Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/1/15


Episode # 10568 ~ Jill & Cane make an important decision about their future, while Neil sees the light.

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Lily: Today is the perfect New Year's Day.

Cane: Isn't it?

Lily: Yes. The weather is amazing, and we have the whole day off -- no more holiday parties at the club, thank God. Today's for the three F's -- family, food, and football.

Cane: Peace and quiet -- twist my arm.

Lily: Ohh. I love it.

Mattie: Charlie's hogging the new computer.

Charlie: She only wants to play stupid girl games.

Lily: Okay, you know what? That's enough computer games for both of you.

Cane: Yeah.

Lily: Why don't you make your new year resolutions?

Cane: There you go.

Lily: Yeah?

Cane: Okay?

[Doorbell rings]

Colin: Hey.

Charlie: Grandpa, what are revo-- revolutions?

Colin: What are revolutions? That's a pretty good question, I guess. Um, well, let me think. A revolution is where you have one bunch of people who have gotten fed up with another bunch of people and decided to take up arms and tell that bunch of people to bugger off because they are now in charge. [Sighs]

Lily: [Chuckles] Hi.

Cane: Happy New Year, Dad.

Colin: Same to you, son.

Lily: Uh, where's Jill?

Colin: Well, you see, my dedicated wife has decided that a holiday is a perfect day to work, and so that's what she's doing.

Gloria: Ugh. Hearts and flowers -- that's so passé.

Lauren: It's traditional.

Gloria: It is boring, Lauren. I don't do boring. God knows Phyllis doesn't do boring. If Fenmore's really wants to partner with Jabot for Valentine's Day --

Lauren: All right, fine. Tell me, what's your idea?

Gloria: All right, thank you. Cross-promotion -- Chelsea's cruisewear line and Jabot's essential oils. Think of it -- an exotic Moroccan tent in the middle of Fenmore's, giving complementary half-hour massages to any woman who spends more than $200 -- maybe even spring for an hour if they spend over $500.

Lauren: You know what that sounds like to me?

Gloria: Sexy and brilliant.

Lauren: No, completely over the top. Wouldn't you agree, Jill? Jill?

Jill: Hmm? What?

Lauren: Well, hi.

Jill: Hi.

Lauren: Hey. Were we boring you?

Michael: [Gasping and wheezing]

Kevin: Hold up! Michael, stop!

Michael: Why?!

Kevin: It's a charitable walk, not a charitable run at breakneck speed.

Michael: You said you'd train me!

Kevin: I'm trying, but you got to pace yourself. The event's not for a ways off, it's been over two years since you ran, and it's freezing outside.

Michael: [Chuckles] What, are you from Texas all of a sudden? This is Wisconsin! How long have you lived here? This is just a bracing winter's day, that's all! That's it!

Kevin: I get it. I'm just saying you got to pace yourself, all right?

Michael: No! Listen, I am starting this new year right. I'm taking care of myself. I'm just beginning this battle with cancer from a position of power, mental and physical.

Kevin: That's great, and I'm with you 1,000%, but listen to me.

Michael: No, listen! It's visualization! I have to visualize strength. That's all I have to do. And then nothing can harm me -- nothing. Now let's go! Oww! Damn son of a --

Kevin: Michael, geez!

Dylan: Well, I hope this mailing brings out a ton of people.

Avery: Well, who doesn't love a good rally? Just a few more envelopes to stuff.

Dylan: Yeah, and when we're done, I want to take a box of these over to Nikki and see if she'll hand them out to the various people she volunteers with.

Avery: Did she offer to help us?

Dylan: No. But I think she'll be supportive. I want to find out who's working against us behind the scenes, and maybe Nikki can help us figure out who's using their influence with the mayor.

Nikki: According to your mom, it sounds like you had a pretty exciting New Year's Eve, except for poor little Katie had to go to urgent care.

Victor: Ohh. I wish Victoria had called us. You know we would have left the party and spent the evening with you and Johnny.

Reed: It's okay. Ben hung out with us, and he is cool.

Victor: Oh, okay.

Nikki: He is cool. He's a very nice man. I'm glad you got to spend some time with him last night.

Reed: Yeah, and he was even there this morning.

Nikki: Oh, really?

Victor: Huh. I see. Now I've got something for you. You know, when I was your age, I read a book that was full of adventures, and I have it right here, so I'm gonna read out of it for you, okay? There we go.

