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Episode # 10570 ~ Abby takes matters into her own hands; Ashley makes a pact with Stitch; & Adam presses Sage for the truth!

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Chelsea: [Sighs] Hi, handsome.

Billy: Hey.

Chelsea: Work?

Billy: Uh, no. Victoria. She, uh, picked a day for Katie's christening, and I gave her the heads up you'd be with me.

Chelsea: Oh, uh... you didn't need to do that.

Billy: I was just being polite.

Chelsea: No, I mean, you didn't need to do that because I'm not going with you.

Adam: So you're my wife?

Sage: Till death do us part.

Adam: Don't you tempt me.

Sage: [Chuckles]

Adam: When the hell did this happen?

Sage: Why? You gonna buy me an anniversary gift?

Adam: When did it happen, Sage?

Sage: It happened the day you became Gabriel Bingham. He and I were married, which means now you and I are husband and wife.

Adam: Husband and wife. And you bring this up now, after Constance is dead and there's money involved? No, no, no. You're bluffing the wrong guy.

Dylan: Time to take a break.

Avery: Don't tell me. You are here to whisk me away to a cabin where there are no such things as writs or torts or custody cases? I'm ready. Let's go.

Dylan: [Sighs] I would love that.

Avery: That sounds like a no.

Dylan: Soon. I promise. But in the meantime, I have some great news. Did you see the GC chronicle?

Avery: No. Did they put something in about the redevelopment plan?

Dylan: Yes. An editorial urging residents to save crimson lights.

Avery: That's fantastic. Okay, we need to parlay that into something bigger.

Dylan: How about we take it directly to the property owner?

Avery: It's a holding company. We don't know who to approach directly.

Dylan: Yeah, but somebody's got to be in charge. We just need to get a name. And we should start with your ex-husband.

Ashley: Well, at least now we have some viable scents that our specialist selected.

Stitch: Yeah, the specialist. Got to love the guy called the nose.

Abby: Now I won't have to peddle around a perfume that smells like decayed... [Sniffs] Roses.

Stitch: Roses? I thought the old fragrance smelled more like a rotting skunk's carcass.

Abby: No, I smell roses right now.

Ashley: There's nothing here, Abby.

Abby: I was right. Ha! Maybe I should be the nose.

Stitch: Maybe you should.

Ashley: Hi!

Joe: Hi.

Ashley: What are you doing here?

Joe: Well, I checked the lab. They sent me here, and I found you.

Ashley: Well, yes, you did.

Victor: The point is I shouldn't have to tell you about an editorial in the paper, for heaven's sake. The author made a very strong point. And it's your responsibility to counter that! I hired you for that! If you can't do it, I'll get a new P.R. Firm! You got it?!

Victoria: Hi.

Victor: Well, my goodness, my goodness, my goodness.

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: Oh, she's asleep.

Victoria: She's sleeping.

Victor: Look how beautiful. Look at that.

Victoria: I know. She's exhausted after dropping her brother off at the airport.

Victor: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Victoria: [Chuckles]

Victor: Look at that. By the way, your mother and I enjoyed having reed over. He has grown.

Victoria: I know.

Victor: Whoa.

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Just like you have.

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: Just like you have.

Victoria: She's not ready for her desk yet, dad.

Victor: Look at that. Oh, no?

Victoria: No.

Victor: Really? I hired a full-time nurse, by the way.

Victoria: Oh.

Victor: And I expanded child care, okay?

Victoria: Thank you. That's wonderful.

Victor: I'm so happy to have you back at work.

Victoria: Oh, Daddy, it's wonderful to be back, honestly, and to be able to have her here where I can keep an eye on her. It means a lot to me, so thank you.

Victor: Whatever you want, okay?

Victoria: I'd like to know what that phone call was about. Don't tell me that it was business, 'cause I know you. It was personal.

Victor: [Laughing] You don't miss a beat, do you? Do you? You are your father's daughter. [Laughs] She's just beautiful. Just as you were during that age, you know?

Victoria: Hmm.

Victor: I mean, you still are.

Victoria: [Chuckles] Thanks. Just wait till she's old enough to talk and she can ask you what you're up to.

Victor: Oh, yeah? Well, Katherine Rose Newman, what would you ask me?

Victoria: Katherine Rose Abbott Newman, Dad.

Victor: You got to put that in?

