Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/21/11

Y&R Transcript Wednesday 9/21/11


Episode # 9741 ~ Adam's Testimony Is Devastating to Sharon

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Lauren: Thank you. So much great news all at once for Delia.

Jill: I know. I know.

(Glasses clink)

Jill: Now I just have to pray to God that Jack can find Billy, 'cause that would mean the world to that sweet little girl.

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Jill: Oh. (Chuckles)

Lauren: So any other positive developments?

Jill: Such as?

Lauren: Heard from Colin?

Jill: Lauren, I already told you, I don't care about that at all.

Lauren: Really?

Jill: Mm. You know what irks me the most, though? That cow Genevieve just loved to rub it in my face that they're back together.

Lauren: What has she done now?

Jill: (Sighs) Well, earlier, a bottle of wine was delivered to my table from Colin and Genevieve's private vintage back in Australia-- just a charming little reminder of the life they once shared.

Lauren: You know what, Jill? I want you to think about it. Do you really think that Colin would condone this kind of treatment of you if he knew what was going on?

Jill: I honestly don't know what Colin would do anymore, Lauren, okay? Why are we talking about this? This is a waste of breath.

Lauren: I just cannot believe that Colin would run off with Genevieve. And that is why I hired Paul to find out where he is.

Colin: When you've landed in Australia... No. Mm... Samantha's birthday. Right. No. (Sighs) (Chuckles) When we first had sex. No. No. No. (Scoffs) (Chuckles) No. Oh, Genevieve, you are a sick sentimental puppy. What have we got here?

Colin: (Sighs)

Colin: (Sighs)

Colin: Oh, my God. She's been tracking my accounts.

(Bottles clatter)

Gloria: (Groans) (Grunts) (Sighs)

Colin: (Sighs)

Gloria: (Moans)

Colin: You all right?

Gloria: Oh, I have a pounding headache, a dry mouth, and tuna breath... (Winces) And that's just for starters.

Colin: Well, if it's any consolation, I feel pretty much the same way.

Gloria: Yeah. How much longer are we gonna be stuck down here?

Colin: Well... (Sighs) My guess is that Genevieve wants to keep us--me here until she gets back from her trip.

Gloria: That is not for another month. Colin, would she really do that?

Colin: (Sighs) Well, you see, I've learned to never underestimate anyone in my family.

Cane: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Cane: So, um... did you hear the news?

Lily: What news?

Cane: Uh, Kevin went and got tested again, and he's a match, so he can be a bone marrow donor for Cordelia.

Lily: Really? (Laughs) That's amazing. Chloe must be so relieved.

Cane: She's ecstatic.

Lily: Wow. Well, I'm definitely gonna keep saying prayers for them, so...

Cane: Is it me? Or are these little guys looking extremely cute today?

Lily: Yeah, they, um, had their picture taken. The photographer just left.

Cane: Were you taking family portraits?

Lily: No, just Charlie and Matty. I-I wasn't in it, either, so...

Cane: You know, um, if you want, you can give me your phone, and I'll take a picture of the three of you.

Lily: Um, the nanny's gonna be here soon to get them, but, um, yeah, sure. I--that--that'd be great.

Cane: Yeah?

Lily: Yeah.

Cane: Okay. Um... how about we... we go over here to this tree? It would be a nice background for you.

Lily: Um, okay.

Cane: Okay?

Lily: Yeah, and then afterwards, I can take one of you with them, too, so...

Cane: I would like that.

Nick: I was about to call you so we could make a plan for today.

Sam: Hey, I'm just gonna grab a quick coffee before headin' to the courthouse. How about y'all?

Nick: Uh, it's a little early, isn't it?

Sam: Eh, I promised Sharon my face will be one of the first ones she sees, you know?

Nick: Okay, well, we'll, uh, we'll see you over there.

Sam: Yeah, sounds good.

Nick: Yeah. So you want to drive together? Or do you think you're gonna need your own car for something?

Noah: Uh... (Sighs) Actually, I don't think I'm going to Mom's trial. I'm not sure she wants me there.

Avery: It's impossible to stack a jury completely in your favor, but I'd say we did a very good job.

Victor: And what is your plan of attack?

Avery: Well, the state's case is based on circumstantial evidence. I'm gonna pick it apart piece by piece. There's only one thing that bothers me.

