Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/28/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/28/11


Episode # 9746 ~ Abby Fears Her Confession Will Be Discovered

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Sam: By the way, I should probably mention, she twisted her ankle gettin' down off Blue Smoke.

Victor: Is she all right?

Sam: Eh, it's a pretty good sprain, actually. I took her home, had her put some ice on it, though. She should be fine.

Victor: Well, I'm glad you were there. By the way, how do you like living above the garage?

Sam: I like it very much.

Victor: Good.

Sam: I mean, it's comfortable. I've got everything I need, so thank you for asking.

Victor: Glad to hear that. I don't like her being alone, although that's certainly preferable to the last situation she was in.

Sam: I imagine you are referring to Billy, huh?

Victor: Has she heard from him?

Sam: You, uh, you'd have to ask her yourself on that one, Sir.

Victor: Yeah. I will do that.

Victoria: Hey, Fella? What's up with you and the closet? I've never seen you act this way before. Ow! Why did I stand on that? (Scoffs) Ow. Look out. I don't want to get you with my crutches. Keely, come here. Oh, I stepped on my ankle. (Sighs) Oh, come here. Come here.

[Billy remembering]

Victor: If I were you, I would forget about Victoria. You're here for Delia. I don't want you to see my daughter again. Is that clear?

Neil: Hey, Katherine, before we adjourn, I owe you an apology.

Kay: What on earth for?

Neil: Well, I was wrong to criticize your decision to give Devon the opportunity that you have. You know, I-I've been a little frustrated with the way he's been handling things lately.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Neil: But that really isn't your concern, and I'm sorry to be dumping my family's problems on-- I-in your lap.

Kay: Well, uh, don't give it another thought.

Devon: Mrs. Chancellor? I've just had a seriously good idea about our studio space.

Man: Been to every Goodwill store in Genoa City. No one has Victor Newman's shoes. It's a dead end.

Ronan: Okay, we found a receipt at Newman's house, right? Okay, so those shoes were donated somewhere widen the search! Check nearby towns. I don't know what you have to do. Find the damn things! Finding those shoes is the only way we can prove that he left those footprints in the mud near Diane's body, okay?

Man: Yeah.

Abby: Okay, Mom, do not freak out when you get this message, but I am at Detective Malloy’s office. I am gonna make sure he understands you had nothing to do with Diane's murder.

Man: I got a call from the Athletic Club manager. He just found an abandoned lockbox in the hotel safe. Three guesses who was usin' it before she got killed.

Ronan: Wait a minute. That's what this key is for. That's what this key is for-- the same key the murderer left in Diane's throat.

Ashley: Jabot's latest top seller. Demands are exceeding expectations. Oh, you know, the company is thriving in large part because of products that I created, and yet, I'm not involved in the company anymore.

Tucker: I can understand why you'd feel that way.

Ashley: Remember when you asked me to take over the company after your accident? I told you I wanted focus on you getting well. You're well.

Tucker: (Chuckles)

Ashley: (Chuckles) I really want to be involved in Jabot again, and since you're the guy that can make it happen...

[Tucker remembering]

Jack: You sign that contract giving me complete control of Jabot, I'll help you get the company back from Katherine.

Tucker: You know, I would put you back on the payroll in a second, but it's out of my hands.

Ashley: Only till you get Jabot back from Katherine. Tucker, I have such a strong vision for the company. I mean, I really do. I think I need to have a say in it. Don't you think I've earned the right for that?

Tucker: I do.

Ashley: Oh, look who that is. That's Caroline. Remember her? Her--she just got married. I'm gonna go say hi.

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: I’ll be right back.

Tucker: Okay, I'll make a quick call.

Ashley: Okay.

(Telephone rings)

Jack: Jack Abbott.

Tucker: I filed the lawsuit. Katherine should hear anytime now. Our deal is still on, right? You'll testify for me in court.

Jack: Provided you make it clear in writing you will not interfere with my decisions as C.E.O.

Tucker: I'll bring the paperwork by.

