Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/22/15


Episode # 10588 ~ Jack is concerned about Phyllis' behavior; Summer & Fen fight.

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[Door opens]

Jack: I'm sorry.

Phyllis: For thinking my brain's cracked?

Jack: I don't think that. I was apologizing for leaving before we had things worked out.

Phyllis: You had business to attend to. Gave me some time to think. I...was just standing here staring at my beautiful ring, wondering how we got to this place.

Jack: This place is me loving you. This place is me wanting to spend the rest of my life with you.

Phyllis: You don't trust me, Jack.

Jack: I do trust you.

Phyllis: Do you? Do you? If you really believe what I told you, that I didn't do those things to Kelly, then why ambush me?

Jack: I wanted to make sure that there are no lasting effects from your coma.

Phyllis: The only lasting effect is that you fell in love with a crazy woman while I was gone. And now we are stuck with her.

Stitch: Hey. Hey, sis.

Kelly: Hey, Ben. Why am I in a hospital?

Stitch: You collapsed at the club. I rushed you in here.

Kelly: Oh, please. Because I fainted? That's overkill. You're losing your touch, Dr. Russell.

Stitch: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Wait.

Kelly: Oh, my gosh. What's wrong with me?

Stitch: The doctors found poison in your system, Kel. Not a lethal amount, but they're still trying to determine what the substance is.

Kelly: Poison? I haven't been near anything... poisonous.

Stitch: Tell me what you ate today.

Kelly: Nothing -- nothing out of the ordinary for breakfast or -- or lunch or...

Stitch: Okay. What? What do you remember? Maybe you were around some chemicals. Could have accidentally ingested something.

Kelly: It wasn't an accident, Ben. It was Phyllis.

Sharon: Sweetie, I was already at your daddy's house, and I left miss patsy's pajamas there for you. Didn't he tell you?

Faith: But I didn't get to see you. Mommy, you need to come back.

Sharon: Baby, we've talked about this. You know, when you're at your daddy's house, it's his time to spend with you, and it's not fair for me to intrude on that.

Faith: But this is an emergency! Daddy's...

Sharon: Faith? Faith, what's wrong with daddy?

Sage: [Laughs] So, wait, Gabe jumped into the fountain with nothing but socks on?

Nick: And that was just the prelude.

Sage: To what?

Nick: To him claiming he contracted pneumonia.

Sage: What? Did they believe him?

Nick: No. Nobody believed a word he said. We called it bingo fever.

Sage: [Laughs]

Nick: And you could have caught bingo fever if I'd let you go out into the cold with those wet clothes.

Sage: Yes, well, I appreciate your concern. I'd hate to come down with a fictional ailment.

Nick: Yes.

Sage: But seriously, thank you for your consideration and your hospitality.

Nick: Not a problem. Do you want some more hot chocolate?

Sage: Yes.

Faith: I'll have some.

Nick: All right. Two hot chocolates coming up.

Faith: Why are you wearing daddy's robe?

Summer: I'm so excited we finally get to hang out. Weren't we supposed to be seeing a lot of each other during your winter break?

Fenmore: Yeah, that was the plan. What's been keeping you so busy?

Summer: Hmm. Austin.

Fenmore: Oh, the husband. Does he require regular maintenance?

Summer: No. We just really enjoy spending time together.

Fenmore: Nice. So, the married life is going well?

Summer: Yeah, no, it's going great. The only thing that could make it go any better would be if Mariah would keep her grabby lips off of my husband.

Mariah: You weren't on the schedule.

Austin: I am now.

Mariah: I thought you were working another job.

Austin: I was, but the commercial shoot got pushed, so I asked nick if I could pick up a shift. It's not gonna be a problem, is it?

Mariah: Um, not for me. I just want to make sure it's not weird for you.

Austin: Yeah, I get why you kissed me. You were upset, and you were acting out.

Mariah: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I didn't know you could be so astute.

Austin: Yeah, but look, it can't happen again. I know you were angry, but kissing me -- that was selfish. And you never know who you're gonna hurt.

Mariah: Ah, you mean precious snowflake.

Austin: Actually, I'm talking about someone you care about.

Mariah: What are you talking about?

Austin: If you're not careful, you could screw things up with Kevin.

Kevin: What about me?