Victor: Adam?

Avery: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Hi, Sweetheart.

Sharon: You're afraid he'll tank my case before the first day is out, aren't you?

Victor: If I were you, I wouldn't worry about that. I think Ms. Clark will take him apart.

Spencer: Sounds like we're all set.

Heather: (Sighs) I know what to do.

Spencer: Good. See you in court.

Adam: Buy you a drink?

Heather: Uh, no. I'm not drinking because I have court today. And so do you.

Adam: (Sighs) Yes, I know. Scotch, neat, please.

Heather: Just show up sober, please, and on time.

Adam: Actually, I was hoping to talk to you about my testimony.

Heather: What about it?

Adam: If there's anything more I can do to help you put away Sharon, just say the word. I'll be happy to help.

Heather: You can't get on the stand and start making stuff up. That's called perjury, in case you've forgotten.

Adam: I'm not an idiot. I just--I want to know what your strategy is so I don't say the wrong thing and screw things up for you.

Heather: All right, um, Spencer and I will be focusing on Sharon's character, her morals and values, or lack thereof.

Adam: Okay, that's... that should be easy enough. It's a very fertile area. She faked her own death. She abandoned her kids.

Heather: No, um, hang on. The judge has ruled her past crimes are inadmissible. So her escape and everything that came after that are off-limits.

Adam: So how do we get around that?

Heather: Well, by giving the jury something that they can relate to as... human beings. I want you to get on the stand, and I want you to tell them something from your own personal experience that will make them realize that Sharon Newman is not as sweet and upstanding as she appears to be.

Adam: I can definitely do that.

Avery: I expect Adam will try and sabotage you on the stand. Now I'm ready for him, but you need to keep your cool. If you overreact to anything he says, the jury is gonna give it more credence than it deserves.

Victor: Okay. Just let his testimony roll right off your back.

Avery: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Don't give him the impression that he can get to you the way he used to, all right?

Sharon: I'll try.

Avery: Well, the outfit's perfect. At least you look innocent.

Sharon: Well, then I have nothing to worry about, do I?

Avery: Hey, perception counts. I want that jury to see you as maternal, a very sincere guileless woman.

Victor: I think the real Sharon will shine through.

Sharon: Thank you for saying that.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: Thank you for being in court today. From the last time through, I know how brutal things can get.

Avery: Well, if Heather or Spencer try to pull anything, I'll handle it.

Victor: Um, I think it is time to go. Are you ready?

Sharon: Um, do I have any choice?

Avery: (Chuckles) You're gonna be great. Let's go get 'em.

Nick: (Sighs) So you don't want to be there for your mom today?

Noah: Of course I do. You know, I-I just think it would be better for her if I'm not. I mean, Mom wouldn't want her kid there while she's being ripped apart in court.

Nick: Look, Son, a lot's changed since your mom's first trial, all right? For starters, Adam is no longer in your mom's life, which means she's finally thinking straight.

Noah: (Sighs)

Nick: And you two are a lot closer than you were back then, right? Look, if you don't want to go, if you don't feel comfortable going, then don't go. But I don't want you to stay away for your mom's sake. This time around, having her family around will make a difference.

Lily: You're gonna love the pictures the photographer took. They're very natural, not staged at all.

Cane: Oh, of course. Unlike that, uh, photo shoot we did for "Restless Style," just before the wedding. You remember that?

Lily: Yes, I remember that.

Cane: Yeah?

Lily: Those poses were so uncomfortable. (Sighs) It was a bad omen I guess. You know, the marriage turned out pretty terrible.

Cane: I don't think the marriage turned out pretty terrible. I just think I was, uh, I was a lousy husband.

Lily: Not always.

Cane: No?

Lily: Not until...

Cane: Until what?

Lily: It's just that you sacrificed everything to go after Colin. And all that mattered to you was protecting me and the twins. Or at least, that's what you said.

Cane: And I meant every word of what I said.

Lily: Well, if that's true, then why now that he's in town, you're acting like nothing else can be done? I mean, I-I don't understand that. It's like, what's changed?

Jill: Sis, I know you meant well, but I really wish you hadn't stuck your nose in.

Lauren: So you don't want to know any of the story? All right, I'll just call Paul, tell him, and “Forget it. Forget the whole thing."

