yourself back into your wife's good graces.

Adam: Smile. We have an audience.

Sage: Not a good move.

Adam: Mm, that was an amazing move. This is how I'm gonna win Chelsea back. I'm gonna make her feel at ease, I'm gonna make her feel comfortable, by making her think that I have a girlfriend. Hold my hand. Chelsea. Billy. Hey. Sorry to interrupt, but I have a quick request.

Chelsea: Gabe, as I mentioned, we should only conduct business at Jabot.

Adam: Right, actually, I needed, um, a copy of that r&d report from you. Your latest one. I have a meeting tomorrow.

Billy: Yeah, no problem. I'll -- I'll e-mail it to you.

Adam: Thank you. Oh, and, uh, I'd like to introduce you to my girlfriend. This is Sage.

Chelsea: Your girlfriend?

Adam: Yeah. Why? Is that such a shock?

Chelsea: No, it's just -- it's just that we've met before.

Adam: Really?

Billy: Yeah. At my daughter's memorial site. Right before Christmas.

Sage: Yeah.

Adam: Well, you didn't tell me that you knew Chelsea and Billy.

Sage: Well, we didn't exchange names. I was -- had a flat tire and I needed directions and...

Chelsea: I'm afraid I was kind of unpleasant to you when we met here.

Sage: Oh, yeah. It's fine.

Chelsea: But I accused you of following me.

[Both chuckle]

Sage: It was just an odd coincidence.

Chelsea: Yeah, I guess it was.

Billy: Well, it's nice to meet you, Sage, officially.

Sage: And, oh, Chelsea, right?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm. Yes. This is Billy.

Adam: Yeah, well, all right. Oh, look. Let you guys get back to it.

Billy: You know, why don't you join us for a drink?

Adam: Yeah?

Sage: No, it's --

Adam: No, we'd love to. That sounds great.

Billy: Yeah.

Mariah: Kevin, things aren't so black and white.

Kevin: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You cannot let Sharon keep believing that --

Mariah: Do you want me to kill her one chance at blocking Nick getting sole custody?

Kevin: Even if you don't think Nick should have full custody --

Mariah: Faith should be with both of her parents.

Kevin: Exactly. So think about what this lie would do to Nick.

Mariah: I'm not trying to hurt him, okay? He's just been so ugly to Sharon.

Kevin: And Sharon has been ugly right back.

Mariah: You saw what this is doing to Faith. I don't want my little sister dragged through this nasty tug of war when all she wants is her family back together.

Kevin: And deep down you want the same thing.

Mariah: Oh, God, please don't start with me.

Kevin: Look, I'm just calling it like I see it. I know how much it scares you to have people around you who care about you, but this is the family you never had.

Mariah: I just wish that Nick and Sharon could work it out.

[Door opens]

Mariah: What are you guys doing here?

Nick: I need to talk to Sharon and Faith. I got to clear some things up.

Kevin: All right, I'm gonna leave you to it.

Mariah: Yeah.

Kevin: See you later?

Mariah: Yeah. See you later.

Nick: See you, man.

Kevin: Bye, guys.

Noah: Bye, Kevin.

Mariah: Faith is upstairs. She may be asleep already.

Noah: What about Mom?

Mariah: She went out.

Nick: Where'd she go? Mariah?

Mariah: She's with her lawyer.

Nick: [Sighs]

Faith: Daddy! I'm so sorry, Daddy!

Nick: What?

Sharon: Have Faith make the case against her father, testifying?

David: Yes. She will be perfect.

Sharon: But I'm not trying to say that Nick is unfit.

David: Well, Nick is saying you're unfit, isn't he?

Sharon: I'm just gonna leave Faith out of this. I'll take the stand.

David: But that won't carry the same weight, Sharon. There is no better witness to call than your daughter, all right? As much as she wants her parents back together, she knows her father's behavior was wrong, which is why she told you what happened. All she'll be doing in court is telling the truth.

Sharon: She's just a little girl.

David: Which is why the judge and nick's attorney will go easier on Faith than you.

Sharon: She would be cross-examined. By Avery.

David: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: Faith really dislikes Avery.

David: Well, this can't get any better. Faith can't stand Avery, and the esteemed Avery Clark can't rip into a little girl on cross. Slam dunk.

Sharon: I don't know.

David: Do you think your ex would hesitate for an instant to do what it takes to win?

Sharon: I don't know what Nick would or wouldn't do these days.

Dylan: [Sighs]

Avery: Dylan! Dylan, you can't do that. You scared me to death. It was like the incident at the cabin again.

