Y&R Transcript Monday 10/31/11

Y&R Transcript Monday 10/31/11


Episode # 9769 ~ Billy Disguises Himself to Visit Victoria and Delia

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Kevin: All right, can I open my eyes yet?

Chloe: I don't know. Should we let him open his eyes? Yeah? Okay. Open your eyes.

Kevin: You are...

Chloe: Isn't she?

Kevin: Amazing. So are you ready to go trick-or-treating?

Delia: (Giggles)

Chloe: (Gasps)

Kevin: Yeah? Okay.

Chloe: Here, hold your bag. Hold your bag. Okay. Ding-dong. Trick or treat!

Kevin: (Gasps) (Silly voice) Wow, look at you! Cute as a bug in a rug.

Chloe: Whoa, two? That's--okay, ready? Second one. And we're walkin'.

Delia: (Giggles)

Chloe: We're walkin' down the street. Go to the next house. Okay, ready? Knock, knock, knock.

Kevin: Oh, look at you! You need some candy, of course. There you go. Boom, boom.

Chloe: More candy. Oh, my goodness. You're so lucky! (Giggles) What did we get? Ooh. (Gasps)

Delia: Mm-hmm.

Chloe: Mm-hmm. (Mouthing words)

Victoria: Thank you guys so much for coming.

Devon: Mm. Mm.

Victoria: You look so scary-- hot and scary.

Devon: Thank you.

Rafe: Sweet. The Halloween party tradition lives on, even without its legendary emcee.

Victoria: (Sighs) No, no. No Billy. But we have zombie juice and "Harvey Wallfangers" and, uh, burgers that are shaped like little brains.

Rafe: Oh, my favorite.

Victoria: (Laughs)

Eden: (Laughs) What?

Devon: Nice.

Rafe: Let's go get a drink, yeah?

Eden: Yeah.

Victoria: Yeah, go get a drink.

Michael: Happy Halloween!

Lauren: Hey! Oh, the boy of summer.

Victoria: Hey.

Nick: Oh, yeah. What on earth happened to you?

Lauren: Oh, you know.

Michael: (New York accent) I had to rough her up a bit.

Lauren: I, well, I was stocking Jabot products and fell off a little stepladder, but I'm good.

Victoria: Good.

Nick: Boy, I'd kiss you on the cheek...

Lauren: Yeah?

Nick: But I don't want to get pistol-whipped 'cause, uh, Fenmore was a very convincing robot.

Michael: You can tell. He has the candy to show for it. How did Summer do?

Victoria: (Laughs) Okay.

Michael: (Laughs)

Nick: (Laughs) I love it. I love it. We only went a few rounds, you know, but that kid smiles, and candy just flies into the bag. She's talented.

Michael: Uh-huh, uh-huh.

Lauren: (Laughs) Well, she's, you know...

Victoria: Well, you know, Reed is an hour ahead in Washington, so he's probably just coming off his sugar high by now. (Laughs)

Michael: (Chuckles)

Lauren: (Laughs)

Nick: Well, everything looks great.

Lauren: It's very impressive.

Victoria: You guys, its okay, all right? I-I know that this is Billy's thing, but, I mean, it's my thing now. Division of property. Um, I signed the divorce papers. But, hey, you know what? It's Halloween. And I've got no Billy. I've got no kids. So I figure you might as well have a big bash...

Michael: (Chuckles)

Victoria: And not sit around and mope, right?

Lauren: Hey, that's right.

Michael: (Normal voice) Ooh, yeah. Thank you.

Lauren: Perfect. Yeah.

Nick: Absolutely. Well, Billy is missing out.

Lauren: Thank you. That's right.

Victoria: Thank you. Well, I'm sure that he is partying in Transylvania with Vlad or whoever, but we're here. We are here, so we might as well enjoy.

Lauren: Exactly. To being here. (Glasses clink)

Victoria: To being here.

Nick: To being here.

Lauren: Honey. (Glasses clink)

Victoria: (Laughs)

Kevin: All right, Kern, calm down. It's not that big a deal. Just--yes, now turn it to the left. Hard. Like, really hard to the left. Okay, did that solve it? Okay, thank you. Anything else? All right, bye-bye.

