Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/8/13

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/8/13


Episode # 10260 ~ After a confrontation with Fen, Lauren panics; the heat is turned up between Abby and Tyler.

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Sharon: [Sighs] I'm sorry to come over so early, but I've been up for hours and... [Sighs]

Nick: Look, I, uh, I know you think I need some company or comfort or whatever.

Sharon: Nick, I didn't come over here to bake you cookies or shower you with TLC.

Nick: I've asked you several times for space and time.

Sharon: Yeah, listen. I'm really concerned about something, and I think you will be, too.

Nick: What's going on?

Sharon: It's one of our kids. Who else could get me this worried?

Jack: Morning, Red.

Lauren: [Sighs]

Fenmore: [Sniffs] Mom?

Lauren: Honey?

Fenmore: Where are we?

Lauren: We got this room at the club. Do you remember?

Fenmore: [Sighs] No. [Sighs] I'm kind of fuzzy.

Lauren: Sweetie, maybe this will help.

Fenmore: Thanks.

Lauren: I'm glad to see you up and awake. You had a very rough night's sleep.

Fenmore: I did?

Lauren: It's understandable after what happened last night.

Fenmore: Oh, how d-- how did you find that --

Lauren: All right. It's gonna be okay, Fen. Your father and I know exactly what happened. But it has to be a family secret. Do you understand?

Fenmore: I'm not sure what --

Lauren: Nobody can find out what happened, so just... have faith that your dad and I are taking care of everything.

Fenmore: What are you -- where's Dad?

Lauren: He's -- he's not here right now.

Fenmore: So, then, where is he?

Lauren: Do you want something to eat? You can have anything. Let me just order.

Fenmore: No, I want to know where my dad is. Where -- where is he?

Lauren: Your, uh... your dad's in jail, Honey.

Fenmore: Why? What the hell happened last night?

Kevin: Fen has been found.

Michael: Is he okay? Where?

Kevin: He's with Lauren.

Michael: [Sighs] Is there, uh, something else I need to know?

Kevin: Just that he's okay.

Paul: Nikki. Here we go with the phone tag again. Listen, uh, I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. Sorry about dropping the bomb on you last night. I, uh, I didn't know how else to tell you. It's got to be a shock to find out that your son is alive, and he's living in Genoa City. So, um...

[Knock on door]

Paul: I just hope you're doing okay. Yeah. Come in. I got to go. So, uh...

Cop: Chief.

Paul: All right. Um...call me as soon as you get this and let me know. Okay. Bye. I got it from here.

Cop: Sure thing, Chief.

Paul: All right.

Michael: Thanks. I forgot how much these can hurt.

Paul: Yeah. Must be a design flaw.

Michael: So, why'd you have me brought up?

Paul: Tell me why you lied.

Michael: About?

Paul: The way Carmine was shot.

Michael: I gave you an honest statement.

Paul: You told me that you grabbed the gun and fired it at him.

Michael: That's right.

Paul: One time.

Michael: I know what I said.

Paul: This bullet tells a different story.

[Knock on door]

Courtney: Sorry I didn't call. This couldn't wait.

Noah: Aren't you supposed to be at work?

Courtney: That's where I was. I was doing my intern thing at Jabot when what should appear before me and my exceptionally good taste except for an absolutely ridiculous, lip-smacking sample suit. And when I saw it, I just thought, "Noah has got to have it."

Noah: A suit?

Courtney: Yeah, for your powwow today.

Noah: Courtney, I have suits.

Courtney: Not as sweet as this one. Trust me. And, anyways, you have to look spectacular at Newman.

Noah: My grandfather owns the company. My name's on the building. Who am I supposed to impress?

Courtney: Oh, I don't know, all those corporate muckety-mucks. Trust me. They'll be smiling to your face and shooting daggers in your back, 'cause all they'll be thinking -- wrongfully -- is that you're only there 'cause you're Victor Newman's grandson.

Noah: [Chuckles] Thank you for the confidence booster.

Courtney: You're gonna have them shocked and awed at "Hello," anyways. But first...

Noah: Breakfast?

Courtney: Get out of those clothes.

Kevin: No, no. There's no way. My brother would never shoot anybody in cold blood. Not even Carmine.

