Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/23/12

Y&R Transcript Thursday 2/23/12


Episode # 9850 ~ Billy Sides With Chelsea Against Anita

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Adam: What time is it?

Sharon: Mm... oh, my gosh, it's 5:00 can you believe we spent the whole day in bed?

Adam: Technically, we didn't spend the whole day in bed. We were in the shower for a little bit.

Sharon: Oh, that's true, I stand corrected. It's nice to see you smile.

Adam: I wish I could say the same. Will you do something for me?

Sharon: If I can.

Adam: I want you to have this.

Sharon: (Whispers) Adam...

Adam: It's my moms ring. You wore it when we were married.

Sharon: (Normal voice) Well, are--are you proposing?

Adam: No, it's just--

Sharon: Because if you are--

Adam: I just want you to have this.

Sharon: Okay, I mean, as long as you realize that I'm--I'm not gonna wear it.

Adam: That's okay. This is yours. You should have it.

Anita: Chelsea needed new maternity clothes. All her things are getting too small, and that was so good of you to set that account up for her at Fenmore's. What a great store. I hope you don't mind, but since I was staying longer than expected, I picked up a few things for myself, as well.

Billy: Of course you did. So I guess you can pack it up with the rest of your stuff.

Anita: What?

Billy: Oh, I talked to Victoria. I meant what I said yesterday. I want you out.

Anita: Well, I meant what I said-- if I go, Chelsea and her baby are going with me.

Billy: I hope not. You're welcome to stay.

Gloria: (Sighs) And your favorite table is being cleared right now.

Michael: What the hell's going on over there?

Lauren: Jeffery is working for you, as a busboy?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. Well, I needed a warm body, and he needed a job. What's the harm?

Michael: Well--

Kevin: Hey, Ang.

Gloria: Hey.

Lauren: Hey.

Kevin: I, um, I need some empty boxes to move into my new house with Angelina. Do you have any?

Gloria: Oh, I'm sure there are plenty for the happy groom. Help yourself.

Kevin: Thank you.

Michael: And what the hell's going on with that kid? He's acting like--it's like--

Gloria: It's a happy marriage.

Michael: No, well, you know that can't be.

Gloria: M-hmm.

Lauren: Yeah, really. You know actually, now might be a really good time to talk to him about it-- no Angelo, no Angelina.

Michael: Yeah, yeah.

Lauren: And we can--

Michael: Finally, maybe we'll get some answers about what he's done to himself.

Phyllis: I should only be gone a day or two, unless something unexpected happens. Of course, I don't know what to expect.

Nick: Well, for what it's worth, I'm very proud of you for what you're doing.

Phyllis: Maybe my flight will be canceled. I'm being honest. I have to be honest.

Nick: Look... (Sighs) Your dad's dying, and you haven't seen him in years. I think you're entitled to a little freak-out.

Phyllis: Really?

Nick: Look, you're the toughest person I know yeah. You're gonna go up to Darien, you're gonna handle this, and something tells me you're gonna be glad you went.

Phyllis: Mm, I don't know. I don't know about that.

Nick: Does Avery know that you changed your mind about going?

Phyllis: No. No, and if you see her please don't tell her. The last thing I need is Avery showing up on top of everything else.

Daisy: What's going on? I thought the hearing was tomorrow.

Avery: Well, the judge has to go out of town for some emergency family business. His clerk called to reschedule for next week, but I got him to reschedule for today.

Daisy: Shouldn't you wait and make sure you're ready?

Avery: Well, I'm hoping this last-minute switch will catch our opponents off guard.

Michael: Talk to him.

Gloria: No, you talk to him.

Michael: Aren't you the least bit concerned that your son has married someone he cannot possibly be in love with?

Gloria: Angelo thinks they are the perfect couple. If he knew I didn't agree with him, then...   

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: Oh, sorry. It's the courthouse. I gotta take this. Sorry.

Gloria: (Sighs)

Lauren: Oh, Lord. I'll talk to him. Kev!

