Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/16/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 11/16/11


Episode # 9781 ~ Baby Moses Is Christened

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Jill: (Quietly) Why couldn't that man take us with him? Why do we have to wait around here?

Victoria: (Quietly) It doesn't really matter as long as we find Billy.

Jill: What?

Victoria: (Sighs) Texts from my dad.

Jill: Oh, my God. Text him back right away. Tell him we-- tell him you have a spa date in Chicago.

Victoria: What? He knows I'm in Myanmar.

Jill: But he couldn't.

Victoria: (Sighs) Oh, God, he's-- he's gonna fly here.

Jill: (Gasps) We have gotta stop him.

Victoria: Oh, we're so close to finding Billy. I am not gonna let my dad or someone that he hires charge in here and mess this up. (Sighs)

Michael: There's no note from Tank. There's no sign of a struggle.

Victor: You call the guard, and you handle the search for Billy, all right? I'm going to the airport to go after Victoria.

Billy: (Grunts) (Clears throat) Hey, all right.

Tank: He tried to escape.

Michael: Where'd you find him?

Tank: I caught him on the corner.

Victor: You do that one more time, and you won't be of value to me anymore, you got that?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

(Cell phone rings)

Victor: It's Victoria.

Billy: Hey, actually, you know what? I got a--

Victor: Get him out of here now.

Michael: Billy, Billy, please. Come on.

Billy: Watch it. Aah! All right, fine.

Victor: Are you all right?

Victoria: (Sighs) Dad, I--listen, I'm really sorry. Um, I didn't mean to worry you.

Victor: For heaven's sake, Girl, why did you go to such a dangerous place?

Victoria: Look, it was the last place that there was a credible sighting of Billy.

Victor: But you didn't see him or heard from him, have you?

Victoria: No.

Victor: Why did you go alone?

Victoria: Uh, actually, Jill's with me.

Victor: Well, that's very comforting to know.

Victoria: (Sighs) Look, Dad, we both realize now that this was an incredibly stupid thing to do.

Victor: I'm glad you realize it. I am on the way to get you, all right?

Victoria: No, Dad, uh, don't fly here. Actually, we haven't been able to find anything at all, so we're leaving. (Sighs)

Jill: Hi, Victor, hi. Um, I'm really sorry that you were concerned. I-it's just that we both thought this was worth a shot.

Victor: I'm glad you didn't allow Victoria to do this on her own.

Jill: No, no, no, and I will definitely take care of her, I promise you.

Victoria: Dad, hey, uh, we'll be home soon, okay?

Victor: On the next flight?

Victoria: Um, actually, we thought we'd stop off in Thailand for a few days...

Jill: Good, good, good.

Victoria: And do some, you know, some, um, some sightseeing, and, you know, some shopping.

Victor: But you'll be in touch, right?

Victoria: Yes, Dad. I will keep in touch. Thank you so much for being concerned about me.

Victor: I always will, but please don't do this kind of thing again. (Sighs heavily)

Victoria: (Quietly) Okay, so I just threw in that thing about Thailand in case it takes us longer to get Billy out of here.

Jill: (Quietly) No. That was really, really good. Yeah, that'll buy us a couple of days, I hope. You never know with Victor.

Victoria: That's true. That's true. In just a few more minutes, we're gonna see Billy.

Jill: (Sighs)

Gloria: Hello, Ashley.

Ashley: Hi.

Gloria: Tucker.

Tucker: Hello.

Gloria: Your server said you wanted to speak to me, hopefully to compliment the cuisine.

Tucker: That, and I have a special request.

Gloria: (Chuckles) For a rich, handsome, powerful man? Anything.

Ashley: Gloria...

Gloria: Hmm.

Ashley: Even though our wedding ceremony is tomorrow, he is actually already married to me.

Gloria: Oh, I'm just kidding, Ashley. So touchy.

Tucker: (Laughs)

Gloria: (Laughs) The flirting is high on the menu at Gloworm.

Tucker: Oh, that's good to hear. No, I understand that the, uh, reception after the Dupre/Winters christening will be here.

Gloria: Yes, will you be joining us?

