Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/2/14

Y&R Transcript Thursday 1/2/14


Episode # 10319 ~ Michael & Lauren get a surprise gift; Kevin is suspicious of Chloe & Connor's connection.

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Sharon: Hey. You want some company?

Nick: What are you doing here?

Sharon: Oh, I was just driving by because I'm -- I was taking Faith to her playdate, and she said that you were here packing up some food.

Nick: Yeah, I'm just, uh, gonna take the leftovers over to the homeless shelter, you know, from the event we had here last night.

Sharon: Well, I don't have to be at Jabot for a while, so, you want some help?

Nick: That'd be great. Thanks. I'm actually really glad you're here. I've got a burning question I really need an answer to.

Sharon: [Thinking] "What was up with that kiss?"

Nick: Should this stuff go in, uh, you know, foil or plastic?

Chloe: Look at you. I swear, this kid gets more angelic every time I see him... which is kind of a miracle, considering who his father is.

Chelsea: If you could, um -- if I could just tear you away for just one second?

Chloe: [Baby talking] Did you hear your mama? She thinks that I can actually concentrate when you're around. 'Cause you're so cute, I'm gonna eat you. I'm gonna eat you.

Chelsea: I just wanted to explain why I asked you to meet me.

Chloe: [Normal voice] Oh. Oh, yeah. Listen, I'm gonna get you all the details on west-coast trunk show by Monday. I swear. Monday.

Chelsea: No, this isn't about work, Chloe. Um, I have to tell you something, and you're not gonna like it. Um, I'm not even really sure how I feel about it yet.

Chloe: Okay, spit it out.

Chelsea: Adam asked me to marry him. Did you hear me? You're taking it well. You are not taking it well. Are you okay?

Chloe: I'm literally biting my tongue so I don't scream something like, "Are you out of your short-term-memory-losing mind?"

Kevin: Ladies. What's shaking?

Chloe: Chelsea's marrying Adam.

Jack: Hey, sorry. I got stuck on the phone with a distributor in Sweden. I'm glad Mrs. Martinez let you in. She said it was urgent.

Adam: I need a favor, Jack.

Jack: Name it.

Adam: No, no. Before you answer, you need to hear me out.

Jack: Ooh, sounds like a big favor.

Adam: I need to be certain that, if anything were to ever happen to me, that you would have my back.

Summer: [Sighs]

Noah: That's not a happy face.

Summer: I've been trying to get a hold of Fen for days. He is not answering any of my calls or returning any of my messages.

Noah: What for? I thought you guys made up, and everything was cool again.

Summer: Yeah, they were... until Fen tried to run away, and then his parents and I tricked him into coming back into town, and now he's under house arrest.

Noah: Wait -- Fen's in trouble with the cops again?

Summer: Yeah.

Noah: What for?

Summer: Murder.

Fenmore: I'm gonna be fine, Mom...seriously. It's all gonna be okay.

Lauren: Okay. I'm so relieved.

Fenmore: Now can you try and get some sleep now?

Lauren: Yeah. I will.

Fenmore: All right.

Lauren: Thanks. I love you.

Fenmore: I love you, too.

Lauren: [Sighs] [Gasps] [Gasps] [Breathing heavily]

[Doorbell rings]

Lauren: [Sighs]

Michael: Hi. What's wrong?

Lauren: Uh, nothing. Nothing. I'm fine. What's in the box?

Michael: I don't know. Were you expecting something?

Lauren: No. Who sent it?

Noah: Summer, you absolutely did the right thing. If Fen had run, the cops would have caught up with him, and he'd be even more screwed.

Summer: Yeah, I know. I tried to explain that to him at the police station, but he was so mad, and...I don't blame him. I really care about him.

Noah: I know you do.

Summer: And now he hates me.

Noah: I doubt that.

Summer: No, he said that I betrayed him. I was just trying to help him. Why doesn't he get that?

Noah: You know, I used to wonder the same thing when I was with Adriana, and I realized that when you try to help somebody that's committed a crime, it comes back to bite you.

Summer: Yeah, well, she was nuts and dangerous, so I'm very glad for your sake that that ended.

Noah: I mean, it didn't really end. I was just over there getting a cup of coffee and turned around, and she was gone.

Summer: Well, that's an end, and I'm glad.

