Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/15/15


Episode # 10583 ~ Paul puts Victor on notice, while Billy & Chelsea clash over Gabriel.

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Cane: So, what did the bag do to you?

Joe: Not a damn thing.

Cane: Oh, so you have a problem with the land deal. What? Did Victor drop out now people know he's the seller?

Joe: Land deal's going through, or will, as soon as we cut through this red tape.

Cane: Yeah? What red tape's that?

Joe: The city won't issue building permits till we complete this impact study. You know, stuff.

Cane: So that's why you were punching the crap out of the bag, huh?

Joe: No, I was punching it 'cause sometimes it just feels good to hit something.

Cane: [Chuckles]

Avery: Dylan? Oh, my God. Dylan! Dylan! Oh, my God. Hey. Yes. Hi. Uh, I need an ambulance at crimson lights. 815 Hyde park. Uh, my fiancé. He's -- he's on the floor, and he's -- he's bleeding. He's unconscious. I don't know. I just walked in and I found him like this. Please hurry. Dylan.

Paul: [Sighs]

Nikki: Hey, Paul. Bonnie told me you were here.

Paul: [Sighs] Is it a bad time?

Nikki: Well, I-I guess I fell asleep reading my book. I wasn't expecting anybody so late.

Paul: Well, I tried calling, uh, several times. You didn't get any of my messages?

Nikki: You know, I did. I'm so sorry. I-I-I should have called you back. I just... I have so much on my mind.

Paul: I know you have. That's why Dylan and I have, uh, been worried about you. I promised him that I would check up on you and make sure that you're okay. Finding out that Victor owns the land the coffeehouse sits on has to be very difficult to deal with.

Nikki: Yeah, uh, well, I-I appreciate your concern, but I'm -- I'm fine.

Paul: You're lying, Nikki.

Phyllis: I cannot believe that you are accusing me of setting up Kelly.

Jack: I am not accusing you of anything. I am asking. The florist said Phyllis Newman ordered those roses.

Phyllis: She could have used my name. How hard is it? She is always wanting me to look bad.

Jack: I hardly think that --

Phyllis: Jack, this is the woman who lied and said I slapped her to get sympathy points with you. This is obviously a mental mind game of hers.

Jack: I still don't know what happened in my office that day. I do know you lured her there under false pretenses.

Phyllis: I texted her because she's not letting go. I needed to make her understand that we're getting married and that you're never getting back together with her ever again. But clearly she is not getting the message!

Jack: Kelly is painfully aware that things are over between she and I.

Phyllis: She wants you to think she is little miss innocent. Wrong.

Victor: Well, you know, Jack has been wrong about a great many things. You're living proof of that.

Jack: [Sighs]

Chelsea: I wish we had another week to finalize these sketches.

Billy: Why does Phyllis need them so fast for?

Chelsea: So we can start shooting the look book for fall two.

Billy: Fall two?

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Billy: How can you think that far in advance? I don't know what I'm gonna be doing in the next five minutes. Except maybe enjoying some of that beef fried rice.

Chelsea: Oh. All gone.

Billy: Man.

Chelsea: Okay, Mr. Head of r&d, I am going to need your professional opinion. Which one of these dresses do you think we should go with?

Billy: Uh...I don't know. It's kind of hard to tell without actually seeing the dresses on a beautiful woman. Want to model them for me?

Chelsea: They are sketches, Billy. You're going to have to visualize. You know, use your imagination.

Billy: You know, that would be a whole lot easier if you weren't already dressed.

Chelsea: Oh. [Chuckling] Oh. Really? How is this helping our deadline?

Billy: Shh. Trying to concentrate. You know, use my imagination.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Adam: Oh. I was, uh, was looking for Jack.

Chelsea: Uh, he's not here, Gabriel.

Adam: Huh. I see that. Yeah. Uh... I'm sorry to interrupt.

Billy: Really? 'Cause it seems like every time I turn around, you're showing up someplace uninvited.

Nick: Here you go.

Sage: Hey, nick.

Nick: Hey, Sage.

Sage: Hi.

Nick: How's it going?

Sage: Uh, as well as can be expected. Thank you for asking.

Nick: Losing someone you love, it's always rough.

