Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/13/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/13/11


Episode # 9757 ~ Tucker Comes Face-to-Face With Harmony

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Lily: Hey... (Clears throat) Cane, it's--it's me. Um, I just, uh... (Sighs) I keep thinking about before, you know, just the way that you left so suddenly. And I know that you said it was 'cause of work, but... (Sighs) Is something else going on? You know, a-are you... okay? Just call me, okay? Bye.

Cane: Colin is a criminal, and all he knows how to do is hurt people and take what's theirs, and he's going to keep doing it until he gets stopped.

Ronan: Okay, listen to me. If the FBI can't decipher his code so that we can tell what's in those books, then I've got--

Cane: Well, you--they have to keep trying. They have to keep trying, don't they? 'Cause I sacrificed my marriage and my family for this, and I guarantee you, I will not stop until he's off the streets.

Jill: Australia?

Colin: Come here. It's a great country, and it would be even better if you were by my side. Why don't you-- why don't you at least consider the idea? Just con--

Genevieve: Déja vu. (Chuckles) Imagine that-- the four of us running into each other at the Gloworm. It's almost like I never left town.

Jill: Yeah, you should have stayed away longer.

Jack: Jill, you said you were gonna make nice with Genevieve, remember? Or was that just when you want something?

Genevieve: Did you really say that?

Jill: You know, I have to work with you, so when I'm away from you, I try to forget how heartless you are. But when you're right in front of me, I'm reminded how unhinged a witch you are.

Jack: Jill.

Jill: She locked Colin up in her wine cellar and left him for dead for sheer spite.

Jack: Wha-- did you really do that?

Gloria: Special delivery.

Jill: Oh, not now, Gloria, please.

Gloria: Jill, it's not for you. It's for Colin.

Colin: It's a little late for my birthday.

Gloria: (Giggles) Oopsie. And look. (Gasps) It's in the shape of a safe. Isn't that clever?

Genevieve: Positively brilliant. Who sent it?

Colin: Well, I think we know who sent it.

Genevieve: Oh, Darling, how I would love to take credit for this, but apparently, someone else is onto your secrets.

Man: Devon Hamilton?

Devon: Uh, yes, who are you?

Man: Carl Jennings from the, uh, "National Inquisitor." What's it been like for you finding out you're related to not just one but, uh, to multibillionaires?

Devon: I don't have a comment.

Carl: Well, how do you think it'll affect your music career?

Neil: Hey, Man, he said he doesn't feel like talking to you. Why don't you beat it, huh? (Scoffs) My gosh.

Devon: I'm so sick of everything-- of Tucker and Katherine and Harmony. Just... all of it.

Neil: Harmony?

Devon: That's what Yolanda goes by now. She came to see me.

Neil: Your mother is back in Genoa City?

Jack: It's a safe. I-I don't get it. Why would someone send you this?

Colin: Because someone thinks it's funny.

Genevieve: Or perhaps they're celebrating a great big windfall.

Colin: If I wasn't such a gentleman, I would dearly stuff this in your face.

Jill: Oh, don't hold back on my account.

Gloria: Oh, no, no, stop it. I'm still cleaning up after Sharon and Phyllis' chocolate catfight. If you two can't be trusted around this much icing--

Jack: No, no, they'll-- they'll behave. I promise. I would love some answers, though, on this, uh, wine cellar business.

Jill: Yeah, so would we all.

Gloria: You know, Colin was convinced you were the one that locked us in that wine cellar. Of course, I didn't believe it at the time.

Jack: What--what you were involved in this, too?

Genevieve: I am so sorry for the stress that you endured, Gloria. I had no idea that you had wandered into that mess.

Jill: Aha. So you admit you locked him up.

Genevieve: I think it's perfectly possible that somehow he got trapped in the wine cellar as I was leaving town.

Colin: Come on. Why hold back? I mean, you went to so much trouble in orchestrating this.

Jill: Yeah, including the big setup afterward to make me believe he was with you-- texting me from his phone, sending me those flowers, bragging that he couldn't leave you alone. You even bought him a ticket on your flight and left the boarding pass on the computer so I'd be sure to see it.

Gloria: Last-minute plane tickets can cost a fortune.

Jack: Did you actually do all these things?

Colin: Amongst other things.

Genevieve: Oh, do tell, Colin. Tell everyone how I have wronged you. I think they will find it fascinating.

Jill: Boy, I have known some vicious people, but you really--

Genevieve: Take the cake, huh?

Gloria: (Laughs)

Genevieve: What I find surprising is how a few simple, harmless little pranks could turn you into such a quivering mass of insecurities.

