Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/6/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 10/6/11


Episode # 9752 ~ Cane Confronts Billy About Hiding From His Family

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Cane: Come on, Billy, what are you doin' here? Goin' around a hospital disguised in a doctor's mask, huh?

Billy: Hey, you found me. Good for you. Now just shut up, okay? Shut up.

Cane: What are you doin', Billy? Why are you hiding from the people who love you? Huh?

Victoria: Thank you so much for coming so early. I know this must seem like kind of a crazy hour to-- to do business.

Michael: Business? Business. Is that what we're doing because over the phone, you sounded like...?

Victoria: Like what? A little crazy? I was a little overwrought. (Chuckles)

Michael: Not your stoic business self.

Victoria: Yeah, well, that's because this is more of a-a personal... Um... (Sighs) I have made a crucial, necessary, very important decision. I'm gonna end my marriage to Billy. But the trick is, how do you divorce a man when you have no idea where he is?

Kay: You said you wouldn't tell.

Jill: I didn't tell Tucker about Devon, not that way--

Kay: You said he knew. I didn't tell him.

Jill: Okay, please. Shh. You've had a stroke. Please, you can't get upset this way.

Kay: Get out. Get out now.

Jill: Please, please.

Neil: Tucker? Tucker is Devon's father?

Sofia: Biological father. But Devon is your son, Neil.

Neil: Yeah, Sofia. I know he's my son. But Tucker? I-- how--how did you hear that Tucker's the father?

Sofia: Because Tucker told me himself. He's just as shocked about this as you are.

Neil: I don't give a damn about Tucker. What's this gonna do to my boy?

Tucker: Devon, um, I think that's-- I think we need to talk alone.

Devon: I'm with family right now, Tucker. Maybe I'll call you later.

Tucker: (Sighs) Lily, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

Lily: Uh, it's Devon's decision.

Devon: This--its fine.

Lily: Okay, um, the twins will be up soon, so do what you have to do.

Devon: What is it?

Tucker: Well, it's about you and me.

Devon: Okay, well, I'm sorry to tell you you wasted your time, 'cause you and I don't have a damn thing to talk about.

Tucker: We do.

Cane: Do you, uh, do you know people are going nuts looking for you?

Billy: (Sighs) Meanwhile, they just got through crying over your dead body in a casket. Do you really want to play "Who's the bigger jerk" right now?

Cane: Okay, so, uh, do you mind telling me why you're disguising yourself in a hospital? You know, these people are looking for you and they need you. You know, Jill is a wreck. You know that, right?

Billy: Yeah... (Sighs) Which leaves you to play the loving son. Maybe you should thank me for leaving that door wide-open for you and just leave me alone.

Cane: Okay. I still, uh, just let me call her for you.

Billy: N--don't do that. You're not gonna do-- look, no one can know that you've seen me.

Cane: Okay, all right. Well, you're here, and, uh, you're lying about it, so there's gotta be a reason. So do you want to tell me? Or I can just, like, get a big old neon sign and put it on the trailer saying, "Billy's here."

Jill: Calm down, please.

Kay: (Groans)

Murphy: Look who's back.

Doctor: Awake is good. Agitated isn't. Now your blood pressure's not were we want it.

Kay: Well, then--then-- then get--get her out of here. (Stammers)

Murphy: Uh, okay.

Kay: Till I can figure out a way to fix the mess she's made.

Murphy: All right, Jill, let's go. Let's go.

Kay: Now! Do it, Jill! Do it! Move, please!

Doctor: All right she's right. You're awake. Let's focus on that, shall we?

Kay: Yeah, well, a lot of good awake does me when everything else is just falling apart. Falling apart!

Neil: Okay, let me get this straight-- he found out last night, all right? I'm supposed to believe that he hired and fired my son, not once making the connection to Yolanda?

Sofia: I know it all seems unreal, and it's a lot to take in, Tucker just didn't make this up. He heard it from Jill.

Neil: Okay, Sofia, I'm not sure--

Murphy: What are you doin making her nuts like that?

Jill: It's not like that was my plan, Murphy.

Neil: So Katherine's awake?

Murphy: She's not taking any visitors.

Neil: Wh-- what exactly s she angry about? Devon?

