Y&R Transcript Wednesday 1/7/15


Episode # 10572 ~ Dylan receives shocking news, while Phyllis sets a trap for Kelly.

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Dylan: All right, you guys are the last ones. I'll see you at the club later. Remember, this is a peaceful demonstration, so thank you. Thank you very much.

Avery: Hi.

Dylan: Hey.

Avery: How's it going?

Dylan: Looks like we're gonna have a good crowd at the club later.

Avery: Yeah? You okay about all this?

Dylan: You know, I have never been one to back down from a fight, and I'm not gonna start now.

Avery: Listen, if you're still upset about yesterday --

Dylan: I'm fighting for my business. That's all.

Avery: And going head-to-head with Joe is just an added bonus.

Dylan: Well, your ex decided to throw a fancy party for all the high rollers in town so they'd get behind his redevelopment project. I'm just rallying the foot troops for a counterattack.

Avery: Figuratively speaking, I hope.

Dylan: Yes. A nonviolent demonstration.

Avery: You left early this morning. You didn't even say goodbye.

Dylan: I just -- I had a lot on my mind.

Avery: Yeah. Well, I woke up thinking something, too.

Dylan: Yeah? What's that?

Avery: I want to get married right away.

[Cell phone rings]

Joe: Good evening. This is Joe. Oh, hey, barb. Thanks for getting back to me. Yeah, yeah, I hope you could help me, too. No, I've been living here at the athletic club for a while, but it looks like I'm gonna be staying in Genoa city. Yeah, that's right. No, I'm gonna need a permanent place to live.

Lily: Hector said the number of protestors outside is growing.

Cane: It's not gonna be a problem for our security team. Don't worry about it.

Lily: I'm just --

Jill: I wouldn't be so sure about that. Have you been outside? There seemed to be a small army amassing out there.

Colin: Not surprising since lieutenant McAvoy seems to be the one organizing it.

Lily: This could get really ugly.

Cane: All right, all right. Look, someone will talk to the protestors. I'll tell our security team we don't want things to get contentious. Excuse me.

Colin: You know, I am so happy that you decided to join me tonight.

Jill: [Chuckling] I just wanted to see, firsthand, who I could cross off my Christmas-card list.

Colin: Mm.

Jill: Ah, speaking of which... excuse me, darling.

Victor: Nice to see you, Cane. All right. Well, Jill, my goodness. Surprised to see you here.

Jill: I'm here with my husband.

Victor: Oh, yeah.

Jill: But I hear that you've decided to support Mr. Clark's redevelopment project and come down on the wrong side of history.

Victor: Once again, you're misinformed.

Jill: Mm.

Victor: I'm merely here to gather some information.

Jill: Ah. Well, in that case, let me give you a little advice.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Amuse me.

Jill: Forget history. Do you really want to end up on the wrong side of Nikki? 'Cause I don't think she'd appreciate you siding against her son.

Kevin: So I've located the computer, but the data is encrypted. I'm working on a live acquisition of the password. I'll have it any sec.

Paul: All right, just keep it legal. I want it to hold up in court.

Kevin: What?

Paul: Okay. I want to keep peace in my marriage.

Nick: Paul. Do you have a minute? Sorry.

Paul: Nikki, hi.

Nikki: Hi.

Paul: What's going on?

Nikki: Um, I need a favor.

Paul: Sure. Anything.

Nikki: Well, I'm on my way to meet Victor at the athletic club. He's attending that cocktail party that promotes the redevelopment.

Paul: In the warehouse district, yeah.

Nikki: Yes.

Kevin: Oh, the one that Dylan is protesting. He asked me to join the demonstration.

Paul: But you told him you had to work, right?

Kevin: No.

Nikki: Anyway, um, I'm only going so I could give Dylan a first accounting of this Mr. Clark's presentation.

Paul: Well, with any luck at all, his presentation won't be impressive, and the high rollers won't invest.

Nikki: Well, I'm afraid that's not gonna happen. That's why I'm here.

Paul: What? You're worried about Dylan?

Nikki: Well, yeah. I mean, the coffee house is much more than just a business to him. It's given him roots. It makes him feel like Genoa city is his home. Just the thought of him losing that is very upsetting.

Paul: Right. So you're afraid that if he does lose it that... he won't feel connected and he'll leave?

Nikki: You think there's anything you could do to help our son?

Mariah: Another round for the "put it on my platinum card" table.

