Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/7/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 12/7/11


Episode # 9794 ~ Nick Challenges Adam's Takeover of Newman Enterprises

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Michael: Well... (Sighs) Congratulations. You made the headlines, and not just here-- all over the world.

Victor: I did exactly as I wanted it. (Sighs)

Jack: Oh, yeah, I saw it. So did Kyle, over breakfast.

Ashley: How did he take the news?

Jack: My son put his faith in Victor Newman. We both know what happens when you make that mistake. How did he react to finding out a man he idolized was responsible for his mother's murder? If Victor wasn't in jail right now, I'd want to do to him what he did to Diane.

Ashley: Abby wanted to come back from L.A. I told her there was nothing she could do. We're all in a state of shock, obviously.

Jack: Shock? The only thing that surprises me is that he admitted it.

Ashley: Victor didn't do it. I've known him a long time. I know he's capable of a lot of things. He did not bash in Diane's head. He didn't.

Jack: Whereas I know he is capable of anything.

(Cell phone rings)

Nick: (Sighs) It's been ringing all morning--

Victoria: (Sighs) Have you heard from Mom? Is she okay? Because I haven't heard from her.

Nick: Yeah, I swung by the ranch this morning to check on her. Bonnie said she was up most of the night and she had just fallen asleep, so I didn't want to wake her up.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Tim: Tim Johns, "Wall Street Weekly." Why do you think your father killed Diane Jenkins?

Nick: (Sighs) You know, I'd appreciate you respecting our family's privacy.

Tim: Are you worried this will drive your mother to drink again?

Nick: Okay. We're not answering any more questions today, okay?

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: Damn parasites. So glad I got out of that business.

Victoria: Yeah, that's for sure. Oh, and for the record, Billy said he wouldn't go near this story.

Nick: You think he'll stick to that?

Victoria: Honestly, I don't really care. It's like, truly, these days, I do not know what to think about Dad. It's like, who the hell is he, anyway?

Nick: Look, Vick, I'm not making excuses for what Dad did to you and Billy, but this is our father. I mean, if we're not gonna support him right now, who will?

Avery: You're back.

Sharon: I hope you don't mind that I tracked you down here, Avery. I need your help.

Avery: What happened? What's wrong?

Sharon: This... this is what's wrong. It's beyond wrong.

Avery: If Victor confessed--

Sharon: There's something else going on here, Avery, and I want you to find out what it is. I want you to help Victor the way that you helped me, because I'm not gonna stand by and watch that man go to prison.

Michael: I still think there's a better way of handling this than throwing your life away.

Victor: Would you rather I throw Nikki's life away?

Michael: Even if, for argument's sake, even if what you say is true, let me build a case. There are extenuating circumstances. I can do--

Victor: Listen to me. I killed Diane Jenkins, okay? That's it. When can we finish this?

Michael: The arraignment has not been scheduled, and even when it is, I am telling you, the court is not required to accept your guilty plea.

Victor: I am telling you they have been waiting for a long time to nail me.

Michael: Just--but this is a crime you did not commit, Victor!

Victor: Come here. Do not let anyone hear you say that. Is that clear?

Spencer: My office is thrilled to have closed this case. Kudos to everyone on the force who helped make it happen. You, too. Police commissioner's a happy man this morning.

Ronan: And you-- you're still accepting this.

Spencer: Newman confessed.

Ronan: After months and months of denying that he had anything to do with it, he suddenly cops to it right as we're about to arrest Nikki?

Spencer: What's your point?

Ronan: My point is, no matter what Victor Newman claims, there's still a hell of a lot more to this story.

Spencer: (Sighs)

Nikki: (Sighs) Oh, thank you.

Bonnie: Anything else you want? Nothing to eat?

Nikki: Just juice, thanks.

Bonnie: The whole staff is really concerned about Mr. Newman, so if there's anything any of us can do--

Nikki: Oh, well, I-- I-I don't really think there is, but I appreciate that. Thank you.

(Doorbell rings)

Deacon: Good morning.

Nikki: (Slams glass down) Good morning. That'll be all, Bonnie. Thank you.

Bonnie: Yes, Ma'am.

Deacon: Have I ever told you how much I love the sound of your voice in the morning? You know, it's too bad it had to be on the telephone.

Nikki: Stop talking.