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: I'm the baby's godfather.

Gloria: Congratulations.

Tucker: Thank you. I'd like to cover the costs. I can give you a credit card.

Gloria: No. No, I will bill you, because I know you're good for it.

Tucker: Thank you, Gloria.

Gloria: My goodness, handsome, rich, powerful, and the marrying kind. I gotta hand it to you, Ashley. You are one lucky gal.

Tucker: It's a small thing.

Ashley: It's a sweet thing, showing that you think of Sofia and the baby as family.

Tucker: Well, it's for Neil, too, even though I know he can well afford to pay for his own party.

Ashley: You're thanking him?

Tucker: I'll never be able to repay him for getting Devon out of the foster system, for being such a good father to my son.

Roxanne: Are you sure there isn't anything I can do to make today easier for you?

Devon: Baby, you have to ask? Hmm? (Chuckles)

Roxanne: Come on. I'm being serious.

Devon: No, not today.

Lily: Hey, you guys ready to go?

Devon: Yeah, just after I, uh, grab a package of coffee for Neil and Sofia, because they've been havin' a lot of late nights.

Lily: Wow, that is an excellent idea.

Roxanne: (Chuckles)

Lily: So, um, are you okay with Tucker being the godfather?

Devon: It's Sofia's choice. It's who she wanted.

Lily: Well, you didn't really answer my question.

Devon: Yeah, I did. (Chuckles)

Roxanne: (Sighs) I asked him if he wanted to talk about it, too. He won't.

Sofia: Hey, Baby Moses. Can you keep a secret? (Chuckles) Mommy loves you, and I love your daddy, too. Yes, I do.

(Knock on door)

Neil: I'll get it.

Sofia: Mm, oh, I hope that's Olivia.

Neil: Yep, it sure is. Whoo!

Olivia: (Chuckles)

Neil: What's up? Good to see you.

Olivia: Mm. I have the christening outfit.

Sofia: Oh, great.

Neil: All right.

Sofia: Look, Moses. Look what "Auntie Livvy" brought you.

Olivia: Out of my way. Out of my way. I want to see my godson!

Sofia: (Laughs)

Olivia: Oh, look at you. How does this boy get cuter every single day? (Chuckles)

Sofia: Olivia, this is perfect. It looks even better than in the pictures.

Olivia: Well, you know, as Moses' aunt and godmother, I take my duties very seriously. I'm gonna spoil this kid rotten.

Sofia: Well, this guy's got you beat on that one. (Laughs)

Olivia: (Laughs)

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Sofia: Come on, Sweetie.

Neil: Hi. Mm. I'm so glad you're here.

Olivia: Oh, congratulations.

Neil: (Sighs) That's my boy.

Olivia: (Chuckles)

Neil: Hey, you heard from Malcolm?

Olivia: Mnh-mnh. You either?

Neil: No. Olivia, please understand that I-I am really sorry that I hurt him. I-I regret that I betrayed him. I-I really do.

Olivia: You just love your son.

Neil: I really-- I love my son. It's--it's the way he smiles at me deeply, you know? The way he holds me hand, the feedings. Even walking him in circles when he cries-- Olivia, it's a blessing that I've gotten to be there right from the very first moment of his life.

Olivia: Unlike Malcolm with Lily.

Neil: It cost Sofia so much being honest with Malcolm and me.

Olivia: But she did it.

Neil: She's a good woman. She sets a wonderful example for our son.

(Cell phone rings)

Lauren: Hi, Jill.

Jill: (Quietly) Hi, uh, Lauren, listen, I need a favor. I had to go out of town suddenly.

Lauren: Where are you?

Jill: I just remembered that today is Moses Winters' christening day, and I bought a present for the baby. It's in my desk-- also something that Neil had ordered.

Lauren: All right, you want me to deliver them to Neil's?

Jill: With my regrets, if you don't mind. I'm sorry. I know its short notice.

Lauren: Sure. Sure. I can do that for you. But you never told me where you are.

Jill: Great. Thank you so much. We'll talk when I get back. Bye.

Jill: Oh, my God.

Victoria: (Quietly) Okay, it's time.