Jill: A quivering mass of insecurities? That's how you see me? Isn't that funny? I see myself as a woman whose man just asked her to join him in Australia.

Genevieve: Planning to bug out, are we? What's that about, Colin?

Ronan: I am not saying the bureau's giving up on this. I'm just trying to prepare you for the reality that, as of right now, we don't have enough evidence to nail Colin.

Cane: Maybe, uh, maybe if I go back to my mom's place, I'll find something I missed.

Ronan: Good. Do it. It wouldn't hurt to check. Meanwhile, I'm gonna head back to Gloworm, see if Colin's still there.

Cane: Yeah, that's a good idea. If you put the pressure on him, he might--he might make a mistake. Okay. (Sighs heavily)

Cane: (Sighs)

Lily: I thought you got called into work. What--what are you doing here?

Cane: (Sighs)

Neil: So how did, uh, how did Yolanda--excuse me. How did Harmony look to you? Is she clean, or...

Devon: I don't know. She seemed all right, not strung out like when she's using. But I've been let down before, so I'm not holding my breath on that.

Neil: Right, right, right, right, so, uh, what-- what did she say to you?

Devon: You know, the same old, same old thing. Just, "Turning my life around for real this time."

Neil: Right, sure she is.

Devon: Yeah. She also said she wasn't thinking straight 'cause of the drugs, and that's why she never told me about Tucker.

Neil: Hmm. What did it look like she's after?

Devon: I assumed it was money, but she didn't take it when I offered her some, so... I haven't seen her since. I'm hopin' that's the end of it. Can we change the subject, though? 'Cause this is kind of a downer.

Neil: Devon, uh, I know it's tempting to pretend like none of this is happening, all right? But these people aren't gonna go away. Harmony, Tucker, Katherine-- they're in your life now, you know? They're gonna want to pursue a relationship with you. And my advice to you, son, is that you face this thing head-on.

Harmony: Come in.

Tucker: Is Devon here?

Harmony: No. His roommate let me in, said he'd be back soon.

Tucker: Have we met?

Harmony: You still don't recognize me.

Tucker: I'm sorry. Should I?

Harmony: I'm Devon's mother.

Tucker: So you're Yolanda Hamilton?

Harmony: You knew me as Candy.

Tucker: Of course. Wow. Candy.

Harmony: I'm sure I don't look the same to you. O-obviously I don't. You haven't changed much. Then again, we've had very different lives.

Tucker: So, um, when was the last time we saw each other?

Harmony: The night Sound Garden played their first show at the Whisky in L.A.

Tucker: I remember the show. I don't remember you being there, though.

Harmony: Probably because you spent most of the night ignoring me, at least until you sent your lackey over with a wad of cash telling me to have my pregnancy "Taken care of." Does that ring a bell?

Devon: Dad, I get what you're sayin'. I know this problem's not gonna go anywhere. But it doesn't mean I have to wallow in it, does it?

Neil: Well, Devon, come on, Man. It's your call, you know? But you might want to at least think of--of finding a way to coexist with Tucker and Harmony, minimize the drama, if nothing else, right?

Devon: Got it. Now can we change the subject?

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: Yeah?

Neil: So how's your music goin', Man?

Devon: (Chuckles) Uh, that's actually goin' great. I've been arranging again, and, uh, as a matter of fact, if you want to stop by, uh, my place, I can play you some of my new stuff.

Neil: Mm.

Devon: Unless you need to get back to the hospital.

Neil: Yeah, Buddy, I think I need to get back to the hos-- (Snorts) Come on, Man.

Devon: Yeah?

Neil: Of course. I'd love to listen to your music. Let's go.

Devon: Cool. Let's do it.

Neil: You know I love you. Any time I get the chance to hang out with you and listen to what you're doin', makes me happy.

Tucker: I have no idea what you're talkin' about.

Harmony: Don't lie to me, Mick.

Tucker: If I had known you were pregnant, I would have stepped up. I would have given you and the child anything you needed. Who was it offered you money?

Harmony: Reuben.

Tucker: My road manager?

Harmony: When I found out that I was pregnant, I was afraid to tell you, so I went to Reuben, and Reuben said he'd talk to you. And that night of the show, he offered me the cash. I just assumed that you'd sent him to pay me off and get rid of me.

Tucker: No, no, not at all. I swear to you, Candy.

Harmony: I go by Harmony now.

Tucker: Reuben never said a word about any of this to me. Oh, God. Devon suffered his whole life because of some stupid misunderstanding.

Harmony: Oh, I did my share of suffering, too, although you probably never stopped to consider that. You never treated me like I had feelings. Just another warm body.

Tucker: That's not true.

Harmony: Then how did this happen?