Stitch: You think Phyllis deliberately poisoned you?

Kelly: I know. I know it's a huge leap, Ben.

Stitch: It's attempted murder.

Kelly: Come on. You know, she -- she probably was just trying to make me sick. I wouldn't even -- I wouldn't even think such a thing if she hadn't...done other things.

Stitch: What other things?

Kelly: Phyllis just keeps trying to make me look bad with Jack, you know, accusing me of doing things I didn't do.

Stitch: Did you tell Jack about this?

Kelly: The whole thing has put him in such an uncomfortable position. So I decided I'd try to call a truce with Phyllis. I even arranged for us to have tea.

Stitch: Today?

Kelly: I had to get up to deal with some hotel business, and I left her alone at the table. That's when she could have put something into my drink.

Stitch: [Scoffs] Why would she do that?

Kelly: She just can't stand the fact that Jack and I were together when she was sick.

Stitch: But it's over. Phyllis and Jack are getting married. I mean, what does she have to gain by doing something that extreme?

Kelly: She's crazy! She's just crazy, Ben. You should hear about some of the other things that she has done! I mean, she's completely undermined me with Jack!

Stitch: You know what? I'm -- I'm calling the cops.

Kelly: No! Oh, don't do that, please.

Stitch: Okay, look, this is out of control. You could have died, Kel.

Kelly: But I didn't, okay? I just passed out. She was probably just trying to scare me.

Stitch: Then we need to get her locked up!

Kelly: No! Then we'd have the police in here asking me questions. The whole thing would just make me look more and more like the scorned woman.

Stitch: From what you just told me --

Kelly: Look, I didn't actually see her put the poison or put anything in my tea, okay? Without proof, what can the cops do?

Stitch: You don't want Jack to know.

Kelly: Phyllis keeps accusing me of trying to cause trouble with her and Jack. So, no. I don't want Jack thinking that I am the problem when I'm not. It's all her.

Stitch: Kelly... no man is worth your life, sis.

Kelly: What life? Phyllis is living my life now.

Phyllis: Hey, Victoria. Have you seen Kelly?

Victoria: No. Why? Scrounging for more mentions on GC Buzz?

Phyllis: I am not looking for a fight. Actually, Kelly and I were having tea earlier.

Victoria: Oh, really?

Phyllis: Taking the high road. I'm gonna go check her office.

Victoria: Oh, I wouldn't bother. I was back there already looking for Ben. It's locked.

Phyllis: You have a date?

Victoria: Yeah. Dinner. Though he hasn't shown yet.

Phyllis: Good. Then you have some time to help me with something?

Austin: Well, I got to punch in.

Mariah: We don't have a time clock.

Austin: I'll find one.

Kevin: What was Austin saying about me?

Mariah: Nothing. He was just glad you were there to cover for me the other night. He didn't want to be stuck in the middle of a huge fight between Summer and me.

Kevin: Well, a fight is exactly what you were looking for when you left Sharon's house.

Mariah: Well, it was my party, so if I wanted to get angry and leave, just call it a birthday present to myself.

Kevin: Well, I hope you learned your lesson about running scared.

Mariah: Are you having memory lapses, Kevin? Because you gave me this lecture the other night.

Kevin: Oh, good. You were listening.

Mariah: Yeah, I probably was, since I haven't made a pass at anybody since.

Kevin: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Mariah: Why? Why do you care so much about what happens to me?

Fenmore: Austin kissed Mariah?

Summer: No, Mariah kissed Austin. She was just using him like she uses everybody.

Fenmore: Why are you so sure the kiss was one-sided?

Summer: Because she's a manipulative, self-absorbed skank. I mean, Austin could never be interested in someone like that.

Fenmore: And you just -- you just know this?

Summer: Yeah, Austin told me.

Fenmore: People say a lot of things when they get caught doing something they shouldn't.

Summer: No, I didn't catch Austin and Mariah doing anything. Austin told me because he has nothing to hide.

Fenmore: Yeah, or he was looking to cover up things before the truth came out.

Summer: No, that's -- that's not my husband. You don't -- you don't really know him.

Fenmore: Neither do you.

Sage: I'm just a big, old klutz who knocked over a vase and spilled water all over my clothes. And your daddy was nice enough to loan me his robe while my pants are in the dryer.