Deacon: What's the matter? What? I can't give you a compliment?

Nikki: You saw me in the park the night that Diane died. I need to know exactly what you saw.

Deacon: Well, uh--

(Doorbell rings)

Nikki: Oh, who is that now?

Deacon: What's the matter? Are you not in the mood for a party?

Nikki: Will you just shut up?

Deacon: Just send 'em away, whoever it is. Come on.

Nikki: You never shut up.

Deacon: (Sighs) Oh, great.

Kay: I most certainly do not need to be announced. I've been coming to this house since before you were born.

Deacon: (Sighs)

Kay: What's he doing here?

Deacon: Well, I assume we probably came for the same reason-- our concern for Nikki. Look, I saw her at a couple meetings. She looked like she could use some support.

Kay: Well, I'm here now, would you so kindly take a hike.

Deacon: Uh, Nikki, just let me know if you need anything, okay?

Kay: She won't, not from you.

Deacon: Mrs. Chancellor, always a pleasure. Nikki.

Kay: Why didn't you call me? And what the devil is going on with Victor?

(Door slams)

Nikki: (Sighs)

Michael: Have you thought about what this will mean to your family?

Victor: That is all I've thought of.

Michael: Oh, about the company-- did you check the stock price this morning?

Victor: I don't give a damn about business right now. I want this over with.

Michael: (Quietly) Victor, if you were in prison, the person who did this is still out there. They're not gonna look for him or her.

Victor: Michael, I asked you to do your job, all right?

Michael: (Normal voice) This is important. You cannot do this to yourself. You cannot!

Adam: Am I interrupting something?

Michael: Yes!

Victor: No, he's not. Do as I asked you to do. Get it over with now.

Adam: Nicholas wants back at Newman Enterprises.

Victor: That was his decision. He has a lot of experience with the company.

Adam: And I have your back, and I'll continue to scratch it as long as you scratch mine.

Victor: Is that so?

Victoria: You know, we've already discussed this.

Nick: Yes, and I'm not gonna try and force you to do anything you're not prepared to do.

Victoria: (Sighs) And guilt won't work, either, in case you're wondering.

Nick: Then what will?

Victoria: Nick... (Sighs) Nothing, okay? I just--I want to focus on Mom right now, and helping her.

Nick: Yeah, and we're both gonna be there for her, but I can't abandon Dad. He needs one of us at Newman.

Victoria: Hold on. You're going back?

Nick: I know we talked about starting a business together...

Victoria: (Scoffs)

Nick: And we can do that, Vick. We can. But I just-- I just don't trust Adam.

Victoria: Yeah, well, that makes two of us.

Adam: I thought we had an understanding.

Victor: You know damn well that Newman Enterprises is huge and diversified. Plenty of room for you and Nicholas, okay?

Adam: Your loyalty to your "Good son" is admirable. It's a shame that he's not loyal in return. If you want this... to succeed...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: You'll need someone who thinks just like you, and who knows your plans and your wishes, and who can give the things that you need and deliver those things, so that you can attain that plan.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: That person needs to call the shots, not be constantly undermined by someone who only knows half the story.

Victor: If any of my kids want to return to Newman Enterprises, I will not stand in their way. Nor will you. However, you will be in charge.

Adam: Can you make sure that everyone is clear on that? That includes Nikki.

Victor: You be clear on one thing-- if you fail me, there'll be hell to pay.

Kay: I can only imagine the stress you must be under.

Nikki: I'll be fine, Katherine. You don't have to worry about me.

Kay: Darling, how can I not be worried? Especially when I walk in and find that loathsome man in your living room.

Nikki: (Sighs)

Kay: Have you talked to Victor? How's he doing?

Nikki: When Nicholas and I saw him in the jail last night, he was his stoic self.

Kay: You and Nicholas? Not Victoria?

Nikki: She's not in a good place right now anyway? Where he's concerned.

Kay: Has Victor offered any explanation? Cause I can't believe he's claiming he did this.

Nikki: (Pops lips) I know, neither can I, but he insists that he killed Diane.

Kay: Do you believe that, Nikki?

Spencer: Victor confessed. You've done your job. It's time to back off. I-I'll take it from here.

Ronan: And totally blow off a viable suspect?

Spencer: What physical evidence do we have against Nikki? Nothing, all circumstantial, whereas with Victor, we have--

Ronan: We just realized that Nikki should be on the list.