Austin: Well, at least they're buying drinks.

Mariah: Too bad they tip as bad in 2015 as they did in 2014.

Austin: Well, some things never change.

Mariah: Yeah, like everything. I mean, look at us. It's the new year, and we're still serving drinks and cleaning up dirty glasses and pouring rich people into cabs. Like I have nothing better to do with my time today.

Austin: Well, I'll take being employed over unemployed any day of the week.

Mariah: Oh, look at you, all domesticated.

Austin: 'Cause I work for a living?

Mariah: No. Because you're happy and grateful about it. "Oh, yes, Summer, I'll do anything to pay the bills. I'll even work this crappy job that your dad gave me. Oh, and look -- I'll smile while I clean up after your rich, entitled friends."

Austin: Okay. I don't know what your problem is today, but stop taking it out on me.

Jack: Hey, red, I know you told me you had a late meeting, but I thought you'd be home for dinner. Give me a call when you get this, okay?

[Door opens]

Jack: Red? Hey.

Summer: Hi.

Jack: I thought you were your mom.

Summer: She's not here?

Jack: No, I was just trying to reach her.

Summer: Oh, I was hoping to talk to her.

Jack: Well, you want me to have her call you?

Summer: Um...yeah, actually, if you're free, I could use some advice. Do you have a minute to talk?

Jack: You bet. I'd love to help. What's the problem?

Summer: [Sighs]

Kelly: Jack? I got your message. You wanted to see me?

Phyllis: No. I did.

Kelly: You sent that message from Jack's phone.

Phyllis: Did I? Oopsy. There are so many devices. They get mixed up.

Kelly: Don't pretend it was an accident.

Phyllis: How many laws did you break getting over here so fast?

Kelly: Is that what this is? Is this some sort of test?

Phyllis: Uh-huh. To prove how desperate you are to get back with Jack. A-plus for you! Brownie points for speeding.

Kelly: I responded to your fake text, which I think makes you the desperate one and a little pathetic. I mean, what are you doing here? You gonna wag your finger in my face and tell me to stay away from your fiancé?

Phyllis: I called you here to put you on notice.

Kelly: Am I supposed to be scared?

Phyllis: You are no longer going to get away with the kind of stunt you pulled on new year's eve.

Kelly: Oh, please. You cannot blame me for killing it in our matching dresses. And it's not my fault that you ran out of gas and had to walk to the club in yours.

Phyllis: You have no idea who you're messing with.

Kelly: Neither do you.

Phyllis: I am not going to lose this fight, so I'm gonna give you one last warning -- you back off Jack. And if you don't, you will be very sorry.

Dylan: When you say "get married right away" --

Avery: Now. Tonight.

Dylan: Tonight. Tonight? We're kind of busy tonight.

Avery: Okay. Then tomorrow.

Dylan: Come on. Are you being serious about this?

Avery: Why are we waiting? We love each other.

Dylan: We're still gonna love each other when things settle down.

Avery: I thought you couldn't wait to make me your wife.

Dylan: He got to you.

Avery: What?

Dylan: Joe, with the run-in at the hotel yesterday. He told you he wanted to win you back.

Avery: And I made it clear that was never gonna happen.

Dylan: But deep down, you're afraid he didn't get the message, so you want to do this right now so he gets the message.

Avery: No, I want the whole world to know my heart belongs to you. If Joe gets the message, too, that's just icing on my wedding cake. Come on. Are you ready to make me Mrs. McAvoy?

Dylan: No.

Lily: Our head of security said the number of protestors outside has doubled.

Joe: Well, we expected some opposition. I mean, that's why we're hosting this cocktail party.

Lily: To what -- incite the masses?

Joe: To educate them. My presentation will show how our plan is gonna improve the lives of everyone in Genoa city.

Lily: Well, you obviously already have one local citizen on your side. Whoever's willing to pay for the property downtown is obviously already on board with your project.

Joe: Well, that was easy. The seller stands to make a tidy profit. It's convincing the regular folk that this is for the greater good. It'll take some business savvy and a little bit of charm. Fortunately, I have plenty of both.

Lily: Wow. Okay. Well, excuse me while I go hand out coffee to the regular folk.

Victor: Thank you.

Colin: Give me two.

Victor: Now, Jill, you have never sided with Nikki before. Why now?

Jill: The one thing that Nikki and I have always had in common was our love for Katherine.