Faith: You shouldn't be here.

Nick: Faith, that is no way to talk to a guest, young lady.

Faith: But it's supposed to be my night with you, daddy.

Sage: I didn't mean to intrude on your plans.

Faith: Well, they're ruined now.

Nick: Okay, you need to apologize right now.

Faith: But it's the truth! She did ruin them! Just like Avery!

Nick: Are you sure this is how you want to play this? Go to your room. Now.

Sage: I should go.

Nick: No. 'Cause if you do that, then my daughter knows she can get whatever she wants when she throws a tantrum. Plus if you leave now, I'm gonna be drinking hot chocolate by myself, which sounds really depressing.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: Stay.

Jack: Thank you for coming back, doctor.

Dr. Cutler: So, Phyllis has changed her mind about returning to the clinic for a follow-up exam?

Jack: Unfortunately, no. Phyllis is unable to accept that there are coma-related causes for her strange behavior.

Dr. Cutler: I'm not sure why you've asked me to come back here.

Jack: I'd like to talk to you about your other patients.

Dr. Cutler: Mr. Abbott, as I've already made quite clear, speaking about other patients would be a breach of confidentiality.

Jack: I find it ironic, doctor, that you are such a stickler for adhering to the rules now when you broke so many just treating Phyllis.

Dr. Cutler: I had no idea that Phyllis' family hadn't actually given their consent. Victor Newman provided all the necessary documentation for Phyllis to be enrolled in the trial.

Jack: And I'm sure Mr. Newman also provided a healthy donation to your clinic.

Dr. Cutler: My highest concern is my patients.

Jack: Can you prove that, doctor, if I have a team of lawyers making the case that you were paid off to be quiet about Phyllis' treatment? That could cost you your license. At the very least, the investigation alone would bring to an end your drug trial.

Dr. Cutler: Are you threatening me, Mr. Abbott?

Jack: I am informing you, doctor, I will bring your life's work to a screeching halt if you don't give me the information I need.

Stitch: You may no longer have a future with Jack. That does not mean your life is over.

Kelly: You'd think that, wouldn't you?

Stitch: Look, you still have a job you really enjoy, friends who care about you, and a brother who wants to see you happy.

Kelly: I mean, as much as you want to understand, Ben... you have no idea how difficult this has been for me.

Stitch: Okay, well, tell me, then.

Kelly: [Voice breaking] I keep trying. I keep trying to rise above. I keep trying to do the right thing, but Phyllis is making it impossible!

Stitch: How?

Kelly: She cannot accept that Jack... can fall in love with somebody else. And we were in love, Ben. We were so in love. We could have had a lifetime together.

Stitch: As tough as it is, you got to let that go. Jack Abbott made his choice.

Kelly: Yeah, the wrong choice.

Stitch: I agree. My sister is one hell of a catch, okay? But what Jack wants, that's -- that's not for you and me to decide.

Kelly: I have to make some decisions of my own.

Stitch: Jack is moving on with his life. And I suggest you do the same, as well, especially if Jack's fiancée is gonna be defending her turf by playing dangerous games.

Victoria: I really don't want to get in the middle of this war between you and Kelly. It's gonna put me in a really awkward position.

Phyllis: Because you're involved with her brother?

Victoria: Yes, that's right.

Phyllis: That's good, because I don't expect you to pick a side.

Victoria: Well, what do you expect, Phyllis?

Phyllis: A little insight to the other woman. I know you've been where I am right now -- Kelly smack in the middle of your relationship.

Victoria: Well, there's a big difference. Billy had a one-night stand with Kelly. Jack was in a committed relationship with her.

Phyllis: Just a one-night stand with Billy? Are you sure?

Victoria: Yes, I'm positive.

Phyllis: Kelly didn't want to keep things going?

Victoria: I don't know. I mean, there were a few times. There were some occasions when Billy and Kelly met up to talk.

Phyllis: Okay. That's it?

Victoria: Kelly was working for the foundation that was set up in Dee Dee's name, and they maintained contact through that.

Phyllis: Oh, that's convenient. Did that upset you?

Victoria: Yes, of course it upset me. Yes, I mean, I was trying desperately to hang on to my marriage, and the woman that slept with my husband was hanging around. Yeah, it upset me.