Jill: Okay, okay, okay.

Lauren: She doesn't want to know anything.

Jill: O--all right. It wouldn't hurt to confirm something I already know, anyway.

Lauren: Exactly. Exactly. Because you can't be sure that Colin is really with Genevieve. Right? I mean, I always knew something was fishy there.

(Footsteps approach)

Woman: Excuse me, Lauren.

Lauren: Oh, yeah?

Woman: I'm sorry to interrupt, but have you or Michael heard anything from Gloria?

Lauren: No, no, I haven't. Is everything all right?

Woman: Well, I wanted to ask her a question, but she took the whole week off, and no one's been able to reach her.

Lauren: Well, that's bizarre. She's running a business, and I can't imagine her disappearing. I...

Jill: She was a little miffed at Jeffrey, remember?

Lauren: Oh, yeah.

Jill: And he was going to Vegas. Maybe she took off after him, and she just doesn't want to be bothered.

Lauren: I guess it could be something like that. It's odd.

Jill: Yeah, I really wouldn't be concerned about it. I mean, she's probably just cooling down.

Gloria: Chin up. Somebody'll realize I'm missing. The police will remember about the alarm, and that will lead them here to save us. Oh, God, and me looking and smelling like this. Hey, a toothbrush! One toothbrush? Toothpaste!

Colin: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Take it. It's yours. It's yours. Hey! I know--I know Genevieve's employing you, but look, whatever she's paying you, I'll triple it! Hello? Hello?! Genevieve's handwriting. (Chuckles) (Thinking) "Since I know how you hate surprises, I tracked down your secret accounts. I needed you safely out of the way while I drained your funds into my own secret accounts. I hope you're enjoying your stay in the cellar, because it's gonna cost you about $2 million a night. See you when I get back. Kisses. Genevieve." Genevieve, you bitch!

Lauren: (Sighs) Why am I not surprised? All right, thanks so much, Babe. Talk to you later. Bye. I was right. I was right. Colin is not with Genevieve. A ticket was bought, but never used.

Jill: Oh, my God. If that's true...

Lauren: Genevieve's been messing with you the whole time.

Jill: No, no, no. I mean, if that's true, and Colin didn't go with her, where is he?

Gloria: What'd she write to you?

Colin: None of your business.

Gloria: Seeing as how I'm the one that's stuck in here with you--

Colin: Shut up! Hey, you! You out there! I know Genevieve's employing you! But I'm gonna kill her, and when I get out of here, I'm gonna come looking for you! (Breathing heavily)

Cane: You don't know how frustrating it is for me after everything Colin's done to see him walk around Genoa City. You know, I'm doing everything I can.

Lily: Which is what, exactly?

Cane: I've warned him. I've told him to stay away from you, stay away from the kids, and so far, he's listening.

Lily: Yeah, maybe for now. But I'll never believe that he's changed. Just the fact of knowing that he's walking around this town is infuriating.

Cane: I swear to you. I swear to you, I will protect you and the babies from him always, and anybody else. I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.

Judge Morrison: As a reminder to the jury, the opening statements you've just heard are the lawyers' opinions of what the evidence will show. They are not evidence, per se. Is the state prepared to call its first witness?

Heather: Yes, your honor. We call Adam Newman.

Woman: Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Adam: I do.

Woman: Be seated.

Nick: Sorry we're late.

Noah: What did we miss?

Victor: Avery's, um, opening statement where she claimed that the prosecution's case was very weak. She was very convincing. But Heather was convincing, as well.

Noah: (Sighs)

Heather: Mr. Newman, you were once married to the defendant, were you not?

Adam: Yes.

Heather: And despite your divorce, you became engaged for a second time earlier this year.

Adam: That is correct.

Heather: Was this recent relationship a happy one?

Avery: Objection. Calls for a conclusion.

Judge Morrison: Sustained.

Heather: Were you happy in the relationship?

Adam: Sometimes.

Heather: Were you faithful to Sharon?

Adam: I was always faithful to Sharon.

Heather: And was Sharon faithful to you?

Avery: Objection. The question is irrelevant.

Heather: Questions regarding the defendant's moral character are perfectly valid.

Avery: The state is attempting to prejudice the jury against my client!

(Gavel bangs)

Judge Morrison: I want the jury removed from the courtroom while we settle this, Bailiff.