Sofia: Neil.

Neil: Did--did you tell-- Jill, did you tell Tucker Devon's his son?

Jill: That is not the way it was. Tucker overheard a private conversation between Mitchell Sherman and me.

Neil: Oh, Katherine's attorney so he is part of this.

Jill: Let's just slow down here, okay?

Neil: Katherine has all the answers, doesn't she? That's--I'm--I'm gonna go talk to Katherine.

Sofia: Look, Neil, why don't we just go sit down somewhere? Neil!

Tucker: (Sighs) I appreciate you, uh, comin' here. Lily's house wasn't really the place to do this.

Devon: To do what? Is this something to do with Katherine bringing me to Chancellor? 'Cause you fired me. There's no legal obligation between us. If there's a band that I'm signing that you have your eye on, I don't know what to do.

Tucker: This isn't about business. How about, um, can I get you something to drink? Uh, coffee or something?

Devon: No, thank you. I--how about you just tell me what's going on?

Tucker: (Clears throat) Um... do you remember when we both went and got tested for Delia?

Devon: Yeah, neither of us were a donor match.

Tucker: Yeah, but we found out we were both a/b-negative.

Devon: That's right. So what? Y-you know what? I'm sorry. There's-- no offense, but I really can't help but get the feeling this has something to do with Katherine being out of commission and maybe you wantin' to go in for the kill or something and get back at her by bringing me back to McCall.

Tucker: No, that's not it.

Devon: That's not it? That's good to hear, 'cause Katherine's given me a real shot.

Tucker: (Sighs heavily)

Devon: She's loyal to me, so I'm loyal to her, and for you to make a play while she's in the I.C.U., it's--it's kind of sick.

Tucker: No, you know what, Devon? Katherine has got you fooled. She's manipulating, and she's vicious. She's playing God-- not just with my life, but with yours, too.

Victoria: So I had this dream, and I realized that no-- I-I can't just... (Sighs) I can't just cross my fingers and wish on a star and... (Sighs) I-I can't pretend that-- that Billy and I are gonna be able to start over again, and that everything's gonna be okay. (Sighs) Look, he's not gonna be walking back through that door, so I just want to stop hoping every time that opens, you know?

Michael: Well...

Victoria: (Sighs)

Michael: Divorce usually makes sense when there's no love left.

Victoria: Well, there's love. There is a lot of love. I just... I can't keep living my life in limbo.

Michael: But if you're not sure... if you're not sure--

Victoria: Is there a problem? I mean, is there something that, I mean, you--

Michael: To wait? To--

Victoria: No, no, not to wait. I mean, do you-- do you want me to hire another attorney? Are you busy right now? Because I can do that.

Michael: No, no, listen. Victoria, listen to me. Listen, I'm your friend, and if you really want to do this, it's just... divorce is always hard.

Victoria: Especially it's hard when you're trying to serve papers to a guy who's surfing in Australia or playing poker in India, or in some bar with some--

Michael: All right.

Victoria: I'm sorry. Okay. Okay, I'm sorry.

Michael: All right. You know what we can do? We can file...

Victoria: (Sighs)

Michael: For an ex parte dissolution of marriage. That's when you can't find the other party.

Victoria: Good, okay. They have a term for that. That's great.

Michael: Yeah. Mm-hmm.

Victoria: That means I'm not alone in this.

Michael: Yeah, we can draw up the paperwork. We can publish a notice. It'll take some time to push it through.

Victoria: All right, well, just get the paperwork, and bring it by today, and I'll get it signed for you because I-I really think this just... this needs to be the beginning of the end. (Sighs)

Billy: This is great. My faux brother, a fake corpse, is in hot pursuit of the truth. Doesn't the irony just make you giggle?

Cane: Yeah, it kind of does, doesn't it? So, uh, were you at the hospital for Katherine, Delia, or both? You know Delia is sick, don't you? And that's why you're here, huh? So, uh, all right. You're, uh, hiding and sneaking around. Why? Do you have any idea how much Delia wants to see you?

Billy: Don't do... that. Don't do that with me.

Cane: Do you have any idea how much the people in this town were praying that you were gonna come back, and you were gonna get tested, and you would be the bone marrow donor for that little girl? Do you have any idea? But you don't do it, and Kevin steps up.