Noah: Well, I did some pretty crazy stuff trying to keep her from getting arrested, and it turned out to be a disaster, but you were smart, Summer. You didn't make the same mistake with Fen, and he may not realize it right now, but he's really lucky to have a friend like you.

Summer: So, are you saying that if you were in my position, you would have done the same thing?

Noah: Absolutely.

Lauren: Is there a card?

Michael: Nope. I didn't order anything. Did you?

Lauren: No. You know, your mother was just in town. Maybe this is a belated Christmas or anniversary gift.

Michael: Gloria takes credit for a lot of things she has nothing to do with. It is very unlike her to send anything without a card.

Lauren: Yeah, that's very true. So, are you gonna open it?

Michael: All right. [Sighs] It's a cake.

Lauren: What? Let me see.

Michael: "Forget me not."

Lauren: [Sighs]

Michael: Any idea who sent it?

Lauren: Yes. Carmine.

[Courtney remembering]

Courtney: How did you --

Noah: Hear about Zach? Summer. She mentioned that he's a member of your family and he's pretty messed up.

Courtney: Yeah. He is. That's why I don't really talk about him much.

Noah: So, he's not another guy in your life? Summer admitted that that's what she thought at first.

Courtney: No. There's nobody but you.

[Back to present]

Alex: Hey, Goldilocks.

Courtney: Nice of you to finally show up.

Alex: Oh, you've been waiting here long?

Courtney: Look, can we just get this over with, please?

Alex: Whoa. What's with the 'tude?

Courtney: If you wanted me to act more pleasant about all this, then maybe you shouldn't text me 24/7.

Alex: Well, you said no calls.

Courtney: Well, your timing sucks, all right? It's bad enough I'm already having to lie to my best friend about who "Zach" is. Now I'm having to do the same thing to Noah.

Alex: Ohh, young love. That's so sweet, but I don't really care how this affects your romance with Noah Newman, and, frankly, I'm embarrassed that I just spent five seconds telling you how much I don't care about it.

Courtney: So, are you jealous, Chavez?

Alex: No, I like Noah Newman, but, uh, he's not my type. He's a little too broody for me.

Courtney: Look, do you have something for me or not?

Chloe: Married...to Adam... again. I mean, she's only been divorced from Dylan for, what -- five minutes?

Chelsea: Okay, I did not say that I was marrying Adam. I said that he proposed, but it wasn't serious.

Kevin: I don't get it. Did he ask or not?

Chloe: [Scoffs]

Chelsea: Well, yeah, it was just sort of offhanded.

Chloe: What do you mean, "Offhanded"?

Chelsea: Well, I had just gotten the papers finalizing my divorce from Dylan, and Adam made a comment that now we could get married. But he said it in a sort of nonchalant way, so I questioned him about it, and he said that he was just messing around.

Kevin: Huh. Then why are we even talking about it?

Chloe: If, hypothetically, he re-popped the question, what would your answer be?

Chelsea: Truthfully, I don't know. But I don't want whatever happens between Adam and me to affect my relationship with you. Please...

[Connor coos]

Chelsea: ...Just respect that it's my life and be there for me as a friend, regardless of what I decide about my future with Adam?

Chloe: I just want you to be happy. Marry him. Don't marry him. We're still gonna be best friends.

Chelsea: Thank you. All right, I'm gonna go get a refill. Can I get you guys anything?

Kevin: No, I'm good.

Chloe: I'm good. We're good.

[Connor coos]

Kevin: So, uh, what was that about? Did you -- did you just give your okay for her to remarry...him?

Chloe: Listen, he makes my skin crawl, but she's obviously into him.

Kevin: So, this doesn't bother you?

Chloe: No, of course it bothers me, but she's not gonna hear my objections. I mean, she thinks that he's a changed man.

Kevin: The only thing that's changed about him is, uh...his winter wardrobe.

Chloe: You -- do you think that he's capable of changing?

Kevin: A guy like that -- after the things he's done?

Chloe: You've done things.

Kevin: [Sighs] Fine. You know, even if that guy does turn over a new leaf, there -- there's something about him -- the way he looks at you --

Chloe: I know. It's like he wants to eat you for dinner.

Kevin: Yes, with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. That's just what I was going for.

Chloe: [Chuckles] Listen, if I thought that he would physically hurt someone, I wouldn't let him near Connor or Chelsea, but I just don't believe that he can commit to anyone but himself. But you know what? That's -- that's Chelsea's thing. She's gonna have to figure that out herself.