Jill: (Sighs) Okay.

Victoria: Okay.

Jill: Okay.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: Oh, pretty. Oh, Gloria? We just noticed how beautiful the flowers are that you chose for the reception.

Gloria: Thank you, Ashley. Celebrating babies is good for the soul. Any other problems we have... (Sighs) Just forget about 'em. See you after the christening.

Ashley: Are you ready for this?

Tucker: Well, I'm trying to be. I haven't... (Sighs) I haven't seen Devon in quite a while. I'm, uh, I don't know. I'm feeling kinda...

Ashley: What? Unsure? It's gotta be a little unsettling for you.

Tucker: (Sighs) It's always so strange being around him. I mean, he's my son, but I've missed-- I've missed his life. I've missed most of his life. I would have stepped up if I had known about him. You know that.

Ashley: Tucker, that goes without saying.

Tucker: I'm glad you believe that. I just have to find a way to convince Devon. Let's go.

Ashley: Okay.

Sofia: (Chuckles)

Devon: Hey, there, little Moses. You're lookin' good, Buddy. Try not to upstage your big brother, 'cause I got a reputation to uphold. (Laughs)

Sofia: (Chuckles) Oh, look at those two gushing over him. Aren't they sweet?

Olivia: Mm-hmm. So how's it been going you staying here with Neil?

Sofia: Oh, wonderful. It's been so good having him here while I'm still used to-- trying to get used to being a mom and... but, um, Moses and I are going to be moving back to my place after the holidays.

Olivia: What? Neil's really gonna miss you.

Sofia: No, we're gonna make sure there's plenty of "Daddy and baby" time.

Olivia: (Chuckles)

Neil: Hey, uh, Sofia?

Sofia: Yeah?

Neil: Where'd you file those pictures we took yesterday?

Roxanne: I want to see those, too.

Olivia: Hey, Honey.

Lily: (Chuckles)

Olivia: So where's, uh, Cane?

Lily: Um, well, things are better between us, but we're taking things slow. And he's out of town anyway, so...

Olivia: Really? Where?

Lily: Mm-hmm. Um, he wouldn't, uh--

Devon: All right, Sofia went to, uh, double-check she had enough diapers, bottles, all that stuff for afterwards. We're gonna head to the church.

Lily: Okay. Okay, I'm gonna help her.

Olivia: Okay.

Devon: Okay.

Olivia: So... how are you doing, hmm?

Devon: Good.

Olivia: You and Tucker?

Devon: I haven't seen him.

Olivia: Devon, he's your biological father. You've got to have questions.

Devon: Not really. It doesn't really change anything. I already have a dad.

Olivia: Okay, how about your biological mother? Have you seen her?

Devon: Not since she left town.

Neil: Okay, everybody. I think that's it. We're ready. Let's go. Let's get out of here.

Devon: All right, all right, I got the man of the hour.

Neil: Nice.

Devon: Yep, all righty. Let's go.

Roxanne: Don't forget the camera.

Neil: Oh, yeah, the camera. It's, uh, uh, it's right there. It's on the kitchen counter. Thanks. Where's Sofia's coat?

Olivia: Uh, I got it here.

Neil: Oh, thank you. I appreciate that, Liv.

Sofia: Do you think he's gonna be warm enough?

Devon: Aren't babies always hot?

Lily: Uh, I'll grab an extra blanket.

Neil: (Laughs) What? Babies always hot? Where'd you get that from?

(Doorbell rings)

Neil: Come in! Are you-- are you kidding?

Devon: I don't-- I just heard that somewhere.

Lily: Hi, how are you?

Lauren: Congratulations. Hi.

Sofia: Thank you.

Neil: Good to see you, Lauren.

Lauren: I know you're thinking, why is she here? I've got Jill's gift for you and for the baby.

Sofia: Oh, thank you so much.

Lauren: Oh, he's so sweet.

Devon: All right, let's get loaded up, Guys. Excuse me.

Sofia: All right, come on. This way.

Neil: Yeah, I'll--I'll be, uh, right behind you guys. Right? Mm-hmm.

