Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/1/11

Y&R Transcript Thursday 9/1/11 -- Canada; Friday 9/2/11 -- U.S.A.


Episode # 9730 ~ Kay Learns the Identity of Tucker's Son

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Jill: (Humming) You’re back.

Genevieve: My God, you are observant, aren't you?

Jill: Well, I certainly hope that your break did you as much good... (Singsong voice) As mine did me.

Genevieve: You seem almost giddy.

Jill: (Normal voice) What can I say? My first day at the office was, uh, extremely fulfilling.

Jack: Ladies, everyone playing nice in the sandbox?

Genevieve: Like two good little girls.

Jack: Just what I want to hear. So shall we get down to business?

Jill: Some of us already have.

Nina: Paul told me you were back. He's really happy you're home.

Heather: Is there something I can do for you, Nina?

Nina: I tracked you down through your office. I hope you don't mind. I-I was hoping that we might talk, if you have time, that is.

Heather: Uh, I-I am due in court later.

Nina: I'll be really brief, I promise. Do you mind?

Heather: Yeah, sure. Uh, I-I could use a break, I guess.

Nina: Thanks.

Heather: So... what's this about?

Nina: It's about Ronan.

Heather: (Sighs)

Neil: Yeah, I was hoping to touch base with you about your sister. Can we get together?

Devon: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, absolutely. We can, just not right now. Can I, uh, um, call you back?

Neil: Yeah, sure.

Devon: All right, thanks. (Sighs) (Sighs)

Tucker: Huh. I gave you 24 hours to find Noah’s replacement. It's now been 27... and a half.

Devon: Well, I'm here now. Do you have time?

Devon: (Exhales slowly)

Tucker: So how'd you do? Who's our next breakout artist?

Devon: (Sighs)

Kay: So you are going to the zoo?

Esther: Mm-hmm.

Kay: Oh, my goodness. That sounds like fun.

Esther: (Chuckles)

Paul: It's a beautiful day for it.

Esther: Yeah.

Kay: Mm. What kind of, um, animals do you like?

Esther: Oh, she likes the giraffe. Isn't that right, Pumpkin? I think they look really funny.

Kay: You think giraffes look funny?

Esther: Yeah.

Kay: No. They have a carousel there that I just love. Make sure that grandmother takes you on ride.

Esther: Okay, you ready to go? Great. Say good-bye to Mrs. C. and Paul.

Delia: Bye.

Esther: Bye.

Kay: All right, could--could I have just--just a little-- little right here? Just a little kiss? Little kiss?

Esther: Give Mrs. C. a kiss right on the cheek. Go ahead.

Kay: Is that okay?

Esther: Its okay, you can.

Kay: Well, another time.

Esther: Well.

Kay: Later. (Laughs)

Esther: (Chuckles) Okay.

Paul: Bye-bye, you guys. Have fun.

Esther: Bye.

Paul: (Sighs)

Kay: All right. The house is now ours. Tell me this big news you have.

Paul: Well, um, my investigation is over. The search paid off.

Kay: You know the identity of Tucker's son?

Paul: Yeah, and, believe it or not, so do you.

Kay: I do? Who--who is it?

Paul: Devon Hamilton.

Kay: (Mouthing words) Neil’s adopted son?

Paul: And he's also Tucker's biological son, which means he's your grandson.

Kay: Oh, my God.

Jack: Jabot has great momentum right now. I want that to continue. I've already started to tweak the current campaign to keep things fresh.

Genevieve: In what way?

Jill: Oh, he's talking about updating the music for the TV and radio ads, Dear.

Jack: Exactly. I want to stick to details. Both of you ladies have to focus on the holiday campaign. I want great ideas from each of you.

Genevieve: Wonderful. That's my forte. That's why you hired me, right, Jack? For my ability to brainstorm. Some people can't do that.

Jill: Well, you see, Jack is aware of my expertise in marketing and my many years in senior management here. If anyone is gonna wow him and Katherine, it'll be me.