Tucker: If I had known-- if you had come to me directly--

Harmony: Did you even notice that I was gone?

Tucker: Of course I noticed.

Harmony: I'm surprised. You never seemed to be paying that much attention.

Tucker: Yeah? And what about you-- gettin' into drugs and neglecting Devon? You gonna try to hang that one on me, too?

Harmony: Well, if I'd known you could be such an ass...

Tucker: (Sighs) All right. This is not gettin' us anywhere. We can go round and round with the blame game, but it doesn't change where we are. Now that the secret's out, how do we handle it? What do we do right now?

Cane: Well, it turns out they didn't need me at Jimmy's after all.

Lily: That's weird. It seemed really important to you.

Cane: Yeah, it was, but now everything's okay, so...

Lily: Okay, um... well, the nanny came by so I could go for a run, so if you want to go back to the house and hang out with the twins, you're more than welcome to.

Cane: (Sighs) I-I would love to. I really would, but there's something I have to do first. Um, can we do it later?

Lily: Well... (Sighs) (Cell phone rings)

Cane: Um, I can't talk to you right now. I have to call you back.

Lily: You don't have to do that. You can take the call.

Cane: No, it's--it's fine. Making plans with you is more important. (Sighs)

Lily: Okay, I... (Sighs) I just really feel like you're hi-hiding something from me again. Are you?

Jack: Two forks will be quite enough.

Genevieve: And a great big knife.

Gloria: Mm, it's a real three-ring circus over there.

Ronan: Really?

Gloria: Yeah. Jack just found out about the wine cellar fiasco. Genevieve all but admitted to it. Jill's ready to claw her eyes out. Oh, and, um, Colin's talking about leaving the country.

Ronan: No kidding?

Gloria: Mm-hmm. Excuse me. I'll be right back.

Colin: So I just asked the woman I love to come back to my homeland. Now what's wrong with that?

Genevieve: Oh, it suits me just fine if you both leave and never come back.

Jack: Why don't we shove off ourselves?

Genevieve: Splendid idea.

Jill: Ohh, now not so fast. Look. There is plenty of cake here for all of us. What do you say we share, huh? Jill: (Sighs) Bon appétit. (Sighs) (Chuckles)

Genevieve: Colin, may I have a word with you in private?

Colin: (Sighs)

Jill: Now do you realize what a total head case you've gotten yourself hooked up with?

Genevieve: The walls are closing in, Colin. It's never a pretty sight. But before you flee the country, I think you should be aware that the police do have your ledgers, but they don't have the key to crack the code. Only I have that. I'm just letting you know so you don't forget who has the power this time. You know, whoever said it was an aphrodisiac was so right.

Colin: You ever use that code, it'll be the last thing you ever do.

Jack: Don't you ever grab her that way again.

Cane: I promise you there is nothing for you to worry about.

Lily: Trust me. I want to believe you. I do. But this whole time, you've been asking for more time with the twins, and now you're too busy?

Cane: I will be there.

Lily: Right, but not right away, because you have to run some mysterious errand first. I mean, Cane, you've sworn to me that all your secrets are out on the table, and now I'm getting that same feeling I would get before where I feel like you're lying to me. But I used to just force myself to ignore it, and this time, you know what? I'm just not gonna do that.

Cane: Lily, I swear to you every secret I've ever kept from you is to keep you and the babies safe. And if you've never believed anything I've ever told you, I need you. Please believe that.

Jill: Let him go. What are you doing?

Jack: As long as our friend here understands he's not gonna be able to disrespect Genevieve this way again. She's an incredible woman who's moving on with her life.

Jill: (Sighs)

Jack: No one, you included, is going to bully her. Do you understand that?

Colin: I used to think just the way you did. But I was a fool. And now you are, too.

Ronan: How we doin' here, Guys?

Jack: Oh, I think I got my point across. Let's get outta here.

Jill: You know what? Everything's fine. Go back to your table.

Ronan: Okay, but all the same, I... I think I'm gonna keep my eye on you.

Gloria: What'd I tell you?

Jill: You okay?

Colin: Before we were so rudely interrupted by those two, I asked you a rather important question. Will you come back to Australia with me?

Tucker: I think we should put our personal resentments aside and focus on Devon, on what he needs.

Harmony: What he needs is for us to let him be. He is nowhere near ready to accept this. You know what? I want you to promise me that you will not pressure him into anything.

Tucker: I'm not going to pressure my son, but I have no intention of walking away from him.

Harmony: You know, Devon has done so well. And he went through a lot to get to where he is. I am asking you to please not mess with that. Give him time. Let him come to you.

Neil: Hey.

