Y&R Transcript Tuesday 1/20/15


Episode # 10586 ~ Phyllis threatens Kelly; Devon goes to see Hilary; Ashley makes accusations about Stitch's conduct.

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Kelly: No, Phyllis.

Phyllis: "No," what?

Kelly: This is where I work. I am not getting into some screaming match with you over what you did to me and Jack.

Phyllis: What I did? You know what? T's see if you can say the same thing with a straight face after this.

Kelly: After what?

Phyllis: Look what I found. Right where you left it.

Jack: I'm glad the flight went well. Thank you for coming on such short notice.

Dr. Cutler: That you provided your corporate jet made the urgency clear. Has Phyllis had some sort of relapse? Is she at memorial?

Jack: No, nothing like that. Physically, she's well. She's conscious, active, alert.

Dr. Cutler: Then I'm not sure why I'm here. I have other patients that need my attention.

Jack: I'm concerned about

this patient. Doctor, I need to better understand the protocol you used to bring Phyllis o of her coma. And specific, I need a list of possible side effects.

Dr. Cutler: We could have done this on the phone or e-mail.

Jack: No, no, this I couldn't do by e-mail. Do you have other patients who've regained their consciousness while losing their grip on reality?

Lily: This is nice. What room do you want?

Hilary: Um, I'll just, um, I guess I'll take this one.

Lily: Okay. Isn't this weird that we're here together on a spa weekend? I'm sure the desk clerk thought we were besties.

[Both laugh]

Hilary: Yea I can, um, safely say I never saw this coming.

Lily: [Chuckles]

Hilary: But it's nice. It's progress. I know it makes your dad happy.

Lily: See, that's what I like, at you always put him first. He's always a priority for you.

Hilary: Well, he's my husband. And he deserves it.

Lily: I agree. I just didn't know that you felt the same way. I mean, I know that we've had our issues in the past, but the fact that you love my dad trumps everything. And I know technically we're family, but I hope that after this, we can be friends.

Hilary: Well, let's get started. Why don't I go and, um, get us some treatments? Um, massage, facial, nails?

Lily: Yes, all of that. And then we can be all glowing and relaxed for our men. It'll be great.

Hilary: Yeah, okay. Well, I will be right back.

Lily: Okay.

Hilary: Devon, no, you can't be here.

Neil: And after my last exam, the doc feels pretty confident that I'm gonna regain some of my sight.

Cane: Well, between this and the experimental program...

Neil: It's hurry up and wait. I'm telling you, Cane, I-I am so looking forward to this treatment.

Cane: It's a good time for you right now. You know it's probably the best place you've been in a while, but you know what? Maybe you should tell Hilary, you know? It'd be like giving her a gift.

Neil: No, no, no, no, no. No, I don't want her- I don't want her to get her hopes up. You know, it's my hope, Cane. It's my hope and mine alone. I'll give her that gift if and when it happens. But until then, I just want her to relax. I want her to be pampered, and I don't want her to think about home.

Cane: What about lily? Do you think she should know?

Neil: You're a good man, Cane, and it's very nice of you to cover for your wife here and with the twins. It's a lot of work any woman's plate 24/7. It is.

Cane: I think I put a little bit more stress on that plate.

Neil: What did you do now?

Cane: Jill and I are discussing taking back chancellor.

Neil: What?

Colin: Howdy, partner. [Clears throat]

Victor: How are you? What can I do for you? Or do I need to ask?

Jill: It's actually what I can do for you.

Victor: You know I enjoy our conversations a lot, but there's not a hell of a lot you can do for me. Have a seat.

Jill: I think by this time, we are past the smoke and mirrors. Let's talk chancellor, shall we?

Victor: I'm not selling.

Jill: Yeah, but see? Newman-chancellor is hurting. It's hurting very, very badly. I told you that backing this warehouse-development project was a bad call. And now everybody knows you're the seller. Whoa! You can take a huge hit for that. And so is Newman-Chancellor.

Victor: But I got news for you. Al-estate prices are going up, so I'm gonna make a fortune.

Jill: Except if that pesky impact study quashes the sale, then you're not gonna get the influx of capital that you need.

Victor: Oh! Now you think I need an influx of capital? You read my mind, or what?

Jill: I can help you save face, and I can make you a bundle. And I may be your last hope.