Kevin: What--what-- (Grunts)

Billy: Ho ho ho. Hee hee hee.

Sharon: Adam, no. Whatever it is, no.

Adam: We didn't get to finish our conversation the other day.

Sharon: That's because I had to go to court to fight for my life.

Adam: It's Halloween.

Sharon: Yeah, and I'm not wearing a costume.

Adam: There wasn't some little part of you that knew I would show up? That I would come here tonight of all nights?

Sharon: Honestly, I try not to think about you at all. Obsessing about the anger and the hate and the resentment between the two--

Adam: I don't hate you. I've proven that. As a matter of fact, I've even helped you in ways you don't even know about.

Phyllis: Wow. Oh, wow. This is pretty phenomenal.

Ricky: (Sighs)

Phyllis: The prosecutor and her key witness goin' at it? This is amazing. Wait. Wait. Hey, those are mine. What are you doing?

Ricky: Nope, not yet. Not until I know what you're gonna give me for them.

Sharon: Oh, yeah, Adam, you have proven your warm feelings for me in so many ways. Let's see. You have hidden or destroyed evidence that could clear me. You've--you've testified against me. And let's not forget that you--you swore to me that you would stand by me till death do us part, until the final moment when you laughed in my face about how much you actually hate me.

Adam: It feels like a lifetime ago. It was only a few years ago-- Halloween. We were at the house that you rented. We were handing out candy to kids and drinking wine. You were asking me questions-- questions about my mother, the farm, what it was like slowly going blind. And I had hurt you then. You just didn't know it. And I've hurt you since. It's like you said-- anger, resentment, but still, there's a piece of you that has to know that you can still trust me.

Sharon: What do you want?

Adam: Halloween with you has given me some of the best memories I'll ever have. And what I want to know... put all the other crap aside and tell me the truth. Am I alone feeling this way?

Sharon: No. You're not alone.

Abby: (Chuckles)

Victoria: Abby, look at you! Aren't you the cutest little squash ever?

Abby: Thank you.

Devon: (Chuckles) She is the cutest squash ever.

Abby: Thanks. Oh.

Devon: Huh?

All: (Laughing)

Devon: Oh, my gosh.

Victoria: Oh, how cute are you?

Daniel: What?

Devon: That looks awesome. (Laughs)

Victoria: (Laughs)

Abby: (Giggles)

Eden: Um, you are the master. This is awesome.

Daniel: Thank you.

Abby: (Laughs)

Victoria: Excuse me. I'll be right back.

Abby: You're supposed to be the brainiac, and the only word you can come up with is "Awesome"?

Eden: Uh, when something is awesome, I use the word accordingly. And when something is rancid or bitter or obnoxious, or pathetic...

Abby: (Scoffs)

Eden: I also use those accordingly.

Noah: Dudes and dudettes. Woot! Love your costume.

Daniel: Thank you.

Hunter: Peace. Peace.

Abby: I've got some words for you. How about "Pushed aside," "Obsolete," "Forgotten"?

Gloria: (Sighs)

Angelo: Walkin' the room, my eyes went right to you, the most beautiful woman in Genoa City.

Avery: Oh, no. No, no, no, no.

Nick: Oh, hey. What, are you leaving?

Avery: Uh, it's a private party.

Nick: Well, now you're invited.

Phyllis: That job at "Restless Style" you wanted? Done. Your name on the byline of the article for the pictures--done. An advance on your salary-- done.

Ricky: Bonus, not advance.

(Cell phone rings)

Phyllis: It's my nanny. Okay. Listen, I-I have to take this. Please guard those with your life, please.

Heather: Hi.

Ricky: Hey.

Heather: What, you don't have any plans tonight?

Ricky: I am playing it by ear.

Heather: Mm.

Ricky: (Sighs)

Heather: Which, uh, could mean that you're free, which could be very good.

Ricky: Because?

Heather: Because we're family who didn't know each other for years, and who got off to... a rocky start, and who are on opposite sides of a huge criminal trial.

