Y&R Transcript Monday 11/7/11

Y&R Transcript Monday 11/7/11


Episode # 9774 ~ Phyllis Catches Nick With Avery

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Avery: That was a very interesting negotiating style you have, Mr. Newman.

Nick: (Sighs) (sighs) Well, the first rule of a successful negotiation is to only accept a creative outcome.

Avery: Then by that standard, I'd say we were very successful. No one could have predicted this outcome.

Nick: Yeah. (Sighs)

Avery: So what's next?

[From speakerphone]

Nick: I'll kill you... I'll kill you... I'll kill you... I'll kill you...

Ronan: Who is this?

Phyllis: That--that--

Ronan: Who is this?

Phyllis: That couldn't have been what it sounded like. There's no way. Wait. No, no. Who are you calling?

Ronan: I'm calling my C.S.I. department to track that call.

Genevieve: Um, should I wait outside?

Woman: No, come in, I was just gettin' ready to remove her bandages.

Myrna: No, you're not.

Woman: She's concerned about the way she'll look.

Genevieve: Because of the burns. But it will heal faster if it's open to the air, right?

Myrna: I don't want anyone to see me.

Genevieve: Well, then I've got good news for you, Myrna. They've finished the work on the lake house. I'm moving back in today, and I can bring you with me. You'll have total privacy there. Hardly anyone ever comes to visit me, except for Jack, of course, and you're used to having him around.

Myrna: No! Just leave me alone.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: You're welcome.

Jack: What is this? You got my coffee?

Ashley: Don't get used to it.

Jack: Oh, believe me, we can find better ways to use your time and talents at Jabot.

Tucker: Uh, hold on a minute, Jack. We still have a wedding and a honeymoomin' up.

Jack: You start whenever you like.

Ashley: Actually, I've already kind of started. I'm meeting Victoria, you know?

Jack: To discuss the charity fund-raiser we're cosponsoring?

Ashley: Yes, here she is. Hi.

Victoria: Hello, hi.

Jack: Hey. Hello there.

Victoria: Hello there.

Jack: Good to see you.

Victoria: Good to see you.

Jack: The one Newman I can always work with.

Victor: You know, I'll never forget the remark you made after the first board meeting when you said to me that if I'd kept you on, Newman Enterprises would have benefitted.

Adam: You've been mulling that over all this time, have you? Even while you were busy kicking me off the board?

Victor: Board members are outsiders, you know. They're allowed to approve or disapprove of what I do but they have no role in long-term planning.

Adam: And I would?

Victor: If you accept my offer, yeah.

Nick: I'm gonna be honest with you. I don't have a real great track record when it come predicting what happens next.

Avery: So we just let this ride, see what happens?

Nick: If you're cool with that.

Avery: So far, it's working pretty well where are you going?

Nick: Don't worry. I'll be back.

(Water turns on)

(Cell phone rings)

Avery: (Sighs)

(Ring) (Ring)

Avery: Hello, Phyllis. It's Avery. You're looking for Nick?

Phyllis: Yeah. I'm looking for Nick. That's why I called his phone, Avery.

Avery: Uh, he just stepped away or a minute.

Phyllis: Where is he?

Avery: My room at the club.

Phyllis: Okay. Can you--can you keep him there? I need to talk to him.

Avery: Yeah, I can do that.

Phyllis: I'll be right over.

Phyllis: What did you find out? Can you tell me?

Ronan: No, I can’t. But I'd very interested to hear your theory about what we just heard.

Phyllis: I think somebody is trying to misdirect you, obviously, by steering you away from who the real killer is, making it look like Nick was--

Ronan: Threatening Diane?

Phyllis: Oh, come on, Detective. That's so easy to do. Just splice up a recording. I mean, that's what Adam does all the time. He's a pro at that. Talk to Ashley.

Ronan: You know, you're right. Ashley may know somethin about that phone call. You wouldn't happen to know where Nick is right now, would you?

Phyllis: All the thoughts of Nick just were driven right out my head by you.