Kevin: Hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Chloe: Listen, if they do make it legal, I give it three months.

Kevin: You never know. There's more reason for them to make it work. They have a kid now.

Chloe: Yeah. And that kid has me.

Jack: I want you to know I take something like this very seriously.

Adam: I hoped you would.

Jack: There are responsibilities here we cannot afford to be cavalier about.

Adam: I completely agree, which is one of the many reasons why I'm coming to you. I want to make certain that you would protect my family in the event that I was gone.

Jack: Okay, before I agree to anything, I need to know all the facts, and I have a feeling you're withholding something. What are -- is this really about? You're young. You're healthy. Connor's healthy. You and Chelsea are together. What could you possibly have to worry about?

Adam: Promise me you will protect my family.

Jack: Okay, now you're starting to scare me. Why do you need me to look out for your family? Are you in some kind of trouble? Are you in danger?

Adam: No. No.

Jack: Then where is this coming from?

Adam: Chelsea got me thinking.

Jack: Thinking what?

Adam: That Connor needs to be protected...in the event that we're not there. And under no circumstances do I want Chloe raising my son.

Jack: Wait, wait. Why would she?

Adam: [Sighs] Chelsea has decided that she wants Chloe to be my son's godmother. It's very important to her, and in light of what has happened with Billy and Chloe, I understand it, and I told her that I was okay with it.

Jack: But you're not okay with it at all.

Adam: That woman has issues.

Jack: Well, yes, she's had her moments.

Adam: I'm fairly certain that she was the one who was behind this whole paternity lie with the baby. Um, so that should give you some inkling of how much she respects me.

Jack: Okay, I can see where that would build some resentment on your part.

Adam: Okay, look, but that issue aside, I do not want, under any circumstances, my son to fall prey to my father, okay? I don't want him in his life under any circumstances. Now, he would fight Chelsea. He'd fight Chloe with all the lawyers in the world and all the money that he took.

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. I-I don't know where this is going. How do I fit in?

Adam: I want you to be my son's godfather.

Chloe: [Talking baby talk] [Chuckles]

Kevin: Hey, so, when you say that the kid has you, what, exactly, do you mean by that?

Chloe: Chelsea asked me to be Connor's godmother.

Kevin: Wow. Really?

Chloe: Yeah. Isn't it amazing? And I-I told her that I'm gonna take care of him like he's my very own.

Kevin: Even though he's not.

Chloe: Yeah, but that's what godmothers do. I mean, they love them, and they spoil them, and they take care of them in case the mother isn't capable.

Kevin: Chloe, Chelsea's very capable.

Chloe: No, I understand that, but, you know, something could happen -- an illness or an accident.

Kevin: Chloe.

Chloe: Look, all I'm saying is that you can't predict the future, and you have to be prepared. What's wrong with that?

Kevin: Nothing...if that's all it is.

Chloe: That's -- that's all it is. I -- can you please stop making an issue out of this every time it comes up? Please stop worrying about me.

Chelsea: Uh-oh. What's Kevin done now?

Chloe: Nothing. I was just telling him that you asked me to be Connor's godmother and how seriously I'm taking it.

Chelsea: Adam and I couldn't have made a better choice. We owe you so much. We just wanted to show our appreciation.

Kevin: Godmother. It's a very important job.

Chloe: It's not a job. It's a commitment -- a commitment for life. And I am gonna be connected to this little guy forever.

Chelsea: It's a relief to know that, no matter what happens, our son will always be loved and taken care of.

Lauren: All right, so what did he say?

Michael: Well, according to our doorman, there has been no delivery for us since before New Year's.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Michael: It must have been a mistake. Whoever dropped that cake off left it in front of the wrong apartment. [Sighs] Sweetheart, look, where is this fear coming from?

Lauren: [Sighs]

Michael: I mean, he can't hurt us anymore, especially not by sending us baked goods. This is irrational.

Lauren: I know it's ridiculous, but I had a dream. I had a nightmare, Michael.

Michael: All right. And Carmine was in it?

Lauren: Yes.

Michael: What did he do?

Lauren: Nothing.

Michael: What did he say?

Lauren: Nothing. He -- he was just there.

Michael: Where was he in this dream?

Fenmore: Where was who?

Michael: No one. Just an old acquaintance of your mother she ran into.