Ricky: (Chuckles) Not a whole lot in the "Plus" column.

Heather: There's this big party tonight. Come with me. We can start off as, uh, friends and work our way towards sibs. What do you say? Want to give it a try?

Billy: Ow!

Kevin: You are not here. Victor exiled you across the planet.

Billy: This is rented! Victor's not God. He just thinks he is. So I'll go when I'm ready.

Kevin: Being seen by your ex-wife or your kid, that's not a big deal.

Billy: I thought you wanted me to stick around.

Kevin: I wanted you to come clean and stop playing this stupid game, Billy.

Billy: Game? Man, what game? I'm Santa, Baby, and you could be my elf. Now let's go see my baby. Come on.

Kevin: I am not your elf. I am not your buddy. I am not your sidekick, okay? Now I am taking Chloe to a party at Jimmy's, and you and your elves can stay here and run amok.

Billy: Whoa, somebody snaked my party at Jimmy's? Who? Why? Huh?

Kevin: Yeah, Victoria, because, well, because you're not here.

Billy: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I-it wasn't because she wanted to remember me? Was it to flip me off?

Kevin: I don't know. Get your beard outta my face.

Billy: (Grunts) Ow!

Chloe: All right. All right, hop on up here. Whoa.

Kevin: Hey, "Princess Hedgehog."

Chloe: (Giggles)

Kevin: (Sighs) What do you say? Can I take your mom out to a party?

Chloe: Listen, we're gonna go out for just a little bit, but I think we should give her some good news first.

Kevin: You think we should give her the good news right now?

Chloe: Yeah, why not? And you love good news, right? So... (Sighs) In the really cool fairy tales, the princess actually asks the prince to marry her. And you know what? He says yes. And you know what? Mommy and Kevin are getting married. (Laughs) Well, are you excited? Do you like that idea? Yeah? (Chuckles) Good.

Delia: Are you my daddy now?

Ricky: Yeah, I don't think so.

Heather: Oh, come on. If Sharon Newman's trial did not exist, we could go to a party together.

Ricky: (Sighs) I'm sure you have plenty of other guys you could call.

Heather: Every guy I know comes with about 6 tons of... drama. (Chuckles) Come on. I really want to have fun, and you look like you could use a break from work, quite frankly.

Ricky: All right, compromise. I'll meet you there.

Heather: I will take it. You have some serious negotiation skills, young man. (Chuckles)

Ricky: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Did she see the pictures?

Ricky: And walk away smiling? No.

Phyllis: Listen, um, of course it's not an advance that I'd give you. It's a bonus, of course. Of course. Um, may I have the pictures now?

Ricky: I don't think so.

Phyllis: We actually had an agreement.

Ricky: We actually had tentative negotiations. But the woman in these pictures is my sister.

Phyllis: Oh, listen to you. "It's my sister." With a conscience-- interesting. It didn't stop you from bringing me the pictures in the first place.

Ricky: I just need some time to weigh out my options. But don't worry, Phyllis. I'll get back to you.

Angelo: Allow me to introduce my princess, Angelina.

Gloria: Oh, how lovely to meet you.

Angelo: (Clears throat) Some knucklehead just broke her heart. I told Angie to come here and mingle.

Gloria: Oh, your father is a very wise man. He's a kind and thoughtful gentleman who understands that sometimes we need support and friendship to get over a broken heart.

Angelo: What's wrong?

Gloria: Jeffrey-- away on an extended trip.

Angelo: Leaving you here to look like this. Moron.

Gloria: Exactly what I think.

Victoria: And then to find out about your dad when you're older, it's so sad. You know, I was always planning on telling Lucy that she was adopted. I was just gonna tell her that she grew in my heart and not in my tummy.

Devon: (Chuckles)

Victoria: Mm, but Daisy-- that--that was a little trickier.

Daniel: (Clears throat)

Victoria: Daniel, though, best guy ever.

Devon: Yeah. (Laughs)

Victoria: You are the best guy ever.

Daniel: It's true. I am. What are we talking about?