Victoria: I want to know about the call. You got those fire eyes, you know, when you get annoyed.

Victor: [Laughs]

Victoria: When you can't bend someone to your will.

Victor: Fire eyes? Ooh, like a dragon?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Well, I think it is important for us to find out what Ashley Abbott is developing in the Jabot lab. So I sent an operative there, and she realized it.

Victoria: Oh. Well, you seem pretty calm after being busted.

Victor: [Laughs] She has been -- has been giving that operative false information.

Victoria: She had to know what you were up to, dad.

Victor: You know, he came back with plans for a formula for tequila.

[Both laugh]

Victoria: Dad, she knows you too well.

Victor: She does, indeed.

Victoria: I don't even know why you're bothering. I mean, unless you just enjoy the dance.

Victor: Well, if she wants to dance around this, then, uh... I have to think of a different angle, don't I?

Victoria: Meaning? Me? You want me to draw information out of Ben? No, dad. No. Do not even go there. No.

Joe: I wanted to deliver these myself.

Ashley: Thank you so much. They're beautiful. What's the occasion? Are you trying to woo me over to the dark side?

Abby: What dark side?

Ashley: A high-rise development that involves razing a city block.

Abby: Oh, so they're guilt roses. Yeah, they don't smell so sweet now.

Ashley: Abby.

Joe: More like "thank you" flowers for a memorable New Year's Eve. Ben, right? We met at the athletic club.

Stitch: Yeah, yeah, that's right.

Abby: Uh, New Year's Eve?

Joe: Joe Clark. You must be Abby.

Abby: Yeah, I must be. Let's try this again. New year's eve?

Ashley: Joe and I kept each other company. He's new in town.

Joe: But your mother and I met years ago in New York.

Abby: Did you now? And she never mentioned it.

Joe: You know, I should let you guys get back to work.

Ashley: Oh, yeah. And I guess you need to get back to yours.

Stitch: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Your project, right?

Joe: I've seen you at the coffeehouse. You must be friends with McAvoy, right?

Stitch: Yeah, I am. And you're the guy leading the charge to flatten crimson lights, right?

Abby: Wait. That's where the project is supposed to be? Good luck with that.

Joe: You know, I'll save my speech for how we're creating jobs and reinventing the area.

Stitch: Yeah, and erasing history. You know, but you'll have to get past Mac first, you know, so, fair warning -- won't be easy.

Joe: Yeah, so I've heard. Well, it's always lovely to see you.

Ashley: You, as well. Thank you. Okay, anyway, where were we? We were talking about trying out some fragrances, weren't we?

Abby: We were narrowing down a scent for our revolutionary, new fragrance that will drive men crazy, but it looks like someone won't need to use it.

Dylan: You got Joe's number?

Avery: I do. And you don't want it. Listen, he's not gonna reveal the name of his seller.

Dylan: So he says.

Avery: It's not in the best interest of his deal to reveal his client.

Dylan: Yeah, but it's in the best interest of this town. People do care about crimson lights, and they're starting to take a stand.

Avery: I know that, but Joe is not the sentimental type.

Dylan: Look, I've argued with this guy since he came to town. I just need to reason with him. He needs to know that crimson lights is the kind of place that feels like home to a lot of people in this town, maybe even our kids one day.

Avery: [Sighs]

Dylan: I'll leave that part out.

Avery: But you're talking about calling Joe, essentially asking for his help. What good can that do?

Dylan: What harm can it do? Look, I already promised I'm not gonna touch the guy again. You're gonna be right here with me. We're a team. Who can say no to us?

Avery: I think we're about to find out. [Sighs]

Sage: It's not a bluff. It's in the legal document in your hands. Constance's will states that Gabe had to be married in order to receive his inheritance.

Adam: Yeah, a marriage of convenience. Is that what it is? You and goody-goody Gabe were running a scam on granny?

Sage: You have no clue about the life you stole!

Adam: I didn't steal anything! You handed it to me to protect Constance! Now you want to try to cash in by conning me, right?

Sage: The way you talk so jaded and vicious, it's nothing like Gabriel.

Adam: [Laughs] Nothing like Gabe. And you're a poor, naive soul who apparently isn't above blackmail.

Sage: I'm not blackmailing you! I convinced you to honor our agreement. I just spoke your language to do it.