Fenmore: Are you talking about Carmine?

Michael: It's not likely that anyone would run into him. Why would you say that?

Fenmore: Because you're using that tone you use when you talk about him.

Lauren: Okay, let's just -- let's stop discussing him.

Fenmore: Something's obviously wrong. What -- what -- what happened?

Lauren: Somebody sent me that cake.

Fenmore: And why would a cake upset you? "Forget me not." It's -- it's not for you. It's for me.

Nick: So, did you have fun at the party last night?

Sharon: Yeah, I really did. You know, it's been a while since I was up that late.

Nick: [Chuckles] Seriously?

Sharon: Well, I mean, we're not all cut out to be nightclub owners, so, I just -- you know, I get up early for work. I crash the minute my head hits the pillow. [Thinking] Who am I kidding? I didn't sleep one minute the entire night. All I could think about was that kiss.

Nick: You know, I wasn't sure I wanted to go last night, either. You know, we had the big event here and a bunch of catered food, the celebrity deejay, but I knew the club was in good hands with the new manager I hired. I'm glad I went. I had a really good time. [Thinking] That kiss was pretty great, too. [Talking] Hey, uh, can you do me a favor and hand the, uh -- the kiss? Kiss?

Lauren: What are you talking about? Who would send you a cake?

Fenmore: It's not a cake. It's a message...from Womack.

Michael: Womack -- the convict Womack?

Fenmore: When the other guys in my block found out whose son I was, they cornered me in the yard. They started beating the crap out of me.

Lauren: Oh, my God.

Fenmore: Yeah, Womack came along, and he made them back off. If he hadn't, they probably would have killed me. He's obviously making sure that I don't forget that.

Lauren: Why didn't you tell us this earlier?

Fenmore: Honestly, I-I didn't want to worry you.

Lauren: Oh, Fen. This could be very serious.

Michael: Wait. So, the message on this cake -- what does that mean?

Fenmore: Well, it means that I owe him for saving me. He made sure I knew it before I got released.

Lauren: And this Womack -- he's still behind bars, right?

Fenmore: I think so. He did say that he's getting out soon.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Alex: You're walking in dangerous territory...getting close to Noah or anyone else.

Courtney: Okay, well, I don't need a lecture from you.

Alex: You sure about that?

Courtney: Yeah, I know what I'm doing.

Alex: Listen to me. This is important...for the both of us, so don't screw it up!

Noah: Hey. Everything okay?

Alex: Noah. Hi. Yeah. I was just telling your friend here that, uh, you know, just to be careful around the park. We've had a lot of reports of muggings and everything.

Noah: It's broad daylight.

Alex: Yeah, well, purse snatchers don't really care about that. It's a very wealthy area, so they're out on the prowl, and a young woman like this...

Courtney: Okay, I heard you, Detective Rodriguez, loud and clear.

Ale it's Chavez. Just want to make sure you guys are okay.

Courtney: Mm.

Alex: See you later.

Courtney: So, I'm a woman, and I can't take care of myself? Give me a break. You know, it's, um, a little colder than I thought. You want to go get some coffee?

Noah: Sure. And then you can tell me what that was really about.

Jack: Adam, I'm -- I'm -- I'm flattered that you would think of me that way. I am.

Adam: Just tell me you'll do it, Jack. Please.

Jack: What are you worried is going to happen to you?

Adam: Just -- just chalk it up to having a son and having a new outlook on life.

Jack: On one hand, Adam, I can count the number of times I have seen you this agitated. In every case, there's something serious going on.

Adam: So just tell me that my son will always be protected.

Jack: As his godfather? Adam, I-I -- there's only so much I can do, particularly if his grandfather decides to get ugly and litigious.

Adam: Which is exactly why I want to draw up papers and make sure that you're Connor's legal guardian. I don't want any ambiguities where the responsibility of Connor is involved. I know it's a lot to ask.

Jack: [Sighs] The -- let me get this straight. This -- is this really just about peace of mind, just in case, or are you in some kind of trouble? If you are, I want to help.

Adam: I have a family now, okay? And that -- that's everything to me, and I'll do everything within my power to make sure nobody ever takes that away from me, but, if for some reason, I can't, that is where you step in. Now, of course, Chelsea's always gonna be -- she's always gonna be Connor's mother. But I need you to have the same legal rights that I would have as a father to protect him. So, Jack, if you want to help me, if you really want to help me, you'll say yes to being his godfather and his guardian.