Victoria: Mm, you didn't even know Lucy back then, you know? And Daisy, she just showed up as a pregnant nun and was--it wasn't like I was like, "Wow, she's gonna have that baby and I'm gonna raise it." But, you know, those were definitely the-- the best moments of my life. I wouldn't trade 'em for anything. I wouldn't trade the ones with Billy, either. They were the happiest.

Noah: But I wasn't born before half of these songs.

Abby: Ooh, I've got an idea. You two should do an oldies. Oh, what, oh... "I got you, Babe."

Noah: (Chuckles)

Eden: Oh, that's so cute.

Abby: Yeah.

Eden: Yeah, and you can do that one--what is it? Um, "Loser" by Beck. Or--wait. Isn't there a really catchy tune about materialistic fame whores whose 15 minutes are up?

Abby: You know, I saw you stuffing back all those pretzels earlier. You might want to chill-- salt, water retention, bloating. I mean, I don't want you to have a setback.

Noah: Hmm, well, this is fun. We should totally do it more often.

Hunter: They're kidding, right?

Nick: Thanks.

Avery: Oh, that's festive.

Nick: What? Not that into Halloween?

Avery: I--no, I am. I-I forgot about it. Um, when I'm in a case...

Nick: No, no, no, no. You're not gonna talk about court tonight. I'm not gonna talk about the magazine. Um, all right, real fast. What was the best Halloween costume you ever put on?

Avery: Uh, uh, I taped socks and underwear to my body, and I went as static cling.

Nick: Cool. Love it. It's good.

Avery: Favorite candy.

Nick: Uh, the chewier the better. Best Halloween haul of candy you've ever had?

Avery: Ooh, that would have to be the last year Phyllis and her friends took me out. They told all the adults I was going to a school where sugar was forbidden.

Nick: (Chuckles) I took Summer and Faith out earlier. I mean, it was fun, but it's not like when we were kids.

Avery: Well, not much is.

Ricky: Hey. Can I talk to you?

Kevin: Listen, you know, your--your dad-- your dad is so lucky that you're his little girl. And, I mean, he's crazy lucky. And I would never, ever, ever try and take that spot. And I promise you that I'm always gonna be a really big part of your life, okay?

Chloe: Oh, mom's got something in her eye. (Chuckles)

Delia: I love you, Kevin.

Chloe: (Whimpers)

Kevin: I love you, too.

Chloe: Great. Got something in my other eye. (Chuckles)

Woman: Time for all ballerinas to take a little rest.

Kevin: Oh, ballerina-- that was my next guess.

Chloe: (Chuckles) Oh, all right. Come on. Get back there. Get in. All right. I'll see you in a little bit, okay?

Kevin: Here's Pinkerton.

Chloe: I love you. Sleep well, okay?

Kevin: Night, Angel.

Chloe: You are so gonna love our costumes.

Kevin: Oh, I get nervous when you say things like that.

Chloe: Oh, you're gonna love it!

Delia: Santa?

Victoria: People, people, people.

Noah: Whoo!

Nick: Ow!

All: (Cheering)

Abby: (Giggles)

Victoria: There may zombie juice and spooky lights, but let me tell you something-- a party is not a party until you crack out the karaoke machine...

Lauren: (Chuckles)

Victoria: And you trigger your inner rock star just like the full moon does for the vampires.

Nick: Uh...

Noah: Yeah, I-I think you mean werewolves.

Victoria: Oh, forget it. Noah, get up here and put your family to shame with your talents.

Noah: No, a little later. I promise. I promise.

Victoria: Mnh-mnh. Come on.

Michael: (New York accent) Then I will do the dazzling. This way, please, Lady.

Lauren: Oh, really?

Victoria: Oh, yes.

Michael: Thank you. Thank you.

Lauren: (New York accent) So what are you thinkin', Lover? A little Frankie? A little Dino?

Michael: Thank you. I don't know, but they better have the songs I like in this contraption, or somebody's gonna end up in the wood chipper.

Lauren: That's right.

Michael: Capisce?

Lauren: (Laughs)

Michael: And now--

Angelo: Certain people amuse you, Mikey? Like they're clowns for your amusement?