Adam: Yeah, our agreement to protect an elderly, wealthy woman who you apparently loved. Now, it seems to me she thought you were this sweet, attentive soul living in the servant's quarters, not her grandson's wife. So, you got to forgive me if I'm not buying into it.

Sage: Okay. It's in the will. It's official.

Adam: Yeah, no, I see right here where it says that -- that Gabriel had to be married in order to claim his inheritance. This doesn't say anything in here about you being his wife.

Sage: It's real. We're married. And, dear husband, do not call me a liar again.

Billy: Why wouldn't you come to Katie's christening? You have been there every step of the way. You made her dress.

Chelsea: Christenings are private.

Billy: Yeah, and I'm her father.

Chelsea: I'm stepping back so that you can share the day with Katie and her mother, without me.

Billy: I didn't ask to have it without you. I mean, I want you to --

Becca: Good afternoon. My name is Becca, and I will be serving you today.

Joe: Well, I like this, you calling me for a change. Oh. I get it. An ambush.

Avery: No, it's not an ambush. I told you I wanted to talk about the project. My client is joining us.

Dylan: Uh, but I'm not here as a client. [Sighs] I'm here as a guy trying to protect a part of this town's history, protect something that people care about.

Joe: You know, next time, call me. I don't have time for this.

Avery: Joe, Dylan would like to speak to the seller directly, try to convince him or her not to make the sale.

Joe: Yeah, and how do I get paid if this deal tanks?

Dylan: So -- so are you saying for you and the seller, it's just about making money?

Joe: Unless I'm confused about business, yes.

Dylan: There are other buildings. There's other blocks in other towns without this kind of history. You can find a new location and still make money.

Avery: This project, this building, it means too much to too many people. Joe, if you're the man I thought I knew, you'll tell us who's behind the sale.

Victoria: Well, the nursery is wonderful. You are the champion of working parents everywhere.

Victor: Isn't it? I think Katie will do just fine here.

Victoria: I know.

Victor: I know the feeling. You just want your daughter close to you.

Victoria: But it feels good to be back, all of the energy and excitement of a new start and a new year.

Victor: Talking about New Year's, reed tells me that Ben spent the night.

Victoria: Yeah, he did. He slept on the couch, dad.

Victor: I see. Okay. This getting serious?

Victoria: Do you like him again now that you know he's not a killer?

Victor: He didn't lie to protect his own skin. He lied to protect his mother. And that, to me, is indicative of a -- of a man.

Victoria: So then I will not pay him back by spying on him. And whatever Ashley is doing at Jabot...

Victor: I did not say anything like that.

Victoria: I just know you.

Victor: But since you brought it up...

Victoria: Dad.

Victor: You know... what?

Victoria: It's because I know you.

Victor: Well, I have someone there, someone else who is doing the spying for me.

Victoria: Who is it?

Victor: You would like to know, wouldn't you? I'll tell you when the time is right.

Victoria: I see. You're giving me plausible deniability.

Victor: Because you need to devote all of your energy to work and to your family and to your little baby.

Victoria: Wow. You really are on the Ben train, aren't you?

Victor: Well, he is a hell of a step up from that loser Billy Abbott.

Billy: If I say to you, Chels, I would really like for you to be with me as my daughter reaches this very important milestone --

Chelsea: Billy, please.

Billy: Why -- why is that not enough for you to want to come with me? I mean, if privacy isn't the real issue --

Chelsea: I just... I don't want it to stir up memories.

Billy: About what?

Chelsea: Connor's christening, when Victor showed up and Adam put the baby in his arms. I-I didn't understand it at the time.

Billy: Victor was blackmailing Adam 'cause he knew about Dee Dee.

Chelsea: All of the pieces were falling into place. I just didn't see it. And Adam and I, we -- we were very happy then, at least I thought we were. And so, looking back, it just -- it tainted everything.

Billy: And somehow that means you can't come to Katie's christening?

Chelsea: I am trying not to bring any darkness to your daughter's special day.

Billy: That's not what this is about.

Chelsea: Oh, my God, Billy, what are you talking about? What else could it be about? You think that I'm --

Becca: Would you all like to hear about today's specials?

Adam: [Scoffs] So this...has been sitting there in this drawer the whole time for anyone to see?

Sage: Who would see it?

Adam: Did Constance know that you two were married?