Alex: Maybe he snapped. Does your brother have a temper?

Kevin: Does he have a t-- who doesn't have a temper?! But, look, Michael is -- he's solid, okay? Even when everyone else is bouncing off the walls.

Alex: Until now?

Kevin: Look, Basco got what he had coming, okay? You should be thanking Michael, giving him a medal for what he's done.

Alex: It's still murder, Kevin.

Kevin: He could have killed Lauren! He almost did! You want to know about Michael? Check out the way he looks at his wife, like he would do anything for her.

Alex: I guess it runs in the family. I got to get back to work. Chloe.

Chloe: Is Michael still locked up?

Kevin: Why are you even awake after being up looking for Fen all night?

Chloe: I couldn't sleep. I had breakfast with Delia. I took her to school and... then I...

Kevin: You wanted to check on me?

Chloe: And Michael.

Michael: Paul, I did not lie about the second shot.

Paul: You didn't mention it.

Michael: I didn't mention it for the same reasons I didn't mention the color of Carmine's shoes. It was inconsequential.

Paul: So why did you fire the gun twice?

Michael: Because the first shot missed.

Paul: That's your story?

Michael: What does it matter how many times I pulled that trigger? I would have emptied the whole gun if that's what it took to kill Carmine.

Paul: Okay, Michael. Let's go over it again.

Michael: What is this going to accomplish, Paul?

Paul: We start from the beginning.

Michael: What, are you gonna trip me up on discrepancies? You're forgetting. I'm pleading guilty.

Paul: I know you're claiming you killed the guy.

Michael: I killed the man! And, to be honest, I don't regret it.

Paul: Even though you could go to prison for the rest of your life?

Michael: I know how the system works. I know what I did. I know why I did it. I deserve what I get.

Paul: [Sighs] If the second shot is so inconsequential... why move the dumpster? What you don't deserve, Michael, is to be punished for a crime you didn't commit. So why don't we talk about who really did pull that trigger.

Lauren: We were all at the awards dinner together. Do you remember? And then it all...got derailed.

Fenmore: Oh, that video of you and Carmine. Oh, they played that in front of everybody.

Lauren: And after that, Fen?

Fenmore: I was really mad at Carmine. I just wanted to tear him apart.

Lauren: Where did you go?

Fenmore: I'm not sure. I -- I-I-I can't -- I don't really remember.

Lauren: Sit down. Sit down and you close your eyes and you try. You try. You -- you...think of images or a smell. Something.

Fenmore: I was out of breath.

Lauren: Why?

Fenmore: Well, I-I-I think I was -- I was running and I slammed my hand on something.

Lauren: And that's all?

Fenmore: [Groans] I did drugs again, didn't I?

Lauren: I don't know, Honey.

Fenmore: Oh, I must have. No, no. No, no, no. This is -- this is exactly how I felt the morning after the last time.

Lauren: Let me get you some coffee.

Fenmore: Look, I just -- I need you to tell me what I don't remember. Where's Dad?

Lauren: We're gonna get to that, Honey. I don't want you to get worked up. Please, just sit down.

Fenmore: Look, I'm not gonna get worked up. I'm not gonna tear out of here and go looking for a dealer. I just need to know the truth. All right? Why is Dad in jail?

Lauren: Carmine is dead.

Fenmore: What? H-h-h-how? The -- the cops?

Lauren: He was shot in the alley behind the club.

Fenmore: S-so -- so, y-you're saying that Dad shot him? Then what?! You told me not to worry. That you and Dad were fixing things for me. Oh, my God. You think that I killed Carmine?

Lauren: [Sighs, sniffles] You don't remember? I mean, something like that, you --

Fenmore: You think I killed him?

Lauren: You said you slammed into something in the alley. Right? I mean, if you remembered that, then you would have to remember shooting someone. So...maybe you're not guilty.

Fenmore: But you think I am?

Lauren: Nobody saw you. There were no witnesses. Maybe somebody else did this.

Fenmore: But you don't think so.

Lauren: I want to believe it.

Fenmore: Then why do you think I did it?

Lauren: Where's your sober chip? You dropped it. It was in the alley next to Carmine's body, and that's why your father and I -- we thought that --

Fenmore: Thought I did it.