John: Oh, I know that look, Jackie-- the look of a man who's going after what he wants and damn the torpedoes.

Jack: And as usual, you are here to try to talk me out of it.

Victor: Sam told me that you sprained your ankle. Are you all right?

Victoria: I'm fine. Yeah, I'm fine, as long as I don't put any weight on it. I know. I'm being careful. I-I promise. Sam? Yeah. He's--he's the absolute best. He's taking good care of me. I have no idea what I'd do without him. (Sighs)

(Knock on door)

Victoria: Oh, well, speak of the devil, there's my hero now. Okay, Daddy. Love you, too. Yep, okay. Yeah, I'll talk to you soon. Okay, bye. (Sighs)

(Front door opens)

Victoria: Hey.

Sam: (Laughs) Hey. How's my Darlin' doing?

Victoria: "Your darling" is very happy to see you. (Giggles)

[Abby remembering]

Abby: Deacon must have seen me making my confession.

Victoria: Dad destroyed the footage, all right?

Abby: No, Diane made a copy. I saw the key to where it was hidden the night she died.

Abby: I, uh I need to talk to you.

Ronan: It's gonna have to wait. I have a lead I'm following up on.

Abby: Yeah, but this is urgent.

Ronan: So is this.

Abby: Where are you going? How long are you gonna be gone?

Ronan: That's none of your business. If you want to, you can wait for me outside out here in the hallway.

Abby: (Scoffs) But I-I just--

Ronan: Yes, thank you. All right.

John: So you need a lecture? Is that why I'm here?

Jack: Dad, my mind is clearer than it has been in years.

John: And what about your conscience? Is that clear, as well?

Jack: I'm about to team up with a man I don't respect to take something away from a lifelong friend. Yeah, I may have a few reservations about it, but I'm gonna have to get by those. Does that make you think less of me?

John: Does it matter what I think?

Jack: I guess it does, or we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Ashley: Thank you.

Tucker: So if everything goes as planned, the judge will overturn the sale.

Ashley: But, Honey, on what grounds? What's your strategy?

Tucker: My strategy?

Ashley: Yes, of course-- your strategy. The judge ruled that you were competent when you signed the agreement to sell Jabot to Katherine, so if he's gonna reverse his decision, you must have something very compelling up your sleeve.

Tucker: Well, the lawyers are on top of it. I want to let them handle it.

Ashley: Okay. But once you do get Jabot back, how do you feel about... appointing me C.E.O.?

Tucker: (Laughs) C.E.O.?

Ashley: Yeah.

Tucker: Well, what happens to Jack then?

Ashley: Oh, I guess if I have to, I'll share the position with him like I did before.

Tucker: (Sighs)

Ashley: What? You don't think Jack's gonna welcome me back?

Tucker: (Sighs)

John: Well, Katherine's always been fair to you.

Jack: Katherine's the boss. Katherine has a final say, which she seems to want to remind me of on a daily basis. It's demeaning. How long did we have Jabot? How much of our blood, sweat, and tears did we pour into it? You know what Jabot is now, Dad? The company you founded is little more than a weapon Katherine and Tucker can use against each other.

John: And that makes you angry?

Jack: It makes me furious! And it's gonna stop now.

John: Well, how can you make that happen without being underhanded with Katherine?

Jack: I can't. I can't. If that's despicable of me, so be it. I'll have to live with that.

John: Well, now we've had this discussion very often in the past about you wanting to get Jabot back. But things are different now, Jack. You've changed.

Jack: I have changed, Dad. This is different. I'm no longer obsessed. You broke that spell. I want Jabot back in our family for one reason-- I realized what I want to accomplish in my own right.

John: Oh, so that's, uh, why you conjured me up here, huh? For me to give you my blessings. To say it's okay to double-cross Katherine as a means to the greater end because, after all, this is just business. Is that what you were hoping I would say to you?

Jack: Yeah. Yeah, I know you're not gonna say it. You have too much integrity.

John: Well, now don't be so sure.

Jack: What?