Sage: No. I was going to tell her after her health improved.

Adam: Really? Well, you know, you were a little bit late on that one.

Sage: So it appears. Constance didn't want Gabriel to float through life like another rich playboy, so she put that stipulation in the will.

Adam: And Gabriel convinced you to go along with the con, hmm? How'd he do that?

Sage: Gabe.

Gabriel: Hmm?

Sage: What do you think? Constance's just gonna open up her vault and send you out in the world to eat, drink, and get lucky?

Gabriel: Well, I don't know. A boy can -- can dream, can't he? Those are all good things.

Sage: Yes. In moderation.

Gabriel: Money makes things so much easier, doesn't it?

Sage: Hmm.

Gabriel: I guess I could get a job.

[Both laugh]

Sage: [Laughing] Can you imagine? What? Counting cards, as a gigolo?

Gabriel: Those are both viable options.

Sage: Oh, yeah. Then you'd end up more in debt and be chased by casino security guards and angry husbands.

Gabriel: Details. Minor, minor, little details. I don't worry about that. But this whole marriage thing, it seems so cruel of grandmother, doesn't it? Marriage?

Sage: Totally. I mean, she wants you to be looked after and cared for. Ez!

Gabriel: As if I know anybody who would want to do that. I know fortune hunters, I know ski bunnies, and I know party girls. Maybe I should take out an ad. Somebody presentable, boring. Think there's an app for that?

Sage: I think we could find a suitable granddaughter-in-law that Constance would like.

Gabriel: Hmm. Nobody that I know.

Sage: What about me?

Gabriel: What about you? Is that a proposal, miss Warner?

Sage: Say yes, Mr. Bingham.

Sage: How did Gabriel convince me to marry him?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sage: He was very persuasive.

Adam: So, archangel Gabriel enlists you to help him get his grubby, little hands on all that Bingham money. This guy seems like a real saint.

Sage: He was a better man than you could ever be.

Adam: So you keep saying that over and over and over again. But entering a sham marriage just to swindle some money away from your grandmother, that's pretty devious, isn't it? Hmm? I mean, unless, of course, that's -- that's not what really happened. Tell you what. Sage, why don't we try something new here?

Sage: Like what?

Adam: Like you telling me the truth.

Sage: Gabriel and I were best friends. We both loved Constance. Marriage made sense, especially as she got more frail.

Adam: So, this alleged wedding... the date.

Sage: We went to a justice of the peace. He was funny. Goofy. Like we made a pact in a treehouse. Best friends for life. And suddenly, we were husband and wife. When we were driving back home to tell Constance the wonderful news, we saw something in the river, a figure, a man, burnt. And Gabriel went in to save you.

Adam: On your wedding day.

Sage: Not even four hours a wife before I became a widow.

Adam: You weren't really much of a wife, though, were you, if the only reason he married you was to get his grandmother's money?

Sage: He married me for love!

Adam: Okay.

Sage: Of Constance!

Adam: Okay. All right. Great. And you, what'd you do it for?

Sage: I got exactly what I wanted -- money of my own!

Adam: What did I tell you about trying to bluff me?!

Billy: Just coffee.

Chelsea: Two, please.

Becca: Are you sure? We have some excellent specials today.

Chelsea: No, thank you.

Billy: Yeah, we're good. Thanks.

Chelsea: Explain to me how giving you and Victoria space, time to spend with your daughter, is somehow an issue for you.

Billy: Because it's not about me, Vick, and the baby. It's about Adam.

Chelsea: My late husband, who existed. I can't erase him, Billy. We have had this conversation.

Billy: I know, and I'm trying to work on it, okay? But I've got to be honest here.

Chelsea: And I'm being honest, which is what you asked me to be. So -- so how does this go? How does this work out, huh? Down the line if I mention something that reminds me of Adam, are you gonna get angry every single time? Because I tell you something, that means Adam will always be between us -- because of you, not me.

Ashley: Joe is an old friend.

Abby: Oh, an old friend who took you out on the biggest date night of the year and just brought you roses. Yeah, I have millions of old friends like that.

Ashley: Okay. Let's get back to work. Now we got to try out some fragrances, right?

Stitch: Yeah, let's, uh, let's get back to the lab. What do you say?

Ashley: Actually, you know what? I think it might be too sterile there. It's gonna affect the way the scent distributes.

