Y&R Transcript Monday 12/19/11

Y&R Transcript Monday 12/19/11


Episode # 9802 ~ Jack and Genevieve's Engagement Pushes Patty Over the Edge

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Ashley: Hi. Can I get a cappuccino, please? Thank you.

Billy: Hey.

Ashley: Well, hello there.

Billy: Ooh, Christmas presents. Are those for me?

Ashley: Those are for Delia.

Billy: Oh, yeah? Hi.

Ashley: Hi. Mm.

Billy: She's gonna clean up again this year, right?

Ashley: Oh, she should. And what about you? What do you want to find under the tree this year?

Billy: I've got everything I need, including Victor out of my life.

Ashley: I can't believe what he did to you, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, well, if he had his way, I'd be celebrating the holidays alone in an ashram in Mumbai.

Ashley: It's sick the way he kept Delia from you when--when she needed you most.

Billy: You surprised?

Ashley: No, I'm not surprised. And you know what? I'm not exactly brokenhearted about the fact that he's in jail, but there's something not quite right about it.

Billy: I don't know, it feels pretty right to me. He might not have killed Diane, but I think he finally got what was coming to him.

Jack: Genevieve, did you hear me?

Genevieve: (Voice shaking) You asked me to marry you.

Jack: This is usually the time you have to answer.

Genevieve: (Laughs) (Normal voice) I... I just...

Jack: I know, you were just divorced, and Colin left you with a broken heart and the ability to tell a good relationship from a bad one. Do you know how long it took me to get there? My first marriage was so miserable, I never got it right... until now, until you--

Genevieve: Wait, please wait. Yes. I will marry you.

Jack: Oh, God, I love the sound of that. Um, I think that means we have something to do here.

Genevieve: (Laughs) Oh, it's beautiful.

Jack: (Whispers) I am so in love with you.

Genevieve: (Whispers) I love you. Mm. Mm.

Genevieve: (Moans)

Genevieve: (Sighs)

Nick: Well, I guess I don't have to worry about you being able to handle Malloy.

Phyllis: Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. This isn't what it appears to be.

Ronan: (Chuckles)

Nick: Really?

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: 'Cause it appears to me that you guys are... having sex.

Ronan: Okay, listen, I know you didn't come here to give your ex a hard time about seeing me.

Phyllis: Yeah, and--and which would be very, very funny, considering that you are having sex with my sister.

Nick: (Sighs) I came here to speak to Malloy.

Ronan: Okay then, what's it about? 'Cause I'm assuming it's not fantasy football advice.

Nick: My father's about to reenter his guilty plea in court, and I really don't think my dad killed Diane.

Phyllis: Neither do we.

Ronan: (Sighs)

Phyllis: We're actually working together to find out who the real murderer was in the park that night.

Nick: Have you come up with anything that could prove he's not telling the truth?

Ronan: I haven't. I'm sorry. And as of right now, I have nothing that's gonna stop your father's guilty plea from going through.

Nikki: Your honor...

Judge Click: Order.

Nikki: He's innocent. Victor is innocent.

Victor: Nikki, please don't say another word.

Nikki: Please, he--he did not kill Diane.

Spencer: This is a ploy, your honor.

Nikki: I'm telling the truth. I know what happened in the park.

Victor: You have to stop her.

Michael: We request a brief recess, your honor.

Judge Click: (Sighs)

Victor: Victoria, take your mother out of here.

Nikki: No, no, no, no, no. I won't go.

Judge Click: (Bangs gavel) I said order. Bailiff, remove this woman.

Nikki: Your honor, please, I beg you, please, please listen to me.

Jack: Ash, where are you?

Ashley: Crimson Lights with Billy. Why?

Jack: Uh, stay there, both of you. There's something I want to speak to you about.

Ashley: What's the matter, Jack?

Jack: I'll be there soon.

Ashley: (Sighs) That was Jack. He wants to talk to us.

Billy: Okay.

Jack: Well, are you ready to spread the good news?

Genevieve: Oh, boy, am I.

Myrna: (Sniffles)

Genevieve: (Laughs) Who's there? Myrna?