Jack: Oh, geez. I don't know. I don't know what to say.

Adam: I admire you, Jack. There's no one else I'd rather have raise my son than you.

Jack: In that case... I accept.

Adam: Thank you.

Jack: Hey, I want you to understand something.

Adam: [Clears throat]

Jack: I really admire you -- the way you've turned your life around. Not that long ago, you were in a hospital bed, fighting for your life, having taken a bullet for a man who did nothing but hurt you and undermine you.

Adam: All that is over. Whatever my father wants from me now, I want no part of it.

Jack: That's because of you. You set your priorities. You decided to walk away from Victor and focus on what is important -- raising Connor, building a life for Connor with Chelsea. I can't tell you how happy I am that you two have found each other again.

Adam: I may have, uh -- I may have kind of asked her to marry me again.

Jack: "Kind of asked her" -- how does that work?

Adam: [Chuckles] It wasn't a -- it wasn't an official proposal, per se, but, uh, it was more like a suggestion -- a trial balloon.

Jack: So, what did she not really say to your kind-of-sort-of suggestion?

Adam: [Chuckles] She said she'd consider it.

Jack: Sounds like you two have it all figured out.

Chelsea: I'm not sure what I would do if Adam asked me to marry him for real.

Chloe: How about you run for the hills? Sorry. Force of habit.

Chelsea: Well, I made it clear that I wouldn't be ready anytime soon. I mean, there's so many factors to consider.

Chloe: Like what?

Chelsea: Jabot, for one thing. I mean, I would have to make sure I could strike a good balance between my work life and my married life, and, of course, then there's Connor.

Chloe: And what about Connor?

Chelsea: Marrying Adam would have to be in Connor's best interest. I mean, there's something to be said about having legal ties, but then things can get really ugly if I were to want to take Connor and get out.

Chloe: But why would you want to get out? You just said that Adam is a changed man.

Chelsea: He is. He really is. I'm just -- I'm just being overly cautious, I guess. [Sighs] But I definitely feel like Adam and I have our second chance now.

Nick: Ketchup -- I meant to, uh, say the ketchup.

Sharon: Hmm.

Nick: Thank you.

Sharon: You were thinking about that kiss from New Year's Eve.

Nick: Well, probably 'cause we were talking about the night.

Sharon: Yeah. That's okay. I mean, I-I was thinking about it, too.

Nick: [Exhales deeply]

Sharon: You know, even though we didn't plan to, we ended up spending most of the holidays together, and it was nice.

Nick: It was. It was, uh, low-key, no pressure.

Sharon: But also a time of year when certain feelings come up.

Nick: Happy, merry, jolly -- like that?

Sharon: People get lonely and nostalgic, and that's what that was about. That's...what -- what the kiss was about -- the past.

Summer: Nick, are you here?

Nick: [Sighs] Summer. What's up, Kiddo? What brings you by?

Summer: Uh, did I interrupt something?

Nick: No. No. We're just packing up some leftovers to take over to the homeless shelter.

Sharon: And I just came by to help, but now I'm leaving.

Nick: Bye.

Summer: You know, I've never seen two people so enthusiastic about leftovers.

Nick: There's a lot of people in need out there, Summer. It feels good to help. It feels real good.

Summer: Is that all you were doing?

Noah: I'm just gonna keep on asking you until you tell me.

Courtney: And I'm just gonna keep saying you're imagining things.

Noah: It seemed like you and Chavez were having this really intense conversation.

Courtney: I went on a walk, Noah -- same as you. I just happened to run into the guy.

Noah: Was he hitting on you?

Courtney: [Chuckles] No. Oh.

Noah: Sure?

Courtney: Yeah, definitely sure. Thank you. He was actually scolding me, trying to act like big, bad cop, that I couldn't keep my wits about me. It was actually really insulting, if you want to know the truth.

Noah: Yeah. I have seen the act. It's pretty lame.

Courtney: Yeah. [Chuckles] So, Noah, any New Year's resolutions?

Noah: I always mean to, but then I never do. Maybe that should be my resolution -- to make one for next year.

Courtney: Why wait? You know, there's no time like the present.

Noah: All right. Here it goes. Um, I resolve to be taller.

Courtney: [Sighs] Be serious.

Noah: I was. I mean, just a couple inches.

