Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/23/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/23/11


Episode # 9786 ~ Nikki Returns to Genoa City

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Jill: Billy, I knew you'd come back.

Esther: And DeeDee has her daddy again.

Murphy: Yeah.

Billy: Hi.

Delia: Where have you been?

Billy: I, uh, I've been far away, and every second of every day, I kept thinking, I've gotta get back to DeeDee. I've gotta get back to DeeDee. Honey, I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you.

Victor: Well, happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Murphy: Bye.

Victor: Thank you.

Billy: Hey, uh, you know how when you're really nervous or scared, your tummy hurts? Well, that's how I felt when I found out that you were in the hospital. But, Baby, now that you're so healthy and you got these pink little cheeks and you got that Abbott twinkle in your eye, I have never been so happy in my life! (Laughs) Look at you. Look at you. Hey, Mom.

Jill: Oh, Billy, thank God you're home.

Billy: (Sighs) I heard you and Victoria took a crazy trip across the world. Hey, that's a bad idea. B--thank you.

Jill: Anything for you. Anything. Anything.

Kay: Oh, I guess we have a lot to be thankful for today. Let's go.

Billy: Okay, one condition-- this one doesn't leave my lap.

Jill: (Laughs)

Kay: (Laughs)

Murphy: Come on. Turkey time.

Billy: (Laughs)

Avery: All right, thank you.

Phyllis: Oh, my goodness.

(Toy buzzes)

Phyllis: You like this more than the parade. (Chuckles) Yes, you do. What are we gonna do after the parade, huh?

(Toy buzzes)

Phyllis: You want to get some treats? Some pumpkin pie? Make sure we brush our teeth really great.

(Toy buzzes)

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Ronan: I didn't expect to see you here today.

Phyllis: Well, I guess...   

(Toy buzzes)

Phyllis: You're really lucky.

Ronan: (Chuckles) (Toy buzzes)

Adam: Hello?

Myrna: I'm in here.

Adam: Okay, Patty. You called me. You got me here. Now what do you want?

Adam: What the hell are you doing?

Myrna: You shouldn't swear on a holiday.

Adam: Patty, what did you do to them?

Myrna: Oh, I, uh, just added a little extra spice to the gravy. (Chuckles) Oh, don't worry about it. They, uh, they can't hear us.

Adam: Patty?

Myrna: Hmm?

Adam: We try not to drug people around here. It tends to draw attention to one's self.

Myrna: They're having sleepovers and sharing holidays. I mean, n-now you understand how serious this is. And you're gon--you'll help me keep them apart, right?

Adam: No, Patty. No, I will not help you. You've seen Jack from afar. Now you've seen him up close. Now you gotta get the hell out of here, okay? You gotta hit the road. You got-- if you let anyone know we had contact, then you're gonna be back with your old friend padded cell.

Myrna: Oh, you keep threatening my civil liberties, Adam, and then I have to remind you that I can tattle to the police about what you did the night Diane was murdered. And then you'll be alone and locked up in a cell forever.

Adam: Let's just go right for the tiebreaker, Myrna. Go ahead. Call the cops. Tell 'em whatever you want to tell 'em. We'll see who takes the perp walk then. You want me to make the call? I mean, I don't mind callin' the cops. Ronan Malloy-- we're old friends by now.

Myrna: He doesn't know what I know--yet.

Adam: Patty, you're free because people think you're in some third world country being loony far, far away from here. I'm free because the police have nothing on me, and neither do you, or you would have whipped it out by now.

Myrna: See, but I have patience, Adam. I can curl up like a little kitty in the sunlight and bide my time.

Adam: Yeah, I take you as the instant gratification type. Embrace that. Let's see--police.

Myrna: Just stop.

Adam: Shocker. You don't want me to call. Patty, you need to grab your veil and go on to new horizons far away from here today.

Myrna: I can't. I have responsibilities.

Adam: Ring, ring. "Police department. How can I help you?"

Myrna: (Sighs) Fine. Fine, fine, fine, fine, fine, fine! I'll go. God.

Adam: Yeah, because your word is golden.

