Y&R Transcript Friday 10/7/11

Y&R Transcript Friday 10/7/11


Episode # 9753 ~ Kay and Tucker Clash Over Devon

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Nick: You're here early.

Phyllis: Yeah, there's lots to do.

Nick: Well, apparently on your to-do list... returning my calls is not on there.

Phyllis: Um, yeah, I knew I'd see you here at the office.

Nick: We have things to discuss.

Phyllis: Such as?

Nick: You told me to go to hell. I didn't appreciate that.

Malcolm: In love with Neil? As many times as you stood in my face and denied that?

Sofia: I don't want to be.

Malcolm: Oh, Sofia, I knew it. I knew it. You'd have never slept with him if there wasn't something there.

Sofia: But don't blame Neil. He had no interest in any kind of relationship with me, exc-- except for--

Malcolm: Except for what? Except for--for-- for possibly bein' the father of your child?

Sofia: Malcolm, he couldn't regret that any more than he already does, and I told you what he said. And we know it would be best for everybody if this baby is yours.

Malcolm: Yeah, that had to hurt, huh?

Sofia: Don't let my idiot mistakes screw up your relationship with your brother. Your family needs you, especially Neil.

Malcolm: Whatever that means, Sofia.

Sofia: Well, if you want to know, I'll tell you, because I am done keeping things from you.

Malcolm: Sofia, I don't care what you do, all right?

Sofia: Devon just found out Tucker's his father.

Devon: Why, when I have a dad like you, would I want to have anything to do with Tucker?

Neil: Son, Devon, you get to decide the boundaries.

Devon: That's right.

Neil: But if he is your biological father, whether--whether you ever see or talk to him again, I mean, come on. That's--that's really earth-shattering news. Now I can't imagine what's in your head right now.

Devon: I don't want any of this in my head. I wish I never found out.

Lily: Thank you.

Cane: So, uh, did Matty stay down after I left?

Lily: Uh, yes. She was out cold.

Cane: Oh, good. You got some rest then.

Lily: Um, no, I didn't, because, once again, there are very strange things happening with my family, and nobody's telling me about it, which I hate, because you know how much I hate secrets.

Cane: What happened?

Lily: Um... (Sighs) Well, first, Sofia comes over with this very cryptic warning about how I need to be there for my dad. And then Tucker shows up in the middle of the night to my house, only he's looking for Devon. I mean, that was weird. I have no idea what that was about.

Jill: I do.

Ashley: Hi, I'm home! Hello? Hello?

Ashley: Hi. I just got back from Abby's, and, um, you're not here. Where'd you go?

Kay: You've come to chew me out about Devon.

Tucker: You tried to deprive me of my own son. Now I knew you were heartless, but this?

Kay: Heartless? Oh, that's rich coming from you, after you just helped put me in this hospital.

Tucker: It's one thing to wrangle over business, Katherine.

Kay: None of this has to do with business. None of it. Now you've thrown it in my face over and over again that I abandoned you, didn't come to look for you, and that's the real reason you targeted me and my company. But did you ever put any real effort into trying to find your son? No, you did not. And you have no right, no right whatsoever to condemn me.

Phyllis: You're right, I shouldn't have snapped at you.

Nick: I was defending you to your sister.

Phyllis: Thank you. When I walked in, I just saw her standing... so close to you. I apologize. Um, so... uh, let's get back to work. Um, I'll get some coffee, and we can brainstorm.

Nick: Look, I know all this family stuff isn't easy for you.

Phyllis: Oh, I do not-- don't want to go there. I don't want to talk about that.

Nick: Okay. But you don't have to go it alone. I'm not the enemy.

Sofia: If Katherine would have handled this the right way, Devon would have seen this as an incredible gift.

Malcolm: (Sighs)

Sofia: You know, finally discovering the truth. But how he's caught up in this terrible feud between Katherine and Tucker, and, God, that's gotta be such a shock.

Malcolm: (Sighs) Man. You know, we went through a lot of this with Lily. Hold on. I'll give him a call.