Harmony: Oh, Hunter let me in, and then Tucker showed up. Hey, Neil.

Neil: Been a while.

Harmony: It has.

Devon: I have some things to do with my dad here, so if you two don't mind--

Tucker: Hey, Devon, I came here to talk to you. Every time I tried before, it's been cut short. Would you just listen to what I have to say?

Neil: You want to walk me out? Or...

Harmony: Bye, Devon.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Neil: Yolanda-- sorry. Harmony.

Harmony: What?

Neil: It's been a long, long time, and I think we have some things to discuss.

Jill: Okay, the answer to your question is no, I'm not going to Australia with you.

Colin: Well, I won't say that I'm not disappointed.

Jill: I know, Sweetheart. And I'm really sorry, but the last time that you asked me to go there, you tried to kidnap the twins, and that's just too fresh in my mind.

Colin: (Sighs) I thought I'd gone to certain lengths to redeem myself, but... well, what with everything that's gone on with Genevieve, the fact that I have no relationship with my son, much less my grandkids, I've been thinking my time here may have just about run out.

Jill: You're not talking about just visiting there? You're talking about permanently leaving here?

Colin: Well, not without you. I couldn't leave you here in the United States. My life would just never be the same.

Lily: Well, I should get back to my run.

Cane: Thank you for the, uh, offer to spend more time with the kids today.

Lily: Guess I'll see you when I see you.

Lily: Um... are you sure there's nothing going on that I should worry about?

Cane: Trust me, Lily. Trust me.

Cane: (Sighs heavily)

Neil: Well, surprise, surprise. I honestly never thought that I would see you back here in Genoa City.

Harmony: I was worried about Devon. I thought he might need me.

Neil: Help me understand something. You were so desperate at one point, you stole from me.

Harmony: (Scoffs) Thanks for reminding me.

Neil: What I don't-- I don't understand is Tucker McCall is one of the wealthiest men on the planet, right? And yet you never stepped forward to claim Tucker as Devon's father.

Harmony: I had my reasons, but they don't really matter now, do they? What matters is Devon and how we make this as easy for him as possible.

Neil: Bet you showed the same sort of maternal selfless concern when Ana learned that you were her mother, not Tyra. And what'd you do? Hmm? You called the authorities. You had Ana placed in foster care. We almost lost her forever because you thought you were doing the right thing. And don't get me started on your behavior when Devon was a child, hmm? I'll bet you you were so relieved when Devon finally joined that group home, left you free as a bird. You pawned one child off on Tyra and another one off on the system.

Harmony: You-- you don't think that I know that I screwed up the last time that I was here? But I want you to know that I never ever intended to hurt my son... or you. I cared about both of you, Neil.

Tucker: I'm really sorry I wasn't there for you when you were growing up. Ashley filled me in on how rough things were for you. But I gotta tell you, if your mother hadn't kept your location secret, I would have been there, Man.

Devon: (Scoffs)

Tucker: I would have found you.

Devon: Okay, there we go. Let's put all the blame on her like you had nothing to do with it at all, right? Like she wasn't just some girl who you slept with and dumped. Let me ask you a question. Did you even recognize her when you saw her again just now?

Tucker: I'm ashamed to say I didn't. And you're right. I was just as responsible for what happened as she was. But your mother did some awful things to you. She put you in some really bad situations, and when I found out I had a son, I went lookin'. I tried to find you.

Devon: Wow. Well, you gotta wonder how hard you tried. I mean, Paul Williams, he found me in, what, months? You had 20 some-odd years and all the money in the world, so what's the story with that? Why did Katherine succeed when you failed?

Tucker: Well, maybe you're right. Maybe on some level, I didn't really want to find you.

Genevieve: Jack, I meant what I said in the car.

Jack: What?

Genevieve: Every word of it. Every word of it. I guess I'm in awe. You know, no one has ever stood up for me like that ever, ever, and especially not with Colin, because they're all too afraid of him.

Jack: Everyone except you, apparently. Did you really lock him in the wine cellar?

Genevieve: Sounds pretty bad, huh? (Laughs) Oh, well, you know, it's amazing what that man brings out in me. Or I guess perhaps we bring out the worst in each other.

Jack: I love how fearless you are.

Genevieve: Still, the way you rushed to my defense... oh, my God, that meant everything to me.

Jack: I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Genevieve: Well, um, can I get you something? Uh, maybe scare us up something to drink? Um, Myrna? Myrna, are you in the kitchen? Oh, darn. She's gone out again.

Jack: So--so tell-- tell me something.

Genevieve: (Chuckles)

Jack: How did a girl like you end up with a guy like Colin?