Ronan: (Sighs) About that-- that thing... that kind of thing-- it really needs to wait until I catch Diane's murderer.

Phyllis: Okay.

Genevieve: You know, I'm not above a little feminine vanity. But you must be realistic. You can't stay hidden 24/7.

Myrna: Just when you have company.

Genevieve: (Sighs)

Myrna: I wouldn't want to drive Jack out of the house.

Genevieve: Your face wouldn't drive Jack away. Come on now. Take a look.

Myrna: (Sighs) It's perfect. Thank you.

Jack: Well, I like that idea-- the proceeds going to burn victims.

Ashley: You've seen firsthand what it's like to go through something like that, right? With Genevieve’s housekeeper.

Jack: Yeah, I wonder if we could get her to talk about it at the event.

Victoria: Yeah, it could be very powerful, bring in lot of donations.

Tucker: You know, McCall, Unlimited would be very happy to cosponsor this shindig, if no one objects.

Ashley: I think we'd love that right?

Victoria: Yeah, of course.

Jack: Well, it goes to show you we can be fierce competitors in business and still work together when it counts.

Ashley: Well, especially since we are related by marriage.

Tucker: (Chuckles)

Victoria: Uh... (Sighs)

Ashley: What?

Victoria: Uh, well, this really may not be the best time to bring this up, but it doesn't look like Billy’s coming back anytime soon, and as sad as it makes me, I-I feel that it's time for me to move on.

Ashley: That makes me really sad, too. Billy was at his very best with you, Vicki.

Victoria: Thank you for saying that.

Ashley: It's true.

Victoria: Yeah, thank you. I can't believe that, uh, that he's done this.

Adam: What are you up to?

Victor: You know, you kept telling me that I robbed you of the opportunity to prove yourself in the business world. Now it's time to put up or shut up.

Adam: Meanwhile, you'd be setting me up?

Victor: You must have more confidence in yourself and your value to the company.

Adam: My value would depend entirely upon my authority. I have no interest in being Victoria's underling.

Victor: That's not what I had in mind, Adam.

Adam: Okay, well, at the very least, if we’re actually talking about this...

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: I would need to have equal footing with Victoria.

Victor: Why don't you come to my office and we'll discuss the details? How's that?

Adam: Um, no, there's no point in that. Not if you can't meet my terms. Will my role at the company be on par with Victoria's?

Victor: All right. If it's that important to you, then, um, the answer's yes.

Jack: (Sighs)

Genevieve: Here we are.

Myrna: (Sighs) How pretty.

Genevieve: Oh, where did that come from?

Myrna: Well, here's a card.

Genevieve: Oh

Jack: Hey, perfect timing.

Genevieve: Jack I didn't see your car outside.

Jack: Yeah, I came in the back door. I stopped to get some groceries.

Genevieve: Oh, thank you. That's so thoughtful.

Jack: Oh, well, I just picked up a few essentials. How are you doing, Myrna? I'm--I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Genevieve: Uh, she's just little tired. That's all. I mean, it was quite an ordeal getting those bandages off, wasn't it?

Jack: Hey, I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope you'll tell me if there's any way I can help you at all.

Genevieve: Um, is the basket from you?

Jack: Yeah, it's for Myrna.

Genevieve: Oh. (Chuckles)

Jack: I hope you like it.

Genevieve: Wow. How is it possible that a man as wonderful as you is still single?

Jack: I don't know. I guess you're just lucky.

Genevieve: I guess I am.

Jack: (Chuckles)

Genevieve: (Chuckles)

Adam: And I also want my seat on the board back.

Victor: Possibility. We can discuss that down the road if all goes well.

Adam: So what are you proposing? That I be on some kind of probationary status at first?

Victor: Well, obviously, there are... there are certain limits in regard to the risks I'm willing to take. But if you prove yourself to the company and prove your loyalty to me, then we can expand those limits.

Adam: You're not the only one taking a risk here. So I hope you'll understand that I might want to micromanage this, uh, this contract.

Victor: Yeah?

