Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/4/11

Y&R Transcript Tuesday 10/4/11


Episode # 9750 ~ Abby is Booked for Attempted Murder

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Victor: Spencer, you know damn well why Abby confessed to hitting McCall with her car. She wanted to clear her mother.

Spencer: And her conscience.

Michael: Oh, you said yourself her story wasn't credible.

Spencer: She was pretty convincing in that video. Bet the jury thinks so, too. Excuse me.

Abby: Mom, thanks for coming.

Ashley: Of course.

Michael: Oh, I'm glad you got my text. I was afraid you'd have your phone turned off in the courtroom.

Tucker: Well, the hearing ended pretty quickly.

Victor: How did it turn out?

Jill: Oh, Jack. Have you heard from Katherine? I want to find out what happened in court, but she's not returning my calls. It would be nice to know if we still had jobs.

Man: Mr. Abbott?

Jack: Uh, n-no comment.

Man: Not even a statement regarding her condition?

Jack: No comment.

Jill: Whose condition, Jack? What is he talking about?

Jack: Katherine collapsed at the hearing.

(Ventilator hissing)

Victoria: Hey, how long's it been since I've seen you outside of the hospital?

Chloe: Hi. Yeah, I guess it's been about a week.

Victoria: Wow.

Chloe: Yeah, my mom's with Delia. I feel sure enough that she's okay that, you know, I don't have to monitor her every breath. (Sighs) Thank God for Kevin.

Victoria: Yeah. Is he here?

Chloe: No, no, I-- I was hoping that he would be, but I can't find him.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Chloe: Look at you. You have no crutches.

Victoria: Oh, yeah, well, uh, you know, it's feelin' a lot better. Mostly healed, I guess.

Chloe: Great.

(Cell phone rings)

Chloe: Oh. Oh, great. That's Kevin now. Hey, I've been looking for you. Oh, well, believe it or not, I am taking a break from the hospital. No, what? What? A-a-all right. I'm--I'm going to call my mom now.

Victoria: What's wrong?

Chloe: Katherine collapsed or something. They had to call an ambulance.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Billy: (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Billy: Hey, Man. Come in. You have my phone?

Kevin: Yeah, I said I would bring it, right?

Billy: Oh, perfect.

Kevin: That is only for emergencies. You are only allowed to call me, and for God sake, do not leave it out anywhere that Victor can see it.

Billy: (Sighs) Would you relax, Man? This is the prudent thing to do, okay? I mean, we get to see less of each other. You won't have to check on me all the time, and if I need anything, I'll just call you.

Kevin: No, no, not anything-- just dire, desperate things.

Billy: Would you like a beer or something? You need to mellow out.

Kevin: No, I have to get back to the hospital.

Billy: Why? Is something wrong with Delia?

Kevin: No, it's Mrs. C.

Neil: (Quietly) Katherine, Sweetheart? Your doctor was just telling us that it's really good they got you here when they did.

Devon: It'll be even better if we can get you out of here quickly, too, right?

Neil: Hi, Murphy.

Murphy: (Sighs) Sweetheart? I'm here. (Sighs) It was Tucker, wasn't it? He did something to rile her up.

Neil: Yeah. The judge sided with him in the arbitration, all because of testimony that Jack gave backing Tucker up.

Murphy: Jack? Jack turned on her?

Neil: It was a shock to us all.

Murphy: She... she didn't want me to come. And I knew-- I knew Tucker had some kind of sucker punch planned for her. I-I-I-I should have insisted on going there.

Neil: Murphy, you're here right now, okay? It's exactly what she needs.

Murphy: Have you talked to the doctor?

Neil: He'll be back any minute.

Murphy: Well, what did he say?

Neil: He thinks she might have suffered another stroke.

Murphy: (Sighs)

Billy: Was it-- was it a heart attack? Is she gonna make it?

Kevin: All I know is that she collapsed at the courthouse.

Billy: The courthouse?

Kevin: Yeah, the courthouse. She was going up against Tucker for some arbitration hearing.

Billy: (Taps cell phone) There you go. That's what happened. Tucker pushed her to the breaking point once again-- awesome.