Myrna: (Exhales quickly)

Genevieve: Myrna, is that you?

Myrna: (Sighs) (Clears throat) (Voice breaks) Do you need me? (Sniffles)

Genevieve: When did you get back?

Myrna: Oh, just now.

Genevieve: You sound like you've got a cold. Are you not feeling well?

Myrna: (Sniffles) No, I'm not feeling well.

Genevieve: Oh, I'm sorry. Nothing ruins Christmas like being sick.

Myrna: Oh, I can think of other things. (Sniffles)

Genevieve: Ohh, you poor thing.

Myrna: No, no, no, I don't want you to touch me. I don't want to give this to you and Jack. Um, I'll be in my room, okay?

Genevieve: Oh, wait, wait, Myrna, I've got some fabulous news. No, really, it m-might make you feel better. Look.

Myrna: Oh, God!

Genevieve: Jack and I are getting married!

Myrna: I'm gonna be sick.

Genevieve: She just seems to go from one misfortune to the next.

Jack: Well, I guess there's some bug going around. She'll feel better soon enough.

Genevieve: Mm.

Nick: There has to be a way that we can prevent this judge from accepting Dad's plea.

(Door opens)

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Ronan: I have tried, I promise, but so far, all I've accomplished is pissing my bosses off at the G.C.P.D. and getting an unpaid vacation from the Bureau.

Nick: So everyone's trying to shut down the one guy trying to uncover the truth?

Ronan: I mean, Walsh can put the brakes on the case, but that doesn't stop me.

Phyllis: Or me.

Nick: You know, after that article came out about my mom in "Restless Style," which I'm assuming you had something to do with...

Phyllis: Oh, come on.

Nick: I'm not sure I want your help.

Phyllis: Oh, you don't? Really? Come on. We all know it's possible that your father is covering for Nikki.

Nick: So you think my mom killed Diane?

Ronan: I want you to see something. Come here.

Phyllis: (Whispers) Excuse me.

Nick: Excuse me.

Nick: What the hell? Whose hand is that?

Ronan: As far as I can tell right now, it's Diane's.

Nick: What is that lying next to her?

Ronan: A rock, a rock covered in blood.

Nick: Who sent you this?

Phyllis: It came through too many servers for us to be able to trace it.

Nick: I guess that means it's possible... My mom could have killed Diane.

Ronan: Actually, I think it means that she didn't.

Adam: Looks like I got here just in time.

Nikki: (Slurring speech) Your honor, my name is Nikki Newman, and you must let me speak.

Judge Click: This is a court of law, Mrs. Newman.

Nikki: Yes, I know, I know that, but he is lying.

Victor: Nikki, stop.

Nikki: He did not kill Diane.

Victor: That is--

Nikki: I did. I did.

Victor: That is not true, your honor.

Nikki: Yes, it is true.

Victor: Your honor, Mrs. Newman is an alcoholic. She had an unfortunate relapse. She's drunk right now. She does not know what she's saying.

Nikki: Yes, I do. I know exactly what I'm saying.

Judge Click: Guard.

Nikki: I know what I'm saying. Victor, please, please, don't do this. I'm not worth it. (Voice breaks) Tell them the truth. Tell them the truth.

Victor: Baby, stop it.

Nikki: (Sobs)

Ashley: You're engaged?

Jack: We are engaged.

Genevieve: (Laughs)

Ashley: That was quick. (Laughs) I'm sorry.

Genevieve: Thank you?

Ashley: I am so sorry. I didn't mean it the way it sounded. It's just--I'm so sorry that y-you-- you just kind of scared us earlier.

Billy: Yeah, uh, we didn't know whether this was good news or bad news, man.

Ashley: Glad to know you're okay.

Billy: I mean, this is great news for Jackie. This is really great news. For you, on the other hand--

Genevieve: (Scoffs) Billy.

Billy: I mean, you know what they say about the Abbott family-- enter at your own risk.

Genevieve: (Laughs) Oh, Billy.

Jack: Billy.

Billy: What, what? I'm not trying to scare her.

Genevieve: Oh, there's no chance of that.

Billy: No, I'm just trying to prepare you...