Jack: This will be my call. Katherine is in no way involved at this level.

Jill: Oh, aye-aye, Captain. You know what? I'm gonna work from home. I'll be much more productive there. It's very cramped in here.

Genevieve: It is cramped. You're right.

Jill: (Chuckles) You know what? The two of you have a lovely rest of the day. I know I will.

Devon: I spent the last day tracking down a couple guys that I went to G.C.U. with, um, along with a couple musicians that I met while I was out in New York. They're all monster talents. But none of them were able to put together a demo reel on such short notice.

Tucker: Well, then they're not serious about breaking into the business. End of story.

Devon: I agree with you. Um, so I also called someone who I know one day is gonna be a star without a doubt. Believe it or not, it's my younger sister. Her name's Ana. She starts high school this fall, so work right now for her would be a major distraction, but I'm telling you that sometime in the future--

Tucker: I'm not interested in the future, Devon. I'm interested in now. I think you need to cop to it. You didn't make your deadline.

Kay: Devon is Tucker's son? He's my grandson.

Paul: Pretty amazing, huh?

Kay: Yes, especially, uh, what that poor kid has endured just growing up until Neil and Dru took him into their home.

Kay: Isn't it incredible the twists and turns of this universe?

Paul: (Chuckles)

Kay: But how did you-- how did you put it all together?

Paul: Well, after we talked to Amy, I did a lot of research on the other groupie that fell for Tucker.

Kay: Oh, can-- uh, this Candy Cane?

Paul: Yes, that's an alias. Her real name is Yolanda Hamilton, Devon’s biological mother.

Kay: (Sighs) It's unbelievable.

Paul: Yeah. I managed to track down Yolanda’s aunt. Her name is Virginia.

Kay: Well, what did you tell her?

Paul: Well, I told her that I was looking into Devon’s paternity. I was trying to find his biological father, and I didn't want to fill Devon in unless and until I had... something to tell him.

Kay: Well, did this aunt know anything about the father?

Paul: Well, apparently, Yolanda didn't talk about him much, but she did know that he traveled and worked with the same band Yolanda was following.

Kay: (Sighs)

Paul: She didn't know if he was a manager musician or a-a roadie.

Kay: (Chuckles)

Paul: But she did know his first name. It was "Mick."

Kay: Oh, my God. That's Tucker's old nickname. Short for "McCall." Oh, my God. (Sighs) That boy has been living here in Genoa City all this time. Tucker's been working with his own son and didn't even have the first clue.

Chloe: Mm. (Sighs)

Ronan: (Sighs)

Chloe: You know, I just came here to talk. (Sighs)

Ronan: (Laughs) Yeah? More like attack me, you mean.

Chloe: (Groans) I needed answers. And then poor, defenseless you opened up the door with no clothes on. Who does that?

Ronan: Who does that? Like, a guy that just got out of the shower does that.

Chloe: (Laughs) I'm sorry. You couldn't put your clothes on first?

Ronan: Would they have stayed on any longer than that towel that you ripped off of me?

Chloe: Oh.

Ronan: Yeah?

Chloe: Look at you. You're so full of yourself.

Ronan: That's right. You don't like it? You know where the door is. (Chuckles)

Chloe: Love 'em and leave 'em--that's what you do.

Ronan: Listen, Chloe. If you... if you think that this was just some random... you know... never mind. Never mind.

Chloe: Well, then if it wasn't random, then it must have been premeditated. (Giggles)

Ronan: (Laughs) I didn't say that. I didn't say that. Why do you do that? You--you--you-- you take everything and you twist it around and... (Groans)

Chloe: Mm-hmm. Yeah, 'cause that's what I do. I like to make you crazy, because you totally deserve it.

Ronan: Yeah. I deserve it. Yeah?

Chloe: Yeah.

Ronan: You like to make me crazy? You want to see something crazy?

Chloe: Mm-hmm.

Ronan: You want me to show you something crazy?

Nina: Ronan has completely cut himself off from the world. I mean, we can't even be in the same room without it turning into a huge fight.