Billy. Thank God for Kevin.

Cane: Ohh, okay. I get it now. All right, I get it. Kevin's not the donor. It's you, isn't it?

Malcolm: Where are my babies?

Lily: Uh, they are still sleeping.

Malcolm: Oh, so Charlie wore himself out puttin' you through the wringer last night, huh?

Lily: (Chuckles)

Malcolm: How'd you finally get the little man down?

Lily: I guess he decided to just cut me a break. (Chuckles)

Malcolm: Are you sure you're up for going to the gym? I mean, because if you want to get some Z's, you know I can pull twin duty. It's nothin'.

Lily: (Chuckles) No, no, I-I want to go. I have to just get my bag, so...

Malcolm: All right. Okay, "Superwoman."

Lily: (Chuckles)

(Knock on door)

Lily: Oh, can you get that?

Malcolm: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got it. Yeah.

Lily: Thanks.

Malcolm: Sofia.

Sofia: (Sighs) Malcolm. (Sighs)

Malcolm: You okay? Is the baby okay?

Sofia: (Sighs) (Sighs)

Doctor: That should keep your blood pressure out of the red zone.

Kay: Mm-hmm, well, can you chemically undo what that woman just did to me?

Doctor: Did you miss the part where I told you you had a stroke? We have to make sure that you don't have a repeat performance, or worse.

Kay: Well, I am not about to die before I wring Jill's neck.

Doctor: Don't make me have to come back and sedate you.

Kay: Doctor? I-I'm--I'm sorry. Thank--thank you, though.

Kay: (Inhales deeply) (Exhales slowly)

Neil: Katherine... Devon and Tucker-- is it true?

Kay: Yes, it is.

Devon: Seriously, the woman--your mother is in the hospital right now, and you're standing in front of me talkin' trash on her like this.

Tucker: I'm just sayin', Man, the level of deceit she manages is just selfish.

Devon: No, you know what? Leave me out of your fight. Please.

Tucker: No, I need to tell you something.

Devon: That you have mommy issues?

Tucker: That you're my son.

Sofia: Lily, um...

Lily: Yeah?

Sofia: I didn't come here to see Tucker. I came to see you.

Lily: Oh, okay. I have a-- I have to go soon, but what's up?

Sofia: Its Neil he's gonna need somebody to lean on.

Lily: Uh, okay. Um, yeah, I mean, I'll--I'll-- I'll do whatever I can, but you're kind of freaking me out. Did something happen to him?

Sofia: Neil got some news.

Jill: You think I wanted things to happen this way?

Murphy: All you had to do was zip your lip.

Jill: That is not what happened! Tucker walked in at the wrong moment. That's all.

Murphy: She's my priority. Now go, please, now!

Jill: We talked about this before, okay? Katherine wanted this whole thing very hush-hush. But sooner or later, something was gonna have to give.

Murphy: Oh, yeah, your big mouth.

Jill: You're only mad at me 'cause you're scared for Katherine, and Katherine's mad at me 'cause Jill is an easy target. But the truth is, she created this whole damn mess herself!

Kay: After Tucker's accident, there was a living will. It mentioned a son.

Neil: You told me.

Kay: I asked Paul to look for him, and the information that he got led straight to Devon.

Neil: And you reached out. You gave Devon a contract, and you fed his dreams.

Kay: But, Neil, he deserved it after what Tucker did to him.

Neil: Katherine, he thinks you're the woman who believes in him. You are his business partner. No idea that you're his grandmother, no idea that Tucker is his f-- because... you... didn't... tell him.

Kay: I had to be cautious.

Neil: Yeah. You reeled him in using a music label as bait.

Kay: He's a very talented young man.

Neil: And even if he weren't, he's still Tucker's son-- reason right there for you to take him under your wing and not breathe a word to me about it, even while I was telling you about my situation with Sofia. Devon is my son, and you're playing with his career, with his life, like it's a game.

Kay: No, no, no, Neil. I swear to God, no. It is--no. No, it's--it's not a game.

Neil: You're right. It's a war-- you against Tucker. My son is being used as the trophy.