Genevieve: Oh. (Laughs)

Billy: Trust me. Yeah.

Ashley: Well, I think this is a first, isn't it, that all Abbott children are happy and in love at the very same time.

Jack: Well, let's try to keep it that way, shall we?

Genevieve: (Giggles)

Myrna: (Breathing heavily) No...  

(Fabric tearing)

Myrna: No! No! No! No! No! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! (Sobbing) I hate you, and it's...

Deacon: Hey, my man Wilson. What's up, man?

Wilson: Hey, not much.

Deacon: (Laughs)

Wilson: How about you?

Deacon: Uh, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, you know how it goes. Hey, do me a favor-- let me get a soda water with a twist of lime, all right? Oh, you like 'em, huh? Yeah, this is, uh, the new look, huh?

Wilson: All right. (Whistles sharply) This, too?

Deacon: Good, right? Oh, man. This, my friend, was a gift from my wife. Beautiful, isn't it? I guess you heard I got married.

Wilson: Yeah.

Deacon: Hey, listen, by the way, I was wondering, is Gloria around here?

Wilson: Took the day off.

Deacon: (Groans) All right.

Wilson: Listen, can you cover a shift for me tomorrow?

Deacon: Oh, Buddy, I'd love to, but I got big plans with the missus.

Wilson: Forget it. It's on the house.

Deacon: No, no, no, Dude, this one's on me. You keep the change. (Opens bottle) (Liquid pouring) Mmm.

Nick: So you don't think my mom or dad killed Diane?

Ronan: I think that someone's playing me, and I think they have been from the start. The photo of Ashley in the park, a recording of you threatening Diane, using my cell phone to get all of you to that warehouse-- I think that whoever's behind it is now pointing me towards Nikki. I think that they're trying to keep me confused. I think that they want me to be distracted.

Phyllis: The real killer.

Ronan: Or someone who knows who the real killer is.

Nick: Well, I can tell you who it's not. It's not my parents.

Ronan: Well, unfortunately, that doesn't help us, Nick, or them.

Nick: Well, I'm in, no matter what you need-- money, access to our planes, any equipment you'll need, anything to find who the real killer is. It's yours.

Ronan: Ohh, hold on a second. Are we talking about the three of us working together?

Phyllis: I think that Nick has a lot to offer.

Ronan: Um, Nick, I can't guarantee that the truth won't lead us to one... or both of your parents.

Nick: I'm not afraid of the truth.

Nikki: Victor, tell them that you made a mistake.

Judge Click: Mrs. Newman--

Victor: Sweetheart, please stop this.

Nikki: This is not justice. This is a damn farce. That man did not kill anybody.

Judge Click: That's it. Guard, take her away.

Nikki: No, no, don't touch me! I am not finished.

Michael: Your honor, I'll be handling bail for Mrs. Newman.

Judge Click: Not until tomorrow, you won't.

Nikki: Victor, Victor, I--

Judge Click: Find a nice room for Mrs. Newman.

Nikki: I'm gonna make this right. I'm sorry.

Victor: Victoria, please go with your mother.

Nikki: I won't let you do this for me.

Nick: Look, if we at least show this to Walsh, it will prove that someone's trying to frame my mom.

Ronan: I thought about that, but it could backfire, too. Nikki could end up in a cell right next to Victor.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Yeah.

Avery: 25 to life.

Nick: Damn.

Avery: Nick, your mom was here. She was drunk, and the judge cited her for contempt and had her arrested.

Nick: Okay, I'm on my way. I gotta go.

Phyllis: How bad?

Nick: 25 to life.

Phyllis: I'm sorry.

Nick: You guys keep working. If you need anything, call Connie. I'll be in touch.

(Door closes)

Judge Click: The prisoner is to be transferred to the state penitentiary to begin serving his sentence immediately. (Bangs gavel) Court is adjourned.

Man: All rise.

Sharon: Victor.

Victor: It's all right.

Sharon: I'm still not giving up.

Victor: You don't have a choice, okay?

Jack: Love you too, Sis. Bye. Well, Traci couldn't be any happier for us.