Gloria: That's quite a temper you have.

Colin: I'm sorry. I get a wee bit frustrated. Th-this has nothing to do with you. Please. Accept my apology.

Gloria: Apology accepted.

Colin: (Sighs) I've dealt with just about every kind of person in this world. Nobody pushes my buttons quite the way that Genevieve does.

Lauren: I know. I know.

Cane: Hey, Guys. Sorry I'm late. I would have turned up earlier, but Lily turned up with the twins at the park, and I didn't check my messages until they left.

Jill: So how'd that go, bumping into them?

Cane: Uh... (Sighs) I'm grateful to see the kids, but Lily and I, well, you know...

Jill: It's still not easy, huh?

Cane: And I don't ever think it will be. But what can I say? I brought it on myself, so I have to live with it, don't I?

Lauren: You know what? I'm gonna let you two talk, all right?

Jill: Lauren, thank you for everything.

Lauren: Absolutely. Will you please call me later?

Jill: I will.

Cane: Bye, Lauren. (Sighs) So...

Jill: So...

Cane: What did you want to see me about?

Jill: I just found out that Colin did not go off with Genevieve. It was all a setup to make me think that he did.

Cane: I'm not surprised she would lie to you, but didn't he text you?

Jill: No, Genevieve must have sent it. Obviously, she has his phone. But now I'm trying to look for him, and he hasn't been at his hotel suite. He hasn't answered his e-mails. I'm getting a little worried about him.

Cane: I wouldn't be worried. He'll turn up. He always does, unfortunately.

Jill: All right, here's the thing-- tell me the truth on this. Would Genevieve actually do something to make Colin disappear?

Cane: Well, that would be despicable, wouldn't it? So, yeah, I think it's more than possible.

Avery: The prosecution is attempting to drag Sharon's past into the record, something your honor has strictly prohibited, by shadowing it in a personal attack.

Heather: That's not true. All I'm trying to prove is that the defendant is a liar.

Avery: Which, once again, is irrelevant.

Heather: (Scoffs)

Spencer: The charge is murder. Uh, the defendant has claimed she didn't do it, so her veracity is paramount in this case.

Heather: All we're trying to do is establish that Sharon Newman has a history of deceit, dishonesty, and betrayal. Surely, the state can be afforded that much latitude in establishing the defendant's character.

Judge Morrison: The citation, please.

Heather: The Wisconsin Supreme Court in State vs. Eugenio concluded that the court may exercise discretion in admitting testimony concerning character for truthfulness.

Avery: Eugenio is about the victim's character, not the defendant's. Obviously, my esteemed opponent missed a class or two at law school.

Judge Morrison: That's enough of that.

Avery: My apologies, your honor, but I can't stress enough how opposed I am to this line of questioning. (Sighs) Section 904.04 of the Wisconsin state law codes and statutes states that American law has long recognized the weakness of any inference that a person necessarily acts in accordance with his character. Simply put, any attempt at character assassination is invalid.

Judge Morrison: While I admire your ability to cite statutes and codes, chapter and verse, and you're right, I would like to offer a citation of my own. In Milenkovic vs. State, the appellate court held that when the character of the accused is utilized for impeachment purposes, the ban on the use of character evidence is inapplicable. I'm gonna permit Ms. Stevens to continue cautiously. Your objection is overruled.

Avery: Exception.

Judge Morrison: So noted. Bailiff, please ask the jury back in. Thank you.

Avery: Buckle your seat belt. You're about to get smeared.

Lauren: (Laughs) Thank you. So how did the photo shoot go?

Lily: Um, it went great, actually.

Lauren: Yeah?

Lily: The outfits that you picked were perfect, so thank you.

Lauren: Aw. My pleasure. My pleasure. You seem good.

Lily: I am. Yeah. And Charlie and Matty are such hams. You know, they just love the camera.

Lauren: I ran into Cane earlier. He said he saw you. You okay?

Lily: Um, yeah. Why wouldn't I be?

Lauren: You went through a lot with him, and that's not just something you recover from. You know, these things stay with you. Believe me, I know. (Sighs) Every time I see Daisy or I hear her name, I get this, um, jolt of terror in the pit of my stomach. It was the same thing when Sheila was alive. (Sighs) But I'm sure you see Cane and memories come flooding back, good and bad and...one of the reasons I called you today is I just-- I thought maybe you could use a friend.