Kay: You must know how fond I am of you both. You have to know that. Neil.

Devon: Is this a joke?

Tucker: I know it's a lot to take in. I-it is for me, too.

Devon: When have you ever treated me like family?

Tucker: I only just found out.

Devon: While Katherine's in a coma? That's convenient.

Tucker: (Sighs) I knew I had a son-- a son I couldn't find. Katherine found out. She went lookin'. She got luckier than I did. But instead of telling us, the people who deserve to know, she goes to you and she shut me out of the loop. She punished me by keeping me from my son.

Devon: Stop it! Stop it! Your son? You're not talkin' about me. I know that.

Tucker: I knew you were out there. I just had no idea where I had nothing to go on. I had a--I had an unsigned note. I-I--now know it was from your mother. I can show you.

Devon: Yolanda told you about me?

Tucker: Yolanda?

Devon: You've gotta be kidding me. You didn't even know her name?

Tucker: They all used nicknames back then.

Devon: What's "They"? What is--this-- Tucker, this is ridiculous. This is absolutely ridiculous! You and I have the same blood type. That's where you're gettin' this? Come on. I'm done! No!

Tucker: No, no, no, no. Wait, wait, wait, let me explain.

Devon: I don't want to hear it! I really don't. You knocked up some chick and didn't bother to learn her name. If I showed you a picture of five women, would you be able to point out who my mom is?

Tucker: (Sighs) (Sighs) Listen the past... (Sighs) I can't fix it. But this... right now... come on, we can work on this.

Devon: Stay away from me.

Cane: So that's why you're back sneakin' round, huh? See, I knew there was no way you wouldn't know Cordelia wasn't sick, so, uh... okay, I know you care about that little girl.

Billy: That coming from the guy who ditched his own wife and kids means a lot to me, Man.

Cane: So you get back and, uh, you get tested, and you don't get busted, right? And in the meantime, you're, uh, sneakin' around here. I know you're not doin' it on your own, so who's helpin' you? Does Victoria know?

Billy: No, she does not know, and she can't-- not right now.

Cane: Okay. So who's helpin' you?

Billy: (Sighs) That would be my doting father-in-law.

Cane: Okay. All right, Victor Newman. So, uh, why are you staying here? There's no padlock on the door? Why don't you go and see Jill or Chloe or someone?

Billy: Look, Man, look. (Sighs) There was a girl, and I did some things I... something happened. I don't--I don't-- it--mistakes were made, okay? And these were things that I can't let touch my little girl. So the deal is, if the wrong person finds out that I'm here, then I have to take off, and seeing how my daughter needs my marrow... (Clears throat) I'm not leaving, which means you're not talking.

Cane: The problem is I'm done lying to Lily.

Billy: I'm not asking you to lie to Lily. I'm not--it's not like I'm asking you to say, "Hey, Billy sent me a postcard from far, far away." Just keep your mouth shut. Now I'm assuming that since you knew that Delia wasn't yours and you fought for custody anyway, you cared about the kid.

Cane: Yeah, I still care about the kid.

Billy: So that kid, that perfect little kid who needs my bone marrow, because of her, you're not gonna let anybody know that I'm home.

Lily: Sofia, if something is going on with my dad, then I need to know.

Sofia: It's not my news to tell. Neil has to deal with this in his own time.

Lily: In his own ti-- is he sick?

Sofia: No, no. Your father is fine. He is a good, strong, brave man, and he's just been hit with so much right now, and I know my part in that, and it is killing me. So all I can do is come here now and tell you that he's gonna need your love and support.

Lily: So... (Sighs) Should I call him now? I--

Sofia: No, no. Give him time. Give him time to handle this. But please check in on him for me.

Malcolm: Well... (Sighs) Work call's all finished, so if you need to take off, you know, I got it.

Lily: Yeah, um, thanks. Uh... thank you for coming by.

Sofia: Thank you.

Lily: Bye.

Malcolm: Bye, Baby. Have a good workout. (Sighs) Well, the babies are mellow, so, um, it'll give us a chance to talk.

Sofia: About what I said earlier? Getting our lives together?

Malcolm: Actually, why don't we talk about you lying?