Lauren: (Chuckles) Hey.

Neil: Hey, Lauren, please, please tell me that Jill sent something else. Oh, great.

Lauren: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I got it. I got it.

Neil: Oh, great.

Lauren: Making you sweat. Listen, she's--she's so sorry she couldn't be here, but she had to take a last-minute trip.

Neil: That's okay. Thanks.

Lily: Oh, Jill's out of town?

Michael: Everything okay?

Victor: Victoria was just checking in.

Billy: Good.

Victor: She told me she went to New Mexico to visit that Sam fellow. She's gonna be longer than she thought.

Billy: Next time she calls, tell her I said hi.

Victor: Next time she calls, you won't be anywhere near here. You got it? And I do not want a repeat performance of this escape attempt. Do whatever you have to do.

Jill: Oh, I don't like this. We're all alone in this deserted area. Are we insane?

Victoria: Listen, that guy had Billy's money clip which proves that he's seen him or talked to him.

Jill: Yeah, I want to find him as much as you do, but I got a really bad feeling about this. Come on, let's get out of--

Victoria: (Sighs) Where's Billy?

Man: I take you to him now. Come on.

Jill: No, no, no. We're gonna stay here. You bring him to us.

Man: Is too dangerous.

Victoria: Okay, well, then call him so I can talk to him first.

Man: (Sighs) That’s not the way it works.

Jill: Well, it's working that way now. We're leaving. Come on.

Man: You're not going anywhere except with me.

Jill: (Whimpers) Ohh. (Sighs)

Reverend Fulton: So is everyone here?

Neil: Almost.

Sofia: We're just waiting on the godfather.

Reverend Fulton: Okay.

Ashley: Thanks.

Tucker: Well... (Sighs) Can you believe we're gettin' married here tomorrow?

Ashley: I do.

Tucker: Promise you'll say it just like that when it counts?

Ashley: (Laughs) I will.

Tucker: Okay.

Ashley: I've got a really good feeling about today.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: You ready to walk down the aisle?

Moses: (Cries)

Tucker: Okay, let's do it.

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: Hello, everyone.

Olivia: Hey, Ashley. Good to see you.

Ashley: Hi. Good to see you. Devon, Roxy, Lily, hi.

Lily: Hi.

Roxanne: Hello.

Sofia: Reverend, um, this is Tucker and Ashley McCall.

Reverend Fulton: Ahh, the godfather. Welcome, welcome.

Tucker: Thanks. Lookin' forward to it.

Ashley: Thank you.

Olivia: (Chuckles)

Tucker: Little Mo... (Kisses Moses) Man of the hour.

Reverend Fulton: Shall we begin?

Neil: Yes, everybody's here.

Olivia: Um, is this the right spot for me?

Reverend Fulton: Oh, yeah, it's good.

Sofia: (Chuckles)

Olivia: Hey, Sweetie. We love you.

Neil: My little man.

Olivia: We love you.

Neil: Yes, he is.

Reverend Fulton: Perfect. "As it is written, let the little children come to me and do not stop them, for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs. There is no greater joy than welcoming a child into God's family and into yours.

Olivia: That's right. (Whispers) That's right.

Tank: He must have been pretty ticked when he kicked this door in.

Billy: Yeah, well, that's Victor in a good mood.

Tank: You're lucky. Seein' this gave you time to come up with that escape story.

Billy: (Sighs)

Tank: You saved my job.

Billy: Hey, consider it payback for letting me get to the hospital to see my kid.

Tank: (Sighs) I'm sorry I hit you so hard.

Billy: Yeah, Man. You had to make it look good. Ooh, say, would you like me to return the favor? Knock you out so I can get the hell outta here?

Tank: (Chuckles) I wish I could, Billy.

Billy: Yeah, probably couldn't do it anyway. So any news on where I'm going to be exiled to?

Michael: Myanmar?

Victor: Yep.

Michael: (Sighs) For Victoria to take that kind of risk...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Michael: I don't think she's as over Billy as you think.

Victor: Oh, she will be. After his latest stunt, it's best that she's out of town until after he's gone.

Lauren: Hi.