Abby: Do you want to go in the office? We could lay them out in there?

Ashley: Great idea.

Stitch: Okay. Hey, uh, because of the competing fragrance, we should probably -- probably lose these roses.

Ashley: Oh. Okay. Yeah, you're right.

Abby: Okay, so are we going for what a woman would choose or what men will react to?

Ashley: That's a good question. I think it's both, actually. Because a woman would probably buy it first and then she'd buy it again if she got the reaction she wanted from the man. And a man would buy it for a woman as a gift, so...

Stitch: I hadn't thought about it, but it makes sense, you know. When you associate a certain scent with a woman, then, you know, it's...

Abby: Oh, like her perfume or her lotion. Even what kind of shampoo she uses in the shower.

Stitch: [Snaps fingers] Let's do this, huh?

Ashley: Ooh! Oh, no.

Stitch: S-sorry.

Ashley: That's okay. I'm gonna try this one.

Stitch: Okay. Yeah.

Ashley: That's nice, but what do you think?

Abby: Hmm. Let me try that. It's all right.

Ashley: This one does nothing for me.

Stitch: Here.

Abby: Try that one.

Ashley: I love this. I would buy this. It has a lot more depth than the other ones. Try that.

Stitch: Let me see that.

Ashley: What do you think?

Abby: Oh, wow. That is fabulous. What do you think?

Stitch: [Sniffs] We have our winner.

Ashley: Do you think we found it?

Stitch: I think we have.

Abby: Yay! We are getting somewhere, people. Okay, I am gonna go get the marketing team all pumped up. And, uh, yeah, you guys carry on.

Ashley: Okay. I think we're one step closer.

Stitch: I think so.

Ashley: I know.

Stitch: Yeah.

Ashley: Now we just have to study the extraction procedure to see how it affects mass production.

Stitch: So, those, uh, those roses, you know, they're something. Yeah, must have been quite a new year's.

Ashley: How was your New Year's with Victoria?

Stitch: I mostly, you know, watched the boys.

Ashley: Must have been a handful.

Stitch: No, it was pretty great, actually. It was good.

Ashley: I'm glad.

Stitch: You know, we both had good nights. You know, different, but good.

Ashley: Abby kind of read a little bit more into mine, actually.

Stitch: Did she? 'Cause I got to say, maybe his personal life is different, but Joe Clark, he's a snake who'd happily try to ruin the best guy I know.

Joe: You know, I get it. This is an old-fashioned double team. I mean, you hit me with this plea for the community, and you hit me where it hurts. "The man that you thought you knew."

Avery: It's not meant to hurt, Joe. It's a reminder that things don't have to be this way. Look, I understand you're in business. You want to make a profit. But maybe there's another way. All we're asking is that we can talk to the seller directly.

Joe: You're killing me.

Dylan: So you'll give us the name?

Joe: Look, if I get you in a room, that's it. It's on you.

Avery: Of course. Joe, thank you.

Dylan: Thank you.

Joe: No one likes to walk away from this empty-handed. Understand?

Avery: We understand that. Thank you again, Joe.

Joe: Meeting hasn't happened yet.

Dylan: But you'll give it a shot?

Joe: I'll do my best. Take care.

Avery: Did that just happen?

Dylan: It was kind of obvious he did it to score points with you.

Avery: [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Avery: Hold on. Avery Bailey Clark. A follow-up on the chronicle? Yes, my client is available. 30 minutes, Crimson Lights? Yes, Mr. McAvoy will be there.

Victoria: Billy and I are working extremely hard on co-parenting Katherine and Johnny.

Victor: And I understand that, okay?

Victoria: So, don't stir up any bad feelings.

Victor: I won't. Billy Abbott is a sad waste of space. I will try to keep the thoughts to myself, okay?

Victoria: Thank you.

Victor: Anything else?

Victoria: As a matter of fact, yes. I would like for you to clear your schedule for Katherine's christening.

Victor: Oh! Of course.

Victoria: And obviously Billy's gonna be there. So you're gonna be on your best behavior, right?

Victor: For the sake of the baby, I will try to be on my best behavior. How's that?

Chelsea: We've been happy. We've made it through some crazy stuff, but if I can't be honest with you, if I can't tell you why I don't feel comfortable going to Katie's christening --

Billy: And you did tell me.

Chelsea: I did, and you got all tense and edgy.