Genevieve: Aw, that's so nice. I--you know, I just don't see the downside to being a part of your family.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Billy: Oh, hell. I don't believe this.

Ashley: What is it?

Jack: Ooh, maybe you spoke too soon.

Ashley: What? What?

Billy: Victor got 25 to life.

Ashley: I gotta call Abby. She can't hear this from anybody else.

Billy: Yeah, I'm gonna call Vicki. Um, excuse me.

Jack: And I thought this day couldn't get any better.

Connie: Department heads are all here, Mr. Newman. We're ready to start.

Adam: The meeting is canceled.

Connie: Your father wanted to go ahead with business as usual.

Adam: That was before my father realized he was gonna be behind bars the rest of his life. The judge came down harsh.

Connie: (Gasps) No.

Adam: Time to move forward. Send out a notice immediately to all board members. We're going to be meeting to name Victor's new successor.

Ronan: No, I understand. All right, thanks, Manny. Yeah. Later.

Phyllis: That your I.T. friend at the bureau?

Ronan: Yeah, and he's not too down with helping us trace where that video file came from.

Phyllis: Well, you can give him incentive. You know, remember, Nick talked about how we could use his planes and his cars and his resources.

Ronan: Yeah, that was a little, uh, that was a little weird, right?

Phyllis: Uh, what was weird? Nick was worried about his parents. What's weird?

Ronan: I'm talking about the reaction he had to us being together. I mean... he was much cooler than I thought he'd be.

Phyllis: Cooler. Oh, was he? (Sighs)

Ronan: You're disappointed.

Phyllis: Why would I be disappointed?

Ronan: Because you were hoping he'd be jealous.

Phyllis: Oh, not hoping. No, I wasn't.

Ronan: Yeah.

Phyllis: No, I wasn't.

Ronan: Okay.

Phyllis: I... (Scoffs) I don't-- I mean, you know, some--some people like to be missed, but I wasn't-- I'm--I'm not disappointed.

Ronan: Well, anyway, Nick has too much going on to worry about what we're up to, right?

Phyllis: Right. Um, I think... I'm done here. I think you investigated me thoroughly, Detective.

Ronan: Yeah?

Phyllis: Mm-hmm.

Ronan: Where you going?

Phyllis: Somewhere. I have something to do.

Ronan: Ooh, sounds so mysterious.

Phyllis: I thought you liked mystery.

Ronan: (Chuckles) So later, then?

Phyllis: Yeah, later.

(Door closes)

Nikki: Nicholas. Baby, you-- you've gotta help your father. They wouldn't listen to me. You have to help him. I told them that he didn't do it.

Victoria: She's, um, she's been like this since they put her in there.

Nick: Mom, what were you thinking, bursting into court like that?

Nikki: Ohh, I made such a mess of everything.

Nick: Mom, did you kill Diane? Is that why Dad confessed?

Nikki: I... yeah, I-I must have.

Nick: What do you mean, you must have?

Nikki: Well, I thought it was Victoria, but that's why I-- I-I thought that she did it.

Nick: What is she talking about?

Victoria: (Sighs) She got this crazy idea in her head that I killed Diane.

Nick: What?

Victoria: Yeah, so as soon as I convinced her that it wasn't true, she came straight to the courthouse.

Nick: Mother, why did you tell the judge that you killed Diane?

Nikki: (Sighs shakily) Because I-I was in the park and--and I saw Diane and... (Sighs) And then I must have blacked out or something, but when I woke up... (Voice breaks) The blood-- the blood was on the rock. The rock was just covered with blood, and so was I. (Sniffles)

Nick: But you don't remember killing her.

Nikki: I remember the blood.

Nick: And you told that to Dad. That's why Dad confessed.

Nikki: Son, you've gotta do something, please. (Sniffles) You've got to help your father, 'cause he did not do this.

Victoria: Shh.

Nikki: Please help him.

Victoria: (Whispering) Its okay, it's okay.

Nikki: (Sighs shakily)

Victor: Listen, being separated from the other prisoners was not necessary. I can handle myself.

Michael: You don't get to make those decisions. You don't get to make any decisions now. This is what you wanted so damn badly.

Victor: This is how it has to be.