Dylan: It was nothing like the cabin. I was completely in control.

Avery: And that's supposed to make me feel better, that you were completely aware you were making dangerous threats?

Dylan: I'm done with Joe Clark trying to break us up!

Avery: You went too far. I thought you were gonna pull your gun out on him.

Dylan: That would have been tough. Since it's right here.

Avery: [Sighs] You didn't bring it.

[Lock box lid slams]

Dylan: What were you doing there? What were you thinking? Running from here right to Joe to protect him?

Joe: [Sighs] Hey. I need you to call me back. Look, I don't know how much further I can push this deal through. Dylan's lost it. If backing out on this deal steps on what you got planned for Victor Newman, I -- [Sighs] Look, we got to back out. Call me.

Avery: Thought you understood. You told Joe --

Dylan: I told him what I hoped was the truth. Now I'm asking you.

Avery: I went there for you. I went to warn Joe because I was so worried you were going to do something stupid and get yourself arrested.

Dylan: You played right into his hands. You got to stay away from that guy.

Avery: Well, you should take your own advice. Dylan, Joe isn't an issue unless we let him be one.

Dylan: The guy messed with my business! He's messing with our relationship. So he's warned. If Joe knows what's good for him, he'll stop right now. Okay? I tried to be polite. I tried to do it the legal way and it didn't work. If Joe pushes me again, I'm gonna kill him.

Adam: I'll tell you what. I'm surprised you asked us to join you. I would have thought you wanted some alone time.

Billy: No, since we're all gonna be working together, I figure we should get to know each other.

Adam: Mm.

Chelsea: How long have you and Gabriel been together?

Adam: Mm.

Sage: Forever.

Adam: Long time.

Sage: Forever. Yeah. We go way, way back.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sage: We practically grew up together.

Adam: We grew up together, and then I looked at her one day and I thought, "you know what? We're sort of more than just pals, you know?"

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: That's sweet.

Billy: Yeah. I know what you mean. You open your eyes and suddenly you're seeing a good friend in a brand-new way. So, Gabe, you're full of surprises. I mean, meeting your lovely girlfriend here makes me wonder what else we don't know about you.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. Well, what do you want to know?

Billy: Why did you decide to pursue a job at Jabot?

Adam: Oh, well, it's a family-run company, which appeals to me. My dad, uh, my dad used to have his own company.

Billy: Yeah? Software, right?

Adam: Exactly. Software. And they were doing well until they were taken over by Newman enterprises.

Sage: We don't have to talk about that, so... not a fun topic.

Billy: No, no. That's okay. I'm a charter member of the "I hate the great Victor Newman" club.

Adam: Really? Well, seems like he's an easy man to hate.

Billy: Well, look at that. Something we agree on. Who knows what else we'll find we have in common, huh?

Adam: Look, I can understand why you were confused by what happened with me and friend Sage. But the thing is, is what you told mommy, it confused her, too.

Faith: Mariah said I wasn't in trouble.

Nick: You are definitely not in trouble, all right? No way. But you need to tell mommy what really happened. Okay?

Faith: Okay.

Nick: I really don't want you telling that story to anyone else.

Faith: Okay. Mommy, you're home! Now I can tell you everything!

Sharon: You know what? Why don't you and I talk later, sweetie? Um, Mariah, Noah, would you mind taking Faith back upstairs to bed?

Noah: Sure.

Mariah: Got it.

Noah: Come on, kiddo.

Faith: Good night.

Nick: Night.

Mariah: Let's go.

Nick: You shouldn't have gone running to your lawyer without finding out the truth.

Sharon: The truth that you told our daughter to keep quiet about?

Nick: No, I just told her --

Sharon: You were coaching Faith on what to say.

Nick: No, I wasn't. And if you'd have asked Faith more details or, better yet, come to me, we could have avoided this whole thing.

Sharon: I'm really not interested in the details about --

Nick: Sage was in a robe because her clothes got wet and I put them in the dryer. That's it. That is what happened. And I really don't want Faith running around implying that I'm sleeping with this woman.

Sharon: I told you that it would be confusing for Faith to see that woman in your house. Now, it was your time to spend with our daughter. Did you ask Sage to leave? Did you even stop to think how it might affect Faith to see this woman there in your robe? And then you have the gall to get angry with her because she reached out to me because she was upset?

Nick: That's not what it --

Sharon: She didn't -- she thought you might not ever want her to come over to your house again.

Nick: Why would she think that?

Sharon: What else was she supposed to think after the way you acted today? You know, you run around and tell anyone who will listen that you're the better parent, but where are your priorities?