Billy: Which is my problem, okay? It's not yours. It's just I really wanted you there with me at the christening.

Chelsea: Even with my screwed-up feelings?

Billy: Yeah. You think you can handle it?

Chelsea: Okay. Fine. I'll go. I can handle it.

Billy: You know what? Just forget about it. It's okay.

Chelsea: Oh, my God! Are you seriously pouting now?

Billy: No, I'm not pouting.

Chelsea: You suddenly don't want me to go after all that?

Billy: Look, I love you and I want you with me.

Chelsea: I love you and I'll go!

Billy: Thank you!

Chelsea: You're welcome! [Laughs]

Billy: Let's get out of here.

Chelsea: Oh, I forgot about our coffees.

Billy: You know what? We'll just take the check, please.

Becca: Oh, nothing else for you and your wife?

Sage: It's not a bluff.

Adam: Okay. So I'm to believe you're this money-grubbing opportunist --

Sage: You can believe whatever you want to believe.

Adam: I know it's not about the money for you.

Sage: I have reasons for doing what I did.

Adam: And I will uncover every single one of them. Maybe it is about the money for you. Yeah, you just got tired of being Cinderella under the stairs.

Sage: Maybe it was for vengeance, just like you.

Adam: Okay. Well, that's only half of it. And it's not vengeance. It's justice. And surely you wouldn't mind me avenging the suicide of Gabriel's father, right? Sticking it to Victor Newman for sending him to an early grave?

Sage: If it's what Constance wanted, I wouldn't mind it at all.

Adam: Well, it looks like I'm not the only predator on the block, so let's do this. Let's -- let's -- let's go through this, hash out all the details, air this thing out. It should be pretty simple, right?

Sage: It's not simple.

Adam: It is simple. We get a damn divorce. We do it as soon as we possibly can, and we take the inheritance and we split it 50/50. That's what people do!

Sage: You always think you're one step ahead, don't you?

Adam: I usually am!

Sage: Not this time. Keep reading.

Dylan: You want to, uh, come

Dylan: You want to, uh, come with me for the Chronicle interview?

Avery: I should work on things from this end, but remember the way you talk about Crimson Lights, why it matters to you. You get this look in your eye. You get focused, intense. It's the same look that made me fall in love with you. You get the chronicle to capture that, and you're unstoppable.

Dylan: No, we are unstoppable. Even Joe thinks we make a great team.

Avery: I don't know if he said that, but we obviously got to him if he's willing to set up the meeting.

Dylan: Yeah, I didn't think it would happen.

Avery: Well, he hasn't come through for us yet. Right now, you go do this interview. It's important. Call me after.

Dylan: I will.

Avery: Okay. Good luck. [Sighs]

[Cell phone rings]

Avery: Avery Bailey Clark.

Joe: It worked. Seller's willing to meet, but it has to be now or never.

Avery: Uh, well, Dylan just left for an interview. It's crucial he does it.

Joe: Avery, come on. This is a one-time offer. If Dylan's not serious...

Avery: Wait. Will I do?

Joe: What? The guy's girlfriend?

Avery: His attorney with a deep, vested interest.

Joe: Look, if he walks out, that's not on me. Understood?

Avery: Of course. Where are we meeting?

Joe: Well, it had to be a neutral territory, so I booked a suite at the athletic club for privacy.

Avery: You booked a suite?

Joe: It was supposed to be Dylan. If that's an issue, I'll cancel it, but that's it, Avery. This is the best I can do, and there's not gonna be another opportunity for this.

Avery: Tell the seller I'm on my way.

Ashley: I'm not defending Joe, but it seems to me he's just brokering a business deal that's garnered a lot of attention. He's not out to destroy Dylan.

Stitch: Avery fell in love with Dylan while she was still married to Joe. You don't think the guy's still a little bit bitter about that?

Ashley: Well, he didn't seem bitter New Year's Eve.

Stitch: Yeah, well, booze has that effect on people.

Ashley: Are you talking about your own tequila-filled evening?

Stitch: No, but I guess you are.

Ashley: I'm sorry. I'm not supposed to bring that up.

Stitch: And how you spent your New Year's Eve is none of my business, so I'm -- I'm sorry.

Ashley: Well, you know, business and personal lives are gonna kind of overlap. We just have to...not let that happen, right? Hi.