Myrna: I swear. I swear on the soul of Mr. Kitty.

Adam: Sadly, I think that's as good as it gets with you. Okay, Patty. You need to leave, for your own sake. And you're welcome, Jackie Boy. That's right. You owe me one.

Myrna: (Sighs)

Avery: (Chuckles) Yeah, tell Mom I'll call her back when she's not creating in the kitchen. How are you, Daddy? Good. Me? I'm, uh, I'm good. I'm working on a case that's really important to me. No, I'm not gonna see Phyllis. Yeah, well, nothing's gonna change there. I love you, too. Bye.

(Toy buzzes)

Ronan: This is...

Phyllis: Fun.

Ronan: Yes, fun. Very cool. I didn't have this when I was a kid. When I was a kid we, uh, tied strings around rocks and acted like they were balloons, so... (Chuckles) What about you? Are you gonna see your other kids today?

Phyllis: Um, no. Daniel is visiting his dad, and, um, Nick took Summer to see Faith and Sharon in New Mexico, which is lovely.

Ronan: Mm.

Phyllis: So anyway, we're splitting up time. You get used to it.

Ronan: Well, I see someone who's happy to have you all to herself.

Phyllis: (Laughs) Yeah. Well, I don't really have her all to myself. I have to take her to the prison to see Daisy, which will be fabulous, so great. I have to do that because of Avery. (Clears throat) What about you? You have big plans?

Ronan: Oh, yeah, yeah. Like, really big plans-- my desk and my files and the unknown tenth suspect in the Jenkins murder. Big plans.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Yeah.

Ronan: Yeah, I'm not much of a Thanksgiving guy.

Phyllis: I'm not much of a Thanksgiving girl, either. I have a good idea. Maybe, um, you could come over and we could celebrate it together. What do you think?

Lucy: (Babbles)

Ronan: I think...   

(Toy buzzes)

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Ronan: That's what I think. Vroom.

Phyllis: That's a good idea.

Ronan: That's what I think.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Ooh, that's a good idea.

(Toy buzzes)

Billy: Esther, Esther, that was your best yet.

Jill: I have to admit, it was very, very good.

Esther: Thank you.

Jill: Esther, I--well, give credit where credit is due, I suppose.

Esther: Well, thank you.

Billy: You look like you're fadin' fast there, little one. You okay?

Chloe: Well, I think a healthy Dee is ready for a healthy nap.

Murphy: Oh, hey, I'm gonna have to copy you after all that pumpkin pie.

Jill: (Chuckles)

Kay: (Laughs)

Delia: I want to stay with daddy.

Billy: Well, your mom's right. You need to go upstairs, get some rest, so you can get bigger and better and stronger and prettier. (Gasps) Oh, wait, you can't get prettier. You're already too pretty.

Esther: (Chuckles)

Billy: Don't worry, Baby, I'm gonna be here tomorrow and the next day and the next day.

Esther: Come on, Sweetie. I'll take you up. Come on.

Billy: I love you. I love you.

Esther: Mwah! Let's go. Let's go.

Murphy: Hey, sweet dreams.

Kay: Good night, Sweetie.

Murphy: Night-night.

Jill: This is the best Thanksgiving ever with daddy back home, isn't it, Darling?

Chloe: You know, I know. As in Kevin told me, I know. So you and I will talk later, okay?

Kevin: I think that was her version of a welcome home.

Victoria: Well, you know, it takes time to process.

Jill: Okay, Delia's out of earshot.

Kay: Now you can tell us everything.

Victoria: It was really amazing, Jill. Uh, do you remember that pub that we were in when we got bumped from our flight?

Jill: When we came back from Myanmar.

Murphy: Wait, you two went alone?

Victoria: Billy was there, and he was trying to come back to us.

Kay: Good Lord, that's where you were? Myanmar?

Billy: I got into a scrape.

Jill: He was framed for drugs.

Kay: If you were set up, there's nothing to be ashamed of.

Billy: I was set up. It doesn't mean I'm exactly proud of any of this. Anyway, here I am, so...

Jill: Yeah, and that's all that matters, and that Delia's well gain.