[Cell phone rings]

Nikki: Your grandfather's a very important man. It's the mayor calling him.

Avery: You do realize that we have no proof that the mayor is being influenced by anyone -- that's just a hunch -- right? And I'm not sure that Nikki wants to be recruited as a spy on a national holiday.

Dylan: That's true.

Avery: Yeah.

Dylan: I've been so wrapped up in this campaign that I'm forgetting what New Year's Day is about.

Avery: So, does that mean we can skip the visit to the ranch?

Dylan: No. I'm still gonna drop a box off, but after that, you and I can relax and have some fun.

Avery: That is an outstanding idea. I know exactly what we're gonna do.

Dylan: No, I got it all planned out. It's gonna be great. Football, a bowl of chili, a few beers, and we don't even have to get off the couch for the rest of the day. Doesn't that sound amazing?

Nikki: The mayor.

Victor: Let me see. This is he. Aha. Well, I'm glad that we understand each other. All right. Same to you. Yep. Bye.

Nikki: So, what was that about?

Victor: That was his honor. Seems we have a common interest. Now... this book is by Robert Louis Stevenson, and it's called "treasure island," okay? And it's about piracy and buried treasures and buccaneers.

Reed: You mean like you, grandpa?

Victor: Oh [Chuckles] You think I'm a buccaneer?

Reed: I heard Billy call you an old pirate once.

Victor: [Laughs]

Nikki: I'm sure he meant that as a compliment.

Victor: Yes, I'm sure he did. That's very funny.

Nikki: [Chuckles]

Victor: [Laughing] All right. "The old sea-dog at the 'admiral Benbow.' Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesey, and the rest of these gentlemen having asked me to write down the whole particulars about treasure island, from the beginning to the end, keeping nothing back..."

Neil: You know, that was a quick hello from Colin, and then what? What happened to him? Is he in with the kids?

Hilary: No. He's looking at something in the chronicle with Cane and Lily.

Neil: Oh.

Lily: You know what? It serves the old pirate right.

Colin: Uh, what old pirate are we referring to?

Cane: The one here on the financial page.

Colin: "Mr. Newman declined further comments on his company's continued financial problems." Oh, that pirate.

Lily: Victor made a huge mistake when he came on as CEO. He completely undervalued Cane's talents and insulted him by offering him to stay on at a lesser position. That's exactly what he gets.

Cane: I love you for saying that.

Lily: But I mean it. But you know what? Victor's loss is our gain, 'cause the club's doing great, we get to work together every day, so it all turned out for the best, right?

[Doorbell rings]

Neil: Oh, that should be Devon. I'll get it.

Hilary: No, I got it.

Neil: Yeah?

Hilary: Yeah.

Neil: Okay.

Hilary: Happy New Year. I got your text.

Devon: Happy New Year to you, too. Look who I, uh, brought with me.

Gwen: Hey!

Hilary: Hey.

Kevin: Is it broken?

Michael: No. No, I don't think so.

Kevin: Thank God. You didn't hurt your, um...

Michael: Really? The last time I checked, my ankle wasn't connected to my prostate gland!

Kevin: All right! I'm sorry!

Michael: Let's just keep going. [Breathing heavily] It's better to just work through it while I'm still warmed up. I'm not fragile, you know. I just have to visualize str-- str-- strength and wholeness. Strength and wholeness! Strength and wholeness! Strength and wholeness! Let's go! Ohh! Geez!

Kevin: All right, visualize this. Come here. Come here! You're coming with me. Come on. Come on.

Michael: [Grunts] Aah!

Jill: No, you're not boring me.

Gloria: Just my ideas -- is that what you're saying?

Jill: Oh, Gloria. Your ideas are never boring -- a little exorbitantly expensive and inappropriate for our customers but never boring.

Lauren: Oh, good. You were listening.

Jill: For the most part, yes. I may have drifted off a little.

Lauren: Why is that?

Jill: Frankly, I'm finding it hard to care about anything today. Uh...maybe it's 'cause it's a holiday.

Lauren: Well, Valentine's Day is also a holiday, and it's gonna be here before we know it. Is it too much to ask you to pay attention, considering that this is a business that we both run?

Gloria: Ooh, okay. If you two squabbling siblings would like to take this up tomorrow, maybe --

Lauren: No! No! We're here. Let's do it now. If my sister could just focus for a few minutes...

Jill: Whoa! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. I just -- my heart is not in this today.