Cane: If Genevieve was gonna hide Colin, this would be the perfect place. It's big, it's empty, and it's out of the way.

Jill: Oh, that looks like the same bottle that--

Cane: Yeah, it's the bottle of wine that Genevieve gave you. I came back to return it, but the door was locked. You know what? And I think I know why. Colin? You in there? Father?

Colin: Cane! Cane, is that you?

Cane: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Hey, s-stand back, all right? Stand back from the door.

Cane: (Grunts)

Jill: Oh, Colin, thank God!

Gloria: (Sighs) Rescued at last.

Colin: (Sighs)

Heather: And how did you feel when you discovered Sharon's infidelity?

Adam: There are no words.

Heather: Did you feel betrayed?

Adam: I felt betrayed. I loved her. I trusted her. We had a commitment, at least I thought we did.

Heather: Do you need a moment?

Adam: (Sighs) No, let's just get through this.

Heather: Did... (Sighs) Sharon ever walk out on her children?

Avery: Objection.

Judge Morrison: Overruled.

Adam: Sharon was a good mother, and she was totally devoted to her kids. But when she... chose to leave me for that man right there and stay away for the rest of her life, she wasn't just betraying me. She was betraying her kids, as well, and I don't know how she could do something like that.

Sharon: (Quietly) I didn't leave him for Sam. He's twisting everything around.

Avery: (Sighs)

Sharon: Why don't you object?

Avery: (Quietly) You want to open yourself up for questions about all your past crimes? We worked very hard to keep them out of this. You're just gonna have to bite the bullet on this one.

Heather: Mr. Newman, I know how difficult this has been for you today, so I'm not gonna keep you up here any longer. Thank you very much.

Sam: (Sighs) (Whispers) That son of a...

Victor: I didn't expect any less.

Nick: You okay?

Noah: Yeah. (Clears throat) Let's see what Avery does.

Avery: (Normal voice) Those were excellent crocodile tears, Mr. Newman, emphasis on "Croc," because it sure was a crock of something.

Heather: Objection.

Judge Morrison: (Bangs gavel) Your editorial comments are not appreciated, Ms. Clark.

Avery: I'm sorry, your honor. I withdraw the comment. Let's move on from your so-called broken heart and talk about the death of Skye Lockhart. Now the state has suggested that Sharon must be the killer, because, well, she hurt your feelings and because she didn't live up to the standard of motherhood that the prosecutor held her to. Is that how you feel? In your opinion, do you believe Sharon went to Hawaii to commit murder?

Adam: I couldn't answer that question with any authority.

Avery: Really? You weren't always so shy about your opinions, were you, Mr. Newman?

Adam: What exactly do you mean?

Avery: Were you deposed under oath before Sharon Newman's first trial?

Adam: Yes.

Avery: This is a transcript of your deposition. Would you read your words? It's the highlighted section right there.

Avery: Read it aloud, please.

Adam: "I know for a fact that Sharon Newman never"--

Avery: Louder, Mr. Newman, so we can all enjoy your righteous words.

Adam: "I know for a fact that Sharon Newman never did anything to Skye. Sharon wouldn't hurt anyone. That is not who she is. She flew to Hawaii to find Skye and bring her back alive. Sharon needed her alive because she wanted to help me. She knew the only way to get me out of jail was to bring Skye back. Everything she did she did for me. The very idea that she could commit murder would be laughable if it weren't for the injustice being waged against her."

Avery: Were those your words? Answer the question, Mr. Newman.

Adam: Yes.

Avery: I have no further questions for this witness, but I do reserve the right to recall him later on.

Judge Morrison: So be it.

Lauren: I know how tough it can be to open up to other people, and it's hard to think that someone who hasn't been through what we've been through could possibly understand, but... we've both... have had children stolen from us. And--and yes, I know, the circumstances were very different, but I get it, Lily. I really get it, and I can sit here and just listen to you, no opinions, no judgments-- I think you've had a lot of those lately.

Lily: (Chuckles) Yeah, I have. But, you know, as long as you're offering... (Chuckles) I could use someone to talk to.

Jill: So your being here is just an accident?

Gloria: Yes, Jill. I was just trying to help out, and I got stuck. And I couldn't have asked for nicer company.