Ricky: It doesn't look like you're doing much celebrating here.

Avery: Well, Sharon's trial is kicking my butt, and I don't like getting kicked.

Ricky: (Sighs) I got a tip, a reliable source. The prosecuting attorney might be fraternizing with the star witness.

Avery: Heather and Adam?

Phyllis: Keep your hands off my story, Sis.

Sharon: I remember that Halloween fondly, too. (Sighs) But when I think back, I really have to wonder if any of it was real. I mean, there you were making me laugh and taking my mind off of things, my daughter, when you were the one who took her from me and made me think she was dead.

Adam: And you forgave me.

Sharon: But you've broken my heart in so many ways since then, Adam.

Adam: We've both hurt each other.

Sharon: Yeah, I used to think that that wasn't possible, you know, back in New Orleans. I thought that you were the one person I could count on.

Adam: Maybe I still can be.

Sharon: No. Because I've finally grown strong enough to put the past behind me, and the only thing that matters to me now is my future, my future with Noah and Faith.

Adam: And you need me to do that.

Sharon: Okay, well, if you're talking about the evidence that you're suppressing, I do not expect that memory card to resurface any time soon. Or am I wrong?

Adam: You're not wrong-- not about that.

Sharon: Okay. Well, then... there's really nothing left for us to say, and I think it's time for you to go.

Billy: (Silly voice) It's McRuff and Pony! I will take you over the doggy rainbow to the land of bacon and biscuits.

Woman: Oh, hello.

Billy: (Normal voice) Hi, um... (Chuckles) just doin' the rounds... (Clears throat) (Deep voice) Just doin' a round with me and, you know, the kids and...

Woman: Of course, Santa, but this sugarplum fairy needs some rest.

Billy: Yeah, I just-- just a few more minutes, then McRuff and I will go on to our next destination. (Clears throat)

Woman: Thank you.

Billy: (Normal voice) Well... (Clears throat) (Deep voice) Well, we, uh, we don't have to tell her about being naughty or nice, and, uh, let's just forget about naughty and nice. You're your own special kind of wonderful. I'll see you around.

Delia: Bye, Santa!

Billy: Oh, I forgot. Bye-bye. You be good, all right?

Billy: (Clears throat)

Avery: You heard Heather and Adam are back together?

Ricky: Well, they're not shopping for rings, but something's up.

Avery: According to whom? Was this some sisterly confession?

Ricky: It's just a reliable source.

Heather: Hey, you made it. (Laughs) I'm assuming that we're all off the clock tonight, right?

Ricky: Well, we will be. Just, uh, could you give us a second?

Heather: Sure. Yeah. What are you drinking?

Ricky: Uh, beer, tap.

Heather: Okay.

Ricky: Thank you.

Avery: And not a flicker of guilt from you when she walked up. I don't know whether to be appalled or impressed.

Ricky: Do you think that any of this is fun for me? Like it's gonna help my relationship with my father or my sister? But there's an innocent woman who is serving time, and if Heather and Adam crossing a line could help our case in any way...

Avery: When do you think you'll have proof of this line crossing?

Ricky: I'll keep you posted.

Phyllis: It's a Halloween party. Where's your costume?

Avery: Oh, can't you tell? I came as all the years you're trying to forget.

Phyllis: Remember that time you were a pipe cleaner?

Avery: I do, yes. We weren't all so lucky to fill out early.

Nick: Ladies, everything cool?

Avery: I was just leaving. Thanks for the drink, Nick. Have a horrifying night.

Phyllis: (Sarcastically) "Thanks for the drink, Nick." (Normal voice) You bought her a drink?

Nick: It was some Halloween drink. I think it had, like, eyeballs in it.

Phyllis: Why are you so defensive?

Victoria: Oh, look at you! You guys, you're here. You're here, and you're so cute and wedding-Y.

Chloe: (Grunts) Yeah.

Victoria: Oh, you look so cute.

Chloe: (Chuckles)

Victoria: Okay. Hold on one second.

Chloe: She's lit?

Kevin: Only a lot.

Chloe: Yeah.