Courtney: Really?

Noah: I don't need a foot or anything.

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Noah: All right. Here's a real one. I resolve to spend as much time as possible with the woman sitting across from me.

Courtney: Aww. [Chuckles]

Noah: I am really glad to have you in my life, Courtney. I've -- I just -- I loved spending time with you over the holidays. I want to keep doing that.

Courtney: I do, too.

Noah: And I'm really glad you told me a little bit about your family -- about your sister and that other relative, Zach. And I hope that you feel comfortable opening up to me some more. I really do want to know everything about you.

Kevin: Hey, Chavez, do you have a sec?

Alex: Ah, for you? No.

Kevin: I'm being serious.

Alex: What's bothering you?

Kevin: It's Chloe. I'm worried about her.

Alex: Well, we might have some good news for the two of you. There's a possible new eyewitness in Delia's accident.

Adam: Marrying Chelsea makes sense to me. We have son now. He needs stability.

Jack: Yeah, a boy his age should not be shuttled back and forth between two homes.

Adam: Exactly. He has his routine. I don't want to disrupt that. Hey, let's keep in mind he only had eye surgery not that long ago.

Jack: Yeah, how is that going?

Adam: Perfect. Perfect. It -- but you never know, though. There could always be unforeseen circumstances.

Jack: All the more reason for you and Chelsea to be equally accessible. All these are great reasons to tie the knot again. You haven't mentioned the most important one -- you love her.

Adam: I never stopped. But she's afraid that I'll break her heart again.

Jack: And you're afraid that she'll break yours. If anyone knows about the risks of falling in love again, it's me. But you know what? When it's the right person, it's worth it. If Chelsea is that person for you, I say, "Dive in. Take a plunge."

Adam: "Stop messing around and propose already," right?

Jack: No, no. I am saying trust the feeling you have with Chelsea. It's real, and you deserve it.

Adam: Why wouldn't I?

Jack: You tell me. You're the person who's been saying you're not worthy of your son, you don't deserve to be happy. Adam, moving forward, freeing yourself of past sins -- it's a critical part of being happy.

Adam: I'm working on it.

Jack: Do that. I want only the best for you in this New Year.

Adam: And I want only the best for you, Jack...honestly. And I'm both honored and thrilled that you've accepted my offer.

Jack: I'm pretty thrilled myself. I'm looking forward to getting to know Connor, watching him grow up.

Adam: I want that more than anything in the world -- watching my son grow up.

Nick: Sharon and I are just packing up food.

Summer: That's it? That's all?

Nick: You're starting to sound like your brother -- seeing things that aren't happening.

Summer: Okay, yeah. No, if -- if you say so.

Nick: Well, it's great to see you. Here. Have a seat. [Sighs] What brings you by?

Summer: I just wanted to say thank you.

Nick: You are welcome. What'd I do?

Summer: Uh, well, in spite of everything that's happened between us, you've raised me to be a good person, and with everything that you've taught me, I now have a little voice inside my head that tells me what's right and what's wrong, and I really appreciate that.

Nick: Well, thank you. You know, your mother deserves a lot of credit for that, too.

Summer: Yeah, she and I -- we've both done some bad things, but at least when we're doing them, we know that they're bad, right? So that counts for something? [Chuckles]

Nick: [Chuckles] Right. So, what's going on? What -- why are we talking about this?

Summer: Um, the other day, I made a decision, and at first I thought it was gonna be a huge mistake, but then I thought about how you would have handled it, and I realized it wasn't a mistake at all. I know for sure now that I did the right thing.

Nick: Well, thanks for coming to me. That means a lot. Is there anything you want to tell me about this decision that you made?

Michael: Well, according to the warden, Womack is still locked up.

Fenmore: For now.

Lauren: Okay. So, how could he have sent the cake?

Fenmore: He has people on the outside, and he promised he'd come to collect. [Scoffs] That's one of the reasons I ran, but you guys stopped me, and now I'm a sitting duck. It doesn't matter where I am -- if I'm in prison or out -- I'm basically dead.

Lauren: No, we are not gonna let that animal anywhere near you.

Fenmore: He -- he already has. He -- Womack obviously knows where we live.

Michael: Yeah, okay, okay, okay. Now is not the time to panic.

Lauren: Really? Then when is?

Michael: We're gonna get out in front of this. What do you think Womack wants from you?