Lauren: Look, Carmine was an awful person. There were 100 reasons to hate him.

Fenmore: Well, then, why would Dad take the blame? Dad wouldn't be under arrest if he thought anyone else but me was guilty. That the evidence -- did I do this?

Lauren: No! No, you didn't --

Fenmore: Well, then, why can't I remember anything?

Lauren: All right, calm down, Honey. Do not get so worked up.

Fenmore: No, no, no, no, no. I-I-I cannot let Dad take the fall for me.

Lauren: He loves you, Fen.

Fenmore: No, no, I'm going to the police and I'm telling them everything!

Lauren: No.

Michael: I despise that man. He had an affair with my wife. He had just publicly humiliated her in front of everyone with that sex tape.

Paul: Why didn't you mention the second bullet?

Michael: I just told you -- because it was irrelevant!

Paul: Or fired by you.

Michael: Like I said.

Paul: With a clear intention of getting gun residue on your very clean hand.

Michael: Why the hell would I do that?!

Paul: To cover for the real killer, who already fired the fatal shot.

Michael: I shot Carmine! I killed him!

Paul: Who are you covering for with the second bullet?

Michael: I shot Carmine. I killed him.

Paul: Oh, man, Michael. Why don't you trust me?

Michael: Paul.

Paul: What?

Michael: Thank you for believing that there's so much good in me. But you're being naive. We both know I have a dark side. I have been a violent criminal.

Paul: Years ago.

Michael: Hours ago.

Paul: Who really did this, Michael?

Michael: How many times do I have to tell you?

Paul: You're covering for somebody you love. Someone in your family.

Michael: Not true.

Paul: You're taking the blame to save Lauren.

Tyler: [Sighs]

Abby: Heaven save me.

Tyler: [Chuckles] From what?

Abby: You looking like that. I came here to proposition you and now...

Tyler: You need oxygen?

Abby: Yeah. You too?

Tyler: Hell, yeah. So, this proposition -- tell me. What'd you have in mind?

Abby: Well, since we've been having a hard time getting together recently, I'm playing hooky, so I thought maybe we could have some fun.

Tyler: [Sighs] Fun? Actually, I can't. I'm busy.

Abby: Okay, then...when?

Tyler: I'm not even sure, Abby. I'll -- I'll call you, though.

Abby: Oh, no, you didn't.

Tyler: Didn't what?

Abby: Say that you're gonna call me when you have no intention of --

Tyler: [Sighs]

Abby: Are you dumping me?

Tyler: No, I just --

Abby: What, you're busy?

Tyler: Right.

Abby: Don't "Right" me when you're clearly not right. I've got your whole deal figured out.

Tyler: There's no deal, all right? I've got work. I've got deadlines.

Abby: No, and you're putting us off, putting me off because I said that I -- you know.

Tyler: Love me?

Abby: Yeah. That's the problem, right?

Tyler: Yes.

Courtney: So, are you out of your clothes yet?

Noah: Yes.

Courtney: So, are you naked?

Noah: [Chuckles] You really like this suit, don't you?

Courtney: I really like the man in it. Turn around.

Noah: I feel so objectified.

Courtney: Well, you look so hot. [Laughs] Come here.

Noah: Courtney, are you...

Courtney: Just tying your tie for you? Yeah.

Noah: Okay.

Courtney: I'm gonna give you a double Windsor.

Noah: [Chuckles] Is that code for something?

Courtney: Just a stronger, more symmetrical knot is a more confident, stronger look.

Noah: Says who?

Courtney: Me. And fashion's kind of my life.

Noah: Mm. Isn't this a little overdressed for a tour at Newman?

Courtney: What happens if the person giving you the tour is taking orders from you tomorrow? If he has some vision of you in a T-shirt and sneakers and earbuds, how will you ever regain his respect?

Noah: You think about this stuff a lot, don't you?

Courtney: I think about you. And how amazing you're gonna be at that job. I want them all to just look at you and be like, "Oh! He's a business genius." There. [Chuckles] Your power tie is all empowered.

Noah: Thank you.

Courtney: Mm-hmm. For luck.