Kevin: What's up?

Gloria: Kevin... Lauren has something she'd like to ask you.

Lauren: Honey, we're just-- we're a little concerned about you. You know, you normally have such good taste and a good head on your shoulders--

Kevin: What, did I screw up again?

Michael: We're on our way. We're on our way. Thank you.

Lauren: You know, "Screw up" is a little too harsh.

Michael: Okay, I'm sorry, we've gotta go--now.

Lauren: What--what's wrong?

Michael: Avery got Daisy's hearing moved up. They're gonna go in front of a judge in a couple minutes. Come on.

Lauren: Oh, my God.

Kevin: What--what hearing?

Lauren: Avery is trying to get Daisy out of prison

Michael: Come on, Sweetie.

Kevin: I'm coming with you.

Michael: Come.

Gloria: Run, run, run, run. (Sighs)

Anita: Come on, Chelsea. Let's go pack. We don't stay where we're not wanted. Come on.

Chelsea: No. No. You are the one that isn't wanted here. Why should I leave?

Anita: Don't be ridiculous. You're coming with me and that's final.

Billy: Whoa, whoa, don't touch her. Let go of her. What's wrong with you?

Anita: Get your hands off of me! That's between my daughter and me. You stay out of it.

Billy: Yeah, well, your daughter said she doesn't want you here, so it's unanimous. The apartment's unlocked. Go up, get your stuff, get out, or I'm going to put it on the lawn. Do you understand? Take your pick.

Gloria: Oh, table for one, or are we just trolling the bar tonight?

Jill: Well, now, I thought I would stop in for a quick bite, but I can take my business somewhere else.

Gloria: Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh. (Chuckles)

Jill: Oh, my God.

Gloria: Oh, come on. Why is everybody so stunned? I gave the poor guy a job.

Jill: Because "The poor guy" is your ex.

Gloria: I know. (Chuckles)

Jill: So what does Angelo think about this?

Gloria: I'll worry about Angelo. Try the she-crab soup, and enjoy your dinner.

Jeff: Would madam care for some h2o, Lake Michigan's finest? Or would she prefer sparkling water to go with those sparkling eyes of hers?

Jill: (Laughs)

Jeff: What?

Jill: Oh, my... (Laughs)

Jeff: What? What? A busboy's not allowed to flirt?

Jill: Jeffrey Bardwell doing menial labor. And I thought I'd seen everything.

Jeff: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: You know, I'll tell you somebody else I don't want knowing about this-- Daniel.

Nick: And if he asks me where you went...

Phyllis: Just... lie. Please? I told him that I was going out of town on a story.

Nick: (Sighs)

Phyllis: I-I don't want any of my kids brought into this. I don't want them brought into this and having any contact with this man that I have no relationship with.

Nick: Phyllis, I don't--

Phyllis: Oh, please, please, please? Just--just don't fight me on this. Please just understand, Nick. (Sighs)

Nick: Okay. Look, I don't want you to feel like you gotta rush back. You got a lot of catching up to do. I can watch all the girls. I got this covered for as long as it takes.

Phyllis: Thanks. And I told Daniel that he would be, um, the emergency contact if anything happened to Lucy, but, you know, I'm sure there'll be no emergency where that's concerned.

Daisy: Do you really think you can get me out of prison?

Avery: I wouldn't be here if I didn't. I don't come to court to lose. It's gonna be okay. Just stay in your seat. Do not engage them. Understand?

Lauren: You're despicable, you know that?

Avery: Hello to you, too, Lauren.

Kevin: Oh, suddenly, you care about keeping things friendly.

Michael: (Chuckles) Look at you, thinking you've pulled a fast one by getting the hearing moved up.

Avery: I didn't pull anything, Michael. The judge's clerk called me to reschedule.

Michael: Well, luckily, he called me, too.

Nick: (Vibrating lips)

Phyllis: You had a good nap, right?

Nick: Yeah?