Spencer: You're here for this case. Then once it's over, you move on to another assignment, right?

Ronan: Yeah, that's the plan.

Spencer: Then maybe you're clinging to this case because you want to stay in town after all.

Ronan: No. You know this has nothing to do with me. This has not a thing to do with me. Just--all this doesn't add up. If you give me just a minute to look over the evidence again, I could be able to--

Michael: Excuse me. When will my client be formally charged?

(Stomps foot)

Ronan: That depends. Is Victor still sticking to his story?

Michael: That's what he says.

Spencer: Good enough for me. I'll give Rosemary's clerk a call, see what her schedule's like.

Ronan: (Sighs) So that's what he says, huh?

Michael: Mm.

Ronan: What do you say, Counsel?

Michael: My job is to speak for my client.

Ronan: You don't believe for a second that Victor's guilty. As a matter of fact, you probably know for certain that he isn't. So he cops to this just as I'm about to go arrest his former wife. Come on, Counsel. You and I both know that's no coincidence.

Jack: Well, I've been hearing great reports from the west coast. Every store that Abby has appeared at is exceeding sales expectations.

Ashley: Right.

Jack: And it's almost two weeks till Christmas.

Ashley: I know. I'm so proud of the way she stepped in. I think she's finally found her niche. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Jack: Ooh, the next Abbott generation, stepping up. Nipping at our heels.

Ashley: Mm.

Jack: You know, it might just be time.

Ashley: Time for what?

Jack: To make a real play for Beauty of Nature.

Ashley: Oh, Boy. We already had this discussion. You know that.

Jack: That was before Victor torpedoed his own company. Believe me, if Newman stock prices keep plummeting, that board will be willing to consider the possibility of spinning off Beauty of Nature, and when they do, what does that mean for us? We would own the cosmetics industry. We would have it locked, Ash, and we will be building a legacy for Abby and Kyle and Delia, when it's their turn.

Ashley: So is this the part where I'm supposed to say you're right and I agree with you? Because I don't agree with you.

Jack: Ash, l-listen--

Ashley: I haven't changed my mind.

Jack: All we--

Ashley: No, Jackie, I just don't think that now is the right time for us to make that kind of acquisition.

Jack: (Sighs)

Sharon: When Adam is Victor's corroborating witness, what does that tell you? We don't have the whole story, and neither do the police.

Avery: Okay, I understand why you want to help Victor, but he has a very, very competent lawyer...

(Footsteps approach)

Avery: Speaking of whom--

Sharon: Michael! Listen. We've gotta put a stop to this. I-I am not going to let Victor go to prison.

Michael: All right, you know? Listen to me. Sharon, you may have to.

Sharon: Hey, I don't want to hear that ever again, you understand me? Come here. I've been talking to Avery. I want to hire her.

Michael: What?

Sharon: She can help you get Victor out of this.

Michael: No. No, no. No.

Victoria: Oh, I love you, too. Okay. I'm gonna see you sometime after the holiday, okay? All right. I love you and I miss you. Have fun baking, Sweetie. Bye-bye.

Kay: Hi.

Victoria: Oh, hey, hey, Katherine.

Kay: May I?

Victoria: Yeah.

Kay: Is your son excited about the holidays?

Victoria: Yeah. Yeah, he and Mac are-- are baking cookies, like we used to do when, you know, when he lived here. (Sighs)

Kay: I can only imagine how you would feel if he turned his back on you.

Victoria: Well, I would never give my child a reason to do that.

Kay: Your family needs you, Victoria, and not just Victor-- your mother, too. You need to present a united front whatever your differences are with your father.

Victoria: Oh, differences. That's funny. Is that what you think this is, differences? Because... oh, my God. You don't know, do you?

Kay: Know what?

Victoria: Billy disappeared for a reason, Katherine. My father deliberately kept him away from Delia and away from everyone that loves him.

Victor: (Sighs) You shouldn't have come back here.

Nikki: Victor, I will not allow you to do this.

Victor: Sweetheart, I am sick and tired of my family being harassed, okay? I did it, and that's it.

Nikki: How can you say that? You and I both know that--

Victor: You don't know a damn thing. You were drunk that night, remember? You don't know what happened. I do.

Nikki: I don't believe that you would kill Diane.

Victor: You sure of that?