Victor: [Chuckles] You're my last hope? Well...

Abby: Is it possible to overload on the product?

Stitch: Well, I suppose you could go swimming in a vat of it, but not sure anybody would want to be around you.

Abby: No, I mean use it in other applications.

Stitch: You mean to add the fragrance to soaps and shampoos?

Abby: Yeah, and skin cream. I mean, have you and my mom discussed the cumulative effect? Oh, come on. I know big words.

Stitch: That's a big one. [Chuckles] Cumulative.

Ashley: Have you seen this?

Stitch: "Newman-chancellor reviving..."

Abby: Brash and sassy.

Stitch: Yeah, what -- what is this? This means...

Abby: No, you weren't a teenage girl in the '90s, so you probably wouldn't understand, but this is huge. It's iconic. And wait -- it's back?

Ashley: This is Victor and Victoria trying to steal our thunder and beat us to market.

Stitch: Could they roll product out before ours?

Abby: Well, they have instant branding and a marketing entree, but as far as product development goes, who knows at they have.

Ashley: Exactly. Who knows what they have. But more importantly, do they know what we have?

Stitch: Whoa. Hold up. Victoria and I don't talk about business.

Ashley: So, you don't know that she's relaunching a heritage brand?

Stitch: Yeah, she mentioned a new venture, but nothing specific.

Abby: How bad is this for us?

Ashley: Best-case scenario -- it's a compliment and Victor's threatened. Worst-case scenario -- he knows what we have, he knows how to make it, and that would be very, very bad for us.

Stitch: [Chuckles] What are you saying? That I spilled information about our product?

Ashley: Men have done far less for love.

Jill: I may not be your last hope, but I don't see a whole lineup of people behind me waiting to help you out.

Victor: I'll be damned. How kind of you to want to protect me.

Jill: I'm a very kind and generous soul.

Victor: Oh, yes, don't we know. You know, in spite of your kindness and generosity and in spite of the latest development, the sale will go through.

Jill: This is me, okay? I am not some corporate neophyte who thinks you part the Red Sea. I have seen you up and down and in between.

[Both laugh]

Victor: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You and I have been in many positions, haven't we?

Jill: That's why I know you need the cash, my friend. You need a lot of cash.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Jill: Yeah.

Victor: How the hell do you know that?

Jill: Because you're messing with Nikki's son's business, all right? You're trying to sell Crimson Lights out from under Dylan. Now, you would not be risking Nikki's wrath nor her health if you could help it.

Victor: You know, I'm touched by your concern for Nikki's health.

Jill: This Bonaventure mess...

Victor: Right.

Jill: ...Has turned Chancellor into a stuck pig.

Victor: Ah. And you want to take that stuck pig off my hands. Is that it?

Jill: Chancellor should have been mine. You know it, and I know it. I ran it. I ran it well. And I love it. And God knows why Katherine left it to you.

Victor: You and I both know why she did. Because she thought it would be in safer hands with me.

Jill: I want Chancellor. I want it back.

Victor: Ain't gonna happen.

Jill: [Laughs] You're funny. You're very funny. Chancellor eventually will be what it should always have been. Mine. Now, why not do this as friends instead of enemies, huh?

Phyllis: You planted this in our living room right where Jack would find it.

Kelly: Jack found that wig in his house?

Phyllis: Our house. His and mine.

Kelly: A wig was found in your house, and what? You think that I planted it there?

Phyllis: Yeah. To make Jack think I went to the florist with a blonde wig. But somehow I gave them my own name, as if I were that stupid. You see, if I was gonna destroy your life, I would commit, not pull this half-ass-job stuff that you were trying to frame me for.

Kelly: It is not my fault, Phyllis, if you slipped up. And it is not my fault if Jack is finally starting to realize the truth about you.

Phyllis: You scattered roses all around your bed like some ridiculous schoolgirl's vision of romance. The night I planned for Jack wasn't like that at all, because I'm a woman. I'm an adult. And I just happen to know what Jack wants.

Kelly: Well, according to you, he wants a deranged fiancée waving a wig around a public place.

Phyllis: Admit what you did, or we go to war like you can't even imagine.

Kelly: Okay, Phyllis. Let's just do this. Once and for all.

Hilary: We can't do this, okay? You can't be here.

Devon: This was supposed to be our alone time away from everybody.