Kevin: We don't have all the details.

Billy: Yeah, we certainly do. That's what happened to her last time. He was arguing with her, and then she had that mini stroke. Hopefully, this is all that is. It's just another--

Kevin: Okay, well, I will find out, and I will let you know.

Billy: (Clears throat) (Tapping cell phone) I hate having to be in here and not know what's going on. It's driving me nuts.

Kevin: Okay, well, you'll still have the information faster than you would if you were in China.

Billy: Yeah, that's very sensitive. Thanks, Buddy. You know, Katherine's like a grandmother to me.

Kevin: Yeah, to me, too, and I'm just as worried about her as you are.

Billy: I didn't say you weren't, particularly since you can go see her and be with her. You can check on her. You can know what's going on. I'm stuck here in this damn trailer.

Kevin: And whose fault is that? It was your dumb-ass choices that got you here in the first place, not mine. (Sighs)

Billy: Wait, Man, (Taps cell phone) Will you come back and tell me how she's doing?

Kevin: Yeah, I said I would.

Billy: Yeah, well, that was before I pissed you off.

Kevin: I'll be back. I just don't know how long it's gonna take.

Billy: All right, I'll be here, slowly going out of my mind, just so you know.

(Door closes)

Billy: (Tapping cell phone)

Tucker: It came on very suddenly. We called 9-1-1, rushed her to the hospital.

Michael: Well, did she regain consciousness?

Tucker: No.

Abby: Dad, if you-- you want to go, go.

Victor: First, I'd like to know what happened.

Ashley: He just told you what happened.

Victor: Why did Katherine lose her case?

Tucker: She claimed she couldn't have gotten a better offer for Jabot. I proved otherwise.

Victor: Did someone make a phony bid?

Tucker: No. It's a legitimate offer from Jack.

Victor: Oh, Jack Abbott. No kidding. Uh-huh, so you talked him into joining your coup against your mother. (Sighs) Ashley, you are proud of that?

Ashley: Out of curiosity, how many business deals have you made that lots of people have had issues with?

Victor: This is not business. This is vengeance, pure and simple.

Ashley: Mm-hmm, business.

Victor: He's getting even with his mother for leaving him behind when he was a child. I'm stunned that you're a part of it. Um, take care of her...

Michael: Of course.

Victor: And you do exactly as Michael says, all right?

Abby: I will.

Victor: Excuse me.

Tucker: (Sighs) Where's Spencer? Let's hurry up and clear Abby so we can get the hell out of here.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Neil: So anyway, we could see her getting more and more worked up. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no way to intervene.

Devon: Yeah, the tension's been building between her and Tucker for a long time now.

Victoria: Poor Murphy.

Chloe: Don't say that. She's gonna be okay.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Doctor: Her C.T. scan showed a blood vessel ruptured.

Murphy: So it was a stroke? She was upset just before it happened. Could that have brought it on?

Doctor: Her blood pressure was very high--220.

Murphy: What are her... her chances for recovery?

Doctor: Well, her pupils are responsive, and she's reacting to painful stimuli. But she does have some slight brain swelling. The next 24 hours will be critical.

Murphy: How critical?

Doctor: Well, there's every possibility your wife will walk out of here in the next few days. But I do need to ask-- have you two discussed end-of-life issues? Does Katherine have a signed D.N.R?

Murphy: Look, we don't have to talk about that now, do we? Just because I know that she is gonna pull through this.

Jill: Why didn't you tell me Katherine collapsed?

Jack: I was going to tell you before he interrupted us.

Jill: (Sighs)

Jack: Sit down.

Jill: No, no, I'm going to the hospital. Why aren't you at the hospital?

Jack: Well, I'm not gonna be very welcome at the hospital. Katherine's pretty ticked off at me.

Jill: Why, Jack? What did you do?

Jack: I teamed up with Tucker, testified on his behalf to get Jabot back.

Jill: Oh, my God, how could you do that? She made you C.E.O. of jabot.

Jack: I am now the owner, or I will be, as soon as the paperwork is done.