Sage: Yeah. Well, I wanted to say thank you for coming by to pay your condolences and for those beautiful flowers and for that amazing donation that you left. Gabriel and I were so touched.

Nick: Gabe was my little brother at boarding school. It's the least I could do.

Sage: Yeah. I really loved hearing all those stories, you guys and the boat.

[Both laugh]

Sage: You got any more of those you want to share?

Nick: Bingo must have a million of them. Why don't you ask him?

Paul: You know something, Nikki? I can always tell when you're hiding something from me. And right now, you're not doing a very good job of it. Your eyes are bloodshot. You can barely keep your balance.

Nikki: Paul, I haven't had any sleep. I was up all night thinking about Victor's lies.

Paul: And after all these years, his behavior still surprises you?

Nikki: I have wished so many times that Victor would change, but, you know, every time he pulls a stunt like this, I know deep down inside he truly believes he is protecting his family. But this time, it's different. I mean, he doesn't look at Dylan as family, and he doesn't give a damn about his livelihood. And selling this land isn't protecting anybody except Newman's bottom line.

Paul: I know how hard you have worked to develop a relationship with our son. And I know that stress isn't good for you.

Nikki: No, it isn't.

Paul: And neither is alcohol.

Nikki: Well, I only had that one slip.

Paul: So, you can honestly tell me that you haven't been tempted or had a drink since all this happened?

[Cell phone rings]

Nikki: Oh. Excuse me. Oh. Avery? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Slow down! Paul is right here with me. Oh, my God. We'll be right there.

Paul: What? What's wrong?

Nikki: It's Dylan. We have to go to the hospital.

Jack: This is a private conversation, Victor.

Victor: I understand, Jack, but I could practically hear you out in the parking lot.

Jack: It is none of your concern.

Victor: You know, Phyllis is here because of me, okay? I kept on searching for a cure so that she could get out of her coma and resume her life. What were you doing while I was doing that? You were busy... oh, wait a minute. You were busy with -- what's her name?

Jack: Leave Kelly out of this.

Phyllis: Jack. You're defending her. What that crazy woman really needs is for the men in white coats to come and cart her off.

Jack: Could we please continue this conversation at home? These people didn't pay for dinner and a show.

Victor: Phyllis, suffice it to say, if you need anything in the future, any help, just don't hesitate to call.

Jack: Of course, he'd love to love you out of the goodness of his heart. You wanted something from her. That is the only reason you continued searching for a treatment.

Victor: And the question she should ask herself is, "why didn't you continue searching for a treatment?" Or is the answer obvious?

Sage: I never heard from Gabe when he was in boarding school. And when he was home, he never talked about the past. He was just more of a "live in the present" kind of guy.

Nick: Yeah, that sounds like him.

Sage: So I was hoping maybe you could fill me in, give me some insight. What was he like in boarding school? I assume he was quite a mischievous person.

Nick: Uh, he was, uh, always into practical jokes, loved playing pranks on everyone.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Nick: Although he is the only person to ever get expelled for that. Oh, this guy needs a drink. I'll be right back.

Sage: Yeah.

Chelsea: Jack left a few hours ago. Is there something you needed?

Adam: I start my new job on Monday, and I was just gonna swing by and tell Jack how much I'm looking forward to working with him again.

Billy: Could have called. My brother does have voicemail, as well as an assistant. No need to make a special trip.

Adam: Well, you know, I was already here. I had to drop off some paperwork at, uh, at hr. I was leaving. I saw his light was on. I assumed he was working late.

Billy: You know what they say about people who assume things.

Chelsea: You know, you can leave Jack a note if you like. He often comes in on weekends.

Adam: Well, there's an idea. Cool. All right. I'll do that. Easy enough. These are beautiful. Are these yours?

Chelsea: Oh, yeah. Yeah. We're trying to finalize the fall line.

Adam: Man, these are gorgeous. You're really talented. They're lucky to have you here, aren't they?

Chelsea: It's a mutually beneficial relationship.

Billy: Yeah, it certainly is.

Chelsea: I think you're gonna like working here.

Adam: Yeah, I'm sure you're right.

Chelsea: Even though it's a huge company, it's still a family business. The Abbotts are very hands-on.

Adam: I can see that.

Billy: Well, our deadline's 8:00 A.M., So...