Hilary: Lily can come out any second.

Devon: I need this time with you.

Hilary: Not like this.

Devon: Then how?

Hilary: I'm here with your sister, okay? And where does Gwen think you are?

Devon: I don't care where Gwen thinks I am. I don't want to think about her or Neil or anybody else right now.

Hilary: [Sighs] Okay. Me neither. I just... just give me some time, okay? I will fix this somehow. We'll have our time together.

Lily: Yeah, and Hilary is seriously stressed out.

Cane: How can she be stressed out? She's at a spa.

Lily: Well, we haven't started treatments yet, but I just didn't realize how much her job and things at home were getting to her. And speaking of home, how are you holding up without me?

Cane: Doing okay. Your dad's giving me some tips and tricks on how to run the club and mind the kids.

Lily: You are my hero. How can I repay you?

Cane: Have fun there for me, okay, and relax. I love you.

Lily: All right. Love you, too. Bye.

Cane: All right. Girls are relaxing. Spa treatments are about to begin.

Neil: Nice.

Colin: Hey, just the ticket. A new beginning. You and chancellor, back where Katherine always meant you to be.

Cane: [Sighs] Well, we haven't quite gotten there yet, dad.

Colin: But you will be, my boy.

Neil: You got to get through Victor first. And that's no easy feat.

Colin: Yeah, but it can be done.

Neil: Well, on rare occasion. You know what? Just when you think Victor is down for the count, he comes back stronger, he comes back harder than ever. You'll never see it coming, let me tell you.

Gwen: Hello.

Cane: Hey.

Neil: Hi. Hi, Gwen.

Gwen: Saw a table of handsome, powerful men. Thought I'd say hello.

Colin: Oh, that'd be me.

Cane: No, she's talking about...

Colin: Let's you and I adjourn and have a little chat.

Cane: Sure.

Neil: Okay, guys. Have a good one. I-I have to talk to Gwen, anyway.

Gwen: About what?

Neil: Well... I have a favor to ask of you.

Colin: Let's you and me hammer out a plan to get back chancellor.

Cane: Dad, all right, listen. This is something Jill and I are doing, okay? Unfortunately, you don't factor in, all right?

Colin: Sure, I do. Unless, of course, you want this to be just a pipe dream.

Cane: It's not gonna be a pipe dream, and Jill and I know chancellor, and we have both dealt with Victor. Sorry.

Colin: Look, I have the utmost respect for both of you.

Cane: Uh-huh.

Colin: But this is where you need access to my wicked, wicked ways. I mean, it takes a scoundrel to catch a scoundrel.

Jill: This is the way you want to part with Chancellor -- doing business with a friend, with somebody who knows you [Chuckles] And respects you. I will even let you draft the press release. Um, change of heart, respect for me, dear Katherine, you want to concentrate on Newman, yadda, yadda, yadda. You'll come out the better man. It'll help polish up your image after publicly trying to destroy your wife's son.

Victor: And you would do that for me? I'm touched. How lucky I am that you came into my office today.

Jill: I told you I'm very generous.

Victor: I'm so touched by your generosity.

Jill: [Laughs]

Victor: But I'm not. And you and Cane don't have the financial wherewithal to buy a corporation of this size, unless you want me to take an IOU.

Jill: I got a little something that I can shake out of my piggy bank. I've been saving for a rainy day.

Victor: [Chuckles] How much do you have in your piggy bank?

Jill: How much do you want, Victor?

Phyllis: Is this what stalkers do in their free time? Drink tea?

Kelly: I'm trying to be civil here, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Well, isn't that just darling, coming from the woman who set me up. Why don't you admit what you did, or don't waste my time.

Kelly: Phyllis, would you stop, please? I didn't --

Phyllis: You're backpedaling.

Kelly: Look, I know what it's like to love Jack. I know what it's like to be wounded by him.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, so wounded you went all "operation frame my fiancée" on us.

Kelly: How could I plant a wig in your house? I don't even have a key anymore.

Phyllis: I have to believe you can get a copy of a key at a hardware store. But unfortunately for you, we changed the locks this morning.

Kelly: Would you please stop making me the villain here?

Phyllis: Oh, oh, wait a minute. That's right. That's right. You're the pure and innocent, little flower, and I'm the rabid, pissed off former coma patient, right? That's the game we're playing here.