Victor: Well.

Michael: Oh, hey. Coffee break?

Lauren: (Laughs) Belated.

Victor: Hello, Lauren.

Lauren: Hi. How are you?

Victor: Nice to see you. Have a seat.

Lauren: Good to see you. Well, I was actually here earlier, but I couldn't even put in an order, because Jill needed a favor.

Michael: Oh.

Victor: What did Jill want?

Lauren: Oh, well, Neil and Sofia's baby is being christened today, and she wanted me to deliver her present and tell them that she was out of town, although I have no idea where she went.

Michael: Oh, well, Jill is in Myanmar with Victoria.

Lauren: Isn't that dangerous?

Victor: Well, they realized what a mistake they made going there, so they're on their way back safe and sound.

Victoria: You don't know where Billy is, do you?

Man: I know you are rich American.

Jill: Yeah, we have enough money to put you in a world of hurt if you don't let us go.

Man: You're coming with me. Your relatives will pay.

Victoria: Are you gonna kill us?

Man: No, worse. Jail for very long time.

Jill: And how are you gonna do that?

Man: With this.

Victoria: Drugs.

Man: Police are already on their way. Come with me, or they find you with this.

Victoria: Billy was arrested for drugs.

Jill: And... you had Billy's money clip. You did the same thing to him, didn't you? Where is my son?

Man: Gone, as you will be, too, if you don't do as I say!

Victoria: Gone where?

Man: Shut up! Move! Both of you!

Jill: All right.

Man: And don't try anything stupid.

Jill: We're going. We're going.

Man: (Grunts)

Victoria: (Gasps)

Jill: (Gasps)

Cane: (Grunts)

Victoria and Jill: (Gasp)

Man: (Grunts)

Cane: (Grunts)

Jill: Oh! Oh!

Cane: (Grunts, sighs)

Jill: Oh, my God.

Victoria: Are you all right?

Cane: I'm all right. Let's get out of here.

Victoria: But wait. He might know something about Billy.

Jill: No, no, no, the whole thing's probably a scam anyway.

Victoria: What?!

Cane: All right, listen. We don't know who we can trust. Let's go. Come on. This way.

Jill: Careful. Careful.

Cane: All right, let's go.

Billy: You still didn't answer me.

Tank: Your final destination?

Billy: Ow.

Tank: Sorry, no clue.

Billy: (Sighs) What do you think the chances are that Victor's gonna take me to Tahiti? (Chuckles) Not good, huh? Mm. You know, he really is an S.O.B.

Tank: He must really want to see you suffer.

Billy: Personally, I think in a past life, he headed up the Salem witch trials. He probably lobbed off a few heads in the French revolution, too.

Tank: Look, any guy who'd do what you did to see a sick kid is stand-up in my book. (Sighs) It's a shame Mr. Newman can't see that.

Billy: (Sighs) I blew any chance of that ever happening.

Tank: What'd you do, Billy?

Billy: (Sighs) I messed up. I messed up bad, and Victor's never gonna stop letting me suffer for it.

Michael: You know I'm always glad to see you, but today... (Sighs)

Lauren: Are you particularly glad?

Michael: Oh, Baby.

Lauren: (Chuckles)

Michael: You don't know. (Chuckles)

Lauren: (Chuckles) So how's your afternoon? You busy?

Michael: Uh, I thought I had to resolve a... (Sighs) Crisis for Victor, but, uh, fortunately, it has resolved itself. And you?

Lauren: Oh, I have a ton of Black Friday ads on my desk waiting for my review.

Michael: Or...

Lauren: Or? What?

Michael: Maybe we can, um, review this.

Lauren: (Laughs) (Gasps) Oh, you are so on.

Michael: Come on.

Lauren: No, you don't even need to talk anymore. Let's go.

Michael: (Laughs)

Lauren: (Laughs) Definitely.

Michael: Come on, I'll race you. (Laughs)

Lauren: We are going. Oh, yeah, you're gonna race me while I hobble to the car?

Reverend Fulton: What name have you chosen for this child?

Both: Moses Dupre Winters.