Victor: I guess you're right about that, yes.

Jill: And Katherine loved Genoa city. She loved its history. Most of all, she loved the people who lived here and worked here. She dedicated her life to preserving that.

Victor: Mm-hmm. And you presume I don't.

Jill: Well, I don't know. You're here as a guest of Joe Clark's, for god's sake. That's pretty disrespectful to Katherine's memory, much like what you've done to chancellor industries.

Victor: Let me ask you something -- I merged chancellor industries with one of the most successful companies in the world -- Newman enterprises. Now, why would that be disrespectful?

Jill: 'Cause you're running it into the ground. Those FDA fines are a financial major setback.

Victor: Again, you're grossly misinformed. We have come back from that.

Jill: I will never understand why Katherine entrusted her life's work to you. If she could see what you've done to it...

Victor: Why do you worry your pretty head? Huh? Chancellor industries will be restored to its former glory. I promise you. Now you go on and run that little company called Fenmore. I will take care of chancellor industries. All right? You have a nice day.

Colin: Well... you and the old Vic seemed to be having a spirited conversation.

Jill: You know, there is one thing that I will always fight for.

Colin: That would be me.

Jill: [Chuckles] Katherine.

Kevin: Nikki's right. We who sit on the side of righteousness cannot stand by idly while forces of evil drive us in a direction that destroys us.

Nikki: Uh, that's not exactly what I said.

Kevin: It was close. Still, we can't let sketchy Joe Clark shut down a place like crimson lights that means so much to the community.

Nikki: Well, I can't believe that this entire project has even gone through the proper channels.

Kevin: Like I said -- sketchy.

Paul: You know what? I felt the same way, so I did a complete background check on Mr. Clark a while ago.

Nikki: You did?

Paul: Yeah, the guy's clean. There's not a payoff or a dirty deal anywhere.

Nikki: [Sighs] That means you can't stop it.

Paul: I'm afraid not.

Kevin: You don't think it's strange that the person who owns the holding company that's selling the property -- Gerolamo whatever -- refuses to come forward?

Paul: Well, it may be strange, but it's not illegal.

Kevin: Still, that guy should have to answer to the people whose lives he's messing with.

Nikki: I don't think he cares one bit. To him, it's just a regular business transaction. There's nothing we can do about it.

Kevin: Right. I have to get back to work.

Nikki: I just wanted to thank you again for... not speaking to Victor about my drinking.

Paul: Yeah, well, I'm still not sure I'm doing the right thing.

Nikki: Hey, I have kept my promise -- there has been no alcohol. Really, the only reason that that happened is because I was facing so much stress last year.

Paul: And what happens the next time you face a stressful situation? What's gonna happen, Nikki? There'll come a time when life throws something at you that you can't handle.

Mariah: You got my order?

Austin: Yeah. Two beers.

Mariah: That's it? No trying to get inside my head? Tell me what I'm thinking?

Austin: Inside your head's the last place I want to be.

Mariah: [Chuckles] 'Cause you know exactly what's going on in there.

Austin: As a matter of fact, I do.

Mariah: You have no clue what I'm thinking or feeling.

Austin: Well, you're the one who's always saying it's us against the rich and spoiled.

Mariah: So?

Austin: So I know what you're going through.

Mariah: Tell me, oh, wise one who sees inside people's heads.

Austin: You're trying to sort through feelings that you have about spending the holidays with people who actually care about you.

Mariah: Yeah. 'Cause it's been super-hard trying to figure out what to do with all the lavender-scented junk that Sharon got me.

Austin: Make all the jokes you want, but Christmas was different for both of us this year, and it felt good. Weird, but neither one of us knows how to deal with that.

Mariah: [Sighs] Yeah. Or what to do next. I mean, being with Sharon and faith and Noah was okay. Okay, it was -- it was good. But it just reminded me of how tough I had it growing up.

Austin: I had a good life. I mean, happy... till my mom died, and then every holiday sucked after that. But Summer came along. She changed everything. Kind of shows you what can happen if the right person comes into your life.

Jack: So, talk to me. What's going on?

Summer: Well, now that Austin and I are settled in to being married and mom is kind of used to the idea, I've been thinking about my future.

Jack: What you want to do with your life.

Summer: Yeah. You know, a career.

Jack: You can always come work for me.

Summer: I'm sure grandpa would say the same thing.

Jack: Somehow, I don't see you wearing a power suit, playing the corporate game.