 Sharon: Noah is actually considering going to work for Victor. When he told me that, I wanted to scream. I mean...isn't that scary?

Nick: Yeah, a little bit.

Sharon: Yeah, so, that's why I thought you would want to know, so we could we do something and try to avoid a big catastrophe.

Nick: Yeah, I already knew about this.

Sharon: Well, I knew that we would be on the same page, so what is your plan and how can I help?

Nick: I don't have a plan. I'm not gonna do anything.

Sharon: This is our son and Victor Newman, your father.

Nick: Our son is a grown man now, and he can make his own choices.

Sharon: Even if we know he's gonna get hurt?

Nick: Realistically, Sharon, the only thing we can do for Noah now is give him advice and hope that he takes it.

Sharon: Well, he's never gonna walk away with Victor wooing him with money and prestige.

Nick: Noah's gonna figure it out.

Sharon: [Sighs] He has a really big heart, like his father.

Nick: Well, thank you, but I don't know how great my heart is.

Sharon: You're a wonderful man.

Nick: Look, our son is strong and smart. He's gonna be fine. We survived Newman. He's going to, too.

Sharon: Well, you did. I barely got out alive. And you think I'm overreacting?

Nick: Well, my first reaction was to warn Noah and put my dad on notice.

Sharon: So, then... I am being rational feeling this way.

Nick: Then the more I thought about it, I really think Noah needs to make his own mistakes and grow from them.

Sharon: Yeah. I mean, that sounds very mature and frustrating.

Nick: And necessary. Look, you and I made a lot of wrong moves, and we grew up from them.

Sharon: I suppose. I'm just glad all of my mistakes are behind me now.

Jack: And that's the saga of Victor getting control of Newman again. Of course, he thinks he did it all by himself. He couldn't have pulled this off without help from Katherine, but... [Sighs] God only knows what she was thinking, giving him control of Chancellor, but... getting Newman back cost him his relationship with Adam. Anyway. Real estate -- let's see. Abby and Tracy are living with Kyle and me now. They're back in the manse. [Chuckles] All because of a almost-barbecued rat. I'll tell you the details of that when we can both laugh about it. I miss your laugh. A lot. We got a full house at the Abbots' now, but... just lonely without you. [Sniffles] And Summer. [Laughs] Summer has taken the fashion world by storm. So much so that she's talking about moving to Los Angeles. [Sighs] I hope I didn't overreact. I suddenly panicked that I could lose my daughter again after -- [Sighs] After taking so long to find her. I think I talked her out of going. I want to be a father to her. But with you not there, I -- I feel like I need to be a father to her. Phyllis? Phyllis?

Jack: I was holding Phyllis' hand and I felt this gentle squeeze, but it was a definite squeeze, Doctor.

Doctor: Okay, well, let me examine her, and we'll take it from there.

Jack: Hey, Phyllis! I know you can hear me. Keep doing what you're doing. Fight to get back to us. I love you. [Exhales deeply]

Abby: Look, when I said that I love you, I didn't mean, "Till death do us part, I love you."

Tyler: Okay, Abby, I --

Abby: It was more like. "Hey, Buddy. I love you, man." [Sighs] It was more meaningful than that. Wait, why am I apologizing for this?

Tyler: I don't know. I --

Abby: I said what I felt in the moment, and, yes, the "L" word does come with baggage and implications and hoops, but I wasn't dragging any of that to the table. I said what I felt from my heart, and I wasn't having any plans or expectations or any ulterior motives, thank you very much. Well?

Tyler: Finished?

Abby: For now.

Tyler: All right, look, I'm not asking you to apologize.

Abby: Then what -- what do you want from me? Why have you been pushing me away?

Tyler: It freaked me out, okay? You saying that to me. It's --

Abby: Well, not as much as me saying it to you freaked me out.

Tyler: All right, Abby, look, I wasn't freaked out because you felt it. I was freaked out because I realized that I felt it, too.

Kevin: You know, I was really stoked that you called and asked me to be your date to the dinner.

Chloe: It was a fantastic night. For awhile.

Kevin: Well, despite everything that happened, I was still really glad that you called.

Chloe: Well, it was fun. While it lasted.

Kevin: Mm. Poor Michael. I'm supposed to be the one in cuffs, you know? He's the one who saves my ass, not the other way around.