Sofia: (Giggles)

Reverend Fulton: We christen you, Moses Dupre Winters, that you may know the pure and holy spirit of God, your eternal source of faith. Olivia, Tucker, as godparents to Moses, you are charged with the responsibility of seeing to the spiritual welfare of this child should the need arise. Do you accept this duty and charge?

Olivia: I do. (Chuckles)

Tucker: I do.

Reverend Fulton: Do you promise to love, honor, support, and encourage this child throughout his life?

Moses: (Coos)

Sofia: I do.

Tucker: I do.

Reverend Fulton: The best thing anyone can give a child is not money or material things, but time and attention. The years of childhood fly by quickly, and there is no getting them back. The best example parents can set for a child is by loving...

Moses: (Babbles)

Reverend Fulton: And respecting each other. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Amen.

All: Amen.

Reverend Fulton: Congratulations.

Sofia: Oh, thank you, Reverend.

Neil: Thank you.

Roxanne: That was such a beautiful service.

Neil: Thank you, Sofia. Hey, um, excuse me for a second, okay?

Sofia: Okay.

Tucker: The godfather gets a turn, too.

Olivia: Yes, ohh.

Neil: Victor.

Victor: I hope you don't mind I showed up.

Neil: Are you kidding me? I'm very honored.

Victor: Knowing how much you love children, Neil, that boy is very lucky to have you as a father.

Neil: I appreciate that, seeing how things have been so difficult between us recently.

Victor: Um... a little christening gift. I... something for the boy's future.

Neil: Wow, you-- you shouldn't have. Well, I'm glad you did, but does this make, uh, Moses the youngest Newman stockholder maybe? Right?

Victor: (Chuckles)

Neil: (Chuckles)

(Camera shutter clicks)

Sofia: Ahh, got it. (Laughs)

Lily: Tucker's great with the baby.

Devon: Who would have thought?

Olivia: You know, Devon's life would have been so different if Tucker had known about him.

Ashley: Mm, I think it would have been wonderful for both of them, Liv.

Olivia: But then again, he wouldn't have been in Neil and Dru's family.

Ashley: That's true. I guess everything does happen for a reason, right?

Olivia: Mm-hmm. (Chuckles)

Sofia: Victor, so glad you could join us.

Victor: Congratulations.

Sofia: Oh, thank you.

Victor: That's a healthy-looking baby. My goodness.

Neil: Yes, he is. That's my little man right there.

Victor: Yeah. (Chuckles)

Neil: And, you know, Victor, we're going to be having a reception for him at the Gloworm. If you wanted to join us, that would be great.

Sofia: Yeah.

Victor: I would love to, but I'm very busy. I have something to deal with, but thank you for the invitation, all right? Hey.

Neil: Of course.

Billy: After we lost Lucy, I felt like every time Victoria looked at me, she blamed me.

Tank: Did she say that?

Billy: No, she didn't say it. It's just the way she looked, how sad she was, I mean, that was worse than the words, you know? (Scoffs) So I, uh, I cut and ran, Man. Told myself she'd be better without me.

Tank: (Sighs) Man, I-I've been there.

Billy: (Sighs) All this happened because I took off. But if I'd just stayed here and dealt with my own crap, I'd be here for when Delia got sick. Victoria would know I never stopped loving her. You know, I can't even blame her for turning to some other guy.

Tank: That Sam guy Victor was talking about? The one she's visiting?

Billy: I just hope she's happy, and that she has a good time on her birthday.

Tank: When's that?

Billy: It's tomorrow. It's tomorrow.

Jill: Why are you even here?

Cane: I followed you.

Jill: But how? Nobody knew where we were going.

Cane: Aah!

Jill: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Cane: I, uh, you know, you had to get a visa, so, um... (Winces) Ow. Thank you.

Victoria: Do you think Billy's dead?

Neil: Hey, is he asleep?

Sofia: Oh, knocked out from the big day. (Chuckles)

Neil: Oh, good.

Gloria: And sparkling ciders as requested.

Sofia: Oh, thank you, Gloria.

Gloria: Enjoy.

Sofia: Is someone giving a toast or...