Summer: Yeah, me either. But that's not why I wouldn't take him up on his offer. I -- I just don't want to be handed a job. You know, I want it because I've earned it.

Jack: Sure, I get that. There was a time I was desperate to prove that I deserved to run my father's company.

Summer: How'd you do it?

Jack: Well, I went to school, worked hard, graduated. After graduation, I went to business school, got my MBA...

Summer: Well, maybe that's what I should do -- enroll in college. I really enjoyed it when I took classes at G.C.U.

Jack: I'm sure it's not too late to start the winter term.

Summer: Oh, gosh. I don't even know what courses I'd sign up for.

Jack: Well, you're a freshman. You should try all of them, you know? Math, science, history, English. Find out what you like. Give yourself some time to find out what you're good at.

Summer: What if I'm not good at anything?

Jack: Summer, you are smart, and you are talented, and you are creative... and you'll probably find you're so good at so many things, it's gonna be hard to narrow them down to just one.

Summer: And to think I almost forgot what a great... what a great guy you are.

Jack: Glad I could help.

Summer: I'm so excited to tell mom about my plans. She's gonna be psyched.

Jack: And relieved. I'm glad she's getting some good news. She's been a little preoccupied lately.

Kelly: You have a vivid imagination.

Phyllis: I'm not imagining your obsession with Jack.

Kelly: I care about Jack. That's true. And I have never denied that. But I'm not trying to undermine you and win him back.

Phyllis: You know, you really haven't thought this through, Kelly. You see, Lauren's one of my best friends. One phone call and I can prove I bought the dress first.

Kelly: Well, you go right ahead and do that. I'm sure Jack won't think it's crazy at all that you're out there trying to solve the mystery of the matching dress.

Phyllis: You actually think Jack is gonna come to his senses and choose you over me? You need to wake up to the cold, hard truth here. Jack turned to you for comfort when he was -- how can I put this? -- Looking for a port in the storm.

Kelly: You know, if it makes you feel better to think that, you go right ahead, but what Jack and I shared was real.

Phyllis: Really? This right here -- this is real.

Kelly: The ring is.

Phyllis: And so is Jack's love for me. That's why he put this ring on my finger.

Kelly: Sure he didn't do it out of a sense of guilt? I mean, that's what's got you all worked up here, isn't it? The possibility that Jack decided to stick with you out of some sense of obligation?

Phyllis: I am sure of Jack's love.

Kelly: Then why are you wasting your time worrying about little ol' me?

Austin: What? You're not gonna bust my chops for waxing poetic about Summer and how she changed my life?

Mariah: Well, I might bust your chops for saying something like "waxing poetic," but, hey, if you want to go goo-goo eyes over the obnoxious airhead, I'm not gonna get all judgey on you.

Austin: You know, you could use someone like Summer in your life.

Mariah: I'd kill myself.

Austin: [Chuckles] It'd be good for you. You know, maybe you and Kevin could --

Mariah: Ah! Kevin and I are just friends. Not even that, really.

Austin: You could be something more.

Mariah: And you could have something less. Oh, here she is.

Summer: Hi. Uh, can we talk?

Mariah: Well, he's kind of working, and I'm kind of here.

Summer: Well, could you not be?

Mariah: Well, if I'm gonna deal with rude, obnoxious people, I might as well get paid for it.

Austin: She's having a rough day.

Summer: I don't care. I didn't come to talk about Mariah.

Austin: Why did you come? I thought you were going to see your mom.

Summer: I did, but I ran into Jack, and we ended up talking.

Austin: About what?

Summer: Well, I have come to a decision, and I'm really excited, but I don't know how you're gonna feel about it.

Joe: Thank you. Thank you for your help. Well, I couldn't have asked for a better turnout. And look who decided to show, even after you swore you wouldn't.

Jill: Well, see, I just couldn't risk missing the look on your face when your proposal was rejected by Genoa city's elite.

Joe: I love your optimism. You know, we have that in common.

Jill: Are you sure you're not beginning to have some doubts here?

Joe: Oh, I'm confident this deal's going through -- so confident that I'm actually looking for a permanent place to live here in your fair city.

Jill: Mm. Too bad there's not too much inventory out there.

Joe: Yeah, well, fortunate for me, not too many are looking in my price range. If you would excuse me.

Jill: [Chuckles] What an arrogant S.O.B.