John: You see, Son, sometimes it is just business. Even Katherine, as dearly as I love her, she's had to fall back on that herself when it's expedient. Look how she's treating her son, claiming that what she's doing is best for his company. Do I approve of that? Hell, no! A part of me is very disappointed in Katherine.

Jack: But disappointed enough that you're okay with what I'm about to do?

John: Well, your saintly father, may he rest in peace, wants to remind you of an important truth-- if something's worth doing, and it’s worth doing right. Now if you're going to compromise your delicate sense of ethics and risk a long-standing friendship to get Jabot back, don't do it half-assed. I mean, you'll never be happy in the long run. (Laughs) Yes, Jackie, I know you, maybe a little bit better than you know yourself.

Jack: So you're saying... (Sighs) Never mind. I-I know exactly what you're saying. And you're right, Dad. (Laughs) You are right. What was I thinking? That I would ever be satisfied with-- (Chuckles) Thanks, Dad. Thanks a lot.

Kay: You were saying?

Devon: Y-you know what? No, it's fine. You guys are in a meeting. I can-- we can talk about this later.

Neil: Devon, it's perfectly all right. If you want to speak to Katherine alone, you can.

Devon: Well, I'm not afraid of your opinion.

Kay: You know what? Um, start talkin', and, um, you know, sit down, and you, uh, tell us about this "Seriously good idea" of yours.

Devon: (Clears throat) Okay, um, you know how I'm negotiating a lease for studio space in the warehouse district?

Kay: Mm-hmm, right.

Devon: It hit me-- why don't we just buy the building?

Kay: Is it on the market?

Devon: Well, no, but that-- that area downtown is really hurting. There's "For sale" signs all over the place, and it can't be doin' that well for the owners' property value. So I'm betting we can get the place for dirt cheap.

Kay: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Yeah, Neil? Is--am I goin' too far? Am I getting ahead of myself again?

Kay: Uh, Devon, I, uh, I love your enthusiasm, but you are speaking about a long-term commitment.

Devon: Well, the lease is for five years. That's long-term, too.

Neil: See, the-- the thing is, the two aren't comparable, at least, uh, not from a tax standpoint.

Devon: Why not?

Neil: Because if we purchase the property, the cost of the building, not counting and, will be depreciated over 39 years. Have you compared the cost of leasing per annum, which would be fully deductible?

Devon: No. I, uh, guess I should have gone to grad school and majored in accounting like you wanted. That way, I would know this already and wouldn't be wasting your valuable time

Sam: You are so beautiful.

Victoria: Well, flattery will get you everywhere.

Sam: Yeah? This is from the heart, let me tell you.

Victoria: Mm-hmm. I can tell.

Sam: So how's the ankle doing?

Victoria: Uh, you know, it's a little sore, but I'll live... although these crutches are making it a little more challenging to execute complex physical maneuvers.

Sam: Oh, yeah?

Victoria: Mm-hmm.

Sam: Such as...

Victoria: Oh, you know, such as like, um, opening a door, getting a soda out of the fridge. Hint, hint.

Sam: (Gasps) Ahh. Okay, so ginger ale or diet cola? What would you like?

Victoria: Whoa, you're actually gonna wait on me.

Sam: I've been known to make myself useful to a woman from time to time.

Victoria: Nice.

Sam: And I'd also gladly help you down off a horse next time we go ridin' if you ask very politely.

Victoria: Oh, that's not very nice.

Sam: Ouch.

Victoria: Hey, where's Keely? He was just her a minute ago.

Sam: I don't know.

Victoria: Keely?

(Chair falls over)

Sam: That was the dining room. It sounded like a chair. Hey, Buddy, what are you doin' in here?

Victoria: What was that?

Man: Sorry about not remembering this sooner. Usually guests keep their valuables inside their room safe.

Ronan: Well, obviously Ms. Jenkins was extra concerned with what's in this box. I'm gonna need to take this.

Man: Keep it as long as you need to, Detective.

Ronan: I appreciate that.

Kay: Well, no one is suggesting that you become a corporate tax expert.