Chloe: Well, maybe you could go all Mikey on him. Save him.

Kevin: You think I could do that?

Chloe: You've done it before. When Lauren got kidnapped.

Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I have. [Sighs] Listen, um... as -- as great as this is, having you here, I -- [Sighs] I have to ask. What-- what's -- what's going on with us?

Lauren: You cannot confess, Fen.

Fenmore: And I'm supposed to let Dad take the rap for something I did?

Lauren: You don't know what you did!

Fenmore: Well, you think I did it, Dad thinks I did it.

Lauren: Dad has to do this. He did not protect you when Jamie falsely accused you.

Fenmore: If this is supposed to make up for that, it is too much. Giving up the rest of his life for me?

Lauren: No. No. Because if he hadn't done it, I would have done it. Because this is my fault. I am the one who brought Carmine into our lives.

Fenmore: No. No, no, no. You and Dad didn't kill him. And if I did, even if I can't remember, I'm telling them that I killed him. I have to.

Lauren: Honey. Honey. I love you. I love you so much for wanting to do this. And your Dad will, too. But it's only gonna make things worse.

Fenmore: How?

Lauren: Because if you confess and the police know that Dad lied, it's only gonna make things worse for him.

Fenmore: What if they convict him?

Lauren: They're not going to. Your father is a brilliant attorney and he will figure out some way to get a very, very light sentence.

Fenmore: [Sniffles] [Sighs] I hate this, Mom.

Lauren: But it's the cleanest way.

Fenmore: I wish I could just remember.

Lauren: I know. I know. I wish that, too.

Fenmore: Maybe I'll -- maybe I'll remember that I didn't kill him, and then Dad wouldn't have to take the fall for me.

Lauren: More than anything... I hope that's true. [Sniffles]

Fenmore: I at least want to help him. What can I do?

Lauren: You need to go back to rehab.

Fenmore: What? With all of this going on? No.

Lauren: Fen. If a word gets out about any of this, this big lie is gonna tumble down...on all of us. Please. Honey. It's the best way. It's -- it's the best way. [Sighs]

Paul: Lauren was hiding something last night.

Michael: She was upset.

Paul: Why lie and ditch your guard at the club?

Michael: She just wanted to get out of there.

Paul: Right about the same time Carmine was shot. And then when the police finally show up, there she is, by your side.

Michael: You're wrong.

Paul: Standing right above the dead body.

Michael: You're wrong, Paul!

Paul: Michael, I understand why you would want to protect your wife.

Michael: Well, that's not what I'm doing!

Paul: I want to protect her, too.

Michael: Then why are you accusing her?

Paul: Because a case against Lauren would be easier to defend. The woman Carmine kidnapped, nearly killed, raped -- the only way she could possibly defend herself against somebody that size would be with a gun. A jury would have sympathy with her. She would get a lot lighter sentence than you would, Michael. If any at all.

Michael: What if it had been your wife and your family who had been taunted and tortured by a psychopath who wouldn't even give up on his dying breath? What would you have done? How would you react? I think you would have done just as I have. Yeah. Wherever this case goes from here on in is now all up to you, my friend. You can continue pursuing your investigation or you can just accept my story and lock me up. It is... it's your call. The things we do for families, huh?

Paul: You should consider yourself lucky to have that family.

Michael: I know how lucky I am, Paul. That's what I was trying to protect when I fired those shots.

[Knock on door]

Paul: Yeah?

Lauren: Hi.

Michael: Hey.

Lauren: So, uh... where do things stand now?

Michael: Well... that depends on the investigation.

Paul: I'll give you some time alone.

Michael: All right, so, how's Fen?

Lauren: He's, um, he's safe.

Michael: What's he saying about last night?

Lauren: He doesn't remember anything. He was on drugs, Michael.

Michael: But...all the progress he --

Lauren: This is Carmine's fault.

Michael: Where's Fenmore now?

Lauren: He wanted to come down to the police station and tell them that his father was innocent.

Michael: No. You can't let him do that.

Lauren: I talked him out of it. Believe me, it wasn't easy. He loves you so much. I -- I took him back to rehab.

Michael: That's good, Honey. That's -- you know, that's good.