Phyllis: Well, I know the feeling. It's impossible to move on when someone refuses to let go.

Nick: Oh, dry already?

Sage: Drier than they were. How's faith?

Nick: She's, uh, mad at me, but that's nothing new.

Sage: She closer to her mom?

Nick: For now. She blames me for moving out and breaking up our family.

Sage: But you and her mother explained why it has to be that way. She's just not buying it?

Nick: Well, faith doesn't understand why I haven't forgiven Sharon yet. She knows Sharon did something, and she knows that she already apologized for it, and in faith's mind, that should be good enough to make things right.

Sage: If only it were that easy.

Nick: Yeah. If only. But what Sharon did, an apology isn't gonna fix that.

Sage: Was there someone else? I'm sorry. I should never have asked that. Geez. It's none of my business.

Nick: It's cool. Sharon didn't cheat on me. She did something much worse. She made me believe my oldest daughter was another man's child.

Sage: Oh, my God. That's terrible. Does faith...?

Nick: No, she has no idea. So that's why when she looks at me with such contempt, it absolutely kills me because I just -- I want to yell, "I'm not the bad guy here," but I can't.

Sage: Why? Why? Why can't you do that?

Nick: Because I don't want faith to hate her mother. Despite everything, Sharon's a great mother, and she loves faith so much, and I don't want faith to have any doubt about that.

Sage: You're a good dad.

Nick: [Sighs] Thanks. I try. But honestly, it's nights like this where I really think I'm failing.

Sage: Don't be so hard on yourself.

Sharon: Faith?!

Nick: Sharon? What's going on?

Sharon: Nick. Oh, thank God.

Nick: Okay, Sharon, what are you doing here?

Sharon: Faith called. She said there was an emergency with you. I was so scared!

Nick: There's no emergency. Everyone's fine. If you would have called first, I would have saved you a trip.

Sharon: I tried calling! You didn't answer your phone! Clearly you were busy with other things.

Nick: My ringer's off. I never heard a call.

Sharon: Is it too much to ask that I can get ahold of you while my daughter is staying here?

Nick: Do not turn this into me being irresponsible. You know damn well that faith is safe here. You need to stop checking on us, and you have to stop bursting into my home.

Sharon: Faith called frantic! What was I supposed to do, nick? You weren't answering your phone! Should I just ignore our daughter, hope for the best?

Nick: Okay, we don't need to get into this right now. The important thing is everyone's fine and you can go on home now.

Faith: I want to go, too. Will you take me home now, mommy?

Nick: [Sighs]

Kevin: You're trying to push me away.

Mariah: You're so full of yourself.

Kevin: It's the same thing you did with nick and Sharon. The minute anyone is the least bit nice to you, you start putting up all these walls. You should work on that. It's very off-putting.

Mariah: So is having you constantly in my business.

Kevin: Be glad. I'm just trying to keep you from self-destructing.

Mariah: Well, stop trying. I will manage to survive. You know, I've -- I've done it all of these years by myself without ever having met you.

Kevin: You and I are a lot alike, Mariah. Bad childhoods, lack of impulse control, terrible decision-making.

Mariah: So, if you're as much of a loser as I am, why would I listen to you?

Kevin: Maybe I think that if I can keep you in check, it'll keep me from imploding, too. And I cannot afford to go down that path again. Not now. Not when my brother is counting on me to keep things together.

Mariah: How is he?

Kevin: He's hanging in. It's weird, though, you know, having Michael depend on me. I don't want to -- I don't want to let him down.

Mariah: You won't.

Kevin: Yeah. Listen, speaking of, uh, I'm collecting money for this cancer run that we're doing, and I was wondering if you might be willing to part with some of your tips from last night.

Mariah: This is everything. Take it all.

Kevin: All of it?

Mariah: It's for a good cause, right?

Kevin: I knew there was a decent person somewhere in there. And that's why I like you.

Austin: Like I said, don't ruin a good thing.

Mariah: You are not reading the situation right. Kevin and I are... not like that.

Austin: Oh. My bad. Doesn't mean you couldn't be someday.

Fenmore: Look, you barely knew Austin before you guys got married.

Summer: I knew enough.

Fenmore: Yeah, that he held your aunt hostage at gunpoint.