Lily: You know what? If you really feel that way, why are you here? And please do not give me the same story you just gave him.

Jill: Would you believe it's out of a sense of duty to my husband?

Lily: No.

Jill: Okay. I just do not trust Mr. Tall, dark, and oily.

Lily: Yeah. I know exactly what you mean. Cane says it's just this businessman doing business, but I don't buy it.

Jill: I know a shark dressed in an Armani suit when I see one.

Lily: How do you think he got his hands on all that prime property?

Jill: I have no idea, but I'll tell you one thing -- I wish that I had the weight of chancellor behind me, because then I would have the power and the influence to stop him and whoever else is behind the deal.

Lily: You're still upset that Katherine gave chancellor to Victor. It's been a year, Jill.

Jill: Well, I still don't understand it, okay? I mean, granted, she respected Victor's business acumen. Anyone would, okay? But Katherine never looked on chancellor as a corporate entity. Her whole heart was in that company. I mean, you'd think she'd pick somebody to run it who had the same emotional attachment to it that she did.

Lily: Someone like you?

Jill: Someone not Victor.

Lily: Yeah, Cane and I talked about that over the holidays. I think he misses running chancellor as much as you do. I told him that if he feels that way, he should just go for it.

Jill: Really? Do you think he will?

Lily: I think you two should talk.

Nikki: I wish you wouldn't worry about me. I have everything under control.

Paul: Nikki, you are one of the strongest people I've ever known. But everyone has a breaking point.

Nikki: You're right. I agree.

Nikki: Mine was with Ian. I took that drink, but it's behind me now.

Paul: You don't have to do this alone.

Nikki: I'm not. I'm going to meetings, I'm working the program, I'm even looking for a new sponsor.

Paul: That's great. But you still have your family. And me. I'm here for you.

Nikki: You always have been.

Avery: I thought you would be just as eager to get married as I am.

Dylan: Avery, I want to marry you. That's why I gave you this.

Avery: Okay. Then what's the problem?

Dylan: Because I'm not gonna let Joe dictate when we get married. This decision is way too important to let him influence it in any way.

Avery: Well, let me be very clear, then. Joe may have gotten to me yesterday... but he is not the reason I want to marry you. Dylan, I have waited for this for so long. I hoped for this. I dreamed about this. I love you. I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you -- right now or I will wait forever. But we need to both be ready for this. And I'll wait for that.

Dylan: You mean that?

Avery: Yeah, this... redevelopment thing won't go on forever. If you want to wait to make me your wife till then, then we wait.

Dylan: I don't.

Avery: But you just said --

Dylan: That you said, "I don't want to rush things for Joe." But I will for us.

Avery: So, are you saying...?

Dylan: I'm saying, let's get married.

Avery: Ah! Yes.

Dylan: Mmm.

[Telephone rings]

Paul: Williams. Yes, Cane, what can I do for you? All right, I'll come check it out.

Nikki: Everything okay at the club?

Paul: Yeah, Cane's worried about the number of protestors outside. I have uniforms there, but, uh... I should probably get over there and make sure things don't get out of hand.

Nikki: All right. I'll walk out with you.

Paul: All right. Going out, Kevin.

Kevin: All right. That means I'm in charge, right, chief?

Paul: Uh, only in your dreams. Coach, can you come with me, please?

Kevin: Damn it, Gerolamo, who are you? And why are you so determined to hide your identity?

Joe: Thank you, thank you.

Colin: Well, nice crowd. I understand there's a not-so-nice one gathering outside.

Joe: By the end of the evening, they'll be supporting this development.

Colin: You sound pretty confident.

Joe: Well, the people I work for expect me to sell this idea to the public. So if I don't believe in it, how can I expect anyone else to?

Colin: Well, you've won me over. Uh, by the way, did you have a chance to, uh...talk to your investors about my being included in the consortium?

Joe: I did. Welcome aboard, Mr. Atkinson.

Colin: That's good news.

Victor: Another investor, huh?

Colin: Mr. Clark here, he's, uh -- he's won me over.

Joe: And by the end of my presentation, there'll be many more investors.

Victor: Well, then, it should be a very rewarding evening for you.

Joe: For all of us.

Victor: Fine.

Phyllis: Do you think I'm threatened by you?

Kelly: Well, I slept with your man... in your bed.

Phyllis: And that was amateur hour. You are not gonna make me doubt Jack's love with your mind games.