Abby: Hi. Such serious faces. What are we talking about?

Stitch: Just bringing in an outside opinion.

Ashley: Yes, and we need you to arrange a focus group so that we can test our chosen fragrance.

Abby: I am on it. And we also need to get on a marketing plan. Can we really promise that if you put on our love potion that men will react?

Stitch: Oh, it's the truth. The stuff lights the match, but the fire, well, that's up to fate.

Ashley: It's a yes. It's a yes. Yeah, it definitely will deliver.

Stitch: If you don't need anything else, I'm gonna fly home and take off.

Ashley: Go. No, we did a lot. Thanks.

Abby: Bye.

Ashley: Bye.

Abby: Okay, now he's gone. We talk.

Michael: Avery, what are you doing here? I thought you were signed into the office all day.

Avery: Hi. I was. Uh, something came up.

Michael: Whoa. Whoa. [Chuckles] Why are you so jumpy?

Avery: I am trying to find out who is the owner of the warehouse-district property.

Michael: Just gonna ask around? "Good afternoon. Are you enjoying your lunch? Do you happen to own a couple of city blocks of underdeveloped real estate?"

Avery: I have a meeting with the mysterious seller.

Michael: Who is he?

Avery: I don't know.

Michael: You just said you had a meeting with him.

Avery: I do. It's arranged by Joe.

Michael: I haven't seen him here. He normally takes care of business down at the end of the bar.

Avery: Right. Uh, we're meeting up in his suite.

Michael: Oh. Okay. I'll go with you.

Avery: No. Why?

Michael: I represented Joe's business affairs. I do know both ends of this argument.

Avery: Yeah, and I appreciate that, but, uh, it's a delicate situation here. I don't want to scare off the seller.

Michael: Well, he's a businessman. He's not a scared rabbit.

Avery: Well, Joe was a little jumpy on the phone, so, uh, I just -- I think it's best if I play by his rules on this one.

Michael: All the more reason I should join you.

Avery: I -- it's so preliminary right now. I may need your help later if I file an injunction, but this is --

Michael: I don't like him. I don't trust him. You alone up in his suite?

Avery: Oh, God.

Michael: What? His rules? No witnesses? I don't like it.

Avery: Okay, well, I can handle Joe Clark. I was married to the man. He's a snake oil salesman, but he's harmless.

Michael: All right, fine. I'm sure you can handle any situation. But for the record, I don't like it.

Avery: Noted. Thank you. You're like the big brother I never had.

Michael: Yeah, the one my brother never wanted.

Avery: [Sighs] Listen, I do appreciate it. I'll be fine. I'll see you back at the office.

Michael: See you.

Avery: Oh, uh... can -- can we not mention this meeting to Dylan?

Michael: Yeah, 'cause that's what I do? I tell Dylan everything?

Avery: Well, your first reaction was to be protective? Times that by a hundred.

Michael: Fine. I won't tell Dylan.

Avery: It's just, uh, he has a hard time listening to reason where Joe's concerned. So, can we just keep this between us?

Michael: Yeah, okay. We'll keep it between us.

Avery: Thank you.

Michael: We all have our little secrets.

Chelsea: We're not married.

Billy: We're just together.

Chelsea: But he's not my husband.

Billy: Right.

Becca: I'm so sorry. I'll be right back with your check.

Chelsea: Oh, my God. She thinks you're my illicit lover.

Billy: Which is hot. Very hot.

Chelsea: Hmm. Maybe we should, uh, get a suite here so we can really play the part.

Billy: Yeah. Yeah, we -- we could do that.

Chelsea: What's wrong?

Billy: [Sighs] It's just that she could tell that we were involved.

Chelsea: Yes, because she could just feel the hot, sexy, intense heat between us.

Billy: And because it looks like we're cheating because of that.

Abby: I want real, actual details about what happened on New Year's Eve, because those flowers are telling me that I don't know the full story.

Ashley: Guess what? I don't know the full story of what happened on your New Year's Eve, either.

Abby: Okay, well, um, my date only spoke a handful of phrases in English, and one of them was not "Abby, you are so beautiful and smart and sexy. Let's take this to the next level." And I ended up getting kissed by a cop at midnight that I barely knew.

Ashley: I'm sorry?

Abby: Actually, it wasn't that bad. But that was my night, so I want to hear about your night and how you earned those dozen roses.