Heather: (Sighs) I'm--I'm really sorry it's been so difficult for you.

Nina: And he still won't tell anyone why he left the way he did, and I thought if anyone could persuade him...

Heather: You know, Chloe was looking for him before. Maybe-- maybe she'll get somewhere.

Nina: (Scoffs) Oh, I doubt it. I mean, you're the one he really seemed to care about. Will you at least try?

Heather: You know, I'm... I'm not sure I can help.

Nina: Look, I understand why you wouldn't want to do me any favors. I was really harsh with you when Chance left. And I owe you an apology. I was angry and I was scared, and I was lookin' for someone to blame, and I'm so sorry it was you.

Heather: I understand. I-I mean, I didn't enjoy it, but... (Chuckles) I-I do understand.

Nina: Thanks.

Heather: And just so you understand, my not wanting to talk to Ronan has nothing to do with you and me. I just think any conversation with the man is pointless.

Devon: I wasn't able to do what you asked in the amount of time I was given.

Tucker: You missed your deadline. Say the words.

Devon: You know what? If I could have a few more days--

Tucker: "I missed my deadline."

Devon: Sir, you can't just sign people off the streets. If an artist wants to record for your label, you know that they have to have real potential, and, Tucker, I can find that person for you. All I'm asking is for a little more than 24 hours to prove it.

Tucker: Listen, if I gave every kid with a passion for music a producer's title and a salary to match, how many hit records do you think they'd produce for me? How many Grammys would they win? More importantly, how much revenue would they add to my bottom line? I need strong people who can deliver. If they can't, they're gone. This is the big leagues. This is how it works. If you want to succeed in this business, you have to make the most of the opportunities you're given. Now you let Noah walk out of his contractual obligation. Did you get tough with him? I doubt it, or we wouldn't be having this conversation. I like you, Devon. I think you're a nice young man, and I wish you all the best, but you're out.

Kay: All I know is I have a grandson out there-- a real, live grandson, not some abstract idea. It's not just "Tucker has a child out there somewhere."

Paul: You know, um... if you want my opinion, I don't think this is a secret that should be kept from either one of them. Devon has wondered his entire life about who is biological father might be.

Kay: Whereas Tucker's had 20-odd years to locate his son. He had a hell of a lot more information than we did. Now if he wanted to find his son, surely he would have done that long before now.

Paul: Okay. Wh-what are you saying?

Kay: Paul, this has got to be handled delicately. You know what I mean?

Paul: Katherine--

Kay: (Stammers) Please, you--I don't want you to tell anyone what you've discovered. I mean, you have done a great service to me. I've paid you handsomely. I-I'm certain there's ethical rules that you're bound to abide by.

Paul: You know what? You and I go back a very long way, and you are so much more than a client to me, or I wouldn't say this. But please, don't let your issues with Tucker cloud your thinking.

(Telephone rings)

Kay: (Sighs) I think we've covered just about everything, Paul, so, um, once again, thank you from my heart. Thank you for all your hard work. So, uh, if you would, would you please show yourself out? (Ring)

Kay: Katherine here.

Neil: Yeah, it's Neil. Um, listen, I know we were planning to meet shortly, but I'm gonna have to reschedule.

Kay: Mm, all right. It was nothing urgent. Is everything all right with you?

Neil: Listen, Devon just called. Tucker fired him. He's pretty upset.

Kay: Yes, of course he is. You go and talk to Devon, hmm? I just realized I-- I have someone I have to speak to, also. It--it really can't wait.

Jack: So you're saying we continue that concept from the glamour lip gloss..

Genevieve: To the holiday nail color collection. "Sexy crimson red"-- perfect with a little black dress. Even Santa likes naughty girls.

Jack: You run with that. See where that takes you.

(Genevieve laughs)

Genevieve: This is Colin’s cuff link. I-I gave these to him. Why is it... here? And why is my picture moved? A lot of my stuff... is moved. Wait a minute. Oh God. My God. Don't tell me. Please don't tell me.