Kelly: Oh, I'm not the one who likes to play games, Phyllis. You are. You are the one who likes to manipulate people and watch them twist. Look at the way that you showed up at nick and Sharon's wedding. You didn't care what it did to Noah or faith or even nick.

Phyllis: I saved nick from a nightmare.

Kelly: You did it for your own vindictive pleasure. Just like when you asked me to plan yours and Jack's wedding knowing full well who I was! Do you honestly think that Jack is gonna want to spend the rest of his life with a spiteful monster like you?

Phyllis: Shut up. Do you hear me? Shut up!

Jack: Phyllis?

[Hand slaps]

Kelly: [Gasps] Ow!

Jack: Hey. What's going on here?

Kelly: Phyllis hit me!

Dylan: Let's get out of here.

Kevin: Dylan.

Avery: Kevin, what's wrong?

Dylan: We were just on our way out.

Kevin: Well, I'm glad I caught you. Listen, Clark never planned to set up that meeting between you and the seller.

Avery: How did you know about that?

Kevin: I told Michael I wasn't gonna use my computer skills to find out who was really behind Gerolamo limited...

Avery: But you did anyway?

Dylan: And what did you find out?

Kevin: It's not good news. It's the worst answer you'd want to hear.

Dylan: Who owns it?

Kevin: Victor.

Victor: What took you so long, sweetheart?

Nikki: Oh, I had to make a stop.

Victor: Oh.

Paul: Evening, Victor, Nikki.

Victor: Hello, Paul. You're here to listen to the presentation or police business?

Cane: No, I asked him to come because we have more people protesting than we thought we would.

Victor: You're expecting trouble?

Paul: Well, everything's under control right now, and I'm here to make sure it stays that way.

Victor: Well, I certainly hope so.

Avery: Are you sure?

Kevin: Victor is Gerolamo Limited.

Dylan: He's been lying to Nikki, to me, to everybody this whole time.

Avery: So was Joe.

Kevin: I'm sorry. I know it's a lot to take in. I just thought you'd want to know.

Dylan: Have you told anybody else?

Kevin: Just you guys.

Avery: Thank you for letting us know, Kevin.

Kevin: Sure. And let me know if there's anything else I can do.

Dylan: Victor. Never even crossed my mind. Are you kidding me? That son of a bitch!

Kevin: Hello.

Mariah: I didn't know I'd be seeing you tonight.

Kevin: Well, I came by hoping you can make a crappy day a little less crappy.

Mariah: Want some tequila?

Kevin: No. I don't think that'll help.

Mariah: What's so bad tequila can't fix?

Kevin: [Sighs] I just had to drop some news on some people. I hated doing it, but I think I did the right thing.

Mariah: Let me guess. This news didn't make them very happy.

Kevin: It didn't. But maybe they appreciate me telling them.

Mariah: Well, it's too late now if they didn't. Once you tell somebody something, they can't unknow it. Sometimes it winds up just making everything worse.

Kevin: What are we talking about now?

Mariah: Never mind. It doesn't matter.

Austin: Hi. Sorry about that. Um, so... what's the decision you made?

Summer: I have decided to go back to school.

Austin: That's great.

Summer: Yeah.

Austin: Why did you think I'd be upset?

Summer: Well, 'cause we're not gonna have that much time together. You know, I mean, I'm gonna be in class all day when you're at home and then studying at night when you get back from work.

Austin: You put your whole life on hold for me. You have to do this for yourself.

Summer: Are you sure? I mean, I know it's gonna be a big change for both of us.

Austin: Come on, Summer. You deserve this. Look, and we'll still get to spend every night together and wake up every morning right next to each other.

Summer: Mm-hmm. And we'll have the weekends for not sleeping in our bed.

Austin: Hmm. Maybe we can even sneak away when you want to skip class.

Summer: Are you trying to get me kicked out of college before I even start?

Austin: Incur the wrath of your mother? I don't think so.

Summer: Yeah. Mom.

Austin: I bet she's even happier about this than -- than I am. I mean, she hates you hanging around here all the time.

Summer: Yeah.

Austin: What'd you say when you told her?

Summer: I haven't yet.

Austin: Why not?

Summer: She wasn't at home.

Austin: Is she okay?

Summer: Yeah, I mean, I think she's just getting used to being back still. But as long as she has Jack, I think she'll be okay.

Jack: Somebody want to tell me what the hell is going on?