Jill: Oh, my God, it's finally happened. You have let your obsession with that company completely take you over! You know what? You're not welcome at the hospital, okay? And if Katherine doesn't make it, I will personally see to it that you and Tucker are held liable. I will see you in jail!

Jack: (Sighs)

Billy: (Clears throat) Collapsed, collapsed, taken to the hospital. Tell me something I don't know. Oh, come on. That's nuts. Abby was driving? Oh, Honey, you almost killed the man. (Clears throat) (Sighs)

Ashley: Honey, Tucker, I think we need to consult with Michael before you talk to the police.

Tucker: Michael thinks it's the best shot we have, that is, if you intend to corroborate Ashley's version of what happened the night of the crash.

Michael: That's the plan.

Abby: I don't want you to have to--

Tucker: Listen, the police need our help understanding what happened that night. We're the only ones who were there, so we're the only ones who really know, right?

Spencer: Mr. McCall. Ms. Abbott. If you're here to bail your daughter out this evening, I'm not--

Tucker: No, we're not here to pay bail. We're here to insist that you release Abby. She was in no way responsible for the accident.

Ashley: How many times do I have to tell you that I was driving the car that night?

Spencer: Abby gave us a slightly different version of events.

Tucker: Well, I'll break the tie. Abby was not behind the wheel. I remember it clearly.

Michael: And he's willing to testify to that effect, which doesn't leave you with much of a case.

Spencer: Got it all figured out, huh? Just one problem-- I don't believe you.

Jill: I'm gonna go see her. Hello, Victor.

Neil: (Sighs)

Victor: How is she?

Victoria: We don't really have any solid information yet.

Victor: (Sighs) You were at the courthouse?

Neil: You heard what happened?

Victor: From Tucker McCall.

Devon: Was he gloating about his big triumph?

Victor: So then I'm right in assuming that Jack and Tucker McCall's business arrangement caused Katherine to collapse? Is that it?

Neil: 100%, Victor.

(Ventilator hissing)

Jill: Neil said it was a stroke.

Murphy: Brought on by hypertension.

Jill: And when did they say she's gonna wake up?

Murphy: They're trying to prepare me for the possibility that she might not wake up.

Jill: No!

Murphy: No, but-- but they don't know who the heck they're dealin' with. I mean, she has come through this kind of thing before.

Jill: You're damn right.

Jill: Okay, okay, you tell me how I can help you. I can get you all pumped up and ready to fight. I'm really good at calling you names and pushing your buttons.

Murphy: (Chuckles) It's her specialty.

Jill: You know how much I love to give you a hard time, but I'm not gonna do all the work. All right, you've gotta get up off your keister and get in the game, Katherine. Oh, my God. And no giving up. Giving up is not an option. Do you understand that?

Tucker: You know, I get now why you have such a lousy record in court. You haul people in on charges based on your personal opinion instead of the evidence.

Spencer: We have evidence.

Tucker: Oh, that video? A scared kid trying to keep her mother out of jail. And there's another arrest that never should have happened. I think it's clear you've got it out for this family.

Spencer: Don't even start that.

Tucker: You keep comin' after my wife and my stepdaughter without cause, I won't start with you, Man-- I will finish you. Now maybe you forgot this young lady's brother owns a little publication called "Restless Style." Would you like to be on the cover? Hmm? "Vindictive, power-hungry D.A. railroads confused, innocent young woman, because he can't get over the fact that her father financed his opponent's campaign." Now there's a story that would get some attention, don't you think?

Ashley: Yeah, and also with the bar association.

Spencer: There's no truth in that.

Tucker: Well, here's the thing-- I don't believe you. Now I'm really lookin' forward to seeing you get a taste of what you've been dishin' out.

Michael: It--it appears, in retrospect, that you may have been a bit hasty pressing charges without consulting the sole surviving witness to the crash. Maybe we should discuss dropping the charges.

Spencer: Come with me.

Ashley: Okay. That was incredible.

Abby: I can't believe you just did that for me.

Tucker: Well, as long as you're in trouble, your mother's not gonna be happy.

Ashley: Aw.

Tucker: I promised to make her happy. I hope you appreciate what you have in her.

Abby: I do.