Victoria: Okay. Attention, boys and ghouls. (Laughter)

Victoria: I have a big honking announcement to make right now. Okay, you see the-- the groom and the bride over there? Do you see-- do you see Kevin and Chloe?

Michael: Yeah!

Victoria: Yeah? Yeah, they're cute. They just got engaged.

Chloe: (Chuckles)

(Cheers and applause)

Victoria: Yeah. And I have to say I feel like their fairy godmother, and I am so, so proud. And did you know that Kevin saved Delia's life?

(Cheers and applause)

Victoria: He did. He did. And he brought so much joy into Chloe's world. He really did, and we all know that she can be a little bitter sometimes, but he is like the sugar in her coffee. And she is like the hot in his tamale. Yeah, you know, you can tell that a year from now, they'll--they'll still be happy. And she won't have a picture of herself in her closet of herself in a bunny costume. (Laughs) Well, zombie juice for everybody! All right. Whoo!


Victoria: All right.

Angelo: Mazel tov. Best news ever, huh? Huh?

Chloe: Oh! Oh, God. Oh, God. Yeah.

Angelina: I'm dying. I'm on the dance floor, dead. I am so bored.

Angelo: You want to have fun? Make daddy proud. Go sing the lovebirds a song. Hmm?

Angelina: Fine. Whatever.

Angelo: (Chuckles) You are gonna love this. Like a choir from heaven.

Chloe: Hmm.

("You made me love you (I didn't want to do it)" playing)

Angelina: (Singing off-key) You made me love you I didn't want to do it I didn't want to do it you made me want you and all the time you knew it I guess you always knew it you made me happy sometimes you made me glad but there were times you made me feel so bad you made me cry for I didn't want to tell ya I didn't wanna tell ya. I want a beau that's true yes, I do indeed, I do you know I do gimme, gimme, gimme, gimme what I cry for you know you got the brand of kisses that I'd die for you know you made me love you

Angelo: (Laughs) Terrific! Terrific, huh?

Angelina: Mwah!

Michael: (Laughs)

Avery: Hey, what happened?

Sharon: Oh, so Adam was here again, and this time, his attitude was...

Avery: (Sighs)

Sharon: "I've shown you how much I care. I've helped you, even if you have no idea." And he expects me to be grateful. Meanwhile, I sit here and rot in prison.

Avery: Wait, what does he mean, he's helping you? Wait a minute.

Victoria: (Slurring and singing off-key) Me and my man live all alone in a little log hut we call our own he loves gin and I love rum don't we have a lot of fun? Ha ha ha hee hee hee little brown jug how I love thee ha ha (Giggles) (Laughs)

(Cheers and applause)

Nick: Good job. That was so good.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: That was so good.

Victoria: That was-- thank you.

Nick: There we go. Watch your step.

Victoria: Oh, wow.

Nick: Okay. Okay. That was so good.

Victoria: Oh, wow, that was worth it though, wasn't it?

Nick: Y-yes.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah.

Victoria: And, hey, gosh, everybody, thank you so much for coming. It was really a fun party, wasn't it?

Crowd: Yeah. Yep.

Victoria: I mean, it wasn't really the same without Billy, but, I mean, really, if you think about it, nothing's really the same without Billy. It was fun, wasn't it?

Man: Yeah.

Victoria: (Laughs) Okay. All right, well, bye. Have fun. Thanks. And you guys-- you guys are gonna have the best marriage ever, and I bet you will not get arrested on your wedding day, I bet.

Kevin: One can hope.

Chloe: (Laughs)

Nick: Come on.

Victoria: Okay. Oh, we're going home?

Nick: Yeah.

Lauren: Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

Victoria: Okay, good night.

Nick: Good night, everyone. Nighty-night.

Lauren: Nighty-night.

Victoria: Nighty-night. Oh.

Nick: I'll have this, and this. Leave that there.

Chloe: I think she's nice when she's drunk. Are you okay?

Kevin: Me? I'm fine. I'm great. Good.

Adam: Excuse me.

Phyllis: What are you doing here?

Adam: Excuse me?