Phyllis: I'll tell you what's not happening. I did not slap her. She heard your voice outside, and she faked like I hit her.

Kelly: Jack, I have never lied to you! This woman -- this woman is pathological!

Phyllis: You want to see pathological?

Jack: Phyllis.

Kelly: Did you see that?! Do you see the way she's going after me?!

Phyllis: Are you gonna buy this victim act?

Kelly: I am no victim, and this is not an act, Jack! You ask her! You ask her how she got me here! She texted me from your phone!

Phyllis: [Scoffs] Jack.

Jack: Did you use this to text her?

Phyllis: Yes, but to prove a point.

Jack: I asked you to leave the pettiness behind with Kelly.

Phyllis: She is not letting it go.

Jack: When you do things like this, how am I supposed to trust you?

Phyllis: Okay, I lied to Kelly to get her here, but I am not lying to you. I did not hit her, Jack. I swear. Tell me you believe me.

Joe: Good evening. I'd like to thank each and every one of you for joining us here tonight. I'm very excited to present to you our plans of revitalizing the downtown warehouse district. I'm confident that what we're proposing will create new jobs and generate revenue for years to come. It will incorporate luxury apartments, fine dining, entertainment, shopping, and an outdoor area for everyone to enjoy. We're confident that this will breathe new life into Genoa city for years to come. The area right here demonstrates buildings that will incorporate up to 285,000 square feet of creative office space, 300 retail stores, up to 250 luxury apartments, parking for 6,000, pools, outdoor fitness areas, and an on-call concierge service. We will also have an outdoor area that will house biking and walking paths, a park with a pond for small boats. We've already gotten large interest from corporations who are looking to move their headquarters here, which will only create additional jobs for Genoa city.

Dylan: It's you. You're the one selling us out.

Austin: Sorry we can't celebrate, babe. I just -- I have to close.

Summer: That's okay. I don't mind waiting.

Kevin: Hey, what is keeping Mariah? You making her do a full inventory back there?

Austin: Mariah's not back there.

Kevin: I saw her go in there.

Austin: She's not there.

Kevin: Where is she?

Austin: I don't know what to tell you.

Summer: Mariah ditched you? Nice.

Kevin: No. Something's not right. She was acting weird earlier.

Summer: When isn't she?

Kevin: Why would she just run off like that?

Mariah: Happy birthday to us, sis.

Jack: I don't want to believe you hit Kelly.

Phyllis: I didn't!

Jack: The Kelly I know wouldn't lie about something like this.

Phyllis: And I would?

Jack: I'm not saying that. I'm -- maybe it's a misunderstanding.

Phyllis: Kelly is lying to you, and she's gonna keep lying to you because she hasn't accepted that it is over between you two!

Jack: Kelly's been through a lot of loss. She needs time to work through still another loss.

Phyllis: She needs time in therapy and away from you. And if she doesn't, I swear to you, Jack --

Jack: When you do this, it doesn't make things any better. All this energy you're expending -- for what?

Phyllis: For us.

Jack: Listen to me. You have me. We're getting married. I love you.

Phyllis: I know. I know, but it always seems to slip away.

Jack: The only person that can take away what we have is you. Don't do it.

Phyllis: I love you. I love you so much. But I have to fight for what's mine.

Victor: You need to keep your voice down, son.

Nikki: What's going on?

Dylan: It's true, isn't it? You own all that property, and you're selling it to Joe Clark and his investors!

Joe: Dylan, I know you're upset, but this is a private event, so if I can ask you to --

Dylan: I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers!

Joe: Cane, would you call security, please?

Paul: Look, we can keep this civil. That's not necessary. Dylan, what is this all about?

Dylan: We looked into the holding company selling the land, and it turns out it belongs to Victor Newman! You've been lying to Nikki, you've been lying to me, you've been lying to everybody!

Victor: You're gonna walk into a public forum and make accusations you know nothing about? I don't like it.

Nikki: Victor, is this true? Are you responsible for pulling Dylan's business right out from under him?

Victor: This is a business transaction. And no one will stand in the way of it.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Dr. Jain: You are in stage 3, which means the cancer is spreading.

Nikki: You never once thought to tell me that you were involved in --

Victor: I do not want to discuss this right now!

Joe: You're the one that slept with my wife while she was still married to me.

Dylan: Not my fault you couldn't keep your wife satisfied, pal.

Avery: Dylan!

Jimmy: Let's stop right there.

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