Phyllis: Ohh, yes. All right, I'm gonna go away for a couple days, but Mom-- Mommy will, um, be back soon, okay?

Nick: (Mouths word)

Phyllis: Okay?

(Telephone rings)

Phyllis: Alrighty.

Nick: Hello. Oh, okay, thank you very much. I'll let her know. Bye. Car's here.

Phyllis: Okay. All righty. Whoo, gonna go to Nick!

Nick: Come on in!

Phyllis: Ooh... yay!

Nick: Oh, there we go. I got you. I got you covered.

Phyllis: (Sighs) All right. (Whispering) I'm gonna miss you, but, oh, I'll be back really soon. (Blowing kisses)

Nick: Travel safe, all right? Everything's gonna be fine here.

Phyllis: Okay. Thank you.

Lucy: (Crying)

Nick: Say "Bye-bye." Say "Bye-bye." Can you say "Bye-bye"?

Phyllis: Bye-bye, Baby.

Nick: Bye-bye.

(Door closes)

Nick: All right.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Nick: Did you say baseball?

Judge Hoguet: Are both sides prepared to proceed?

Avery: The defense is ready, your honor.

Woman: Your honor, I have a letter from the district attorney authorizing Michael Baldwin to argue the state's case, with me as second chair.

Avery: Are you kidding? He's the victim's husband.

Judge Hoguet: It is unorthodox, but I'll allow it. Mr. Baldwin.

Avery: (Sighs) (Whispers) Its fine.

Michael: Thank you, your honor. I won't take up the court's time recounting the many felonies that Daisy Carter has been convicted of and is currently serving time for. And Ms. Clark is correct. I am the husband of one of the victims. My wife, Lauren Fenmore, suffered severe and lasting psychological and emotional damage at the hands of her kidnappers, of which Ms. Carter was one. Lauren is willing to recount to you in detail the torture she endured during her captivity. And you see my brother Kevin Fisher sitting next to my wife.

Michael: His wife Jana was Ms. Carter's other victim. These women were locked in a cage. These women were held under filthy circumstances. They were denied crucial medical treatment. They were given insufficient food and clothing and... (Voice breaks) (Normal voice) Your honor, Daisy Carter is a dangerous psychopath, and she must remain behind bars for the public's safety.

Avery: There's much more to this story, your honor, much more. Daisy herself is a victim in all of this-- a frightened, abused young woman compelled by her aunt, a vicious criminal, to do something she wanted no part of. Now that Daisy is free of that dangerous influence, she is regretful and rehabilitated. To deny her her future, her chance to be a productive member of society, only compounds this vicious crime.

Sharon: Ooh, chilly down here.

Adam: I'll turn up the heat.

Sharon: Okay.

Adam: What's it like outside?

Sharon: Um, I'll look. Ooh, trees are blowing around pretty good.

Man: Repeating-- the national weather service has issued a severe winter storm warning for south central Kansas, including Barton, Rice, Pawnee, Stafford, Kingman, and Reno counties.

Adam: That's us. I'll...

Man: Stay tuned to this station for further updates.

Adam: I'll get some wood, make a fire.

Sharon: Oh, no, I'll do it. I'll do it.

Adam: No, Sharon, I-I-I can do this. Unless you hid the wood from me, put it somewhere I didn't know about, I'm perfectly capable of getting wood. If I drop some on my foot, I will be fine. I'll live, I promise.

Sharon: Okay, you do it. I'm gonna see what we have to eat.

(Keys jingling)

Billy: Here are your new keys. Anita already has a set, so I figured... (Chuckles) I'd change the locks. Ohh, joy.

Chelsea: Uh-oh. (Sighs)

Anita: Just know this-- you can kick me out of your house, but you can't kick me out of my daughter's life.

Chelsea: Billy can't do that, but I can.

Billy: The door's right there.

(Door slams)

Chelsea: Wow. (Chuckles) I am in awe. (Laughs) Thank you.