Kevin: I don't think I've ever seen her happier than she was to see you.

Victoria: Yeah.

Billy: Now if it's okay with you all, I'd like to go home and be with my wife.

Jill: Of course, Sweetheart. You go home and rest. (Sighs)

Billy: Look, I, uh, I screwed up before I left and after, and I'm sorry. That's all. I'm--I'm sorry.

Kevin: I'll walk you guys out.

Billy: (Growls)

Kay: Me, too. (Chuckles) Mm.

Billy: Hey. I get that Chloe's pissed, and I understand that you had to tell her about me. That's fine. But, hey, the bright side is you're alive, so it must have gone well.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, yeah. It went awesome. But she has forgiven me for keeping your secret.

Victoria: Good. That's good. That means maybe she'll come around for you, too

Billy: (Scoffs) Yeah.

Kevin: For Billy, maybe. For Victor, not so much.

Victoria: Yeah, well, I can relate to that.

Billy: Aw, my little chipmunk. I'm so happy that you and Chloe are workin' out.

Kevin: I meant what I said before, though. I've never seen Delia this happy, and you did that.

Billy: Yeah, well, I didn't do it on my own. Let's go.

Kevin: Bye, Guys.

Victoria: Bye. So I'll see you at home.

Billy: Oh, no, no. That's not gonna happen. You're not going to see Victor. Mnh-mnh.

Victoria: Billy, this has to be done, okay?

Billy: Well, fine. I'll go with you. What happened to us not being apart?

Victoria: There's nothing for you to worry about. Okay? I'll see you at the house. Now come here and kiss me.

Billy: Okay.

Victoria: Okay.

Billy: (Sighs)

Victor: Nikki, I miss you. Sweetheart, please call me back. I'm worried that you haven't called. Can you do it soon?

(Elevator bell dings)

Jack: (Sighs) (Groans) (sniffs) Hey.

Genevieve: Mm.

Jack: Whoa.

Genevieve: Mm.

Jack: Did we just...

Genevieve: (Sighs) Fall dead asleep? Yeah.

Jack: Wow. That turkey must have been somethin'.

Genevieve: Uh...

Jack: (Sniffs)

Genevieve: I'm sure the champagne kinda helped.

Jack: (Chuckles)

Genevieve: Oh, I had the strangest dreams. I... (Sighs)

Jack: Yeah, same here. Somebody was arguing.

Genevieve: (Sighs) Yeah, about what?

Jack: (Sighs) I don't know. I don't know. Mm. (Sniffs) Well, it says something about how comfortable we're getting with each other that we could nod off like that.

Genevieve: (Laughs) Yeah, I guess it does.

Jack: (Laughs)

Genevieve: (Laughs)

Jack: (Sighs)

Genevieve: Mm.

Myrna: (Sighs) (Chuckles) (Singsong voice) I'm not the one going away, bad man Adam. (Chuckles)

Phyllis: So after our delightful prison visit, um, we can pick up pizza and then go back to my place and... watch the game.

Ronan: Well, on one condition-- no Thanksgivings past.

Phyllis: Oh, no, we're not gonna talk about Thanksgiving. Definitely not.

Ronan: All right.

Phyllis: Good.

(Clicks tongue)

(Cell phone rings)

Ronan: This is Malloy.

Myrna: (Disguising voice) Diane Jenkins' case-- murder weapon is in the offices at Newman Enterprises.

Ronan: Who is this?

(Phone hangs up)

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: What--what's wrong?

Ronan: It looks like I have to work after all.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Does this mean that you know who suspect number ten is?

Lucy: (Babbles)

Ronan: Thank you for the invitation.

Lucy: (Babbles)

Phyllis: Um, okay. You're welcome. We'll do it again.

Lucy: What's that?

Phyllis: Hey.

Billy: You got my message.

Jack: Yeah, I got your message. I've never been happier to get a message.

Billy: (Chuckles)

Jack: You know about Delia, right?

Billy: Yeah. I was just with her. She's incredible, right?

Jack: Billy, she went through so much without you.

Billy: Yeah, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life making it up to her, I promise.