Ashley: Earned? Did you really just say "earned"? You're kidding me, right?

Abby: I didn't mean it like that.

[Both laugh]

Ashley: I had a date with a friend.

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: That's it.

Abby: Yeah, Joe Clark. And stitch didn't seem too happy about that interruption, which is strange because he's seeing Victoria. Don't you think?

Ashley: He's intense about making sure our project is a success, as am I.

Abby: Yeah, you can use proper English, Mom, and still be covering.

Ashley: And you can go kiss your policeman again.

Abby: [Chuckles]

Ashley: I'm gonna go take these back to the lab.

Abby: Ooh, or you could take them over to Joe's, test them out, thank him for the flowers.

Ashley: Or you could take them back to the lab for me. Excuse me. And I'm gonna go home.

Abby: As in conversation over.

Ashley: Exactly.

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Ashley: Love you.

Abby: Love you.

Ashley: Mean it.

Abby: [Laughs]

[Door closes]

Stitch: That's huge. A follow-up interview?

Dylan: Yeah.

Stitch: That's amazing, man. Should I, uh, wave a "save crimson lights" poster in the background?

Dylan: [Laughs] Well, no. Maybe just act like a normal person and say what this place really means to you.

Stitch: How about I tell the writer that Joe Clark should take his project elsewhere? Guy's too slick, man. Come on. That smile, I can guarantee that guy practices that in the mirror every day.

Dylan: I hear you. Trust me. But there might be an actual human being inside that suit.

Stitch: Hmm, I doubt that.

Dylan: He agreed to try to set up a meeting with the owner of these properties so we can discuss not selling.

Stitch: Ah, that's just to make him look good in front of his ex. Come on, man. It's still a sly move.

Dylan: I know, I know. And Avery knows, too. But you know what? I'll take it.

Stitch: Yeah? So you can ship him back to Chicago?

Dylan: Once this deal's off the table, there's nothing for him here. The sooner that guy leaves, the better.

Joe: Come in. Sorry for such short notice.

Avery: Well, Dylan would have been much more effective talking to the seller, but we really need that chronicle follow-up, and it was the only time they could meet. How long before the client gets here?

Joe: Actually, it's gonna be just you and me.

[Door locks]

Victor: Well, look at that.

Victoria: Yep.

Victor: How is my granddaughter's first day at work?

Victoria: Well, the nurse says that she has top-notch napping skills.

Victor: You know how nice it is to be able to pop in and just look at that beautiful face?

Victoria: Yeah. That's your grandfather's weakness, you know. His grandchildren. He's a big softie. But we're gonna keep that to ourselves.

Victor: You better keep that to yourself, okay? Keep that a secret.

Victoria: So, I'll see you at the christening. On your best behavior.

Victor: Of course, you will. And now that you're no longer romantically involved with Billy boy Abbott, I may even shake his hand, you know.

Victoria: No. No physical contact. And I never said that he was out of my life.

Victor: What?!

Victoria: Dad, we're not...

Victor: What?

Victoria: ...Romantically involved, but we have Katherine and Johnny, and Reed adores him, and that's not changing.

Victor: All right. As long as you're not seriously involved with that guy anymore, I'll be all right.

Victoria: Billy and I have both moved on.

Chelsea: How did we go from "let's go home and get crazy" to I'm still wearing a ring?

Billy: The same way we got to talking about my tattoo the other day. It's there right in front of our faces.

Chelsea: It's not like the rings are new. Why is this an issue now?

Billy: I don't know. Maybe because we were distracted before by Katie and the holidays. But now we have plenty of time to talk about the big, shiny thing that's sitting right in front of us.

Chelsea: What is there to say?

Billy: The obvious. If you are over Adam, then why are you still wearing his ring?

Adam: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. This isn't real.

Sage: Constance knew Gabriel always took the easy way out. She wasn't gonna let him do that with something this important. She wanted a commitment. The marriage had to last.

Adam: Three years?! I can't be married to you for three years! I already have a wife!

Sage: You have a widow! Your name is Gabriel Bingham. And since we both want this money, we have to be married until the end of three years.

Adam: I am alive, Sage! I am not your dead husband/best buddy Gabriel!

Sage: Okay, fine. Excuse me. Why don't you call your wife and tell her you'd like to come home?

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