Adam: Yeah, well, I'll let you kids get back to, uh, to work.

Chelsea: Well, good luck with your new job. And if there's ever anything you need...

Adam: Thank you. You know what? Actually, um, there is something that I need, and I think maybe you're uniquely qualified to help me.

Chelsea: Oh?

Adam: This place is huge. It's immense. And, um, I was wondering, can you sketch me a map to my office? Because I have a meeting there on Monday. I need to know where I'm going. I don't want to walk in late. You know what I mean? I think it gives the wrong first impression.

Billy: Who you trying to impress, Bingham? You've already got the job.

Adam: Well, I'm sure you know how it is, bill. Our last names tend to open up a lot of doors. I don't want my colleagues to think that I got my job based on more than just my fancy pedigree. You know, I'm smart, driven, not afraid to go after what I want no matter what obstacles stand in my way. So...

Cane: [Sighs]

Joe: Nice set.

Cane: Thanks. Hey, listen, I want to ask you a question.

Joe: Okay, go ahead.

Cane: Why didn't you feel the need to tell me that Victor was involved in that deal?

Joe: As we discussed.

Cane: What? He didn't want the public knowing? Well, I'm not the public, so why wouldn't you tell me?

Joe: Well, I wasn't at liberty to share that information.

Cane: So you come to me for help knowing that Victor is owning the holding company. You know he's responsible for me no longer working at chancellor. And when I come to you and ask you about Gerolamo, you don't volunteer any information.

Joe: You're right. I didn't.

Cane: And you didn't think I needed to know?

Joe: Look, this deal isn't about chancellor. It's about revamping the downtown warehouse district.

Cane: Okay. Well, here's how I think this is gonna play out. I don't think Victor would alienate his wife or his kids over some real-estate deal, so it seems obvious to me that his business is in trouble and he needs the cash. So all I need to do is turn around and support Dylan McAvoy. The deal falls through and he has to sell chancellor.

Victor: I wouldn't count on that.

Avery: Champagne?

Dylan: Just trying to impress my girl.

Avery: Oh! [Laughs] And dancing, too.

Dylan: Just want to make the most of every minute we have in this place.

Avery: I like that. Let's make plans.

Dylan: For the wedding?

Avery: No. For next December 25th. Let's plan on celebrating right here, Christmas at crimson lights. To our plan.

Dylan: To our plan.

Avery: [Sniffles] [Sighs]

Nikki: Oh, there. Avery.

Avery: Oh.

Paul: How's Dylan?

Avery: Um, I don't know. The doctor's in with him right now. They -- they won't allow me to go in.

Paul: What the hell happened?

Avery: I walked into the coffeehouse, and the whole place was trashed. There were -- there were tables and chairs everywhere. [Voice breaking] Dylan was on the floor. He was unconscious. [Sniffles] There was blood. [Sniffles]

Paul: Doctor, we are Dylan's parents.

Avery: I'm his fiancée.

Paul: What can you tell us about his condition?

Avery: Is he gonna be all right?

Nikki: How badly is he hurt?

Avery: I-I have Dylan's healthcare power, so you have my permission to speak in front of all of us.

Dylan has a concussion. We'll keep him overnight for observation. It was quite a beating he took.

Nikki: Beating?

Avery: Dylan will tell us what happened.

Paul: Any other injuries?

Uh, your son has significant bruising across his abdomen.

Nikki: You should know this. Last year, he donated a part of his liver. Will that affect his recovery?

We'll know tomorrow, but there shouldn't be any lasting effects. You can go in now if you'd like.

Avery: Thank -- thank you, doctor. Dylan. [Sniffles] Hi.

Dylan: Ooh, ooh.

Avery: Oh, oh! I'm so sorry.

Dylan: It's okay. Just don't go too far.

Nikki: How are you feeling?

Dylan: Like I got beat up.

Paul: Who did this to you?

Avery: [Sniffles]

Dylan: I'm not sure. But I have a pretty good idea what it was about.

Nick: So, Gabe's a couple years younger than me.

Sage: Mm-hmm.

Nick: Wasn't nearly as girl crazy as I was.

Sage: [Laughs]

Nick: But that didn't stop the dude. He climbed that trellis to the second story where all those girls were just to talk to them.