Michael: You didn't have to give up your freedom.

Sharon: Why is he behind that?

Michael: (Sighs) Standard procedure for high-profile prisoners, to protect them from the other inmates.

Sharon: You shouldn't be here. This isn't right.

Victor: I am. You'll get used to it, all right?

Man: Topping the news at this hour, Victor Newman was sentenced today for the murder of his ex-wife, Diane Jenkins. The billionaire received a term of 25 years to life. An intoxicated Nikki Newman reportedly burst into the courtroom during the proceedings.

Myrna: (Exhales slowly)

(Poker clatters)

Myrna: (Sighs)

Billy: How'd Abby take the news?

Ashley: She wants to come right home.

Jack: Well, I hope you told her there's no point. "The Mustache" has left the building.

Genevieve: Jack, aren't you a little worried about your niece?

Jack: Well, she's a grown woman. She's perfectly capable of surviving without Victor. In fact, she's better off without him.

Ashley: You know what? How can you be so heartless?

Jack: You want to know how? I think of Traci and Col-- you really expect me to feel sorry for Victor? I am pleased. I am relieved that bastard's gonna spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars.

Ashley: Well, then, why don't you just throw a party, Jackie?

Jack: Hey, that's an idea. Let's throw a party. Let's have lunch. We'll celebrate our engagement and Victor's long-awaited trip to the big house.

Ashley: You are incredibly crass.

Genevieve: Uh, how about we just celebrate our engagement?

Jack: Okay, I'm not gonna fight both of you.

Genevieve: That's a good choice.

Billy: (Drumming fingers)

Genevieve: Gloworm?

Jack: Gloworm it is. I'll call Gloria and tell her to chill your favorite champagne.

Ashley: And I'll call Tucker, and maybe he can join us.

Jack: Okay, perfect. Billy?

Billy: You know what, guys? I'd hate to blow you off, but I am going to, uh, track down Victoria, make sure she's okay.

Genevieve: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Okay, I get that.

Billy: Hey, congratulations, and, you, welcome to the family.

Genevieve: (Laughs) Thank you.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Jack: See you there, Ash.

Ashley: Okay.

Billy: Hey, Vick, it's me again. Look, I'm gonna head to the house and wait for you there, but you call me if you need anything.

Phyllis: Excuse me.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: Just the man I wanted to see.

Sharon: Victor, we've been through all this. You're not helping Nikki. You know, ever since you pled guilty, she has married Deacon Sharpe. She's drinking again. You saw her in court. She's out of control. If she keeps saying she's guilty, one day, they're going to believe her, and she's going to be in there along with you.

Victor: Listen carefully. That cannot happen. I am paying for Diane Jenkins' murder. That's it. You all take care of Nikki. Is that clear?

Victoria: (Sighs) So... can things get any worse?

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: Actually, yes, they can. What?

Adam: Board meeting is tomorrow, naming a new C.E.O. of course, it's just a formality.

Nick: I'll be there. Adam didn't waste any time. He already called the board together.

Victoria: He was in court. He knows that you're slammed with everything going on with Mom and Dad right now.

Nick: It's no surprise he took advantage of that.

Victoria: All right, well, I'm gonna call the board members. They know us. We'll just get them on your side.

Nick: Look, I don't want Adam in charge of Newman any more than you do, but right now, there's someone else we have to deal with.

Deacon: Hey, "Nicko-louse." You better think twice if you're coming to use me as a punching bag again.

Nick: I'm not.

Deacon: Oh. Well, in that case, what can I do for my little step-kiddies?

Nick: I just saw my mother. Did she mention anything to you about Diane's murder?

Deacon: No, why?

Victoria: She thought that I killed Diane.

Nick: Why would she think that?

Deacon: I-I don't have any clue why she would-- she's gotta be really messed up if she thinks her own daughter is... (Sighs) Capable of murder. Where is she right now?

Nick: County jail.

Victoria: She tried to stop Dad's sentencing.

Deacon: (Sighs) Drunk?

Victoria: Yeah.

Deacon: Damn it. Um, look, she's-- she's gonna need me.

Victoria: Please. You're the last thing that she needs.