Tucker: She was willing to go to prison for you, Abby.

Ashley: Shh. It's okay.

Tucker: Now you believe me when I tell you, not every mother has that kind of love for their child.

Murphy: (Sighs) Her, uh, her doctor asked me about her last wishes regarding life support. No, no, no, no. They--they don't-- they don't think it's necessary yet.

Jill: No, she always made it very clear. She didn't want to be dependent on machines.

Murphy: I know. But if the alternate is losing her... (Sighs)

Jill: Murphy, it's not gonna come to that, okay? It is not gonna come to that. I do have to ask you something, though. I know she talked to you about Devon and about the will. Do you know if she changed her will?

Kevin: Losing Jack's friendship would upset Mrs. C. more than losing Jabot. She values loyalty above everything else.

Neil: Kevin, those of us who feel the same way are gonna be here for her.

Devon: Yeah, they'll have to build onto the waiting room to make enough space for us, too.

Victoria: Well, there is one person who won't be here, and that's Billy. Jill's really gonna need him, especially if this is as serious as it seems to be.

Victor: Billy not only abandoned his wife and child, but anyone who cared about him, all right?

Chloe: What's wrong?

Kevin: Nothing.

Victor: What the hell are you doing here?

Jack: How is Katherine doing?

Chloe: It's touch-and-go.

Victor: And you and Tucker McCall are responsible.

Jack: I'm not gonna get into this with you. I'm here to offer my support to the family.

Neil: Really? A little late for that, don't you think, Jack?

Devon: Yeah, too bad you didn't think of being supportive when Tucker was bribing you.

Jack: Now there was no bribe. This was a business transaction on par with many made by your father and Victor and Katherine. Had I realized her physical health had deteriorated to this poi--

Victor: Don't be so damn disingenuous. It had nothing to do with her physical health, and you know it. It had to do with a business deal between you and Tucker McCall.

Kevin: Let's not allow this to get out of control, all right? Jack, it might be best if you come back another time.

Victor: He won't be back.

Victoria: Dad.

Victor: Jack Abbott is here to soothe his guilty conscience. Once he has done that, he's gonna go home and pop a bottle of champagne.

Jack: Give Katherine my best.

Victoria: Well, I guess we should brace ourselves for Tucker showing up, too.

Victor: Ain't gonna happen. Unlike Jack Abbott, Tucker McCall doesn't even pretend to give a damn about his mother's welfare.

Neil: Where'd you see Tucker?

Victor: Police station. Abby is in legal trouble.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: The press?

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: You're probably gonna have to make some kind of a statement, you know.

Tucker: "Thank you for respecting our privacy during this difficult time"? Can I just tell them all to go to hell?

Ashley: It's kind of impolite. You okay?

(Door opens)

Tucker: I'm fine. It's Michael.

Michael: All charges have been dropped.

Abby: (Gasps) Really? Oh!

Michael: (Chuckles) Yes. You're free to go.

Abby: (Sighs)

Michael: Apparently, Mr. Walsh doesn't relish the prospect of becoming "Restless Style's" next cover model.

Abby: (Chuckles)

Michael: I'll take care of the paperwork.

Ashley: Thank you, Michael. Thank you.

Michael: You're welcome.

Abby: (Chuckles)

Ashley: You're the hero.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: You're the hero.

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: Ooh.

Abby: (Sighs) Thank you.

Tucker: I'm just glad it's all behind us. I've got some things I have to deal with.

Ashley: You going to the hospital? I can go with you.

Tucker: No, I appreciate the offer, but I'm not going there.

Ashley: Mm.

Tucker: I'll see you at home later.

Ashley: Okay, thank you. Aw, Baby girl, it's okay!

Abby: (Laughs)

Ashley: It's all right now.

Abby: It is. I know it is.

Ashley: It's over. It's over.

Abby: (Sighs)

Ashley: (Sighs) And you know what? He's right.

Abby: (Sighs)

Ashley: We can put that whole awful night behind us. I mean it, Abby. I want you to put it behind us. I want you to put the resentment and the suspicion that you have of Tucker behind you. I want it to end now.