Sofia: Um, I-I think he's with Neil right now.

Malcolm: Listen, uh, do you mind staying here with the twins?

Sofia: Not at all.

Malcolm: All right. I'm out.

Sofia: Malcolm? I'm sorry. I am so sorry.

Malcolm: Yeah. You and me both.

Jill: Um... (Sighs) It's not my place to tell you. I'm sure that your father and your brother will confide in you.

Lily: Wait, what-- so what's going on with Devon...

Cane: (Clears throat)

Lily: Is the same thing that's upsetting my dad?

Jill: (Sighs) I've said too much again. I seem to be making a habit of this lately. I'm gonna get back to the hospital.

Lily: Wait, Jill, you... (Scoffs) Well, that was extremely frustrating.

Cane: Yeah, but it sounds like you'll get your answers soon. And when you do, if you need me, you know, just to even watch the kids while you're with your family, just let me know.

Lily: Okay. Thank you.

Cane: Sure.

Neil: This is bound to be tough goin' for a while.

Devon: Not for me. If Tucker and Katherine want to torture each other, they can have at it. I'm done with the both of 'em.

Devon: Lily's texting me.

Neil: Mm-hmm.

Devon: She knows that something's up. (Sighs)

Neil: Let's go see her.

Devon: Okay. I can't wait to tell her the great news.

Tucker: You can't get out of this by changing the subject, Katherine. Not after you deliberately ruined my relationship with my son.

Kay: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You did that all on your own.

Tucker: If I had known Devon was my--

Kay: You would have known had you put any in-- any effort into investigating. You found me, for God sake, having hired a battery of detectives, I'm sure. How much easier would it have been for you to find your son? I-I-it hardly took me any time at all.

Tucker: Yeah. And in spite of all your babbling about how you want things to be better between us, you decided to use that information to hurt me.

Kay: I practically got down on my knees and begged you to put the past behind us. Surely, you remember when I came to see you. I was ready right then to tell you that Devon was your son, had you shown just an ounce of forgiveness or compassion, but no. No, you-- you didn't. I realized that you just... you just weren't capable of it. And I knew right then that... I had to protect Devon from the same rejection you--you put me through.

Tucker: (Scoffs) You're using him. Devon is a weapon to you, nothing more. It's obvious to me. And let me tell you something, it's sure as hell obvious to him.

Malcolm: Thanks. (Sighs) Oh, God doggit.

Phyllis: Oh.

Malcolm: (Sighs)

Phyllis: Looks like you're having the same kind of day as I am.

Malcolm: (Laughs)

Phyllis: Hey. Mwah.

Malcolm: Hey. (Chuckles) What's going wrong in your world?

Phyllis: Oh, let's just say it's great to see a friendly face.

Malcolm: (Chuckles)

Phyllis: You know?

Malcolm: Yeah.

Phyllis: So tell me that your problem is easy to fix, you know? Clients having a problem with one of the photographs, or models upset that you shot her on her bad side.

Malcolm: (Laughs)

Phyllis: (Laughs)

Malcolm: I wish it was that simple.

Phyllis: Yeah? It's not Sofia and the baby, is it?

Malcolm: (Sighs) Well, the baby's fine.

Phyllis: Good. Yeah.

Malcolm: Yeah. But, um, the marriage is over.

Phyllis: What?

Malcolm: Mm-hmm.

Phyllis: You can't make it work for the baby's sake?

Malcolm: Nah. Oh, hell, no.

Phyllis: Okay. Well, if this is happening...

Malcolm: (Sighs)

Phyllis: It's good that it's happening here with your family and friends.

Malcolm: No, Phyllis, my family has much bigger issues to deal with.

Phyllis: Not bigger than this.

Malcolm: You know what? As close as you and I are, I can tell you. Besides, it's not gonna be a secret for much longer.

Sofia: Your nanny came and took the kids for a walk.

Lily: Okay, great. Did, uh, Malcolm leave?

Sofia: Yeah, he, uh, had to go.