Kelly: Why does anybody have to be the villain? Yes, you were in a coma, right? Nobody would blame you for acting out and framing me to look like a --

Phyllis: Bunny boiler?

Kelly: You're really gonna have to stop with the name-calling, Phyllis. Just go to Jack. Ask him for help.

Phyllis: I'm sorry. Are you giving me guidance?

Kelly: No, I am trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. There could be a medical excuse for what you did.

Phyllis: What's your excuse for being a sneaky bitch?

Kelly: Okay. I'm gonna take a minute here, and I would like you to do the same -- to take a minute and calm down and think. Really think about what you're doing, Phyllis.

Phyllis: Tea's cold.

Kelly: I'll have someone bring you some more hot water. Meanwhile, I have to get back to work.

Phyllis: Work? What does that mean? Folding napkins into swans or...?

Kelly: I don't have to stand here and humor you or talk to you like you're some kind of rational person when you have bullied me and humiliated me. And why? All because Jack had the gall to care about me?

Phyllis: I have done nothing to you. You have done all of this by setting me up, and I swear I will get you to say the words.

Kelly: Look at you. You're in a public place, and you're ready for a cat fight, aren't you? Why don't you come over here, honey? Why don't you slap me around and pull my hair and do whatever women like you do? And then you go and you explain that to Jack.

Phyllis: Don't say his name. Do not talk about him. And do not think you can mess with me and not pay for it.

Kelly: Aren't you forgetting something?

Abby: "Reviving a heritage brand for new market. Brash and sassy -- organic essences."

Ashley: Note the use of our buzzwords.

Stitch: Okay, okay. "Organic essences" is pretty standard right now.

Ashley: That story is not for the public. It's for us. It's a message from Victor to us.

Abby: Wait. Do you think he knows our ingredients? Because if dad knows, then game over. But how could he?

Stitch: There it is. Another look in my direction.

Abby: Hey, we're all in the same room. I got to look at someone. But if you're feeling guilty about something...

Stitch: Okay, Victoria and I don't talk about these things. You want to wire me up for a lie-detector test?

Abby: You convinced cops and a judge that you killed your own father. I'm pretty sure you could pass a test about a perfume.

Stitch: Okay, you know, I can take that from her, but you and I, if you don't feel like you can trust me, we got a problem. If you think I gave information to Victoria, then just go ahead and fire me right now.

Ashley: I'm not gonna fire you. I'm gonna fire you.

Tobias: What? I was just in the break room.

Ashley: You're a mole planted here by Victor. And I've humored him and you for far too long by letting you stay here.

Tobias: Victor new--

Ashley: Stop it. Did Victor tell you that the pictures you were taking of those files were just garbage? Because they were. You were basically taking photos of a chemical formula for tequila. And I'm sure that Victor probably figured that out immediately, and yet you still came to work day after day. Why is that?

Tobias: I...like it here.

Ashley: Please don't insult my intelligence. You got nothing from me or my lab. That means there's another mole out there that was able to g viable information. You know what I did? I let my guard down. I thought you were neutralized. But there's somebody else. Give me a name and I won't have you arrested.

Cane: This is what we call a legitimate business, all right? So your expertise and your scurrilous ways, they don't apply.

Colin: Bu you see, I beg to differ. I could guide the chancellor ship through shark-infested waters. You and my missus, of course.

Cane: But there you go. See, there's no ship because Victor doesn't want to sell.

[Both laugh]

Cane: You see?

Colin: It's a bluff. Everyone knows that company's up the creek without a paddle.

Cane: Okay, everybody also knows that Victor loved Katherine and Victor hates to lose, so he's not gonna hand over chancellor.

Colin: Everyone has a price.

Jill: Would you like to see Victor's price? It will make your eyeballs bleed.

Cane: Wait, wait, wait. Do you have the figure?

Jill: Yep. Take a look at that.

Colin: It's an opening volley.

Jill: It's an opening nightmare.

Cane: Do you think he means it?

Jill: [Sighs] What does it matter if he means it? We don't have it.

Neil: You know, Gwen, that conversation that you and I had about where things stand with u and Devon? I thank you for that. I appreciate it.

Gwen: Might have been more than you wanted to know. But I was sharing the joy that day, and I spilled to Hilary, too.

Neil: Hmm.