Abby: (Sighs)

(Ventilator hissing)

Kevin: I don't mean to chase you guys out.

Jill: No.

Murphy: No, no, no, no. I've--I've gotta fill everybody in.

Jill: And I've got phone calls to return.

Murphy: Yeah, keep her company, okay?

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Kevin: Hey, Mrs. C. it's Kevin. I sure hope you come out of this soon. Not to be selfish, but we are all counting on you to get us through this whole thing with Delia. The bone marrow transplant-- Chloe is gonna need some serious hand-holding, and... (Sighs) And I could really use some advice right about now. But we're not gonna get into that. Um... I will tell you, though, that Billy wishes he could be here, and he sends his love.

Victor: What are you saying?

Kevin: What--it doesn't-- nothing. It doesn't matter. She's not conscious.

Victor: You don't know if she can hear or not. What if Victoria had walked in?

Kevin: I'll be back later.

Victor: What in hell are you doing here? Don't let these bastards get to you. What Jack and Tucker did to you is absolutely cruel. All the more reason for you to get out of bed and knock their heads together, okay? What if Nikki finds out about this? It'll put her back in her recovery. (Sighs) Why did you and I ever argue about Jabot? What a pointless argument. (Sighs) You know how much I love you? Come on. You're tough. Get out of bed and knock their heads together. Come on. We'll do it together, all right?

(Chair squeaks)

Tucker: Come to stake your claim?

Jack: I had a few things to clear up. What are you doing sittin' there...?

Tucker: (Clears throat)

Jack: In the dark?

Tucker: Just restin' my eyes.

Jack: Resting your eyes? Or, uh, wrestling with your conscience?

Tucker: Well, it sounds like you forgot how Katherine got Jabot away from me.

Jack: It was pretty clever.

Tucker: It was pretty sneaky. Don't say it runs in the family.

Jack: In her defense, she did work her tail off to keep your empire up and running... when you weren't. Kinda surprised me. I mean, with all the rancor and bad feeling between the two of you, she still felt a bond. Seeing how you're reacting to what's happened to her, it's pretty clear to me you feel the same way.

Ashley: Hi. So what's happening?

Neil: Hi. Uh, she's hangin' in there. It's gonna be a tough fight, though.

Devon: If you're looking for any good news to take back to your husband, you're probably not gonna find it here.

Abby: Well, I guess the fact that she's still alive is good news.

Ashley: Yeah.

Devon: Well, Tucker might not think so.

Ashley: Devon, nobody wanted this to happen. You have to know that.

Devon: Excuse me.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Abby: They dropped the charges.

Victor: (Sighs) Michael texted me.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Victor: I'm very happy, okay?

Victoria: That's great. (Sighs) What convinced the D.A. to back down?

Abby: Tucker.

Victoria: (Sighs)

Murphy: Katherine did tell me that she was planning to add Devon to her will. But I don't know if it was finalized yet.

Jill: Well, we have to find that out, because that would be the worst possible way for him to find out he was Tucker's son.

Murphy: Yeah.

Abby: Are you okay?

Devon: Yeah, I'm fine. I just--I was afraid if I stayed in there longer, I was gonna say too much, you know?

Abby: I've never been in that situation.

Devon: (Chuckles)

Abby: I heard you were there when Katherine collapsed.

Devon: Yeah. It was horrible. I really don't get how a guy like Tucker-- he has one of the most amazing women in the world for a mother, and he treats her like that.

Abby: Okay, I-I wasn't in the courtroom, but do we think that it's possible Tucker had a valid business argument? (Stammers) Hold on. You and I-- we're biased against him. We have to be honest.

Devon: You know, I used to think he had some redeeming qualities. But not anymore. I don't want to have anything to do with that guy ever again.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Neil: Oh.

Chloe: Hey.

Neil: Hi.

Chloe: Delia's doing really great today.

Victoria: Oh, good. That's great. Oh, I can go sit with her if your mom wants to visit with Katherine.

Neil: Uh, Esther was already here.

Chloe: Yeah, you know what? She--she's not even freaking out. She's just trusting God to do the right thing. He already pulled through for Delia. He sent us our guardian angel.