Lauren: Well, get your heart into it. [Sighs] Look, I realize that retail marketing isn't as exciting as being the CEO of Chancellor and that you've never gotten over the fact that Katherine left the business to Victor, but she did, so put on your big-girl panties and get over it, because, Jill, I need you now more than ever.

Colin: Chancellor industries never quite recovered from that Bonaventure fiasco.

Cane: A fiasco you engineered.

Colin: Yes. You know it and I know it, but Victor doesn't. Now, if you told him that I'd steered you into that acquisition, he probably would have made you head of chancellor, so you gave that up to protect me -- something I'm eternally grateful for.

Cane: Well, that's all in the past for me now, isn't it? Like Lily said, I've moved on.

Colin: You might be telling your wife that, but is that how you really feel?

Gwen: I hope you don't mind my joining your family occasion. It's just Devon and I had so much fun last night that we decided to keep the party going.

Neil: Yeah? Well, what happened to you guys last night? I figured you'd be at the big shindig at the club.

Devon: No, I just thought we'd do something more casual.

Neil: Yeah? Hmm. I don't know about you, Gwen, but I think the kid is lying.

Devon: What do you mean?

Neil: Well, it's no secret, man. I'm pretty sure you wanted her all to yourself.


Gwen: That must be it.

Hilary: Um, I have to check on something in the kitchen. Will you excuse me?

Gwen: Need some help in the kitchen?

Hilary: No. I got it, Gwen.

Devon: Um, do you want something to drink?

Gwen: A beer if you have one?

Devon: We do have one, yeah. Be right back.

Gwen: Thanks.

Devon: Hilary...

Hilary: You could have warned me.

[Drum beating, noisemaker blowing]

Lily: Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Mattie: Okay, everybody!

Lily: What is this?

Mattie: We're making a New Year's revolution.

[Drum beating]

[Noisemaker blowing]

Lily: Who gave them this?

Avery: Uh, do you remember that we talked about going sledding this afternoon?

Dylan: I do remember that.

Avery: Well, it's a gorgeous, sunny day, right? We should be outside. It would be a shame to just, you know, spend it inside on the couch.

Dylan: Yeah. I mean, there's gonna be snow on the ground until march, but the bowl season is just -- you know, it's a short time.

Avery: Yeah. Okay. Um...well, if that's what you want to do, you want to watch the game, then, you know, it's fine.

Dylan: Are you sure you don't want to join me?

Avery: No. I'm gonna finish up here, and I'll meet you at home.

Dylan: Okay. Uh, well, I'll keep the couch warm in case you change your mind.

Avery: You know, I appreciate that, but I don't think I want to start the new year on the couch, so...

Dylan: Avery, you got to see this!

Avery: A sled?

Dylan: Yeah. It was right outside the door. It must be a sign -- another coffeehouse miracle.

Avery: You tricked me!

Dylan: And you almost fell for it.

Avery: So, we are going sledding!

Dylan: Yeah. I'm not gonna sit on the couch all day. And I appreciate how generous you were, telling me I could watch the game.

Avery: Well, I did it through gritted teeth. I thought you really wanted to watch football.

Dylan: I want to make you happy...every day for the rest of our lives.

Avery: Dylan.

Lily: I told you to make new year resolutions, not revolutions. You made them last year. Remember?

Cane: See, a New Year's resolution is like a promise you make to yourself for the new year, or, if you haven't been good, maybe it's a promise so you can be better.

Lily: Yeah. How 'bout this -- put the toys away and we'll go work on the new year resolutions, okay?

Neil: Hey, uh, Gwen, why don't you come sit over here by me so Hilary and I can get to know you better? What do you think, huh?

Gwen: Actually --

Hilary: Um, I have to go and check on something in the kitchen. I didn't quite make it the last time.

Devon: And I'm on bartending duty.

Gwen: So, what do you want to know?

Colin: You never answered my question. Have you moved on?

Cane: Yes, I have.

Colin: So, the idea of running chancellor just doesn't cross your mind?

Cane: Why do you feel the need to keep bringing this up?

Colin: I noticed your reaction to that article. I think you're still keenly interested in the world of big business. No matter how much success you ever have running Devon's little bar, it's never gonna be quite the same as chancellor, which will always be the one that got away. Come on. Admit it. I'm right.

Lily: All right. So, dinner is almost ready. Are you staying? Right?