Jack: It wouldn't be the first time that Jill mistook an office for her boudoir.

Genevieve: That's disgusting. No wonder she was acting so smug.

Jack: But you know what? She won't be that way for too much longer.

Genevieve: Really? Why?

Jack: Because I am trying to convince Katherine sell me controlling interest.

Genevieve: Of Jabot? And is she actually willing to entertain that?

Jack: I will keep working on Katherine, get her to see things my way. When she does, Jill is out of here, and this office and the title of marketing director is all yours.

Jill: Hi. Honey? Are you sick?

Esther: Yeah.

Jill: I thought you said the doctor said everything was fine.

Esther: She did. And she was great today. But then she fell asleep in the car on the way to the zoo, and when I woke her up, she was burning up, and--and--and--and she-- she had no energy, so I-I just brought her home.

Jill: Sounds like the flu, doesn't it?

Esther: Yeah.

Jill: I mean, it's unusual for this time of year, but it does happen. Never you mind. Baby, we are gonna take very good care of you.

Esther: Mm-hmm.

Delia: I want my mommy.

Jill: I know. I know.

Esther: Oh, Honey, I know you do, and you know what? I called, and I left her a message. But I'm gonna call her again and make sure that she got it. Your mommy's gonna be home really soon.

Jill: Really soon.

Esther: Yeah.

Chloe: (Sighs)

Ronan: Uh, do you, uh, do you want anything to-- do you want me to get you a drink or anything?

Chloe: You know what I would really like?

Ronan: What?

Chloe: For you to tell me why you left the way that you did and didn't say good-bye to anyone.

Ronan: (Sighs)

Nina: How do you know talking to Ronan would be a waste of time unless you try?

Heather: I did try. I got nowhere. I-I'm starting to think that he's just never gonna be the kind of man that we all want him to be.

Nina: (Sighs)

Heather: I-I'm not sure he has it in him.

Nina: I suppose you might be right. It's just really hard for me to hear.

Heather: Yeah.

Nina: (Sighs)

Paul: Thanks. Hey, you two.

Nina: Hey.

Paul: Hi.

Heather: Oh, hey. What are you doing here?

Paul: Well, I was just gonna grab a bite.

Heather: Yeah.

Paul: Uh, what about you?

Nina: I'm just tearin' my hair out over Ronan, and Heather was kind enough to listen.

Heather: Well, I'm glad we had a chance to talk.

Nina: Me, too.

Heather: But I do have to get to the courthouse. It's good to see you.

Paul: You look beautiful. See you later.

Heather: Oh, thank you.

Paul: I'll call you.

Paul: Well, it's nice to see you two talking.

Nina: Yeah, well, I apologized for the way I treated her, so...

Paul: I'm glad.

Nina: And then I asked her to talk to Ronan for me.

Paul: Well, uh, I think she already has. It didn't go too well.

Nina: As I gathered, yes.

Paul: Well, I'm sorry for you, but I'm glad for Heather, because that means she won't be putting herself in a position to get hurt again.

Nina: The thought that my son and I may never have a real relationship breaks my heart.

Neil: So you're telling me that Tucker wouldn't even acknowledge what he asked you to do is virtually impossible?

Devon: No. I guess big, uh, record producers do the impossible every day, apparently. I don't know. I swear, it's literally like Jekyll and Hyde with him. There's the great guy that gave me the job in the first place. And then the hard-ass that took it all away.

Neil: Well, you see, that's Tucker. Even before the accident, you never know which side of him you're gonna get.

Devon: Well, maybe he's right. Maybe I'm too soft, you know? Maybe I don't belong in a business where you can never screw up. 'Cause I've heard entertainment's like that, and I--guess what? I got my first taste of it today, right?

Kay: (Sighs) I know that, uh, I'm not your most welcome visitor, but I really did want to see you. And, uh, I was hoping if we could get past our hostility, mistrust, we might be able to, uh, salvage what's left of our personal relationship.

Tucker: Forgive me if don't believe a word out of your mouth.