Deacon: Okay, I'm her husband.

Victoria: Uh, you're a slimeball...

Deacon: Ouch.

Victoria: Who takes advantage of people when they're at their lowest. You're doing it to my mom, just like you did it to me, so--

Deacon: You know, Vicki, I really--I fail to see where all the--the animosity comes from. I mean, all I did was sleep with you, and then Billy--he put you on the cover of his magazine, and then, um, you did what anyone would do-- you married him. Ciao. (Slams glass down) Jeez!

Billy: Phyllis, I've got nothing to say to you. I need to find my wife--

Phyllis: Oh, I know, I know. You said you'd never hire me back before blah, blah, blah.

Billy: Oh, wow, good. Your hearing, it's 20/20.

Phyllis: Yeah, it is, it is. Listen, I'm not gonna pretend there's nothing in it for me. Of course there's something in it for me, but honestly, I can help Victor and Nikki.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: They didn't kill Diane. They didn't. We all know they didn't kill Diane, okay? We all know that, right? (Claps hands) I, myself, I'm going to keep digging and digging until I find out who did it. I think that it would behoove you to run my stories in "Restless Style." You see, it would cast a doubt on Victor's plea. Uh, not to mention, you will make a hell of a lot of money.

Billy: Even if I wanted to hire you back, which I don't, Victoria would never forgive me.

Phyllis: I think she would, if I was able to clear both her parents of murder.

Billy: Okay, really? All on your own?

Phyllis: No. Me, Nick, and Ronan.

(Cell phone rings)

Ronan: It's Malloy. Uh, A.D. Kersh. Yes, hello, Sir. How are you? Yes. Yes, I've read the case. It said in the briefing that Hernandez caught it. You are going to assign me to it, as well? Well-- well, I hope you don't mind me saying, Sir, but... I've been freezing my suspended ass off up here in Wisconsin, and you want me to work a case in Honolulu? That sounds too good to be true.

Sharon: How much you must love her, to do this for her.

Victor: I want you to go home.

Sharon: Victor, I remember what it feels like to think you're going to spend the rest of your life locked up.

Victor: I told you that everything is as it should be.

Sharon: Nothing is as it should be. Even Nikki agrees with that.

Victor: I don't.

Woman: (Slurring speech) You're a little overdressed for this joint, don't you think? You should be at the country club, lunchin' with the ladies. (Laughing)

Nikki: (Slurring speech) Actually, a jail cell is exactly where I belong.

Woman: Hmm.

Nikki: Exactly.

Billy: Hey, Vicki, Honey, um, I got a little held up. I'm still at Crimson Lights. I'll be back soon. Okay.

Phyllis: Three-for-one deal. 3-for-1 deal, Billy. You got me, Ronan, Nick, all working hard, working really hard to clear Victoria's parents. That's what you got. (Sighs)

Billy: How do I know you're not lying about all this? I mean, that's sort of what you do, you know? You say whatever you think you have to say...

Phyllis: Ohh, it hurts me.

Billy: To get what you want. Does it hurt you?

Phyllis: It hurts me.

Billy: I really don't care. That's what you do.

Phyllis: It does, it does. It hurts me. Call Nick. He'll tell you.

Billy: Tell you what, if you can come up with a story that clears Victoria's parents, then I'll think about hiring you back.

Phyllis: Oh, you'll think about--ha ha, that's great.

Billy: Uh, we don't hug.

Phyllis: Come on, come on.

Billy: We--we don't hug.

Phyllis: Okay.

Billy: Come up with a story, deliver that story, and I'll think about hiring you back. That's all that I can promise you, okay? (Sighs)

Phyllis: Thank you.

Billy: Yeah, you're welcome.

Victoria: Nick, this just keeps getting crazier by the minute. Dad confesses to murder, Mom marries Deacon, and then she tries to tell me that she thinks I'm the one that killed Diane... do you think that that's why Dad pled guilty? Do you think he's trying to protect me?

Nick: I don't know. It's a real mess.

Victoria: (Sighs heavily)

Nick: That's why I decided to hook up with Phyllis and Ronan.

Victoria: "Hook up"?