Colin: Darling, as tempted as I am by that offer, I just called on you to say Happy New Year. Tell the kiddies to start the revolution without me.

Lily: Okay. Will do. [Chuckles] Ah, not so fast. What were you two whispering about, hmm? Keeping secrets from me?

Jill: Why are you overreacting this way? And why do you need me more than ever?

Gloria: Yeah, I'd like to know the answer to that, too.

Jill: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I panicked when you didn't seem very interested in the business and we are planning a huge expansion this year.

Jill: [Sighs] I'm sorry, too, okay? I didn't mean to be flip, especially when I can see that you're this upset.

Lauren: You know what? You guys are right. It is a holiday. Let's just -- we'll do this another time.

Jill: Sis...

Lauren: What?

Jill: ...Try to relax, okay? You seem very tight.

Gloria: Yeah. Um, walking out with us, Jill?

Jill: No, no. I'm meeting Colin here.

Gloria: [Chuckles]

Lauren: I'll, uh -- I'll get in touch with you about rescheduling.

Jill: Yes.

Lauren: Happy New Year.

Jill: Happy New Year to you.

Lauren: Love you.

Jill: I love you, too. Same to you.

Gloria: Yeah. Best to Colin.

Jill: Yeah.

Gloria: You know, I hate to agree with Jill, but she's got a point. It's not like you to be quite so touchy. Lauren, are you perimenopausal or something?

Lauren: Ohh.

Gloria: No, I mean it, because I've got this incredible cream that I swear by.

Lauren: Seriously? You're saying this to me?

Gloria: Yes. Fine. Sorry. Forget I said it.

Lauren: I'm trying to.

[Cell phone rings]

Lauren: Ah. Hi, Kevin. Happy New Year.

Kevin: Yeah. Um, listen, don't panic -- everything's fine -- but, um... Michael's in the hospital.

Michael: [Groans softly] [Sighs]

Michael: It's really simple. I have cancer. It's prostate cancer.

Lauren: How do you know?

Victor: "'For 30 years,' he said, 'I've sailed the seas and seen good and bad, better and worse, fair weather and foul, provisions running out, knives going, and what not.'"

[Doorbell rings]

Nikki: I'll get it.

Victor: Thank you, sweetheart. "'Well, now I tell you, I never seen good come o' goodness yet. Him as strikes first...'"

Dylan: Hey!

Nikki: Hello! How are you?

Avery: Hi.

Dylan: Good.

Nikki: Your nephew is here. Victor's reading to him from "Treasure Island."

Dylan: Oh, I love that book. Hey, Reed.

Avery: Happy New Year, Victor.

Victor: Thank you. Same to you.

Nikki: So, what can I get you to drink?

Dylan: Actually, we're gonna have to take a rain check. I just wanted to drop these off.

Nikki: Oh. What's this?

Dylan: They're flyers publicizing the rally to save the warehouse.

Avery: If you're willing to distribute them to your charity contacts, although you're under no obligation.

Victor: Well, I don't think Nikki has time for that now, do you?

Nikki: Oh, I will make time. This is very important to me. Count me in.

Dylan: Thank you.

Avery: Thank you.

Nikki: You're welcome. So, I assume you already have plans. What are they?

Avery: We're going sledding.

Dylan: Yeah.

Nikki: Really?

Avery: [Laughs]

Nikki: You don't even know this. The best place in Genoa City for sledding is the hill behind our barn, so you're very welcome to use it. There's no waiting, no crowds.

Dylan: Uh, that would be great.

Avery: Yeah.

Dylan: Reed, you want to go?

Reed: Can I please go sledding, grandma?

Nikki: Yes! Of course, you can. Victor, why don't we go, too?

Victor: What, sledding in this weather?

Nikki: Oh, come on. We can just watch.

Victor: Sweetheart, it's not good for your health right now.

Nikki: Oh, a little fresh air never hurt anybody. It would be very invigorating. Come on, Reed. Let's get you some warm clothes.

Avery: I'm gonna get the sleds out of the car.

Dylan: Oh, okay.

Victor: Well, Dylan, how are things?

Dylan: I'm sure you can't be too pleased to spend yet another holiday with me, but, you know, the ladies want to have some fun, so let's just all go have some fun for Nikki's sake, huh?

Victor: Tell you what, Dylan -- you don't tell me how to relate to my wife and I will do you the same courtesy in regard to the lady you're with, okay?