(Knock on door)

Neil: Hey, can I--

Lily: Oh, thank God. There you guys are. Please come in.

Neil: So you've already heard what's goin' on?

Lily: Actually, no. I haven't, so can somebody please tell me?

Sofia: I thought it should come from the two of you.

Neil: (Sighs)

Devon: A while back, Katherine learned that Tucker had a son who he'd never seen, uh, he never really looked for. Uh, she did some diggin' around and found out it's me.

Lily: What?

Neil: (Sighs)

Lily: What--you're Tucker McCall's son?

Devon: That's what they're tellin' me. He and Yolanda had a thing. He didn't even know who she was, didn't know her name. And by the time I came around he was long gone.

Lily: Oh, my gosh.

Sofia: Tucker just found out last night, the part about you specifically. But I told him, don't blast all of this at you all at once.

Devon: Well, he didn't listen to you, just like his mother. Neither one of them gives a damn about anyone but themselves.

Kay: I was not using Devon.

Tucker: You know what, Katherine? You want to fight over Jabot? Chancellor Industries? That's fine. Bring it on. But when you mess with my kid--

Kay: Oh, you haven't got a paternal bone in your body, and don't pretend you do. Who was messing with him when you hired him and then you fired him for no good reason?

Tucker: I didn't know who he was then.

Kay: Oh, it doesn't matter that you didn't even know who he was, because you are cold and insensitive as usual. And Devon saw that firsthand. Don't you dare blame me for that.

Tucker: So was that your plan all along, hmm?

Kay: Oh, Tucker.

Tucker: Forge an alliance with Devon based on your mutual resentment of me? Hmm? Feed his bitterness until you were damn good and sure he really hated me? And then what? Make the miraculous, sudden discovery that you were related? Or were you never gonna tell him? Just let him find out the truth when you drop dead.

Brock: Hey, what the hell are you doing, Man?

Murphy: Are you trying to kill her?

Brock: Let's go.

Kay: He's trying to give me another stroke.

Murphy: You, out-- now. (Sighs)

Tucker: You know, Katherine, the universe has a way of punishing us for our sins. Whatever you got comin', we both know you deserve it.

Kay: Get out.

Murphy: Move.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Kay: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Brock: I tell you, Mother, I'm surprised your blood pressure isn't through the roof by now.

Murphy: Honey, I can't leave you alone for a second...

Brock: (Sighs)

Murphy: Without somebody coming in here, getting you all riled up?

Brock: Okay, no, Duchess, what--what--what was this all about with Tucker? I mean, if you can tell me without getting all upset again.

Kay: (Sighs) Murphy, could we just have a moment alone, please?

Murphy: Yeah, okay, sure, fine. Maybe a walk will lower my blood pressure.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Brock: (Sighs)

Kay: Sit.

Brock: (Sighs) Sounds like you're about to make a confession.

Kay: Well, I only want to do what's right by Devon.

Brock: Devon? Now how does he figure into the story?

Kay: He's my grandson, Brock. After all that has happened, I'm... I'm just afraid he won't want anything more to do with me.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: Hi.

Tucker: Hi.

Ashley: You okay?

Tucker: (Sighs) No.

Ashley: What's wrong?

Tucker: (Sighs) Where do I start? (Sighs) Remember Katherine told you she was looking for my son?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: She found him.

Ashley: Well, that's amazing. I mean... she didn't have very much to go on.

Tucker: Yeah, well, it was enough, as it turns out.

Ashley: So how long has she known?

Tucker: A while. She decided that, uh, I didn't deserve to know the truth.

Ashley: So what are you gonna do? I mean, now that you know, are you gonna... what are you gonna do? Are you gonna try to find him?

Tucker: I have found him. (Sighs) It's Devon.

Ashley: Devon Hamilton?

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: How did you...

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: How did you cross paths with Yolanda?

Tucker: When I was livin' the rock 'n' roll life, she was one of the groupies.

Ashley: Okay, enough said. I think I... I think I get it. Um, wow. And what... does Devon know? I...

Tucker: I told him myself.