Sage: [Laughs] Oh, my God. Constance used to call him a scamp.

Nick: [Chuckles]

Sage: I think that sounds very scamp-like, don't you?

Nick: Uh, yeah.

Sage: [Chuckles] I can't believe that. He got expelled?

Nick: Yep.

Sage: I mean, Constance kept that quiet. I was living in the house, and I never knew that. [Chuckles]

Nick: Well, you brought her up, so I'm sorry, but I can't help but be curious.

Sage: What?

Nick: Well, now that she's gone, you were her caretaker for so long. I mean, what are you gonna do now? Are you gonna move out and start a life of your own?

Sage: I haven't really thought about it. I know it's crazy. It's not that her death was unexpected, but I probably should have made plans. [Chuckles] I guess moving on's just really difficult to contemplate.

Nick: I understand, trust me.

Sage: You know, that place is the only home that I know. It's the only family that I have.

Nick: Well, I know how hard it is to get away from family. It took me years to get out of the rather imposing shadow Victor Newman cast, but I know I had to do it. I had to be my own person, hopefully become a better man than he is.

Sage: I only know your father through his reputation. Um, but I have seen you at your worst.

Nick: Oh, really? When was that?

Sage: Well, uh, gosh, let me see. The first time we met, you were drunk. Uh, you were face down. Um, and your leg was stuck in a bear trap.

Nick: Yeah, yeah. It's not my best moment. [Chuckles]

Sage: Well, you seem like a really decent guy, so unless your father's a saint, it appears you succeeded.

Jack: You barely said two words all the way home. Kind of surprising, given all that you had to say at the club.

Phyllis: I was thinking about what Victor said. Why didn't you keep looking for a way to pull me out of the coma?

Jack: Phyllis, we've been over all this.

Phyllis: Let's go over it again.

Jack: The facility that Daniel found for you in Georgia was cutting-edge, state-of-the-art. I flew in specialists from all over to consult with the doctors there. All of them to a person said the same thing. There was nothing they could do for you.

Phyllis: And you accepted it just like that?

Jack: No, not just like that. For months, each of these specialists gave us promise, and every time our hopes were dashed. And it was very difficult to accept the possibility that you would never come back to me. But I had to. Red, not just for me. For Summer.

Phyllis: How was giving up good for my daughter? I know it was good for you. You clearly moved on with Kelly with a clear conscience.

Jack: Phyllis...

Phyllis: No, look, me coming back was not a part of the plan. It threw your life into chaos. You were torn between two women, and apparently you still are. I mean, is that why you constantly defend her? Are you still in love with her?

Jack: How many times do I have to say this? No! I love you! I chose you! My life with Kelly is over! I'm marrying you! What more do you need?!

Phyllis: I need you to trust me.

Jack: I do!

Phyllis: Okay. Then I'm gonna need you to prove it.

Dylan: I was alone. I was working behind the counter, and two guys came in, robbed the place.

Paul: Did you get a good look at their faces? I can bring in a sketch artist. I masks.

Paul: What about weapons?

Dylan: They had their hands in their pockets. They could have had guns. One guy was defini something at me.

Nikki: Oh, dear God.

Paul: Okay, I want you to tell me everything that happened in as much detail as you can remember.

Dylan: [Sighs] Two guys walked in, and they ordered me to open the cash register. And at first, I did.

Avery: At first?

Dylan: I saw an opening, and K.

Avery: So you took on two guys that could have been armed?

You take such a terrible risk, son?

Dylan: I wasn't gonna let two lowlifes hurt my business any more than I'm gonna let Victor and Joe. It's crimson lights the place has meaning. I won't let them tear it down, they'll be tearing down all the memories people have.

Avery: Your life has meaning. A lot more than that building.

Victor: I'm sure Jill has been filling you with all kinds of nonsensical ideas. Just remember, you're a neophyte

l let me tell you. One bad quarter of the chancellor part of Newman enterprises does not make it circle the drain.

Cane: Of course not. I mean, most companies will bounce back from a bad quarter. However, with your, uh, bad press, federal charges, and all those fines from the Bonaventure mess, it may be a little you.

Victor: You want to mess with me? You tell her to summon all of her friends and plot my demise. She will never lay hands on my company.