Jack: Not--not- not an e-mail, a text, a phone call. Help me understand this. Why did you stay away?

Billy: (Clicks lips)

Victor: Sweetheart.

Victoria: How could you?

Victor: How could I what?

Victoria: How could you keep Billy away from me and away from his little girl? How could you do that, Dad?

Victor: Billy left you and Cordelia. He proved to be the father and the husband I thought he would be, so kindly direct your anger at him.

Victoria: Every minute that you knew where he was and you didn't tell me, you were lying to me, Dad.

Victor: I was trying to protect you.

Victoria: Protect me? I don't need your protection. I needed my husband...

Victor: Billy Abbott--

Victoria: And Delia needed her father!

Victor: Billy Abbott left you and left Cordelia. He is gonna do it again, and next time, it'll hurt far more. It'll be devastating to both of you. I tried to spare you that pain.

Victoria: Billy's not leaving. Billy's not leaving. And if anyone tries to make him ever again, I will make sure it doesn't happen.

Victor: Will you listen to me, please?

Victoria: I will never let anyone ruin anything between us again ever!

Victor: He already has. Perhaps he better tell you what he was up to when he was gone.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Phyllis: You did a great job, Baby. Excellent job, Lucy. Okay. So now we're gonna get out of this awful place and go home, watch football, and have turkey. It--

Avery: Hello, Lucy.

Phyllis: I gave Lucy every single minute with Daisy that you insisted on, okay? I-I did it all.

Woman: All right. We're on lockdown, Folks. Nobody in or out for now.

Avery: What? What happened?

Woman: Employee lost his I.D.

Avery: Oh, come on. He probably left it in his car. Right, I know. Standard operating procedure till it's found.

Phyllis: Wait, wait. No one in or--that-- that means we're stuck here.

Billy: Look, Jack, I'm tired, and it's been an ugly few months, and I finally got to hold my kid again and, yes, I went M.I.A., but--but Victoria, she--she took me back, and so did Delia, and hopefully, the rest of my family can too, once I am able to explain, but I can't do it right now.

Jack: (Stammers) Okay. No more questions, for now. I'm just so happy you're back and okay, and what--what about the others? Can I tell them you're back?

Billy: Traci, Abby, and Ash? No, please let me tell them.

Jack: Tell them soon, okay?

Billy: Okay.

Jack: I'll let you spend the rest of your holiday with your wife. Uh, where is she, by the way?

Billy: Hopefully on her way back here right this second.

Victoria: I'm not gonna stand here and listen while you smear my husband.

Victor: Sweetheart, you are afraid to hear the truth, and you have every reason to.

Victoria: Are you talking about the woman on the beach, Dad? Because, um, I know about her already. Billy told me, and... I don't care.

Victor: You're not telling me the truth right now. Of course you care, and you damn well should care.

Victoria: You don't understand. You know why you don't understand? Because you've turned your back on Mom so many times when she's needed you the most. You've turned your back on all of us.

Victor: How dare you say that to me?! Do I need to remind you that your mother had an affair with a bartender and the bottle, has been in rehab for a half a year, and you and your siblings have gone after me? You each got $500 million. I don't care about you?! I took you back into the company.

Victoria: The way I love Billy--

Victor: Oh, please.

Victoria: You would never understand...

Victor: No, I won't.

Victoria: And I'm not gonna stand here and waste my time trying to explain it to you.

Victor: He's a no-good son of a bitch!

Victoria: He's waiting for me at home, so that's where I'm going. Oh, and by the way, I resign. I'm done with Newman, and I am done with you for good.

Victor: You're making a terrible mistake, Victoria.

(Door slams)

Ronan: This search warrant is for another possible murder weapon in the Jenkins case. Yes, we already have the rock, but we haven't connected it to a perp yet, so hopefully, this will help us get there today. Now there's a couple of Newman execs that are on the suspect list, and I want you guys to start in their offices, okay? Go.

Myrna: (Singsong voice) No cell for me, but a cage... (Laughs) For you. No cell for me, but a cage for you. No cell for me, but a cage... for... you.