Adam: I need to mess with it myself. I don't want you injecting anything tricky in there.

Victor: (Chuckles) I have a feeling both of our lawyers are going to take a very close look.

Adam: I think this'll be a very interesting chess game.

Victor: Hopefully a productive one.

Victoria: (Sighs) (Humming)

Adam: Hey, Sis.

Victoria: What are you doing here?

Adam: Uh, there were no offices available.

Victoria: I'm calling security and having you thrown out.

Adam: You're gonna be disappointed, 'cause they're not gonna do that, seeing as I work here. Yeah, Dad, uh, he figured he needed a little more help than you could provide.

Victoria: Dad hired you?

Adam: Mm-hmm, just now.

Victor: Are you serious? He said that? Well, kindly remind him that Newman Enterprises has a better credit rating than that puny country is worth, all right? You do that.

Victoria: Please tell me it's not true. You didn't just hire Adam.

Victor: I did.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Avery: I wish you didn't have to go.

Nick: Well, you may have wrapped up your case, but I still have deadlines to meet. So what'd you do with my shirt?

Avery: Oh, let's retrace your steps. Where were you when I last ripped it off your body?

Nick: Maybe it was over here.

Avery: Mm-hmm.

(Knock on door)

Nick: Did you order room service?

Avery: Unh-unh.

Nick: Are you expecting someone?

Avery: No.

Nick: Aha.

Ashley: Oh, so I got a hold of my friend I told you about, the sommelier.

Tucker: Uh-huh. Did he recommend a champagne for the wedding?

Ashley: Yeah, yeah. This one right there. What do you think?

Tucker: This one. Let's see. Oh, yeah. Good choice.

Ashley: I thought so.

Tucker: So what else is there left to do?

Ashley: Um... (Sighs) Oh, I was gonna ask Billy to walk me own the aisle with Jack, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen.

Tucker: Well, you never know about Billy boy. He might just surprise you.

Ashley: Mm. Well, at least Jack's being supportive, right?

Tucker: Mm. Its funny how less objectionable I am now that I sold him Jabot.

Ashley: (Chuckles) It's not just you. He's in love with the whole world now. He's been living with that burden for so long-- losing Jabot. Now it's been lifted.

Tucker: Yeah, he's a new man.

Ashley: Mm-hmm.

Tucker: It's good to see.

Ashley: It is good to see. Jack and I have both been given fresh starts... because of you.

Jack: Hey, is Myrna okay?

Genevieve: She's fine.

Jack: Hey, did I just say anything to upset her? I--

Genevieve: No, she is just very self-conscious about her face right now. We got her the veil, but still... she was always shy to begin with.

Jack: Wow, how am I ever going to get her to reveal all your dirty little secrets if she won't even talk to me?

Genevieve: Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to discover my dirty little secrets on your own.

Jack: Ooh, on my own?

Genevieve: Mm. (Laughs)

Jack: I mean, seriously, I was going to ask her if she'd be willing to speak at this fund-raiser we're planning. What do you think chances are?

Genevieve: (Sighs) Don't get your hopes up. She's more open with me now, since we've been through this crisis together, but strangers? I think that's a very different story.

Jack: I bet I could talk her into it.

Genevieve: Oh, you think so, do you?

Jack: No, I'd wait till she got to know me better.

Genevieve: Uh-huh. And if it didn't happen?

Jack: Well, I mean, come on once she gets to know me what's not to love?

Genevieve: (Laughs)

Victor: Please have a seat, Darling. I'll explain

Victoria: I am not gonna have a seat. What is going on here? I don't understand. What did he do? Did he blackmail you?

Victor: Nothing like that.

Victoria: How can you even think about hiring him back here, Dad?

Victor: Listen, I'm tired of having to worry about what that boy is up to when he's out there on his own, all right? I want him here where I can keep an eye on him.

Victoria: (Scoffs) You're giving him access. He's just gonna sabotage us again. Do you remember what he did last time? He made an anonymous phone call to the S.E.C. to report me. I may not be able to prove it, but I know it was him.