Cane: Okay, I'll tell that, but, uh, can I tell you something? Uh, both Jill and I like a challenge. And I just want to let you know that this is business. It's not personal. You of all people should know that, right?

Victor: Cane, you have a good workout, okay? And you mat hurt himself.

Can have a nice day.

Paul: No other robberies in the area.

Avery: Why not just rob the bar down the street? They'd have a lot more cash on hand.

Dylan: There's no bouncer at crimson lights. No one's watching the door.

Nikki: Well, maybe they should be. I know I can't take another phone call saying that you're being rushed to the hospital.

Dylan: I've been through worse.

Avery: Okay, that was a different world. That was combat. You shouldn't have to look over your shoulder at your place of business.

Paul: You know, and this is not your first incident. Somebody threw a brick through your window not too long ago.

Nikki: Do you think that's connected?

Paul: I'm beginning to suspect that someone is trying to send Dylan a message.

Avery: Someone is definitely trying to scare him. The question is who.

Nick: So, I'm guessing you know what my father's like based on all the media coverage he gets.

Sage: Tell you the truth, I don't really pay attention to the business press.

Nick: Well, he's not as bad as they make him out to be. At least most of the time.

Sage: But you just said that you're trying really hard not to be like him.

Nick: The ruthless part, yeah. But my dad loves his family. He worked so hard to build that company up to what it is just so he could pass it off to his children. But the thing is, is I don't want any part of it. I mean, the corporate world is cutthroat, and who wants to live like that?

Sage: Well, I assume that's why you own a bar. It's the exact opposite of a boardroom.

Nick: Yeah, I opened up this place, um, really just to have something to occupy my time. I mean, I've tried my hand at a few things.

Sage: Yeah.

Nick: But that's what you need to do. You need a fresh start, give yourself a new outlook on life.

Sage: You make it sound so easy.

Nick: It can be hard -- I'm not gonna lie to you -- starting over. But I'm sure you're gonna be good at whatever you try to do next. Any idea on what that's gonna be?

Adam: Well, thank you for taking the time to show me around.

Chelsea: Sure. It's my pleasure.

Adam: Yeah. Right. Well, I'm sure you two are busy.

Billy: Yeah, at this rate, we'll be lucky if we get home in time to have breakfast with Connor.

Chelsea: Would you stop it? It was easier to just show Gabriel where his office is other than draw him a map. Oh, actually, and this place can kind of be a maze, so if you ever get lost, here is the extension for security.

Adam: Thank you for that.

Chelsea: Mm-hmm.

Adam: Okay, well... have a good one.

Billy: You, too.

Chelsea: You know, you can kind of be a brat sometimes. You know what?

Billy: Oh, I know. Yeah. What I don't get is why you feel so compelled to go out of your way to help this guy. I mean, a guided tour? Isn't that what we have interns for?

Chelsea: It wasn't a big deal, Billy. You know how stressful it is starting a new job. Plus I can't imagine starting a new job while planning a funeral.

Billy: Funeral?

Chelsea: When I was showing Gabriel around, he told me that his grandmother just passed away.

Billy: So he's starting work on the day of her funeral?

Chelsea: I don't know. Maybe the day after. He didn't say. I'm sure he needs the distraction, though. He said he and his grandmother were very close.

Billy: All the more reason to take some time to grieve.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. What is your problem with this guy? You barely know him.

Billy: Exactly! Three weeks ago, I never even heard of him. Now he has a job at Jabot. He's looking at the condo down the hall from us. He's everywhere! I mean, I can't even get a night alone with you!

Chelsea: Well, we're alone now.

Billy: Oh, I see. You think I'm this easy, that you can just use this sexy voice and...

Chelsea: Yep. I think you're that easy.

Billy: Yeah, maybe so.

Chelsea: [Laughs]

Billy: [Laughs]

Jack: Can you describe for me the woman that ordered those flowers? She was a blonde. Um, no. No, no, thank you very much. That's it.

Phyllis: A blonde. Very interesting.

Jack: Sure is.

Phyllis: Are you ready to admit that Kelly is not an innocent victim here? She ordered those flowers under my name so she could cover her tracks. Then she sent you a message to go to a different suite so she could get you there, get you undressed, and into her bed just in time for me to walk in on you. How much more proof do you need that she is absolutely desperate to hang on to you?