Tucker: Uh, I'd like to. To Moses. May he have a wonderful life. And to Sofia and Neil. Enjoy every moment with him. To Moses.

All: To Moses!

Roxanne: Cheers.

Olivia: Cheers.

(Glasses clink)

Neil: So... mmm. Listen, we're all family here, right? And, uh, we all know the circumstances behind Moses' birth. But that doesn't change the fact that I have a beautiful baby boy whom I pray to God that I will be able to do right by.

Lily: You will, Dad.

Devon: No doubt.

Neil: And I will be eternally grateful to Sofia, who did all the work.

Sofia: Oh, Neil. (Giggles)

Neil: As a matter of fact, look what I have hiding for you.

Sofia: Oh, what is this?

Neil: Well, you're gonna have to open it and find out.

Sofia: (Giggles) (Gasps) Neil. (Gasps) It's beautiful.

Neil: Mm-hmm. That's Moses' birthstone. And his birth date is engraved right underneath there.

Sofia: (Gasps) Wow. Oh, see?

Neil: Here, bring it out. You can put it on.

Sofia: Okay.

Neil: All right? (Chuckles)

Sofia: (Chuckles)

Lily: (Chuckles)

Neil: There you go.

Sofia: It is so beautiful.

Neil: So is our boy. Thank you. Thank you, Sofia.

Tank: Secrets. In my line of work, I've seen a lot of people try to cover them up.

Billy: How does it usually work out?

Tank: The truth always comes out in the end.

Billy: Well, I hope it does, and soon.

(Door rattles)

Billy: (Scoffs)

Tank: Do you want me to repair that door, Mr. Newman?

Victor: No, thank you, Tank. That won't be necessary. Billy will be on a flight tomorrow.

Billy: Headed where?

Victor: From Genoa City to New York, New York to New Delhi.

Billy: India?

Man: This couldn't wait until the morning?

Jill: Here, for your trouble.

Man: What is it you need?

Jill: Have you found out anything else about my son or where he is?

Man: Uh, you know, I wish I had better news for you, but there's no record of this man being released from prison and as before, no record of his leaving the country.

Victoria: Then where is he?

Man: Well, sadly, many people disappear without a trace.

Victoria: Because they're dead.

Cane: Thank you for your help. There's something I should tell you guys.

Michael: (Sighs)

Lauren: (Giggles)

Michael: Mm. (Sighs)

Lauren: (Laughs)

Michael: Mm. Hmm.

Lauren: Hmm?

Michael: Uh...

Lauren: Hmm?

Michael: Uh-huh. About that, uh, little nothin'...

Lauren: Oh, you mean this nothing?

Michael: Listen, Mrs. Baldwin.

Lauren: Yes?

Michael: We bumped into each other by chance. I seduced you on a whim, so, um, how come...

Lauren: The nothing?

Michael: Uh-huh. Yeah.

Lauren: Well, you see, I had plans for you for tonight.

Michael: Ohh.

Lauren: And, uh, since we're playing hooky today...

Michael: (Sighs) When is Fenmore home?

Lauren: (Laughs) Not for a couple of hours.

Michael: Okay. Okay. Okay.

Lauren: Okay?

Michael: Here's to nothing. Come here.

Lauren: (Laughs) Good job. (Chuckles) Mm.

Lily: I'm so happy for you two.

Sofia: Aw.

Neil: Give the twins a kiss for us, will you?

Lily: All right, I will.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Olivia: Yeah. Mwah! And you, I will see tomorrow.

Ashley: Well, I certainly hope so.

Olivia: You will.

Ashley: Mwah.

Olivia: Have a good night.

Ashley: You, too.

Olivia: Bye.

Sofia: Bye.

Neil: Bye. Drive safe.

Tucker: Hey, Devon? Well, we, uh, we managed to attend this christening together. I was hoping you'd reconsider and come to the wedding.

Devon: This is a little different. You know? Excuse me, though. I have to get back to Roxanne.

Ashley: Just give it some time.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Neil: Oh, oh, oh, Gloria, um, cash or credit card?

Gloria: Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh.

Neil: What?