Fenmore: [Sighs] I have no idea...but it can't be anything good.

Summer: I can't say any more than that -- not now, anyway.

Nick: Okay. But just so we're clear -- this decision you made -- it's not dangerous or anything like that, right?

Summer: No, no, no. Not at all.

Nick: Okay. Well, if you change your mind about wanting to talk about this or anything else, I'm here for you, Summer...because I love you, and I always will.

Summer: I know. I love you, too. So, New Year's Eve -- was your night as mellow as you were hoping it'd be?

Courtney: Two sugars?

Noah: Yeah.

Courtney: I'll be right back.

Noah: Okay.

[Cell phone chimes]

Sharon: Noah.

Noah: Hey, Mom. What's up?

Sharon: I didn't even get a chance to wish you a happy new year.

Noah: Yeah, same to you.

Sharon: Uh, is everything all right?

Noah: Yeah, no, it's fine. It's great. Yeah. How was your new year's? I hope you didn't end up staying home with a book.

Sharon: I did not. Neil invited me out to a party.

Noah: Oh.

Summer: I hope "Mellow" didn't mean "Boring.

[Nick remembering]

Nick: Well, happy New Year.

[Back to present]

Nick: Actually, my evening turned out okay.

Noah: Well, I'm glad you got some excitement.

Sharon: [Sighs]

Sharon: Yeah, now that you mention it, it was exciting.

Noah: Okay.

[Both chuckle]

Chelsea: Aww. I don't want to ruin this moment. I have to run to the ladies room -- you good?

Chloe: I am fine.

Chelsea: Thank you.

Chloe: [Chuckles]

Chelsea: [Chuckles]

Chloe: Mm. Mwah. Mwah. What's this? [Gasps] Oh, you got me. You got me.

Woman: Oh, your baby's adorable.

Chloe: Ohh, thank you. Isn't he?

Kevin: What witness? We have Delia's killer?

Alex: No. Another possible eyewitness -- key word, "Possible." Don't get ahead of yourself.

Kevin: But he could lead us to the driver -- or she could.

Alex: This guy has a mile-long rap sheet. He's facing his third felony strike. Now, he says he's gonna tell us something about what happened that night in exchange for a deal.

Kevin: And you think he's legit? Chavez, this could be the break we've been waiting for.

Alex: Kev, I get that you're excited. I am, too, but you need to keep your emotions in check. I don't want you and Chloe getting your hopes up like last time, okay? Look, I've seen people make up stories to get out of legal trouble.

Kevin: Okay, I hear you. Hey, but still, if -- if this guy is --

Alex: Listen to me. We're gonna bring him in for questioning and see where that leads. Okay?

Kevin: Okay. Can you tell me anything else? Any specifics?

Alex: Sorry. What I can say is this -- and it's still a big "If" -- but if he was where he says he was the night of the hit-and-run, then he might have seen something that could lead us to Delia's killer. All right?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Fenmore: Womack's a psycho.

[Cell phone rings]

Fenmore: I couldn't even begin to get inside his head.

Lauren: Who was that?

Fenmore: Summer -- the person who wrecked my entire life. She can't seem to just take the hint that I don't want to talk to her.

Michael: Fenmore.

Fenmore: Just --

Michael: Fenmore, we're --

Lauren: [Sighs] What are we gonna do?

Michael: What are we gonna do? I'm gonna pay a visit to Womack, and I'm gonna find out what he wants.

Lauren: Well, he can't be that bright, sending a threatening message to a former D.A.

Michael: I see why you might think that, but I know Womack. He's no dummy. Something doesn't feel right about this.

Lauren: Do you think someone else sent the cake?

Michael: I'm not sure, but if it was Womack, I intend to make it very clear to him that I will not allow him to harass my son. And if it wasn't Womack, I damn well am gonna find out who did it.

Jack: Hey, one last thing. Uh, watching your child grow up and having it all go perfectly are two different things. All parents make mistakes.

Adam: Some more than others.

Jack: Nevertheless, your son is always gonna love you. The important thing is that you love him.

Adam: Make sure he knows that.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Stitch: So, have you come back to Genoa City permanently?

Victoria: What are you doing?

Billy: Trying to be less of a jerk.

Victor: Did you get into some kind of trouble again, son?

Adam: No trouble at all. Just meeting with my attorney about making certain that you have no legal rights to my son.

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