Gwen: I'm calmer now. But things with Devon and I are still great.

Neil: I got an idea. Why don't we have all three of us have dinner? Hilary's at the spa. And maybe you can keep this old blind man company.

Gwen: I would love to have dinner, but Devon texted this morning. He had to go away on business.

Neil: Where's that man off to now?

Gwen: He didn't say, but it sounded important, like he couldn't say no.

Jack: Doctor, I have known and loved Phyllis for I can't even tell you how long. She's an amazing woman. She's complex, at times frustrating, but I accept that. That's who she is. I love her for every bit of it. She's changed. I need to know if this procedure of yours, if -- if patients are waking up changed, acting out in ways even they don't understand. I need to know that.

[Door opens]

Phyllis: Hello.

Jack: Hi, sweetheart. This is Dr. Cutler. I don't think the two of you have officially met.

Dr. Cutler: It's wonderful to see you with your eyes open.

Phyllis: You're the doctor with the magic coma juice.

Dr. Cutler: [Chuckles] It's an interesting way to put it, but yes. That's me.

Phyllis: Yes, I can turn a phrase, that's for sure. But that's -- that's not why you're here.

Jack: Dr. Cutler is here because I invited him.

Phyllis: Gotcha. Jack is wondering if I woke up loopy. But that is not about you or me, for that matter. There is a woman by the name of Kelly who is doing a bang-up job of making Jack question my sanity.

Jack: I called Dr. Cutler because I love you. Do you want to figure this out or not?

Ashley: Victor hired you to steal trade secrets. You failed miserably. Did you know that Victor hates failures? He's never gonna hire you again. Ever. Your career's over. But you give me the name of the successful mole, and I won't call the cops right now and have you arrested for corporate espionage.

Tobias: I don't know. I gave him photos of those files with the formulas, but other than that, that's it. If there's someone else, I don't know. I swear to you, Ashley.

Ashley: I don't know what Victor was thinking with you. Just go.

Tobias: But --

Ashley: Go! Now!

Stitch: Hey, I'll take this. I'll make sure you get to your car. No detours. Unless you want to question me next.

Ashley: Just get him out.

Tobias: Ashley, please.

Stitch: Come on.

Abby: You almost made Tobias cry. I want to be you.

Ashley: He definitely doesn't know anything about the formula for our fragrance, but that doesn't mean that Victor hasn't found out another way.

Abby: Maybe it was stitch. He was doing a lot of protesting earlier, and he did con the whole world. What?

Ashley: Please just stop with the baseless accusations. Give me five minutes of quiet. I just need to think, okay? This is really, really, really important.

Abby: Uh, you were practically accusing him yourself earlier, but yet I'm not allowed to say anything? Yeah, yeah. That's reasonable.

Ashley: What the hell is that? Abby? What was that? Let me have it. What was that?

Abby: It might be a little bit of the product.

Ashley: You stole that?!

Abby: No, I-I just borrowed it. It was a sample.

Ashley: That's never supposed to leave the premises, not for any circumstances! You know that!

Abby: I know, I know. I was just -- I was gonna put a little on Victoria and shove her towards Billy.

Ashley: What are you thinking?

Abby: I'm sorry.

Ashley: Was this around Victor at all? He could have analyzed that!

Abby: Mom, he doesn't have it, I swear. At least he didn't get it from me.

Ashley: Could Victor have had that? Tell me the truth.

Abby: Mom, if dad has gotten in your head, then he has already won. Regardless of whether or not he has the compound.

Ashley: You're right. I'm sorry. It's just, you know, this whole thing is so big. I mean, this could be what Jabot and I are known for the years to come.

Abby: And it will be. And I love being a part of this. I would never do anything to hurt you or this project.

Ashley: Victor's definitely sniffing around. I have to find out exactly what he knows.

Abby: If anyone can take on my father, it's my mother.

Cane: Basically Victor is holding chancellor for ransom.

Jill: If I could just get my hands on Katherine's neck one last time...

Cane: Well, we don't have that kind of capital, and we never will, so...

Colin: Never say never, my boy.

Jill: You know what we need? We need to look for investors.

Cane: Uh, investors who would interfere with our control?

Colin: You only need one. And perhaps I can help.

Jill: How? How would you help?

Neil: He's not even answering his phone, huh? Must be one hell of a meeting.