Nikki: Positive.

Victor: Blows to the head are not the only thing that killed Diane Jenkins.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: She was injected with a paralyzing drug before she was bludgeoned to death. The police found that drug in my safe.

Adam: We are not in turmoil. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

Nick: What's going on?

Adam: Newman Enterprises is quite robust.

Woman: How can you make that claim when the stock's tanking?

Adam: Oh, come on, Terri. You know how this goes. This is "Sell on the news." That's all that's happening. The scared money's out, which is never a bad thing. The fundamentals here are strong, despite what the headlines say, and, uh, we've done quite well. We have performed brilliantly in Victor's absences in the past, and I imagine we'll do quite the same with my strong leadership.

Terri: Are you saying you're in charge now?

Adam: I am, per a conversation with my father this morning.

Nick: I believe my brother is speaking out of turn. He will not be running this company.

Tim: Are you ready to make a statement?

Nick: I told you earlier I won't be making any more statements. This press conference is over. Thank you for your time.

Terri: Just one quick question.

Nick: That is all. Thank you.

Adam: Thank you all.

Adam: (Sighs) You got a hell of a lot of nerve, Brother.

Nick: I do? Where the hell do you get off making this ridiculous claim that you'll be heading Newman Enterprises?

Adam: It's not ridiculous at all. I'm acting on our father's orders.

Nick: Dad handed the reins to me.

Adam: Sorry, Brother. Dad and I have spoken since then. He believes I'm a stronger candidate to lead this company. You can confirm it with him yourself if you'd like.

Nick: Well, Newman Enterprises is a public company, which means Dad can tell you you're in charge all he wants, but that doesn't make it so. That's up to the board and you can bet I will be challenging this.

Michael: Thank you. Um... while Victor respects Avery's legal abilities, he's not looking to expand his legal team quite yet, not to mention the fact that I myself have a personal conflict of interest with Avery, in that she is trying to free the woman who tortured my wife.

Avery: You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved.

Sharon: I don't care what Michael just said. Victor never walked away from me, and I'm not gonna walk away from him, even if he wants me to.

Kay: Billy was Delia's bone marrow donor?

Victoria: (Sighs) Yeah. Look, uh, after my father found Billy in Myanmar and got him out of prison, he proceeded to blackmail him.

Kay: Dear God.

Victoria: Yeah, he found a doctor that harvested Billy's bone marrow in secret. In exchange for Delia's life, Billy promised to never come back to Genoa City.

Kay: (Sighs) I've made some regrettable decisions regarding my family that seemed justifiable at the time, but to keep that little girl's father from her when she was so sick...

Victoria: It's-

Kay: And--and putting us through all that hell of not knowing whether Billy was dead or alive... (Sighs)

Victoria: It's disgusting.

Kay: It's beyond the pale, even for Victor. How could that man be so selfish?

Victor: I killed Diane Jenkins. You had nothing to do with it. Her body has been exhumed.

Nikki: For what?

Victor: (Sighs) A drug test. The normal test doesn't... show the drug I used. They have to run a special test to detect it. The medical examiner is doing that right now, and I'm sure he'll detect it. It'll be all over the news in no time at all. How would I know that if I didn't kill her?

Nikki: (Gasps)

Victor: Sweetheart, I'm telling you the truth. You had nothing to do with her. I killed her, all right?

Nikki: (Sobs, mouths words)

Victor: You have got to go home right now and pull yourself together, be strong.

Nikki: (Sobs)

Victor: You're in charge of the family, okay?

Nikki: (Sobs) No, Victor--

Victor: Sweetheart...

Nikki: (Sobbing)

Victor: Leave it to me. Everything will be all right, okay? Please go now.

[Nikki remembering]

Nikki: (Sighs shakily) I let them accuse my family...

Victor: Sweetheart, Sweetheart, Sweetheart...

Nikki: I'm a horrible, horrible person.

Victor: Sweetheart, you're not a horrible person, okay?

Nikki: I am.

Victor: Now stop it. I'll make it go away, okay?

Nikki: I'm gonna have to-- I have to do that thing with the, um, uh, confess.

Victor: Oh, Sweetheart.

Nikki: (Sobbing)

Ronan: Nikki. We need to talk. Show you to my office?

Jack: I thought we had the same vision.

Ashley: We do, but not on the timetable.