Adam: Woof, woof.

Myrna: (Gasps) (Sighs)

Adam: Easy there, Kitten. I had a feeling you were fibbing when you said you'd leave town.

Myrna: (Normal voice) I just had something to take care of.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I figured as much. That's why I followed you. The cops are here, just like you wanted, only the rest-- well, I don't think it's gonna play out the way you had planned.

Genevieve: Mmm. Oh, my goodness. Where did you come from? Hello, Kitty. (Makes kissing noises) Hello, Kitty. Oh, my goodness. Where did you come from? Oh, you're very pretty. (Laughs) I must have a window open or something.

Avery: (Clears throat)

Avery: I spoke to Dad earlier.

Phyllis: Oh.

Avery: He asked if I'd see you. Don't worry, I told him nothing's changed.

Phyllis: Good for you. That's really good advice, Counselor.

Avery: This is probably your first Thanksgiving in a prison, isn't it? Mom and I are pros from visiting Dad...

Phyllis: I bet you are.

Avery: Starting with the Thanksgiving Day that you left. You know, I always wanted to ask you-- did you pick a holiday just to make it more painful for Dad?

Phyllis: Okay.

Avery: No, because that way, because that way, every year, we would know it's been another year...

Phyllis: All right, all right.

Avery: Since Phyllis left.

Phyllis: Do you really want to talk about this? Do you really want to talk about this? Let's talk about this, then. What was I supposed to do, Avery? What was I supposed to do? Stay home, bake a pie, make gravy, and talk about what Dad was doing in prison? Was I supposed to do that? Sweet... loving dad, who's a liar and a thief...

Avery: (Sighs)

Phyllis: And a criminal? And a master manipulator, clearly, because you still think he's innocent. He did this to himself.

Avery: Do you know that I had to tell him? I had to tell him that you weren't coming back. I was a kid, Phyllis, and all of a sudden, I had to be an adult, that day and every day after that, fixing and patching all the damage that you did to us.

Phyllis: Oh, my God, this isn't even you talking. It's not even you talking.

Avery: Wha--

Phyllis: It's not even you talking. You are so brainwashed, it's like--it's like her voice coming out of you. (Sighs)

Avery: What?

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? Avery, what-- I didn't leave on my own.

Avery: What?

Phyllis: They pushed me out. They pushed me out. I was the bad guy. I was the one who was lying. "Don't--don't say anything, don't say anything. Your dad is innocent, your dad is innocent, Phyllis. Phyllis, don't say anything, Phyllis--" (Sighs) All of a sudden, I'm the criminal, and he's the victim. He did this to us. He did this. We were never gonna sit around-- we were never gonna sit around a dinner table and say grace.

Avery: We were a family. We were supposed to be a team.

Phyllis: You were a team with her. You and Mom were a team.

Avery: Oh, my God. Okay, so let's just--

Phyllis: You are so delusional. You're delusional.

Avery: You know what? Let's say that your life was so terrible. It was hell that Thanksgiving Day, and you had to leave. What about all the other holidays? What about all the other years? Where were you?

Phyllis: Oh, my God. I left. I created my life, thank God.

Avery: You made Mom and Dad think you were ashamed of them.

Phyllis: I am ashamed of them. I know the truth, and you don't believe me, which makes me realize that you still think I'm the liar.

Avery: You know, I really hope that Lucy and Summer and Daniel never let you down.

Phyllis: Oh, those people did a lot more than let me down. (Voice breaking) They did a lot more than let me down. (Normal voice) Well, listen to you-- sanctimonious. You've gotten people off of death row before, criminals off of death row, but you have never, ever tried with our father.

Avery: He wants to-- he wants this just to go away and be--

Phyllis: Yeah, sure he does, sure he does. You read the police reports. You read the transcripts. I'm the bad one, right, Avery? I'm the bad one. I'm bad.

Avery: You were the one that I needed.

Phyllis: I needed you, too.

Avery: (Sighs) (Sniffles)

Phyllis: You still think he's innocent?