Victor: And I understand all of your objections, and I agree with them. But I have a feeling we'll make him a productive member of this company.

Victoria: It's not worth it. It's not worth the risk. And you know what? I won't work with him.

Victor: As long as you work for me, you have no choice about that.

Victoria: (Scoffs)

Nick: (Sighs)

Avery: I'm gonna go downstairs.

Nick: You don't have to do that.

Avery: Uh, it's okay. It's checkout time, and there are some things I need to talk to them about. You two talk.

Phyllis: Are you still gonna tell me nothing's going on between you two?

Nick: Well, actually, when I told you that, it was true.

Phyllis: You didn't waste any time making it untrue, did you? What are you doing? I guess you're gonna tell me it's my fault, aren't you? And, you know, I think it is my fault. I think it is, because I told you I had issues with Avery. And you seem to find that irresistible in a woman.

Nick: What are you talking about?

Phyllis: I'm talking about all of these women, all of them-- Sharon, Diane, Avery. They all have two tings in common-- they hate me and they all seem to have sex with you.

Nick: This is not about you.

Phyllis: It's entirely about me! It is all about me, all of this. You're angry at me, so you lash out like this. (Sighs)

Nick: No, no, no.

Phyllis: Yes, yes. Yes. There's--there’s no way you could have hurt me more than this. There is no way. My God, given—given our history and our marriage... (Sighs)

Nick: No one set out to hurt you. It just...

Phyllis: No one set out to hurt me? Really? Because I gave you a phone call. I called you, and Avery picked up. She told me exactly where you were, and where to find you. I said I was on my way over here, and she said, "Okay, sure." She didn't do that to hurt me? You have no idea what you're talking about regarding her. No idea. But you probably get off on this, don't you? You probably really get off on this--somebody hurting me.

Nick: All right, that's enough. That's enough.

Phyllis: Somebody twisting--

Nick: That's enough!

Phyllis: No, it's not enough! I'll tell you when it's enough! (Sighs)

Nick: Why-- why'd you even call?

Phyllis: Why'd I call? You know why I called? I called because I was calling to help you. (Voice cracks) I was calling to help you. (Normal voice) I'm an idiot. No more. You're on your own

Nick: Look, say what you gotta say.

Phyllis: I was with Ronan, and... (Scoffs) You know what? No. I'm not gonna leave. You don't have my back. You never have my back-- ever, ever. At the magazine, in our marriage, never. I'm gonna say this to you now. You got it? You don't protect me! You don't care, obviously! (Sighs) You don't protect me with the story about Devon, the pictures of Adam and Heather. You don't care. And I came here to tell you that you've just jumped up a few notches on Ronan's suspect list. Yeah, that's what I came here to tell you. Somebody sent him the audio of you threatening Diane. How about that?

Nick: He told you that?

Phyllis: No, I was in his office. I heard it on speakerphone.

Nick: (Sighs) I should have been straightforward with Ronan from the beginning like Michael told me to. Did you tell him the whole story?

Phyllis: No, I didn't tell him the whole story. I protected you. Don't expect that to continue.

Nick: Are you-- part of the reason I was in that park arguing with Diane was 'cause she attacked you. Did you forget that part?

Phyllis: Oh, you're so lovely, Nick. You're so noble and wonderful. Thank you. I suppose you're gonna tell me that, uh, you killed Diane for me, and I wouldn't put it past you right now.

Nick: I was not the one chasing her with a rock that night. Did you forget that part? Did you? Did you tell Ronan that? Did you tell Ronan about the footage in the warehouse?

Phyllis: No, I didn’t.

Nick: Then don’t. Look, I appreciate you telling me that Ronan got that call. I do.

Phyllis: Go to hell.

(Cell phone rings)

Ashley: Hi. Is everything okay?

Nick: Ronan got a call like the one I've been getting.

Ashley: So he heard the voice mail?

Nick: Yes.

Ashley: Oh, no. Um, I can't talk right now, okay?