Jack: The timing couldn't be better. Newman is on the ropes.

Ashley: I don't agree with you, okay? I don't want to be that company. I don't want to be the company that takes advantage of another's misfortune.

Jack: Oh, no, Ash, Ash, Ash, this is business.

Ashley: Oh, please.

Jack: This is the way the game is played.

Ashley: Don't say that to me.

Jack: How do you think Victor would react if the situations were reversed? I'll tell you how he'd react.

(Cell phone rings)

Jack: Hold on two seconds. I'm waiting for this cana-- oh, Kyle's school. Jack Abbott. Is he okay? Then--uh, okay, I-I'm on my way there.

Ashley: What happened?

Jack: Kyle just got in a fight at school

Ashley: Oh, no.

Jack: Oh, I tried to talk him out of going in today. He said he had to.

Ashley: Kids can be so cruel at that age.

Jack: Okay, we are not finished with this conversation about Beauty of Nature, okay?

Ashley: And maybe we are, maybe we are.

Jack: I'm not giving up.

Ashley: (Sighs) I'll walk you out.

Jack: Oh, Kyle.

Victoria: Hey, can I get a regular coffee, please?

Woman: Mm-hmm.

Deacon: Uh, hi, Victoria.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Deacon: How's your mom doing?

Victoria: It's none of your business.

Deacon: You know, no matter what you think about me, I happen to care about her.

Victoria: Stay away from my family.

Deacon: From what I read, you got a lot bigger problems than me to worry about. (Grunts)

Man: Instead of paying 5 bucks for some fancy coffee, maybe you ought to be saving your money to pay back Mr. Veneziano.

Deacon: Angelo will get his money, all right?

Man: I hope so, 'cause next time, I won't be so nice.

Deacon: Some coffee. Great. (Sighs)

Kay: You're not protecting your daughter or anyone else. You're playing God with people's lives.

Victor: I did what I felt I had to, okay?

Kay: Yeah, I suppose that means you're not going to explain this ridiculous murder confession, either.

Victor: Katherine, leave it alone, please.

Kay: (Sighs) Victor, why are you doing this? You of all people should know there are always options.

(Door opens)

Michael: Thank you. Oh, hello, Katherine.

Kay: Will you please talk some sense into your client?

Michael: I am here to inform Victor that his arraignment is starting shortly. I can get you a suit.

Victor: I don't want a damn suit. I want to wear this, okay?

Kay: I'll call Nikki.

Victor: No, you will call no one.

Kay: She'd want to be there, Victor.

Victor: And I don't want her there.

Kay: Fine. Then I'll go.

Victor: No, I don't want you there, either.

Kay: What is the matter with you, Victor?

Victor: I don't want any of you to interrupt the proceedings in that courtroom, okay? Now kindly leave it alone.

Kay: (Sighs)

Victor: Tell the guard to unlock me, please. Let's go. (Taps table)

Michael: Okay. Mr. Newman's ready.

Victor: Thank you.

Kay: (Sighs)

Ronan: So why would you leave the hospital and not let anybody know where you'd be?

Nikki: I have a question for you this time-- was Diane ever given a drug that would paralyze her?

Ronan: Hmm. I can't discuss anything pertaining to an ongoing investigation with you.

Nikki: I see.

Ronan: When you left the rehab facility, what was your state of mind?

Nikki: I was very upset. I-I wanted to see my family.

Ronan: You were upset. Upset by what? By the lawsuit that filed against you? By the pictures of you and Victor she sold to the tabloid?

Nikki: Yes, yes, all of that, and more.

Ronan: Okay. Well, then, when you got on the road, what happened?

Nikki: I blacked out. I don't remember anything until I woke up, and I was so ashamed. I knew that the rehab obviously had not worked, so I turned straight around and went back.

Ashley: Vicki. I'm so happy I ran into you. How's your dad?

Victoria: I have no idea. Haven't seen him. (Sighs)

Ashley: Why not? Oh, don't tell me you think he actually killed Diane.

Victoria: Dad's confessing has nothing to do with it.

Ashley: Well, you're obviously upset with him. Why?

Victoria: (sighs) Not because of what I think he did, but because of what I know he did.

Nikki: (Sighs) How did you get in here?

Deacon: Uh, I just asked Bonnie to let me in, told her that we hadn't finished our conversation, so...