Ashley: And?

Tucker: He blew up at me. He told me off. Who could blame him?

Ashley: (Sighs)

Lily: Did you know that Tucker had a son?

Sofia: No, I mean, well, not until recently, and even then, I had no idea it was Devon.

Devon: Oh, he didn't say anything, 'cause to him, it meant nothing. The man has no respect for family.

Sofia: Well, don't jump to that conclusion.

Devon: I've seen it. You were there in court sittin' right with him. You saw how he treated Katherine. Not that she's any better.

Neil: Son, I'm not defending the way Katherine handled this, but--

Devon: Well, you can't defend her.

Lily: Devon, I'm really sorry. I know that you were really excited to go into business with her.

Devon: Yeah. I thought she recognized my talent. But stupid me-- she had her own agenda.

Sofia: No, you are Katherine's grandson, and Tucker's son. I know that's true.

Devon: They don't see me that way. I'm not even a person to them. I'm a chess piece on a board. Screw them. I'm done with this stupid game.

Phyllis: Here you go.

Nick: All right. Ready to brainstorm?

Phyllis: I don't think we need to.

Nick: No, actually, we do, all right? I've been taking a step back and looking at the big picture, and we have veered too far to the dark side. I mean, everything is murder and betrayal and despair.

Phyllis: Heavy.

Nick: We gotta lighten up.

Phyllis: That's what I'm trying to tell you. I have our next story. Malcolm just told me, and it's awesome.

Nick: Are you sure Malcolm's not messing with you?

Phyllis: Oh, no. Definitely not. I mean, can you imagine a better fantasy than finding out out of the blue that you are the heir to not one, but two multimillionaires?

Nick: Wow.

Phyllis: I mean, its Genoa City's version of "The Princess Diaries," except the queen is not Julie Andrews. It's Katherine Chancellor. We should really get the rights to the story.

Nick: Well, let's write it first.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. I actually have it halfway written in my head. I'll be done with it before you finish your coffee.

Nick: No, just-- hey, slow down, all right?

Phyllis: No, no, no, no.

Nick: You gotta get some quotes and check your background and facts. We gotta talk to legal.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah, I mean, for the cover story, for sure, but I can get the bare bones of it out on the web right now.

Nick: What about Malcolm? I'm sure he told you this in confidence. He wasn't expecting to be a source.

Phyllis: No, no. I mean, he's expecting it to get out. He expects that.

Nick: Well, what about Devon? I mean, my God.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: You know what a firestorm this is gonna cause. His past is gonna be out there, and so will Yolanda's. I mean, he's not prepared for this. He'll have no privacy left.

Phyllis: I know, but that's bound to happen, Nick.

Nick: Well, at least give him and Neil a chance to brace for this then while we vet the story.

Phyllis: Are you telling me no?

Nick: I'm telling you to do it right.

Phyllis: And you're telling me no.

Nick: (Sighs) Yeah, I'm telling you no.

Phyllis: (Sighs)

Nick: Yeah?

Tucker: Katherine's probably right. (Sighs) If I really wanted to find Devon, I would have made it a priority. Maybe I, uh, just didn't want the hassle. I don't know. What's that say about me? What does that say to Devon?

Ashley: You can make different choices now.

Tucker: If my son is anything like me, and I think he is, he's not gonna want to hear my excuses any more than I wanted to hear Katherine's. At least she made sure her child went to a good home. Devon grew up in foster care.

Ashley: I know.

Tucker: You probably know more about his childhood than I do.

Ashley: I heard some things from Neil, you know?

Tucker: Tell me.

Ashley: Um, Yolanda was a crack addict, and Devon was really little when he was taken away from her because she O.D.'ed. He went to go live with his grandmother, whom I heard he loved very, very much. Then she died, and, uh, he went to go live in foster care and group homes.

Tucker: Plural?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: I guess he had a hard time staying in any one place for too long. He was angry and defiant. You know, he got into trouble. If he hadn't found Dru and Neil, I don't know... I don't know. I-I hate to think what would have happened to him.