Avery: No. (Crying) No, I think he did it. God. (Sniffles)

Phyllis: I guess you never let yourself think that, did you? No. Maybe everything will be different now.

Woman: I.D.'s been found. Visitors are free to go now.

Phyllis: Um, I'll wait for you, if you want. I'll wait, after you see Daisy.

Avery: Um... tell my client that I will come back to see her later. (Sniffles)

Chloe: (Sighs) "Billy, you're back. Billy, you're perfect. Billy, it doesn't matter that you took off and you left your daughter crying for you."

Kevin: Did you get it all out? Okay, well, now you have to let it go.

Chloe: Why?

Kevin: Because, do you remember the conversation we had in this room right there, when I said to you there was too much drama, too much Billy, not enough room for us? Not anymore. Now it's just gonna be you, me, Delia. No room for the drama, okay? Let's go.

Jill: All right, so Victoria said that Billy was in New York. That means I must have just missed him by taking that flight back here.

Kay: Had Billy been in New York long, or was he just traveling through?

Murphy: Is Billy home? Is Delia home? Yes and yes. We've already got the answers to those questions, Ladies. The rest is just static. It's Thanksgiving! Let's be thankful.

Jill: (Chuckles)

Billy: You resigned?

Victoria: (Sighs) That I went back to work at Newman when he was messing in my life, keeping you away from me-- he--he's trying to control my life again, and I am telling you what, now--now he's not even gonna be a part of it.

Billy: Okay, okay. Everybody's still just a little heated. Take it easy.

Victoria: Heated?

Billy: Take it easy.

Victoria: Try furious. Try completely enraged. (Sighs) My dad tried to come between us on our wedding day, and he has not stopped trying since then.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Honestly, I promise you, I am not gonna let him close enough to hurt us ever again. I promise.

Billy: You know something? This room just doesn't seem quite right, does it? No, it doesn't. No, it doesn't. Ooh, ugly, ugly, ugly.

Victoria: What are you doing?

Billy: Oh, I don't know. I kind of think... we should use this.

(Laughs mischievously)

Victoria: You know, um, that was supposed to be a surprise before you left.

Billy: Yeah, well, surprise! I found it, and I didn't get to say thank you... yet.

Victoria: It's been in a closet for months.

Billy: That's convenient, because I think it makes that wall look good. Mm. Nice ears.

Victoria: Nice butt.

Billy: (Laughs) Mm.

Victoria: Mm.

Billy: Mm.

Genevieve: Wow, I think it's wonderful that you're so relieved, but, you know, you didn't have to come back.

Jack: Oh, well, my brother kicked me out 'cause he wanted to be alone with his wife, and I wanted to be alone with you.

Genevieve: Oh well, then I can't turn you away, can I?

Jack: Mm. Oh, um...

Genevieve: Oh. (Laughs)

Jack: Where did he come from?

Genevieve: I don't know. He just showed up and he made himself at home. But isn't he adorable?

Jack: Uh, yeah, I'm not much of a cat man myself, but, well, if you get a kick out of him, this is where he belongs.

Adam: See, I'm actually quite devoted to Newman Enterprises here. That's why I sacrificed a holiday and came into work. It's a good thing I did, 'cause I found a little surprise in my desk. (Sighs) See, we have this little computer program in all of our computers, the whole building. We can access the security cameras. My computer was on. That application was open, and lo and behold, I saw Ronan and some cops dance on into the building. So I had to think quick on my feet. Being the proactive guy that I am, I bolted into action.

Woman: I just forgot this one thing for Mr. Newman.

Woman: Yes, it has to be now.

(Electronic keypad beeping)

(Telephone rings)

Woman: Oh, God, I hope that's not the boss.

Adam: You see, the plan always was to frame my father for Diane's murder. I just had no idea you would help me in that way. Thanks, Pal.

Victor: What is this?

Ronan: This... is a search warrant. And this is a bunch of cops going through your stuff, and this... is what we've found so far. So I found this in your safe. You want to tell me about it?

Victor: I want to call my attorney, okay? All right?

Ronan: That's fine. You can call Baldwin from the car on the way down to the station.

Nikki: Victor? I'm home.

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