Jill: (Sighs)

Gloria: My poor family must be worried sick about me.

Jill: Uh, actually, your family hasn't even missed you. I don't think anybody knows you're even gone. Oh, there was one woman employer. I think she was looking for her paycheck.

Gloria: Yeah, well... (Inhales sharply) We'll see about that.

Jill: Mm-hmm.

Gloria: Excuse me.

Jill: Genevieve has gone out of her way to make me... it doesn't matter. I'm just really relieved that you're okay. Mwah.

Colin: Well, I'm fine...

Jill: Mm.

Colin: Relatively speaking.

Jill: (Chuckles)

Cane: You know, I, uh, actually came out here earlier, and I called out, and, uh, how come you didn't, you know, say anything? What--

Colin: Well, you see, when you've got nothing else better to do but swizzle wine, you tend to pass out a lot.

Jill: You poor thing. You must be so thirsty, not to mention hungry.

Cane: So you--you think that Genevieve went to this, uh, extent to keep you away from Jill? Is that what you think? Well, it's a little drastic, don't you think, even by my mother's standards?

Colin: I can't think of any other possible reason.

Cane: Huh.

Heather: We got the information that we wanted out there. The jury heard that Sharon's word can't be trusted, so that's a win.

Spencer: I'll speak with you later.

Adam: Well played, Counselor. I'd give you a sarcastic slow clap of approval, but I'd be afraid that that would be too cliché for you.

Avery: You think this is a game. Somebody's life is at stake.

Adam: Eh, it depends on how you look at it. I mean, it's only life behind bars. We don't have a death penalty here in Wisconsin, so, you know, semantics.

Avery: I don't use the term "Sadist" lightly, but the way that you're getting off on what's happening to Sharon--

Adam: I think the word that you're looking for, Counselor, is "Schadenfreude." More imprecision on your part. Tsk, tsk.

Avery: You know, you can be as smug as you want. I don't give a damn. Today, I made sure the jury saw you for the liar and the hypocrite you are, and that is nothing compared to what I'll do to you if I bring you back for the defense.

Avery: Oh, yes, my lucky pen.

Noah: (Chuckles) It sure worked for you today.

Avery: (Sighs)

Victor: That wasn't luck, Son. That was skill.

Sharon: Well, whatever it was, you were amazing.

Avery: Thank you, Sharon. I'm glad you were all pleased.

Sam: That was a master of a job with Adam. That cat didn't know what hit him.

Nick: My favorite part had to be when you took out that deposition and hammered him with it.

Avery: Well, I was holding it on the side in case I needed it.

Victor: You know, I have a feeling, though, the prosecution felt very silly.

Avery: I took a gamble that they didn't brief Adam as well as they should have, and they didn't, so I was able to show how disingenuous he was being.

Sam: Right on.

Avery: Sharon, it's time to go. They have to transport her back to prison.

Sharon: (Sighs) I wish we had more time.

Noah: Yeah, we will, Mom, as soon as you're acquitted.

Nick: Take care, Sharon.

Sharon: Thanks.

Sam: Yeah, hang in there.

Sharon: I'll try.

Victor: I will see you up there, okay?

Sharon: All right.

Lily: I just think, more than anything, I'm confused, you know? It's like he's two completely different people.

Lauren: Yeah, right. I mean, there's the Cane that lied to you and broke your heart and kept all those terrible secrets and--

Lily: Yeah, exactly. And then there's like this incredible man, you know, the man that I married...

Lauren: Mm-hmm.

Lily: Someone who's so sweet and--and gentle and caring. You know, I saw it again today, and it's like he just-- he says and does all the right things, and they seem sincere...

Lauren: But you don't think that they are?

Lily: That's just it-- I have no idea.

Lauren: Mm.

Lily: I have no idea. I just--I-I can't get past the fact that I still feel like he's holding something back from me.

Jill: What do you say we get you out of here while it's still daylight?

Colin: What a great idea. Thank you for getting me out.

Cane: Well, I couldn't exactly leave you in here, could I?

Colin: Well, I think we both know you could.

Cane: All right, I'll close up.

Cane: (Knocks on barrel) (Exhales rhythmically)

Cane: Hmm.

Cane: (Sighs) Well, now, Mommy, what secrets are you hiding? Hmm.

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