Hilary: Ah! It looks like they made the first down, although it's kind of hard to tell with that angle they showed.

Neil: Well, baby, it all depends on the spot of the ball.

Hilary: Well, the ref gave them forward momentum, so they're gonna make this easily. They won't even need the chains.

Neil: What?! Is this the same woman? I mean, it wasn't long ago that you didn't know a damn thing about college hoops. Look at you.

Hilary: Um, I think I proved that all you needed to do is choose the right mascot.

Neil: [Laughs] Yeah, you did.

Gwen: They are so sweet together. Your dad's so lucky to have her.

Devon: Yeah, he's extremely lucky. Um, I'm gonna get another beer. Does anybody want anything?

Gwen: No, thanks.

Devon: No?

Gwen: I'm good.

Devon: Dad?

Neil: No, no, no. I'm good, thanks.

Devon: All right. If you all would excuse me...

Hilary: I got to go check on that ham.

Neil: Okay, baby.

Devon: You know I didn't want to bring her.

Hilary: Yeah? Then why did you?

Devon: Because I had to. The way Neil kept asking questions about her -- you yourself, if I recall, told me I needed to bring her around more.

Hilary: Yeah. Yeah. I know.

Devon: I hate doing this.

Hilary: I'm ashamed to even ask this, Devon, but... did you sleep with Gwen last night?

Lily: Okay. You wanted to check on the kids, so we did. Now can you please stop avoiding my question?

Cane: There are no secrets, okay? He asked me if I miss the corporate world.

Lily: Again? Why does he keep harping on that?

Cane: My dad's an ambitious man. I know he likes to live vicariously through me.

Lily: So, what -- he wants you to leave the club and go work a big corporate job when you've repeatedly said that you have no interest that? Has that changed?

Cane: You know I miss it. We've talked about that.

Lily: So...what? Do you want to leave the club and get back in the game?

Cane: You know I love you, okay? And what we've done -- it's incredible.

Lily: But?

Cane: There's a part of me that feels like I left something undone. You know, when Victor inherited chancellor as C.E.O., I just feel like I didn't get a chance to prove myself. I know if I can get my hands back in the business, I can turn it around. I know I can turn the business around and make it profitable.

Jill: I don't know what's wrong with me today. I couldn't even concentrate on the meeting at all.

Colin: That doesn't sound like you.

Jill: No, I know it doesn't sound like me, and, trust me, Lauren was not happy with me. Here's the truth -- I love working with my sister, okay? And I love the company. But lately it just seems like Fenmore's isn't enough for me. It's selling shoes, selling dresses. I need something more.

Colin: Well, are we talking about another challenge, another industry, more autonomy?

Jill: Yes. All of the above, okay? All right. You're gonna think I'm crazy. Well, darling, knowing you, you won't think I'm crazy. But I can't get chancellor off my mind. The idea of running that company again -- I mean, it just calls to me.

Colin: Nothing crazy about that.

Jill: You don't think so?

Colin: Look, when Katherine left Victor the company, I mean, let's face it -- it, uh, left behind a few scars, I'm sure.

Jill: Try open, gaping wounds. [Sighs] The thing is I know I should just accept it and get on with my life, but, I mean, it's just the idea of it's been simmering in there. For the last year, I've spent stewing about this. Darling... you coming back into my life was a wonderful, wonderful distraction...most of the time. But lately there's been this issue that's been nagging at me. Did Katherine have no faith in me at all? I mean, did she really think that I was still too egotistical and self-centered that I wouldn't put the company's needs ahead of my own? Or... did she bequeath the company to Victor as one of her little tests?

Colin: You mean...?

Jill: Yes. Did she not want me to have chancellor unless I could prove that I was deserving of it by taking it away from him?

Colin: One way to find out.

Lauren: Ohh.

Michael: What are you doing here, Gloria?

Lauren: She was with me when I got the call from Kevin. You know how she is.

Gloria: A concerned mother, first and foremost.

Michael: I'm sure Lauren meant it that way.

Lauren: What is going on? What happened?

Kevin: I didn't mean to scare you, but you hung up before I could say anything, so I sent you a text.

Lauren: Well, I couldn't read it. I was hurrying over here.

Gloria: Would somebody please tell me what's going on?

Michael: It's my ankle. Kevin and I went out for a run. I slipped on the ice. End of story.

Kevin: They say it's a bit of a sprain.

Michael: And, fortunately, not a bad one of those.