Genevieve: I was young. I was very young, and he was wealthy and powerful, and he swept me off my feet. He was pretty hard to resist. But, you know, since the divorce, I am starting to realize how twisted it all was. I owe that clarity to you, Jack. You showing me what it's like to be treated right, and... I-I'm learning to love that.

Jack: Well, you better get used to it.

Genevieve: Thank you.

Tucker: You know, I have a lot of baggage from my own childhood. Maybe deep down, I was afraid to find you because I realized that all the things I... blamed Katherine for, I was guilty of myself. I see now how wrong that thinking was. You deserved a father, a decent upbringing. And I kick myself every day now because I didn't provide that for you. (Sighs) Especially when I had so much to offer. I think we could have been close.

Devon: I've heard your apology, and I accept it, but there's no point dwelling on things we can't change now.

Tucker: Well, how do you know we can't change it if we don't try?

Devon: I think you should go, 'cause, uh... there's really nothing else to say.

Neil: So you came all the way back to Genoa City. You found out that Devon is okay. What else are you hopin' to get out of this visit?

Harmony: (Scoffs) I'm not here for a handout if that's what you're asking.

Neil: Yeah? How long are you gonna be staying?

Harmony: Not long. I got a j-o-b in Milwaukee.

Neil: J-o-bs are good.

Harmony: Uh-huh.

Neil: Mm-hmm. Where are you staying?

Harmony: I got a room, and you know what? I really should take off now, because I need to check in with my j-o-b and make some calls.

Neil: Well, don't let me keep you, and if I don't see you before you take off back home, have a very nice, safe trip.

Harmony: Uh-huh. Thanks for the coffee.

Neil: Yeah, you're welcome, Yolanda.

Harmony: Excuse me.

Lily: Uh, was that Yolanda I just passed?

Neil: Hey, Sweetie, uh, n-- well, actually, it's-- she goes by Harmony now. She claims that she got her "Life" together.

Lily: Oh, okay. And you don't believe her, do you?

Neil: I don't believe not one single word comin' out of that lady's mouth.

Colin: All things considered, that cake's not half bad.

Jill: You upset with me?

Colin: For what?

Jill: For the Australia thing, that I'm not going with you. It just doesn't feel right, you know? And I can't leave Delia before her transplant.

Colin: I would never take you away from Delia. But... once your reassured that she's through it, would you at least consider coming out to be with me in Australia?

(Cell phone rings)

Jill: Mm, its Lauren. I've gotta take it. Excuse me. Yeah, what's up? Oh, Lord. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll be there. (Sighs) They sent, uh, all the Christmas decorations, and they're completely wrong, so I have to deal with this, huh?

Colin: (Clears throat) Call you later.

Jill: (Sighs)

Tucker: I really wish you hadn't cut this visit short. I was hopin' we'd, you know, spend some time gettin' to know each other.

Devon: I'm not interested.

Tucker: Well, maybe when you've had some time to digest all this and...

Devon: I don't want a relationship with you.

Tucker: Well, thanks for listening.

Harmony: Hey, it's me. Yeah, yeah, I'm-- I'm still in Genoa City. I-I-I just couldn't get by to a meeting, so I thought I'd check in. (Sighs) It's, um, been hard. A lot of rejection and nobody here trusts me. That goes with reason. My son? Um... that's a real lost cause. He has made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with me. Mm. I'm--I'm--I'm still-- I'm still holdin' on. I'm holding on strong. I'm good, and I'm just getting through all those days and hours and minutes.

Lily: So that had to be a shock for Devon finding Yolanda on his doorstep.

Neil: Oh, my goodness gracious. You mean Harmony.

Lily: Oh, right. Yes, yes, yes. You already told me that.

Neil: Yeah. (Sighs) Hey, you okay?

Lily: Uh... (Sighs) No, I mean, it's just-- it's Cane. I... I don't know. Something weird happened today, and I just found myself making excuses for him, and I don't know. I think that he's hiding things from me again.

Cane: Lily is getting suspicious, and I can't tell her anything without putting lives at risk, okay?

Ronan: We may have caught a break here. Colin's thinking about leaving town.

Cane: Well, we need to hurry up and get on this then.

Ronan: That is why I had a judge give me a warrant for a wire tap. Any calls that he makes or receives are gonna be patched through to me.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Ronan: One second. And here we go. Outgoing call.

Colin: Turns out Gloria Bardwell isn't my only problem. There's someone else we need to deal with. As much as it pains me to do this, Genevieve needs to be eliminated along with some rather critical evidence that she has against me. We'll have to get right on it. There's no time to waste. I want to make sure she doesn't see it coming.

Genevieve: (Sighs)

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