Lauren: But, Michael. Michael. What if Fen didn't kill Carmine?

Michael: Sweetheart, he was trying to confess.

Lauren: To help you. He doesn't remember anything.

Michael: We found his sober chip in the alley.

Lauren: And what if he dropped it before Carmine even got there?

Michael: Listen to me carefully. I know what you want to believe.

Lauren: And I knew that Fen didn't push Jamie off that roof. And what if I'm right again and Fen is innocent and you have sacrificed yourself for nothing?

Chloe: I wish I had a better answer, but I don't know where we stand right now.

Kevin: [Sighs] I hear that. I just -- I really need you right now, Chloe.

Chloe: I'm here right now.

Kevin: [Sighs]

Chloe: How about a do-over? Another date.

Kevin: Well, that would work. And, you know, there is something perfect coming up.

Chloe: When and where?

Kevin: Well, tomorrow. Just so happens that I can snag us two tickets to the hottest show in town. Get this. It is an avant-garde production of "The Wizard of Oz," done entirely with munchkins, including our very own munchkin.

Chloe: [Laughs] You know, you got the date wrong. It's tonight.

Kevin: It's tonight? Oh. This whole no-sleep thing just threw me off.

Chloe: Well, don't worry. If it's too much --

Kevin: No, no, no, no. Are you kidding? I would never disappoint Delia. I'm there. It'll be a happy distraction. So, it's a date?

Courtney: Oh, towing costs extra? Yeah, sure. Um... I'll talk to you soon. Hey.

Noah: Hey.

Courtney: How'd it go at Newman?

Noah: Uh, oh, the tie was a big hit. Yeah, I think it's gonna get its own corner office and a golden parachute.

Courtney: [Laughs] I told you. But what about you? Did you make friends and influence people?

Noah: Um... I think I made a decision about my future.

Sharon: Do we really have to let Noah make his own decisions?

Nick: Afraid so.

Sharon: Oh, I just keep seeing him as our baby boy, bouncing around the ranch in his cute miniature cowboy hat. And those hideous boots.

Nick: With the spurs.

[Both laugh]

Nick: I bought him those.

Sharon: Yes. Are those pictures anywhere around here?

Nick: You know what? I probably have some --

[Cell phone rings]

Nick: Excuse me. Hello?

Jack: Nick, its Jack. I've been trying to reach Summer. Any idea where she might be?

Nick: No, I don't know. Uh, is everything all right?

Jack: Better than all right. I'm in Georgia with Phyllis. She just squeezed my hand.

Nick: Jack, is Phyllis coming out of her coma?

Sharon: Nick, I-I got to go. I forgot something at home. Let's just, uh -- I'll talk to you later.

Nick: No, wait, Sharon. Just -- okay. Um, okay, Jack. Tell me again. What happened with Phyllis?

Jack: It was just a hand squeeze, but the doctor is in there with her right now.

Nick: So this isn't a medical diagnosis?

Jack: No. It's not. And maybe its better that I didn't get in touch with Summer because this news may be premature.

Nick: Um, yeah. Yeah. Um... just, uh, keep me posted, okay?

Jack: I will. This could be great, Nick. Listen, I was talking about Summer when Phyllis squeezed my hand. I have to believe she heard every word I was saying and she's trying to come back to us.

Sharon: If Phyllis wakes up, the first thing she's gonna do is come gunning for me. And she's gonna blame me for that fall.

Cassie: Mom, you didn't push her.

Sharon: Yeah, I know that. But if Phyllis is anything, she's vindictive.

Cassie: It was an accident. You were just trying to get her to not tell.

Sharon: And now she's gonna shout it out to the whole world that I changed Summer's paternity test results. And Nick, when he finds out that I took his daughter away from him, any shot that we had of getting back together would be shattered. He's never gonna -- [Sighs] [Crying] He's gonna despise me.

Cassie: Mom, you're flipping out. Maybe you should take a pill.

Sharon: No, a pill won't help this! What am I gonna do?

Cassie: Tell Dad the truth. Make him try to see that you were just trying to keep our family intact, and the only children that Dad had were with you.

Noah: Things at Newman went...

Courtney: How? Noah, how did they go?