Summer: Austin never meant to hurt my aunt Avery, okay? Besides, she's forgiven him, and so has everybody else. Besides you, fen. What is that about?

Fenmore: Yeah, I just think that Austin should have had to pay for his crime.

Summer: He did! He got probation! Okay, that's still a sentence, and if he does anything wrong within a year, he winds up going to prison. Don't you think that's punishment?

Fenmore: No! The guy committed an armed felony! I did, and I spent a month in prison.

Summer: Well, that's not Austin's fault.

Fenmore: Yeah, I know that.

Summer: It doesn't sound like you knew.

Fenmore: Did you ever even find out if the guy can ski?

Summer: Okay, that is it! Ever since I've gotten married, you have acted so judgmental! But you don't say what's really on your mind, and it drives me crazy! Okay, so, you know, whatever you're really thinking about me and Austin, please just say it!

Fenmore: Okay. I think that the best thing that could happen to you would be for Austin to cheat.

Summer: What?

Fenmore: Yeah, maybe then you'd finally see the guy for the loser he is. Summer, come on! You asked me!

Summer: I did not think that you were gonna say something so spiteful to me. You know, I have always had your back, fen. I guess it's just too much for me to ask you to have mine.

Fenmore: Don't you see that this is me trying to do that? I just -- I don't want to see you get hurt.

Summer: That's too late.

Fenmore: Summer.

Victoria: I wasted a lot of time and energy being angry.

Phyllis: And how did you snap out of it?

Victoria: I guess, um, I just focused on my kids.

Phyllis: Summer and Daniel are grown up. They don't want my attention.

Victoria: Okay, so concentrate on something else, like work or, I don't know, planning your wedding. Anything but Kelly.

Phyllis: I wish I could if she would just stop playing the mind games she's been playing since Jack broke up with her.

Victoria: Kelly's not over Jack?

Phyllis: Not by a long shot. She is determined to hang on to him.

Victoria: Well, I guess I can understand why she'd want to hold on to the one stable relationship that she's had in her life. At least until now. You know, she's had a lot of upheaval in the last few years.

Phyllis: You know, we've all had it tough. But Kelly is the only one going around torturing people because of it.

Jack: Doctor, tell me about the other trial participants.

Dr. Cutler: I refuse to disclose identities.

Jack: I'm not asking for names and addresses. I want to know how they're doing.

Dr. Cutler: Most have gone home to resume their lives.

Jack: Have any of them reported a change in behavior? A distinct change that the families are noticing?

Dr. Cutler: Some do, yes. But that isn't unexpected in patients who've experienced traumatic brain injuries.

Jack: And what kind of changes do you deem expected?

Dr. Cutler: Some have had to relearn how to do basic things after their accidents.

Jack: Thank God that's not the case with Phyllis.

Dr. Cutler: And others have shown slight shifts in personality.

Jack: As in mood swings?

Dr. Cutler: Sometimes it manifests itself in that way. Or some patients have exhibited a lack of emotion, loss of empathy, questionable decision-making.

Jack: They no longer know right from wrong.

Dr. Cutler: Or they know the difference. There's just no filter anymore. Every action can be justified.

Jack: And Phyllis is capable of almost anything.

Kelly: I am not concerned for myself, Ben. I am worried about Jack.

Stitch: What? You think Phyllis is gonna hurt Jack?

Kelly: Who knows what she would do? I cannot let him marry that awful woman. I have to help him see Phyllis for who she really is. Not for my sake, but for his!

Stitch: And put yourself at risk? You can't do that!

Kelly: I'm not gonna give up on Jack.

Stitch: Okay, but Phyllis is coming after you. She put poison in your tea.

Kelly: If somebody was trying to hurt Victoria, Ben, wouldn't you do everything you could possibly do to protect her?

Stitch: That's not the same.

Kelly: Why? Because you have a chance with Victoria?

Stitch: Because no one is going around poisoning my drinks to keep me away from Victoria. You need to back off of this and let the police handle it.

Kelly: And -- and give Phyllis another excuse to call me paranoid? No way! I am not gonna give that woman any more ammunition to use against me.

Stitch: Yeah, well, whether you like it or not, that's probably gonna be out of your hands.

Kelly: What did you do?