Tucker: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Murphy: Uh, this is not a good time for a visit.

Jill: Murphy, I promise, I will not upset her.

Murphy: No, Brock's in with her. They want to be alone.

Jill: Oh, good. All right, I'll just wait then.

Murphy: No. Tomorrow would be better.

Jill: What do you think I'm gonna do? I feel like I'm being accused of something here.

Murphy: No, no, no, no, no, it's not that. Tucker got in to see her, and he got her hopping mad.

Jill: You let Tucker in?

Murphy: No, no, no. He--he snuck in.

Jill: Oh, my God.

Murphy: And then Brock and I had to throw him out. Now the doctor wants her to stay calm, and I'm gonna see that she does stay calm. Now, look, Jill, I'm-- I'm sorry I hurt you before. I know your intentions are good, but I'm not takin' any chances.

Kay: When Paul told me that Devon was my grandson, of course I wanted to get to know him better. You know, to help him.

Brock: Uh-huh.

Kay: Mm, that's it. I mean, that--that's... that's the story.

Brock: Uh, I don't think so, Mother. You haven't-- you haven't explained just why you felt the need to be so, uh, deceptive.

Kay: Well, I-I would have told him the truth eventually. But that, you know, you just don't throw all of that in someone's face without warning.

Brock: (Sighs) Well, that's exactly what happened.

Kay: But it's not my fault.

Brock: Isn't it? You set all of these events in motion. And I believe you when you say that you wanted to get closer to Devon, but you know, with this secrecy, you just ended up pushing him further and further away. You've--you've--you've damaged your relationships with Neil and Tucker, and now I hear that you're upset with Jill, because she made some innocent mistake. Where does it stop, hmm?

Jill: Oh, it's always so good to see you.

Brock: (Sighs)

Jill: Even when the circumstances aren't the best.

Brock: Oh, it seems she's gonna get through it okay.

Jill: Oh, yeah. She's her usual crotchety old self.

Brock: I heard she lashed out at you.

Jill: Yeah, she did, but its okay. It's all right. I'm gonna keep my distance from her, by Murphy's request.

Brock: Come here.

Jill: (Sighs)

Brock: Jill, you know, it's-- its painful being excluded, but, um, look, you can understand where he's coming from.

Jill: Of course I can. But it's so weird. It's almost like she's allergic to me. She just sees me, and she breaks out in hives.

Brock: No, no, no, no. The duchess makes a choice to judge you harshly or treat you unfairly. I told her that.

Jill: You did?

Brock: (Sighs) It's not healthy for either one of you relating this way.

Jill: She won't listen to you, you know.

Brock: (Sighs) If she doesn't, does it make it any less true?

Jill: No.

Brock: And if she won't change, is that a reflection on me? Have I failed?

Jill: Of course not. It just means that she's a stubborn old fool.

Brock: And if that stubborn old fool refuses to give you her forgiveness or her approval, what does it say about you, Jill?

Jill: Nothing. Not a damn thing. (Laughs) (Sighs)

Murphy: I'm surprised Brock said all that to you.

Kay: (Chuckles) Well, he... was never one to pull punches.

Murphy: Mm. So now will you finally agree to get some rest?

Kay: If I can-- can make a call. Just--just one.

Murphy: What are you doing?

Kay: Hand me the phone, please. Listen, I haven't-- I haven't spoken to Devon...

Murphy: (Sighs)

Kay: Since the news broke, and, uh, it's the least that I can do. (Clears throat) He doesn't answer.

Tucker: Well, I'm glad to hear Devon's, uh, he's tough. He's a survivor.

Ashley: It's remarkable, really, that he was able to rise above the experiences he had as a kid. Now I-I think I heard somewhere that he had reached out to Yolanda after he was with Dru and Neil. It didn't go that well, but it says so much about Devon that he tried. Don't you think?

Tucker: Yeah. Well... (Sighs) I don't expect him to reach out to me. That's fine. It should be me makin' the effort. (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Devon: See that? Now Tucker's calling. They're both trying to get me on their side.