Noah: They went so well that I think I'm gonna give the corporate world a shot.

Courtney: Yay! [Laughs]

Noah: Guess you're excited.

Courtney: I knew that you'd like it and that they would totally love you.

Noah: Seriously, though, thank you. This suit made me feel like more of a player and less like the boss' grandson.

Courtney: [Chuckles] So, then, I helped?

Noah: You did.

Courtney: Then why don't we go celebrate?

Noah: Lunch? Boulevard?

Courtney: Yeah. I'm gonna go home and change first, though, so I'll meet you there?

Noah: I can just drive you.

Courtney: Oh, no, that's too much trouble.

Noah: Didn't I just hear that your car is out of commission?

Courtney: Yeah, but I'm gonna go get it right now. See you at the Boulevard?

Noah: Okay.

Courtney: I can't wait to celebrate.

Lauren: I'm worried about Fen. But I can't stop thinking about you. What if you get sentenced to life?

Michael: You need to concentrate on Fenmore. There is too much evidence that he shot Carmine.

Lauren: Not if you change your plea.

Michael: Then Paul would know I'm protecting someone.

Lauren: But not necessarily. Not if Fen didn't do this!

Michael: All right, listen to me, Sweetheart. Our plan has not been exactly foolproof. Paul already thinks I'm covering.

Lauren: For Fen?

Paul: For you. And he thinks that you have a better chance of getting away with it than I do, so...

Lauren: Michael. If the police pursue this...

Michael: Fenmore could end up in prison, whether you believe he's innocent or not.

Alex: Something is off about Baldwin's confession.

Paul: What do you got?

Alex: A bullet hole in the wall in the crime scene. And we know it's not the slug inside Carmine Basco. All right, which doesn't jive with Baldwin's statement. There was a second shot. But the bullet and the shell casing are both missing. So, how do you want me to pursue this?

Paul: [Sighs] That is excellent police work, Alex. But the reason you didn't find the second bullet is because I'd already discovered it.

Alex: Um, Baldwin said --

Paul: Baldwin shot twice. He just neglected to mention it in his initial statement. So, really, there is, uh... nothing more to investigate.

Alex: Chief.

Paul: This is the Basco file. Mark it closed.

Paul: Sorry to break this up, but I have to get Michael back to his cell.

Kevin: Stay strong.

Chloe: We love you.

Michael: I know. Love you, too. Uh...it's good to see you two together.

Lauren: Paul, Michael was telling me about your suspicions.

Paul: I've already made my decision. The GCPD has found its man. This case is officially closed. I hope you two are ready for what comes next.

Tyler: You know, just because we've both been hurt in the past --

Abby: Doesn't mean that feeling this way means we'll get hurt again.

Tyler: Just the opposite, probably.

Abby: Definitely. Because things are good.

Tyler: They're great. And they're moving in the right direction.

Abby: Now that we've put our pasts behind us.

Tyler: Way behind us.

Abby: Yeah. What now? Everything changes, right?

Tyler: Or nothing changes. Yeah. Keep on having fun. Moving forward.

Abby: Wherever that may take us.

Tyler: And we don't ever, ever have to use the "L" word again.

Abby: Or we could if we wanted to. I mean, it is a perfectly respectable word. It comes in handy. Like, I love New York. I love coffee. I...love your eyes.

Tyler: I love your hair.

Abby: I love your mouth.

Tyler: I love your lips.

Abby: I love your body.

Tyler: I love...

Jack: Well, Doctor? What does it mean?

Doctor: The hand movement?

Jack: Yeah. It's good news, right? Is she coming back to us?

Sharon: I don't know, Cassie. Telling Nick the truth -- that could ruin everything for us.

Cassie: But wouldn't it be better than him hearing it from Phyllis? It might be the only way, Mom. Or our family could be broken for good.

[Knock on door]

Nick: What happened? You took off so fast. I didn't get a chance to tell you about Phyllis.

Sharon: Nick, I can explain everything.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Avery: Adam, are you really intending to cut your child's mother out of his life?

Doctor: There was movement in her hand and she appeared to be stirring.

Jack: Then she's coming out of her coma.

Sharon: I took matters into my own hands. I just hope that you can understand.

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