Devon: (Sighs)

Kay: No, sit down with our, you know, legal and accounting people. See if it's better to buy a building rather than lease one. And then feel free to come back here and present your case.

Neil: Absolutely right, Son. See, we live and die on numbers around here. If you're primarily a creative person, which you are, then it may take a little bit of getting used to.

Devon: Okay. Well, I'll do that.

Kay: Wonderful. And I will look forward to seeing your proposal.

Neil: Um, Kay, I need to return a few phone calls.

Kay: Oh, um, go in the library.

Neil: All right, thank you. Appreciate that.

Kay: You, um, you do know your father has your best interests at heart. And he does want to see you succeed.

Devon: Yeah he told me that, too.

Kay: I don't know a more honest man. Do you?

Ashley: Jack and I worked very well together as co-CEOs. We were a terrific team.

Tucker: Yeah, well... (Sighs) He can be very territorial, you know.

Ashley: I don't think that would be an issue this time around. I mean, based on past experience, he knows I'm not a threat.

Tucker: I'm sure he does, but still--

Ashley: You know, I wouldn't be takin anything away from Jack. If anything, I'd be complementing him. And this is about what's good for the company, right?

Tucker: I have a meeting to get to. I'm sorry.

Ashley: What?

Tucker: I-I hate to run. We'll talk about this later?

Ashley: Um... (Sighs) (Quietly) Okay.

Abby: Mom, do not freak out when you get this message, but I'm at Detective Malloy's office. I am gonna make sure he understands you had nothing to do with Diane's murder.

Ashley: (Normal voice) Oh, my God, Abby, what are you trying to do to me?

Victor: What happened?

Ashley: I just got a message from Abby. She's trying to convince Detective Malloy to stop investigating me.

Victor: I told her to stay away from that man.

Ashley: Well, clearly, she didn't listen to you.

Victor: I will speak with her.

Ashley: Please do. She's playing a very dangerous game with my life.

Victor: (Sighs)

Ashley: Excuse me.

Abby: (Sighs)

(Cell phone rings)

Abby: (Quietly) Hello?

Victor: Abby?

Abby: Hey, yeah. Wait. Hold on.

Abby: Um, I can't talk right now.

Victor: Didn't I tell you not to insinuate yourself in this investigation? And didn't you and I agree that you would leave that Detective Malloy character to me?

Abby: (Sighs) Yeah, but, Dad, I could seriously be screwed, okay? Ronan has the box. He's gonna find my confession.

Victor: What box are you talking about?

Abby: I can't explain it right now, okay? But Diane said that she was keeping that thing under lock and key, and now Ronan has the lockbox and the key.

Victor: (Sighs) Where are you now?

Abby: I'm at the club.

Victor: You stay there and do not talk to Malloy. Is that clear?

Abby: (Sighs)

Ronan: You really thought I wouldn't notice you following me? Why are you so interested in this box, Abby?

Abby: Be-- uh, because it could have evidence in it, and then you could actually solve this case and leave me and my mother alone.

Ronan: Then it won't be a problem for you to be there when I open it, right?

Billy: (Sighs)

John: Looking for these?

Billy: Look, I don't want to hear it, Dad. I'm not in the mood.

John: I'm sure you don't.

Billy: I have a right to be upset, okay? All right? I mean, Vicki and her father both told me she'd moved on, and lo and behold, there's my wife in my house with some other man. I mean, they even have a dog.

John: I understand why you're upset. It was your choice to disappear.

Billy: Yes, I know. It's my fault. I blew it. I did it again. It's all my fault, okay? I got it. I just, uh, wish I'd never made that deal with Victor.

John: (Sighs) You did it for Delia. Don't lose sight of that. And you're doing what you have to for your daughter.

Billy: It was... (Sighs) Torture... Dad, listening to my wife carrying on with some other guy. I wish I could have just seen her face, but I can't let her know that I'm here. Otherwise, Victor's gonna tell her about Myanmar and... (Sighs)

John: Don't put yourself through this. Really, take a few steps back. Accept the fact that Victoria is part of the past. 'Cause if you don't, this misery is only gonna get worse.