Kay: I know we're not a picture-perfect family. But God help us, we are mother and son. Can't we just find a... a middle ground?

Tucker: I've heard this song and dance before, and nothin' ever changes. It never will.

Kay: Tucker, I'm trying-- I'm trying to make peace.

Tucker: Well, I want you to pack up your pipe and smoke it someplace else. I got work to do here.

Kay: That's going to be your final word?

Tucker: (Sighs)

Devon: How was I supposed to force Noah to do something he wasn't into anymore?

Neil: Well, you-- you couldn't, Devon. None of this was your fault. But listen to this. I think after this experience, it might be time...

Devon: (Sighs)

Neil: To go to plan "B."

Devon: What do you mean?

Neil: When you worked with me at Newman, you showed a lot of aptitude for business.

Devon: For business?

Neil: Uh-huh.

Devon: That's what you're tellin' me to--plan "B"? I thought you were gonna say I should start out smaller or find a new record label. I didn't know you'd go straight to give up on my life dream.

Neil: Hold on a minute. Uh, you said yourself the music industry is very difficult. Most people who try don't make it.

Devon: But what you're sayin' is I can't make it, right?

Neil: No, I'm not sayin' that. I mean, I'm sayin' that you have to be more realistic. If you want to pursue music on the side, great. But I think it's time now for you to start thinkin' about, you know, a solid, stable career. Don't you?

Devon: You know, music is my career. I'm not gonna treat it like it's just some hobby, and if--I can't believe that you would say to me after one bad break, "Just give up on it." I mean, no. To hell with that.

Jill: We should take her temperature again.

Esther: Okay. Okay, Honey, let's take your temperature again, okay?

Delia: No, I don't want to.

Jill: Sweetie, it'll only take a second I promise. And then you can go back to resting.

Esther: Here we go. Let's go.

(Thermometer beeps)

Esther: Okay, Honey. Good girl. Close your eyes. Grandma'll be right back.

Esther: It's almost 105 degrees.

Jill: I know. I saw it. Oh, my God.

Delia: Grandma?

Esther: Oh, coming.

Jill: (Sighs)

Jill: (Quietly) Chloe, where the hell are you? Delia is sick. You need to call us right away. (Sighs)

Chloe: You're still gonna shut me out, even after all this?

Ronan: I can't answer your questions.

Chloe: You have to. You have to. You told me that I have no idea why you really left, so why don't you enlighten me?

Ronan: You should get dressed... and then I'll tell you why I left.

Chloe: (Sighs) (Scoffs)

Ronan: I took off the way I did because... because I had no choice. It has to do with the FBI.

Chloe: (Scoffs) Are you serious? Come on. That's--that's not an answer. (Scoffs)

Ronan: That's already more than I should have told you.

Chloe: I am so out of here.

Ronan: Wait, Chloe. Chloe, don't--

Chloe: No, you know what? I promised my daughter ice cream when she got back from the zoo with my mom, and for your information, I think the reason why you left was because you were getting a little too close to Chance and Nina. Am I right? You know, you could actually make things better if you actually gave a damn, but clearly you don’t. Good-bye.

Nina: When Ronan came back and shut me down, I... I told him he was dead to me. I told him that he wasn't my son.

Paul: You were angry.

Nina: It's just no excuse. I may not like the man he's become, but he's still the child that was taken from me that I dreamed of meeting one day.

Paul: Listen. (Sighs) I-I hate to see you hurting like this, but I think the pain is gonna be so much worse if you give up on him now.

Nina: I know. You're right.

Paul: You just have to keep trying to come together... for closure, if nothing else.

(Knock on door)

Tucker: (Sighs)

Neil: Tucker, I need to talk to you about my son.

Devon: I was very surprised to get your call.

Kay: Well, I'm glad you could come and meet me. We have something very important to discuss.

Paul: (Sighs) Yeah, Katherine, it's Paul. Um, listen. Uh, I really hope you'll consider what I said earlier. You know, the more I think about it, the more I really feel that, uh, keeping this a secret will only make things worse for everyone.