Jack: I owe you an apology. I'm sorry. You were right all along about Kelly.

Joe: Look, I can understand you wanting to get back what was taken from you, probably better than most, but don't waste your efforts.

Cane: 'Cause you don't think Victor can be outplayed?

Joe: Look, this deal's going through, Cane. Victor's got all the money to secure this company. So by you lending your support to the opposition, it'd just be a waste of time.

Cane: Okay.

Joe: Create another bump in the road for me, and why would you want to do that to a friend?

Cane: All right, listen, I don't want to cause you problems, but if I help you, I need something in return.

Joe: All right. Such as?

Cane: I need some information. You know I'm trying to acquire chancellor, so anything you could tell me, you know, that would help that would be... appreciated.

Joe: I can understand that.

Cane: But then again, if you want to play this secret game, we can do that, too. But then I'll have to go and support Dylan McAvoy, won't I? Have a good day, mate.

Avery: It wasn't enough for you to try to obliterate Dylan's business. You had to hire thugs to beat him up?!

Joe: Whoa, whoa. What are you talking about?

Avery: You know what I'm talking about!

Joe: Avery, I don't have a clue.

Avery: Don't you lie to me, Joe.

Joe: Look, I didn't send anybody after Dylan, just like I didn't throw a brick through the window. The cops checked me out. You're welcome to send them again.

Avery: I don't believe you, Joe.

Joe: This deal's big, Avery. Huge. There's a lot of money involved, okay? Dylan's made some pretty powerful enemies.

Avery: Right, and you're the only one that cares enough to make this so personal.

Dylan: Avery will be back soon with her overnight bag. You don't have to stay.

Nikki: Oh, it's the least I can do, considering my husband is the one who created this whole mess.

Dylan: Do you think Victor's behind me getting robbed and beaten?

Nikki: I know when he feels his back is against the wall, he will fight back. He'll fight hard and dirty.

Dylan: Well, he said something to me earlier that sounded a lot like a threat.

Nikki: What? What did he say?

Dylan: [Sighs] Victor offered to write me a big check to relocate crimson lights. And when I turned him down, he said that things could go very badly not only for me, but -- but for Avery, too. You know, claimed that her career could take a big hit by backing us losers in the warehouse district. You know, obviously he -- he denied that it was a threat. He called it a warning. But we both know what it was. So if I don't back down and accept his bribe, I have a feeling that Avery's law practice will be next on his hit list.

Nikki: Does Paul know about this?

Dylan: What's he gonna do?

Nikki: Well, he needs to know. He needs to know what Victor said. I'm gonna tell him.

Dylan: I'm not afraid of Victor.

Nikki: I hate to say this, but...you should be.

Victor: Sweetheart?

Paul: She's not home.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Paul: Your housekeeper let me in.

Victor: Where's Nikki?

Paul: I just came from the hospital. She's still there.

Victor: What do you mean, she's in the hospital? She all right?

Paul: No, she's not all right. She's not physically hurt, but she is certainly not all right. How could she be after what you've done?

Victor: What are you talking about? Why is she in the hospital?

Paul: Because she wouldn't leave Dylan's side.

Victor: I don't get any of this.

Paul: He was beaten unconscious today.

Victor: So, I don't quite understand any of this. Why are you here, then? Are you -- what do I have to do with any of this?

Paul: What do you have to do with it?

Victor: Yes!

Paul: Just about everything, Victor. You don't even like Dylan! And you certainly don't see him as family. I mean, the only reason he was here over the holidays is because Nikki wanted him here. She wanted to be with her son. Her son with me. And that's really what it's all about, isn't it? You were furious when you found out that she turned to me to find her child. And the fact that Dylan turned out to be my son only made matters worse. I'm not surprised at all that you decided to sell his business out from under him.

Victor: That was a business decision.

Paul: You know what? When you put him in the hospital, you crossed the line! How can you be that threatened by Dylan?

Victor: You are crossing the line now!

Paul: This is between Nikki and me!

Victor: How dare you? Are you here as a cop or as a parent or as an old friend?! I assure you, I had nothing whatever to do with the mugging of your son! You got it?! In fact, I saw him earlier! I made him a very generous offer to relocate his business!