Billy: No, thank you. You stood up to her. Now for the hard part... or it could be the easy part. Depends on you. It's time that we got a few things straight as far as the baby's concerned.

Chelsea: Like what?

Billy: Well, first of all, Anita was wrong. I'm not going to abandon my kid's mother. I'm going to make sure that you're well taken care of, and if I haven't made myself clear, I want to raise our son. Victoria is completely on board.

Chelsea: (Sighs)

Billy: And we want to make sure that we give this kid the best life any child could ask for.

Chelsea: Okay, so, um, where do I fit in?

Billy: We can discuss all that, but first, you have to realize that I'm in love with my wife. That's not gonna change, and if you thought that there was any future between us, well... that's just not gonna happen. So what do you think? Do think we'll be able to work this out between us?

Gloria: Jeffrey, uh...

Jeff: Hmm?

Gloria: Truck's here with a liquor delivery. Why don't you go help the driver?

Jeff: Aye aye, Cap'n.

Jill: (Sighs) Perfect. That's all I need.

Gloria: (Laughs) Anita, how nice to see you again. Can I get you a table for one?

Anita: I'll just sit at the bar. I need a drink.

Gloria: (Chuckles

Anita: Jill's son just kicked me out of the house.

Jill: Fantastic!

Gloria: Ignore the rude customer. I'll get you whatever you need.

Anita: Okay.

Michael: Kevin, what was the result of Daisy's refusal to provide Jana with the appropriate medical care?

Kevin: Uh, Jana had an aneurysm that ruptured. It almost killed her. She lost the ability to feel any emotion, and that destroyed our marriage. Consequently, she had a second aneurysm that did kill her, but not before she committed some crimes. And as far as I'm concerned, Daisy is responsible for all of that.

Avery: Do you have any medical proof that Daisy's actions led to Jana's aneurysm bursting?

Kevin: No.

Avery: Do you have any medical proof that Daisy's actions led to Jana's death, over a year later?

Kevin: No.

Avery: Do you have any medical proof that Daisy's actions led to Jana's subsequent criminal behavior?

Kevin: I don't need any proof. I know they did. Jana was never the same after what Daisy did to her.

Michael: Did Daisy ever express any doubt about holding you and Jana against your will?

Lauren: None whatsoever. She got a real kick out of being sadistic. Must have inherited that from your mother Sheila.

Avery: Sheila Carter was the bane of your existence, was she not?

Lauren: She was psychotic. It was her mission in life to torment me. If I told you every evil thing that she ever did to me, I mean, we'd be here all night.

Avery: Are you punishing Daisy, Sheila's child, for the sins of the mother?

Lauren: Absolutely not. I want her punished because she held me prisoner. Despite this picture that you're trying to paint of this sweet, unfortunate thing, she enjoyed every minute of it. Daisy never once... (Voice breaks) Showed Jana and me any humanity.

Adam: One roaring fire, coming up. What's for dinner? I'm starving.

Sharon: Well, if you've been craving dried cereal with canned artichoke hearts, then...

Adam: Yeah, yummy.

Sharon: (Chuckles) I think I'm gonna run to the grocery store before the storm hits.

Adam: Okay, I'll, uh, I'll make a, uh, fire while you're gone.

Sharon: Um, Adam...

Adam: Sharon, I am perfectly capable of burning this house down, all on my own.

Sharon: I was going to say it'd be nice if you went with me.

Adam: Oh, well, then I would say that insist on driving.

Sharon: (Laughs) You're in a good mood.

Adam: Why wouldn't I be, after what we did all afternoon? Worked up an appetite.

Sharon: Well, I'm gonna go to Nelson's Market in Hutchinson and see if I can find us something really nice.

Adam: Anything you make is gonna be delicious.

Sharon: Do you need anything else?

Adam: No, I'm good. Wait, I-- uh, one more thing, actually. Hurry up.