Lauren: Thank God. Thank God. When I got that call from Kevin that said you were in the hospital, I --

Michael: It's okay.

Gloria: Lauren, for the second time today, why are you getting so upset? It's not like Michael was diagnosed with cancer or anything. Michael... do you have cancer?

Michael: Cancer? Who said anything about cancer?

Gloria: Thank God. Had me going there for a minute, Mikey, because finding out that you were... sick like that for real -- well, that would certainly put a pall over this lovely New Year's Day.

Michael: Kevin, could you and Gloria vamoose for a second? The doctor wants to examine me.

Gloria: I can't stay here while he looks at your ankle?

Michael: The doctor said they need to take my pants off to see if there are any contusions on the rest of my body.

Gloria: Oh, and all of a sudden, you're so modest?

Michael: Kevin, please.

Gloria: How many times have I been changing your diaper since you were a baby?

Michael: Kevin!

Kevin: Mom, will you just --

Gloria: What?!

Kevin: Can you be a little less, you know, Gloria for once? Come on.

Gloria: All right. I defer to decorum. I will be outside.

Kevin: We'll be outside.

Lauren: You're gonna have to tell her at some point, honey.

Michael: [Shudders] Yeah, I know. But, you know, you heard her. God forbid I ruin her New Year's Day.

Lauren: So, now that we're waiting for this doctor, would you like to tell me what you were doing running on a freezing cold day? You've got to take better care of yourself.

Michael: That's what I was trying to do.

Lauren: Well, if you would like to succeed at it, then you have to stop with running in the snow and all this creative visualization and you've got to focus on going to see that other oncologist and getting the treatments that you know are gonna save your life.

Nikki: Please help yourselves to hot chocolate.

Avery: Yeah. Thank you.

Dylan: There you go.

Avery: Thank you. Thank you.

Nikki: I think Reed took all the marshmallows before he went in to watch his movie.

Dylan: Did you see him? I've never seen anyone sled down a hill so fast in my life.

Nikki: Unbelievable.

Victor: He was defying the law of physics, he was going so fast.

Dylan: That was fun. Avery and I just want to thank you for your help with the flyers.

Nikki: Oh, absolutely. I mean, I will deliver them far and wide. Avery, you were gonna try to get crimson lights declared as a landmark so there wouldn't be any more redevelopment.

Avery: Yes. Unfortunately, our application was denied.

Nikki: What?! Why would they do that?

Dylan: If I had to guess, somebody with a lot of clout interfered with our plans.

Jill: Are you suggesting that I stage a coup and try to get chancellor away from Victor?

Colin: If you truly want to do this, there's a way to do it.

Jill: There is?

Colin: You've got the brains, you've got the gumption, and you've got the will, but you've also got a secret weapon Victor's never gonna see coming.

Jill: And what's that?

Colin: Me. You decide to do this, I'll be with you every step of the way.

Lily: I had no idea that you felt like something was missing from your life.

Cane: I didn't mean to make it sound like that.

Lily: Well, it's the truth, right? Honey, I just want you to be happy. If this is gonna make you happy, then, please, go for it. Take over chancellor. Go after Victor.

Cane: When did this happen? You've always said to me --

Lily: I-I know. I've been a little selfish with trying to hold you back. But I can see that you haven't gotten over how Victor screwed you over.

Cane: What about the club?

Lily: The club is fine. It's a success, and we did that together, and I'm happy about that, but all I've ever wanted is for you to be happy, and if it's gonna make you happy, then please do it. Go for it. And the club's in great shape. You know, I think can speak for Devon when I say that we will be absolutely fine if you decide to leave.

Devon: No, I didn't sleep with her. Why would you even think that? You are who I want to be with. Did I not make that clear to you when I gave you the ring?

Hilary: No, you did. I'm sorry, okay? I'll try and be more patient. And... I know we have a future together.

Hilary: Oh, Neil.

Devon: Hey.

Hilary: Sorry. You startled me. Did you need something?

Mattie: We finished our resolutions!

Neil: Oh, that's fantastic, Mattie. What are they?

Mattie: "I resolve to make my bed every day and build a robot."

Devon: Oh, that's a great resolution. What about you, Charlie?

Charlie: Mine is "I will brush my teeth without having to be told and learn Braille like grandpa."

All: Aww.

Neil: My little man, I will teach you. I will.