Paul: And I assume he told you what you could do with your offer.

Victor: Yes! He was a fool!

Paul: He's not a fool.

Victor: You bet he is!

Paul: But he is an obstacle --

Victor: How dare you imply -- Paul, I'm a businessman! I'm not a criminal!

Paul: Oh, please, Victor. Really. You're gonna tell me that you're above all this? Please don't. Because we both know better.

Victor: I'm stumped. I'm outraged by your accusations. So either put the cuffs on me now or remove yourself.

[Cell phone rings]

Paul: Williams. All right, that's good. Stay on it. That was one of my detectives. The security cameras outside the coffeehouse picked up a partial plate on a vehicle leaving the vicinity about the same time Dylan was beaten. I promise you, whoever is responsible for this is going to pay.

Victor: Well, I certainly hope so. And don't ever come into my house again, make these kind of baseless accusations!

[Door closes]

Nikki: Victor doesn't make idle threats. He wouldn't hesitate to ruin Avery's company if it meant saving his own. I think that's why he's selling the land -- to protect Newman-chancellor, keep it solvent.

Dylan: Did Victor tell you that?

Nikki: The company has been struggling. I think he's counting on this deal to shore things up.

Dylan: It's just so crazy because I was actually questioning stepping aside and letting someone else lead the charge, you know? You're in the middle. I don't want you to get hurt. But when Victor showed me his offer, that little piece of paper with all those zeroes, I just got -- I got pissed all over again. He tried to buy me. No way am I gonna give up, especially after Victor insinuates that he's gonna go after Avery next. I'm gonna fight him with everything that I have.

Nikki: I understand. And I'm not gonna try to change your mind. But please be careful.

Joe: I do care -- about you, Avery. So why would I hurt anybody that was close to you? It's only gonna push you away. I mean, think about it. What sense does that make?

Avery: Well, whoever's behind these scare tactics, they -- they've gone too far. Dylan's in the hospital.

Joe: Is -- is he okay?

Avery: Yes, he will be, and he will be more determined than ever to continue this fight.

Joe: And so will the opposition.

Avery: I don't... I don't want Dylan to hurt anymore. There's got to be a way to make -- make this stop.

Joe: I can think of one thing.

Avery: Mnh! Don't you ever touch me again!

Nick: Okay, so astronaut's out.

Sage: No, definitely not.

Nick: Out. Okay. Uh...skydive instructor?

Sage: Oh, nick! No!

Nick: Too tame for you?

Sage: Yes! Too tame!

Nick: [Snaps fingers] Lion tamer. The whip, the...

Sage: Yes. Oh, I can wrangle squid on the side.

Nick: It's good to have a backup plan.

Sage: I'm sure it is.

Nick: Yeah.

Adam: Sage.

Sage: Yes. Oh, hi, Gabriel.

Nick: Hey, how's it going?

Adam: You know, it's good. It's, uh, it's pretty good. Can I get a -- can I get a word with you?

Sage: Yeah. Yes, of course. Excuse me.

Nick: Yeah, do your thing.

Adam: Thank you. If you don't mind... you were supposed to be getting information about Gabriel, not hitting on nick.

Sage: You're the one who told me to get close to him. That's what I'm doing. I'm making friends, getting him to open up, which he did.

Adam: Really?

Sage: Really. He's told me a lot of things about Gabriel than I never knew, things that will help you. That's what you wanted, right?

Adam: What I want is my wife and my son back. So we need to speed this whole thing along, okay, because every day that goes by, she's slipping further and further away.

Chelsea: [Laughs] We've got to finish work.

Billy: We can take a break.

Chelsea: Not here.

Billy: We'll just go someplace we can.

Chelsea: [Laughs] Whoo! Cameras, cameras. [Chuckles]

Phyllis: Okay. Apology accepted. On one condition.

Jack: I will straighten things out with Kelly. I will let her know once and for all that --

Phyllis: That can wait. What do you say we salvage what's left of our evening?

Jack: How's a bath sound?

Phyllis: Absolutely perfect. I think that's a great way to forget about Kelly and her twisted games.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Sharon: You look really familiar to me.

Phyllis: You have cancer?

Michael: I have prostate cancer.

Jack: No more lies, no more deceit! It's over! It's done! Now!

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