Gwen: Very hush-hush. But that's what I love about Devon. He doesn't brag. He doesn't publicize. But you know he's always a mover and a shaker.

Hilary: No, please, you take the first massage.

Lily: But I just feel so guilty. This was your spa trip.

Hilary: Yeah, well, I am not the one with a job and two kids, okay? Go. Go. Enjoy.

Lily: Okay, okay. I'll see you later.

Hilary: Be down soon.

Lily: All right.

Hilary: [Sighs]

[Knock on door]

Devon: She's gone.

Hilary: So, you're here to talk.

Devon: There's never enough time for us.

Jack: Sweetheart, this is not about Kelly. Just forget her.

Phyllis: Yeah, I'd love to. Maybe I should go to Sharon's ECT doctor. Zap it all out. That was a joke.

Jack: Listen, Victor played God and submitted you to experimental treatment without any regard to the residual effects.

Dr. Cutler: My methods are clearly effective. But aftercare is imperative. Now, I'd like to examine you in my facility.

Phyllis: Right. Thanks for coming. Dr. Cutler. Goodbye.

Jack: Phyllis, Dr. Cutler was --

Phyllis: Was bought and paid for by Victor. Thank you for waking me up, but I am happy with the neurologist I have now.

Dr. Cutler: I have an expertise in this situation that your neurologist does not. And no one owns me, ms. Newman.

Phyllis: Jack shouldn't have called you. Now that I am awake and sane, if I need a doctor, I can call him. I don't.

Dr. Cutler: I'll be in town until tomorrow if you reconsider.

Phyllis: Are you staying at the athletic club? Because if you see a crazy-eyed blonde walking around, you should stay clear of her.

Jack: Thank you, Doctor, for stopping by.

Dr. Cutler: I'll show myself out.

[Door closes]

Phyllis: How did you get him to come here? What did you tell him?

Jack: There is nothing wrong with some follow-up medical care.

Phyllis: Yeah, there is, when you think I'm crazy.

Stitch: Kelly?

Kelly: Hey. Hi.

Stitch: Oh. You, too. Not the best day?

Kelly: Not the best day.

Stitch: Yeah. This about Jack?

Kelly: And his maniacal fiancée who's now calling me a stalker.

Stitch: Oh, my God. What happened?

Kelly: It's too convoluted, but suffice it to say, I-I'm being blamed yet again for something I did not do.

Stitch: And that's frustrating as hell.

Kelly: Yes.

Stitch: Yeah. You can explain and defend, but I guess people are gonna think what they want to think, right?

Kelly: And why believe Phyllis and not me? I mean, what have I ever done that comes close to what that woman is capable of? I mean, I-I couldn't, Ben. I-I wouldn't. How do I make Jack under-- oh.

Stitch: Kelly?

Kelly: Oh!

Stitch: Hey. Hey.

Kelly: Ben, something's wro--

Stitch: Kelly.

Kelly: [Exhales deeply]

Stitch: Kelly!

Ashley: Tell me. Have you heard from Tobias lately? I fired him for corporate espionage. He was unbelievably inept. But you still seem to have acquired some information regarding our formula.

Victor: Who the hell is Tobias?

Ashley: "Organic essences"? Those were the buzzwords you used in your press release, and you used them to needle me.

Victor: Really?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Victor: So, you based your formula on organic essences? Is that it?

Ashley: I don't know what it is, but your antics just aren't as entertaining as they used to be.

Victor: Ah.

Ashley: You know very well that we are using a rare root extract from central America. But you don't know how we apply it. You don't know the concentration. And you don't know the other ingredients, and you never will, so could you please just stop with the moles and stop with the press releases that are designed merely to annoy me? Will you please just stop wasting my time?

Victor: So, it's no longer a formula based on some nonsense that produces tequila?

Ashley: [Laughs] You know, that's practically an admission of guilt, isn't it? You're spying.

Victor: I thought you would enjoy this game as much as I do, you know. But if you don't, let's just end this in a draw and in friendship.

Ashley: I'm so happy that after all these years, we still understand each other.

[Glasses clink]

Stitch: She was out of it on the way over here. Abdominal pain, dizziness, the collapse.

All right. Got it.

Kelly: Ben.

Stitch: Hey, hey, we're at the hospital. They got you right into a room. The doc's gonna run some tests, tox screen, EKG.