Abby: You want him. You want him so bad. You should try that rehab thing where you wear a rubber band on your wrist, and you snap it every time you have those longings that are never gonna happen. (Tsks)

Eden: You know, actually, my romantic life is pretty fulfilling right now.

Abby: (Scoffs) Whatever. With who?

Daniel: Drinks?

Abby: Oh, thank you.

Eden: Thank you.

Daniel: Hey. Ooh.

Abby: (Scoffs)

Phyllis: I'm just making conversation, Adam. How's work? How are things? How are the kids? Since you betrayed Sharon, who's your latest victim?

Adam: You hoping I'll say I have my eye on a saucy redhead?

Phyllis: What?

Adam: Nice chatting with you.

Heather: Ladies' room. Excuse me.

Adam: Having a nice chat with your sister?

Ricky: (Sighs)

Adam: How'd those pictures of Heather and me turn out?

Ricky: You should have told me that she was the star of your little production.

Adam: Would that have changed your mind if I had? No, of course it wouldn't have. It's too good a scoop. Those pictures get to Avery yet?

Ricky: You've done your part. I'll handle the rest in my own time.

Gloria: Ahh, the voice of an angel.

Angelo: Taste and class, and a heck of a package.

Gloria: (Chuckles) Devon, come here. I want you to meet my friends. This is Angelo...

Devon: Hi.

Gloria: And Angelina. This is Devon.

Devon: Pleasure. Nice to meet you. Hi.

Gloria: He is a music producer.

Devon: I heard you.

Angelo: That's great. I mean, she sings, you produce. We should talk.

Gloria: (Chuckles)

Devon: Yeah. (Chuckles)

Michael: The man is a great big teddy bear.

Lauren: (Laughs)

Michael: One who enjoys his red meat. And one shouldn't offend the angry teddies.

Lauren: (Laughs) Yes, that's for sure. And Michael was his normal charming self.

Michael: Terror brings out my charm.

Lauren: (Laughs) And I feel newly invigorated, like a, um, a lust for life.

Michael: Oh, that's good.

Lauren: Mm-hmm. You catch my drift?

Michael: I like that, yeah. Okay, "Lusty."

Chloe: Are you sure you're okay?

Kevin: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. It's just the last couple months catching up with me I guess. I'll be fine once this is all over.

Victoria: (Slurring) And you love me.

Nick: You did so well tonight. Here. Here's your keys.

Victoria: Oh, thank you.

Nick: Go to bed, okay? I love you.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, I'm not drunk, okay? You know what? You're a good brother.

Nick: I know.

Victoria: As good a brother as there ever was.

Nick: Go in the house. I love you. Good night.

Victoria: I love you. I love you. Oh. (Chuckles) Oh. Oh, God. Mm. (Whines) This is interesting.

Billy: (Clears throat) You know, that's why I take chimneys myself.

Victoria: Santa?

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Victoria: Oh, wow.

Billy: (Laughs)

Victoria: Oh, Santa. Wow, uh, I'm so sorry. I'm not usually this drunk. I mean, really, I'm not ever this drunk.

Billy: No.

Victoria: Except in Jamaica once.

Billy: (Chuckles) Yeah, were you ever drunk.

Victoria: (Sighs) You were there?

Billy: Yeah, well, you know, I see you when you're sleeping, awake, doing the limbo.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: And, um, stairs are a bad idea.

Victoria: Huh?

Billy: What do you think about the couch? Let's do the couch.

Victoria: Oh, you are so smart.

Billy: All right. Sometimes I'm a genius.

Victoria: I love you, Santa.

Billy: Oh. (Laughs) I love you, too.

Victoria: Thank you for taking care of me. (Sighs)

Victoria: Billy?

Billy: (Sighs) Huh?

Victoria: Billy, oh, is that you?

Billy: (Sighs)

Next on "The Young and the Restless"...

Avery: You got something for me?

Ricky: Yeah, I do.

Victor: I'm asking you not to take out whatever anger you have toward me on Sharon.

Nick: Why do you care so much about Sharon?

Heather: Oh, my God. What have you done?

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