Neil: Son, take a breath. You really don't even know what they want.

Devon: Don't I?

Sofia: Well, I'm sure Tucker just wants to get to know you better.

Lily: Yeah, and I know Katherine would obviously want to explain herself.

Devon: I have no interest in hearing any of it, though. At this point, how can I even trust anything they say?

Nick: What you workin' on?

Phyllis: Nothing.

Nick: Nothing? So it's not that story on Devon?

Phyllis: Nope.

Nick: Good.

Phyllis: Um, it's not that story on Devon because I just finished it. And I just posted it.

Jill: Wow. That was fast.

Colin: You called, I came running.

Jill: Sit down. I have something I want to tell you. (Sighs)

Colin: (Sighs)

Jill: Okay, here's the thing-- I have made a decision. Now a lot of people are not gonna like it, but I'm past caring. 'Cause anybody who wants an apology or an explanation out of me-- they can just go soak their heads.

Colin: Well, this is wonderful. (Chuckles)

Jill: (Giggles)

Colin: How does it affect me?

Jill: (Sighs) I miss you. I want things back the way they were. I want you to come live with me at the Chancellor estate. How do you feel about that?

Colin: Come here.

Jill: (Sighs)

Malcolm: I'm not discussing Lily with you.

Cane: Fine, but if you know what's going on with Neil and Devon, I hope you would tell her, 'cause she's worried.

Malcolm: How do you know Lily's worried?

Cane: I was over at the house last night looking after the kids, and she told me.

Malcolm: Well, that's funny. I, uh, I ran into her this morning, and she never mentioned that to me.

Cane: Yeah, well, that's 'cause she knows you wouldn't approve.

Malcolm: Bunch of cowards in this family.

Cane: Look, let's just, uh, put it up to the fact that she was just tired, and didn't want to have an argument, okay? I just, uh, don't want to put her in a position where she has to defend her choices to you, Devon, and Neil. You know, it's too much tension. We're family.

Tucker: (Sighs) What do I do now? I wanted to be honest with Devon, do the opposite of what Katherine did. It backfired.

Ashley: Honey, he's overwhelmed. I mean, anybody would be.

Tucker: I'm not used to this, second-guessing myself like this.

Ashley: You don't have to do anything. You know that? I mean, I know it's gotta be very uncomfortable for you just to sit and let all of this sink in, but it might be the best thing you could do for yourself. That is very similar advice to what you gave me that night in the airport. Remember that? When I was with Faith. You hardly knew me, but you got how lost I was, and you led me home. I want to do that for you. Will you let me?

Tucker: Sure I will.

Ashley: It'll be okay.

(Door opens)

Brock: (Quietly) Hey, Murph.

Murphy: (Quietly) She's finally taking a nap. Why don't I take you to see her doctor and then we get something to eat?

Brock: Okay, sounds good to me.

Kay: Brock?

Brock: Yes, Mother?

Kay: I didn't mean to make such a mess of everything.

Brock: Then do the right thing, Mother. Make it right.

Devon: I don't need anything that Tucker or Katherine has to offer-- not the bogus job, none of it. I learned the hard way that when someone is a negative influence on you, bringing you down, you cut 'em loose, and that's what they are. Tucker and Katherine are in the same category as Yolanda to me.

Lily: Okay, but, Devon, you have to have questions, though, about Tucker and-- and your mom, how they met, you know? And did Tucker ever say anything about that?

Sofia: No, he didn't.

Devon: Like I told you guys, how would I even trust one word that came out of Tucker's mouth?

Neil: Now I-I agree with you on that, Son, but maybe we should find Yolanda and--and get her side of the story. What do you think?

Devon: No, no. I know you--you're trying to help me, but that's a truly terrible idea. I don't want to see my mother.

(Bell dings)

Bud: Yolanda, order's up!

Yolanda: I know you're not talkin' to me. I go by "Harmony" now. Is that so hard to remember?

Bud: Okay, order up, Harmony.

Harmony: Thank you.

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