Tucker: I'm not runnin' a training program, Neil. When I made the very reasonable request that Devon find a replacement act for Noah, he failed.

Neil: Reasonable? Without your contacts, I defy anyone to meet your demands inside of a week. You gave him a day to do the impossible.

Tucker: And what have you given him? A bachelor's in music from third-tier school that's gonna be worthless to him unless he wants to teach? A gift of a little studio time? If you really wanted to support his dream, you could have done a lot more.

Neil: How dare you insult me? You don't know me. You don't know Devon for that matter. Don't you tell me how to parent my kid.

Tucker: I won't, as long as you don't tell me how to handle my staff. I'm not Devon’s daddy. It's not my job to hold his hand.

Devon: Thank you.

Kay: I hear, uh, Tucker cut you loose today.

Devon: Bad news travels quick.

Kay: Well, I, for one, am glad I found out, since I've been thinking about starting a-a record label under the Chancellor umbrella. And, um, when I heard that you were available, I simply said, "Katherine, go for it."

Devon: Are you offering me a job?

Kay: Yes, I am, as head of the label.

Devon: (Chuckles) I'm sorry. Um... you mu--you've got-- you have to be joking.

Kay: Young man, I do not joke about staffing a brand-new division where I will be committing major corporate resources. Now... are you interested? Or...

Devon: (Chuckles)

Kay: Should I look elsewhere?

Devon: (Laughs) I'm very interested. Yes. Ye-- (laughs)

Kay: Yes?

Devon: Thank you. Yes.

Kay: Aha. That means you accept the offer? Good. All right, effective immediately, you will be president, um, of the division of... whatever we decide to name this venture. Something--something hip, something fun, I imagine. Uh...

Devon: (Sighs)

Kay: What?

Devon: I-I'm sorry. There--it's no disrespect. I just have to ask you, why me? I mean, this is huge. And I really have very little experience.

Kay: Uh, in your opinion, who do you think are the three most successful people in this town?

Devon: Uh, you, Mr. Newman, and Tucker.

Kay: We all have one thing in common, you know. We overcame adversities and went on to achieve some quite incredible things. Now who else, uh, do you think would be in that category? I mean, uh, a-anyone you know?

Devon: (Chuckles)

Kay: I've watched you, Devon, ever since Neil and Dru took you into their home. I watched you struggle, and I've watched you survive and grow into this admirable young man. A young man that I truly... and honestly... am looking forward to working with.

Devon: (Chuckles)

Kay: Hmm?

Devon: (Sighs)

Genevieve: Thank you for confiding that in me, Jack. Believe me, no one understands better than I do how important it is to reclaim a family business.

Jack: That's not all there is to it. Presuming I get Jabot back, I'm going after Beauty of Nature. Newman's company combined with mine will make the largest cosmetics company in the world.

Genevieve: Wow. I am impressed with you. (Chuckles) And very excited to be along on that ride.

Jack: Oh, it's gonna be one hell of a ride, all right.

Heather: Thank you.

Heather: (Sighs) Hmm, well, I know you're not following me since you'd rather not know me or anyone else in this town.

Ronan: Yeah, hi to you, too.

Heather: We have to work together, which is why I'm being civil right now, but, uh, other than that, I plan to stay as far away from you as I possibly can.

Chloe: Hello? Is anyone home?

Nina: (Sighs) Oh, thank God. They've been trying to reach you.

Chloe: Who? What? Who?

Nina: Jill and Esther. They were leaving when I got here. It's Delia. She’s in trouble. They took her to the hospital. You've gotta go.

Chloe: What?

Nina: Go. Now.

Chloe: (Sighs) Oh, my God.

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Victor: Your career will be very short-lived the second time around.

Nina: Are you interested in Chloe?

Ronan: I don't really see how that--any of that's your business.

Nina: Oh, my God, you are.

Chloe: I have forgiven Billy for so many things, not for abandoning our daughter.

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