Stitch: Nothing. The hospital is obligated to report poisonings. So whether you like it or not, there's probably gonna be an investigation. Try to get some rest. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna stay right here. Uh, I just need to call Victoria and tell her that I can't make our date.

Kelly: No, Ben. No. You shouldn't miss your date just so you can sit here and watch me sleep.

Stitch: I am worried about you.

Kelly: Well, I will rest much better knowing that you and Victoria are having a wonderful time together, okay? Please?

Stitch: [Sighs] All right. Okay. But if you need me --

Kelly: I have your number, okay? Have a lovely time with the person that you love.

Faith: I want to go home with Mommy.

Nick: So, you don't think you should be punished for your bad behavior?

Sharon: What bad behavior?

Nick: She was very rude earlier and was talking back, so I sent her up to her room. And that must be when she called you and told you there was an emergency.

Faith: It was an emergency. My stomach hurts. Mommy's the only one that can make it feel better.

Sharon: Okay, sweetie, I'll take you home.

Nick: Good night, Faith.

Faith: Bye.

Nick: I need you to stop undermining me in front of our daughter.

Sharon: She doesn't feel good, Nick.

Nick: Okay. I'm gonna let this go tonight.

Sharon: You should be grateful. Now you can get back to your evening. Hope you both enjoy it.

Nick: We will. And knock next time.

[Door closes]

Kevin: Hey. Good news. I've already raised over $1,500 for that cancer run I'm doing with Michael.

Fenmore: Great.

Kevin: Think you'll be able to make it home from school for it?

Fenmore: Maybe.

Kevin: Uh, I'm guessing your mom and dad told you that Michael has started treatment, right? Look, it's nothing to worry about. As soon as he's done, he's gonna be cancer-free.

Fenmore: Yeah, I know dad will beat this.

Kevin: Well, try and sound a little more convincing when you talk to them, okay?

Fenmore: Yeah, you know, I just had a fight with Summer, so...

Kevin: About what?

Fenmore: I think she made a mistake marrying Austin.

Kevin: Well, you didn't say that to her, though, did you?

Fenmore: I may have, yes.

Kevin: Dude, are they teaching you nothing in college? You cannot say that to a person.

Fenmore: Yeah, but I'm serious, Kevin. You know, she should just let Mariah have him. Talk about two people who deserve each other.

Mariah: Kevin is still hung up on his ex. He's not looking to get involved.

Austin: Yeah, well, sometimes things just happen. I mean, like with me and Summer. We started out as friends, and look where that ended up.

Mariah: Yeah, running from the police and hiding out in crappy motels really has a way of bringing people together.

Austin: Yeah, I really wish that had happened differently. I hate the beginning of my relationship with her is tied to something awful like that.

Mariah: Well, I know about doing awful things. People don't usually forgive me, though, so you're lucky.

Austin: I am. Summer's amazing.

Summer: Hoping to get another kiss? 'Cause that's not gonna happen.

Mariah: Look, about that --

Summer: You know, don't bother explaining it to me. I already heard how you threw yourself at Austin just like you threw yourself at Tyler when he was with Abby.

Mariah: Summer, please --

Summer: You know, it's kind of pathetic, the way that you go after men who are not available. Did you actually think you had a chance with either of them? [Scoffs] Please. You are an awful human who will never know what true love is like because no one can even stand to be around you.

Jack: Hey. Where have you been?

Phyllis: Went out and got some air. Then I had a drink with Victoria.

Jack: At the club?

Phyllis: Yeah. You can call and check my story. Wouldn't be the first time you accuse me of lying. Seems to be happening all the time.

Jack: I don't like what's happening between us. We're arguing all the time. I want it to stop.

Phyllis: Well, I don't know if that's possible. Not until Kelly is out of our lives for good.

There doesn't seem to be any lingering effects from whatever you ingested.

Kelly: You still don't know what it is?

We're waiting for the toxicology results.

Kelly: Oh. But I'm all clear, right?

Kelly, understand that I still need to file a report about the poison.

Kelly: Why? I mean, it was an accident.

You sure about that?

Kelly: Yes. It was really silly how it all happened. I was handling some chemicals at work, and I must not have cleaned my hands efficiently afterwards. So... now that we know the cause, how soon can I be released?

Stitch: Hey.

Victoria: Oh, hi.

Stitch: Hey, sorry I couldn't call.