Sharon: (Laughs)

Avery: Your honor has a copy of a letter from the warden, stating that Daisy has been a model prisoner. In addition, the prison psychologist, whom Daisy sees regularly, and an outside psychiatrist, who recently evaluated her, have both sent back very positive reports on her progress, despite the fact that she was emotionally abused growing up.

Judge Hoguet: I have them.

Avery: Daisy, would you please tell the judge why you think your sentence should be reduced.

Daisy: I have done terrible things, and I know that now, and I'm so sorry. All I want is a chance to be a good person.

Avery: At this point, your honor, I'd like to introduce some compelling new evidence-- a video made at the time of the kidnapping.

Michael: Whoa. (Laughs) Whoa! What evidence, and from where, exactly? And why wasn't it introduced at trial?

Judge Hoguet: I'd like to know that, too, Counselor.

Avery: Daisy's brother secretly taped their Aunt Sarah threatening my client. When Daisy mentioned it to her trial attorney, he dismissed it out of hand.

Judge Hoguet: And did your other attorney ever see this video?

Daisy: No, your honor. I didn't actually have the video. I told him that Ryder had put it online somewhere and we should look for it.

Judge Hoguet: And did he?

Daisy: No. He said something that might not even exist was a waste of time looking for it.

Avery: May I proceed, your honor? (Presses "Play" button)

Daisy: Why can't we just let them go, Aunt Sarah?

Sarah: Because I said so.

Daisy: There are people looking for them.

Sarah: Well, they're not gonna find them.

Daisy: We can't leave them in that old zoo. It's dirty and gross. They haven't even eaten anything.

Sarah: And what the hell do you care?

Daisy: (Sniffles) Jana's sick, you know? Her headaches are getting worse.

Sarah: Well, maybe she'll die, and then we won't have the trouble of getting rid of her.

Daisy: You never said anything about killing anyone.

Sarah: That bitch Lauren-- she killed your mother, my sister.

Daisy: No, Ryder and I aren't gonna do that--

Sarah: Oh, you and your brother are gonna do exactly what I say. Do you understand?

Daisy: (Sniffles)

Sarah: Do you?

Daisy: (Voice breaks) Yes.

Sarah: Okay, then you go back there and you keep treating Lauren and her sick little friend exactly the way you have been.

Daisy: (Sighs shakily) Okay. (Normal voice) I'll tell Ryder. We'll do everything you ask, Aunt Sarah.

Sarah: You do that... or you'll be sorry.

Daisy: (Sniffles) (Sobbing)

Avery: It's all right, Daisy. Sarah's gone she can't ever hurt you again.

Michael: Was Sarah there with you 24/7?

Daisy: No.

Michael: Did you have a working cell phone?

Daisy: Yes.

Michael: Yes. Well, if you were so concerned with your captives' welfare, why didn't you just call for help?

Daisy: You saw that video. If Ryder and I double-crossed Aunt Sarah, she would have killed us.

Michael: No further questions.

Judge Hoguet: Thank you. Any closing arguments?

Michael: (Laughs) Oh, yeah. I hope you see through this charade, your honor. Daisy Carter has not been reformed during her brief sojourn in prison. Her childhood scars have not magically healed, her criminal tendencies have not disappeared, and she is no less a danger to my wife. People do not change overnight, not unless they're putting on an act to avoid further punishment, which is exactly what Daisy Carter is doing. I beg of you, don't fall for it.

Avery: Your honor, I'll let that video and my client's testimony speak for itself. Daisy has made great strides towards healing. She has every motivation to continue to do so. I think she's suffered enough, don't you?

Judge Hoguet: Court is in recess while I consider my ruling. (Bangs gavel)

(Music playing on radio)

(Thunder crashing)

(Music playing on radio)

(Thunder crashing)

Anita: I thought Jill the pill would never leave.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Anita: She acts like it's my fault that her precious son knocked up my daughter. You know, all I did was come here to be with Chelsea while she's carrying my grandchild. Now I don't know what I'm gonna do. I mean, I-- I want to stay in Genoa City, but the rents are so high and I don't have a job, and...