Devon: Don't even think about trying to play daddy, 'cause one night with a girl whose name you didn't get doesn't make you anything to me, if it is even true. All you are is the guy that fired my ass, that's all.

Tucker: Yeah, well, whatever happened before-- this changes things, Devon we have to deal with that.

(Cell phone rings)

Devon: Hello?

Neil: Devon, hey, Buddy. I need to see you.

Devon: Trust me, Dad. I can't get out of here fast enough. Can you meet me at the coffeehouse in ten minutes, please?

Neil: Yeah, I'll, uh, I'll see you there, okay?

Devon: Thanks. (Sighs)

Tucker: Listen, Devon, you need time to process. I understand that. I-I can meet you somewhere, anywhere you want later. I know this is gonna take time, but I think it's important that we try to meet in the middle on this.

Devon: Stop it. Stop talking! You and me are done. I don't want to have anything to do with you. I would like for you to stay the hell away from me. Do you got that?

Tucker: (Sighs)

Billy: I'm assuming you can keep your mouth shut for the greater good, since as I recall, you were the noble brother.

Cane: (Sighs)

Billy: Except for you're not my brother. You're not that noble, but who's looking at the details anyway?

Cane: (Sighs) I gotta go see Lily.

Billy: Wow, you must be conning her pretty good if she's willing to share the same room as you.

Cane: You don't want to start with me right now, okay?

Billy: Look, I'll just settle for the confirmation that my name doesn't come up in your conversation.

Cane: That's fine. We'll do that, okay? I'll, uh, I'll keep this to myself for Cordelia's sake. That's all.

Billy: Good. Fine. Good-bye. Have fun.

Cane: You know, Billy, everybody loves you. Everybody misses you, okay? And--and Jill, every day you're gone, she doesn't know if she's gonna see you again. And Victoria, she's strong, she's tough, but every day she doesn't know if you're okay, she just dies a little bit inside.

Billy: Don't talk to me about my people. You don't know anything about them-- how they feel, what they think. Once this transplant is done and I'm sure my daughter's okay, I don't care what happens to me. All bets are off. Victor, he can take his deal, and he can put it anywhere he'd like.

Cane: What is that supposed to mean, Billy?

Billy: It means when everything is okay, I'm gonna go see my mother, and I'm gonna see my daughter, and I'm gonna go find Victoria.

Victoria: Oh. You have the papers already.

Michael: Just some pro forma divorce documents to get things started.

Victoria: Good. (Sighs) That's great.

Michael: You know, Victoria, we don't have to do this now.

Victoria: Yes. (Sighs) Yes, we do.

Sofia: (Scoffs) What are you talking about? What lies?

Malcolm: I'm talkin' about right now. Like right now, you come over here and you're sayin' that you're all upset because of work when it's really all about Neil.

Sofia: Lily needed to hear something personal about her father.

Malcolm: And what about me? I'm his brother, Sofia. But you'd rather lie to me. You keep things from me. You know, you--you-- you real good at keeping secrets for Neil these days.

Sofia: Well, Neil needs Lily, and he's gonna need you, too, but not all angry and resentful, which is all you can seem to manage.

Malcolm: And what about all of this stuff that you've been bringin' to me, all this stuff you've been sayin', huh? About how we belong together, and how--how we need to be in the same bed and all of that? Sofia, we don't even have reason to be in the same damn room.

Sofia: Oh, we have plenty of reason.

Malcolm: Yeah, we got the weddin' rings, and we got the marriage vows, and all that stuff. All--all of that good stuff, huh? But what about what really matters?

Sofia: We have history. That's all that really matters.

Malcolm: (Sighs) Look at you. Look at you. You standin' here lyin' to yourself, lyin' to me. Sofia, I just stood here and--and heard you. I listened to everything that you just said, and all that you could talk about is what Neil needs and-- and how--how Neil needs to be safe, and how you'd do anything to fix him. Sofia, whoever the-- the father of your child is, you in love with one man-- my brother.

Sofia: Don't say that, and don't tell Neil.

Malcolm: (Sighs)

Neil: Hey. (Sighs) Are you okay?

Devon: Did you know?

Neil: Did I know what?

Devon: Did you know about Tucker? I'm wondering how many people heard about this and didn't bother to say anything to me.