Gloria: Your money is no good here, Neil.

Neil: What?

Gloria: Tucker's taking care of everything.

Sofia: What?

Neil: Tu--no, I-I-I-- I can't let him do that. No.

Gloria: Shh. Why not?

Sofia: Yeah, it's a gift Neil, just like Victor's or Jill's. It's a gift.

Neil: (Clears throat) Hi, Tucker. Thank you, um, very much. That was very generous of you to take care of the bill.

Tucker: Don't mention it.

Sofia: (Chuckles)

Tucker: You two including me in that little boy's life, that means the world to me.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Neil: Yeah, thanks.

Ashley: We should go. We got a lot to do tomorrow. (Laughs)

Tucker: We sure do. We do.

Ashley: Big day.

Sofia: Give me a call if you need anything, okay? I am the best woman, after all.

Ashley: That's right. Right.

Tucker: Yes, you are. And I will call you if I need you.

Sofia: Okay. (Chuckles) Good night.

Neil: Bye-bye.

Tucker: Yeah.

Sofia: (Laughs) Good night.

Ashley: Take care. Mwah.

Sofia: Mwah. Bye.

Roxanne: (Chuckles)

Neil: Oh, look a-here.

Sofia: Oh, the lovebirds.

Neil: All right, doin' good? Everything good?

Devon: Couldn't be better.

Neil: Yep.

Roxanne: Thank you so much for inviting me.

Sofia: Oh, it's always good to see you. (Chuckles)

Devon: I will call you later, okay?

Neil: Yeah. I love you, Man.

Devon: Love you, too.

Neil: All right.

Sofia: Bye.

Devon: Good to see you. Mwah.

Neil: Roxy?

Roxanne: Bye.

Neil: You know I love you, too. Bye.

Roxanne: Mwah.

Neil: Thanks for comin'.

Roxanne: Yep.

Sofia: (Sighs)

Neil: (Clears throat)

Sofia: This was a beautiful christening. (Sighs)

Neil: Yeah, it really was. And, Sofia, it, uh, you know, it has me thinking.

Sofia: Thinking? About what?

Neil: Well, I know I told you that you and Moses should stay with me throughout the holidays and--

Sofia: Oh, well, if-- if that's a problem, Neil, look, we can just start moving, or--

Neil: No, no, no, no, no, no. No, the problem is that we have two different homes, right? And that means Moses has two different rooms. And that makes me a part-time dad, and I don't want that.

Sofia: (Sighs) What are you saying?

Neil: Maybe... we should get married.

Cane: I don't believe Billy's dead.

Victoria: (Sighs) But where is he? Where? Where?

Cane: Look, it's almost morning. We should get to the airport and get the first flight out of here, okay?

Victoria: I'm not leaving if Billy is still here. You understand?

Jill: Yes.

Cane: All right, listen, listen, okay? It's not safe to stay. After what happened tonight, we should go, okay?

Jill: (Clears throat)

Victoria: Jill, what should we do?

Jill: I don't know. I don't know what we should do, but we're not giving up, okay? You know what? The state department--we'll work through them. Katherine's got a lot of connections. We will find answers.

Cane: All right, listen, there is no proof that Billy is dead.

Victoria: Yeah, there's no proof that he's alive.

Cane: Uh, he wouldn't want you risking your life, okay? To try and find him like this. It's too dangerous. Let's just go.

Victoria: Okay. All right, we'll go home.

Cane: Okay.

Victor: I made arrangements for you to go to a retreat at a monastery.

Billy: Drafty building, guys in robes chanting?

Victor: Yeah, a lot of chanting. Yeah. It's what I had to do during a particularly difficult time in my life. I found the experience very renewing.

Billy: Yeah? I can be renewed right here.

Victor: Mm-hmm. This ain't the right surrounding, Billy. You'll love it. Ideal place to just... reflect upon your life. No phones, no television, no internet, no electricity.

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Delia: I want Daddy.

Chloe: I know, Baby. I know you do.

Chance: None of us care whatever your intentions are. All that we care about is that you stop hurting her.

Victor: I'll love nothing more than erasing you from her memory.

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