Victoria: No, it's okay. I'm just glad to finally hear from you. So, tell me. What's going on with your sister?

Stitch: Oh. Well...

Victoria: Oh, thank you.

Stitch: She'll be all right as soon as she gets Jack out of her life. His fiancée tried to poison her.

Victoria: Phyllis?

Stitch: Yeah.

Victoria: [Chuckles] Are -- do you have proof? What are you talking about?

Stitch: Kelly says Phyllis has been trying to cause all kinds of trouble, you know, setting it up to look like Kelly's some kind of stalker.

Victoria: Well, that's crazy. I mean, Phyllis was just here saying the same thing about Kelly.

Stitch: Yeah, well, that doesn't surprise me. You know, it wasn't enough that Jack proposed to that woman, which completely destroyed Kelly. But now Phyllis is intent on punishing my sister for ever getting involved with Jack.

Victoria: Uh, okay. So, how do we know which one of them is telling the truth?

Stitch: Clearly my sister. She's the one in the hospital after drinking poisoned tea.

Victoria: Ben, it's just -- it's not that black and white.

Stitch: It's pretty black and white.

Victoria: Well, we can't jump to conclusions that Phyllis did it. I mean, there must be some other explanation for how the poison ended up in the tea. Phyllis wasn't the only one with access to it.

Stitch: What are you saying? That my sister poisoned herself?

Sharon: You seem to be in better spirits. And miraculously, your tummy seems to feel better.

Faith: My tummy really didn't hurt. I just didn't want to stay with daddy.

Sharon: Faith, you really shouldn't make up stories, and you should never, ever call and pretend there's an emergency. I was very worried.

Faith: I just didn't want to have to share my time with daddy.

Sharon: What were your daddy and that woman talking about?

Faith: I heard daddy tell the woman to take off her clothes.

Nick: Sorry about the ugly domestic scene.

Sage: Well, I feel partly responsible for what went down here. Faith probably feels displaced by me being here.

Nick: Well, she needs to learn that she can't cry wolf and have her mother come running every time she sees me talking to another woman.

Sage: Yeah, but things are open to misinterpretation considering I was walking around in your robe with no pants on.

[Both laugh]

Sage: I'm gonna avoid all liquids from now on.

Nick: So, does that mean you intend to see me again?

Kevin: Mariah's not interested in Austin. She was upset, so she did something outrageous. It's what she does. It's what I do, too. I mean, she's -- she's not a bad person. She just, you know...

Fenmore: What? She's misunderstood? [Scoffs] You sound like Summer. She's real quick to make excuses, too, blinded by love. Kevin. Hey, you're not into Mariah --

Austin: You did not have to be that rude to Mariah.

Summer: She kissed you! Do you honestly expect me to be nice to her?!

Austin: Yeah, but did you have to be so cruel? I told you the kiss meant nothing.

Summer: You sure about that?

Austin: Yeah, I'm s-- where's that coming from?

Summer: I was talking to fen, and fen --

Austin: Oh, I get it. Okay, so your rich friend's trying to make it out I'm not good enough, right? Which is probably true 'cause I don't have a huge bank account or a fancy car. But you know what I don't do? I don't kick people when they're down, which is more than I can say for you.

Stitch: My sister is not suicidal.

Victoria: Okay, I didn't mean that.

Stitch: If Kelly was gonna kill herself, it would have been after her son died. Sam was her entire world. Losing him was far worse than losing Jack could ever be.

Victoria: I know it was, okay? But having lost Sam and Jack, maybe --

Stitch: This has to be Phyllis.

Victoria: I've known Phyllis for a long time. I have. And she can be very vindictive, but her life is really good right now. She has no reason to feel insecure. So there must be something else going on here.

Jack: Eventually Kelly will come to terms with the fact that I have moved on. Until then, I think it's best you keep your distance, that way there are no misunderstandings.

Phyllis: I understand perfectly. Kelly wants to drive me out of your life.

Jack: That will never happen. I have made that abundantly clear to Kelly.

Phyllis: I did, too.

Jack: Wait. How?

[Door closes]

Kelly: She poisoned me.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Phyllis: You are taking the word of some lunatic who wants to break us up over mine! Aah!

Avery: We're gonna settle this right now, or someone's gonna get killed!

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