Kelly: My head. My stomach.

Stitch: I know.

Stitch, you're not on staff anymore.

Stitch: I'm gonna step out, Kel, let them take care of you, and they will. Doc's gonna look after you like you're his own sister, make sure you're doing okay.

[Door opens]

Jack: You are the one throwing around words like "psycho" and "wacko."

Phyllis: That's Kelly, not me. But I don't see anyone siccing a doctor on her.

Jack: This is not about Kelly.

Phyllis: It sure the hell is.

Jack: You had major head trauma and then experimental medical treatment, Phyllis. You left the clinic in Georgia without being checked out. You -- you waltz in here. You haven't had full medical vetting.

Phyllis: And I laid in that bed and got poked and prodded until they told me I was okay. Can anyone say the same for Kelly? And since she is the one who set this whole thing up --

Jack: And not you?

Phyllis: No!

Jack: Even though you have pulled outrageous stunts in the past?

Phyllis: In the past. This is now. Today. You and me. I won. You're mine. And I am more than happy to rub Kelly's face in that. But to waste my precious time on some complicated plan to set her up, to frame her? No. Do you really think I changed that much?

Colin: You see, I don't know anything you don't, sweetie. We're both exposed to the same information. My ability is just kind of knowing how to use it better.

[Both laugh]

Neil: So, if you hear from Devon, do me a favor. Tell him to give me a call, okay?

Gwen: Of course.

Neil: All right.

Gwen: Take care, Neil.

Neil: You, too, Gwen. Good seeing you.

Cane: Okay, so if you can come up with the capital where we can acquire chancellor, by all means, please just tell us about it.

Neil: Well, Colin, are you ready to take over an empire?

Colin: We're all in the same family. And one of my investments just happens to be about to pay off big.

Abby: Hi.

Ashley: Hi.

Abby: We're okay, right? I mean, you didn't call me down to the lab to yell at me some more about the sample?

Ashley: We're fine.

Abby: Good.

Ashley: Your dad and I, however...

Abby: Ooh. Did you and dad throw down? Was it messy?

Ashley: No, we made a point of being very civil.

Abby: Oh, so he doesn't know about the compound?

Ashley: Not a clue.

Abby: How can you be so sure?

Ashley: Because I know him. You should have seen his eyes when I said rare root extract from central America.

Abby: We use an extract from central America?

Ashley: No, we don't. I set him up. I thought it was only fair. He planted a mole in here. Now he's gonna waste a lot of time and money chasing down exotic extracts, and we're gonna go to market and amaze the world!

Abby: He is gonna freak when he figures it out.

Ashley: He is gonna freak when he sees the quarterlies. It's gonna make a fortune for Jabot, and it's gonna make me CEO.

Abby: Here. I want you to see something. This is the sample. This is the sink. No one will ever know.

Ashley: Thank you. The world gets to know what we have when we decide to tell them. And then...

Abby: Boom.

[Both laugh]

Ashley: That's right. Aww. Poor Victor, huh? Between this and the warehouse-development deal, that man just can't win.

[Both laugh]

Jack: Yes, I love you. And yes, you have pulled stunts in the past that are beyond outrageous. I am talking about here and now and the fact that Victor didn't give a damn about you or me or Summer when he got involved in your case. He pulled strings, he played games to get Dr. Cutler to do his bidding. We need to play catch-up now to make sure there are no unintended consequences.

Phyllis: Like what? That my brain is scrambled?

Jack: Oh, come on, red.

Phyllis: What?! You know what? Okay, Victor played God. You know what? It worked. I'm awake because Victor played games and pulled strings! It's more than you did!

Jack: Okay, I fully expect Victor to throw those words in my face, but for you to say those things?

Phyllis: I am saying a rational fact here, like a lucid, normal person. Or do you want to call me crazy again?

Stitch: Was it her heart? Our mother just had a heart attack. Maybe it's a family predisposition. She's been under a lot of stress.

Well, it wasn't stress, stitch. It was poison.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: Sounds like someone's having a good time. What's all the fun about?

Adam: You've come a long way from the girl who used to sit in the lobby of the Hotel Athénée pretending to be a guest.

Chelsea: How did you know that?

Kevin: Some reason you want to rewrite your will now? Is there something you're not telling us?

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