Kevin: (Scoffs) Chloe.

Chloe: You are.

Neil: We appreciate everything you're doing for--for Delia.

Victoria: You know, if Billy were here, he would say the same thing.

Kevin: Well, I think Delia has lots of guardian angels, not just me.

[Billy remembering]

Kay: I'll tell you something-- I learned a great deal over this past year, and family isn't always blood. No, don't look at me like that. Listen to me. Technically, I'm no more related to you than I am to Cane. But you'll always be my grandson.

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Kevin: Excuse me.

Chloe: Hey, what's up?

Kevin: What? Uh, nothing. It was, uh, Crimson Lights.

Victoria: Are you sure? You looked a little horrified there for a second.

Kevin: Uh, yeah, it's just I don't like to be bothered by work, you know? Especially now. I'm so worried about Mrs. C.

Tucker: Well, I think you might be projecting a little bit, Jack. You sure it's not you who's feeling guilty about what we did?

Jack: Had I known how things would end up, I might have handled things differently, but it wasn't me sitting alone in the dark contemplating my sins.

Tucker: Whatever you say.

Jack: A little bit of unasked-for advice-- go see your mother, Tucker. Really. If, God forbid, she should die before you have a chance to tell her how you're feeling, that will eat at you for years to come.

Michael: And the arrest won't even appear on your record.

Abby: (Chuckles)

Michael: It will be as if it never happened.

Abby: Wow, thank God.

Victoria: Yeah.

Victor: Well done, Michael.

Michael: Yes, but it was Tucker who did the heavy lifting. Oh, has anyone seen Kevin? He told me he was headed over here.

Victoria: Um, well, he left a little while ago.

Michael: Really? Did he say where he was going?

Victoria: No, he didn't. He was in a hurry, though.

Michael: Hmm.

Kevin: I told you I would be back.

Billy: Yeah, well, you took too long.

Kevin: When you sent me that text, I was standing with Chloe, Victoria, and Victor.

Billy: Victoria was there?

Kevin: (Sighs) Representing for you, as usual.

Billy: Hey, Man, what are you doing?

Kevin: You can't be trusted with this.

Billy: All right, look, I apologize about the text. It won't happen again, but I need that for emergencies, so...

Kevin: Your idea of what an emergency is and mine are completely different, Billy.

Billy: Oh, come on, Man. Look, you can't leave me stranded here, because if I need something, I'm just gonna go out and get it.

Kevin: (Sighs)

Kevin: Don't make me regret this.

Billy: I swear.

Kevin: Like that means anything. (Scoffs)

Billy: (Sighs)

Ashley: I'm gonna go get the car, and I'll meet you at the curb, okay?

Abby: Okay. It's probably good that she doesn't know where she is.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: I think she'd hate being this helpless.

Devon: She's only happy when she's running the show.

Abby: You got to know her really well lately, huh?

Devon: Yeah. You know, I don't know why she took such an interest in me, but I'm glad she did. I just hope this isn't the end.

Murphy: Uh, hey, Guys, you don't have to stay.

Victor: Not gonna leave, Murphy. (Sighs)

(Cell phone alert chimes)

Jill: (Sighs)

Murphy: Is that Mitchell?

Jill: Yes, he's on his way up.

Neil: Mitchell? You contacted Katherine's attorney?

Murphy: Yeah, Jill-- Jill thought it would be a good idea.

Jill: I just wanted to see what kind of provisions had been made for a situation like this.

Murphy: Uh, come. I think we ought to--

Jill: Right. Absolutely.

Murphy: I'm glad you didn't mention Devon and the will.

Jill: Well, of course I wouldn't do that. Can you imagine how explosive that would be? We don't even know if she changed her will anyway.

Murphy: (Sighs) Right.

Mitchell: Tucker?

Tucker: Hey, Mitchell.

Mitchell: I assume you're here about the will.

Tucker: The will?

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Jill: Hello?

Sam: I think we need to talk about sleepin' arrangements.

Tucker: You've been in to see my mother?

Devon: Yes, we have.

Tucker: And business associates have more rights than sons?

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