Sam: Some fascinating stuff in there, huh?

Victoria: Well, Keely sure seemed to think so. You should have seen him nosing around. And I could have sworn I heard someone at the door.

Sam: Well, if that was the case, our vicious attack dog would have been all over it, I assure you.

Victoria: (Chuckles) Yeah. You're probably right about that. I'm just a little jumpy.

Sam: Figuratively speaking, you mean.

Victoria: (Laughs) Yes, definitely figuratively speaking.

Sam: Here you are.

Victoria: (Sighs) Thank you.

Sam: You know, I know you've been trying as hard you can to ignore your feelings for Billy. But I just want you to know that that doesn't work. I think that really the best you can hope for is to... to just make friends with your longing, you know?

Victoria: Thank you.

Sam: Anyway, I'm gonna be at my place if you need anything, all right?

Victoria: Yeah, thanks.

Sam: You're welcome.

Victoria: (Thinking) "Dear Billy, it's me again. I don't know if you got my last e-mail, but that stuff I said about moving on... it wasn't true... at all. I was just upset because I miss you so damn much. I love you. I never stopped. There's no other man who could ever mean as much to me as you do."

Tucker: The language is straightforward, Jack. Once you testify for me and I win, you'll be given complete control over Jabot's operations.

Jack: Sorry. Not good enough.

Tucker: Come again?

Jack: If I support you, I want an ironclad deal that you'll turn around and sell me Jabot.

Tucker: That's not at all what we talked about, Jack.

Jack: You need revenge on Katherine more than you need Jabot. True or false? I am not walking into any courtroom unless you guarantee that you will sell me Jabot the moment it is yours again.

Tucker: So let me get this straight-- you're going back on what we already agreed on?

Jack: Think this through, Tucker. I am offering you a lock on this arbitration. You win. See, I'm not just testifying. I'm walking in with a contract that says I will buy Jabot for 50% more than Chancellor paid for it.

Tucker: No judge could deny the veracity of my claim if there's a sales agreement in place.

Jack: Without it, I'm out. You have no witness. You have no case. You have no sweet revenge.

Tucker: Okay, Jack. You win.

Jack: Wise choice.

Tucker: To tell you the truth, I'm sick of the whole damn thing. Jabot has been nothin' but trouble since I bought it. Just a small piece on my game board anyway. But this is good. This will teach Katherine that she can't screw me over and get away with it. Sellin' Jabot back to you the second I take it away from her-- oh, that'll really teach her.

Ashley: Hey, Jack. This is the meeting that you rushed off to? What's going on? What are you guys up to?

Devon: So I've been planning the space so we can change things up a bit if we start signing larger bands.

(Cell phone rings)

Kay: Uh, hold that thought.

Devon: Yeah.

Kay: Uh, yes, hello? Katherine here. Oh, it's, uh, it's my lawyer. Excuse me for a moment.

Devon: Sure

Kay: I've, uh, got some very important business.

Devon: Sure, sure, sure.

Kay: Mitchell, thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Yeah.

Devon: I'm glad we have a minute. I want to say something.

Neil: Hey, uh, let me say something first. You--you think I'm stepping on what you're trying to accomplish, and, Son, noting could be further from the truth.

Devon: I know that. I misjudged you, and I feel really bad about that. You know, you just want to protect me from makin' mistakes, and here I am getting defensive and copping an attitude, 'cause we all know I never make any, right?

Neil: (Chuckles) Yeah, something that, uh, you know, we have in common.

Devon: Right. At least we understand each other. But seriously, I-I've been actin' like a jerk, and I'm sorry. I just want this to work so badly.

Neil: Yeah, I know. I know you do. And I accept your apology.

Devon: Thank you. Thanks, Man.

Neil: I love you, Man.

Devon: I love you, too.

Victor: Hello, Keith.

Keith: Hello, Mr. Newman.

Victor: I'm looking for my daughter Abby. Have you seen her?