Nick: Yeah, they're working together to try and find the real murderer.

Victoria: Phyllis and Ronan? Okay, whatever.

Nick: Well, I'm just trying to keep them focused on clearing Mom and Dad. I told them I would do anything I could to help.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nick: You know, I think I'm gonna get Paul on board.

Victoria: Yeah, good. Good. The more people we have on our side, the better.

Jack: Well, so much for "No Victor" talk.

Ashley: Just try to behave yourself, okay? Hi. How are you guys holding up?

Nick: (Sighs)

Victoria: Well--well, you know, we've had better days.

Ashley: I know. I talked to Abby, and she's not doing very well, either. I'm sorry.

Victoria: I'll give her a call.

Nick: Me, too.

Jack: How's Nikki doing?

Victoria: She's not doing so well. (Clears throat) She's just sort of, um, you know, she's going through a rough time.

Jack: Well, if I can be of any help--

Victoria: Thank you.

Jack: I know Victor's your father and what he does affects the two of you, but Nikki has always been the one he hurts the most.

Deacon: Nikki. Hey. (Sighs)

Nikki: You bastard.

Deacon: God, Baby, I'm so worried about you. You know, they say that you've been telling all these really weird stories--

Nikki: Get out! Get out, you son of a bitch.

Deacon: Look, Nikki...

Nikki: Lying s--

Deacon: I can--I can see that you're upset.

Nikki: Guard! Guard!

Woman: What's going on?

Nikki: Remove this man. I don't want to see him. He's gotta get out of here...

Deacon: Look, I-I know...

Nikki: It could get really ugly in here.

Deacon: I'll go, all right? She gets like this when she's been drinking. Honey, I'm sor--

Nikki: Get out!

Deacon: Okay, listen, I'll--I'll bring you something for that nasty hangover you're gonna have tomorrow. Baby, I love you.

Nikki: Oh, well, I hate you.

Deacon: It's just wrong.

Nikki: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Myrna: (Sighs)

Avery: Well, that was fun.

Michael: Ooh, I can't remember when I've had a better time in court.

Avery: Nobody likes to lose.

Michael: Especially you.

Avery: Meaning?

Michael: If anybody can help me turn this around, it's you.

Avery: You want to work with me?

Michael: I don't like what you're doing with Daisy, but when it comes to getting people out of prison who don't belong there, that's your specialty. Sharon, any luck with him?

Sharon: (Sighs) I swear, he was a mule in another lifetime. There must be something you can do.

Avery: (Sighs) This is new ground for me, trying to get somebody out of prison who's fighting to stay in.

Sharon: Well, you've never met Victor before.

Sharon: (Sighs) Excuse me.

Michael: All right.

Adam: Get daddy all tucked in his cell?

Sharon: How'd you do it, Adam? How'd you make me believe you had a heart?

Adam: You think I'm supposed to feel all broken up that my father's locked away in prison the rest of his life?

Sharon: He's innocent.

Adam: Not according to him.

Sharon: You have no idea what it means to love someone so much that you'd give up your life for them.

Ronan: Aloha, victor.

Victor: What are you doing here?

Ronan: What, do you mean instead of hanging ten with the locals in Oahu? I appreciate it, though, the thought of you trying to arrange such a plum assignment for me, really, but it just made a guy like me suspicious.

Victor: Well, aloha, Brother. You have a nice day.

Ronan: I don't believe you killed Diane.

Victor: I don't give a damn what you believe.

Ronan: Let me help you.

Victor: You can't help me, and I don't want your help, all right?

Ronan: I know you think you're doing what's best for Nikki--

Victor: You don't know what the hell I think! You're an arrogant punk. Go back to Hawaii and ride the waves, will you? Case closed.

Ronan: Case isn't closed for me. I've been fired.

Victor: You drop it.

Ronan: I'm not going to drop it until I find the real killer.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Angelina: (Singing off-key)

Chloe: She is not singing at the wedding, because you would never let that happen.

Lauren: Tucker.

Tucker: Looks like I'm the speed bump. I haven't made up my mind yet.

Nikki: I am determined to find out what happened to me that night.

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