(Knock on door)

Ronan: Hey, Nick. Just saw Phyllis n the lobby. She told me I could find you here.

Tucker: Hey. You know what? Our wedding is gonna be great. No matter who walks you down the aisle, no matter what we serve, it's gonna be great.

Ashley: If Diane could find a way to reach up from hell and somehow destroy my wedding day, she would do it.

Tucker: Why are you bringing her up?

Ashley: How did you get that poison sumac again?

Tucker: I told you, I fell into it. What-- what are you asking me?

Ashley: I'm not asking you anything. I'm sorry. Forget it. Forget it. I'm so sorry.

Tucker: No, no, no, no. Listen, Darlin', listen. Come here. You want me to give you a play-by-play again? I will. I'll do that for you.

Avery: Thank you.

Avery: Finished with Nick?

Phyllis: Yeah, I'm finished. You can have my sloppy seconds. I really don't care. Too bad you're leaving town. I have some old shoes that I need to get rid of.

Avery: Oh, but I'm not leaving town.

Phyllis: (Sighs) I thought you were checking out.

Avery: So did the front desk. That's why I had to go talk to them about extending my stay until my new place is ready.

Phyllis: Your new place?

Avery: I'm staying in Genoa City... permanently.

Nick: (Sighs)

Ronan: So Phyllis told you, I assume, about that call I got, right?

Nick: Yeah.

Ronan: Yeah. Do you care to explain?

Nick: I can’t. I don't know where it came from.

Ronan: Then how about this? You tell me what you do know, and maybe I can help you find the answer to that.

Nick: How about this? I'm not gonna answer anything else until I get my lawyer here.

Ronan: Of course. (Chuckles) I finally understand what that call you made to Ashley was about on the night of the murder. That recording I heard, that was what you left on her voice mail, right? And then someone else got a hold of it when Ashley lost her phone.

Nick: What were you doing with Phyllis? And why would you put a call like that on speakerphone in front of a journalist?

Ronan: Come on, Nick. I gave your magazine an exclusive. Are you complaining?

Nick: It's not really like you to be cooperative with the press. I mean, you and Phyllis worked so hard to free Sharon. Now you're sharing evidence with her in a murder investigation. She used to be a suspect. Is she detective now?

Phyllis: I was right. You didn't come her for Sharon’s trial.

Avery: Oh, why did I come here, Phyllis?

Phyllis: You came here for me, to deliver your own brand of justice because I left...

Avery: (Scoffs)

Phyllis: That freak show that was our home.

Avery: Okay, you may tell yourself that...

Phyllis: I left that betrayal.

Avery: To rationalize leaving us, but that as not how it went down, and you know it.

Phyllis: (Sighs) Oh, you are so brainwashed by them. I... (Sighs) Are you--are you telling me...that you believe him? Are you telling me that you believe he's innocent?

Avery: He--he was innocent.

Phyllis: And you don't believe that she turned a blind eye?

Avery: There is no way that Daddy bilked those people out of their life savings.

Phyllis: Oh, my God. Yes, he did. Yes, he did, Avery, amongst many other things. And those people are innocent, vulnerable people who believe that they were gonna live the rest of their life in comfort and security in that facility, and because of our father, they were not allowed to.

Avery: Dad was a scapegoat. It was the facility. They're to blame.

Phyllis: Oh, I cannot believe you. No, the evidence was overwhelming.

Avery: The evidence was circumstantial.

Phyllis: I-I-I can't talk to you about this.

Avery: No, no, no.

Phyllis: I can' talk about this.

Avery: Because--that's why. Because you turned your back on him when he needed you the most, making it look all the worse. His own daughter didn't believe him.

Phyllis: Of course I didn't believe him, 'cause he's crazy.

Avery: You know what? I-I find it fascinating that you are so deeply ashamed that our father was accused of theft, yet you go and you steal photographs. I wonder how your kids are gonna feel when they find out what you've done.

Phyllis: A-a-all right. You're crossing the line. You're crossing the line. You know that?

Avery: I've made a career out of it, a good career.