Keith: Uh, I'm sorry, Sir. I'm afraid I haven't.

Victor: All right. Thank you.

Man: It appears to be a diary.

Abby: Hmm. (Clears throat)

Ronan: Get that down to forensics tonight. I want that processed immediately. I'm gonna walk it down with you, actually. I want you to stay here, 'cause I have some more questions for you.

Abby: Actually, you can talk to my lawyer.

Ronan: Your lawyer? Really? Who's that?

Abby: I'll let you know as soon as I hire one.

Ronan: Board. So Diane must have had something on her, something that could have made Abby want her dead. We need to find out what that is.

Victor: What lockbox? Start from the beginning.

Abby: It was Diane's from when she was staying here. I never told you this, but the night she died, she was taunting me with this little silver key.

Victor: Is that the silver key they found in her mouth?

Abby: She said she had my confession hidden away...

Victor: (Sighs)

Abby: To give to the cops whenever the time was right. You know I can't let them find out that I was the one that hit Tucker with the car, so when I heard that the manager had called the police about a lockbox, I panicked.

Victor: If that confession had been in that lockbox, you would really be panicking now, wouldn't you?

Abby: But I'm not celebrating, either. That video is out there floating around waiting to wreck my life whenever I least expect it.

Victor: Let me tell you something, I think even if that Malloy fellow found the confession, I don't think he would know what to do with it. He and his damn crew haven't done anything, haven't solved a damn thing.

Ronan: Go back over everything, only this time, focus on Abby Newman. Go, go, go, go, go! Victor's shoes?

Man: Found 'em in a Goodwill store over in Racine.

Ronan: (Sighs) Aw, I--mm. Well, perseverance pays off, my friend.

Man: I've already compared the treads. The shoes are a match.

Ronan: Placing Newman at the scene the night of the murder. (Chuckles)

Devon: So who should I talk to about this tax stuff?

Neil: Okay, you can talk to Julie Masters in accounting...

Devon: Okay.

Neil: Or, uh, Jeff Ryan in legal. They're both very good with real estate.

Kay: Well, did you two finally get bored with walking on eggshells?

Devon: (Laughs)

Neil: Lousy sport.

Devon: It's overrated.

Kay: Yeah.

(Cell phone rings)

Kay: Oh, Dear, not again. (Sighs) Uh, yes, Mitchell. What did you forget? Oh? When did it happen? Oh, yes, I will. I'll call you back as soon as my blood pressure comes down.

Neil: Kay, what's goin' on?

Kay: Tucker is suing me to get Jabot back.

Tucker: I came to talk about the lawsuit with Jack-- information gathering.

Ashley: But, Jack, you work for Katherine, so why would you help Tucker?

Jack: Who said I did?

Tucker: The conversation didn't go the way I anticipated. I was gettin' ready to leave when you came in.

Ashley: So that's it? That's what this is about?

Jack: Scout's honor.

Ashley: Chuckles) You were never a scout. And you-- I know you wouldn't-- you wouldn't keep any secrets from me, right? Because you promised. You gave me your word.

Tucker: That's right.

Victoria: (Thinking) "I know there aren't any do-over’s. But if I could have one, I wouldn't have pushed you away when we lost our daughter. I love you, Billy. It's okay to come home. I wish you would. All my love, Victoria."

Billy: You're right, Dad. (Clears throat) I know you're right. I'm gonna have to find a way to pretend that Victoria doesn't exist. Otherwise, I'm gonna drive myself crazy.

John: Well, Billy, I'm relieved you're not fighting me on this.

Billy: I guess there's a time to fight and a time to hit reset, right?

(Computer alert chimes)

Billy: (Clears throat) Huh. It's from Vicki, the third one she's sent.

John: I know, Son. I know it's hard.

Billy: Well, like you said, Dad, I'm gonna have to make some boundaries. I can't keep doin' this to myself.

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Tucker: I haven't told you everything about the lawsuit.

Neil: You used to have integrity. What changed?

Victor: Everyone knows you killed her. This time, I'm going to make sure you pay for it.

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