Nick: Wow. Sounds like you got some coaching, too. Did your lawyer tell you to say that to build up your case?

Sharon: [Scoffs] God! Look at us. I never wanted us to become these people. Fighting with each other over everything, battling over our child!

Nick: I didn't want to be these people, either, Sharon, but you did this to us.

Sharon: [Sighs] Nick. I betrayed you horribly. Do you think maybe you can find a way to get over it? Maybe just for Faith's sake? So we can put all this behind us, please? Can we find a way to get through this?

Nick: I can't. And I won't. We're going to trial.

Sharon: Well, then, you leave me no choice. Faith is going to have to go to court and tell the judge exactly how she feels about you and that woman. I doubt you'll end up with full custody then.

Avery: By declaring war on Joe, you're putting yourself at risk. How can you expect me to accept that? I love you too much.

Dylan: You know, I got to finish up some work. I'll see you at home.

[Cell phone rings]

Joe: Avery?

Avery: Yeah.

Joe: Hey, I was concerned about you. I mean, you leaving with Dylan. That guy's lost it.

Avery: Dylan's not messing around, Joe. You need to back off.

Joe: Yeah, this call. You stopping by -- I was right. You still care about me.

Avery: Not wanting you dead means nothing beyond that. I don't know how many times I have to tell you I will never choose you over Dylan.

Joe: Look, the only reason you left is because I didn't give you the attention you deserved.

Avery: [Sighs] Don't start that now, Joe. I want this to end.

Joe: Look, just give me one night, Avery. One night so that I can make things up to you without Dylan interfering.

Avery: You're the one that's interfering, Joe. I want this to stop before something awful happens!

Joe: Then give me what I want and I'll stop. I promise.

Avery: Joe.

Avery: Thursday night. Meet me at my suite. 9:00 P.M. I'm sure you'll think of something to tell Dylan.

Billy: Thanks for joining us.

Sage: It was our pleasure.

Chelsea: Good night, Sage. Gabriel.

Adam: Good night.

Sage: You shouldn't have told them I was your girlfriend. We told Nick we were friends. How's he gonna react when he finds out?

Adam: You're worried, right, that you've lost your chances with my brother if he finds out you're taken?

Sage: That is not what I'm talking about. This could blow your cover.

Adam: This is gonna save my cover. Look at her. She's more at ease. She's less suspicious. Now she thinks I'm taken. This is great.

Chelsea: I was surprised when you asked Gabriel to join us, and then I realized what you were doing.

Billy: Always keep the enemy close.

Chelsea: You really think that he's the enemy?

Billy: Look, anybody who hates Victor gets points in my book, but there's still something off about the guy. I mean, okay, how many times have you and I talked to him?

Chelsea: A few.

Billy: Exactly, and this is the first time either of us have heard anything about a girlfriend. So while you're keeping your distance, I'm gonna be getting to know Gabriel Bingham a little bit better.

Chelsea: Because of Jabot?

Billy: That and to make sure that you're okay. Not that you can't take care of yourself.

Chelsea: I can. But I appreciate you looking out for me.

Faith: Mommy and Daddy are fighting again, and it's all my fault.

Noah: Hey, no. No, it's not.

Mariah: Parents are just dealing with stuff that is way too grownup for you to understand.

Noah: [Sighs]

Faith: Do you think they'll get back together?

Noah: I don't know. Okay? But whatever happens between Mom and Dad, we are always gonna be family, okay?

Faith: Okay.

Noah: Come here. Always.

Nick: You would use Faith to testify against me in court. Not only will I do that, I will also file a court order to keep you from seeing her and coaching her before the trial.

Nick: This is ridiculous.

Sharon: You're the one who painted me into this corner by pushing for full custody.

Nick: I didn't push you to use Faith to testify against me.

Sharon: I am fighting for Faith. I'm fighting for my relationship with my daughter. Now, you seem to think you need to protect her against me? Well, guess what? I need to protect her, too, from more nights like this, where you don't have your head on straight. But you know what? We're gonna do it your way. We're gonna let the judge hear everything and then decide.

Nick: Don't you dare manipulate my daughter and get her to lie about me in front of that judge.

Sharon: I don't need her to lie. I just need the judge to ask her who she would rather be with, and I think we both know damn well what she's gonna say.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Cane: Did you give the money to Colin?

Devon: Why would you think that?

Cane: Does he know about you and Hilary?

Jill: I'm gonna fight like hell.

Victor: You'll go down in grand fashion. That is probably what Katherine wanted.

Jack: I appreciate that. Thank you.

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