Phyllis: Yeah, you have, Sweetie. You've made a huge career out of it, haven't you? A huge career, but in your entire career, you have never, ever... (Voice breaks) Come across someone like me. You have never. (Normal voice) You want to go after me? Fine. Bring it. I don't really care. I can take it. But if you go after my children, I--look at me-- it is war.

Genevieve: So don't get me wrong. I am excited about the attention that we'll receive from the benefit. I just don't like the idea of sharing it with Beauty of Nature.

Jack: Well, I mean, that is the point of the whole thing. The cause is bigger than the rivalry.

Genevieve: Mm, well, maybe I can come up with some sort of a subtle way that we could upstage them.

Jack: Well, does it maybe help if you think of it as just another division of Jabot?

Genevieve: (Chuckles)

Jack: Hopefully with a little time, that's exactly what Beauty of Nature is going to be.

Genevieve: Once you take them over?

Adam: So... what'd Dad have to say?

Victoria: He said to suck it up and find a way to deal with you.

Adam: Look, I don't think that, uh, anyone is under any illusion that you and I are gonna become BFFs, but if you give me a chance, give me a little time, you'll see that I'll make a valuable contribution here.

Victoria: Hmm. Possibly, if we had any babies that needed kidnapping or deaths that needed faking. But as it is, we don't have use for someone with your skills around here.

Adam: Touché. But Dad disagrees with you.

Victoria: Well, Dad is out of his mind for letting you back in the building, let alone the company.

Adam: Mm. You should tell him that in those words. Better yet, you could resign in protest.

Victoria: No, I'm not going anywhere. I'm gonna be right here looking over your shoulder, watching every move that you make. Say hello to your new shadow.

Ashley: Obviously I don't think that you killed Diane. It's just that this investigation is ragging on and on and on, and it's casting a pall on what should be a wonderful time, and I'm just frustrated.

Tucker: Okay.

Ashley: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. That was stupid, and I shouldn't have vent--

Tucker: No, no, no, no.

Ashley: I shouldn't have brought it up.

Tucker: Don't even mention it.

Ashley: (Sighs) Diane has already created so much turmoil in my life she's not gonna ruin my wedding day.

Ronan: What are you getting at?

Nick: It's hardly... professional, you letting a reporter get this involved in a murder investigation, especially when she's supposed to be a suspect.

Ronan: What if the time I spend with Phyllis has nothing to do with the investigation? What if I just enjoy her company?

Nick: Am I supposed to believe there's something going on between you two?

Ronan: If there were, how would that make you feel? Jealous? Angry? Yeah. Anger. But obviously, not as much anger as you felt towards Diane. Right? I don't know. Maybe you just like to beat up on defenseless women. Okay. I'm gonna be keeping an eye on you, Nick. (Sighs) Oh, and, uh, and Phyllis, too.

Avery: If you'd let me finish, I'm staying in town because I have another case.

(Cell phone rings)

Avery: That's my client now. I have to take this.

Phyllis: I mean it, Avery watch your step.


Avery: Hello, Daisy.

Daisy: Congratulations on getting Sharon set free.

Avery: Thank you. Now let's work on making the same thing happen for you and get you back together with your daughter.

Adam: I think it'll be good for you shadowing me. It'll be an education on how things in the business world are supposed to be one, kind of like an internship.

Victoria: I'm gonna get you fired before the ink on your contract is even dry.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Victor: How did it go?

Victoria: He fell or it.

Victor: Good.

Genevieve: So you're ready to make your move on Beauty of Nature?

Jack: I am on my way to the office right now to focus on just that.

Genevieve: I wish I could go with you, but--

Jack: No, no, no, no, no. You stay here and get Myrna settled in.

Genevieve: Okay.

Jack: We'll talk later?

Genevieve: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Mm.

Genevieve: (Giggles)

Genevieve: Myrna? Jack is gone. You know, Jack was really concerned that he had upset you.

Myrna: No, it's not that. I'm just... embarrassed to have him see me like this.

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