Neil: Devon, as soon-- as soon as I got the information, I was on the phone to you, Man.

Devon: Okay. I'm thinking this-- I mean, this is a lie. It's a lie or a mix-up, 'cause there's no way-- there's no way that--that Tucker and my mom... you know? He's not. All the man has is-- is some unsigned note from a woman sayin' that-- that she had his baby. What kind of proof is that? Right?

Neil: Yeah. I think you should know that-- Devon, I-- Katherine's awake, okay? Um... she's been looking for Tucker's son with Paul Williams' help.

Devon: Okay, so they went lookin'. I mean, that doesn't mean that--

Neil: No, it--it-- it's not a D.N.A. test. But I think it-- it's safe to assume that... Tucker might be your biological father.

Devon: Katherine told you that?

Neil: Yeah.

Devon: She's known this whole time, and not one word... to you or to me.

Neil: (Sighs)

Devon: Tucker said that she was playing God with both of our lives.

Neil: I'm--I'm sorry. Devon, it--it shouldn't have gone down this way, you know? A-and who's at fault? As pissed as am, I-I can't worry about that now. My main concern is you.

Devon: (Sighs)

Neil: You know, a big question in your life has been answered now. You understand? This piece of you-- you don't have to wonder anymore. So forget about that anger. You have a-a new family.

Devon: Oh, no, I don't.

Cane: (Clears throat)

Cane: So... what's wrong? Why are you drinking?

Jill: (Chuckles)

Cane: Is it Katherine, or is it Tucker?

Jill: Yes and yes. Katherine is awake.

Cane: Oh, that is great news.

Jill: Mm.

Cane: So is it-- is there damage? I mean, why are you upset then?

Jill: Oh, there's damage. Yeah, there's damage, and according to Katherine, of course, I am the horrible witch who created it one more time.

Cane: Did she say that?

Jill: No, she just gnashed her teeth, but it's obvious she detests me.

Cane: Listen, I wouldn't worry about it. It’s probably the stroke or her medication talking.

Jill: Do you know that Liz has been dead for almost a year? And now I thought I was gonna lose Katherine. Of course, she's awake, but I'm banished from her bedside, so... effectively, I have no mother. And my sons-- one runs away to Australia-- Phillip-- although he's talking to me now, but... (Chuckles) Billy hates me so much, he won't even call home.

Cane: (Sighs) You know, there's something I should probably tell you about Billy.

(Cell phone rings)

Michael: You gonna... you gonna get that?


Victoria: There's no caller I.D.

Michael: (Sighs) Oh. (Ring)

Victoria: Hello? Hello?

Billy: (Sniffles)

Michael: Victoria?

Victoria: It was just a wrong number, I guess. (Sighs)

Victoria: (Drops pen) I can't. I know what I said before. I'm not ready for my marriage to end.

Jill: What about Billy?

Cane: (Sighs)

Jill: Please tell me, Cane. What about Billy?

Cane: You called me your son even when you knew I wasn't Phillip. I've lied to you, and I stayed away when you thought I was dead, and I let you grieve me.

Jill: Wow, that's making me feel so much better.

Cane: (Laughs) I think what I'm trying to say is, you know that I love you, and you know that... wherever Billy is, that he loves you, too.

Jill: Honey, he ran half a world away from me.

Cane: I know that...

Jill: (Sighs)

Cane: And he'll come back. He'll come back, and he will make it up to you. He'll make it up to everybody. I know that. He loves you. He loves you, okay? Now I'll bet you on that.

Devon: (Sighs) I don't care what happened in some sleazy motel room or backstage at a concert with Tucker, whoever it was. I met my real father when I was 16 years old. And that's the only one I've ever had, and it's the only father I'll ever want.

Neil: Come here, Man.

Doctor: I'll check back in soon. Try to keep her calm if you can.

Murphy: Don't do that again-- scare the pants off me.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Murphy: You know, I need three things in life-- fish bait, rummy, and you and the first two can go to blazes. Okay, I'll get you some more water.

Kay: Thank you.

Murphy: Oh, and please, try to close your beautiful eyes. Forget all about that Tucker stuff. Everything's gonna be fine.

(Door opens)

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