Gloria: Maybe I can help. One of my waiters quit this morning. You ever served at table?

Anita: In five states, Honey, from greasy spoon to five-star.

Gloria: Well, if you're interested, you can start right now.

Anita: Gloria, you must be some kind of angel. You are an answer to my prayers.

Jeff: Okay, truck's unloaded.

(Silverware clattering)

Anita: Ohh! My goodness. (Chuckles)

Chelsea: I trust you, Billy. However you decide to raise him is fine by me.

Billy: (Sighs) I appreciate that, but, uh, I'm gonna need a little bit more than just your word. When Vicki and I discussed the possibility of the two of us raising this child, I had my lawyer draw up some papers, and if you agree to sign them, we can take care of this rather quickly. What do you say? Do you want to make this official?

Chelsea: Sure. Let's do it.

Daisy: (Sighs)

Michael: Thanks.

Kevin: Michael.

Michael: Hmm?

Kevin: How much longer is this gonna take? I'm supposed to meet Angelina.

Michael: Go. You've done your bit. I'll let you know how the judge rules.

Kevin: You don't think he's gonna let her out anytime soon, do you?

Michael: Oh, it's a long shot.

Kevin: I was hoping you would say that. Okay, bye.

Lauren: You're worried.

Michael: Avery's case was a lot stronger than I thought, but you and Kevin gave some powerful testimony.

Lauren: It wasn't enough, was it? Okay, all right, and if the worst happens--

Michael: It hasn't happened.

Lauren: If it does, you'd better call Daniel and Phyllis and give them a heads-up. Go on.

Nick: So Faith went right to sleep. Uh, you're sure you don't mind watching Faith, Lucy, and Summer?

Woman: No.

Nick: That's a lot of girls.

Woman: No problem. (Laughs)

Nick: All right. Uh, I just gotta run in to work for a little bit. Uh, I shouldn't be too long. Bye, little one. Hey, don't stay up too late, okay? Bye.

Woman: Bye.

Lucy: (Babbles)

(Telephone rings)

Kim: Summers residence, Kim speaking.

Michael: Yes, hello, this is Michael Baldwin, Phyllis Summers' attorney. Is she there? I've tried calling her cell. She's not picking up.

Kim: Phyllis is on her way to Darien.

Michael: Darien, Connecticut?

Kim: I was told she went to see her father.

George: What the hell are you doing here?

Lauren: Honey.

Michael: Phyllis is out of town.

Lauren: Oh, no. Did you try Daniel?

Michael: Straight to voice mail.

Judge Hoguet: There is no doubt of Daisy Carter's guilt, and her victims deserve justice. However, based on what I've seen and heard today, there is some doubt that she acted willingly and maliciously in perpetuating the crimes she committed. I therefore rule that the defendant's sentence shall be reduced to time served...

Lauren: No!

Judge Hoguet: With parole conditional on her continuing to receive psychological counseling. We are adjourned. (Bangs gavel)

Woman: I'm sorry, Michael.

Michael: Thanks. So are we.

Daisy: I'm really getting out?

Avery: You are.

Daisy: Yes! Now I want my daughter.

(Thunder crashing)

Man: Freezing rain and falling temperatures are producing hazardous driving conditions, including patches of black ice. The Kansas highway patrol has requested that our listeners stay off the roads until further notice.

Sharon: I better go back. I can't chance it.

(Radio playing)

Adam: (Exhales slowly)

(Door opens)

(Raindrops splashing)

Adam: Sharon?

(Door banging)

Man: There has been numerous reports of downed trees and power lines throughout the area. Folks, if you're lucky enough to be inside someplace warm, stay put and keep your radio tuned right here, to KJ--

(Thunder crashes)

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Phyllis: You're dying. I want to know the truth.

Lauren: You are never getting your hands on that little girl, and that's why we're fighting you.

Adam: There's a fire at-- at the Wilson farm. I-I think, uh, lightning struck the barn.

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