Nikki: I-I--forget it. Stop--stop talking. Tell me what you saw at the park. Do you know what happened to Diane?

Deacon: Honey, I know everything.

Nikki: Did Victor do it? He says that he did, but I-I-I'm not sure what I remember. I-I don't know what to believe.

Sharon: I don't remember security being that fierce.

Avery: Judge Click is all business. She doesn't like looky-loos in her courtroom.

Sharon: I had to be here to support Victor, and I need you to pay very close attention to what happens in there, from a legal standpoint. I'm happy to pay you for your time.

Avery: This one's on the house. I have a feeling this is gonna be worth seeing. Come on.

Judge Click: I have imposed a media blackout on today's proceedings. I won't have my courtroom turned into a circus.

Spencer: I'm fine with that, your honor.

Michael: So are we.

Judge Click: Mr. Newman, the charge is murder in the first degree. How do you plead?

Victor: Guilty, your honor.

Judge Click: Does the state accept this plea?

Ronan: Uh, excuse me, your honor. I'm Ronan Malloy. I'm on loan from the FBI to the. G.C.P.D. I'm the lead investigator in this case, and I realize that it may be out of line for me to address the court--

Spencer: You certainly are.

Judge Click: I would like to hear what Mr. Malloy has to say.

Ronan: Thank you, your honor. Although the D.A. says he's satisfied, I have serious reservations about Mr. Newman's guilt, even if his confession was genuine and he was involved in the murder of ms. Jenkins, it's possible, your honor, it's actually more than possible, that he did not act alone in this. There's growing evidence in this case that links at least one other person to this crime.

Jack: Oh, Kyle, 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off with that ice, okay?

(Telephone rings)

Jack: Abbott residence. Rafe, hey, thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate it. Uh, my son Kyle is upstairs nursing a black eye right now. He got into a fight with a boy at school who said something about Victor murdering his mother. Thank you, I appreciate that. It's been a difficult time. Anyway, the reason I'm calling, the thing I'm most worried about, is this-- ever since Diane died, Victor has been waving around this document that Diane supposedly gave him, granting him sole custody of Kyle should anything happen to her. Oh, no, believe me, he knows I would fight him to the death on this. I don't want this affecting Kyle. I don't want him to know anything about it. Yes, so I want this document, bogus as it is, voided by a judge. Yeah, if Victor somehow manages to get out of jail, Kyle is not spending one more night under that man's roof.

Ashley: I just can't believe him. I mean, how could Victor do that to my brother and to Delia? And you're his daughter. How could he do that to you?

Victoria: Because Dad has to control everything and everyone, or he's not happy.

Ashley: Well, I can understand you not wanting anything to do with him after that. I mean, I've been there a couple times myself, as you know.

Victoria: Yeah, well, Dad is who he is, and he is never going to change. (Sighs)

Ashley: So what are you gonna do, now that you're leaving Newman?

Victoria: I don't know. I mean, Nick and I talked about maybe working together, you know, but I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon.

Ashley: Why don't you come back to Jabot?

Victoria: What? Seriously?

Ashley: Yes, I'm serious. Jack has always wanted Beauty of Nature, and you're the one that made it a success. What? Why don't we all work together and develop a new Jabot line that could go toe-to-toe with every product that Beauty of Nature has? You're a Newman and an Abbott, right? I think this is perfect. What do you think?

Nick: An emergency board meeting is being convened. They will decide who's running this company.

Adam: Fine, but until then, our father gets to say who's in charge, and that would be me.

Nick: For now, maybe, but not for long.

Kay: (Sighs) Nikki, it's Katherine. Victor ordered me not to do this, but I think you should know he's being arraigned this very minute.

Nikki: Whatever you know, you have to tell me. Deacon, please, I am begging you.

Deacon: What happened in the park-- if I told anyone, it would destroy your family.

Spencer: The people believe that there is sufficient evidence to substantiate Mr. Newman's confession that he alone killed Diane Jenkins.

Michael: My client has admitted guilt and will allocate.

Judge Click: After hearing Agent Malloy's statement, I am not satisfied, and will reserve judgment pending further investigation and an evidentiary hearing. Until that time, the court refuses to accept Mr. Newman's guilty plea.

Victor: Your honor, you cannot do that.

Judge Click: I can, and I did.

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