Lily: How 'bout this? How 'bout you guys fold those up, put them in a jar, and at the end of the year, we can open them up and see how you did? Yeah?

Charlie: Not just us.

Mattie: Grown-ups have to do resolutions, too.

Nikki: For somebody to convince an entire committee not to allow the coffeehouse to have landmark status -- I don't get that.

Victor: My New Year's resolution is to take a well-deserved break from all the pressures that the outside world imposes on us, so why don't we table this for another time?

Dylan: I'm with you, Victor. Actually, I promised Avery some time to ourselves today.

Avery: Ah, it's true. He did. And although I didn't get it in writing, I believe a verbal contract between fiancés is binding, so...

Nikki: Yeah, and as much as I hate to see you go, it is true you are just engaged, so it's a very special time in your lives.

Dylan: Thanks for understanding.

Nikki: Okay. I'll see you to the door.

Victor: All right, sweetheart.

Avery: Victor, thank you for your hospitality.

Victor: You're quite welcome.

Avery: Thank you.

Dylan: Thanks.

Avery: Happy New Year.

Victor: Thank you. Same to you.

Nikki: I can't remember the last time I had so much fun being so cold.

Avery: It's been a lovely day, Nikki. Thank you.

Dylan: Yeah. Thank you for the use of your sledding hill.

Nikki: You are very welcome. Anytime.

Dylan: Tell Reed we said goodbye.

Nikki: I will.

Avery: Yes.

Nikki: Well...thank you.

Avery: Ohh. Thank you.

Dylan: Thank you.

Nikki: And here it comes. Run!

Avery: Ohhh!

Nikki: Bye-bye.

Avery: Ohhh!

Dylan: So, are you glad we came?

Avery: Yes, very. I had a wonderful time.

Dylan: So, I'm batting 1.000 when it comes to my resolution to make you happy?

Avery: At least 1.000.

Neil: [Thinking] I resolve to see again.

Hilary: [Thinking] To be honest.

Devon: [Thinking] To be patient.

Lily: [Thinking] To be willing to let go.

Cane: [Thinking] To find a way to run chancellor again.

Colin: It is a little nippy for a walk in the park, what?

Jill: Yes, it is. It's just that I wanted to tell Katherine my New Year's resolution.

Colin: And that's a noble errand.

Jill: What about you, baby? Did you make any resolutions?

Colin: Uh, oh, yeah. Yes. Yeah, definitely.

Jill: Really? Tell me.

Colin: Well, for 2015, I resolve to be an open book...

Jill: [Laughs]

Colin: ...Not keeping anything from you.

Jill: [Laughs] That is very refreshing, and I will believe it when I see it.

Colin: Yeah.

Jill: Katherine, Happy New Year. If this is a test, Katherine, sign me up, because in 2015, I resolve that I am going to wrest your company out of the clutches of Victor Newman. So there.

Nikki: So, was that really your resolution earlier, or was that a sneaky way of changing the subject?

Victor: My baby, I make the same resolution every year -- to protect and cherish my family always.

Nikki: I know you do. It's a good tradition.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Talking about family, I wonder what our grandson is up to. Let me check.

Nikki: Mm.

Nikki: [Thinking] And I resolve that, when facing challenges, I'll find the strength to meet them. One day at a time.

Michael: Sweetheart... I want to save my life just as much as you want to save it, and I will get whatever treatment I need in order to survive but in my own way and in my own time. It's my body, after all, right?

Lauren: I know. I will try and be more understanding.

Michael: Where's the doctor? I want to go home. [Clears throat]

Lauren: Not as much as I want to take you home.

Michael: The first day of 2015, and I'm in the hospital. [Sighs] I hope it's not prophetic.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Michael: You cold?

Lauren: I'm scared. You know, we're just, uh -- we're facing a lot of unknowns.

Michael: Aw, sweetheart. I'm scared, too. But I did make a New Year's resolution that I'd like to share with you.

Lauren: I'd like to hear it.

Michael: Okay. [Clears throat] I resolve to live every day and love every day and never to take a single minute for granted.

Lauren: I like it.

Michael: You think you can do that with me?

Lauren: I know I can. Happy 2015, my love.

Michael: [Chuckles] Happy 2015. [Sighs]

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Jack: Why are you here?

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Phyllis: I could really use your help, Billy, and not just for my sake -- for your brother's.

David: Ms. Newman is the one who deserves sole custody --

Nick: Sole custody? Are you kidding me?

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